DO 2748
       (The following confirmatory excerpt is from a previously unpublished "oldie goldie" talk that Dad gave to the Family way back in 1968 at the Light Club in Huntington Beach!)

       1. At our Soul Clinic school in Miami, people were always saying, "Oh, I don't feel like going out witnessing today, I just don't have the burden, I don't feel inspired to witness!" And I think some folks here at the Club even tried to tell me the same thing one day. Well, let me tell you, you don't have to feel like it & you don't have to have the burden! All you have to do is obey! If you don't feel that the "Spirit is moving you" out the door to go witnessing, then I'll move you out the door!

       2. When you're in the army & the Sergeant comes up to you & says, "Hey, you!--You do such-&-such!", what do you say? "Well, Sarge, I don't really feel like doing that today, so sorry!" What do you think would happen if you tried that?--One more soldier in the stockade! You just do what your officer orders you to do because he says so, period! And it's the same way with us & the Lord! You just obey & do what He tells you to do, whether you like it or not, burden or not!

       3. Let me tell you something, when you get out there & see the multitude, scattered as sheep having no shepherd, you'll get the burden to witness! The Lord will give you the compassion when you see the need! When you're face-to-face with the need, that's when God will give you the burden for souls. You don't have to have it beforehand.

       4. A lot of church people sit around on their fat pews "waiting for the Power," they say. "I'm just waiting for the Power! Then when I get the Power to be a miracle-worker, when I get the Power to be a great educated preacher, when I get the Power to do this & to do that, then I'll go out & do what the Lord tells me!" Well, they can wait till Doomsday & still never get the Power, because God's not going to give power to people who are not going to obey Him & use that power for His purposes & glory!

       5. Do you want to work miracles?--Then just obey & get out there & God will do miracles through you! Do you want compassion for souls?--Get out there face-to-face with them & face the need, & God will give you the compassion, praise God?

       6. You don't have to have some kind of a special revelation to go out & witness. You've got to have a special revelation not to witness! You've already been commanded by the Lord to go & preach the Gospel! Your duty is just to obey Him, amen? PTL!

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