May 7, 2003

America Attacks Iraq/SARS

By MariaMaria #645 CM/FM 3447 3/03

My dear Family,

1. As you know, on March 19 the U.S. launched missile attacks on Baghdad, followed shortly thereafter by air attacks and a ground invasion by American and British forces, accompanied by 2,000 members of the Australian special forces. Fighting raged off and on for three weeks before Baghdad fell‚ and then diminished rapidly, with Iraqi forces surrendering or disappearing before contact with U.S. forces, although skirmishes continue.

2. Roughly 140 American and British troops have died in the fighting so far‚ and 300-400 more have been wounded. Casualties have been much higher on the Iraqi side, with an estimated several thousand soldiers and somewhere in the vicinity of 1,500 civilians having been killed. Many more have been wounded. The number of Iraqi wounded pouring into hospitals was so high that the Red Cross reported they had to stop counting them.

3. Wars are always horrible‚ leading to great devastation and death. Dad expressed his views on the matter in END 63, and in this GN we're passing on to you a number of messages from both the Lord and Dad, received two days after the attack began.

4. We asked the Lord how He sees this war‚ what the consequences will be for the world, what counsel He has for us as a Family, and how we can pray for the situation, and you'll find excerpts of these messages in the pages that follow. We pray they're enlightening and will help you in your witness, as well as in your prayers for this situation.

5. We'll continue to publish what He gives us on the situation in Iraq, as He gives it. But you don't have to wait for us to hear from Heaven. Please stay in close personal touch with the Lord yourself, checking with Him to see how these events in the Mideast might affect you personally and how you and your Home should be prepared.

6. God bless and keep each of you, and make you a blessing to many with His love and comfort, His Words and counsel and help.

How the Lord Sees This War

7. First of all, we asked our dear Husband to explain to us how He sees this war. We know, of course, that He hates war and the taking of life, but we asked if He could please explain what significance this war has, and if He could please reveal any other angles He wanted us to be aware of.

8. (Jesus speaking: ) It hardly need be said that in this war neither side is fighting for the right. Neither side is really concerned about the poor and needy. America is concerned for its own interests, and especially for the lifestyle of its people. Although the world envies that lifestyle, much of it is based on greed and selfishness, to the point that Americans feel they have a right to run the world and hog its resources.

9. In Iraq, Saddam could have laid down his life for his country. He has instead decided to lay down his country for his life. He is a self-centered man who has made his country "his" country and not the country of his people. He has done good, but he has also been ruthless and amassed the riches of the country for his own benefit. Still‚ does he deserve to be attacked like this by America? He deserves it no more than many others in the world. Will a better regime arise out of the ashes? No! For it will again not serve the people, but it will serve the ends of its new master.

10. What will be the results of this war? It will push the Endtime agenda along at an accelerated rate. America has now earned the enmity of just about every Muslim in the world. It is not that they loved Saddam; it is that they perceive an attack on Saddam as an attack on Islam—and rightly so. For the rhetoric of the American leadership and the American press has been anti-Muslim and anti-Arab. So they and the Ten Kings shall hate the Whore.

11. Peace could have been given a chance, but Bush demanded peace only on his terms. He did not want to negotiate a settlement. He preferred confrontation, conflict and conquest. He wanted the world to see just how powerful America is so that no other upstart would try to take on America. His "Christian" conviction has instead become a "lying spirit" in his own mind and in the mouths of his advisers. And his self-righteousness has made him to stink in the nostrils of most of the world. No one loved Saddam, but now Bush has made him a martyr.

12. Because I love the poor and defenseless‚ I must make this war as short as possible for them so they suffer for as short a time as possible. For that reason I will allow the war to be swift. Do not look for any big American defeats and high casualty rates. It is not that they don't deserve it; it is that the poor deserve to live in peace and safety. There will be benefits for many of the poor out of all this, with medicine, good sanitation, clean water and other essentials becoming more available. But America can't pat itself on the back and say, "See what good we have done." Those items were not available because of America in the first place. America destroyed many of those things in the last Gulf War, and then convinced the UN to impose and maintain sanctions that prevented them becoming available afterwards.

13. The warmongers will pay. Look to hear of those who lead the charge to war becoming terribly afflicted in one form or another. Bush will be humbled. But you must also remember that he is a man who sincerely believes that he is doing the right thing. He reads My Word but gets it all mixed up because of his extreme self-righteousness. He thinks he is being led by Me in his actions. But like most of the church‚ he is totally deceived. Yet if he were not, then he would not be president.

14. But he has certainly not made the world safe for Americans, for now they will be attacked more than ever. The Americans in the Family must not wear their Americanism on their sleeve. They must now take a lower profile in those ways. Better to look like a live European or any other nationality than be a dead American.

15. Once the Americans win, they will have an opportunity to prove if they are "good" in how they administer post-war Iraq. They did well in most ways in Japan after WW2, but much has changed since then, and the Iraqis are not of the same mentality as the Japanese. The Americans have already failed in Afghanistan and they will also fail in Iraq, because they primarily have their own interests at heart.

16. As for "weapons of mass destruction," look at Baghdad burning in the aftermath of American bombing and missile strikes and ask yourselves who has the weapons of mass destruction. It is hypocrisy to the nth degree to accuse Iraq of having these terrible weapons, when America sits on the largest stockpiles in the world! And what about their ally Israel?

17. Pray for peace. Pray it is over quickly. Pray for the poor. And as for the aggressors, leave them to Me. (End of message from Jesus)

18. (Jesus speaking:) Whatsoever a nation sows, that will she also reap. This is an irrefutable law of the spirit set up by My Father's hand. I cannot leave unanswered the prayers of those who have suffered at the hands of the oppressors. I will step in and avenge‚ and that right early—speedily—to double unto the U.S. double as she has meted out. Is this unjust and unmerciful? It would be unjust and unmerciful should I not show My hand!

19. God is not mocked, for whatsoever supposedly "Christian" America has sown, that will she also reap. Vengeance is Mine, saith the Lord; I will repay. And that as a testimony to the world of My righteous judgments.

20. Even Satan has stood before My Father's throne and accused Him of unjustness in not judging the Whore. Not because he cares for the lives of the Palestinians and all the others who have suffered due to his very own instigation of the perpetrators of their destruction, but because he wants his kingdom to come quickly. So he seeks to hasten the events of the Endtime in order to bring about his own reign, during which he thinks to destroy My church and subvert those who are Mine.

21. So in your prayers now, pray for My Kingdom to come and My will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. And, "Amen‚ come quickly, Lord Jesus!" (End of message from Jesus)

22. (Jesus speaking:) There are many spiritual forces at work in the world today. And now the spirits of darkness are rejoicing, for they believe they have won a great victory in bringing this war to pass. They have planned and prepared for this moment, to unleash destruction and terror upon man, and the choices of men have brought it to pass.

23. And yet I am the One who allowed it. Wicked men must wax worse and worse. They must fill up their cup of iniquity before Me and before the world, so that all the world will know that it is My hand that judges them when the judgments fall.

24. The power of your prayers can yet prevail against the forces of darkness, for your prayers can create force fields around My children, around those who find themselves in the path of this war, the targets of the emissaries of darkness.

25. For while the rulers of this Earth make their counsel against other rulers‚ and proclaim their compassion and intention to liberate the peoples of these countries, the demons of war and the demons that guide these weapons do not seek the lives of the rulers‚ but the lives of the people, the lives of My children. These demons know that the rulers provide them with further opportunities for destruction.

26. And yet My power and the power of your prayers will be with My children, to protect them from the spiritual forces that seek to do them harm through this war. I will keep those who are Mine, whether they are called by the name of Christian or Muslim, and no man nor spirit is able to pluck them from My hand! They are Mine forever, whether they remain on Earth for this present time or whether they come home to Heaven to abide with Me. But you must pray for these‚ your brethren in the spirit, that I will protect them from evil men and evil spirits, and from hatred and a desire for revenge, for this is My commission to you.

27. They are playing both sides against each other to produce the results they are after. It is not that one man is guilty and another is innocent. Both sides have been used of Satan to bring this war about, and it is the wickedness of man's own heart that has brought it to pass, the wickedness of hearts that would not yield to Me, to My will, to My Word, to My ways.

28. It is the arrogance of one, the unyieldedness of the other, the greed of one‚ the selfishness of the other, the blindness of one, the hardness of the other, and all of these things in some of those involved! It is the sinfulness of man and the desperate wickedness that is bound in the heart of man that has brought these things to pass. It does little good to point the finger or to try to fix the blame, because the blame lies on all mankind to some degree because of the sin in their hearts.

29. Rather‚ you must point your finger to the solution‚ the only solution—to Me, to My Word, to My salvation, to My ways that man has spurned. It is in times like these when the Enemy seems to have won greater control over the actions of men, that if I am lifted up, even more shall be drawn unto Me, for the contrast between the light and the darkness, between the peacemakers who are called the children of God and the warmongers who are of their father the Devil, becomes even more clear!

30. So men are forced to make a choice, to take a stand, for one side or the other. And the choices they make today will pave the way for the choices they will make tomorrow when the Devil arises in his glory among men. According to these choices‚ when they stand before Me they will be justified or they will be condemned.

31. The Enemy seeks out those who are his‚ and I seek out those who are Mine. And though it may appear that the forces of darkness have gained the upper hand this day, yet their end is sure, and the fate of all those who followed them will be equally sure. (End of message from Jesus.)

32. (Jesus speaking:) I am using this war in many ways to bring countries and heads of state to a choice, whereby I may judge them accordingly. I am aligning the nations in preparation for the End of days‚ which will soon be upon you. According to the choices these nations make, they shall be judged or rewarded.

33. I hate the loss of life, and I hate what the proud Americans are doing. But fear not, for whatsoever a man or a nation sows, that will they reap. The wheels of My judgments grind exceeding slow, but exceeding fine. Don't worry‚ Bush will not be able to get away with this aggression without paying the price that I have prepared for him and his nation. His day will come shortly, for this iniquity does not go unnoticed in My sight, but is a stench in My nostrils.

34. I will recompense evil for evil upon the U.S., and they will suffer for their sins. Each person is being judged according to how they look at this war, whether they accept it and agree with it or they take a stand against it. I will bless the protesters and those who are militantly praying for the war to stop—both in the U.S. and around the world.

35. Pray for the innocent and My little ones who love and fear Me. Pray without ceasing for these who are suffering because of the pride of a man and a nation.

36. Bush is greedy for oil, for power, and for what he thinks is rightfully his‚ but which is not. He has no right to do what he is doing, and most of the world can see it. As I said, I am aligning the nations, for and against, and they will be judged or rewarded accordingly. (End of message from Jesus.)

37. (Spirit helper speaking: ) It is written, "Thou shalt not kill" and "thou shalt not bear false witness." The leaders of America are doing both, and most of them know this. It is also written, "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house or anything that is thy neighbor's," or as concerning this war‚ "thy neighbor's oil"—which the leaders of America also have their eyes upon. Of course, they know they have to be careful about this‚ so that there is not such an outcry from other nations. But this is their wish; it is in their heart. In their greed and lust for more power and control of the oil, they have perpetrated this war.

38. Many American Christians believe that they are helping to protect Israel, the "Promised Land," "God's people‚" and believe that it is their God-given duty to do so. And they, sad to say, will do anything to do that. So this helps make them even more self-righteous and helps them to believe even more that what they are doing is of God and that they are fighting in God's Name. Like the Apostle Paul when he was Saul, those with misguided religious convictions are the hardest to turn around; it almost takes a bolt of lightning from on high.

39. Still, prayer is powerful and can change man's ways, and that's why we ask you to keep on praying. The Lord is in the miracle business and can turn people around who are headed in the wrong direction. He can open their eyes in the spirit to help them see the demons of war and the demons of greed, lust‚ and covetousness. He can open their eyes to see what He wants them to see. So it's never too late to pray, nor too early to pray.

40. Prayer is the true warfare that He wants His children to wage! For prayer fights the battle in the spiritual realm, where the true reality is. This is the true war that He wants His children to fight and to be a soldier of—soldiers of prayer. So, onward, Christian soldiers! Fight in the realm of prayer. "Turn the keys, activate their power, and stand back and see Me fight, saith the Lord." (End of message from spirit helper.)

41. (Jesus speaking:) I hate war and all of its destruction, pain‚ and misery. War doesn't stop when the guns are silenced. The horrible effects of the war continue, sometimes for many years. The clashing of armies on the battlefield is only a small part of the actual war; the real war goes on with the suffering and destruction that war has created, resulting in broken lives and broken countries. Many things will never be the same afterward no matter who wins or loses the war, no matter which country was defeated.

42. But despite all of this, man's heart refuses to yield, and nearly every generation down through history has engaged in war and its toll of destruction. War is one of the great weapons of the Devil to annihilate man and control him through hate, violence, dissension, and envy—all to the purpose of enslaving and destroying man.

43. I am against all wars, against anything that brings suffering and pain to humanity. But I can only plead with man. I made a beautiful world for him to live in. I give him his needs and wants. I send the rain and the sun to all men, both the good and the evil. I offer him salvation and eternal life. But I can't take away his free choice, his own will to choose one way or the other. Though it breaks My heart, I cannot stop him.

44. Many people are quick to blame Me for the war and all the suffering, asking how a righteous God could allow such things. But the lusts which lead to war do not come from Me but from hearts which do not know Me, do not yield to Me, or which yield to the Evil One in their desires for power, possessions, dominance or destruction. It is through the desires of men and by their own choosing that wars happen. I can use even the evil of men's wars to draw them to Me, although I hate the suffering and pain.

45. The heart of man is the same all over the world, no matter what the person's nationality, background, or color. Often you hear of the great wars, but there are so many smaller wars happening in many parts of the world‚ between countries, classes of people, and families. So much suffering, so much pain and agony! But it is not My doing.

46. I gave man life, a wonderful world to live in, salvation and life eternal if they will accept it and receive it. But each one must make his own decisions; each one will have to face God in the end and answer for his own acts. This is the free choice of every person on Earth. (End of message from Jesus.)

47. (Jesus speaking:) War is the lust and pride of men who seek to prove their superiority over other men. War is hate. War is hell on earth. War is the manifestation of evil. It is a physical manifestation of the spiritual sin of pride.

48. This war is the result and manifestation of the pride of the men of power, some known and many unknown, behind the scenes. These men of power have not yielded their hearts or pride to Me, thus they defend their pride and fight these wars. Bush and Saddam are both puppets of the ones who really control the situation. They are both being used by the real powers that rule this world. Both will fall. Both will lose, no matter how the war turns out. Those who control things from behind the scenes are the ones who will win.

49. Saddam does not have those who control him directly, which is one reason the powers that be are angry at him and his country. But I speak not of those who control him but of those who control the situation. There are those who have egged on the U.S. to take an unyielding stance against Saddam‚ even when he has been conciliatory. There are those who made it impossible for Saddam to yield to the various demands made on him, for they set them impossibly high. There are those who made this invasion inevitable, despite anything Saddam and the Iraqis could do or say, could give into or yield in. So Saddam was forced into the role that was chosen for him to play by the puppet masters.

50. In this case, the love of money is at the root of this evil‚ for it is what drives the forces at work. There are vast resources in Iraq, which can bring those in power great wealth and great control. It is a major foothold in that region that is rich, yet which resists their control. With Iraq firmly in their hands, they would gain wealth and power and a major inroad into an area that has resisted them. These evil men who work behind the scenes will win no matter what happens. There is little hope that these truly in power will ever be persuaded to turn from their course. And there is little hope that the puppets will be persuaded to humble themselves and turn from their pride.

51. The losers are the poor, the meek, and the innocent, for they are trapped in the middle of the madness and will suffer the pain and agony of death and loss. They will suffer the devastation and deprivation of the basics they need to live and protect their families. These are the ones who need your prayers. They need the prayers that ascend into Heaven that are turned again to Earth and manifested in their lives.

52. I can and will work miracles of protection for many. I will comfort hearts and help them to know My Spirit of Love is ever near to them. Those who have not been given over to evil, hate, and pride will turn to love, truth, and hope, for that is all they will have. Pray that all will seek the love, truth, and hope of the spirit and not allow themselves to yield to the evil, hatred, and pride that is so prevalent in the midst of war. (End of message from Jesus)

53. (Jesus speaking: ) Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God. Blessed are you who promote peace, who fight for peace, who strive to live the love and peace that I've preached. Those who thirst for blood, the warmongers‚ are the cursed. Yet they also play a part in My plan and will, and that is why I allow them to fill their cup of iniquity‚ so that I may come and deliver their just rewards to them.

54. Bush is but a puppet, a tool. He is fighting for something that will seal his own fate. In sowing the wind he will reap the whirlwind, as well as his own judgment. In proclaiming his own godliness and promoting his own righteousness, he has blinded his eyes to the truth. He cannot see that with the noose he has made to destroy his enemy‚ he has created his own that will hang him.

55. It is sad to see this one who is supposedly so Christian blinded by the Enemy, and his latter end will be worse than the beginning. He knows the truth and has rejected it. He knows better, thus his judgment will be worse than that of those who have no knowledge of Me‚ yet go on in their wicked ways. In the days to come, the so–called Christians will be the ones who are the most outspoken, and the ones who will blindly lead the blind in their false delusion. They will be the ones who blatantly spit in My face, for they do not worship Me, but they worship themselves and their own false gods and idols.

56. This seemingly weak and impoverished land and its leader (Saddam) that has defied the U.S. has been used in My hands to turn the world against this great‚ whorish nation. He will stand for his convictions until the end, standing alone against America till My plan has been accomplished. Even he has been used to bring My plan to pass and to accomplish My purpose for these Last Days.

57. The innocent who suffer will be relieved. They will find refuge in My arms and come to know Me in My great Kingdom. There will also be many more who I will send to you to lead to Me, for you to comfort and heal.

58. This war will cause the whole world to hate America and what it stands for, and will diminish rather than increase America's power. It will, however, increase the power of those who work behind the scenes, those evil men who seek the last vestiges of power available in the world. They will then have all that is necessary to kick off their devious plan—to begin the final world order! They cunningly connive to play both sides, and they have the world duped regarding their crafty devices.

59. Let not your heart be troubled. Do not fear what is just around the bend, for I care for My children and I only allow what will further My cause and purpose. All is within My hands and My will. Though you have prayed against this war, and I don't wish for the innocent to suffer, there is no way that this proud nation [America] will now back down. Neither side will give in. This war will bring on much tribulation and suffering‚ yet it will also mark another step toward the End.

60. Those who die will have it better than those who survive, for what is ahead is a most terrible time for the whole world. Pray for all the innocents, even the American soldiers who go in thinking that they do a good service, yet who are blind dupes and victims, to be killed and to kill others. Many sought the army as a way of escape, not fully realizing what it would cost them.

61. Pray for those who suffer at the hand of cruel dictators‚ who are considered surplus population that are easily gotten rid of. Pray that they will be released from their bondage, either by being released to My Kingdom, or that I may provide a way of escape for them. And know through it all that I will get the greater victory. For even if the Enemy thinks that he is in control, I am the One controlling him, and all the actions of men will be allowed only according to My perfect plan. (End of message from Jesus)

62. (Jesus speaking: ) Did I not say, "Ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet"? So rejoice, for these things must come to pass. Don't rejoice at what is happening, for war is the horror of man at his worst‚ but rejoice because this is one more step toward the End.

63. You are My most beloved children, and I will keep you as you put your trust in Me. As you call on the power of the keys in obedience, yieldedness and faith, I will send My angels to surround you, to guard you, and to keep you in all your ways. This war is but one of the many dangers and perils in the world today during these times of sorrow, but the keys give you charge over all things.

64. The U.S. is the proudest nation on the face of the Earth, and in their pride they even wage war in the name of peace. They hold so much power in the world today due to their military might and financial power, and they are able to push their agendas and get other countries to buy into them. But their pride and their arrogance irritate and exasperate many countries of the world, and this war will bring about more and more division between the governments of the world.

65. This division must come now for the governments to see that they alone are not capable of bringing about the world unity that they desire. They desire this unity, and for a while they thought that the wealth and might of the U.S. could bring it about, but now they see that this is not the answer that they have sought. You, My children, know that another one will bring the so-called solution that they seek, and this upheaval and split in the governments of the world is but one more step in that direction.

66. Money markets will continue to become more and more unstable. The wealth and riches of the U.S. will be sapped by this war, and the distrust of the rest of the world will bring about more and greater division in finances as well as in political matters. Again, this is but one more step in the sequence of events that are unfolding before you.

67. You should pray against this war and all of the evils that it brings about. You should pray for the poor people in Iraq and the Middle East who will suffer the most from this. You should pray that I will keep the Enemy at bay for a while longer. But know that this is part of My plan and is the next step to help usher in the events of the End.

68. Continue to seek Me and to wield the power of the keys. They are your direction and your weapon and your safekeeping in these times of trouble. Look up, for your redemption is nigh! All these things must come to pass. Let this comfort your hearts and give you the vision for the times that are ahead. (End of message from Jesus)

How This War Will Affect the World

69. (Jesus speaking:) This war is a momentous turn of events. Through this war‚ I will allow different forces and personalities to come to the fore. You will see another act in this great Endtime play unfold before your eyes, with new characters, as well as some old ones, and a widening of the eyes of those who have not discerned the signs of the times.

70. This is the beginning of the end for the U.S., as they will go downhill both politically and economically from this time. Their influence in world affairs will be greatly reduced through this, and it will create a vacuum that new players will fill.

71. You will soon see a new leader arise on the world scene, one who will woo and win the hearts of many‚ and who will bring a measure of peace and stability to the Middle East. But only for a time, as he will eventually have to force Israel to obey, which will bring on yet more turmoil. He will eventually plant his palace between the seas in Jerusalem, as is prophesied in My Word. He will not necessarily live there, but his influence will be strong there, and with a mighty hand he will cause the nations to obey his will.

72. My loves, this war signals the end of America‚ and the rise of the AC and his coming world dominion. Get ready, for the days are short. The time is at hand. Work while it is yet day‚ for the time comes when you will not have the freedoms available to you to reach the masses as you can today! (End of message from Jesus.)

73. (Jesus speaking:) The war has created a great deal of animosity toward America, and will create even more. America is isolating itself from the rest of the world, and she will pay the price. America will be so hated, and even for those who have been able to differentiate between the people of America and their government, the line will become increasingly blurry.

74. There will be retaliation and attempted retaliation. There will be those who will do what they can to attack America and Americans all over the world. It's a dangerous time for Americans. Those in My Family who are Americans abroad must be wiser, more careful, and more prayerful than ever. And even those in the U.S. must be exceedingly careful and prayerful.

75. I can and will protect My children, but I will also exact My judgment on America as a whole. She has failed to heed My warnings. She has gotten so caught up in materialism and in self, and gotten so self-centered, egotistical and arrogant that she aggressively attacks smaller and weaker countries that offend her pride or embarrass her, or nations that she desires to dominate or control in some way.

76. Do not think that America was acting as a righteous and godly avenger‚ set on rectifying the wrongs which Saddam had committed, the iniquities which he was guilty of. He was guilty of evil and has shed much blood, and he will be judged for it. But many other rulers of the world have done as much evil or more, and some continue to do so, and the U.S. does not seek to overthrow their rule and overpower their nation. The U.S. has merely used so-called goodness and righteousness as a cloak for invasion and conquest, and beneath the cloak resides much hypocrisy, for America too has much blood on its hands. Beneath this cloak I see the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the millions who were killed in Vietnam and throughout Southeast Asia, the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who died in the first Gulf War or as a result of the sanctions, and bloodstains dating back hundreds of years to the slaughter of the American Indians. America has always been a bloody nation.

77. So yes, Saddam was worthy of judgment, and I will judge him as I will judge all evildoers. But I did not delegate My powers of judgment to America, for she too is worthy of judgment. She is even more guilty, for she has had much of My Word and many of My warnings and is even more responsible and accountable. Thus she is worthy of many stripes, for she knows to do good, and has done evil instead. So I will judge America and her leaders. My wheels of judgment grind exceeding slow, but exceeding fine. Just because you don't see the judgments fall immediately does not mean that judgment is not coming. They are quickly filling up their cup of iniquity.

78. Those of My Family in America don't face the same threat as those of My Family who are Americans abroad in hostile territory, or among those who hate you simply because you are American. But there is still a danger, because there will be retaliatory attacks, and this war will fuel terrorism toward Americans around the world, and toward the U.S. as a country. America is creating terrorists.

79. So be prayerful‚ be careful! Bathe everything in prayer; ask Me about each move and each step. I will keep you and protect you, but you must hear from Me. This way I can keep you out of harm's way, and none of the plagues which I will rain upon the Egyptians will come near you.

80. Whether in the U.S. or elsewhere, your greatest safety is in prayer and in staying close to Me and asking Me everything at each turn, for then I can lead you and keep you out of harm's way. (End of message from Jesus.)

81. (Jesus speaking: ) As a result of this war, there will be much more hostility toward Americans and America. There will be more bomb threats, more terrorist–type activities against the U.S. and its citizens, and as a result, security will be tighter around the world. At airports‚ government buildings or landmarks, and other places which Americans frequent or where they travel, the scrutiny will be much more intense of anyone who is the least bit Arab-looking or suspicious.

82. The more threats there are against America, the more surveillance there will be. It is going to generate a vicious cycle; for there are those who wish to turn any kind of terrorist activity into an opportunity to pry deeper into the lives of their citizens.

83. This war is going to change things‚ and you must pray that I will stay the hand of those who wish to use all this to impose their own surveillance agenda. For once the U.S. and other Western nations begin to impose more surveillance, more restrictive laws and tighter security over everyday life for their citizens, these measures spread to other nations as well, or their governments use them as a pretext for tighter control of their own citizens. So pray for things to remain open and easy for My Family to operate in the many lands where they work around the world. Pray that I will keep the ramifications of this war from going too far. I can give you, My children, more time to continue spreading My truth to the far corners of the Earth, if you ask for it. I will keep you and provide for you. But you must claim it in prayer. (End of message from Jesus.)

84. (Jesus speaking:) The U.S. is fast losing any sympathy that it once had in other countries because of the events that took place on 9/11, for other countries are now suffering much worse than what happened to the U.S. Other countries have always looked upon the U.S. as a proud‚ arrogant nation‚ though many respected U.S. citizens. Now they will begin to look down upon them, for they will see them as being responsible for the atrocities that are taking place.

85. Americans are seen as people who live in a different reality than most of the rest of the world, for they think they can do whatever they want to whomever they want, regardless of what other nations say. Many of My children are U.S. nationals, and so must be careful when going out witnessing as to how they come across. As I have said‚ it is not My will that My children should take sides politically‚ yet it is very important that they do acknowledge and decry the atrocities that are being committed by their own country. There are many in the U.S. who are against this war and are speaking out against it, even those who know Me not. So how much more should you, My children, wisely speak out against it when I lead you to, bearing My truth to those who have ears to hear?

86. For those who travel a lot‚ things will begin to tighten up, especially within the U.S.‚ a supposedly free country, and it won't be long before the officials begin to crack down not only on ethnic minorities but also on religious extremists. This is the end goal of the AC, to get everyone to conform and to be suspicious of their neighbors, to be on the lookout for anything that would be considered out of the norm or a potential terrorist organization.

87. So many in America are duped into thinking that this tighter security and control is for their own good. They have become blind in spirit, and many are so absorbed in their own affairs that they do not see the bigger picture; and many of those who do see it feel they cannot change things‚ so why bother to try.

88. This war is a prelude to the mental warfare that is coming, and which exists even now. People are becoming desensitized, stripped of any conscience that they once had, entertained by the media and eating up all that is being fed to them. As I told you that there would be wars and rumors of wars before My coming‚ even so are these things now being fulfilled. But see that you be not troubled, for all these things must come to pass.

89. Let these events serve as a wake-up call, dear Family. You who live in the West, do not be lulled to sleep by its peace and security, that "in might they are right and will prevail." For as I have said in My Word that Babylon shall be destroyed, so shall My Word be fulfilled. Her cup is filled to overflowing and the world is being drowned in the blood from her cup. Her evils have polluted every corner of the globe, and there is no area that has remained untouched by her wickedness.

90. I will stir up those in distant lands to fight against this pollution and to destroy her influence in their lands. And the thing that Babylon touted as her greatest success—her movies, music, TV shows and media, and all that lures the rest of the world to desire her goods, delicacies and lifestyle—shall be her downfall as well. Her own people have wallowed in these things and gorged themselves on them, to the point that their vision has grown cloudy or they have fallen asleep. Most do not realize the evil that has befallen their country and cannot rise up to save it.

91. Yet I have given you‚ My children, the truth. Your vision is not clouded, but I have amplified it so that you can see these things before they come upon you. Look now, for I tell you that you will see the fulfillment of what you have hoped for. The things that you have taken by faith will soon no longer be taken by faith, but they will be fulfilled!

92. There will be those in the U.S. who will also discern the signs and try to speak out against what is happening, but for many it will be too little and too late. There will be a last great reaping of those who are seeking Me in the U.S. before the End comes. But it will not be easy‚ for the hearts of so many have become cold.

93. But do not fear, My loves, for you will stand strong as My Endtime witnesses if you have been faithful to use the new weapons that I have given you. Fear not what is to come, for you have been preparing for it, and you will have the weapons needed to fight the battles that you face.

94. Do not swallow the lies of the Enemy that things will continue as they have been, for things will change, and this war is the catalyst for that change. There will be a shifting of alliances and behind-the-scenes deals being made between former enemies who will now have a common and greater enemy—the U.S. Much of this will go unseen until the next catalyst comes—the Crash—for then the rest of the world will begin to cut ties with the U.S. to keep from being pulled down with her, only to end up in the saving arms of the one world government.

95. All that I have foretold will come to pass. Keep your eyes open and your hearts close to Me so that you can stay abreast of all that will come to pass, for I will do nothing but I reveal it unto My servants the prophets. (End of message from Jesus)

96. (Jesus speaking:) This war will cause a widening of the eyes of those who have not discerned the signs of the times. I do this to send a wake–up call to all those who are saying to themselves, "All things continue as they were." All things are not continuing as they were, and you will see more evidence and proof of this in the days, months, and years to come.

97. A lot of preparation has been going on behind the scenes, and this is the result of years of planning and preparation by the ACs to bring things to a head and make the situation in the Mideast even more volatile.

98. "Peace‚ peace," they say, but war is in their hearts. They call out to Me, saying "Lord, Lord," but they do not the things that I ask. They willfully and for their own gain and profit wage war against those they have impoverished and devastated by past war and sanctions, even against the innocent who suffer the most, and they will be held accountable.

99. With the U.S. getting its feet more firmly planted in the Mideast and Afghanistan, this will only ensure a more complete and devastating conflagration when the time comes. The U.S. is protecting its interests in the Mideast, that of the oil and Israel. But it has unknowingly set itself up for a big surprise, because now that they are there, there is no turning back for them.

100. The U.S. and the Bush administration have sealed their own doom by going in there and setting up camps, bases‚ and invading Iraq. When the time comes for the AC to rise, the U.S. will be directly in his way. This is the beginning of all that has been foretold in prophecies by My children throughout history.

101. Bush and his cohorts agreed to act alone‚ and this alienated many of America's former allies and friends and put her in harm's way through the lack of global support. This is all the AC's plan to take over and institute his own form of dictatorship in the region. The Man of Sin has a great plan, and it's been followed and pursued to the tee by the dumb goyim and the supposedly Christian nation of the U.S. He has woven his web so tightly and so perfectly that even many of My children of the churches have been deluded into bringing about his will. He has worked hard and long at it, and now he is seeing the fruit that he desires.

102. The Devil rejoices at the loss of life, at the confusion, the division‚ the uncertainty and the stupidity of those who do his will. He is actively engaged and participating in the events of these days. You will see many changes, much happening all around. The coming years will be the deciding factors that determine when, where, and how the Devil will take control and set himself up as the savior of the world.

103. Watch, therefore, for you know not when the hour is. Stay faithful, stay loyal‚ stay on guard. This is a sign of the times, and a major one, that should be marked in your diaries and in your memories. Stay close to Me, for the End draws near. I will be with you. I will watch over you. I will comfort and guard you in all you do, for that is My pleasure, to watch over and protect the Bride that I love so dearly. (End of message from Jesus.)

104. (Dad speaking:) As I've said before, anything that happens in the Middle East is a major event. It always has been, from the time that the Lord was with His people the Israelites, until He left them and formed His New Church, until now‚ and it will be in the future. Anything that happens there has great bearing on what the rest of the world does and how they react.

105. Now that America has gone to war, it's going to greatly affect other countries in the region. The anti–U.S. sentiment will be greater than ever, and it's going to cause a lot of problems worldwide. The moment the U.S. decided to step off the plane of diplomacy and take war into their hands, they jumped from the plane without a parachute. They are free-falling to their doom.

106. They may seem confident now, but what they don't realize is that they've forgotten God; they've forgotten their only hope of salvation and redemption, and they've jumped with no parachute. They've got nothing but a backpack full of garbage, and that's all going to come out when in desperation they pull their ripcord, only to find to their horror that they have been abandoned because they refused to listen to the warnings and to the Lord's voice.

107. Don't think that just because this atrocity is being committed with no seeming reprisal that the Lord will let it go unpunished. It's certainly not going to go unnoticed by the rest of the world. Even now the Enemy is stirring up, with the Lord's permission, a great sentiment against America and its people. Great animosity and strife are now being born, and more wars will break out around the world because of this foolish act on the part of the stupid cowboy Americans.

108. God have mercy! It's going to be horrible, but things must get to a point where people are desperate for a savior before they will accept the Antichrist, and this is a step in that direction. America in its stupidity has worked toward its own doom and destruction. Oh, foolish America! You had a chance, an opportunity to save and to help, but you chose war.

109. Like I've always said‚ America was built on war and thrives on war. America, you are cursed. As you have measured out war, so will war be measured to you again! Be warned and know that this war will fall upon your own heads. There will be attacks against Americans in retribution, and this war by terrorists will take place in a number of countries.

110. You, the Family, are protected by the Lord, but don't be foolish and unwisely say or do things to stir up the ire of America's enemies. Remember‚ the world doesn't choose its prejudices on the grounds of your personality, but rather on the grounds of your nationality and race. You might be the nicest person and have done the greatest things for your community, but it can all be thrown away in a moment of foolishness and stupidity.

111. Be warned too, Family, that this time of war extends to many of you Americans and Westerners. You too are in the war zone. Not that you have any reason to be at war with anyone, but the world hates America‚ and if you are perceived as standing up for America's actions, you will get yourselves into a lot of trouble. Worldwide right now the attitude has changed, and unfortunately for many of us and our work, Americans and British are hated—good works or not. There will be those who hate you, so walk circumspectly and in prayer and don't be foolish, lest you find yourself in a bad situation.

112. Don't think it can't happen to you. Missionaries worldwide have been killed because of the rise in anti-Western sentiments. Don't think you couldn't be among them. Be warned and take this to heart, and don't let the Enemy lull you into a false sense of complacency. This is only the beginning of trouble. It's the first stage in a downward slide to confusion and anarchy worldwide.

113. Be alert‚ be on guard, and be in tune with the Lord, because even one unguarded moment could land you in a world of trouble, and you may have to pay the price for your lack of prayerfulness. So be prayerful, be careful, and most of all, stay in tune with the Lord each step of the way. Amen? (End of message from Dad.)

More Counsel to the Family

114. (Mama: ) The Lord gave us some very wise counsel above. We also asked Him what we, as a Family, should be doing to get out His message at this time, and He responded with the following advice on witnessing. Also, by the time this GN reaches you, there will be a new tract available on the MO site that you can pass on to deliver His Words. It's titled "God's Position on War" and can be distributed both now and during future times of conflict and war.

115. (Jesus speaking:) My heart weeps! My tears flow for those innocent ones whose lives will be taken in this war. My heart weeps for the young men on both sides who will die. There are many in Heaven whose hearts and spirits weep and who hold vigil for those who will go through such torment of body and spirit because of this war.

116. My anger flares toward the ungodly, unrighteous, decadent Whore, who perpetrates such violence. And yet I will hold back My hand until her cup of iniquity is full. Her flagrant crimes are further proof that you are living in the Last Days. For America must overspread herself and glory in her pride and in her arrogance, and fill her cup of iniquity. And the arrogance and blatancy with which she does this is a sign to those who are watching, to those who know the truth, and to those who wait for My coming. It is a sign of the End. It is moving you further and further into the Time of the End.

117. This war will cause America to lose her reputation among the nations. It will cause her to be brought low in the eyes of others—though America will continue to be aggressive and arrogant despite what others see her as. She will continue on in her pride, but she will not last in that pride. For I will cause disease and violence and famine and hunger to sweep through America. I will remove My blessings upon her. There will be violent weather. There will be plagues. There will be attacks upon her shores, and these judgments will start to humble the head of the mighty and the proud.

118. Be My warning to the wicked, as well as to the lost who will hear. Those of My children in America should foretell My warnings and My judgments upon a wicked and adulterous nation—a nation filled with pride and selfishness. Be My warning to the wicked world. Warn those who have a chance, lest My anger come upon them in great measure.

119. Because America has forgotten Me, I will let much wrath and destruction come upon her. This may not happen tomorrow or the next day, but it will happen in My time, when her cup of iniquity is full. Get the message out to all who will hear. Let them know of My displeasure. Be willing to be mocked and scourged of men. Be willing to be looked down upon. Be willing to be persecuted for My Name, for great is your reward in Heaven.

120. You in My Family must not count yourselves as citizens of this world, but as citizens of Mine. Be not a partaker of her crimes. Be not a partaker of her gluttony, pride and selfishness. Live in the world of My Spirit! Forsake the things of the flesh that would seek to trap you in the snares of the world and become free in My Spirit, so that the things of the world mean nothing to you, so the pride of life does not have a grip on you‚ so that you can rise above the material things, and rise above the lethargy and the laziness of the world and not let these things touch you. Then you can be My faithful mouthpieces and those willing to loudly proclaim the truth for Me in a wicked and adulterous generation! (End of message from Jesus.)

121. (Jesus speaking:) I wish for My Family to speak out against the injustice that is being committed by this attack on Iraq‚ and I wish for them to witness My message of peace and love to those who are receptive, to bind up the spiritual wounds of those who are suffering—not only as a direct result of this war, but because of man's inhumanity to man the world over.

122. Though you should not take part in political issues, I do want the Family to speak out regarding the fruitlessness and the atrocities of war, the killing of the innocents, and the unjust cause of this war. I also wish to expose the hypocrisy of those who consider themselves righteous enough to go and "liberate" the citizens of another country that has done them no direct harm. It's a farce‚ a cover-up, and much of the world knows it and realizes it.

Text box

123. (Question:) Lord, can You please explain more about how the Family can speak out against the war without taking part in political issues?

124. (Jesus speaking:) It's true that this war is political, so in asking My children to speak out against it, to make My position known‚ they are doing something political. But I do not wish for My children to become embroiled in politics, standing up for or denouncing specific leaders or political groups. You can speak out against the war and against America without becoming too personal or political. For example‚ saying things specifically and publicly against Bush would not be wise in most cases. It is better to stick to the general situation and how I see it—that I am against war, that I despise killing, and that I am angry with America. I am also angry with Bush, but My children need not delve too deeply into specifics when witnessing or proclaiming My truth. Speaking out against specific people in power or political groups in power can be dangerous, and I would that My children be cautious. My Word and truth can be preached without My children becoming immersed in politics. The truth is simple; politics is complicated. So My children must stick to the simplicity that I give them, and not be encumbered with the affairs and politics of this world. (End of message from Jesus.)

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125. Though you must use wisdom in what you say and how you present things‚ you should not hold back from giving My message against the hypocrisy of the U.S. and Britain in their stubborn war which flies in the face of justice, love, and even the common sense of the majority of the world's governments. Even the unjust governments of the world realize the unjust cause of this war and have called for it to stop.

126. You should not take sides with Saddam or try to defend him, as he is not the main issue here. He has done much evil and iniquity along with the good that he has done for his people. But that is not the issue. The issue is that nations like the United States and Britain do not have the right to invade a country on the other side of the globe to depose a government that they don't like in order to install a regime that is compliant with their demands, all under the guise of "liberating" the Iraqi people from "oppression."

127. The U.S. helped bring Saddam to power, provided him with weapons‚ and cunningly acted like it would ignore his invasion of Kuwait, all the while it was gearing up to wage war against him. Then it imposed sanctions on his country that killed many poor and innocent victims, and would not lift them despite the reports of UN inspectors that they could find no more weapons of mass destruction. So the U.S. and Britain have also been oppressors.

128. It is the hypocrisy of these nations that must be exposed—those who pretend to be fighting for a righteous cause when it is out of pride and a desire to control Iraq and its oil resources, as well as to protect and supply for Israel, and elevate themselves above the rest of the world. I am raising up many voices around the world who are crying out and trying to expose the situation and bring the truth to light.

129. Your job is to expose the lies: To speak out against war, against the slaughter and oppression of the innocents, against those who claim to be righteous but who are simply following their political agenda and desires. You must also comfort those who are suffering in spirit because of the situation. You cannot comfort those in Iraq who are suffering in the flesh, but you can support them through your prayers. And you can comfort those worldwide whose hearts are broken because of the situation, and give them the truth that comes from Me.

130. You must raise your voices through spreading the message of My truth and My love. You must let it be known where you stand and that you are opposed to this action, that it does not have My blessing and that it is not a just cause as those who promote it claim. To the contrary‚ it is a violent affront to Me, and I will bring to justice those who have perpetrated it, in their time. (End of message from Jesus.)

131. (Jesus speaking:) For My children in the U.S., this time to come will be a wonderful time of witnessing and winning the lost. There will be many who will run to My children for the answers and for the truth. This war will create a division among the people‚ more clearly showing who is open to My truth and My Words and message and who is not.

132. The police forces and security forces will continue their stranglehold on the nation, under the pretense of self-defense and anti-terrorist preventative measures. I will anoint My children to work under and within these conditions to get out My Word in an even greater abundance than ever before. I will use this situation to divide the sheep from the goats and to lead My lost sheep to the fold of the Family.

133. Use this time to get out My Words like never before. Continue to promote Activated and the meat of the Word while there is still time. Great will be the harvest that is reaped in the U.S., and then great will be the exodus in the days of trouble. (End of message from Jesus.)

The Lord's Pleas for Prayer

134. (Mama: ) In the messages our dear, loving Husband has given‚ He has repeatedly asked us to pray for the situation in Iraq. Following are His heartfelt pleas, accompanied by some written prayers we received in prophecy:

135. (Jesus speaking:) This war is horrible, as is any war. So many innocents are killed at the hand of politicians sitting safely behind their desks following their own agendas! The temptation for so many of you is to get riled up and use most of your energy expressing to each other your frustration and anger at these warmongers‚ or spending a lot of time thinking about it. To a certain extent, it's good to be riled up and have the right attitudes, but you must be careful not to let anger and frustration waste so many precious prayer moments.

136. There is little in the physical that you as an individual can do about the war. It has begun, and the leaders of the U.S., Britain‚ and other countries have been bent on it for some time now. But you can concentrate a great amount of time and effort in prayer, praying for the many people who will suffer.

137. No one wins in war—especially not the soldiers and civilians caught up in it. So pray for those who are suffering and will be suffering in the weeks and months to come. Ask Me to alleviate their pain and/or use it to bring them to Me.

138. The politics behind this war are simply rubbish. Neither side is right and neither side is righteous. All have sinned and come short of My glory, and the heart of man is desperately wicked. Man is making a mess of this world, and I must make that very plain. I could stop the war in a moment, but I must allow man to make choices. I can, however, use it to My advantage and I can protect My children.

139. But you must pray. You MUST pray! I beg and plead with you to pray and pray again, so that I can use your prayers to work miracles. This is how I have designed the occurrence of miracles—they will not happen unless My children ask for them. It's as simple as that. So please do your part and pray with a whole heart, weeping for the lost and those who suffer.

140. My will is that you pray for the poor and innocent. This is not their war. There are many on both sides, including soldiers‚ who are not proud or evil in their hearts, but have just been unwise in choosing to be soldiers. Pray for the poor whose war it is not and for the innocent who are trapped in it.

141. The war in Iraq is yet another sign of the Endtime. "For there will be wars and rumors of wars." As much as I would like to have stopped it, man does have choice, and the heart of man is growing increasingly cold and callous.

142. So pray for the Gospel to be preached in all the world for a witness‚ that I may come back quickly to deliver those in bondage and avenge the blood of the innocent. For the cups of iniquity are being filled to the brim and My patience is running out.

143. Pray for peace, and that the whole world will have a chance to hear of My salvation before it is too late, for the flood of iniquity will not be held back for much longer.

144. Prayer is powerful. Prayer can change the course of history. The major events still happen, but how they happen, their intensity and duration and extent, along with a myriad of other variables on the individual level, are subject to prayer. War is a merging of self-interests, many groups each having their own narrow‚ selfish interests in mind, like little rivulets of water that combine into a devastating flood of selfishness, as their motives align their actions into one unified force.

145. Pray against specific individuals who are guilty of leading the world into war. Pray that I will neutralize them. Offenses must needs come, but their duration and effect are in My hand; otherwise, why bother to pray if all is predestined and unchangeable?

146. Those that sow the wind shall indeed reap the whirlwind. They will by no means escape. Their doom is written and sealed, except by My mercy at their repentance. Those who harden their neck often shall suddenly be destroyed‚ and that without remedy. God is not mocked; whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. There is no escape for the wicked. His actions shall be recompensed, as surely as the law of gravity.

147. The pope and other men and women of faith who warned Bush shall be vindicated and justified, that there is a God in Heaven who recompenses the way of the wicked upon his own pate. Weeping of the righteous may endure for a night, but the piper is to be paid by the flesh of the wicked in the morning. Be warned, ye hardhearted, stiff-necked men of blood.

148. A lot depends on your prayers. You must continue to pray, for the more you pray‚ the more I can hold the U.S. back from doing too much damage. I also want you to pray for the U.S. soldiers who are there, for it is not their decision that they are there; they are just obeying orders. That's not to say that there aren't those who do want to be there‚ but there are also those who don't want this war. Many boys are scared of what's going to happen to them. So pray for them too, that I can help them and even get them out of that situation.

149. Pray against the powers that be in the U.S., for they are tuned in to the spirit of war. They are tuned in to the red horse and its rider, which is urging them toward this war. But through the power of the keys and your prayers you can overcome the spirits of war, limiting the impact and duration of this war.

150. Pray that I will do mighty miracles to restrain the war in Iraq, things that seem impossible to human technology. As I show My power, the world will tremble in fear at the wonders of My hand! [Note: Right after U.S. and British forces invaded Iraq, an enormous sandstorm, the worst in decades, swept over southern Iraq with high winds that ripped away army tents and reduced visibility to a few yards. The sand clogged machinery and made it difficult to see or breathe. The sky took on a blood-red hue at times because of all the sand, and many military convoys were stopped and helicopters were grounded.]

151. Will you pray? Will you be My warriors in the spirit who will fight the Enemy the best way by interceding in prayer? I'm asking that you rally under My flag to fight this battle in spirit!

Written Prayers

152. Dear Lord‚ I have so much. I have been so blessed in every way. When I hear about the wars being fought around the world and I read about the lacks that some of these people have‚ I often wonder why You bless me so much, and yet for them there doesn't ever seem to be any hope of a better future.

153. It does seem that way at times, but I'm sure You have a plan in all of this. You do have a better future prepared for those who suffer so much on this Earth. You said in the Bible that the meek would one day inherit the Earth. You said that the day would come when You would take over the Earth and make all wrongs right, and that You would rule and reign for a thousand years. May that day come quickly, Lord!

154. This world often seems so lacking in true leadership, who love and care for others. It's all about pride and selfishness, and very little about love and giving and helping others. The sad thing about these wars is that they seem so pointless—that so many people from both sides will lose their lives because of pride or greed. That is such an ignoble thing to die for.

155. It also seems so unfair that some countries that are so strong and powerful fight other countries that are so weak and helpless. Why can't it be more even? Why can't the bigger countries pick on someone their own size instead of the helpless and the weak? They call it a war, but how can it be a war when it is one country doing all the fighting against another country that has little to fight back with?

156. You see these things and You will one day judge righteous judgment.

157. You created this Earth and You gave man the freedom of choice. But man has chosen so many wrong things. We have messed up this Earth pretty badly. You don't step in to change things because You have set boundaries for Yourself. It seems too that You are letting man take things as far as he will, so that when You step in to take control, we will know that we need You and can't make it on our own.

158. Help us to look with hope to the day when You will return. Help us to care for the needy that come across our path until that day. May we not get caught up in the spirit of greed and pride that is so prevalent in the world today.

159. And please, dear Husband, be with those who are suffering and those who have nothing and have lost those they love. Give them hope for what You have prepared for them when this life is over.

160. Dear Husband, we pray for peace. You're the Prince of Peace. You came to bring peace to us, by dwelling in our hearts. Even though all around us may be war and destruction, we can still have peace in the midst of a storm.

161. We are powerless and helpless without You, to protect ourselves or to bring the peace to the world that we so long for. We beg You to see our tears and hear our prayers and to help us.

162. We ask You to bring war on those who desire war, destruction on those who cause it, death to those who kill‚ and pain to those who inflict it.

163. Please save the innocents. Deliver them, and make them to dwell in Your heaven, whether the heaven that You will bring to their hearts, or bring them to Your home, where there will be no more death‚ neither sorrow nor crying. Thy will be done.

164. Lord, increase trouble to those who trouble Your children, and Your children yet to be brought into Your fold. Please send strong spiritual reinforcements to safeguard the lives of those You do not want to die or be injured. Through the power of the keys, release Michael and his legions to war against and overcome the demons of war that are running rampant, that they will go no further than You explicitly allow, that they will snuff out no life before its time. Please send ministering angels of comfort to those whose hearts are breaking, to those who cry out to You, to those who seek heavenly answers and comfort. Please set up force fields around the innocents, and raise up earthly protectors, that they will not suffer unnecessarily.

165. Dear Love, wars and rumors of wars are a foreshadowing of the greatest time of trouble‚ and they help to fulfill prophecy so that the cups of iniquity may be filled and so You can hasten Your return and the ushering in of Your Kingdom. However, we claim the keys that the Enemy will be limited to only the destruction and wars that must happen in order to accomplish Your will. Preserve Your children so that they may continue to proclaim Your Name. Limit the bloodthirstiness of evil and incorrigible men who have given themselves over to the will of the Enemy, and fight on the behalf of those who are helpless and have none to help them.

166. We claim the keys for the protection of each of Your children, that they would be in the right place at the right time to administer the most powerful witness on Your behalf, and to spread the healing Word of Your everlasting comfort and love and the promise of better things to come. Bind and gag those who would limit the witness of Your children in these terrible and troublous times. Bring all these terrible things that must occur to pass quickly, that we might fulfill Your purpose and behold the beautiful rainbow after the storm, in the form of Your return. Amen.

Summary of the Lord's Counsel

167. (Mama:) Our wise and loving Husband has given us some important counsel throughout the preceding messages. Let's review what He has said so that we can keep it in mind and act on it. I've summarized His counsel below, in point form:

168. * Be wise in your witnessing. If you're an American abroad, don't "wear your Americanism on your sleeve." Take a low profile and don't be foolish and unwisely say or do things to stir up the ire of America's enemies. "This war will fuel terrorism toward Americans around the world. Missionaries worldwide have been killed because of the rise in anti-Western sentiments. Don't think you couldn't be among them."

169. * Be prayerful‚ be careful! Bathe everything in prayer, asking the Lord about each move and each step. Your greatest safety is in prayer and in staying close to Him and asking Him everything at each turn, for then He can lead you and keep you out of harm's way.

170. * Continue to wield the power of the keys. "They are your direction and your weapon and your safekeeping in these times of trouble."

171. * Don't take sides politically, yet do acknowledge and decry the atrocities that are being committed by the U.S. Don't defend Saddam, but do "speak out against war, against the slaughter and oppression of the innocents, against those who claim to be righteous but who are simply following their political agenda and desires. You must also comfort those who are suffering in spirit because of the situation."

172. * Use this time to get out the Word like never before. "Continue to promote Activated and the meat of the Word while there is still time. Work while it is yet day, for the time comes when you will not have the freedoms available to you to reach the masses as you can today!"

173. * Don't count yourself as a citizen of this world‚ but of the one to come. "Forsake the things of the flesh that would seek to trap you in the snares of the world and become free in My Spirit, so that the things of the world mean nothing to you, so the pride of life does not have a grip on you, so that you can rise above the material things, and rise above the lethargy and the laziness of the world and not let these things touch you. Then you can be My faithful mouthpieces and those willing to loudly proclaim the truth for Me in a wicked and adulterous generation!"

174. * Pray desperately for the situation in Iraq. "Pray for those who are suffering. Ask Me to alleviate their pain and/or use it to bring them to Me. The more you pray, the more I can hold the U.S. back from doing too much damage. Pray for the soldiers who are there … who don't want this war. Pray for peace. Pray for the Gospel to be preached in all the world for a witness. A lot depends on your prayers. Will you pray?"

175. * Let not your heart be troubled. "You are My most beloved children, and I will keep you as you put your trust in Me. As you call on the power of the keys in obedience, yieldedness and faith‚ I will send My angels to surround you, to guard you, and to keep you in all your ways."

SARS: An Endtime Plague!

176. Just as the war in Iraq is claiming the lives of many people and incapacitating many others, so is a new disease which is spreading from the East—severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS, as it is commonly known.

177. The Lord gave us some insight into this mysterious new disease in END 63. But since that message was given when this plague or pestilence first appeared, we wanted to obtain more insight into this disease that has filled some Asian hospitals, led thousands to purchase face masks, diminished global air travel, and filled millions with fear.

178. We asked our Answer Man why this disease had been allowed, what caused it, how serious it is, and whether a cure or antidote would be found, as well as any more insight He could provide into this disease. And as you'll see in the messages that follow, He did provide lots of insight—first of all into the link between this disease and the war in Iraq, and secondly into how we could avoid being affected by this disease.

The Connection Between War and Pestilence

179. (Jesus speaking: ) The entire world lies in fear—fear of the unknown‚ fear of death, fear of their lives being taken away from them. No one feels safe anymore, especially those in the lands that are most directly affected by the SARS outbreak. The rest of the world lies in wait, fearing that it will reach their shores, shake up their world, and bring death to many, perhaps even themselves or their loved ones.

180. I have allowed the Enemy to release this plague into the world, and it is no mistake that I've allowed it at this specific time. When men of this world take matters into their own hands, when they play God and tempt Me to anger through wrong decisions, oppression of the poor, and bringing war where I would bring peace, I am enraged. I will not be mocked, and so I've chosen to allow this great, terrible, and sweeping reminder to the world that I am in control.

181. How wrong are the men of this world who think that they have the power to give life or take it away, for soon plagues and judgments from My hand will be at their door—and they are, even now. When men war against the innocents, the oppressed live in fear‚ every day knowing they may not live to see the next. But this war is not My judgment; it comes from the pride of man, the wickedness of this world that has turned further and further from Me.

182. So I now allow the whole world a taste of what it is like to live in fear‚ a taste of how it feels to not know if you're going to live to see another day, and the pain it is to lose those you love to a cause that is beyond your control. This disease is allowed by My hand to humble the peoples of the Earth, to give yet one more chance for all to see that I am God, that I am in control, and that there is so much that is beyond the control of man and his limited knowledge and skills.

183. Do not weep for those whose lives this disease has taken, for they are the blessed ones. They are those who are now free from this world that is being transformed into a madhouse of iniquity—while technology improves, the baser instincts of men are coming to the fore‚ and the prince of this world vies for power in the hearts of men. Many of the departed now dwell with Me, and those who do not will eventually receive their chance to do so.

184. It should not surprise you, My children, that there are such horrible pestilences as this, for I have warned you that these things must come to pass before the end of this world and all its wickedness. And so must wars come, because they serve to fill man's cup of iniquity‚ to push the world further to the point of being desperate for a Savior, thus beginning the chain of events that will lead to My return and eventual peace on Earth forevermore.

185. This outbreak is significantly linked with the war on Iraq. It is no coincidence that these two major world events are playing out at this very time. The connection is strong, and it is a clear warning to the peoples of the world to turn away from their wickedness, to remember Me as their God. It is a sign of the End, and the outcome will be determined according to men's choices. When man chooses destruction‚ destruction returns upon his own head.

186. When man thinks he has control, I must step in and show him that ultimate control and power is Mine‚ and Mine alone. I am the One with the power to give life and take it away, and I am giving the world another chance to fear Me and reverence Me. The doctors, even with all their experience‚ know-how and knowledge‚ will not be able to solve this mystery unless it is My will, unless it is My desire to reveal that secret. But for now many choices are being made. The outcome of this war, which is determined by the choices of many, will affect the outcome of this plague and pestilence that is instilling fear in the hearts of so many.

187. Trust Me, My children, for you have the blood of the Lamb written on your doors, and this plague of death will pass over you. In the center of My will is the safest place to be, even if you are in the midst of this vicious pestilence. You can claim My protection through the keys, as you do your part to take the precautions I show you and ask Me for counsel concerning your every move. Just as in the Last Days there will be many judgments on the wicked world that will not affect My children who have the seal of My protection on their forehead, so is it with this dark plague. It will not touch you‚ My anointed, if you are in the center of My will. Even if a thousand were to fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand, it would not come nigh you.

188. Trust Me‚ and pray for the world, which is as a den of iniquity. Many murderers, seducers and evildoers hold positions of power, and you must pray that they will be held back and their power suppressed and the full possession of the Enemy delayed, so that My Gospel can continue being preached in all the world. The End will come, and must come‚ but pray for My timing, and for peace and enough time for you, My children, to gather the great and mighty harvest of these days. (End of message from Jesus.)

Text box.

189. (Question:) Lord, can You please explain why this disease is happening so far away from the war zone and is striking countries which haven't been involved in the war?

190. (Jesus speaking:) You wonder why a disease which is connected with the war in Iraq would break out half a world away, and not in the Mideast, the U.S. or Great Britain. Well, My dear ones‚ I have chosen to spare the Iraqis this anguish, for they suffer thirst, hunger, deprivation and destruction even now, and will suffer from other diseases in the aftermath of this war. As for the U.S. and Britain, they will yet suffer for their sins, for they will reap what they have sown. This is a law of My Spirit and one which will be fulfilled.

191. This disease has broken out in the East because they too must reap what they have sown. The nations which are some of the hardest hit—China, Hong Kong and Singapore—have rejected the war, but they have also rejected Me to varying degrees. Their nations persecute or prohibit Christianity or restrict it in many ways, and I am not pleased with them‚ so I have allowed this plague to come upon them. It is not only a sign of My displeasure with them, but it causes their people to look to Me, for medicine can do little to help them.

192. Other nations of the East and of the West have also been touched by this disease for varying reasons. There are many reasons for sickness and disease, as I have explained before. But every nation has been touched by the fear of this plague, wondering if it will come upon them too, if this evil from the East will enter their land. This fear is especially prevalent in the U.S., where it affects the hearts of many.

193. Men of old understood that plagues, pestilences‚ droughts and natural disasters were under My control, and called many such things "acts of God." Men today have wandered from such simple faith and belief, but I would remind them of this truth and this fact so that they would turn to Me. Pray that all those who are affected by this disease or by fear of it will do so. (End of message from Jesus.)

End of text box

194. (Mama:) In this next message‚ while the Lord provides additional insight into SARS and why it has affected the world at this time, He also repeats a message He gave through a different channel in the earlier prophecies about the Iraq war: Be separate from the world‚ remembering that your citizenship is in Heaven! He says that will be our protection.

"I Will Keep You If You Will Keep Me!"

195. (Jesus speaking:) This will not be the last of the plagues that will befall the Earth in these Last Days. This is only the beginning of sorrows. Although I'm sorry to see mankind suffer with these terrible things, I must allow this for many reasons.

  1. Mankind has fiddled around with the human body through antibiotics and medications to the point that he has produced super-strains of diseases, which are resistant to medication. This is proof of what man can and will do without Me.
  2. Man's sins—selfishness, perversion, greed, and pride—have drawn him away from the healthful living style that I ordained for him, and have opened the door to all kinds of germs and disease, some of which are straight from Hell, used by the Enemy of life and happiness to destroy! They are allowed entrance because of man's rebellion against Me‚ rejection of My plan and solutions.
  3. The Antichrist promotes, funds, and perpetrates disease like this. This is only one of many experiments he will do, all part of his plan to make the world desperate for a savior, someone with solutions. His solutions will not only be in the realm of stopping wars and salvaging economies, but he will also be prepared with solutions for disease, hunger, unruly children‚ you name it. He is the puppet of the great counterfeiter, of Satan, who is always trying to draw man away from Me. So, while I give true solutions and healing and happiness and peace, he will try to imitate it, but without Me. Thus his solutions will not be long–lasting, complete or genuine, and he must work to make world conditions so bad that the world will accept even a small improvement and be awed by his wisdom, power and might. This is part of his doing, which I must allow in order for all to be fulfilled.

196. As for you, My children, and how this affects you, let it motivate you to do more than ever for Me! Let it remind you of how short time is‚ how fragile life is, and how many need Me desperately today, for tomorrow could be too late for them.

197. The curse causeless shall not come, and I am able to keep you from this and from all the terrible plagues which will come upon the world in these Last Days. I am able to keep you from them or keep you through them—but either way, I will keep you, if you will keep Me.

198. That is the key! As iniquity grows worse and worse, you cannot expect to be immersed in the world, surrounded by it, taking it in, and yet spared from its filth and disease and problems. My call to come out from among them and be separate is just as true as ever, but today it takes on new meaning. For the spiritual and the physical are connected, and the way to remain fully shielded by Me from these plagues of man is to stay separate in spirit from the evil that caused them. Those who are strong in Me, strong in My Spirit, strong in My Word, obedient to My voice, are protected in spirit.

199. This is yet another manifestation—of which you will see many more in the days to come—of how the spiritual and physical realms are becoming increasingly intertwined. They are merging, overlapping, influencing each other to a greater degree, and this will only increase as you draw closer to the End. The plagues of the Last Days will scourge the sons of men. My angels and spiritual warriors will also become more and more apparent to those of My children who call out to them. The keys will become known and revered not only by the children of David, but also sought after by others who have faith to believe and receive and embrace My truths. The spiritual and physical realms are joining, merging. The battles of the spirit will be manifested more clearly in the physical, and the decisions and actions taken in the physical realm will have a greater and more immediate impact on the happenings of the spirit. It works both ways.

200. The great climax of this merging will occur when I return in the clouds—a very spiritual event, manifested in a very physical, real way! It will be the ultimate orgasm for My brides to be raptured with Me, even those that are dead returning to join in the momentous event, and it will be a great defeat for the forces of Satan—in both the spiritual and physical realms.

201. So in the case of this disease, and all plagues yet to come, remember that the spiritual and physical realms are merging, and by and large, your greatest protection comes from the protection of the spirit. The curse causeless shall not come. Your strength in My Word and obedience to "come out from among them and be separate, and touch not the unclean thing" is what will keep you from these spiritual and physical plagues.

202. I don't mean you should separate yourselves physically from the world, for your ministry is and will continue to be among the people, being Me for them, showing them My love, which you cannot do from within the safety of your house most of the time. You must go out and be willing to get dirty physically, but as long as you're staying spiritually clean, strong, healthy and separate from the filth and disease of the world, you will also have My physical protection, and the Enemy will not be allowed to touch you.

203. That's not to say that none of My children will ever come down with what could be considered a "plague" of the world or a difficult disease. But if they have been doing all they can to stay full of Me and My Spirit, then they can know with full faith that this is a case where I will see them through it, for I have an even greater plan than keeping them from it.

204. Remember who I am—not only the great, all-powerful God of the universe‚ but your Husband, your Lover—the One who cares for you more than any human ever could! I know, I care, I watch, I intervene. And My power is unlimited when called upon by those who put their trust in Me—not in name only, but in obedience, faith‚ and dependence upon Me. (End of message from Jesus.)

205. (Mama: ) God bless and keep you, dear Family! Thank you for your daily labors of love to save and help others make it through these troublous times, and for all you do for the Lord's Kingdom every day. He's proud of you, and so am I!

Much love in our Prince of Peace and mighty Defender,


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