WORLD CURRENTS!--No. 38       Comp.11/88       DO 2455

       1. I have kind of a weird feeling about all these peace-makings lately, all these wars being settled & all these peaces being made all of a sudden. It's such a completely concerted move by so many of the different warring nations that are all of a sudden at the same time deciding to make peace, I can't help but have a sneaking weird feeling that somebody or something is behind it & it's not just accidentally happening all at the same time! Almost every war on the face of the Earth is suddenly being settled or peace is being made or cease-fires or compromise or something! It sounds to me more like some kind of an engineered project. Like that verse in the Bible, "When they shall cry 'peace, peace', then cometh sudden destruction!"--1Thes.5:3.
       2. I just don't think that all of these wars could suddenly start being settled at the same time without something going on in the background by somebody very powerful & influential, such as, of course, the [EDITED: "ACs"], getting the World ready for their man!--The AC!

       3. This columnist says the same thing that most everybody else says about Dukakis, that he's rather cool & distant, & not a very warm personality, sort of cold-blooded. He doesn't really inspire people very well. They said he had to have four other speakers precede him at the convention to try to furnish the rousements, the inspiration, because he just hasn't got that.
       4. He's a cold, hard, calculating organiser, typical [EDITED: "AC"], with lots of money behind him & terrific organisation & the media & all the rest, but he doesn't seem to have a very warm heart. In fact, if he's the kind of [EDITED: "AC"] I suspect he is, he's probably heartless! They try & try to get him to warm up, that side of his personality, but he just doesn't seem to have it. He's just not a warm person. He's a cold-blooded calculator, organiser, with lots of money & press & [EDITED: "ACs"] behind him, just the kind they'd like to have. They don't give a damn about whether he's very inspiring or not, as long as he does what they say!

       5. You never find the AC media making fun of Bush or Dukakis, not once, but for Reagan or anybody in his administration, all they have is ridicule & sarcasm & slurs!

       6. It's been proven that people are a lot like sheep. In the elections when they find out that most people are voting for a certain person, such polls encourage them to follow the flock & the majority. Also, people want to be sure they vote for the winner. That's why it's such important propaganda for the campaigners to get out polls that say their candidate is winning, & particularly during the day when the election is held, to get out early reports that their candidate is winning, then a lot of people just go ahead & vote for that one so they can say they voted for the winner.

       7. This American Congressman Bob Dole is a loser, & I sure thank God he is! He was running against Bush for the candidacy, & he's a real hard tough cruel guy & I'm thankful he lost. I would hate to have that guy be President, he'd probably be the first to push the button & start the war!

       8. I think the U.S. has realised that it's almost over & they're just going on a fling, a buying splurge, like people did in the last days of Pompeii & before the Flood!--Or Marie Antoinette, who said, "Let them eat cake."--Or her husband, Louis XVI, "After me, the flood!--After me the deluge!"
       9. That's the way the Americans are acting now, they figure, "Well, it's over, now we'd better just buy up & go on a spending spree!"--Because they'll never be able to do it again. I think the common people have got more sense than the economists. They feel it, so they're just going on a spending spree. When they're having a drought & a food shortage & everything else, to suddenly go on a spending spree for luxury items & non-essentials is some form of insanity!

       10. On this recent rise in the Dollar--& a very small rise at that--this article is saying that it's caused by the forces who want the present U.S. administration to look good & the Dollar to be strong so that Bush will get elected.--And that not only the U.S. is behind it, but also Japan, because the Republicans are for free trade, & the Democrats are for restricted trade.
       11. The Democrats are even for retaliation. All the bills of retaliation against Japan's trade practices have been sponsored by Democrats. So he says the U.S. & Japan are working together to try to keep the Dollar strong. Of course, it's to the advantage of Japan anyhow for the Dollar to be stronger & the Yen to be weaker, because that helps them sell their goods easier.

       VAT TAX
       12. They're trying to introduce VAT (Value Added Tax) to Japan & other Asian countries, & I think that is one of the worst kind of taxes! It's a secret kind of tax, a hidden tax, called an indirect tax, where they tax every step of a product from raw materials to the retail sales. So that it eventually virtually doubles or triples the price of the product. It hits the poor the worst of all, & the poor are the ones without much voice to complain or object or protest.

       13. The Japanese finally yielded when they were brought before GATT! The thought of being seen in a bad light by the whole World, & actually condemned by the whole World for their import restrictions scares them to death! So they finally yielded on the beef & citrus fruit, & Clayton Yeutter, the American trade negotiator, rejoiced that it will be good for the American farmers & the Japanese consumers!

       14. Even Paul said that those who are without the Law but do things which are according to the Law shall be judged without the Law.--Rom.2:12. In other words, he indicates that they'll be judged leniently because they were good people & lived according to the Law even though they didn't know it existed. So I imagine the Lord will be good & merciful to the Japanese, because they're good people & trying to do right & do the best they can.
       15. At least He'll probably be more tolerant & easier going on them than those who knew the Law & did things worthy of punishment. It says, "Those that knew the Law & did things worthy of punishment shall be beaten with many stripes, but those who knew not their Master's will & yet did things worthy of punishment shall be beaten with few stripes."--Lk.12:47,48. So there you are!

       16. They say the thing that makes Japan so strong is that the people all work together. They back the government wholeheartedly, and they were responsible for stopping the Stock Market Crash! In personality and practice the Japanese are more like Christians ought to be with their teamwork and consideration for each other & taking care of each other, while the Americans are known for their independence and selfish individuality.--And look what a mess they're in!
       17. We certainly have found out in the Family and in the Lord's Work that teamwork is so much more important than individual leadership. Americans don't give a damn about each other, people can fall on the sidewalks of New York and be fighting and killing each other in front of their eyes and they'll just walk on by!

       18. You hardly ever hear a businessman or politician in the West admit he made a mistake, much less apologise for it. But in the Eastern countries, they just apologise right & left & resign & all kinds of things!
       19. The Supreme Court Justice of South Korea recently resigned. And listen to what he said! He told the news conference he was resigning because he was responsible for the loss of public confidence in the judiciary. He said he'd failed to reform the judiciary & was not suited for the post. "I did my best, but I failed, because of incompetence & lack of virtue on my part."
       20. Can you ever imagine a politician or any public personality in the U.S. ever making such a statement, such a confession? It's funny how the Easterners don't like to admit they're sinners, but they'll admit all kinds of mistakes & things like that!

       21. They say the recent trouble in Korea was more violent than anything they had before, this big march that the Communists tried to cook up. It's really the Communists, of course, trying to cook it up, trying to break through a barrier to the North. And oh, it's horrible the way they attack the police with fire! I mean, it's really horrible!
       22. I think the government there has really had a lot of patience. Frankly, I don't think I would, I'd start mowing them down! The policemen just let them come right up & throw fire bombs right in their faces! It's awful! There was a picture in the press of a policeman with fire on his helmet & on the top of his head & his neck, how horrible that must be! (See WND 234.) They let them come right there & they just stand there! You can't win a defensive warfare! I mean, they need to attack'm, shoot'm, mow'm down! They're devils! But the government is so afraid of public opinion & of what other countries will say, & blah blah!
       23. Now if you take the Palestinians, I think they've got a just cause, but not these rioters in Korea! Their cause is just to try to terrorise the government & turn the place into a Communist state! And it's all being promoted, of course, by North Korea.

       24. The President is a Christian who wanted to be a minister, but went a different direction, into the military instead. And the other opposition party, the second largest party, is led by a Presbyterian preacher. So the country & the politics in Korea is actually dominated by the churches, predominantly Protestants.--Because of the 14 million Christians in Korea, only 4 million are Catholics, the other 10 million are Protestants. Together they make a third of the population. The other third is supposed to be Buddhists, & the other third is some kind of odds & ends.

       25. Apparently a new ruler's taken over Burma who is now a lot tougher & even more dictatorial than the one before! Evidently he was the cruel tyrant before the former head of Burma. And now he can do as he pleases as the absolute head of the country. So instead of getting any better, Burma has gotten much worse & more dangerous!
       26. He just arrested all the leading dissidents, opponents & outspoken critics, etc. He was also the very one who was behind the slaughter of the young people in the recent riots in which they mowed down hundreds of them! So Burma's much worse now. They are tightening up very quickly under him. He arrested hundreds of dissidents, even an Associated Press reporter, anyone he thinks is antagonistic, he's just arresting them wholesale.
       27. (Maria: Thank the Lord we rescued one good disciple out of there a few months back at the Thai TTC, when they went to great expense & a lot of labour & time to get those four catacombers to come out to the TTC. Three of them went back, but we have one good one, a former lawyer, who is translating & is becoming a good strong disciple.) (P.S. The new Burmese ruler has now resigned too!)

       28. The new president of Ecuador is re-establishing diplomatic relations with Nicaragua, so he's apparently definitely Leftist.

       29. England & Ireland have been bitter enemies for years & years & years!

       30. They're making real progress in South Africa about Namibia, Southwest Africa. They're planning to give them self-rule, majority rule too, if the Cubans will get out of Angola & if the ANC--the African National Congress, that terrorist organisation--will disband their various bases in Angola.

       31. Amnesty International operates under the guise of a reputable organisation founded in London. But it's definitely pro-Communist, pro-AC, pro-everything bad, pro-Devil & against everything good! Amnesty International is [EDITED: "AC"]/Communist founded. So whenever you hear of Amnesty International siding with someone, you can be pretty sure it's the wrong side.

       32. That movie, "The Last Temptation of Jesus", is giving the [EDITED: "ACs"] an excuse to go on an all-out attack on Jesus now, because the movie's news. This director's going to burn in Hell! Time Magazine is attacking every phase of Christianity, every belief & doctrine: Virgin birth, the miracles of Jesus, His crucifixion, the resurrection & the Kingdom of God, they're attacking them all! It's giving the [EDITED: "ACs"] their ideal opportunity to go on an all-out attack. I don't doubt that they financed the whole deal. The [EDITED: "ACs"] are getting worse all the time!

       33. The Lord has made AIDS almost impervious to any kind of cure [DELETED]! [DELETED]

       34. There's no better way to encourage & to increase Christianity than by trying to suppress it!

       35. Gorbachev's policies are paying off. Soviet industrial growth & trade have risen.

       36. Africa's having its biggest locust plague in 30 years! They say the locusts could reach India & Pakistan within a year. The experts say they can't be stopped! They've sprayed five million hectares of North Africa & it's still out of control.

       37. Japanese products used to be the cheapest things you could buy--cheapest cameras, cheapest everything. But after the war they got so good they soon were the best you could buy, equal to the German goods, & now I think they've surpassed the German goods, to the point now that 80% of the Americans polled said they thought the Japanese goods were better than the American goods. So you can understand why the Americans aren't able to sell anything & the Japanese have got the market, when the Americans themselves have more faith in Japanese goods!

       38. That's one thing that the Japanese are a little unlike the Jews in, they take themselves so seriously & they don't see the humour in themselves in particular. Most Jews are great comedians. (Maria: Are they as self-righteous as the Japanese?) Oh, I think so, yes, very much so. (Maria: The Jews think they're better than anyone else in the whole World.) Oh yes, by all means! "Who needs to be saved?--I'm a Jew!"
       39. That is the typical Japanese approach to business. They say that you have to have contact with them for quite some time, a lot of contacts, a lot of approaches, a lot of talk. Businessmen will meet for hours, just talking. (Maria: They want to become friends first to see if they like each other.) You've got to go play golf with them & all sorts of things like that. In other words, the idea is, "I don't do any business with people who are not my friends." You've got to become a friend first.

       40. There was a big exodus of Japanese to South America after the war because they thought the U.S. was really going to punish Japan, & the same thing happened in Germany, there was a big exodus of ex-Nazis & German officers, etc. Those who had the money emigrated to South America. I think the number one place they went to is Argentina, Brazil is second, & apparently Peru is third.

       41. What was once a crime is now becoming a right!

       42. What happened in the enforced desegregation in the U.S. is that the Whites just let the Negroes come in, but they then moved out! So the Whites segregated. They refused to integrate & the authorities on the subject are saying that the situation is now worse than it ever was before. The Blacks are taking over the neighborhoods & the schools that used to belong to the Whites, & the Whites have moved to other neighborhoods & other schools, where they remain all White. What do you bet the whole thing was all engineered & organised by [EDITED: "ACs"] who got the government behind them to force integration.
       43. See, it was not the Southern Negroes that forced integration, it was the North. They forced integration on the South, just the way the North forced everything else on the South, including the Civil War & their conquest of the South & all the rest!
       44. Eisenhower & Kennedy are the ones that pushed it. When Federal Troops moved into the South to enforce desegregation of the schools, that's what showed the South that if they resisted it would mean actual war, another civil war with the North. So they finally yielded. They realised that if they didn't integrate, the North was going to force'm by arms at gunpoint, which they did! They literally forced them to integrate at gunpoint. And to keep the peace the Southerners just surrendered, rather than have another civil war which they couldn't win.
       45. Like one Southern governor said, "We're being invaded & occupied by Federal Troops!"

       46. The Vatican's been trying to get together with the Anglican Church, the Church of England. But the Anglican Church's accepting women as priests has now seriously hampered their attempts to get together. The Catholics have been trying to get together with the Anglicans for many years now, & they seem to have been getting closer & closer, of course, the less religious the Anglicans get. But they say the Anglican Church's latest move to accept women priests is now going to be a serious threat to that possibility.

       47. One more generation & I think the World would be back to total heathenism! How about that, demonism & idolatry & everything blatantly coming out for children in the form of cartoons & toys!


       48. I think every Christian's yard should be a witness, a testimony, kept neat & clean & orderly!

       49. French is a beautiful language! When we were in France I loved to hear singers sing in French, because it's such a beautiful language! One of my favourites is that song of love, "Chanson d'Amour"!--Beautiful! It's such a beautiful language in song. It's just a musical language even in speech.
       50. I'd say Spanish ranks close to it too. Spanish has a beautiful liquid flow to it in both speech & song, a wonderful language for music. Before the rockers took over the World--in other words, before the Blacks took over the World--Spanish Gypsy music had just about taken over the World, & had spread clear across Europe! We were amazed how Spanish & Gypsy even the Greek music was, Italian music. Almost completely across Southern Europe it's all really Gypsy music. Even the German beer garden music is real happy dancing music. They've obviously gotten a lot of it from the Latins & Gypsies, etc.

       51. News commentators used to just lope along to give you a little time to think about it. It's the new trend now to speed it up & do it real fast. But that's just the Devil trying to speed it up! The Devil's just trying to speed up the whole World, because speed kills & he's trying to destroy it! It's that drive, that tension, hurry, hurry, hurry! The Devil knows that really makes you nervous & kills people!

       52. It's horrors!--Those devilish demon-possessed fiends! The Devil really hates sex & what it produces, like our love & lots of children!

       53. In the United States alone the women kill a million & a half of their babies every year or so! God's got a big nursery Upstairs! (Techi: I'm going to take care of kids in Heaven! I believe it, I know it, I can see it!) I can see you working in the Nursery taking care of all the poor Mamaless & Papaless babies. They're going to call you Auntie Techi! (Techi: I want to do it all the way to Eternity & I'll never get tired of it!) Amen, I believe it!

       54. They chose Eisenhower for President over MacArthur because they knew that MacArthur would really run the country. Eisenhower was known primarily for his golfing. That's one of life's disappointments. But the Lord promoted MacArthur & now he's helping to run Heaven, which is much better than running the United States!

       55. These preachers really deserve what they get for preaching so much against sex, that it's so horrible & evil. When they finally get caught at it, they get back what they deserve!

       56. The poor worldlings, they get all burned out on sex, & now they have to have drugs to get spiritual experiences, isn't that sad? When we have Jesus we can have a lot more highs without wearing us out, & without wearing each other out. TTL!

       57. They've got nothing to keep them any more, these drug addicts, no righteousness, no goodness. They have nothing to hold on to. They can't stand the pressure of this life, so they just go for the slow death.

       58. Those kids with their music are jumping around just like they do at a Pentecostal meeting!--The Devil wants his praise & worship too!

       59. This crazy music is like modern art!--It doesn't matter how bad it is, people still glory in it because it's supposed to have been composed by geniuses, so deep that nobody can understand it. Listen to that stuff!--Little kids could have done it! Take two fingers & play them on the piano as fast as you can! You don't even have to have harmony any more, it can be discordant & everybody can be playing their own thing. Awful!
       60. That's the way they used to sound when they were first tuning up before the symphony began, but now the whole symphony sounds like they're still tuning up! How horrible! It's awful, discordant, it sounds like it's out of Hell! Even classical music is beginning to sound like Hell! It sounds like Hell! How awful! Like the old lady said at the modern art exhibit, "What grade of school painted these pictures?" "What grade of school did you say composed this music?" You don't have to be good to become popular nowadays, it helps if you're just crazy or a drug dreamer! Awful! Straight out of the Pit!
       61. Look at that conductor's face, he looks like he's already gone crazy! What an evil face. (Maria: But he isn't even the one that composed the music.) I don't know, sometimes they do. Those guys are still playing with two fingers, look! I used to do that when I was a kid, ha! These great famous musicians, great famous pianists, are sitting there playing with two fingers! Can you imagine, & people sit there & pretend to enjoy it!--"Oh, isn't he wonderful? Isn't he deep?" I agree with the old lady who said, "He ain't deep, he just ain't clear!"
       62. It just grates on you like modern art or these music videos. Look at his face, he looks like a demon! It's like the sounds of Hell! Look, he's still playing with two fingers! These guys are nuts, & just because it's supposed to be wonderful, the people all rave about it!--Like these great paintings where the artist stands off & throws paint at the canvas! No wonder the conductor looks so miserable, it's enough to drive anybody out of his mind! Horrible, horrible sounds!

       63. You know what China charges zoos in the U.S. for renting its pandas? It's a big money-maker! They charged $200,000 for three months, just to exhibit one of its pandas, & the zoos pay it! (Maria: You mean none of the zoos in the States own their pandas?) They might, I don't know, but they're very scarce, they can only get them from China.

       64. David said he hated his enemies with a Godly hatred.--Ps.139:22. I guess I'm too much like David, I really can't bless my enemies.

       65. There are a lot of cases of insane crimes. I think it's because a lot of these people glorify the Devil & worship him & are demon-possessed!

       66. Techi is like my Mother all over again, she's like a reincarnation of my Mother! She must have my Mother's spirit. It's just like she enjoys all the things my Mother used to enjoy. It's funny, it's almost like my Mother being here again. She likes nice pretty things & places & likes to eat.
       67. She's like a little holy Angel! All I can do is look at her & wonder--& wonder how come the Lord sent anything so pure & beautiful into this filthy World. I guess it was for me. She's like my Mother all over again. It just shows you that heredity of the spirit is stronger than heredity of the flesh. She has your body but my Mother's spirit. (Maria: Well, I guess the Lord can give people anybody's spirit He wants to!)--Yes.
       68. She's so much like my Mother it's like she's born out of time, like she's born a hundred years too late. She's a work of art, like a Renoir or Rubens! My Mother must have been that beautiful. She's just the kind of person my Mother would have loved, & does love, only she has to train her to be more ladylike. She's got the body & the spirit of a lady, now we have to teach her the manners of my Mother.
       69. It's amazing how my Mother influences Techi! I know it. She really is trying to bring up Techi her way.

       70. Anybody who doesn't believe in birth signs & characteristics just hasn't read about astrology! That's the thing that convinced me. I just picked up a little book in the dimestore one day when I was out on the road, a little tiny book, & I thought, "Well, let me read through this about the people whose birthdays I know, like my wife & children & different ones, & see if it really fits."--A little book that just emphasised the different major characteristics of the different signs, & it fit to a "T"! It was just like I was reading personally about them!
       71. From then on I was convinced that your sun sign certainly does control or determine your basic personality characteristics. What better way could the Lord have had to spread out various types of personalities but to assign them to the various months of the year?

       EVIL BIRDS!
       72. I've often thought that some of those birds, especially those black birds, like those evil birds of Sri Lanka, might be evil spirits. They certainly are annoying & their cry is like the cry of the damned!--Not a happy cry at all.

       73. There apparently are a few people in the industry that are interested in trying to produce things that teach good lessons for children, but very few. (Maria: Like "Care Bears." But even most series & things like that are quite tainted with all kinds of System junk, but of course the System makes them.) And a lot of it is silly. (Maria: But at least you can tell that some of them are trying to get some good message across.)

       74. The Lord answered my prayers for something so big as "Kill Khomeini," & let him suffer an ignominious humiliating humbling defeat before he dies! (See No.2407.) It's happening exactly as I requested. I believe my prayers had a part in it! I cried with a whole heart! Now all of a sudden he almost as good as surrenders & admits it's worse than taking poison, he's so ashamed.
       75. How come the Lord answered my prayer for that sort of thing & He hasn't answered my prayers for a little thing like healing me of some of these little afflictions? Maybe I need them. Maybe He's done it to keep me humble. I guess I have to suffer them because they're good for me. Maybe I'd get too hard if I wasn't humbled. Well, they certainly keep me humble & seeking the Lord, that's for sure! When you think you're dying almost every day, you sure stay close to the Lord, & you sure pray to make sure you don't make any mistakes.

       76. They're trying to take the place of God, & they think they can control everything nowadays. They make life so complicated, they think they have to do it all, when all they really need to do is just do it naturally, live naturally, eat what the Lord has supplied & recommended! It's all in the Bible. If any of them can remember back to their grandparents or great grandparents, probably what they did was a lot more near right than now, & they could still have a little common sense & eat normal natural foods.

       77. Opera is amazing, it's music & voice & acting & dancing all rolled into one! Ballet is beautiful, but I always miss the voices, it's all pantomime. The music is beautiful & the dancing is beautiful, but you really miss the voices, especially the lead singers. It takes the Europeans to go wild over opera. The Americans never really went for opera. In fact, Americans usually make fun of opera, they think it's silly, probably because they can't understand it. They can't understand it or they can't stand it, whichever one!

       78. The Devil must have had something to do with creating the Chinese & Japanese languages & those characters that make it so difficult to reach them. (Maria: And keep them isolated for the Devil!)

       79. That's why the Lord makes you sneeze if you get cold or chilled, it warms you up! It also gets rid of any irritation in your nose or anything that might be tickling it.

       80. Japan is a very hard nut to crack, but the meat is worth it!

       81. I'll never forget what one of my teachers in school once told me, I've never forgotten it. I think it was in business class, in typing. She told the story of a young fellow's letter to some important businessman, & at the end of his letter he said, "Sorry I didn't have time to correct my mistakes." And the businessman returned it to him saying, "Yes, & I'm sorry I didn't have time to read it!"--In other words, if you don't have time to correct your mistakes, I don't have time to read it!
       82. If it was just a little rough note to a friend. that's a different thing, but when it's going to be a published business letter, it seems they would at least proofread their own letter before they send it to me! I shouldn't have to correct the typos. That's one of my pet peeves, you know, with our own editors, having to go through & correct typos that they should have caught.

       83. Aluminum is lighter & cheaper, the Devil's own deception to poison people!

       84. The best way to witness is to keep people talking, get them to talk about themselves, even encourage them to by asking them questions. It's like a doctor getting a patient to pour out his symptoms, from which you, as a heart doctor, can often diagnose the major disease.

       85. I don't just read the paper, & I don't just mark items, I edit & underline so as to facilitate the reading by our Family members so they don't have to spend hours & hours reading the papers & trying to figure them out. I literally analyse the news & try to simplify it for them. I sometimes have to go over an article 2 or 3 times in order to properly edit, underline, analyse & even comment on the article.

       86. Whenever I find people who are not good spellers, I usually know they're not good readers & they don't even like to read, much less write. If there's anything people need to do in our business, it's to read & spell!

       87. Teenagers really need somebody to talk to. Their favourites are people that they can talk to & they can pour out their heart to. "I can tell them everything & they listen & they still love me!"

       88. One of the cardinal doctrines of the Catholic Church is that it's better to die than to be raped, than to submit to rape, & some of their greatest women heroes are those who died resisting rape! That's their doctrine. I don't know how many women it's killed unnecessarily! (Maria: It's so sad, their whole life & usefulness for the Lord completely wiped out!)
       89. Their doctrines are so contradictory!--They teach their women to resist rape to the death, & yet they allow their priests to live in sodomy & child-molesting & all of that without a whimper, without any objections or resistance whatsoever! (Maria: What a double standard, hypocritical!) By actual practice they condone sodomy & prefer sodomy to marriage, & yet they tell women to resist rape to the death! It's supposed to be to protect their purity, to be like Mary, blah, blah. (Maria: But they allow all kinds of other shenanigans to go on all the time.)
       90. The worst thing is they have driven their priests into sodomy because of their refusal to let them marry! (Maria: Speaking of sodomy, we've had some testimonies recently of people who have been delivered from that.) Thank the Lord! (Maria: There are some pretty good testimonies that should certainly help people that have the same problem. The Family is learning that no matter how bad they are, the Lord can deliver them from whatever it is.) Amen, thank You Lord!

       91. The most complicated poem the Lord ever gave me is "Ask Any Communist" (No.256). I felt like people didn't really appreciate it, but I just marvelled at it. It has a very unusual structure. It's kind of a structure within a structure. And it just came to me like that, I didn't even have to think about it, it was just pure inspiration. No credit to me at all, I'm no poet!

       92. Jesus was a Man of sorrows & acquainted with grief. Life is full of problems & some tears, but look at the sunshine!

       93. Henry J. Kaiser, the great aluminum magnate of California, became a great industrialist during the war, building what were known as Liberty ships. He had to drop out of high school when he was a kid because he made such bad grades & was absent so much while he was out building boats. They fussed at him & said, "You'll never amount to anything if you don't get busy! Look at these other students here in your class, look how well they're doing!" And they went on to get Master's degrees & Ph.Ds in engineering, etc. But later on he said, "Now they work for me!" A self-made man!

       94. Each side thinks they're right in killing each other, that's the horror of war. I'm sorry it was a little rough but anyhow, you might as well know what life & war are like. Now I don't want to go to war, but I would like to go to sleep!

       95. (Watching a dance video:) God bless our women, they're really fruitful! No wonder she has seven children, she's so sexy! I think lots of love & sex & having kids is really good for'm! I think it really really makes them more beautiful every year! It really does!
       96. Lord bless & help us to rear our children in the nurture & admonition of the Lord. "Nurture" is feeding, feeding them all our love. "Admonition," that's the warning & fear of God, both sides of love.--Feeding & spanking. TYL!
       97. I think our type of Family fulfills & runs the gamut of all a woman's abilities, talents & possibilities, & all of her gifts, & is satisfying, fulfilling.--Lots of sex & lots of children & lots of love for the Lord. All kinds of love! TYL! Hallelujah!

       98. (Maria: Here's a question from a Family member: "Sometimes when you're witnessing you have strong feelings for someone & the Lord seems to give you real love for each other. Then time passes & things change & you see them again but maybe you don't have the same feelings any more. Does this mean you didn't have real love to begin with?--As real love never fails.")
       99. No, that does not mean that at all. The Lord didn't fail to give them love when they needed it. (Maria: That has been a question because it says, "Real love never fails," & then they don't always continue to feel that same strong attachment.)
       100. Well, they're giving the wrong meaning to the word "fail." They are giving the meaning "ends" to the word "fail," that real love never ends, & that is not exactly the spiritual meaning. The spiritual meaning is more like it never fails when it's needed. It never lets you down. It didn't let them down when they needed it. Later when they didn't need it, that was a different story.

       101. (Maria: What is your definition of being in love?) A couple who wants to live together & doesn't want to be parted & would feel very sad if they had to be parted is the couple that's in love!--And would be very unhappy if they couldn't be together. (Maria: Yes, I think that's true.) In fact, they'd be what you might call heartbroken. (Maria: Yes, I think that's right.) I think that's what I would call love, real love. (Maria: Amen, that's a good definition.)
       102. Joined together by the Lord, & who make a good team serving the Lord.--Who, Lord willing, have children & love their children & their children love them & they're a good example of love to their children.
       103. --Those who take the responsibilities of marriage seriously, & consider that they should be loyal to each other, are loyal to each other, & don't have any idea of ever parting if they can help it.
       104. I think you & I are a pretty good example of that, people who really like each other as well as love each other.--You might say a marriage made in Heaven. Praise the Lord! TYL! (Maria: Ours certainly was made in Heaven, Honey, it really was! I couldn't have thought it up. The Lord arranged it. TYL!)

       105. A good name for what is going on now is the Secret Depression, one which people aren't admitting but which is happening anyway. Young families' income has dropped 26%, from 1973 to 1986, almost exactly the same as the 27% drop during the Great Depression. So they're having a depression whether they know it or not!
       --ARE YOU READY?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family