THE ARTWORK JEALOUSY DREAM       10/2/79       DFO1295

       1. SOMEONE WAS VERY, VERY JEALOUS, EXTREMELY ANGRY, ESPECIALLY OF JACOB & HIS ART, & they criticised it. He made a small illustration for a Letter & he showed how he very cleverly had taken it out of a larger picture for a Komic of the small Letter.

       2. IT WAS LIKE THE LITTLE PICTURE THAT HE JUST DREW for "Happy Endings," with just the center of a much larger picture that he had drawn for the same letter. This was a very clever idea, because he had drawn this great big picture for the front cover of the Komic, & then he just took this little centerpiece out of it for the heading of the Letter, so that it was very clever & a big time saver.

       3. IT WAS SO CLEVER THAT WHOEVER IT WAS, WAS VERY JEALOUS THAT HE WAS OUR ARTIST WORKING WITH US. It was like there are some people that are very angry because some of these people are here with us in this nice place. (Maria: How do they know that it's such a nice place?) Well, they must. Somebody knows. Anyhow, they criticised his art & made fun of it & were very, very critical, & also of Pathway & her typing, because they are very, very jealous of the people that are here working with us, & very angry.

       4. THERE WAS A WHOLE GROUP OF THEM THAT WERE SPEAKING AGAINST JACOB & his art & Pathway & her typing. The Devil is very angry we have such a simple, powerful, effective little team, & is trying to find fault with it. I don't know whether it was my imagination or not, but it seemed like Timothy's Deborah was one of them, & that she wouldn't hesitate to betray us for spite (& did!).

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