BIBLE FOR YOU!--No.8!--Test on the Books of the Old Testament & Next Assignment!
--Bible Classtime with Grandpa!        DO 2693 10/90

Books of the O.T. Test!

       1. (Techi: This is our class with Grandpa! We just prayed & now we're going to have a test on the Books of the Old Testament!) Okay, write across the top of a clean sheet of paper in your notebooks: "Books of the O.T. Test"! Are you sure Techi can't accidentally see your paper, David? (Techi: I just won't look that way, Grandpa!) I know you wouldn't intend to, but it could just happen by accident! We can start as soon as you're ready. (David: Do we just write them out?) Yes. Write out the names of all of the Books of the Old Testament in columns, I think that would be the easiest for you.

       2. (Kids take their written test!)
+ +
Next Assignment: Study Genesis Chapter One!

       3. Anyone who has read & studied the Old Testament with me knows that I don't go too much into the period of the Kings & all of that detail, but I think the Book of Genesis is particularly important, that you should know as much as you can about Creation & the beginnings of things.

       4. What does "Genesis" mean? (David: The beginning?) Yes, the beginning! The Genesis of something is the beginning of something. So your homework will be to study the first Chapter of Genesis. (Techi: Tomorrow?) Well, tomorrow is Saturday, so we won't have a test tomorrow, & we won't have a test on Sunday night, so we should have a test Monday night.

       5. You'd better have read & studied the first Chapter of Genesis very well & be able to answer questions on it. OK? (Kids: Yes, Sir!) That test will be on Creation. (Techi: The whole first Chapter is all about Creation?) Yes. And your test is going to be on anything in this Chapter, but particularly you're going to be asked what happened on the first day of Creation, what was created? Second day? Third day? Fourth day? Fifth day? Sixth day? And what did God do on the Seventh day? Got that? (Kids: Yes!)

       6. So you'll need to do some studying! You can't just rush into this thing & think you know everything. So Monday is a work day & you need to do some studying that day on the first Chapter of Genesis & be sure you are able to answer questions on that.--And anything else we've covered that I decide to ask you questions on! (Kids: OK!)

       7. (David: So our test will only be on the first Chapter?) Only on the first Chapter?--Ha! You'd be surprised how many things there are in the first Chapter of Genesis! (Techi: Yes, we'd better look!) Just the first Chapter, that's all. If you really study it I'll be justified in asking you questions on anything in this Chapter. OK? (Kids: OK!) (Techi: We have Saturday, Sunday & Monday to work on it.) Yes, or you can take Saturday & Sunday off & study it on Monday, whatever you prefer to do. Fair enough? (Kids: Yes, Sir!)

       8. All right! Praise the Lord! I'm real proud of you. You did real well on your test!--Both of you! Did you enter your grade on your test records? (Kids: Yes!) You should have a page of "Tests," & then number each test & what grade you made in it. Very good! That's nice! I think you're doing real well! Let's pray!

Closing Prayer!

       9. (Techi: Thank You Jesus! Amen, Lord Jesus, thank You for this good class & test that we had. Please continue to help us, Lord, to learn all these things that we need to, & thank You for Grandpa who is such a good teacher! We really pray that You would please bless & help us to be able to study the first Chapter of Genesis, Lord, & be able to know it by Monday night, in Jesus' name.) Amen! Thank You Jesus! (David: Amen!)

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