WORLD CURRENTS!--No.48       Comp.12/89       DO 2601


       1. The Lord has won over Communism! He had to wait until people could see that it had failed. God is now destroying the Communist Empire to show that it failed. He let them try it & it just fell apart of its own accord. The whole World can now see that Communism is a stark complete failure! Even with those who are trying to hold on to it, like China, their actions in crushing the youth rebellion prove that their system's a failure. They haven't stopped being Communist, but they've shown that it failed to capture their youth, & therefore it was a failure.

       2. It just shows you, the Lord is the Victor! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord for the defeat of Communism! That's the greatest humiliation of all, greater even than a military conquest of the Communist nations, for the whole Communist World to be crumbling from within!


       3. The problem with these Eastern European countries that have now rebelled against Communism is that they don't know what to use to take its place! It's pitiful! They have no parties, no leadership--nothing to really take over now. They don't like what they had, but they don't know what to do about it! They don't want the problem, but they don't have the answer!--Please pray for them!


       4. The only thing that encourages private enterprise is private property, so liberalising that would be what Gorbachev would have to do.--But it may already be too late. The Russian economy has been so wrecked by Communism & its anti-private property ideas that it's doubtful that it'll be able to recover without lots of help. Some Western observers have said, "It would empty all of our treasuries if we'd give them enough to get them going!"


       5. When Walesa went back to Poland after visiting the U.S., he said what little dribbles of financial help they gave him was sort of like tying a new necktie on a dead corpse!


       6. Oh my God, what a World You've kept us from! You've spared us from it & given us peace & safety. TYL! Please help us all to remember that, Lord, in Jesus' name. Help us to recognise it, know it & receive it.

       7. Help us to know You've given us the victory with the good men who won the victory! We've won, we've won the victory! Didn't you see the candlelight?--Millions of people are coming up to light the candles & express hope in Jesus that He will come & save them!--In Poland, East Germany, Hungary, everywhere! They light candles to show their faith that Jesus will help them! TYL!--Tens of thousands lit candles of hope to Jesus! TYL! It all came from Your faith, Jesus.--In Jesus' name, amen.


       8. Do you know one reason why Romania was so independent, smart-alecky & thumbed its nose at Russia for so long? (Maria: Because the U.S. approved it.) Yes, the U.S. sort of encouraged them. (Maria: Because Romania has been pretty independent, & the U.S. liked them to stay that way.) Yes, & they refused to take part in the Warsaw Pact. They're the only one of those countries that has no Russian troops present. I think what held back some of those other countries' reactionaries from violently resisting the Freedom Movement was the presence of Russian troops.


       9. It seems like all of the Communist Parliaments have voting by a show of hands, & that way they know exactly who is the opposition. There's no secret balloting, no secret vote. I call that peer pressure! People are afraid to cast a contrary vote, because everybody knows how they vote!


       10. Some of these peace talks & political negotiations that are going on remind me of what it says in the Bible about "speaking lies at one table." (See Dan.11:27.)


       11. God bless Gorbachev, Lord, strengthen & protect him & help him!


       12. What do you bet the U.S. doesn't want to bring their hundred thousand soldiers from Europe home, because that would immediately be a hundred thousand people suddenly on the rolls of the unemployed! And it would cut down all the money they're spending on armaments & would throw the arms industry out of business. That's what they're afraid of. It's not that they think they need the weapons, but they figure the country needs the business!

       13. Thank You Lord You're going to have Your way! Thank You Lord You're in control. God damn all these ridiculous people!


       14.The U.S. is encouraging the tyrants on one hand, in China, & the people on the other, in Eastern Europe. So what does that mean? They're not going to know what to believe! That's sending the wrong kind of signals to both of them.--Hand-shaking & congratulating them in Eastern Europe, & going over to the banquet of the Chinese leaders & as good as congratulating them, lifting toasts to them & praising them! What are the people going to think if they congratulate both?--Both the tyrants & the democracy people!

       15. That's typical of the United States walking a double tightrope, congratulating both sides! And when the Antichrist takes over & crushes the Freedom Movement, Bush will probably be over there shaking hands with him! They congratulate whoever wins. They want to be on the winning side, whoever it is!--The tyrants or the Freedom people.


       16. They're saying that the Republican President, Bush, must now obey an AC-controlled Democratic Congress!

       17. The ACs couldn't put their man in the Presidency, but they do control the House of Representatives with their Democrats, and they also control the Senate. So now they're going to use the Congress to try to give Bush trouble and defeat everything he does and show the country what a terrible mistake they made in choosing Bush. (Maria: Because they hold a grudge and want vengeance.) Oh, do the ACs hold a grudge! [DELETED] They never forgive, they never forget, and they will hound their enemies to their dying day!

       18. The ACs control the media & therefore they control what people's opinions are & what they think about the President, & they are going to run him ragged to his dying day! He's going to be sorry he ever got the Presidency!

       19. Bush is virtually the World's last hope, the last obstacle in the way of the Antichrist. The ACs still haven't been able to engineer their full control of the U.S. as long as George Bush & his conservative crowd of Christians control the Presidency. The ACs now have control of the Senate & the House, but the conservative Christians control the Presidency & the Supreme Court.

       U.S. POLITICS!

       20. It's funny how the U.S. backs dictators until they're sure the country is firmly in the fold of the West, & then they help the people kick them out! That's been the pattern all over the World, in several countries, such as the Philippines, Haiti, Panama, etc.
* * *

       21. The Americans apparently have no sense of international relations regarding World opinion. They act just like Israel, they don't give a damn what the rest of the World thinks, they do what they please. (Maria: It's because they have too many ACs in power.) Yes, exactly. That's just the way the ACs act, they don't give a damn what anybody thinks, they just do as they please.
* * *

       22. The U.S. is the least qualified of all nations to encourage independence movements. They brag about their own, but they certainly killed the Confederacy's try at independence in the American Civil War!
* * *

       23. Politicians seem to think that if they protest about other politicians & how bad they are, that it makes them look better. But actually the impression it has on me is, "I wonder what he's trying to cover up by accusing this other guy of all these things, & drawing attention away from himself?"


       24. Martin Luther King [DELETED] finally got shot because he was inciting rebellion. Martin Luther King pretended to just be for the Black people, but he was really trying to bring about a civil war in the U.S.A.

       25. I got the verse for him, "His words are smoother than butter but war is in his heart." (Psa.55:21) His words were smoother than oil, but sharper than a sword, sweeter than honey, but war was in his heart.


       26. Guys like North think they're above the law. They seem so conceited, smug & self-confident. At least that's the impression I get of him from his statements & photos, etc. They're the kind of people who don't give the church a very good reputation either, although they think their reputation is above reproach.


       27. The ACs must've loved Kennedy, because look at what a fuss they made over the 25th anniversary of his death.

       28. Kennedy's ego & pride caused him to ride in an open car that day in Dallas, to be seen like a king. Then their idol, their hero was suddenly dead, the man they worshipped & still worship.

       29. A few days after Oswald supposedly shot Kennedy, Jack Ruby came & shot Oswald to shut him up. Ruby was a Dallas nightclub owner with gangland connections. He shot Oswald in the stomach, right on TV! Of course, Oswald was killed to conceal his role in a conspiracy. Why else would he be killed?

       30. The Warren Commission report was a big cover-up, a big whitewash. It didn't solve anything. Over 20 people involved in the inquiry died violent deaths within a period of a few years after Kennedy's death.


       31. These news articles about homosexuals would've been unbelievable, even unthinkable just a few years ago! For this guy to write, "Probably you've had a pastor that's been a gay, & your best friends & your college professors & a lot of your close acquaintances, & you just didn't even know it. Maybe they didn't even know it." Ick! How horrible, sickening! They've become a movement now, a "gay" movement. They're trying to make you think a lot more people are homosexuals than are actually stereotyped that way. They even have "Gay Week" to encourage them to be proud of it, "You should be proud to be a Sodomite!"

       32. How much is the Lord going to stand of this filth? Of all the deceits of the Devil, to call them "gay," as if to imply they're "happy"! They've even discussed having role models in the gay community, people you should look up to & emulate. How disgusting & sickening! My God, stamp them out! Stamp out these vicious insects! Ugh! It's absolute demon-possession! Blasphemy! This preacher in a gay church in the States even performs "holy unions," while living together with a man himself. Ugh! How sickening! Imagine! Ugh!

       33. Sodomites even have gay churches to bless their unions & celebrate their love together, to ask God's blessing on their union! How horrible! How blasphemous! What do they say about the Bible, all the Bible has to say against it? That's what I'd like to ask them, "What do you do with the Bible?"

       34. Some of this homosexuality came in through the Pentecostals, who evidently got into demon-possession when they were seeking the gifts of the Spirit. They wanted the Holy Spirit & some of the gifts so badly that they would take any spirit, just so they could speak in tongues.

       35. The Sodomite couples go up for Holy Communion holding hands & kiss afterwards! What a travesty on the Truth! What a blasphemy against the Bible! They're trying to do everything they can to legitimise it or even have non-homosexual people laud it & acclaim it, sanctified Sodomy. Ugh! Legitimised Sodomy, it's blasphemy against the Bible!

       36. This so-called preacher who wrote this article is a representative of the Devil, one of the Devil's false prophets saying that God doesn't send scourges of punishment on any community. Sickening! He says the church made a mistake on homosexuality, just the same way they made a mistake on racism. He's consoling these sinners & Sodomites. Instead of getting them to repent, he's getting them to have a false sense of security to think they're going to go to Heaven instead of Hell! Boy, they're going to have a rude awakening! How sickening this guy is! He's inspired all right, absolutely diabolically inspired!

       37. [DELETED] The Black Canaanites' primary sin was Sodomy (Lev.18:22,27). Just think, God considered Sodomy the worst of sexual sins, & now they're promoting it, exalting it & glorifying it!


       38. The ACs have flooded the Earth with their propaganda. Who would have thought the ACs would rise to World power on the strength of persecution & propaganda? "No time & expense is too much to show how you Gentiles misused & persecuted us ACs!" They're in complete control of the media--movies, everything.

       39. It's the biggest, most monstrous conspiracy the World has ever known! I wonder if anybody else but us comprehends how big it is, & knows what's really going on. Maybe that Doctor Strecker, the fellow who revealed the AIDS conspiracy does. (See WND 291.) Well, AIDS is probably another trick of the ACs. Those sons of Satan, the evil they've brought on the World!

       40. And yet they're constantly portrayed in all the pro-AC media propaganda as the greatest heroes on Earth. The truth is, they're the people who are destroying it, or are trying to, & are the sponsors of the Antichrist! Boy, they're going to rot in Hell!--If only for what they've done to us!

       41. We may seem to be fighting a losing battle now, but thank God, we're going to be the winners over these God-damned anti-Christs! I think I'm going to enjoy destroying them in the Battle of Armageddon! Obviously we're going to enjoy it! It's going to be called the Marriage Supper. After the Marriage, we go down to the Feast to devour our enemies!
* * *

       42. If they can't flood a country with refugees like they did the U.S. after World War 2, the ACs go in another way, they take control of the finances or the media. They've got lots of ways to do it!
* * *

       43. There's nothing the ACs hate more than ACs who don't recognise that they're ACs! They consider them apostates & outlaws, betrayers & traitors & everything else.--Anyone who is an AC & doesn't know it & doesn't fight for them!



       45. It's unbelievable! The ACs totally control the U.S. media now. They've controlled the movies, of course, for years, since the beginning of Hollywood! [DELETED]

       46. But the amazing thing to me is how the Gentiles & the Christians have given up & how blind they seem to be, just blind! They don't even see what's happening, they don't even know it!

       47. The ACs got their foot in the door first with the churches, the modernistic, unbelieving, politically-minded churches. [DELETED] The ACs are smart! [DELETED]

* * *

       54. A lot of ACs were unfairly persecuted because they were ACs, but now, as the ACs are taking over the World, they're using all those cases in which they were unfairly persecuted to get sympathy. The ACs' theme song is, "We've Been So Mistreated, You Need to Be Good to Us!"
* * *

       55. Remember my dream about the British bulldog & the birds, those vultures overhead? ("The Crash!", ML #284).--And how I jumped off the falling elevator with my magic wand?--And the British bulldog was trying to snap at my heels & then I went through this dark dark city? Well, I can understand that whole thing better now, because you know who those vultures were?--They looked exactly like great big beaked ACs!

       56. Do you remember what they were doing with the money? They were manipulating it so it was worth less & less & the coins were getting smaller all the time & I had to spend them quickly before they were worth nothing.--And that's exactly what's happened! Isn't it amazing how the Lord can show you things like that in a sort of a caricature or cartoon or a parable? It's amazing! PTL!
* * *

       57. Thank God you're Jews! They're the smartest people on Earth, & if they're the Lord's Jews then they're the smartest people on Earth for the Lord! Amen? (Techi: Who is a Gentile in the Family?) Not too many. The Lord used us to really reap the Jews' children, & those with Jewish origins, for the Lord, & that's one reason they're so furious with us. That's the number one thing they're furious about, & the fact that we're exposing them & what they're up to, that's the next thing that they're furious about!
* * *

       58. The ACs are doing their best to cover up their takeover of the World. The World doesn't even know it's being taken over by the ACs! How about that? (Techi: Because practically everybody involved is an AC!)



       60. You need to remember that telling the inside dope on the ACs is not our major message! [DELETED]

       61. [DELETED] [EDITED: "T"]here are an awful lot of them!--Just read or watch the news!--The Media is their meat!--They control it! They are everywhere, all over the place! Wherever there's money, that's where you'll find them, & they're usually the ones that have got it!

       62. I realise that's a very poignant subject right now, & a very current subject & it would certainly arouse a lot of interest from some people, but it could also arouse a lot of opposition & antagonism, enmity, even persecution! [DELETED]

       63. It's very true & a very fascinating subject & very current, but it's dangerous! There are a lot of other things you could talk about, a lot of other current events & fulfilments & everything else, prophecies about the future & all, that are just as poignant & just as important, without necessarily going into those details, except to mention it in more general terms.--And it's going to get more dangerous all the time! [DELETED] GBAKY!
* * *

       64. The ACs are now trying to discredit all of the people in history who were against them. They not only discredit & try to destroy their present enemies, they try to defame & destroy historical enemies who are long dead! It's the new Ministry of Truth of Orwell's 1984, they're rewriting history!
* * *

       65. The ACs are vociferously trying to rewrite history, & nothing gets by them! They scream every time anything comes along that they don't like!
* * *

       66. The ACs developed the public school system as they wanted to make the general public more easily controllable, & particularly to corrupt the Christians & their children.
* * *

       67. Those ACs are persistent, they are stubborn, they are ruthless & they are everywhere! And they never quit! They just keep yelling & complaining louder & more frequently, despite their relatively few numbers. They just yell louder & more often! As that famous converted atheist, Ralph Underwood said, "I knew there was a God, but I hated Him." So he went around trying to get people not to believe in Him.
* * *

       68. The ACs are geniuses at evasiveness & stalling, anything but yielding. They've proven throughout all their history that they would rather die than yield. They'd rather die in the desert than yield to God. They'd rather die at Masada than yield to the Romans. They're the most stubborn people on Earth!
* * *

       69. If it hadn't been for Roosevelt, Hitler would have won World War 2, & it would have been a different World. But that would have stopped the Antichrist, which is the Lord's Will for the final World government, to prove to Man how vicious & evil & anti-Christ the ACs are.
* * *


       71. In Hitler's Germany they were arresting ACs for being Communist, & in Stalin's Russia they were arresting ACs for being Fascist! The ACs are so outspoken & always rebellious & independent.
* * *

       72. All the brilliant minds seem to be ACs. That's typical, of course, because they are the most interested in material things & making money.
* * *

       73. Columbia University is the AC headquarters in New York City & the Communist headquarters of the U.S.A.
* * *

       74. I bet Easter Egg Hunts are an AC invention to get kids' interest onto something totally un-Christian that has absolutely nothing to do with the Resurrection or Jesus!


       76. The ACs have encouraged & programmed the Negroes to be bitter. [DELETED] This is what the people, even the churches, are doing. [DELETED]

       77. It is a war of the Devil against the Christians, & it's promoted by his own forces, the anti-Christs! This racism thing was first promoted by the ACs. [DELETED]

       78. We're living in terrible days, Honey! The very Last Ones! The Antichrist is going to use that kind of stuff to take over.
* * *

       79. Think how such a small minority of ACs could be so smart to have now conquered the World! They gave their allegiance to the Devil & he's given them the World!
* * *

       80. When the AC media smeared Waldheim (President of Austria) & publicised him as a Nazi collaborator, it made the Austrians stick up for him even more! It had a backlash effect & made them mad at the ACs, even more anti-AC. The ACs, even American ACs went to Austria & campaigned against Waldheim. They weren't even Austrian citizens! They were Americans, leading ACs of the U.S.A. who went there to try to defeat him & campaign against him.

       81. It was even illegal. It's usually illegal for tourists to take part in local politics, but the Americans don't hesitate to do it. They do it everywhere! They did it in the Philippines, they did it in Austria, Nepal, Tibet. They led demonstrations in Tibet!
* * *

       82. The Swiss remind me a lot of the ACs. It's a country the ACs would like: self-righteous, independent, perfectionist, wanting everybody to toe the line, nobody's supposed to get out of line, & everybody yells at you if you do! They all yell at you if you do anything wrong, they get you back in line real quick! That's typical of the ACs. I'll bet you anything they're very AC!


       83. Believe it or not, the Japanese are probably one of the purest races in the World because of their isolationism that goes back hundreds of years!


       84. Did you know that for awhile the major religion in Africa was Christianity? During the days of the great missionary period of the 1800s, they literally won millions in Black Africa to Christianity. But as you can see from the way they've turned out now, it didn't last very long.--At least the true Christianity that those missionaries preached didn't last.

       85. And of course Christianity hardly ever made a dent in the East, because wherever it entered & had any success at all, they just wiped'm out! The East with all of its Devil-worship & demonism was practically totally in the grip of Satan himself, so Christianity never made very great headway there.

       86. There was a time when even India had its great Pentecostal revivals, & as I say, the largest churches in India with thousands of members are Pentecostal churches.--Mostly down in the Tamil area, in the South. And as we found out in Sri Lanka, the Tamils were only about one out of five Sri Lankans, the rest were all Buddhists. The Tamils were the smart ones, many of them were the Christians, & that's what that war in Sri Lanka has been about, it's a war between the Christians & the Devil's people!

       87. The British primarily used the Tamils in their government offices, banks, Immigration & post offices because they were smart & they were Christian, & best of all, they could speak English. They preferred them far above the Buddhist & Devil-worshipping Sinhalese who only spoke Sinhala.

       88. So the Sri Lankan government, which is Sinhalese, was really persecuting the Christians!--The Tamil Christians who were the ones who spoke English & who, of course, were the most anti-Communist & pro-British, pro-West!--Whereas most of the past governments of Sri Lanka have been very anti-West & very strongly leaning toward Communism. Well, maybe that's going into too much detail, but that might explain some things to some people who didn't know it before!



       92. [DELETED] In our Family, there's no difference! There's no Jew nor Gentile, Black nor White, male nor female in Christ Jesus & in His Family, PTL! (Gal.3:28; 1Cor.12:13). We all work beautifully together with the same love & the same equality! But you can't have that in an evil World of evil unregenerate devils! [DELETED]


       94. The ANC, the radical guerrilla terrorist movement of South Africa, is completely Communist, violent & anti-Christ! They're all totally dedicated to overthrowing the White South Africans.

       95. I wouldn't be surprised that the ANC put some White man up to that crazy stunt, of opening fire indiscriminately on Blacks in some town in South Africa recently, just to bring reproach on the Whites & the conservatives there. What White conservative in his right mind, especially in South Africa, would do such a thing as that, knowing what a terrible reproach it would bring on the Whites & the White government?

       96. The ANC probably did it to purposely smear the Whites & the government! There are some radical Communists & terrorists who will do anything, even to the point of virtually committing suicide, if it will bring bad publicity for their conservative enemies!


       97. While we were in South Africa, I read a long statement by Nelson Mandela in which he said that he was happier in prison & didn't want to be released, or get involved in politics again. He just liked to be alone. So that's probably one reason why he isn't being released.

       98. They're covering up what was discussed between Mandela & the South African officials recently. They're also covering up what he & his wife discussed, because they said it would be detrimental to the anti-apartheid cause. I bet his "official" statement is a cover-up, when he said that the government would sooner or later have to negotiate with the ANC.

       99. I'll bet you anything he is of the same mind as he was when we were there, when a reporter went in & talked to him in one of the few interviews he's given. He said, "I don't care to get back into politics. I don't really want to get out of prison, I'm quite happy here away from all that political fuss. I have more peace here & time to think & meditate." That was the general gist of it. I bet that's what he's really been telling them.

       100. But his supporters don't want to let that out, they want him to come out & be the leader of the revolution again! He's sort of a symbol & they need that symbol. But he's no longer a good symbol to them, because he doesn't want to fight, he doesn't want to lead a revolution!
* * *

       101. God-damn Winnie Mandela, she's a fiend, a devil. Thank God she's finally being exposed!
* * *

       102. The Jews will never forgive apostate Jews, Jews who turn from Judaism to Christianity. This is who the Bruderbond are, the Brotherhood of South Africa, Jews who turned away from Judaism & became Christians. They were the founders of this present government of South Africa, they brought it into being.


       106. There are Whites in South Africa who are for the Blacks & are working against the South African government, which is controlled by the Afrikaaners, who are of Dutch & German origin. It's the English-speaking White minority in South Africa who are advocating that the Black Africans be given political power, because they expect, by befriending the Blacks & helping them get into power, that they themselves will rule over the Blacks instead of the Afrikaaners doing so.

       107. Right now the Afrikaaners rule, but the minority English-speaking Whites want to rule. So by defending the Blacks, they figure they'll have the power & the backing to be able to oust the Afrikaaners. That's what the whole thing is all about.

       108. [DELETED] It's these White South Africans of British origin who are always making trouble. As you remember, when we were there, they were the ones who were stirring up the trouble, trying to take the rule of South Africa away from the Afrikaaners.


       (After reading a news article about efforts to preserve African elephants in Kenya:)
       109. Why should there be so much fuss about the elephants being saved from extinction? The elephants there just wander around destroying things. Of course in the East Asian countries, elephants perform lots of valuable work & furnish transportation & all kinds of things like that.

       110. Imagine, in Nairobi they burned 3-1/2 million Dollars' worth of confiscated ivory tusks just as a protest against elephant poachers! They could have been sold & the money been given to the poor, if nothing else. It's a poor country! It's ridiculous! It's just the same as when the authorities steamrollered all those fake Swiss watches in Switzerland, just as a protest! What a waste!


       111. If the problems in Ethiopia are due to drought, that's God's punishment. One writer says the reason for the famine in Ethiopia is the drought, the other says it's the civil war. It's probably both. If it's drought, of course, that's God doing it, punishing them for their sins of war. God certainly doesn't want those things to happen, but people bring it on themselves.


       112. We saw a video on the Polisario recently.--These wandering bands of nomads out in the middle of the Western Sahara desert who wanted their independence & were fighting against Morocco. The Moroccans put up a huge dirt wall that runs about a thousand miles long! It's higher than a house, & was built to keep the Polisario out of Morocco & the Spanish Sahara. It's greatly reduced their attacks & made it almost impossible for them to attack Morocco or the Spanish Sahara.

       113. Morocco extended it almost all the way down to Mauritania. It protects a great deal of what used to be called the Western Sahara, or Spanish Sahara, with the town of El Aaiun as its major center, right across from the Canaries. The Moroccans have taken over all the Western Sahara & the big phosphate mines there, everything that was valuable, & left the Polisario out in the desert.

       114. (Maria: Who are the Polisario?) They are the native nomads of the Western Sahara. (Maria: They used to live in Morocco?) No, although some of them do now because they can't get out, because of the Moroccan government & the wall. Some of them have also compromised with Morocco. Morocco has paid off some of their leaders to keep them loyal to Morocco.

       115. Algeria was supporting the Polisario in the late '70s in their battle against the Moroccans because Algeria was battling against Morocco itself, they were more or less at war. So Algeria has been helping the Polisario for a long time. Shall we call them the Saharans? They call themselves the Saharwe, the natives of the Sahara. I'll just call them the Saharans.

       116. The Polisario Front is the political party & rebel force of the Saharans, who are helping the Saharan natives to organise the fight against Morocco. Algeria, next door neighbour to Morocco, had also been helping the Saharans for years. Before Spain gave up the Spanish Sahara in 1975, they were fighting against the Spanish because they wanted to be free, they wanted to be an independent country.

       117. The Spanish Sahara was the territory between Morocco & Mauritania. First, the UN allowed Mauritania to declare its independence in 1960. Morocco has been independent since 1956. The UN then said that Western Sahara, the area between Morocco & Mauritania, should have a plebiscite to decide whether they wanted to be independent or join Morocco.

       118. While we were in Tenerife in 1975, Morocco organised the Green March. Spain had given up the Western Sahara after Franco died, because it just couldn't handle it any more. It was taking too much effort, so Spain virtually gave it over to Morocco & Mauritania to divide up. But Morocco wanted it all, so they just marched in with hundreds of thousands of its people in that big Green March & took over the Western Sahara literally by force of numbers. (Maria: Did they settle there?) No, most of the marchers were trucked in by Morocco just to grab it, & then they went home!

       119. Morocco is claiming that the Saharans really want to be part of Morocco. But of course, the ones who are out of Morocco's reach beyond the dirt wall have denied this & declared their independence. Thank God, Algeria has really come to their support & helped finance them. They have a president & live in well-constructed villages on the other side of the dirt wall in part of Algeria. Now 71 countries have recognised the Polisario & they have a president & an army.

       120. We really prayed for the Saharans some years ago, that they would somehow get support & independence. And so now they have, with the help of Algeria, but they're not recognised by Morocco at all. Morocco still claims the whole territory & claims that the Saharans want to be part of Morocco, but that Algeria won't let them, blah blah.

       121. When we were in the Canaries, the sympathy of nearly all the Canarians was with the Polisario. They had many Spanish friends there & felt very close to them.

       122. Nearby Mauritania is a very weak independent Arab country, that since then has virtually collapsed. Its big powerful neighbour to the North, Morocco, backed by the U.S.A. & its arms & aid, has intimidated it into giving up any claims it had on the Spanish Sahara & moved in & annexed it all! The Spanish Sahara was originally supposed to be declared independent, like Mauritania. Instead of that, Morocco just moved in with its huge armies & tanks & guns & planes & everything else & grabbed it, mainly because of the very valuable mineral deposits there.

       123. Morocco grabbed it with the backing of the U.S.! Think of it! (See WNE pgs.145,147.)--Just because Algeria was a friend of Russia & was backing the Polisario. So of course, the big USA was backing the little Moroccans, who were richer & more powerful, especially with the aid of the USA. So we were all sympathetic & rooting for the Polisario when you were just a few years old, David.

       124. It looked like it was a hopeless case. The Moroccans were so much more powerful & came down & invaded & literally took over the Western Sahara, especially the towns. El Aaiun had been a completely Spanish town until then, but the Moroccans moved right in & grabbed it & all the big phosphate mills & mines, everything that was worth anything! There were Spanish families that had been there for centuries, & they had to move out & over to the Canaries. They were furious because the Moroccans had moved in & grabbed everything, whereas they were supposed to let the territory become independent.

       125. So our sympathies were all with the underdog, the poor Polisario. We met people personally who had been working over there in the mines, & lived in El Aaiun. They'd lost their homes, businesses, everything, when the Moroccans grabbed it.

       126. We'd never heard the outcome of what happened with the Polisario. The last we'd heard they were still fighting the Moroccans, & still hadn't won their independence. But now it looks like Algeria has given them a part of Algeria on the border, & let them continue their struggle against the Moroccans. Algeria is having to carry most of the burden of supporting them & helping them.

       127. But at least they've got something now, whereas they had nothing then, no friends but Algeria. So now they've got their own little country. They fought for it & won it with the help of Algeria!


       128. A lot of those wild Afghan tribesmen have camels & they use little boys for jockeys. One of their sports is throwing a dead goat on the ground & then using it as a sort of football. One guy grabs it away from the other & tries to ride with it & keep it away from the other guys.
* * *

       129. It was the Americans who prolonged the war in Afghanistan that killed tens of thousands of people, & they're still prolonging the war against the legitimate government of Afghanistan! They're still arming the rebels to the teeth, who are still slaughtering thousands of people. The U.S. is responsible for that war!

       130. If they hadn't backed the rebels it would have been over long ago & the Soviet Union would have conquered the most evil, wicked, horrible, merciless killer-people in the whole World!--The Afghans! All you have to do is look at their faces to see the darkness of the Devil!
* * *

       131. The U.S. aid to the Afghan guerrillas has gone to the most radical extreme, fanatical, fundamentalist supporters of Iranian fanaticism amongst the Afghan guerrillas. The U.S. is going to reap what they've sown some day! The Soviets were trying to civilise Afghanistan, but the U.S. has done its best to drive the Soviets out & turn Afghanistan over to the most radical, fanatical & monstrous elements of the guerrilla movement. And now these U.S. weapons are actually being turned on the more moderate & conservative Afghans.

       132. The only thing that the U.S. cared about was whether the guerrillas were fighting the Soviets. Now that the U.S. is satisfied that the Soviets are out, they don't seem to care who takes over Afghanistan. The ones most likely to take it over, if they can defeat the Afghan government, are the fanatically anti-U.S., Islamic fundamentalist guerrillas to whom the U.S. gave the most weapons!
* * *

       133. It shows you how rebels can survive so long in the mountains. Finally they come down & win the victory in the valleys.


       134. The Shah was bringing Iran out of darkness, out of backwardness. He was bringing progress, prosperity, civilisation. Iran was becoming a modern country. But Khomeini threw it back a thousand years! He threw it back to being one of the most ignorant, savage countries of the World!

       135. At his funeral, the crowds pulled his body out of his casket & then they ripped off portions of his shroud before the guards were able to put him back. That's not respect, that's desecration!


       136. That U.S. crusade against furs is ridiculous! God was the first One Who advocated wearing furs.--He killed animals to clothe Adam & Eve in furs to keep them warm!


       137. A lot of those ecologists want to save the animals, not the people! They just want to save it for the fish--forget about the people! Save it for the animals--to Hell with the people! These guys are nuts! "Save the land!" they say. "Save your land, the people don't matter!"
* * *

       (After reading about the Exxon oil spill in Alaska:)

       138. I'm all for the people who want to boycott Exxon. They're such a big company, they think they can push everybody around, including the government. The public ought to boycott it permanently.

       139. Oil has become an absolute curse! It's straight from Hell! Plastics are the worst kind of trash & pollution that there is--non-biodegradable. Oil spills are one of the worst kinds of pollution, & gasoline exhausts spewing into the atmosphere are another horrible kind of pollution. Oil is polluting the oceans, the air, the land, everything! It's like a product of Hell! It's also what makes modern warfare possible.

       140. Of course, not all oil is bad, I'm talking about petroleum oil. Olive oil was even used for anointing in the Bible. But petroleum oil, from the bowels & the depths of Hell, is nothing but absolute Evil!

       141. Oil is the fuel of Hell! That's what has made modern warfare possible & is causing most of the pollution today. Modern industry, automobiles, & all kinds of things that are dangerous to Man are all fuelled by oil! Crude oil contains more than a thousand different chemicals, many of them toxic!
* * *

       142. Terrible things are happening everywhere; oil spills, drought, everything. (And now typhoons, earthquakes & the Crash!) It's the wrath of God against the World for the way they've treated His Prophets, including us, & for their general unbelief. "They mocked the messengers of God, & despised His Words, & misused His Prophets, until the wrath of the Lord arose against His people, till there was no remedy."--2Chron.36:16. They're getting theirs now! PYL! TYJ!--Amen.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family