WORLD CURRENTS!--No. 40        Comp.10/88         DO 2481

       1. I'm convinced that those bloomin' Basques of Northern Spain are Jews! Who else could be that stubborn & hold out against the Spanish so many years? And some of them have even confessed that they think they had such origins clear back in Russian Georgia. They were led out by a prophet who told them to travel until they reached the sea & they would find a land of their own, & they were pretty independent for a good many years.

       2. Khomeini the prophet of death & me the prophet of life, what a difference!

       3. A great physicist thousands of years ago said, "Give me a lever & a fulcrum & I can move the World!

       4. We do not love people because they are beautiful--but they are beautiful because we love them!

       5. (Listening to a BBC Church service singing "Amazing Grace":) TYL! Thank You Jesus for all the Christians in the World! We're not the only ones! They're not like us, but we're part of'm. One of these days we're going to have to learn to all get along together.

       6. (Maria: How can the Chinese & Russians have grown up without God & still be so sweet & humble?) I think the reason is that although they are Godless, the Americans are anti-God & Devilish!

       7. People who talk in their sleep, it shows a very great degree of involvement in their dreams.

       8. Rats are probably a curse on India because of its fiendish, diabolical religions!

       9. It's a good idea to buy bars of soap with holes or indentations in the sides of them, that way you can put the old leftover soap in the holes! We've always done that ever since the Depression!

       10. If you can laugh at yourself then you can stay happy, because we're usually so funny all the time! I put several articles in the WND about laughter being so healthful, it can even cure sickness. So I'm glad to find out it's good for me, I do so much of it!

       11. You ought to always take somebody with you! I don't believe in anybody going alone. I've seen a lot of movies in which they make the mistake of going alone, without somebody with them, even when they're in jeopardy. And I'm amazed at the way people go to their doors & open them without finding out who's on the other side! It's shocking to me how many people just walk to the door when the bell rings & open the door without even finding out who's out there!--Especially in this day & age with all the crime there is!

       12. For people with personal problems, the more they keep their mind on their work, the less emotional strain they'll have in their romantic life or whatever it is! You know, it's the workaholic therapy that so many psychiatrists recommend for bereavements etc. Get busy, get so absorbed in your work you forget about your problems!

       13. These flowers are like our people, they're witnesses to the World! They're spreading love & beauty everywhere! Everybody looks at them, just like our Family.

       14. Jealousy is resentment & anger & often results in murder! No wonder their heart beats faster when they're jealous, any kind of tense emotional excitement causes your heart to beat faster.

       15. (Watching dance videos during his breakfast Dad says:) The music soothes my tummy & the girls improve my circulation! The Lord certainly meant for women to have kids, it seems to make them even younger & more beautiful.

       16. Often when good Angels have appeared they smell like perfume! An angelic presence smells like beautiful fragrant perfume! Whereas the presence of demons smells like garbage & sewage & horrible dead corpses! That's a frequent indication of spiritual presence.
       17. The Lord must have been pleased with what we said! I said, "You're the Lord's Jew!" And you said, "That I cannot deny!" And there was no reason for us smelling perfume! I had not put cologne on for a long time & it was a different fragrance entirely. You weren't wearing a fragrance either. So it must have been one of the Lord's good spirits! PTL!
       18. I've had that experience several times before when all of a sudden I smelled a beautiful fragrance on some particular occasion. I can remember back once when we had the first meeting of the KQCs in Tenerife, we smelled a beautiful fragrance as we opened the meeting!

       19. Failure in experimentation, exploration, discovery, invention & all the rest by a pioneer is the possibility that you always face in trying to do something new & different. There's always the possibility, sometimes the probability that you'll fail. But you have to run that risk to make it possible, the slim chance that you might succeed & really improve something or change something or find something or really invent something. So once in awhile my inventions don't work. But the percentage of successes have made the very small percentage of failures seem insignificant by comparison! PTL! That's why we've got a Family! They said it couldn't be done, but I figured it needed to be done, & with the Lord's help I tried it & here we are!
       AMEN? GBY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family