THE TRUTH ABOUT JAPAN!       DO 2480       9/88
--How Her Rich Have Gotten So Rich!

       (A shocking revelation received after analysing recent reports, news commentaries & videos on Japan!)

       1. The rich Japanese are [DELETED] going to squeeze the last drop of blood out of their own poor Japanese people! And the only reason they get away with it is because the poor Japanese put up with it! How long are they going to put up with it? Apparently a lot of them are just beginning to find out how they're getting rooked & cheated on all kinds of prices.
       2. Those smart Japanese businessmen have already got it all figured out & in operation how to make sure that the people don't benefit from the dirt-cheap meat that they're going to get from the U.S.A.--They've got it all rigged so that it goes through enough distribution steps & middle-men that the businessmen are going to make all the money from the cheap meat, not the poor consumers!
       3. You see, that's the trouble with their regimentation where everybody just accepts it because, "It's for the good of the country, it's patriotism that you suffer these high prices, it's best for Japan! You foreigners don't understand it, it's too complicated for you to understand, but we understand it!" What the rich there understand is they're going to make the money off it, & not the poor! It's typical of the rich to soak the poor!
       4. The rich in Japan have got the science of soaking the poor down to a fine point--on prices, taxes, air fares, everything! They're making sure that the poor just barely scrape by & that they are still not too aware of what's going on & what the rich are doing to them. They play up patriotism & the good of the country, self-sufficiency & all kinds of excuses they've been making now for 40 years, & they're still rookin' the poor & foolin' the poor & deceiving the poor while the rich are making all the money off of their own poor!
       5. Let's face it, that's what happens in any country. The U.S. does the same thing with its imports. When the Philippines was selling sugar for two cents a pound, they had to sell it for that because they couldn't get more, there was a World sugar glut, so they were having to sell it at two cents a pound to the U.S. And the U.S. was turning around & selling it for 30 cents a pound in its own markets! So who's making the money? Who's saving? The poor, the customers & the consumers in the markets are not getting the benefit of cheap prices. The U.S. just kept the price up to the usual standard high price.
       6. The poor & the general public in Japan are so conditioned mentally that they're willing to pay those prices, accept those prices & continue to pay them without a murmur, without a complaint, persuaded by the government that, "It's patriotic, it's going to save the country & keep us self-sufficient in rice & we've got to do it to keep the upper hand in this trade war, blah blah!--You bring the duck!" That's from an old joke about Wimpy, he was always saying, "Come to my house for a duck dinner--you bring the duck!"--Ha! In other words, the poor public are told to enjoy the country & its riches & wealth & self-sufficiency in rice & all those things, "But you foot the bill!"--While the rich are making money hand-over-fist, getting to be the richest on Earth!
       7. You know good & well it's not the general worker & clerks & labourers there who are the richest people in the World! If anything, they're underpaid. That's why Japan is able to undersell almost any other competitor in the whole World, because the poor labourers & clerks are worked overtime & underpaid. If there's anything that's true about Japan, it's that the common people are underpaid, worked overtime & charged too much for everything!
       8. So who's getting the benefit of all that overtime, that underpay & those high prices? It certainly isn't the common people, it isn't the public, it isn't the consumer, it isn't the little people! It's not the workers nor the labourers nor the clerks, certainly not the poor! They're not the ones that are making the money & making Japan the richest & most financially powerful nation on Earth! They're not getting the benefit of it! Gradually some intellectuals are now at least sticking up for the poor & raising a howl & saying it's gotta change!
       9. They've been beefin' for some time for a five-day work week. Well, at last the government now says that they & the banks are going to go to a five-day week, next year sometime. They want to squeeze the last ounce of blood out of their poor workers! And when are they going to change the trade policy & let more cheap products in? Well, other countries have been asking for five years. They finally made an agreement with the U.S. that they'd do it in three years, step by step each year, but it would take 3 years. They said they just couldn't do it sooner. It would wreck their farmers, wreck the businessmen & all the middlemen, & especially the rich!
       10. It's wrecking the poor all the time! They're overworking, committing suicide! Do you know what the major cause of disabilities & incapacitation is in Japan amongst the white-collar workers who run the businesses for the rich & work overtime in the offices, office people, etc., & amongst the government civil service?---Mental collapse! That's the major cause of incapacitation in Japan. They just work them to death! (Maria: It's called "stress" in the States.) Yes, it's called stress & strain, & let's face it, it's just from overwork. They like to give it nice names like stress.--In Japan it's just plain overwork!
       11. A husband or a father never sees his family except once a week at Sunday dinner! That's all! He sleeps in for the first time all week on Sunday morning, half-a-day or more, & finally wakes up in time for Sunday dinner, trying to rest up from his hard work. He never gets home for supper any more with the wife & kids, they've given up on that. She never sees him except in bed, & usually then not until she's gone to sleep & he gets home at 11 or 12 at night! That's the Japanese system that made Japan great & rich--but not its people, just the government & the rich & the powerful! But as long as the people will put up with it, the rich will get away with it by suppressing & oppressing & exploiting & grinding their faces to the grindstone!

       12. The thing that I can't understand is why they put up with it! Well, that's the way their culture works, & that's the way their whole system works. The rich & the government have gotten the people geared to that & accustomed to that. First of all it was, "You've got to make those sacrifices for the sake of the war, to preserve the Empire!" Then after the war, "You've got to make those sacrifices for the sake of reconstruction to get us back to where we can eat again & build our houses back again."--Always saying to the poor that they have got to sacrifice. What they're really saying is, "You've got to sacrifice to make us rich!" "Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice, regimentation, don't step out of line, don't stick out!" It's virtually their slogan there that if a nail sticks out, hammer it down!
       13. How long are the Japanese people, the common people, the labourer, the workers, the consumers going to put up with it?! That's how long it will last, as long as they docilely & doggedly & peacefully submit & put up with that slavery! It's slavery! The husband never gets home in time for dinner, he doesn't even get home in time before his wife goes to bed & goes to sleep! He comes home so late all he does is eat his dinner she left out for him, watches a little television & goes to bed, & he's off in the morning before the family even gets up. He's off & away to make sure that his company wins!
       14. Oh, it's for the company too, that's the big pitch there, loyalty to the company! "You want to make our company a success, don't you? You want to help us win & be the best, don't you? Then you've got to make these sacrifices!" You talk about propagandists, [DELETED] they have been able to propagandise their own people into sacrificing everything & suffering everything in the name of the Empire, the war, reconstruction, self-sufficiency, success of the company, & now to make Japan the greatest nation on the face of the Earth!--"You have to sacrifice"!
       15. Of course, the rich don't sacrifice, they can go out & spend thousands of Dollars in one night just on drinks with their buddies, thousands of Dollars for a group of them to go golfing. They're not sacrificing, not at all! Management's not sacrificing. Owners & company presidents are not sacrificing. It's not the rich that are sacrificing, they have persuaded the poor to do the sacrificing for them, that's what it amounts to! I mean, it's a travesty, it's almost a horror to think how Japan has gotten so rich & so powerful, & if you ask me, it looks like a typical [DELETED] trick! They have literally persuaded their own Japanese people to suffer it.
       16. In the U.S.A., if anything has ever been exalted & pushed & emphasised, it's independence, individuality, fight for your rights, unions, etc., until they have gotten the highest wages in the World!--Not by telling them the thing to do is sacrifice for the government, for the nation, blah blah. That doesn't work with the Americans, I'll have to hand it to'm for that! The American attitude is "me first," & they do everything they can to get the highest wages they can with their strikes & whatnot.
       17. How many strikes do you hear about in Japan? It's almost a scandal, it's almost a shame to strike there! "How could you do that to the company? Don't you want us to be the most successful company? Don't you want us to outdo our competitors? How can you strike at a time like this?" Where are your strikes in Japan?--Almost none! They are so whipped into line & regimented to obey & "do what you're told to do & don't stick out & don't step out of line!" They just submit willingly like slaves, literally slaves! And that's the way it will be until they wake up!

       18. With the cheap price of imported meat & oranges & things like that, who's getting the benefit? They're not any cheaper at the average market there. They're not any cheaper to the consumer. Oh, maybe a few pennies cheaper to hide the fact that everybody else is making the money off of them. They go through so many steps, they've got the distribution system organised.
       19. You talk about organised, Japan is organised!--The government, business, everything is organised, everything is systematised to the nth degree & nobody in the system dares step out of line. "You're going to hurt our system!" Even the rich are regimented. You're allowed to make so much, but that's all! And don't try to cheat the government & don't try to cheat each other!--Except we hear that they're doing it all the time anyhow, more & more.
       20. Business & government there are virtually one & the same thing, the same people. The Members of Parliament are the heads of big corporations & they keep it all synchronised so there's no breakdown anywhere, nobody lets anybody strike. The distributors say, "Now we're going to get all this cheap meat, boys, we're going to get these cheap oranges, let's figure out how to make money on it. People are accepting these high prices, they're used to them, they're geared to it, they're propagandised to it, let's not let them have the benefit or tell them what we're doing, now we'll each one absorb so much along the line, you make a little more all along the line, until it gets to them & then they pay the most & we pay the least & we make the most!"
       21. Now that's what I've concluded about Japan! It's a racket, & it's one of the worst rackets in the World! That's how the [EDITED: "ACs"] have made Japan great.--The richest, most powerful financial nation on the face of the Earth. They're making so much off of their own poor, & also other nations' poor by paying low wages, etc., putting their factories all over the World now! They claim that they're having to pay wages too high at home, when they're not even paying enough, so they go put their factories in these Third World countries & poor countries, including even the U.S.A.!--Not because the wages are cheaper there, although some advantage has been gained through the weakness of the Dollar, but because they get out of a lot of restrictions & import quotas & all that sort of thing, so that they can sell cheaper by making it there.
       22. If the U.S. won't let'm import it, then they just start a factory there & make it right there so that those restrictions don't apply. And now the Dollar's so cheap they can buy up factories & hotels & everything real cheap, & as a result, because of no import quotas or extra tariffs or duties or anything, they can make it cheaper there & sell it back to the public even cheaper--even cheaper than they can from home.
       23. They are now making things in the United States & other countries & importing them into Japan, because they can make'm cheaper there & sell'm higher in their own country! In fact, a lot of the stuff that they have made in Japan has been sent to other countries, & then when the Yen went up & the prices got too high in these other countries, they couldn't sell'm, so they sent'm back to Japan & sold them there!--Quite a system! And they've got it under absolute tight steel control.--They control the stealing!
       24. They're robbing their own poor & their hard-working labourers & clerks & office help & all the rest. And they'll get away with it as long as they'll take it & it's out of line to go on strike. "That's terrible, hurting your country that's been so good to you, hurting your company that's been so good to you, how could you do such a thing?" As long as they take it & suffer it & don't complain, don't object, still pay the prices, the rich can get away with it in the name of all kinds of excuses.
       25. It is one hell of a System, & if the [EDITED: "ACs"] didn't design it I'll be surprised! It sounds like they finally hit the right combination in one country where they've really got it made. It's certainly not the poor Japanese who are benefiting! Well, their standard of living has been allowed to creep up a little bit so they could keep them pacified & satisfied. About the only thing they're complaining about now is not the prices so much, but the fact that it's just impossible for them to buy a home because house prices have gotten too high with the land boom. That they're complaining about but not too much, not too loudly. They're just gently softly saying, "I just can't buy a home any more, I have to rent an apartment & crowd all my family into this little tiny box!"
       26. The Japanese common people are just not the type who will squawk & complain & rebel. They've got'm so under the thumb of the rich there, & propagandized & excused & persuaded, they are afraid to say anything, much less rebel or go on strike! Now how long that's going to last, I don't know.

       27. I'll tell you one bunch who are complaining loudly & objecting is the Japanese who went abroad to work & found out what freedom was like & what cheap prices & independence & short hours were like, as well as high wages! They went abroad & got spoiled! They even found out what free schools are like, schools where the teachers are not like tyrants who really beat the kids up. Last year, teachers killed five students in Japan! [DELETED] But the discipline is so severe that the schools are absolute tyrannies, where they tell you exactly how to dress, what kind of shoes, what colours to wear, how to cut your hair & everything!
       28. The Japanese schools are the toughest, strictest, hardest, worst educational tyrannies I've heard of on this Earth! The youth are taught to be beaten down from the beginning. "Don't you dare step out of line or you're going to get whacked!" So they're afraid to step out of line. But some youth are beginning to wake up & step out of line & going to the extreme now, because the System didn't let them develop normally with some measure of freedom. You talk about long hours, school there is the worst!
       29. Some teachers are also beginning to complain at last, especially the foreign teachers going there, "We don't like this system where you work not just five days a week but you work every day in the week, 7 days a week, & long hours! You're expected to stay way after school, you never get away until 7 o'clock at night, & you work not just the class days, 5 days a week, but you have classes also on the 6th day & then you have supervised recreation & games & activities on Sunday!" On their only free day they have to go out & help with the extra-curricular activities! I thought it was bad in the United States the way they keep teachers busy, & they do the same thing, but not to that extent. But in Japan it is long hours, 7 days a week for a teacher!
       30. And the Japanese who have been employed by Japanese companies abroad are going back there & finding out how bad it is, the long hours & the lack of freedom & inability to buy a home or anything, they're beginning to really beef about it. But they're a very tiny minority. Most of the Japanese have been absolutely beaten into submission.

       31. It's one of the worst countries in the World as far as economic tyranny is concerned! It may be the most financially powerful & richest nation on the face of the Earth now, but they've gotten that way by beating down their own poor & the poor of other countries. It is the most tyrannical government regarding its employees & wages & prices & almost everything! What they used to do militarily, they're now doing financially, which means tyranny, cruelty, force, beating down, making'm toe the mark, "Don't step out of line, don't stick out your head, you're apt to get it knocked off! You just do it for the sake of the Empire, for the sake of the country, for the sake of your company, for the sake of your school!"
       32. Most Japanese are afraid, they're scared to death to say a word about it for fear somebody will bat'm down, hammer'm down! If it sticks out, hammer it down! [DELETED] That's the way they run things in Israel! They don't give a damn about World opinion!--"If these damn Arabs stick their heads out, we're going to hammer'm down! You're going to do it our way, that's it! There may be a democratic way & there may be a World opinion way, but you're going to do it our way, & the World's going to put up with it!"
       33. But the situation in Japan regarding freedom & overwork & underpay & overprices is the worst we have heard about in the whole World! That's a fact! But as long as the people there will put up with it, it will continue. And as long as the World will put up with it ... but the World is beginning to not put up with it! The U.S. especially is fighting for freer trade & to let'm get in there to sell their cheap goods. But the U.S. doesn't realise that it's not the poor of Japan that are going to benefit. And Japan is going to let it benefit the U.S. as little as possible, that's for sure, but it's the rich Japanese who are going to get richer!
       34. Now that they're prying open the door of Japan, who are those cheap food prices going to help? Is it going to make the producers in the U.S.A. richer? Well, a little, it will help them some. But the ones who it's going to benefit the most are those businessmen in Japan who buy the stuff cheap, & still charge the Japanese public just the same! But they keep everybody quiet, especially those in government & at the top, "Don't any of you complain because we're going to give you a little cut! Every time it goes past you, you're going to get a little cut out of it." So the people of power & influence are not going to complain. They make sure that they really spread it out.
       35. Oh, they believe in sharing, I'll tell you, the Japanese government believes in sharing with itself & all its officials & they make sure that if anybody gets out of line, ooh, all the rest scream! And if the offenders don't back down & bow down & kowtow & apologise & even give it back, the rest will all scream!--Only because they didn't get a share of it! Get it? But as long as all the rich get their share, everybody's happy & satisfied--but the poor!
       36. And as long as the poor will put up with it, they'll keep getting it! It is one Hell of a situation there as far as the poor are concerned! It is not the Japanese common people, it's not the worker, it's not the student, it's not the consumers who are profiting from the richness of Japan, it is only the rich at the expense of the poor!
       37. So whatever little the Americans are going to make on cheap sales to Japan may help the Americans make a little more money, but it's going to help the Japanese rich make a lot more money! That's the only reason they're even letting the cheap imports in, because it finally dawned on them they can make a lot of money on that cheap stuff! They can now buy it cheaper & still sell it at virtually the same prices, & nobody benefits but all the middle men!--Certainly not the poor consumers. Despite all of the so-called liberalisation of trade & the opening up to imports & all that blah, prices are the same there.
       38. So it's one hell of a system! I would say that it is the most fiendish financial system I have ever heard of in any country in the whole World! I thought the United States was bad! Japan has got it tuned to a fine point of how to rob the poor & yet keep them ignorant of it & in submission without objecting or complaining or striking or anything! They just submit. That is the doctrine of the Japanese culture, submission!
       39. They would make better Islamics than the Muslims!--Submitters, submission. This is what "Islam" is supposed to mean, submission. Boy, they have got their people in Japan trained to submit better than anyone I've ever heard of. They wouldn't think of stepping out of line or doing something different or embarrassing their company, much less their country. They're going to stay loyal to Japan. What they're doing is staying loyal to the rich government & loyal to the rich merchants & loyal to the rich company managers, loyal to the rich, period!--While they suffer in pain & without complaint.
       40. How long is it going to go on? I would like to tell'm what's going on if I could!--But I don't know whether the Japanese would even listen. They've been herded around like dumb sheep for so long, I don't know that they would even listen. They would probably think it was a sin to even listen to such a revelation, much less believe it, much less do anything about it! They've got to stay loyal, whatever, no matter what the price, no matter what the wages, no matter what the hours, they've gotta be loyal to what they think is their nation, their government!
       41. But all they're really being loyal to is the rich, & disloyal to themselves & their own families & their own children! They're being loyal to the rich while their poor families & children are suffering! They have been so propagandised & so culturised to "stay in line, obedience, regimentation, don't complain, don't get out of line, don't stick your head out," that they've got such a habit of it for centuries now that I don't know if they'll ever change before the Lord comes! I think that country & its rich will get so powerful financially & continue to beat down the poor that they won't pull out of it, because that's their culture. It's been drilled into them, pounded into them for centuries: "Don't step out of line, don't do anything different!"
       42. That's just Japanese culture, it's Japanese nature, submission, to submit. That is for the poor, of course. The rich & the government & the merchants can scream to high heaven against the U.S.A. & its insistence on free trade, etc., oh boy how they can bellow & complain, year after year! Until finally the U.S. is now really putting the pressure on. The Japanese never budged one inch until the U.S. threatened very severe serious pressure & penalties!
       43. So I don't think there's time left to really change the Japanese, the common people, they have been beaten down so long, suffered so long & submitted so long & resigned themselves to it so long. They've been persuaded so long that that's Japanese.--"You're not a good Japanese unless you act like that & obey like that & keep your head in & don't step out of line!"
       44. So God help us, & especially God help the poor Japanese! The rich ones don't need help. Well, they need help, but they don't know it. We could call this, "What You Don't Know About Japan!" Some people do, but I'd say most of the World doesn't. They don't know really the situation there. This is really the truth about the situation!--That's a good title!--"The Truth about Japan!" PTL!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family