--And for the Victory of the Righteous!

       (Editor's note: Although God does not always answer prayer exactly the way we want Him to, we know that He does always answer.--Usually either with a "yes," a "no," or a "wait!" So even when He doesn't seem to immediately answer prayer the way we want Him to, we know that "He doeth all things well," & that He will answer our petitions in His good time.--As Dad has explained, "He's got the whole World to think about, & all the things that He's working on & all the keys He's playing & all the information He's feeding into His computer, & everything working up to a certain point, the direction He wants it to go!" (ML #906:44)
       (His wheels of judgement grind exceeding fine, but they also sometimes grind exceeding slow. Even when the Saints in Heaven cried out to Him, beseeching Him to judge & avenge their persecutors on Earth, they were told to wait & "rest yet for a little season" until God's purposes were fully accomplished.--Rev.6:10,11. So even though this recent coup in the Philippines has now been largely resolved & the Aquino government remains in power, we know this prayer from God's Prophet was not in vain, & it will be answered.--In God's Own time!
       (As with Khomeini, although we're sure that God cursed him & judged him in answer to Dad's prayer against him (see [DELETED] No.2407), [DELETED] [EDITED: "w"]e know now that the Lord let Khomeini live longer so he could see his country defeated & driven back by Iraq, a humiliation which Khomeini himself described as "worse than having to drink poison from a cup!" [DELETED] [EDITED: "T"]he Lord let Khomeini die a painfully slow & agonizing death, & let him & his entire government be utterly humiliated & defeated so that he died in shame, & not in fame! The Lord answered Dad's prayers in the way He knew was best!
       (So even if Cory Aquino, General Ramos & Cardinal Sin still retain their positions in the Philippines, just be patient & "rest a little while," for God's wheels of judgement are surely set in motion. Perhaps He knows that it would be better that Cory--who has been greatly exalted before the World as such a shining example of democracy & the triumph of "the will of the people"--first be exposed as the corrupt & grossly inefficient leader that she is, rather than let her be killed in this coup.--Which could have elevated her to the status of a "martyr for democracy," as was the case with her late husband, Ninoy.)
+ + + + + + +

(Dad's prayer in the night during the recent coup attempt in the Philippines:)
       1. God damn that hypocrite Cory Aquino & help this revolution against her to succeed, in Jesus' name! God damn Cory for her wickedness & self-righteousness! Lord, deliver those poor people from her iniquity & their terrible, awful oppression of the poor! God damn her, Lord! Give her now what she deserves, in Jesus' name!--In Jesus' name, Lord!

       2. Give the forces of righteousness the victory, Lord! Help Gringo Honasan (the coup leader), in Jesus' name! Help this to be a real definite, determined victory, in the Name of Jesus! At least use it as a punishment, Lord, for Cory's iniquity. (Maria: Can they be victorious in the face of all the pro-Cory U.S. forces there?) I don't know, I'm just hoping the Lord will do it. (Maria: It would have to be like David with Goliath!)

       3. In the Name of Jesus, defeat her, Lord! Give the victory to the forces of good & righteousness, those who listened to our Message there, Lord, & those whom we warned of Cory's perfidy! Give the victory, Lord, to Thy poor forces, Thy poor underpaid soldiers, Lord, who are so poor & so mistreated & so poorly supplied. May they gain some kind of victory, Lord, in the Name of Jesus!

       4. God bless Honasan! In the Name of Jesus, give him strength & power like little David over the power of Goliath, over Ramos, that God-damned compromiser Ramos! (Minister of Defense) Help the forces of good, Lord, protect & keep them. Help them to gain the victory, Lord, over Ramos the compromiser & Cory the self-righteous hypocrite! In Jesus' name, Lord, help them!

       5. Help them right now, Lord, in the Name of Jesus, to gain the victory, if possible. Help many soldiers to side with the forces of righteousness, Lord, to defeat these evil, iniquitous, self-righteous hypocrites like Cory & Ramos!--In the Name of Jesus, Lord! Bless & keep them, Lord! Give the rebel forces victory, Lord, in the Name of Jesus! Give them strength! Help them to defeat the forces of unrighteousness & hypocritical iniquity, of self-righteous Cory & Ramos!

       6. (Maria: And Lord, somehow confuse the U.S. forces, the U.S. Goliath! Confuse them, Lord! Defeat them & confound them!) Defeat the forces of iniquity, the wicked, bad U.S. forces, in the Name of Jesus! Bind them to their bases, Lord, so they can't interfere! Do it now, Lord! Give the rebel forces the victory, in Jesus' name!

       7. Rebuke this hypocritical, rich, wealthy, wicked woman & cause her to lose her power, Lord, her power over the poor, in the Name of Jesus! My God, rebuke this Wicked Witch of the East who gets her power from the West! Rebuke the Wicked Witch of the West, in Jesus' name! Punish Cory, the Wicked Witch of the East, & punish Ramos! Help Honasan & those fighting for the right to get the victory, in Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory, Lord! Cory & her iniquitous Cardinal Sin & her wicked witch-like religion were the ones who persecuted Thy people, Lord! Thank You Lord!

       8. Thank You Jesus for finally giving the soldiers the guts to oppose her, in Jesus' name! Help Honasan & protect him! Protect the forces of righteousness & help them to defeat the forces of Cory & the sinful Cardinal & that weak sickening Ramos who conspired together with them to try to hold power. Help them now, Lord! Help the poor soldiers to get the victory! Help the poor marines, the poor air force, all of them, Lord, to get the victory, in Jesus' name, & defeat these forces of wicked, sinful Cardinal Sin & Cory & Ramos!

       9. In the Name of Jesus, I pray You have mercy, Lord! May the wicked be defeated & the righteous win, in Jesus' name!--And may it vindicate Thy children for how wickedly & sinfully they were persecuted. May the forces of righteousness win, Lord, in Jesus' name! Thank You Lord!

       10. In the Name of Jesus, Lord, we claim victory!--For Thy forces of good against the forces of evil in the Philippines right now, in Jesus' name! Bless & keep Thy forces of righteousness against the Cory & Ramos & U.S. forces of evil! Amen! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah!

       11. Give Honasan & Thy forces of righteousness strength & real protection, real wisdom! Show them how to do it, Lord, to defeat that evil woman!--That horrible, self-righteous, evil woman, the Wicked Witch of the East! She's a witch, Lord [DELETED] who wouldn't even let Marcos' body come home to be buried in his homeland! [DELETED]

       12. You promised to answer prayer, Lord! Now we are praying specifically that You will destroy that Wicked Witch, that self-righteous, horrible pretender to the throne!--And her cohort Ramos, that sickening little idiot! Give Honasan & Thy forces of righteousness & the poor, victory over them! In Jesus' name, help them. Help them to make it! [DELETED]

       13. [DELETED] May Thy forces of righteousness overcome those forces of wickedness, including that sinful Cardinal! Strike him down, Lord! [DELETED] He deserves it, Lord! He opposed us & persecuted us & fought against Thy children, Lord! May he now get his judgement, in the Name of Jesus!

       14. God help them to damn him! [DELETED] He fought Thy children, Lord! He's horrible! Terrible! Awful! Wicked! Sinful! He's an opponent of Thy children, Lord, Thy forces! Help him to get it this time! [DELETED]

       15. Oh God, we ask Thee to wipe out the forces of iniquity in that land that persecute the poor & who persecuted us!--Cardinal Sinful, Cory Aquino & Fidel Ramos!--All of them, Lord! Give victory to the forces of Honasan, in the Name of Jesus! Thank You Lord!

       16. Now we have prayed, Lord, & that is it.--The rest is up to You!--In the Name of Jesus. Protect Honasan & his forces, Lord, & those poor soldiers whom Thy children loved & tried to help, Lord, & tried to help give them the Gospel. We tried to help warn them of the wickedness of the Wicked Witch of the East, Cory Aquino. We tried to help support the forces of righteousness.

       17. Now, Lord, give them the victory this time! Help them not to stop at anything that will give them the victory! [DELETED]

       18. May we see a victory, Lord!--A triumph, Lord, over the wicked, horrible, iniquitous, sinful Cardinal Sin, Cory Aquino, Fidel Ramos & all their wicked forces! May Thy little Davids get the victory over the giant of Aquino & Ramos & Cardinal Sinful & the wicked gigantic forces of the U.S.!

       19. In the Name of Jesus, help them not to fear, Lord! Help them not to hesitate, but to [DELETED] purge that country, Lord, from their wicked leaders, Aquino, Sin & Ramos! There are the names of the wicked, Lord!--Now, in Jesus' name, purge them! [DELETED] [EDITED: "G"]ive Thy victory to the forces of righteousness!

       20. That is my prayer, Lord. We ask Thee, in Jesus' name, to answer it & destroy our enemies, Lord, who fought against us & drove Thy Family out of the Philippines!--The wicked Cardinal Sin & evil Cory Aquino & the horrible Fidel Ramos who abetted them.

       21. Give victory to those who supported us & loved us & who believed our word & believed Thy Word, Lord. Give them the victory, Lord, in Jesus' name! Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! Amen? Give victory to Thy children & Thy people against those horrible evil forces of evil Cory Aquino, evil Cardinal Sin & evil Fidel Ramos, Lord! We ask Thee to break their horrible block of sin, in Jesus' name! Break their control, Lord, & give power to Thy forces of the poor! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!--In Jesus' name, amen!

       22. I want to see it, Lord! I want to hear it! I asked Thee that I might see the defeat of those forces who opposed & fought Thy children & drove us out of Thy land! Give victory, Lord, to Thy poor & the innocent! Defeat the forces of evil--Cardinal Sin, Cory Aquino & Fidel Ramos!--Those specifically, Lord, in Jesus' name, who fought us. In the Name of Jesus! Amen? Amen!

       23. Please, justify Thy children, Lord! Vindicate the forces of good against those forces led by Cardinal Sinful & Cory Aquino & Fidel Ramos, in the Name of Jesus! We claim victory over them in Thy Name! We're praying right now! You promised that the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous one shall avail much.--Jam.5:16b. I'm only one little Prophet, Lord, but You can answer prayer against the forces of evil & wickedness!

       24. Cardinal Sin, Cory Aquino & Fidel Ramos!--Defeat them, Lord, in Jesus' name! [DELETED] They fought Thy children, Lord! They did us evil, Lord! Now vindicate us, Lord! Revenge us, Lord. [DELETED] May they get totally defeated in the Name of Jesus!

       25. May Thy humble soldiers turn on them, Lord, the ones they're depending on for defence & to keep their kingdom. May Thy humble soldiers turn upon them. [DELETED] May the military forces that they're depending on see the evil, Lord, & turn on them & rebel & refuse to defend them! In Jesus' name, help those dear soldiers to turn against them [DELETED], in the Name of Jesus! Thank You Lord!

       26. That's my prayer! That's my will, Lord, what I think should happen against the forces of evil for the forces of righteousness & the poor. I pray for them & I'm asking You to do what's right!--In the Name of Jesus! I want to see it! I want to know it! I'll be very disappointed, Lord, if You don't do it! In the Name of Jesus!

       27. Hallelujah! Marcos is in Thy World, Lord, helping to give them the victory! What he couldn't do in the physical, he can now do in the spiritual! Give them the victory, Lord, in Jesus' name! May Marcos come with the forces of the Lord & Thy Angels to defeat the wicked who persecuted & opposed him & who wouldn't even let his body come home in death. Give him now, Lord, the victory in the Philippines directing Thy forces of Heaven, in Jesus' name! Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! Praise You Jesus!

       28. Do it, Lord! Answer Thy Servant's prayer, even just the prayer of Thy little poor Prophet. I'm just one little lone Prophet, Lord. I'm not very much. I'm not very big, but You promised to hear the prayer of the righteous! I'm not even very righteous, but I believe I'm on the side of the right! So I now ask You, in Jesus' name, to answer this prayer! Right now while they're fighting, Lord, give the victory to the forces of right!

       29. We know that Cory Aquino & Cardinal Sinful & Fidel Ramos are wrong & unrighteous & wicked & evil, who tried to destroy & drive out Thy children. We ask Thee right now to help Thy dear children who are still there to pray for the victory of the righteous rebels against oppression, in Jesus' name!

       30. Help our children worldwide to pray for the destruction of that evil administration of evil, wicked, sinful, horrible Cardinal Sin, Cory Aquino & Fidel Ramos! Destroy them, Lord! Help the rebels [DELETED] seize the victory! [DELETED] Thank You Lord!

       31. Lord, give the victory to Thy people, Thy soldiers. Give them the victory! [DELETED] Thank You Jesus!--In Jesus' name.

       32. Lord, please answer our prayer! Vindicate us, Lord! Justify us, Lord! Show that we were right about them. [DELETED] Thank You Lord!--In the Name of Jesus! Jesus, do it, Lord! Amen, Lord! Thank You Jesus! That's our prayer, Lord! So it's up to You. You can answer it or not, but that's how I feel about it & that's how I wish You would answer it, in Jesus' name. Amen! Thank You Lord! I think we need to publish this right away so our people can join us in prayer for the same thing. Amen?

       33. Help us now to go back to sleep, Lord. I've prayed. I've done Thy Will, Lord. I've worked Thy Work. Now help us & reward us with sleep, in the Name of Jesus. Thank You Lord!       That was a sincere prayer, a strong prayer against the wicked & evil. Amen? So I think I was right. I think it was right.

       34. Bless them, Lord, & give them the victory in the Name of Jesus! Help the army & navy & marines & military of the Philippines to righteously turn on their wicked, evil, foul government!

       35. Awaken the Filipinos, Lord, to the wickedness of this Witch & the wicked sinful Cardinal who supports her! Help them to realise who is right & to join the rebels, in the Name of Jesus! Thank You Lord! (Maria: A lot of them did already! A lot of the government forces have gone with the rebels.) Thank You Jesus! Amen! Justify them, Lord, & wreak vengeance on those who opposed dear Marcos! My God, justify them & deliver them, in the Name of Jesus! TYL!
+ + + + + + +

       36. Lord bless the rebels in the Philippines, in Jesus' name! Help them to get that horrible woman out! We fought very hard in this battle by giving them Thy Word, Lord. We helped them all we could by showing them Thy Truth. We helped to back Thy good against the Enemy's evil, against the evil regime of Cory Aquino & Cardinal Sinful & the Traitor Ramos. Now we want to see You answer, in Jesus' name!

       37. Help them right now tonight, right now while they're fighting! Help them to get rid of the sources of evil--Ramos, Aquino & Sinful, in Thy Name, Jesus, Lord! [DELETED] In Thy righteous Name of Jesus, do it, Lord!--Right now, Lord, while we sleep, in Jesus' name! Amen!

       38. Help the leaders of the Revolution. [DELETED] Give the soldiers conviction & confidence that they're doing the right thing [EDITED: "taking a stand against"] Aquino & Ramos & that exceedingly wicked, evil Cardinal Sinful who fought Thy children! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! We thank You for the victory! We hope to hear good news tomorrow, in Jesus' name!

       39. May many of Thy children be praying in the Spirit, Lord, against Cardinal Sinful & wicked Cory Aquino & traitorous Fidel Ramos! He is not fidel or faithful! He is very unfaithful! He's only faithful to the forces of wickedness & unrighteousness & the evil rich under Cory Aquino!

       40. In Jesus' name, blot them out, Lord! Defeat them! Wipe them out in these nights of battle, oh God! Help the rebels to destroy these fountains of evil, these sources of evil! Give conviction to Thy forces of righteousness!--Thy soldiers, the marines & the air force, to know that they're right. [DELETED]

       41. In the Name of Jesus! Answer my prayer! Please answer my prayer! I'm only one little tiny Prophet, Lord, but I know they're wrong! I know they're evil because they persecuted Thy children & drove them out! Now You drive them out, in the Name of Jesus! May it return upon their own heads. You now drive them out, Lord! [DELETED]

       42. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Have I prayed enough? Do you think the Lord is going to honour my prayer? Well, at least I prayed, & whether He answers or not, it's up to Him! Amen?

       43. Lord help us to go to sleep now. I prayed & prayed in these wee hours of the morning. I prayed & prayed for those dear boys who are suffering & fighting & dying. Help them to know that they're fighting for the right! Help those soldiers to know that they're Thy righteous forces against the evil forces of Cardinal Sinful, self-righteous Cory Aquino & that traitorous Ramos! Thank You Lord!

       44. Give Thy rebel forces the victory! Bless & keep them. Strengthen them. Give them the conviction they need to fight the oppressive forces of Cardinal Sin, Cory Aquino & that traitor Fidel Ramos! He's only fidel or faithful to evil!

       45. You promised if we agree together, it shall be done!--Mat.18:19. My God, cause Thy forces of righteousness to triumph over the evil, wicked forces of Ramos, Aquino, Sinful & the U.S.A.!

       46. It will come. Sooner or later, it will come. The Lord will answer.
+ + + + + + +

       (Several days later after a ceasefire was negotiated with rebel troops in Manila:)
       47. Those Philippine rebel troops went back to their barracks in victory! They said, "We're not surrendering! We won!" (Maria: In what ways did the rebel army win & Cory Aquino & her government lose?) The rebels won a propaganda victory! People almost admired them & their guts. And it really put Cory to shame. All the stuff she's been telling international investors, that it's so safe there & the country is so stable, is all lies & she knows it!--And now the whole World knows it too!

       48. It also has turned many of her own people who possibly were still loyal to her against her because of her calling on the U.S. to help. Imagine, calling in U.S. fighter jets against her own people just to save her own neck! (Maria: And that turned a lot of the rest of the World against her as well!) Oh, yes, definitely! I think that just about finished her with the rest of the World, especially those who don't like the U.S. (Maria: So actually in some ways perhaps they won a greater victory politically by not winning militarily!) [DELETED] [EDITED: "T"]hey killed her reputation, her influence, her prestige & her hopes of foreign investment!

       49. All of the international reporters & commentators seem to agree that this coup in the Philippines has brought to the World's attention the absolutely corrupt & ineffective government of Cory Aquino. The Western news media has upheld Cory as a shining example of democracy ever since she overthrew Marcos, but now she's exposed as being more incompetent, corrupt & despotic than Marcos ever was!

       50. Her own people are becoming increasingly disillusioned with her, especially since she called on the American military to save her neck. Her former friends & allies are abandoning her, & her foes are growing stronger as she grows weaker, & it won't be long till her corrupt, hypocritical & self-righteous regime is toppled! PTL!
       (See also ML #2351, "Prayer for the Philippines.")
       Amen! GBAKY!--IJN, A!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family