1. Do the children all know the most important Psalms by heart? They're going to need them. I need them too. I have to refresh my memory because that's all the Word we're going to have. Only what we have in our hearts, that's all we're going to have is what we have in our hearts & our minds. And we'll have to keep quoting them like John 1, John 3, John 5, John 14 & Revelation 3 about the Key of David.
       2. (Maria: You're talking about the Scriptures of comfort, right?) Especially everything we need at present. All we'll have is what we have in here in our hearts. (Maria: We won't have what's written in the MO Letters?) Oh no no, of course not. They won't let you take MO Letters to prison, only what you remember in your head & heart, that's all you'll have. You'll only have what you have inside, that's all, nothing outside.
       3. That's all I have already in the night like this when I wake up, besides praying in tongues. All I have to fight the Enemy is the Scriptures that I have memorised. That's all you'll have is the weapon you already have in your hand. That's all you'll have. That's all I have at night. I just keep going over those Scriptures & praying in tongues. (Maria: That's kept you going, right?)
       4. At night I'm already in prison & I'm alone & I fight the forces of darkness alone with the Lord & His Word, that's all I have & I just have to pray & quote Scripture & pray in tongues against the Enemy who tries to overwhelm me at night when I'm alone & you're all sleeping. But thank the Lord He never fails, TYJ. He always helps me through. XXXXX! TYJ! PTL! In Jesus' name, amen.
       5. Our children must know the Scriptures so they can quote them when they're in trouble & when that's all they have is what they've already hidden in their hearts. That they can't take away from you. It's hidden in your hearts. They can't take it away. It's a bulwark, a defence against the voice of the Enemy. XXXXXXX! PYJ! TYL! In Jesus' name. I couldn't survive these nights without it. TYJ!

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