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March 16, 2004

By MariaMaria #648 CM 3450 3/03

Stand strong2

Making the change to heavenly

  thought power6

A strong mind …8

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Faith‚ mighty faith … one tiny mustard

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God's in control17

Go on the attack22

Praying in public23

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Cut reality down to size27

Sending prayers back in time?28

Stand strong!

(Winston Churchill speaking:)

1. The price of greatness is responsibility. I know what it's like to be the object of ridicule. Fellow students, teachers, tutors‚ my peers—wrote me off as being a bit daft, the most unlikely to succeed, the lad with serious problems. In the end they had to eat their words.

2. I have to admit, by outward appearances, to their way of thinking, I suppose I gave them cause to adopt that mindset. It goes to show, nonetheless‚ that you can't always judge a book by its cover. By worldly standards I was a poor student. My teachers wrote me off as one who was stubborn—"the lad with a rebellious streak," they said. I won't argue that point. I was stubborn, but with help from above‚ eventually I was stubborn for the right cause. I was able to use my stubbornness for something good, by God's grace, and it was He Who used my stubbornness to help preserve my nation and many others during World War II. It's all a matter of what you direct your energies towards that makes a difference. Whether you use them for good, to do what God wants you to do‚ or whether you put your energies into self-interest.

3. Where there's life, there's hope. Anyone is capable of being great, and anyone is capable of being a zero, or worse yet, of turning to evil, of becoming a madman, a detriment to the human race, a destroyer—like Hitler. Did you know Hitler and I had a lot in common? We were both stubborn—one for the right side and the other for the wrong side.

4. I don't have to tell you Family people where greatness comes from. You know, as I do, that true greatness comes from the Almighty. It's all only Jesus.

5. I'm not generally a man of many words, so I'll get down to the pith of what I want to say to you young people in the Family. You are at a crucial point in your lives. It's a crucial time, both in the history of the Family as well as in the world, and you, my friends, must make some important, and, in fact, milestone decisions. I know where you're standing; I've been there. Some of you are tempted to lose hope. You're dispirited over your friends, siblings, loved ones and peers who have not only gone away, but have gone awry, and who are now trying to pull you down with them.

6. It's regrettable, the sorry state some of your peers are falling into; nevertheless, they are falling. They've made their choices‚ but the question is, what are you going to do about it? There is no standing still; there is no middle of the road. I give you the words of another great man of history who said, "All that is necessary for evil to flourish is that good men do nothing." Will you let this be said of yourselves? Will you sit by and do nothing? Will you be guilty of allowing evil to flourish?

Text box:

"The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." This famous quote was from British statesman Edmund Burke, who was born in 1729. Considered the most influential orator in the House of Commons, Burke stated: "What is liberty without … virtue? It is … madness, without restraint. Men are qualified for liberty in exact proportion to their disposition to put moral chains upon their own appetites."

End of text box.

7. I had to answer that same question once upon a time. When France fell to Hitler, all odds were against Britain. That meant all odds were against me. My country was me‚ just like you are your country. You are the Family, a new nation, God's Endtime number–one nation. You are the Kingdom of God.

8. Who was I to lead Britain in defiance of Hitler? I was nothing. But if there was anything that I had learned on the battlefield in my early years, it was that with assistance from the High Power, my nothing could be something. And when France fell, I had to choose; I had to make a choice whether to fight for my country or to succumb to the enemy.

9. I know a great deal about war. I know what it's like to be in the heat of battle, to face the enemy head-on, not knowing whether you will live or die. You younger generation in the Family may have never had to fight in conventional warfare, but the spiritual war you fight is fiercer yet. The war that rages in spirit today is more ruthless, more vicious. It's a bloodier war‚ for this war is over the souls of men. This war is hand-to–hand combat with the Destroyer himself. This war is a war of the worlds, a war between Heaven and Hell.

10. I know the burdens of war. I was just 25 years of age when I faced the Boers in Africa. Disheartened and stripped of hope, I knew all too well my own feeble strength and natural ability couldn't save me. It was there when I was held captive in the clutches of the enemy that I prayed long. I prayed hard. I prayed earnestly, and my prayer was answered. It was then that I realized no demonstration of my own strength could save me. There, face to face with the enemy, was a turning point in my life. The Almighty didn't fail me back then, and I determined to do my best for Him in the remaining years of my life. The lessons I learned on that battlefield carried me through many a battle that followed, and finally to the great decision of my life: Was I to fight for the survival of Christendom?—Or was I to back down in defeat, allowing evil to flourish throughout the Western world?

Text box:

11. (Question: ) From history‚ it seems like Churchill was fighting more for the survival of his nation and the freedom of Europe than he was for Christianity.

12. (Mama:) Someone researched this for me and prayed about it, and sent me the following comment:

13. "I think we see things differently now than they did back then. In that troubled era, the communists had taken over Russia and had rooted out the church‚ killing millions first under Lenin and then under Stalin. So a large part of Europe had gone atheistic.

14. "When Hitler first came to power, some of the German churches welcomed him, but when World War II actually began, the Protestant churches opposed him, as did the Catholics, so he clamped down on the churches in any area under his control. With communism in control of far northern Europe and Hitler in control of most of the rest of it, it must have looked pretty dark for Christianity. And, of course, out in Asia the Japanese were taking over nation after nation, and they weren't known for their tolerance of Christianity either."

15. When we asked the Lord, He said: "You live in a very different era‚ more than 60 years from this time, so it is difficult for you and especially for some of the younger generation to grasp the complexities of this era. Churchill did look upon himself as defending Christendom. He was not an ardent Christian himself at the time, certainly not like you of My Family, but he felt he was defending the Christian way of life in nations which had traditionally been the center and seat of Christianity in the Western world. That was part of his motivation, and something which he used as a rallying cry. It is not so fashionable to talk about such things nowadays, so many references to the role of religion in World War II have dropped from the history books‚ except for the persecution of the Jews. Nevertheless, this was a factor and Churchill was correct in stating it." (End of message from Jesus)

16. (Mama:) In checking into this further, we also chanced upon the following excerpt of a speech which Churchill made during some of the darkest days of World War II:

What General Weygand called the Battle of France is over. I expect that the Battle of Britain is about to begin. Upon this battle depends the survival of Christian civilization. Upon it depends our own British life and the long continuity of our institutions and our Empire. The whole fury and might of the enemy must very soon be turned on us now. Hitler knows that he will have to break us in this island or lose the war. If we can stand up to him, all Europe may be free and the life of the world may move forward into broad, sunlit uplands. But if we fail, then the whole world, including the United States‚ including all that we have known and cared for‚ will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age, made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science. Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that‚ if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will say, "This was their finest hour."

End of text box.

17. The decision you face now is not unlike mine; however, it is of far greater consequence. For the role the Family is to play in this great Endtime scene is of far greater importance than the role Britain played in the Second World War. Yes, never doubt it, for that is truth.

18. Whether you like it or not, whether you wish it was not so, you are at war—the most important war in all of world history. Your lives are being threatened, your liberty is in jeopardy‚ your integrity questioned, your freedom endangered, the truth challenged. Will you stand by and do nothing? My fight was quite parallel to what you young people in the Family now face. The survival of Christian civilization hinged on my decision to not give in to evil—to stand up in defiance of Hitler and his henchmen.

19. The survival of this Endtime army rests on your shoulders. The fury and might of the Enemy have turned upon you. Will you let this dissuade you‚ or will you brace yourselves for your greatest duty? Will you cower and fade into oblivion, or will you let this be your finest hour? Will you hear the threats of your detractors and shout "calamity," or will you see this as an opportunity to stand up for the truth and shout "victory"?

20. The price of greatness is responsibility, my friends. Responsibility to stand up for the truth—this is true greatness. If you don't stand up to those who oppose the truth and your way of life, who will? All that is necessary for these bitter lies to sweep the world is that you choose to do nothing. Will you brace yourselves to the duty of standing up for the truth? And I mean stand strong, stand tall! Don't be subtle about it, don't try to be clever about it; hit the Enemy head-on! When your peers choose to mouth off the Enemy's lies, hit those lies head-on‚ no matter whose mouth it comes out of!

21. I used to say, "Use the pile driver, hit the point once, then come back and hit it again, then again—give it a tremendous whack!" Are you going to let them call the shots? In standing by silently, you consent to defeat. A life worth living is a life worth fighting for. Will you stand your ground, confront the lies with the truth, and defend your faith?

22. I paraphrase for you today what I have been quoted on many a time: Never give in! Never, never‚ never, never—in anything great or small, large or petty—never give in‚ except to your convictions to stand for truth!

23. I gave a speech one time that likely has gone down in history as one of the world's briefest orations. The long and short of my delivery was this: "Never give up!" Mind you, I paused a brief moment, and then repeated a second time, "Never give up!" And off I went. What more is there to say? When you've found the truth, when you know you're on the side of the right‚ you must keep on going no matter what else is happening around you! No matter who goes back on you‚ you've got to keep on going.

24. Never give up! This is to be your finest hour, but it will only be so if you take the stand. Not giving up means doing something when your peers try to drag you down. Don't listen to the lies, but hit them head-on. It means going on the attack! It means standing up in defiance of those who threaten all you live for and stand for. You follow me? Get with it! Don't stand there, do something! Never, never‚ never, never give in! (End of message from Winston Churchill)

Text box:

Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965), British politician and prime minister of the United Kingdom (1940-1945, 1951-1955), widely regarded as the greatest British leader of the 20th century.

Churchill's public life extended from the reign of Queen Victoria in the late 19th century to the Cold War. During this long political career, Churchill held every important cabinet office in the British government, except foreign minister. Churchill was also known for the many books on British history and politics he wrote throughout his lifetime. His command of the English language not only made him a great orator—although he had stuttered as a boy—but earned him the Nobel Prize for literature in 1953.

Young Winston attended Harrow School, on the outskirts of London, where he was schooled in the classics. But Churchill had little interest in learning Latin‚ Greek, or mathematics. By his own account, he considered himself such a dunce that he "could learn only English." However, he said, "I learned it thoroughly."

He was given "little chance of success" by some teachers. He ranked third lowest in his class and struggled to complete the eighth grade. His teacher's report from the time said: "The boy is certainly no scholar and has repeated his grade twice. He has also a stubborn streak and is sometimes rebellious in nature. He seems to have little or no understanding of his school work, except in a most mechanical way. At times, he seems almost perverse in his ability to learn."

His later years at Harrow were spent preparing to enter the Royal Military College at Sandhurst, from which he graduated with honors. Early in 1895 his father died; Churchill was only 20 years old. A few weeks later Churchill was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the British army.

Churchill resigned his army commission in 1899 and turned to journalism. He went to South Africa to cover the Boer War that had just broken out between Britain and the Boers, descendants of Dutch settlers. He was captured by the Boers and imprisoned in Pretoria. He managed to escape from prison and then take the railroad into Portuguese East Africa, a feat that made him a national hero. He then returned to South Africa and sought another army commission. He fought and wrote about the war until he returned to London in the summer of 1900.

In his later writings, he said of his escape, "In my escape from the Boers in 1899, I realized with awful force that no exercise of my own feeble wit and strength could save me from my enemies, and that without the assistance of that High Power, I could never succeed. I prayed long and earnestly. My prayer, as it seems to me, was swiftly and wonderfully answered."

When Churchill returned to England in 1900, his South African exploits had made him famous, and he was elected to the House of Commons. He spent the rest of his life either as a politician or a writer.

World War II broke out in September 1939 when Germany marched into Poland. Britain and France responded to the invasion of Poland by declaring war on Germany. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and the United States joined the British and French war effort in 1941. Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain invited Churchill to become a member of his war cabinet. Churchill was again first lord of the admiralty—a post he had held during WWI—and during the next eight months he did his best to build up the British Navy.

In 1940 the German attack on Norway ended public confidence in Chamberlain. On May 10, the day the Germans launched their surprise invasion of Holland and Belgium, Chamberlain resigned, and King George VI asked Churchill to be prime minister. Churchill set the tone of his leadership in his first report to the House of Commons, "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat." It was only the first of his stirring wartime speeches, which knit the country together and inspired people around the world.

During World War II, he had a sign placed on a cabinet room desk facing the commanders of the armed forces when they met there. It was based on something Queen Victoria had said to her generals during the Boer War. The sign read: "Please understand there is no depression in this house and we are not interested in the possibilities of defeat; they do not exist."

World War II ended in 1945, first in Europe in May when the Germans surrendered to the Allied powers, and then in the Pacific in August.

Churchill died peacefully at his town house in London, two months after his 90th birthday, in 1965.

(Compiled from Microsoft Encarta and a variety of Family pubs and Internet resources.)

Making the change to heavenly
 thought power


25. One of the young people in WS prayed and asked the Lord this question in her personal time with the Lord, and many of you will probably relate to it:

26. (Prayer: ) Lord, I'd like to pray and ask You about this GN I read this morning, "Changing Deeply Ingrained Habits and Mindsets" (ML #3324, GN 929). I know from what You've said in the Word, as well as to me personally, that there are a fair few changes I need to make. I have a list of them that You gave me. This GN talks about how in order to really change, you need a strong motivation and a force that pushes you to change. To tell the truth, I never felt much of that until the 2002 Feast GNs. Being able to have the mind of God and heavenly thought power, well, that's a pretty good motivation to change things in my personal life. Thank You for using these messages about change to help me be more motivated.

27. I really want to understand and use these wonderful new gifts You've given us, but I feel like I've barely scratched the surface. Sometimes I get a little confused‚ though, wondering‚ "Do I have to change tons of things about my life and personality and way of operating first, and then get into learning about and really using these things? Or is it the other way around? If I focus on putting on the mind of God and learning to tap into heavenly thought power, then do all my bad habits and vices and darkness and whatnot just go away?" Well, I'm sure it's in some way a combination of both, and I have to sort of work on both at the same time. Please tell me anything more I need to be aware of regarding making changes in my life—what they are and how to do it.


28. There are certainly changes to be made in your life, and that is evident through the Feast messages and the instruction I gave you through them and about them. To really grasp all of this and take it into your being, you have to change your life. I know that sounds very big, even overwhelming‚ but that's the mindset you must adopt. You can't just think of it as adding all these new things into your existing life and changing a little here and there. That won't cut it. That won't be sufficient.

29. You've seen, and are seeing more all the time, that one life can only fit so much in. In order to take on new things, some old things have to go. Something has to give. Some things must change. It starts in your heart, your spirit‚ your attitudes, and it continues in your actions, in how you spend your time, in how quickly you put into action and obey the things I show you through My Word and prophecy.

30. I know you want what I have to give. Yet it's a law of human nature, as it says in the GN you read this morning, to resist change. As much as you may want it, it never comes easy. But knowing that the Enemy fights it, and knowing how important it is and how much you stand to gain, should only serve to make you all the more determined to fight for and pursue it.

31. So now you have the motivation, you have a "to-do list" of ways in which I want you to change. What now? Well, you have to make a life change, but you can't focus on everything at once. You have to realize that it is to be done one step at a time. The goal is overall change‚ but you don't have the time or resources or human ability to change in every way overnight. What you can determine to do‚ though, is to change a little bit every day. Ask Me every day what's the next step—the next step of progress, which translates into change. It all comes back to taking that time with Me that you need every day‚ and time to seriously study and review the Words I have given you and continue to give you.

32. Also, as you go about your day, keep in mind that you are changing your life, at My instructions, and don't let your automatic reactions‚ habits, or attitudes just kick in without questioning them, without praying and asking Me, "Is that right‚ or is that something I need to change in?" That is part of taking on the mind of God. That is an effect of My heavenly thought power. It will change you as you bring it in to your life more. To get it in full, you must constantly be progressing in the area of clearing out negative spiritual clutter, but it's not like one has to happen before the other. The receiving of My spiritual gifts and the removing of the hindrances and weaknesses of the flesh and of the Enemy can and are meant to happen simultaneously.

33. Today your step of progress is realizing that you need to change your life, reviewing your motivation for changing, and accepting this new goal and mindset into your life. Well done. See, I don't make it too hard for you! I don't throw too many things at you at once. I lead you along step by step at a pace I know you can handle.

34. It's like an educational program. It's your very own tailor–made spiritual education program. Does it help you to look at it that way? It's not a never-ending vicious cycle of more P&Ps and more corrections and more things to try to cram into your life. It's a serious and well-planned program that I'm taking you through, and it's going to get you somewhere, and you will gain a lot through it. You'll gain all that you want and need most. So stick with the program‚ put in the time to listen to Me and get your "class" for the day, and then faithfully do your "homework" as well and follow through on the assignments I give you. Put your all into it and you'll get My all out of it! (End of message from Jesus.)


35. The Lord wants us all to move into using heavenly thought power and the new gifts that He has given us. We have more counsel and instruction from our Husband on how to learn to use heavenly thought power that we hope to get to you as soon as we can. But in the meantime, follow the Lord's instruction and continue asking Him each day which habits, reactions, attitudes and thoughts you need to change‚ and how you should go about changing them. Make a conscious effort to know His mind more each day, and to accept and obey what He shows you. That's the beginning. Review the messages you received after Feast 2002 about the nine beginning steps we should be taking in order to grow into heavenly thought power (see ML #3377:42, GN 974), and ask the Lord for an update on how you're doing and what you can do better in. Review the messages you received about your personal Word revolution and ask the Lord if you're staying on track or if you need updated counsel in that area as well. If you're faithful to follow through on what the Lord has shown you, you'll be moving right along in your tailor-made "spiritual education program," and when the tests come, you'll be ready to pass with excellent grades! Lord help us all.

A strong mind …


36. As you know, the Enemy's battleground is the mind. He attacks primarily in the mind. He knows that if he can get into your mind and influence your thoughts‚ then your body‚ countenance, and actions will follow suit. You will then apply the thoughts of your mind, which he has influenced, to your daily life and actions, and he will have won a victory.

37. As one of My children, you have a measure of protection against the Enemy and his attacks. But you must also do your part to keep your shield up, to resist him, to not give or allow him entrance. You have to walk in the center of My will. You have to obey the conditions I have laid out for you to avail yourself of My full protection. In these Last Days, the ante has been upped in the spirit world, and I have given you new weapons with which to keep the Enemy at bay, as part of your protection. If you're not using them, then he has a chance to attack you. [For more on how to avail yourself of the Lord's protection, see also "Conditions for having God's protection" in Word Basics, page 116, and "The spiritual warfare" on page 163.]

38. Your mind is always open prey for the Enemy's attacks. He can't directly come in and take over your mind and bombard you with his thoughts from within, but, like the story of the birds flying overhead, he is able to try to harass, torment, and distract you. Then, if in an unguarded, weak‚ or rebellious moment, you open a crack to the Enemy, he can come in and begin to infiltrate from within. Then you have at your disposal the spiritual powers I have given you of prayer and invoking the power of the keys to rebuke the Enemy and cause him to flee. While it's pretty easy to open a crack in the door of your mind to the Enemy, it's also pretty easy to rebuke him and kick him out—if he hasn't been there for so long that he's deeply entrenched.

39. Now that you generally understand how the Enemy's attacks on your mind work, and how you can close the door of your mind and refuse him entrance or access from within, I'll explain more about his mind powers. The Enemy is a spirit, the god of this world‚ and as such, he has godlike powers. He learned these powers when he stood at the right hand of My Father. He is strong and mighty in the use of mind powers, for that is how to best influence a human. While My Father and I and the angelic forces use our powers for good, to steer people in the right direction, he wars against us, influencing people toward the negative, filling their minds with lies and untruths‚ encouraging them to be skeptical, cynical‚ and unbelieving.

Text box:

Dad on gods

God has made man a little lower than the angels, the gods (Psa.8:5). Did you know that there are lots of gods‚ whom even the Bible calls gods?—The angels! They're like gods to us. In other words, they're divine, supernatural beings with miraculous powers, etc. But there's only one the God, so don't get confused. Of course‚ the Devil has a lot of gods too, … evil gods, evil angels, evil archangels, etc. But thank God we've got good angels!

The first thing [the Devil] told [Adam and Eve] was a lie: "Thou shalt not surely die!" Then, "For God doth know that in the day that ye eat thereof ye shall be as gods, to know good and evil." That was the truth. And man's been busy trying to be a god ever since. And he's getting closer to it all the time with all these miraculous and marvelous machines that think and all kinds of stuff. He's learning all about the Creation that God has made and coming to know more about God and His Creation all the time—at least through the Creation he'd know more about God if he'd admit it. But he's getting smarter all the time, getting closer to being a god all the time. But of course he's never going to make it, not without the Lord, but we are!

We are going to be as gods, you and I! We are going to be like the angels, and "we shall be like Him"—Jesus! (1Jn.3:2). So we are really going to make it! … In fact, we're already the sons of God! So if you're already God's son, you're like God, right? So you're like gods. You're becoming like angels and you will have samples of that power to exercise when you need it! (From "Ye Shall Be As Gods," ML #1701:8,9,15,16, GN Book 18.)

End of text box.

40. Sadly, because the heart of man since the fall is naturally sinful, it is often easier to persuade a person in the direction of wrong than right. It's easier for a person to become skeptical, cynical and unbelieving than for someone to become full of faith, trusting, and accepting. This is the nature of man, and is why those who choose God and the Heavenly Kingdom, and who receive Me into their hearts, and choose to live lives of love and sacrifice and service to others will receive such a great reward in Heaven—because they have paid a great price, and they have given their minds, hearts, and spirits to Me‚ rather than to the prince of the power of this world.

41. Since Satan's domain is the world as you know it, he has dominant control over much of the world and its influence. The media and the entertainment of the world all mirror his propaganda, for the most part. This aids him in shaping the minds of the masses, starting from a very young age, and these mindsets become very hard to alter and break. People become stuck in a rut, a habit, and they are comfortable. They become less discerning of spiritual things‚ because Satan does his best to keep people bound on an earthly plane. Everything he does has a purpose, and it all ties together in keeping his slaves in subjection to him and his plan.

42. My children who have yielded their lives to Me, and who have asked Me to dwell within them‚ and have asked for My mind and thoughts to guide them, have great protection against the Enemy. As long as you're surrendering to Me, the Enemy cannot control you or take control of your mind. However, he will still try to attack you. He will use his wiles of discouragement, doubt‚ condemnation, fear, worry, comparison, self-righteousness, pride, and a host of other similar devices that he knows will cause you to alter your behavior and your way of thinking if he can cause them to take hold. Of course, the only way these attacks can take hold and cause any change in your life is if you let them.

43. If you receive and believe the Enemy's words over My Words and promises to you‚ then you have made your choice‚ and then the Enemy gains power, gains control. Then he has a greater frequency within your mind on which he can transmit. You could say that you choose the level of frequency and the amount of airtime that he has available to him.

44. Little choices that you make daily determine how much power, influence and control I have over your mind, as compared to the Enemy. It's not a one-time choice that you make; the level of control that I have as compared to the Enemy can vary from day to day‚ depending on your choices. That's why some days you are more attacked‚ more discouraged, more hindered than others. It's often because you have opened yourself to the Enemy or allowed him entrance in some way. Even My most dedicated children have times when they slip up or are off guard and leave a little room for the Enemy to come in. Then soon afterwards they close the door and regain full victory. This is natural, and nobody can be perfect 100% of the time. However, the danger comes when you don't shut the door right away, and then the Enemy is able to get a foot in‚ then a leg‚ and on it goes. Then he builds a camp in your mind.

45. When your guard is down or your defenses are weak because you haven't been spending enough time with Me, or you aren't balanced spiritually, or you're struggling with something, or having difficulty yielding in some area‚ then the Enemy sees that as a good time to try to influence your mind, to attack you. He uses his powers of thought, of influence, of confusion and haze to cloud your mind and twist your thoughts and viewpoints. This is his mind-altering technique. He uses confusion and influence, cluttered thoughts‚ and his worldly wisdom and doubt to influence your mind and cause you to stray from the simple answers that I have given you.

46. Like a hypnotist, if the Enemy is granted some access to your mind—if you're listening to his thoughts or doubts, words and negativity, accusations, complaints and murmurings—then he has some power or ability to tamper with your mind and your perception of reality. When people yield to the Enemy in a major way, then you see this principle illustrated very clearly. Their mind becomes warped, and they don't see the truth of the situation anymore. Rather, they see things from a perspective that's warped by the Enemy. It's not the truth anymore; it's not even reality. It's a figment of their imagination. But to the people involved, it's entirely real, and it's because the door of the mind has been opened to the Enemy, and he has tampered with their perception of reality, confusing‚ warping, and putting his own spin on the situation.

47. Just like a person who becomes hypnotized‚ they can be snapped out of it by someone who knows how to break the spell or the power. I am able to break that spell and bring someone who is confused, deluded, and seeing things out of perspective into full light and truth. But they must be willing to kick the Enemy out of their mind, and they must take hold of the spiritual power and truth that I am offering. If they're unwilling, then they will remain in their delusion, as so many have.

48. As times wax worse, the Enemy will try this tactic more on those of you‚ My children, who are yielded and sold out to Me. He will try to tip you off your spiritual balance by trying to slip in a fast one when you're not focused or fully on guard, when you're trying to relax, when you're discouraged or fighting a battle, when you're not praying or seeking Me. He will not be able to render serious harm, but he is able to confuse and warp, and even temporarily alter the way you see things or feel about them.

49. Usually such an attack comes when there is a chink in your spiritual armor. What you need to do to set the Enemy back on his heels is to recognize that you've been ambushed, rebuke the Enemy in the power of the keys, and claim My spiritual protection and deliverance. Claim My mind, My truth, and My freedom in the spirit from the attacks of the Enemy.

50. In some cases‚ however, you may be on guard and not allowing the Enemy entrance, and he may still attack. In such a case, you have to realize that the barrage of thoughts or feelings that you're receiving are lying vanities. Though you may be thinking the thoughts that he's shooting your way, and even experiencing feelings that are contrary to what you know you believe or feel, hold fast to what you know to be true and resist the Enemy, calling on the power of the keys for deliverance!

51. The Enemy cannot stand up against the power of the keys, and the keys are especially powerful against spiritual attacks and attacks of the mind. They send forth a power that cripples the Enemy in his attacks, because the keys have been so ordained, as a protection for My children in these Last Days when I knew the Enemy's attacks of the mind would increase upon you.

52. Also remember that the keys of the Kingdom and My Word are one. Again, you don't have to try to figure this out in your carnal mind, but know that the stronger you are in the Word, the more powerful the keys of the Kingdom are for you. The more you love and cherish My Word, and the more decisions you make to believe My Word and resist the Enemy, the more the keys will be activated to comfort and bring peace‚ stability, victory and clarity to your mind. By the same token, if you call on the keys to give you strength to hang on to My Word, it works that direction too. Even if you feel weak or tossed to and fro‚ but you call out to the keys for strength, they will help to restore your hunger for the Word and your faith. So when I tell you to call on the keys to deliver you from the illusions of the Enemy, there are three main things that you can do:

  1. Call on the keys in prayer. Ask for their power to be activated on your behalf. Stand on the promises I have given you.
  2. Go to My Word with a renewed desperation. Cling to it, believe it, and reject and refuse all that is not in line with My Word. Your faith will be strengthened and the Enemy will retreat in terror.
  3. Rest in My love. Love Me intimately, speak to Me‚ listen to Me, spend time with Me. Find comfort in My arms, no matter what the Enemy is telling you.

These three things are all part of using the power of the keys, because the keys‚ My Word, and My love are all one.

53. So you have no need to fear, because you have a greater weapon and it can foil the Enemy's attacks. He is no match for you, and though he is a master of illusion and has power to alter how things seem to appear, or even how you seem to feel, remember that for the most part, it's an illusion, trickery, and lies. If you ever have a question about what is real and what is false, hold the power of the keys against it. Challenge any thought, any feeling, any situation with the power of the keys, using the formula I gave you above, and you will see the truth. What fades away is illusion, the Enemy's attack. What remains standing strong is My truth, lit by the power of the keys!

54. My children‚ it is important to realize that in these Last Days new attacks will come. Though you have fought the Enemy's attacks on your mind before, this is a new avenue that he will use—the avenue of illusion and trickery. His goal is to try to make you believe‚ through his illusions, that you have changed—that the way you feel and think about something, and even what you believe to be true, has changed. It is a vile attack against Me and My Word, because he will naturally attack the Word and your beliefs, and the living Words and instruction that I have given you personally. He will try to discredit My voice of prophecy and the leadings that I will give you in these Last Days.

55. When these attacks come upon you, hold up the power of the keys! Challenging every thought and belief and question that comes to your mind, measuring it against the yardstick of My Word, and calling on the keys to make things clear, is a foolproof method of clarifying things and dispelling the smokescreen of the Enemy. I will not leave you feeling hazy or confused when you hold on to My Word and raise high the standard of the keys of the Kingdom. The Enemy may continue to attack, but you will clearly see what is truth and what is a lie. You will then have to decide to hold on to the truth, but you will see clearly and know what is truth, for the power of the keys will make this abundantly apparent.

56. The keys of the Kingdom will become your guiding light more and more as the days grow darker. They will be the light that shows you the way, and they will be your safeguard. They will show you the veracity of anything, for all you have to do is hold the keys up, and what is false will fall away and what is true will stand strong.

57. I know that might sound overly simplistic for you who battle in your minds or who are tempted with analytical thinking. But remember that it's the Enemy who wants to ensnare you in analyzing and figuring things out‚ for in that arena he can win! He can discredit or cast doubt on the things of the spirit by picking them apart. And his attacks will only grow stronger and more cunning and believable with time. But by using the formula of the keys, My Word, and My love, you are able to pick him apart and all his lies—not by analyzing, but simply by drawing close to Me and choosing to hold on to the things of the spirit. Then all will become clear once again.

58. Practice now to wield the power of the keys, and test every thought and imagination that comes into your mind. Strengthen your mind by learning to discern the thoughts that come into your mind, so that you can tell which are true and just‚ and which are the Enemy's wiles and machinations. Don't be led about by your thoughts or your feelings; rather, try everything against the yardstick of the keys of the Kingdom, My Word, and My love.

59. This power will not fail you. The keys will lift you up from the depths and hold you fast. When you are attacked or buffeted, call on the power of the keys. Even if you feel that you're confused beyond hope, or unable to sort things out in your mind‚ or that your feelings have changed, call on the power of the keys and watch things fall into their proper place again. Keep calling on the power of the keys until all is made right, and it will be, for that is the promise of the power of the keys.

60. One reason the keys were created was to restore everything to its true and proper state. They begin by leading you, My children, through the Endtime, through the Great Tribulation, and through the tests to come‚ into My Heavenly Kingdom, and back to the perfection of the world as it will be in the days to come. (End of message from Jesus.)

True beauty …

61. (Personal prayer of a young staff member:) Something that came to me the other day was that recently I've become less feminine. My style of dress has gotten more casual, even sloppy at times. I don't think there's anything inherently unfeminine or rebellious about wearing pants; I think they can be very attractive. But for a couple of months my attitude was more, "I don't care," and I think it showed in my clothing.

62. I don't know that it's a spiritual problem‚ although that tough attitude and image could easily be part of stubbornness or unyieldedness toward You as well. I think it's just a bummer to let yourself go like that. It also certainly doesn't minister to the gentle, tender, feminine side, which goes along real well with humility and yieldedness!

63. Also, arguing in public and cutting people down, particularly men, well, that's clearly a very bad and unfeminine thing. I only do that with men, not women. I like to hang around with men and feel I'm in their circle, so I try to prove myself in their presence. Unfortunately, in doing so I sometimes do what they dislike most—that is, cut them down or make them look bad in front of others. It's quite sad, and having seen that, I've made a definite effort to change.

64. Maybe I already "got the point" on this and am doing what's needed to change—trying to be more feminine in both appearance and manner. But if there's anything more You have to show me about it, anything You would want to clarify, or anything else I should or shouldn't do, please tell me.


65. The beauty of a meek and quiet spirit is the greatest beauty. When you carry this spirit, it doesn't matter what you wear or don't wear, because your manner will be gentle, tender, feminine and attractive, with poise and grace. You don't have to be prissy or wisp-like to be feminine. Though they are often equated, there are many types and personalities of women, and if you're not that type, it doesn't mean you're not feminine or attractive. Some guys like bigger girls‚ or more outgoing girls, or girls with tougher personalities. But even if you're naturally "tougher," there is a certain feminine quality of tenderness that, if you're lacking it, you won't be as loving or gentle as I would like you to be, nor will you be as attractive.

66. It's largely for your own sake and your own interactions with others that you want to be more feminine and attractive; but it's not just you. It's also Me putting that desire in your heart, because that gentleness is a good example; it's a token of My love for others, and it's lifting up My Spirit rather than your own.

67. In your case, the more sloppy, casual dress was adding to your overall attitude of rebelliousness, unyieldedness‚ and independence. It helped you feel tougher and stronger. It suited your mindset and feelings at the time. You thought and felt you didn't really need anyone, and you were trying so hard in your pride not to. It's not that your clothing made you that way, but because your spirit was already in that frame of mind, your style of appearance fed that, and vice versa, and it was somewhat of a vicious circle.

68. It's the attitude that counts more than anything. It's how you carry yourself. If you're putting others first and tuning in to their needs and desires, if you're outgoing and unselfish‚ if you're meek and humble, listening more than you speak, being willing to yield to Me and to others rather than push your own way or loudly profess your own opinions‚ then you are walking in My Spirit, and in the spirit that I intended for a woman to walk.

69. It's not that women are inferior or unequal in spirit or character. They're not, and I think you know that. I am not one to keep women down or make them feel they are of lesser importance. I love women, and I made them not only sexually or physically pleasant, but their minds and hearts, their characters and their spirits‚ have special qualities, extremely valuable qualities. That's the way I made them. But when they go "feminist" and try so hard to prove themselves, a lot of women end up a bit confused, and definitely unpleasant to be around.

70. You have those tendencies somewhat, because you feel that men are naturally better at a lot of things, and because of that you feel somewhat inferior as a woman. But you really don't like feeling that men are superior, so you feel that whatever you have to do to prove otherwise should be done. But don't work so hard at it. Just be yourself. Be natural, be godly, be filled with My Spirit, and you won't have to "prove" anything, because it'll be obvious. It'll be clear that you're strong in Me, that you're gifted in a special way, and that you have skills and attributes, physical and spiritual, that make you a valuable and essential part of your Home and team. In fact, people already know that. You don't have anything to prove. And if you do have to earn people's respect‚ the best way is My way—the loving, kind‚ considerate, unselfish, godly way.

71. This attitude, this facet of your personality and behavior‚ is in part an influence of the spirit of the world. To some extent it is part of your personality, but if you allow it to take over in your spirit, it causes you to walk in a harsh, cold, defiant, tough spirit, which is not in line with the humble, yielded person, the soul who is sensitive to My Spirit and to the needs of others‚ that I am trying to make you into.

72. Of course you'll never be little miss petite, and totally meek and mild—your body, mind, and personality just aren't that way. But within your personality and character you can let the good, godly, and gentle nature come more to the fore, and the pushy, aggressive, and contrary side fade into the background, to be used only when needed, and in moderation, combined with tact and grace. (End of message from Jesus.)

Faith, mighty faith … one tiny
mustard seed at a time!


73. The times you live in now are different from all times that have gone before. The days wax worse and worse‚ you have more obstacles to overcome, and the Enemy fights you more than he has fought any of My children previously. This is not your fault; this is as a result of the Devil, who is going to and fro upon the Earth‚ seeking whom he may devour.

74. Iniquity is abounding more and more, and this has to be, for I must allow it in these Last Days. The Enemy fights My Family very hard, for he knows that if he can get you discouraged, sidetracked‚ and disheartened, then there is less opposition to him and his forces. Because of this, I have given My children new tools to do their job, new spiritual weapons, and the keys of the Kingdom in order to stand strong and be a witness during these days of darkness. Those of times past who did miracles, received messages from Me, and were great witnesses and martyrs‚ did not need these tools and new weapons, because the Enemy didn't have such a stronghold as he does now in these End times. I have given them to you now because I know you need them in order to survive and be effective in these days.

75. With these new weapons and the keys of the Kingdom, as with anything new, you need to learn to use them. With use comes skill, and with skill comes accuracy, and with accuracy comes confidence, and with confidence comes assurance. My children can be so impatient sometimes and expect that things will come easily for them‚ and when they hit a snag or difficulty or hardship‚ they get easily discouraged and want to quit. This is another tactic of the Enemy.

76. My message to those of you who are battling with discouragement or feeling you're not "good" enough to avail yourselves of these miracles I have promised is to hold on, to "shtick," and continue to resist the Enemy and his lies and discouragements. You're being fought because the Enemy doesn't want you to be victorious. He doesn't want you to learn to use your new weapons and the power of the keys. He wants you to be discouraged before you even start, and to faint in your minds.

77. The main problem is that the Enemy is fighting you tooth and nail! Don't let the Evil One get the victory by giving up so easily and figuring it's hopeless because of your lack of yieldedness, or your carnality, or your NWOs‚ or whatever reasons the Enemy has hoodwinked you with. The Enemy knows the spiritual strength you will demonstrate, the miracles you are destined to perform, and so he works to keep you from applying yourself to your training. He tries to discourage you that if you can't perform a huge miracle on the spot, then why exercise your faith for a smaller one.

78. I'm not expecting a giant leap from one day to the next. Just take baby steps. As you exercise your faith muscles in the little things, it will then give you the faith for bigger things. I want My children to get into the habit of praying more and not just tolerating a situation—whether it be sickness, lack of finances, disunity, unruly children, or whatever the problem is. There is nothing too small to pray about, seek Me about, and put Me on the spot about. Many of the miracles I do for you, you take for granted because you're so used to them. But it's the little miracles that build your faith for the bigger ones, and they're just as important in the overall scheme of getting the job done.

79. So don't be tempted to belittle or look at as "ordinary" all those little things I do for you each and every day, every prayer that is answered and every miracle I perform. (End of message from Jesus)

Days like none other …


80. And here is a message the Lord gave in answer to the following question about the difference in the great works which were done in the past and what He's asking of us today. This message helps to give a clearer picture of what He's required of each of His great men and women throughout history. Each one had to make great sacrifices, fight great battles, and endure great tests, equal to their great anointing.

81. (Prayer: ) Lord, why is the power to do miracles sometimes manifested in the lives of people who appear to be "ordinary" people‚ who don't have the heritage of faith we do, and the training we have received through the Letters and through the gift of prophecy we have today and the power of the keys? Were these people of the past who did big miracles just "born with it," or was it a gift that You bestowed upon them?

82. We have all these spiritual gifts, riches, and power at our fingertips, yet it can seem such a struggle and battle to avail ourselves of them, and to even have the faith that nothing is impossible. Why is it that some of us in the Family don't feel we have been able to avail ourselves of this gift of miracles, or even have the faith that it is possible through us?


83. There are many factors that enter into the miracles that have been performed down through history, as well as those that you will be performing in the days to come. I take each of My children at the level they're at. Some of the channels I chose to use who were called to a very great task, such as Martin Luther, suffered greatly from physical afflictions as well as spiritual struggles with the Enemy. Or Moses, who was so exalted, then so abased, and who never felt capable, and in fact struggled with feeling he was a failure his whole life.

84. My precious Joan of Arc is another example. So little is mentioned of her life as it really was, the things she had to endure that made her into such a yielded vessel—the breakings‚ the fires of testing. In some ways she had so little of My pure Words available to her that for her to even cling to Me through what you might see as small tests was a major feat.

85. Stop for a moment and remember that she literally had to take what I gave her and by faith lay her life on the line to deliver it. This she did over and over. The threats she had to face were very real and very physically threatening. She spent many nights before the battles crying out to Me that she couldn't do it, that it was too much.

86. She is often portrayed as unflinching, and when it came to the battle she was faithful and wonderful. But before the battle she often could only cry out to Me in despair that she could not hope to do it. On the other hand, another factor was the time she was living in. the darkness was much more apparent and the lines between good and evil were clearer. It didn't take as much faith then to see the battle and make the choices.

87. Today the darkness is all around, but much more subtle and insidious; the battle lines are often very blurred and constantly changing. Remember‚ you are still in the early stages of this battle and have not yet reached even the beginning of the times I spoke of as a "time of trouble such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be," and that "unless these times be shortened, there should no flesh be saved."

88. Many of My saints down through the ages have had to endure great sufferings, and I have held on to them and even done miracles through them, such as the children of fatima who were greatly persecuted for their visions.

89. what I will need you to stand forth and do in the days ahead will make all the miracles of the past seem small by comparison. That is why I said that the saints of all ages would have loved to be a part of these days, but I have chosen you to be My Endtime prophets. What you see as so much testing and purging and so many trials and breakings that I have brought you through and which you feel have only exposed how weak and nothing you are, have in fact been the toughest training and preparation course in history. And while you feel almost faint from the strain of it all, you must remember that even when you feel you have failed or fallen, you are still miles ahead of most of My children in the world.

90. So, yes, the tests and the requirements are much higher, just as the requirements to enter the officer's corps of the army are higher than boot camp. But I have chosen you, handpicked you, because I know that you can take it and make it. Your circuits must be strengthened through the white-hot heat of testings‚ because My Spirit in you will have to shine with power in the days ahead in order for you to be the beacon I need you to be.

91. When the full darkness descends on the world, the miracles you'll be used to perform will not just be a few prophecies, or even just to lead a small physical army to victory to accomplish My purpose, or to even reach out and touch and heal a few people to prove My love to them. These are all beautiful gifts of My love which down through history I have given to the dark and miserable world that they may see a glimpse of My light, but I'll need My floodlights turned on full blast in these Last Days‚ that the whole world may see and marvel at My power, anointing, protection, and guidance through the darkest hours of man's history!

92. Another factor in many of My children who were greatly used in the past was the simplicity and childlikeness of their faith due to the simplicity of the times in which they lived. There is nothing wrong with very simple and childlike faith—that is the best kind. But in these days, you have to work harder to keep that simple‚ childlike faith, because there is so much more knowledge of the world fighting against that faith. In these days of the End is the knowledge of evil manifested as never before, and it is impossible to not be infected to at least some extent with it. It is only through My Words and My Spirit that the Enemy's filth and poison can be washed away. So it is necessary for you to be flooded and flushed as never before with My Words, that you may remain strong and full of faith.

Text box:

93. (Question:) The very simple and childlike faith that Christians of old had seems as if it could have come from the fact that their access to New Wine or living Word was very limited. But today, as a result of all the multitudes of messages in prophecy we've gotten, we've learned tons about how the spirit world operates, that to be a clear channel there are X requirements, and all these things which have complicated our faith in some ways and put us at a disadvantage.

94. Also, regarding simple faith being the best kind, doesn't our faith grow and mature over time?

95. (Jesus speaking:) To answer the first question, it's not the fault of the Word, or the messages I've given with great detail‚ that is responsible for tearing down or complicating anyone's faith. It is rather the influence of the world, and the strong oppression in the spirit, and the analytical carnal mind, which always fights against simple faith. In fact, many of the detailed or "complicated" messages I've given have been in an attempt to answer the complicated questions that are so prevalent in these days.

96. So it's inaccurate to say that simple childlike faith is impossible these days because of the increased insight into the spirit world and what I have poured out. That's not the case. Rather, it is the influence of the world, and the desire of man for more knowledge and intellectuality and all those things that hinders and wars against your faith, and which you must fight against in order to keep it.

97. And in answer to the second question, simple childlike faith is not necessarily naïve, uninformed or immature. To the contrary, it is simply choosing to believe Me in spite of all other knowledge or possibilities or conflicting opinions. That's what faith is—it's belief, and in this case, belief in Me and My Word. You can be very well rounded and educated and still maintain that simple faith, through determining that you are going to believe Me above all others, no matter what others say.

98. Granted, it's harder to keep that simple faith when you do investigate other possibilities, because faith is not based on anything you can see or touch or prove—that's why it's called faith. But it is possible to keep that faith. And that is what I have asked of you‚ My children. I have given you so much in order to help answer your questions, so that you might reach the point where you realize that I have the answers to everything, whether you know them or understand them or not, and you choose to believe. But you must make that choice yourself. Otherwise, you can be caught in a cycle of ever learning, yet never coming to a knowledge of the truth—that unshakable, unmovable, childlike, simple faith. (End of message from Jesus.)

End of text box.

99. You must remember that you are entering times such as have never existed in history‚ so your spiritual armor must be more impenetrable and your weapons must be more powerful than at any other time in history. Your training in their use and strengthening of your spiritual muscles and skill in handling these weapons must be more than any of My fighters throughout history as well.

100. So be not weary in well doing, My loves, for the victories that you will win by My spirit in you and through you will shine on—not just in man's history, but they will be outstanding exploits in the history of the entire universe! You feel like a wimp sometimes, but you'd be in for quite a shock to see the admiration with which My saints of all ages and even the angels around My throne look upon you.

101. So don't let the Old Boy trick you into thinking that because you didn't do as well as you had decided you should have in some test, that that means you're failing in your training or calling. You are My shining stars, and as long as you do what you can each day‚ you have nothing to worry about‚ because you'll be in the right place at the right time with the right anointing to be what I need and want you to be, and you'll be hearing My "Well done!" for a formidable task done to the finish and a shout of victory that will thrill your heart. (End of message from Jesus.)

God's in control!


102. The Family has a history of making some pretty serious mistakes and then confessing later that maybe things weren't handled correctly. If Dad and Mama, or now Mama and Peter, made mistakes in the past, who's to say that what they're publishing now or what they're doing now and the way they're leading the Family now won't later be apologized for, with their saying they should have done things differently, had more wisdom, etc.?

Text box:

103. (Jesus speaking:) This is a question that many of your apostates spread. It's also a question that the Enemy plants in people's minds when they are weakened or critical‚ or feeling discontent, hurt‚ or bitter. I know that everyone has at some time suffered hurt from someone else's mistakes. That is the case everywhere in the world, not just in the Family. But the fact remains that the answer is the same—no matter what has happened to you‚ in the Family or out, I allowed it, and in each person's life, no matter what happened that they feel was a mistake, I will turn it to their good if they will let Me.

104. You simply can't keep being blown about with any little wind or rumor of mistakes—because there are plenty of them. You need to decide why you're in the Family. Is it to serve Me because you want to be My disciple, and this is the place you feel you can do the most for Me? In the course of your life for Me and the persecution that will inevitably come, you'll hear a lot—both true and false—that will or could stumble you. But if you're here to serve Me‚ then it doesn't really matter what happened in the past.

105. Yes, there were mistakes made in the past, and there will continue to be mistakes made today—lots of them, because the Family and Family leadership is made up of humans, fallible human beings. You need to decide whether that's a deal-breaker for you. If it is, then go in peace, and find somewhere else that you can serve Me with conviction. That's the bottom line. (End of message from Jesus.)

End of text box.


106. Before I answer that question, let's get one thing straight from the very beginning: This is God's work‚ His Endtime army, specially created, anointed‚ empowered and led by Him for these Last Days!

107. Now, having said that, let me add that God also uses human beings to lead this work, men and women who sometimes make mistakes, act unwisely‚ exercise bad judgment, or make the wrong decisions. That's because we're all sinners, and "there is none righteous; no, not one. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God." That includes me‚ Mama and Peter, and every other human being—and that includes you too, of course.

108. In considering the Family's mistakes, you need to remember that most of the mistakes that were made were not made by the Family as an organization, but by individuals who took things too far, were selfish, unwise, or disobedient to the Family rules and the Law of Love.

109. Yes, I also made mistakes in the past, and I've confessed those mistakes to you time after time. Goodness, I wrote Letter after Letter about my mistakes when I was on Earth, from the very earliest days up until I came home to Heaven. Some of the first Letters I wrote were to confess that I'd been wrong about the Jews being God's people and physical Israel being His kingdom on Earth today. You can read about it in "Breakdown" and other Letters. It was a mistake, a serious one, and I wondered if the whole Family would leave over it. I wrote you about my mistakes, admitted my trials, shared my fears, and asked you to pray for me time and time again. And then I went on for the Lord, and I'm still going on for the Lord!

110. So I've made mistakes, various leaders down through the years have made mistakes‚ and many Family members have made mistakes. Only Jesus never made a mistake!

111. But, and here I'm speaking for Mama and Peter and myself‚ when we've made mistakes, we've tried to follow God's plan to make things right again. We haven't tried to cover up our mistakes, like many worldly governments or organizations have, or even many churches. We've confessed them to the Lord and asked His forgiveness, sought the forgiveness of others if they were affected, and then put feet to our prayers of repentance and have changed—and have changed Family policies and doctrines for the better because of these mistakes.

112. In the long run, these mistakes have borne good fruit. They've humbled the Family and helped to root out pride and self-confidence. They've made us turn to the Lord and seek Him more fervently, knowing that we can of our own selves do nothing. They've reminded us that we bear His Word and spiritual treasures "in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us." Through it all, God has been glorified and we've gone on to gain greater depth of spirit‚ make greater progress, and win greater victories.

113. The Lord has often brought good fruit out of mistakes made by His people, and you can read about it throughout the Bible. Almost the first thing after the Creation, Adam and Eve made a terrible mistake and had to leave the Garden—but through it they got much closer to the Lord, and I've talked about that before in "Did God Make a Mistake" and other Letters.

114. All the greatest men in the Bible made terrible mistakes, ones that hurt others, but through it they realized how much they needed the Lord and His love and grace and forgiveness, and it changed their lives and the world! Look at King David—he had Uriah killed so he could marry his wife, who he'd already been sleeping with. But when he was humbled, he went on to become one of God's greats, a man after God's Own heart!

115. Look at Peter, one of the Lord's closest disciples, who fumbled along and made mistake after mistake‚ and even wound up denying the Lord three times. But after Jesus' resurrection and the Day of Pentecost, he won thousands and thousands of people to the Lord!

116. Look at Paul—he got his start by persecuting and killing Christians! That was quite a mistake! But once he had his little chat with the Lord on the road to Damascus, his life changed, and so did the world. He went on to become the most zealous of all the apostles, a soul winner who's been an inspiration to millions ever since!

117. We've gotten victories out of our mistakes because we've been willing to change, and we've changed time after time over the years, and we still are! When we realize something isn't working or it's wrong, we change it. We have a metanoia, an about-face, a revolution‚ and go the other way. And because of that, we've continued to win millions of souls and to change hearts and lives in nation after nation.

118. If you want to ponder something or think about the future, why don't you ponder all the good fruit the Family has borne in the past and continues to bear, and all the miracles ahead for us in the future! Now that's something to think about. In saying that‚ I'm not trying to excuse any mistakes of the past or justify anything. I simply want to point out to you that if you want to dwell on mistakes, the Enemy will be happy to supply you with a long, detailed list of faults, failings, shortcomings and sins—both real and imaginary—in an effort to stoke doubt‚ fear, criticism and self-righteousness.

119. What did the Lord say? "Whatsoever things are true‚ honest, just, pure, lovely, and of good report, think on these things." He didn't say, "Whatsoever things are discouraging, negative, unjust, ugly, and of bad report, think on those things." He encourages us throughout the Word to be positive, not negative.

120. Remember, as I said at the beginning, this is God's work and He's in control and is leading us, and He's going to use even our mistakes for His glory to further His work. The Family is special, called-out, chosen, exceptional, extraordinary, and so is the role He has for us to play in these Last Days! He's made promise after promise about that in prophecy after prophecy, and you're going to see those promises fulfilled, and some of them very soon.

121. So it's up to you whether you believe those promises and prophecies, whether you believe this is His work and He's in charge, whether you believe it's God's will for you to be in the Family, and how much you're willing to commit yourself to obey and follow. If you believe this is of the Lord and it's His will you're here, why not give it all you've got? Why not serve Him with all your heart and mind and strength and energy?

122. On the other hand, if you don't believe this is of the Lord or His will that you're here, then why remain in the Family? If you've battled doubts and fears about the future for a long time and you just can't seem to get the victory despite the Word and counsel and prayer and prophecy and your efforts and the efforts of others to help you, then maybe you'd be more content elsewhere. We're not trying to keep people in the Family whose hearts and minds are elsewhere, as we have said repeatedly in many Letters.

123. But, whatever your situation or state of mind, you need to understand that everyone makes mistakes. I dare say you've made a number yourself, no matter who you are, and you need to remember that you'll be forgiven for your sins and mistakes the way you forgive others for their sins and mistakes.

124. When the mote in your brother or sister's eye starts becoming very obvious and apparent to you, then you'd better check for a few motes or beams in your own eye! Remember, you're a mess too, and if you can keep that in mind, it'll help you to avoid criticalness and self-righteousness toward others for their mistakes.

125. Anything good we do has to be God! Any righteousness we have has to be His! Any progress we make is by Him working through us—and I'll tell you, I've seen plenty of progress in the Family and lots of good fruit! Heaven rejoices at it, and the angels sing continually of the souls won and victories gained in the hearts of men on Earth!

126. So as for me and my house, we'll continue to serve the Lord. That's never a mistake. Amen? May you keep serving Him too! God bless you! Love‚ Dad (End of message from Dad.)


127. While we're on the subject of leadership being human just like anyone else, and in light of how the Lord is asking more of each person in the Family—to become a shepherd and a leader of the many He wants to bring into our folds—I want to share with you a few excerpts of a message from the Lord about Dad's "humanness," and how the Lord used it to make him exactly the prophet we needed for these Last Days.

128. Thank God for Dad! Thank God he was willing to be what we needed—mistakes, extremes and all—to stir us up and start the revolution the Lord had in mind for us. God help us to be willing to do as much, with the same dedication and passion for the Lord and lost souls as Dad had.


129. I'm the one who made David exactly as he was—just like I've made you, My queen‚ with your strengths and weaknesses to accomplish My perfect will, and as I've created each and every one of My Endtime children, each with his or her own weaknesses and things to overcome. This is the great paradox—that you have weaknesses that you must work to overcome, yet when you give everything to Me, I am able to use even those weaknesses for My glory. This is the beauty of giving Me everything in your life and heart and holding nothing back—for you are then in My hands, and I can teach, train, mold and use you as I know best to accomplish My purpose.

130. David was given his name because I fashioned him in many ways after My King David of old—who, though he was a man of many faults and failings in man's eyes, yet because he allowed Me to use each failing as a chance to teach him and others and draw him closer to Me, he became a man after My Own heart.

131. Too often all people want to see is the "man after My Own heart" part of My servants. They want the finished product, but choke on the method and process which I must put them through to get there. They want the fruits of humility and closeness to Me, but don't want to see the depths of despair and hopelessness resulting from being humiliated by their weaknesses and failings, which create the fruits.

132. They'd much rather think of the prophet as fairly perfect to begin with. They expect that he must be more perfect than they are, and therefore more worthy—because then it eases the pressure of My voice and call in them to forsake all and follow. Because if they accept that My prophet is just as big a mess as they are, and yet through his deep abiding love for Me and willingness to do anything for Me he becomes a mightily used tool in My hands, then they have no excuse to walk away from anything I might ask of them.

133. The idea of My mouthpiece having to be perfect or nearly perfect‚ or even good and righteous in himself, is such a skewed perspective. It's true that My prophets are special, very special—but it is not what they do or don't do in the flesh that makes them special. It is their deep abiding love for Me, their insatiable hunger and driving passion to love Me and do all they can to draw closer to Me in spite of their faults and failings and mistakes.

134. Yes, My servant David had many faults, just like you all have. His were often broadcast more prominently because of his position in the limelight of having to shepherd and guide you all. He was at times prone to discouragement and even depression over what he saw as his failures. He would see his attempts to guide you as failures when some would turn away.

135. I created him to feel your pain even as I feel your pain, and at times he felt he could not bear it. If I had made David perfect in every way, you would never have been able to learn anything from him. He would have been unable to weep with you, laugh with you, feel your pain and sorrow, and understand you. He would not have known the answers to your struggles. In short, he could not have loved you as deeply as he did, for until you understand the deepest part of someone, you cannot fully love them.

136. Love makes you one, and it is in your own failings and weaknesses and seeing and understanding and forgiving and learning compassion for each other in these things that you become truly one. I could not make David impervious to the Enemy's attacks or make him perfect and infallible, for to do so would have destroyed his usefulness as the Endtime shepherd of My flocks.

137. You, My children, say you believe that it was only Me in David who made him the prophet he was and that it was not his own greatness. But the test comes when you realize your own humanness, when I reveal to you that it really is only Me—in him or in any of you—as you step out to become the prophets and prophetesses of the End.

138. Do you really believe it's only Me? Then you shouldn't be surprised when you falter and make mistakes and are grieved at your own miserable self and how big a mess you are. Just follow My servant David's sample. No matter how many times I have to let you fall, either for your own sake or—and this is a sign of true love for the sheep—for their sakes, that they may come to lean on Me rather than your flesh, and in leaning find their strength and calling, you must trust and hold to Me.

139. Becoming My mouthpiece doesn't eliminate you from the picture entirely. You will at times falter and be prone to the attacks of the Enemy, and will at times succumb to discouragement. At times you will struggle and fail, or feel you've failed. The battles won't stop, and the failures or what appear to be failures will still come. But how long they last and whether or not they work for good for you and others will depend on how much you love Me and how much you're willing to fight to hang onto Me and to draw your strength from Me, just as My David did. (End of message from Jesus.)

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Go on the Attack!


140. Some of the points in this next message are specific counsel for the person who was asking the question, but I'm sharing it with you as a good example of the type of counsel the Lord (or Dad) can give, if you're open and ready to receive it. I really like lists and points, because they're easy to review and see how you're doing. Why not ask the Lord for a list of what areas you should be more on the attack in, in your life? Then print it out, put it somewhere where you'll see it often, and do it!


141. Go on the attack in every area of your life. Here are some specific points for you to follow. Check yourself on these every day or so‚ and see how you're doing, and work on picking up the slack in any area where you're falling short.

  1. Word time comes first! Fight for your Word time every day, and not just a little on the go‚ but a good, solid time of feeding. Try for two hours, either in one shot or two, or a one-hour shot and then a couple more half–hour shots.
  2. Hear from the Lord every day personally! It doesn't always have to be a "biggie‚" but it's gotta be something.
  3. Memorize and claim the keys! Build positive thought patterns by countering any battle or obstacle with a keys promise and a prayer.
  4. Fight to discipline your mind! Especially when you first wake up in the morning, or when you're lying in bed at night, or quiet time, make a conscious effort to review the Word, listen to Word tapes, or pray for yourself or others. Your mind is the door through which the Enemy finds entrance for his negativity, discouragement, and despair, so shut it!
  5. Fight to keep a healthy lifestyle. Even if you don't feel like eating, or sleeping, or working‚ or having exercise, keep doing it. Don't give in to moods or let yourself be too busy to take care of your temple. You'll only feel worse and be less productive if you let your body get run-down or out of whack.
  6. Pray for inspiration, and even a passion for your work. Don't look at it as something to dread, nor as a form of escape; neither is healthy. Look at it as a calling from the Lord, as your commission from Him, which it is. Don't get your eyes on the little details of how this or that job is difficult‚ or allow yourself to think about how you don't really feel like doing it. Get in a productive spirit. Be on the attack and press in to your work. You'll feel more inspired, and you'll keep your body and mind busy and active. It will also keep you on your toes spiritually, since in order to do your work well you have to be asking the Lord about everything.
  7. Don't listen to the Enemy when he tells you that you can't be a good channel when your mind is confused or you're feeling emotional. The truth is that you can be an even better channel, because you can be more desperate with the Lord than normal.
  8. Actively reach out to others. You need time alone with the Lord, but don't withdraw into a shell. Live the Law of Love, look for others to make happy, arrange times of fellowship and recreation with a variety of people.
  9. Pray for the Lord to control your emotions and feelings, and even to change them, if necessary. You don't know what His will is‚ and I can't tell you or it would spoil the test; but I can tell you that nothing is impossible with the Lord. He wants you to be happy, even through difficult situations, and He can do whatever is necessary to help you handle things. He always makes a way of escape. So pray for His will and that He'll make your desires in line with His desires.
  10. Communicate. Keep in touch with your shepherds about how things are going, give them copies of the messages the Lord gives you, and ask for prayer if you're feeling down.
  11. Remember that "it came to pass‚" and that everything the Lord allows into your life is ordained to work for your good, the good of the Lord's work, and the good of others. Tests and squeezes, and ups and downs, are not bad things—they're good things.
  12. Don't kick yourself over mistakes! Think of every mistake as an opportunity to learn a priceless lesson‚ and remember that the Lord allowed it. So get all you can out of it and don't get down on yourself.
  13. Look on the bright side, and put it into words of praise to your Husband! Remind yourself as often as you need to of how good you have it; of how wonderful the Lord is and how much He loves you; about all that He's given you in the form of love and care‚ supply, protection, friendship and fellowship, spiritual feeding and opportunities for growth! And then verbally thank Him for all those things! If nothing else, think of how much worse it could be and thank Him it's not like that! That'll cheer you up! (End of message from Dad.)

Praying in Public?


142. Why is it that it's so hard for me, or should I say that I so dislike‚ to pray in public? I try to pray sometimes‚ but I'm certainly not one of the ones who always jumps in first. It's not that I'm shy, but it sure never feels comfortable. And when I think about it, I feel worse for other people than myself. At least if it's my turn or I'm asked to pray I'm not painfully shy, whereas some people actually are.


143. It's pride that holds you back from praying and entering more into spiritual things in general. You're not really shy or nervous per se about speaking in front of people in general.

144. With prayer, you do feel it's a little more "risky," because prayer is something spiritual and sacred and you want it to sound "right‚" and it would be far more embarrassing for you to pray a weird-sounding prayer than to make a weird-sounding personal comment. But, just the same, it's something that you should step out more to do, and as you do‚ you'll gain more faith.

145. You also in general have held back from praying because you have felt that you didn't really want the reputation of being someone who's so "spiritual" and always "leading the way" in spiritual meetings and prayers. You didn't want to appear to be a "bellwether type" of person. You tried to get rid of that label or impression however you could. Well, that's something you know you need to get over. You are a spiritual being and you need to live like one. It's simply part of being a disciple.

146. Some people really are shy and it's difficult for them to step out and speak out and pray out, but I want everyone, even them, to be able to overcome this. I want it to become natural for each of you—every one of you, no matter what your personality or constitution or natural tendencies—to learn to be able to approach Me easily, freely, at any time, in any situation.

147. Whether you're with one person or a thousand, when you pray‚ you should just think of Me, think about the fact that you're Mine, that I want to be in close communication with you, that I need your prayers, that others need your prayers, so that through these prayers I might reveal My power.

148. Prayer is a wonderful and powerful and beautiful thing. It's sacred, yes, but not so sacred as to be reserved only for certain occasions. It's something you should be doing all the time, and that includes privately and publicly.

149. These are things you know‚ that you've heard a million times, but still you hold back from fully entering in, because of pride. You're afraid of being too "spiritual" and you also resent being pushed or nudged into anything, period. That part is just your contrary and stubborn nature. It's something that the Enemy uses to keep you from doing what I want you to do. It's something you need to fight.

150. Having difficulty with prayer is part of the influence of Pan. He wants you to want to be a carnal person, someone who is bold in fleshly matters but timid in spiritual ones. But I want you to come boldly before My throne of grace—whether you're coming alone or in the presence of a group.

151. Maybe you won't always like the style of the way someone leads prayer, or the delivery of someone's reading or leading of a meeting, but whether you do or you don't shouldn't be what determines your link with Me at the time. Whether a particular devotions or prayer time really "moves you" or "turns your key" should be sort of irrelevant by now.

152. It is nice when meetings are well presented, and I'm glad you can appreciate it when they are, and that you're thankful for what is put into a good presentation—and it's important that people do try‚ because it does make it easier for everyone to join in. But not everyone who leads every prayer meeting is going to be totally on the ball and organized and full of efficient, outstanding‚ stirring ideas. You're mature enough, you know Me well enough, that you should be able to see past that by now, and be able to enter in to the spirit even if the conditions aren't perfect—or even if you find someone's presentation very annoying. If that's how you're feeling during a prayer time, then you can know that you're looking at things too much in the flesh. You're focusing more on people's style of praying or leading prayer meetings, rather than focusing on Me, on the need at hand, and on fighting in spirit.

153. Fight Pan! Fight pride! Rebuke these two demons and foul spirits whenever you go into a prayer session. Bind them with My Spirit. Determine to enter into My Spirit despite their attempts to hold you back. You will find freedom in this. It's a real bondage to be stuck in this rut of "I don't pray in public" or "I don't speak out in public." Why not? Let your light shine before men! Don't be ashamed of Me!

154. Praying is being a witness of My Spirit and power. It's standing up and being counted as Mine. It's a public declaration of discipleship and commitment. It's a clear show of conviction. That's why your pride fights it. It's not that it's so embarrassing or that you're prone to goof, it's just that it's humbling for you to be spiritual and do anything spiritual. That's yet another sign that it's a good thing and good for you. If it's humbling, it's good for you. Do the humble thing. And I mean really do it. Fight to make it a new habit. (End of message from Jesus.)

JESUS IS enough


155. I'm helping you to see that you don't need all the things you think you need to get by, or even to be happy. I'm all that you really need. In Me and in My Word and My Spirit, in these simple basics, you can find all the strength, the encouragement, the comfort and the refuge that you need. You don't need a relationship to be happy. You don't need a perfect friendship to be happy. You don't need to have your little physical setup and surroundings just the way you like them to be happy. You don't need to keep up with all the latest worldly entertainment to be happy.

156. In a way you are feeling the lack of some of the things you used to find comfort in, and you miss them; but what you're also realizing is that‚ while you feel a little "unhappy" at their loss, they weren't really making you happy either, because any happiness that is dependent on one thing or another is really a very shallow form of happiness. It's just a fake, and now is as good a time as any to realize that and to let it go.

157. I want to give you a much deeper contentment and satisfaction in its stead—the contentment of knowing you've given and are giving your best for Me. The contentment of the reassurance that because you're putting Me first and making sacrifices in order to do My will, I will more than repay you in the form of spiritual blessings‚ as well as tangible rewards, in this life and the life to come.

158. I want you to not only believe, but to actually feel, that I and the things of My Spirit are enough for you, that they are what you want and desire more than anything. Even if your personal life seems to be in shambles, if your relationships and friendships aren't going well or aren't meeting your needs, if your health is poor, if you're not doing terrific in your work, well, you still have something sure, stable, and steady to hold on to, and that's Me.

159. If I'm truly your center, then you'll weather the difficulties and storms much better, because all these earthly things just won't mean or matter as much. That's the beautiful happiness of being a true disciple‚ a real committed and devoted follower. You can truly say "none of these things move me" and remain solid and balanced no matter what you feel like, and no matter what is going on around you. (End of message from Jesus.)

Examining your life and attitudes …


160. At one point I asked all those in our various WS units to ask the Lord the following question: "Is there any unyieldedness in my life that would lead to serious problems, or that has already led to problems?"

161. Here's what one of them received from the Lord. Many of you will probably relate to it. This is a good question to ask the Lord from time to time‚ to help keep your spiritual life clean and on the right track.


162. You already know that to yield easily is not in your nature. You want to do what's right, yet in many or most cases there is that natural instinct to rebel, argue, question, pull away or hesitate. It is unyieldedness born of pride, in that you want to do what is right, but you don't want someone else to tell you what is right for you. It's human nature, but it's human nature that has to learn to submit to Me and My Spirit. This is something we've been through before, something you're aware of, but something that it's good to be reminded of from time to time, so that you can continue to make progress.

163. While you may have learned to yield about things in the past, as new things come up—new rules or policies or situations or things I ask of you, or new worldly attitudes that find their way into your mind—you again have to learn to yield in each case. Sometimes you can deceive yourself into thinking that because you have yielded about a certain thing, you're "yielded"; when really you're being quite stubborn or willful about something else without even realizing it. Yieldedness in one or two areas is not complete yieldedness.

164. I've given you a mind and a will, and they can be useful to Me when you use them to think about things, ask Me about them, and use your initiative or curiosity for the good of your own spirit and others. Yet your own mindset and desires can also work against Me and the things I'm trying to do in your life. The natural instinct you have to want to "be convinced" about something before you're willing to follow through with it has its good side and its bad side. The good side is that when you don't just take things at face value but you analyze and question, it can cause you to pray about things, to counsel about things, and through this to come to a deeper understanding. This is the right course of action for you to follow. However, sometimes you take the wrong course—the course of choosing to make up your mind without My input or that of your shepherds, as to whether you think something is right or wrong, necessary or unnecessary.

165. For all your talk of being open–minded, sometimes you can be pretty closed-minded. When you hear about something or are asked to do something and you conclude in your own mind that you disagree or that you won't do it, what does that say for a sense of fairness and justice and giving all sides a chance? Not much! Sometimes your supposed "principles" are only things you put to use when they suit you. Sometimes your supposed open-mindedness is just liberalism‚ or more akin to anarchism—just wanting to do something or allow something because it keeps you from feeling closed in, not because you believe it's really the right thing. I don't want you to feel closed in‚ and I don't close you in. I allow you a lot of freedom in your actions and even in your attitudes—but if you misuse that freedom, you will be the one to suffer for it. That is the danger of unyieldedness.

166. I'm not going to come around beating you up about your wrong attitudes or areas where you're not completely yielded. I'll use whatever you give Me‚ and I take you where you're at. But if you hold back and pull back and keep parts of your heart and mind to yourself and refuse to let Me be involved in them, then eventually spiritual decay will set in and you will be the one to suffer. Your spiritual health will suffer. I'm the Great Physician of both your body and your spirit, but if you keep things back from Me and don't want to discuss them or address them or work on them, and if you don't want to take the "medicine" I prescribe, then I can't really help you much.

167. You don't want to judge anyone. You don't want to be judgmental or self-righteous. Yet at the same time you are, because you are quick to judge people who do pass judgment on others, and you criticize them and label them as being dogmatic‚ overly strict, and narrow-minded. It's a sense of confused priority. It is true that I have said in My Word, "Judge not, that you be not judged," but I have also set standards in the Word which are meant for you to follow—and not just follow for yourselves and let the rest of the world go to Hell, but to do your part to spread My thinking, My way, and My plan.

168. It's easy to let yourself slip into wrong attitudes that go against My Spirit and not even really notice it, especially if it's not something you're confronted with except in reading or watching or hearing or theorizing about it. Sometimes you and other young folk tend to think you are well versed in something‚ but really all you have is book knowledge. Until you've actually been involved with people with a certain need or problem, while you can have some idea of how they feel, or what they're like‚ or what they need, or how to help them, you can't really claim to be any kind of expert. Of course, you can pray and seek Me and hear from Me and know just what to do that way, but the problem is that if your mind is full of its own theories and ideas and attitudes, then you're less likely to look to Me, or to be an open and clear channel.

169. Yieldedness or unyieldedness isn't something so easy to put your finger on, and you can't just be yielded in one area or even two or three or ten and consider that's enough. To be really yielded to Me you have to be willing to examine every thought, every attitude, every area of your life, and be willing to seek Me about it and adopt My attitude and mindset on it, and forsake your own.

170. Beware of the liberalist mindset that is a part of the spirit of the world that constantly tells you that you don't need someone telling you what to do or what's right or wrong, that you are your own master and have the right to think and act and believe as you choose. While I have chosen to give you‚ My children, a substantial amount of personal freedom, the essence of your Christian life comes back down to the fact that "you are not your own, but you are bought with a price." You are Mine, in My service, under My command, and should be willing to do whatever I ask of you, or to not do what I ask you not to do. Is it really that big a price to pay for the privilege of being one of My most intimate brides and lovers? One that I will endue with spiritual power never yet seen by man? One to whom I have promised eternal rewards and pleasures of paradise for evermore? No, My love, it's not too high a price to pay!

171. I know it can be difficult, of course, for I endured the same thing for your sakes. In the Garden I besought My Father to let the cup of My suffering pass from Me, if it were possible. But in the end I yielded, for I knew what His will was. So I said‚ "Not My will but Thine be done," and went on to do all that was asked of Me. I was obedient, even to the death of the cross‚ that I might gain you, My dear loves! It was worth it; it was not too high a price to pay, and I would pay it again for you!

172. The yieldedness that I ask of you now is the willingness to follow closely, to throw not only your actions but your heart and mind and soul and will and voice into supporting the movements of My Spirit and the direction I am leading; to be willing to accept a more structured and disciplined lifestyle, even more involvement by others in your affairs if necessary—as well as being willing to get more involved in others' affairs, to help shepherd them. Your dislike for others' involvement in your life hinders you from being as good a shepherd or bellwether as you could be, because you want so badly to let people have their privacy, their freedom, their self–determination. You have let these things take on too much importance in your life and placed too great an emphasis on certain supposed "principles."

173. You need to seek Me further about your attitudes and principles and see which are in line with My plan and My ways, and which ones you need some "attitude adjustment" on. Start now by accepting and yielding to the fact that parts of your mindset are off‚ and some of the things that you think you're so open minded or nonjudgmental about are really ways in which you've closed yourself off to the truth or lowered your convictions or standards. (End of message from Jesus.)

Cut reality down to size


174. Your faith in Me can move mountains. Even with just a grain of faith, you can say to the mountain, "Be removed and be cast into the sea," and it shall be done. It's the same principle with spiritual mountains. You can remove the mountains in your life—the mountains of jealousy, of comparing‚ of resentment‚ of resistance.—And you are moving them!

175. Day by day, bit by bit, by calling on Me and the power of the keys, and receiving My Words, you're exploding spiritual dynamite‚ which is blowing holes in the mountains of difficulties and weaknesses in your life. Every time you call on Me, every time you come to Me earnestly, setting your own will aside and desiring Mine, you are detonating powerful ammunition which blasts the work of the Enemy. He can never refill those holes as quickly as you're blowing them up; and in time, the mountains will be seen again for what they truly are—just little molehills.

176. Their seeming like such big mountains is just in your mind and a matter of perception in the first place. Once you realize how much of the difficulty and battle is because of the Enemy's lies and lying vanities, the mountains get cut down to size, and you understand that they're not as difficult to get rid of as you thought. You feel discouraged sometimes now because the mountains seem really big; they almost seem insurmountable. Well, they are there and they do need to be overcome, but they're not as scary and foreboding as you think—because you have more power than you realize you do.

177. It's kind of like those characters in the movie "The Matrix." When they would go into the matrix‚ they could do things that other people could not. It wasn't because they were so special, or even had special power per se. It was because their eyes had been opened, and they realized that the trap that had gotten everyone else was not even reality. It took effort and it was certainly a fight, but they knew they could overcome, because they knew that the danger and power of evil wasn't as bad as it looked‚ that things that appeared did not have to be.

178. That's a very important spiritual principle for you to remember, when the battles seem so big and you feel that things are hopeless. The Enemy's the one trying to make you feel that way, and trying to make you forget the power that you have in Me and My Spirit—power through faith‚ which is great enough to move all the mountains! (End of message from Jesus.)

Sending prayers back in time?


179. I was wondering if it's possible to send prayers back in time. Like if I try to remember to pray for something that's happening at a certain time, but then forget, and by the time I remember it it's too late, if I then pray for it will it count and can it go back in time to help the situation?


180. One of the differences in the realm of the spirit is that time works very differently up here. It is too much to explain or for mortal minds to comprehend, but it works very differently than it does down there.

181. As far as praying for something after it happened, there are a couple of different ways that it can be done. For example, say you're in a Home that's looking for new housing, and two of your members are going to have a four o'clock meeting with the landlord of this new house to ask him to bring the price down so that you can afford it. You go out that day and you remember in the afternoon that you're supposed to pray for this meeting, so you do. But by the time you remembered, it was five o'clock, an hour after the meeting. I will take those prayers and they will have an effect on the outcome of the situation, because for Me there is no time. I can accumulate all the prayers that are going to be prayed for the situation before the situation occurs.

182. Another option is, if you remember that you were supposed to pray for this meeting at four and you realize that it's now five o'clock and the meeting is already over, you can pray a prayer thanking Me for having My perfect will with the meeting, or continue to pray that I will work in the landlord's heart even if he didn't accept your first offer. The important thing is to continue to pray for the situation‚ because it's very likely that things are not yet totally decided and your prayers are still needed.

183. In other situations, maybe you don't realize that the thing you're praying for has already happened, but I take those prayers and use them‚ even though according to your time it is already past. It's not necessarily that your prayers are sent back in time, it's more that I Who am not bound by time can use the prayers of the future to help an event that hasn't happened yet.

184. As in all of these issues with time and trying to understand how time will be no more once you get here, it's just one of those things you're going to have to take by faith. You will understand it when you get here. But for now, continue to be My prayer warriors. Regardless of when you pray, it makes a difference. Your prayers move My hand. I am able to do great and mighty things on your behalf. (End of message from Jesus.)

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