1. Today, November the 15th, is an exciting & thrilling day! It's the Declaration of Independence of Palestine. It's exactly what the United States itself did, July 4th, 1776! So, how can the U.S. possibly ignore it?--That's exactly what they did!

       2. Israel said it means nothing, that it was a unilateral position taken by the Palestinians. Well, that's exactly the same thing the United States did in 1776! It was a unilateral position, & Britain certainly didn't agree with it. They were under British rule just like Palestine is now under Israel. The Palestinians are following the exact same procedure that the United States followed in getting its independence.

       3. Israel is scared! They're running scared because they think that this has a chance of succeeding. The Israelis are worried. Governments are going to be choosing up sides all over the World now.

       4. The Israelis declared their position by their recent election. They voted for the worst possible government, for Shamir, the Israeli Terrorist!--The most hard-line government against Palestine. Their cup of iniquity is full!

       5. The only way the Palestinians will ever get their independence is with the help of outsiders. The U.S. never could have won its independence if it hadn't had the help of several other European nations, particularly France.

       6. Another significant news item is that the Soviets just did something the U.S. has never done, they've sent up a space shuttle that's all computer-controlled, remote-controlled. It had a perfect takeoff & perfect landing, November 15th--something the U.S. has never done. It's a giant leap into space! They've pushed into the U.S.' last stronghold of space shuttles. And it can carry three times the payload of the U.S. shuttle. The U.S. has never done it by remote control. That's an absolute first!

       7. I want to live a little longer now to see how all this turns out, this big leap into space by the Russians, a remote controlled shuttle!--And this big leap into World history & politics by the Palestinians with their declaration of independence from Israel!--Exactly the same thing & the same process which the U.S. used to get its independence from Britain.

       8. These [EDITED: "AC"] media & commentators & scorners & smearers who are making light & making fun of the Palestinian Declaration of Independence are going to get a sad surprise one of these days, because it's going to be settled in favour of the Palestinians. That's Bible, that's Prophecy! Even the Antichrist is going to get fed up with the [EDITED: "Israelis"]!

       9. The Palestinians are going to get Worldwide sympathy. They have done exactly what the United States did in its infancy. The U.S. made a unilateral declaration of independence from Britain when Britain was the power in possession & in rule of the 13 original American colonies.

       10. And it was only through the help of the rest of the World & powerful friends like France that the U.S. ever made it. Otherwise, they never would have made it. But they had World sympathy & powerful helpers & therefore they made it & they gained their independence. Of course, the Israelis are pooh-poohing this whole thing with the Palestinians & trying to act like, "Oh, it's nothing. It's nothing! It's nothing!"--But they're scared. They're running scared.

       11. At least I have to say for the Blacks, they have sympathised with the Palestinians from the head of the Islamic Nation in the U.S. to Jesse Jackson himself. What do you want to bet that Jackson's known sympathy for the Palestinians is what cost him the Vice Presidency, & probably because of that, cost Dukakis the Presidential election! I think everybody--all of the Blacks & a lot of other people--turned against Dukakis when he dumped Jackson. And nearly everybody knew why, because Dukakis was promoted by the Jews, & the Jews refused to have Jackson on the ticket knowing he was a Palestinian sympathiser.

       12. This is an historic day in the life of the World! The Palestinian Declaration of Independence, TYJ! This day will have repercussions in World history. The Palestinians have finally declared their independence. Thus far the [EDITED: "Israelis"] have had everything their way.
+ + + + + + +

       13. The reactions from Israel & the U.S. are negative, of course. Previously they had said that if the Palestinians would recognise Israel that they would talk, that they would start negotiations. The fact that the Palestinians didn't recognise Israel was just an excuse for not talking to them. Even the U.S. as good as said if the PLO would renounce terrorism & recognise Israel that then they would be willing to talk about a Palestinian state, autonomy, etc.

       14. Of course, they said that because they thought the Palestinians & the PLO would never be willing to make peace with Israel. So what the Palestinians are doing now, the PLO, is calling the U.S.' bluff. They're calling the bluff & now the ball is in their court. Of course, nobody expects Israel to accept it. They're determined to keep every inch of land regardless, even if the U.S. insists!

       15. (Maria: Exactly what did the Palestinians do? Did they say, "OK, we renounce terrorism. We recognise Israel?") Yes, exactly. And, they said, "We now declare the State of Palestine according to U.N. Resolution 242" & some other resolution in which the land was partitioned between Israel & Palestine specifically. Certain portions were given to Israel, & the so-called West Bank & Gaza portions were given to Palestine, to the Palestinians.

       16. Well, when this was done, Israel waged the war in which they grabbed by force of arms all of the areas of the West Bank & everything that the U.N. had said that they should give to the Palestinians. And you know the Israelis don't plan to give it up.

       17. So everybody is now sort of waiting to see what the U.S. is going to do. They know what Israel is going to do!--They're going to flatly refuse! They always have. They've already violated all of the Camp David agreement.--The agreement with Carter & Sadat & Begin & all that garbage. All those lies that they told!

       18. After five years they were supposed to definitely give the Palestinians autonomy & self-rule. They didn't exactly say declare it a state, you know, but they were supposed to get autonomy, self-rule, which would virtually amount to their own country. Well, it's been about 10 years since then & they haven't hardly even mentioned it!

       19. That's what infuriates the Palestinians.--That the Israelis are such liars! They make these agreements & then they just ignore'm. And the sad part about it is that the U.S. also ignores it, they don't keep their word either. They agreed with Israel & Egypt to give the Palestinians autonomy in five years.--It's been 10 years & they've hardly even mentioned it.

       20. So, PTL! The Palestinians are calling their bluff, calling their cards before the whole World to see & expose the U.S. & Israel! They have done everything the U.S. & the U.N. asked them to do in order to get their own land. So now the ball is actually in the U.S.' court, & the U.S. is going to be very embarrassed before the whole World if they don't go ahead with some kind of negotiations. What will probably result is that the rest of the World will insist on a U.N. conference about the situation & negotiations & say it's time to give the Palestinians their own state & give them dominion over the West Bank & Gaza, etc.

       21. The Palestinians finally got fed up after 40 years & seeing that they can't possibly have the whole cake, so they're declaring now that they're willing to have half a cake, their half, their share. As I see it, World opinion is now going to force the U.S. to come out & negotiate with the PLO.--Something the U.S. refused to do as long as they didn't recognise Israel & didn't renounce terrorism. Now the Palestinians have done both. Now they've called the U.S. on the carpet. "OK, you said if we would renounce terrorism & we would recognise Israel that you would talk & give us a share of the land!"

       22. So now the U.S. has got to do it or they're going to really really be in trouble with World opinion! I think it's a real pivotal point. I think it's the smartest thing the Palestinians could have done, & Hussein is the one who helped precipitate it, God bless him! He saw that if they just rocked along & he kept paying the bills, that they'd never get anywhere. And the U.S. & everybody would say, "Well, we'll just deal with Jordan." But he's now said that the Palestinians are going to have to take care of themselves, declare their own state. Hussein really pushed them to do it, where they had to do it.

       23. So now they've done everything the U.S. asked them to do. And the U.S. is stalling & saying, "Well, we have to read it all. We've got to study it. We've got to make sure about the wording.--They've said some things before but they don't keep their word, blah blah blah!" The U.S. is really stalling, but I am expecting World opinion & Russia & all of the Arab States to insist now!

       24. The PLO has done everything they were asked to do, so the U.S. is going to have a tough time trying to get out of this one! And I believe it is going to be a turning point, absolutely the turning point! Of course, Israel will never give up any territory unless they're forced to. And the only one who could force them to without war is the U.S.A. And if they flatly refuse the U.S. & the U.N., there is going to be trouble! The rest of the World is going to insist on it through the U.N.


       25. It's quite possible that this could be the beginning of the very End, when the Antichrist is going to arise & insist on a settlement for the Palestinians! And the [DELETED] [EDITED: "Israelis"] are going to flatly refuse, as they always do, & then he's going to force them to, which means war!--All those wars that the Antichrist carries on to try to subdue the [EDITED: "Israelis"]. They will never give up that territory to the Arabs, to the Palestinians, unless they are forced to. And the only thing that can force them to is force, war!--And the Antichrist is going to do it! (See Daniel 11:21-45!)


       27. So, praise the Lord! Big things are about to happen! I wouldn't be surprised if that's the last U.S. Presidential election! I can't see how the Antichrist can wait any longer to be revealed & to rise & take over because the World is in such a mess! I think he's probably behind all of these peace-makings, trying to get peace made in all of these different areas, etc., in order to make it a lot easier to take over, you know?

       28. Obviously he takes over & at first does what is right, helping the poor & the Palestinians & all, so God must be behind it. It's obvious that the Lord is the One Who allows him to take over in order to temporarily save the World & save the poor & all the rest. "The powers that be are ordained of God!"--Rom.13:1. Therefore, at first he will be right & doing the right things. But when he gets so egotistical & inflated after he has solved all of these problems & straightened things out, then he gets so completely perverted that he thinks he is God & he demands worship & abolition of all other religions, & that's another story!

       29. But at first he is going to be right, & that's why he is going to take over & the Lord is going to let him take over. And he has his biggest problems with the Jews. They help him get into power. [DELETED] But he soon finds out that he doesn't want them to control him, he will make decisions which are wise & fair & applauded by the whole World in spite of the Jews!

       30. And when he finds out [DELETED] that they will not yield to his wise decisions & his fair decisions, then he's going to put'm down. And they're going to fight, & that's where all those wars come in in Daniel 11.

       31. He's going to have his biggest trouble with the Jews! [DELETED] [EDITED: "B"]ecause they begin to threaten his government, his authority & everything, & they refuse to obey his wise dictums & whatnot, he just has to finally invade Israel & clobber'm! [DELETED] He insists on enforcing his fair international judgements & the divisions of Jerusalem & all that sort of thing.

       32. So, at last, the very man that the Jews [EDITED: "originally support"] is going to turn on them & insist that they obey him, & that, of course, will infuriate them. And their rebelliousness will infuriate him so he comes with a great choler & invades & destroys, thank God!

       33. [DELETED] [EDITED: "F"]or awhile [DELETED] he will be doing the right things.--Until, of course, he gets on this ego trip of declaring that he's God because he has solved all of these problems & enforced all of these laws & agreements & solved the economic crisis & everything else. So he declares himself to be God because he has been so wise & done so many right things, blah blah blah. And then he abolishes all religion & tries to force everybody to worship him, & that's when the real problem comes!

       34. But until then, he is on the right track! So I now look forward to World opinion condemning Israel & sympathising with the Palestinians, including the Antichrist! He's got to rise soon, he's got to rise soon to save the World. He is going to be the saviour of the World.--Politically, economically, militarily, in every way. So hallelujah! It's coming close, very close, thank You Jesus!

       35. And this PLO decision is helping him, speeding up the process. Praise You Lord! Thank You Lord! Let's rejoice & celebrate the Palestinian Declaration of Independence! PTL!

       36. In a way, thank God for the Antichrist! He is going to enforce peace in the Mideast in spite of the [DELETED] [EDITED: "Israelis"] who [DELETED] are finally going to be crushed by him because they defy his control.

       37. [DELETED] [EDITED: "The Antichrist"] is going to turn on them & defy them [DELETED] & insist on his own way, which is going to be the right way at first. So praise the Lord! Thank You Lord!

       38. Oh, I'm just tickled pink that the U.S. is being put on the spot now. They're really being put on the spot. Before the whole World they're being embarrassed because they're not willing to yield to the obviously fair decision of recognising the Palestinians. But the whole World is going to insist on it & enforce it, & that's going to be the showdown.

       39. Maybe that'll be when the Antichrist is going to have to reveal himself in order to enforce the justice, law, order & fairness which the whole World will recognise. And they'll all wonder after him then because of his wisdom & his fairness. Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! In Jesus' name, amen! Praise the Lord!

       40. So these are great days, terrific days, days of great decision! It's very important that you agree with the power that is to come.
+ + + + + + +


       41. Amen, Lord! Thank You for that faith & courage of the Palestinians to declare their independence, to declare their own state! So many of them are good Christians, Lord, as we remember, sweet humble people. They need a land of their own, Lord. Encourage them now. Cause the big powers & the rest of the World to come to their aid & force Israel to give them back at least half their land, Lord!

       42. Israel, the Jews, invaded their country, Lord, took it all away from them, their homes, the farms, everything, & has given them nothing but sorrow & sadness & violence!--Robbers of the poor! Rich robbers of the poor! Rich Jews from the U.S. & Europe coming & taking away their homes & farms & lands of the poor!

       43. Lord, punish [EDITED: "them"] for their cruelty, injustice & selfishness where they've persecuted, abused & oppressed the poor Palestinians! So many of them are Christians, Lord, poor dispossessed refugees, strangers in strange lands robbed of their possessions.

       44. God bless the U.N. for supporting them, Lord, & feeding them & housing them, millions of'm in neighbouring countries where they fled, Lord.

       45. Lord bless & keep them. Now that they've suffered & repented, Lord, give them back their land! The Jews have suffered but they've not repented. They still stubbornly rebel & disobey Thee[DELETED]!

       46. This time, Lord, You brought them back to their country that You might judge them. You scattered them all over the World, Lord, for 2,000 years for their [EDITED: "sins"].

       47. [DELETED] Encourage the poor young people of Palestine, Lord, the poor young Arabs, especially those who love Thee & believe in Thee & have received Thee, the true Christians. In Jesus' name.

       48. So many churches are there, Lord, people who are of Christian faith that the [EDITED: "Israelis"] have persecuted & restricted.--They've even tried to wipe out Thy memory, Lord, changing the names of places that are familiar in the Bible that are related to You so they wouldn't even be recognised any more.

       49. They've done everything they could to wipe out the memory of You in that land, Lord, & have tried to wipe out Thy people, the Christians! Now, Lord, judge'm! May this bring the whole thing to a head, a crisis, Lord!--To divide the sheep from the goats!--Thy Palestinian sheep from the [DELETED] goats! Do cause the Christians of the World to come to the aid of Thy children, in Jesus' name!

       50. This will certainly divide their friends from their enemies. This will show who are the true Christians. Most of the so-called Christians have been more friendly to the [EDITED: "Israelis"], of all the contradictory things! The Christians have been aiding the [EDITED: "Israelis"] [DELETED]! The Christians of the World, the Christians of the U.S. have been befriending [DELETED] & helping [EDITED: "them"] instead of the Christians.

       51. It's such a contradiction! They're so deceived! My God! Help them to wake up & see the perfidy[DELETED]!--How they smile to their faces & pretend to be their friends but underneath they are ravening wolves. [DELETED]!--Mat.7:15.

       52. Defeat the people who are oppressing Thy poor in Palestine & everywhere! Lord God, defeat them! You're bringing them out in the open to expose them before the whole World for what they're really like. Crush them, Lord!--The unbelievers, the unreceivers, those who reject You, Jesus! Crush them! Bring them out in the open now & expose how evil they really are & how wicked & violent & cruel they are by not letting the Palestinians have at least their share of the land.

       53. You let the Jews come back, Lord, to fulfil prophecy & to expose them before the whole World, to show what they're really like, & to judge them & to crush the unbelievers as they tried to crush [EDITED: "others"]!

       54. Amen, Lord! This is a momentous day! This is a momentous time! This is a great historical event to have the Palestinians declare their statehood, their independence! The [EDITED: "Israelis"] will never give it to them, Lord. The [EDITED: "Israelis"] will have to be forced to give them anything.

       55. Oh, give the Christians of the World guts! If You can't get the Christians to do it, get the Antichrist to do it!--Which he apparently eventually will when he's fed up with [EDITED: "them"]!

       56. Help the World to unite, the U.N. to unite together to give the Palestinians justice, fairness, relief, in Jesus' name! We want to see it, Lord! We're watching it. It's thrilling to see them finally stand up for their rights. Now let the rest of the World help them to obtain those rights, in Jesus' name.

       57. We want to see it, Lord! Bring it to pass! Lord, save the believing Jews. [DELETED] Open their eyes, Lord. Cast aside the veil of Moses, as You said, that their eyes may be opened, that they may see the Truth that their people crucified their own Messiah. (See 2Cor.3:14-16.) May they more lament for Him as an only Son when the time comes, as You said in Your Word that they will be sorry, some of them, the believers that believe on You.--Zech.12:10,11.

       58. Save them, Lord, but crush [EDITED: "their enemies"]! Eventually crush [EDITED: "the"] Antichrist! We want to see it, Lord, in Jesus' name. Thank You Lord! Give the Palestinians the rights to their homeland. They have a right to a homeland just as much as the Jews, if not more so! So let's see it now, Lord! In Jesus' name!

       59. Help the rest of the World to stick up for them & insist on it, demand it! Help them to defy the [DELETED] Israelis, as well as the God-damned U.S. [DELETED] Help the rest of the World to even oppose the U.S., Lord, for the way they're so biased & so partial to [EDITED: "the Israelis"], so deceived!--The U.S., a supposedly Christian country, Lord, being so deceived [DELETED] & being persuaded to uphold them & defend them instead of Thy children, Christians, the Palestinians!

       60. Help the World now to take a stand! Help them to stick up for the right, help them to force the U.S. to give the Palestinians their share, at least a share of the land, Lord! And help them to do it now, Lord! The Israelis are going to fight it, the U.S. is going to oppose it, but cause the rest of the nations to insist on it! In Jesus' name! And help us to see it now! Amen! Thank You Lord! PTL!

       61. Thank You for this day, Lord, for Thy safekeeping. Thank You for how wonderfully You've taken care of us & blessed us, Lord.--Saved us & kept us, strengthened us, provided for us all Thy wonderful blessings, giving us the desires of our hearts & all of our needs because we delight ourselves in You, Lord. TYJ! Help us to delight ourselves more in You every day as we feed Thy sheep & care for Thy little ones.

       62. Bless & keep Thy children all over the World. Protect & provide for them, Lord. So many of them are having to go back now to their homelands, having finished their job of preaching the Gospel to all the World. If possible, Lord, help them to find other fields where they can still have enough freedom to witness for Thee & win souls. There aren't many fields left, Lord, but bless & keep Thy children & help them to find them.

       63. Bless our Units, Lord. Bless our publications. Bless our schools. Bless our children. Bless all our Homes. Bless Thy converts, Lord, souls we've won to Thee.--Help'm to be strong & firm, well-fed so they might be a witness to others. In Jesus' name. TYL!

       64. Bless & keep us today & make us a blessing. Give us strength for this day. Thank You for another day, Lord. Help us to use it wisely, that we might continue to feed Thy children Thy Word, direct & lead & guide them as their Shepherds in Thee, Lord. PTL! Hallelujah! TYL! In Jesus' name. Amen! TYL! TYJ!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family