THE GREAT GOLDEN BIRD!       DFO 1574       24/7/83

       1. I'VE BEEN DREAMING ABOUT THE GREAT GOLDEN BIRD! There's nothing prettier, there's nothing better for flying. (Maria: The angel was showing you the bird?) Yes. (Maria: And how was it shaped?) Just like a bird. (Maria: How big was it?) He said it was okay, I could tell you later. (Maria: He said you could tell me later?) Yes, when you were too tired to hear about it, he said that.(Maria: You never said anything about it, Honey, never, until just right now. You must have been dreaming that!) He knew you were too tired & couldn't stay up all night. (Maria: Maybe so, but I never heard anything about it till just now.)

       2. (MARIA: IS THE GOLDEN BIRD A SPACE VEHICLE?) Yes, of course! (Maria: Who rides in it?) We do! The Lord can't make anything any prettier than a bird--except women. (Maria: You didn't tell me how big it was.) It's gigantic! It'll hold hundreds of people like a big jumbo jet. (Maria: Is there only one of them, or are there many?) I don't know. I only saw one. He was showing it to me & I was boarding it for some reason. (Maria: Did you see inside of it?) No, not hardly at all I don't think. I don't remember. I was just amazed at the size of it, looking it over from the outside. And since you were too tired & couldn't hear any more, he said I could tell you later. But after all, it's shaped just like a bird so I didn't have to remember much.

       3. IT WAS SHAPED JUST LIKE A BIRD!--BEAUTIFUL!--NO MOTORS, NO NOISE, NO STINK! It had huge legs, & when it was ready, it just spread its wings & leaped into the air, & then just slowly waved its wings! It rode so quiet & beautiful! It didn't have stiff wings like an airplane, but it had wings that were really alive & that waved & beat slowly like a bird, up & down, & then just glided so quiet!--Just beautiful, just like a bird! In fact, it was a bird! It really was!

       4. THAT'S WHY HE SAID I COULD TELL YOU TOMORROW, SINCE YOU WERE TOO TIRED TO LISTEN, BECAUSE IT WAS BUILT JUST LIKE A BIRD.--Same dimensions & proportions & everything, only it was gigantic! (Maria: But I wasn't too tired to listen!) Yes, you were. (Maria: No, Honey! I'm never too tired to listen.) You were, you went to sleep! (Maria: You went to sleep too! Why didn't you wake me up?) Because I was dreaming. I didn't want to wake up. (Maria: I mean, why didn't you wake me up?) Well, if I wasn't awake, why should I wake you up?

       5. BEING SICK LIKE THIS IS KIND OF GOOD BECAUSE IT'S LIKE YOU'RE DRUNK! It's like I'm in the spirit all the time, only half here. And if it's just half of you, it doesn't hurt so much. The other half is seeing great things! Come on, Honey, I'll tell you all about the big bird! (Maria: You just did right now.) I didn't. (Maria: Just now you did.) I didn't! (Maria: You didn't?) No! I didn't tell you all about it, I just told you a little bit! (Maria: Is there more to tell me?) I'll tell you later. (Maria: You don't want to tell me now?) I'm too tired.

       6. IT'S FUNNY, I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT THAT BEFORE!--THE LORD'S ALREADY DESIGNED THE BEST KIND OF SHIP HE COULD DESIGN! (Maria: Remember I asked you if there were spaceships for us to ride in, & you said the Lord doesn't need them? I guess He doesn't need them, but He has them, huh?) There was this great golden bird! I told you! I said, "Except for the great golden bird!" (Maria: I never heard it before!) The angel said you couldn't stand any more, & he said, "Don't worry, you can tell her later!"--And then he showed me how it was built. And it wasn't hard to remember because it's just like a bird, only it was so big!

       7. WE MADE IT, THANK THE LORD, WE MADE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT! (Maria: We've been praying & the children have been praying we'd have more dreams about Heaven.)

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