THE ASIAN BOY DREAM!--By Father David       DFO 1044       27/4/77
--Another Warning to Americans!

       1. I WOKE ABOUT 6:00 IN THE MORNING & I JUST COULDN'T GO BACK TO SLEEP, & I COULDN'T FORGET IT, just like I'd been watching a movie. I can't remember it all now, it was so long, just like trying to remember a movie. There's so much to it I couldn't possibly remember it all, but it was really, really strange.

       2. IT WAS LIKE I WAS THIS LITTLE ASIAN BOY & it was just like a movie of my life, like it really was me. I don't know why I had a dream like that, I suppose he wants to communicate with me & tell me about his life or something. It just went on & on & on.

       3. IT SEEMS LIKE THE FIRST PART OF THE DREAM WAS IN A SOUTHEAST ASIAN COUNTRY LIKE VIETNAM OR SOMEWHERE, & it told all about his sufferings & how his sisters were all prostituted by the American army & had to live in these shanties & let all the GI's fuck them for money.

       4. HE WAS SO FURIOUS ABOUT IT, HE RAN AWAY & ESCAPED & went a long way through the tunnel & along the mountains. He took his little brother with him who was just really hardly more than a baby, but he managed to make it through the lines & over the mountains into the other side where the Americans were. I don't know why he'd want to go in there, but he did.

       5. I REMEMBER A VERY VIVID SCENE BEFORE HE LEFT, THE THING THAT REALLY MADE HIM DECIDE TO LEAVE HOME was that his house had been turned into a brothel for American soldiers, all of his sisters had been prostituted & everything was really horrible & filthy. He was even looking for a place to go for a BM & they showed him this little hole in the floor & just said, "There!" And then he went from there & he looked through the place & saw his sisters all being fucked by the Americans. He was so furious that he decided to grab his little baby brother & run away. He got away & he got over the mountains, through the tunnels & to the other side, the American side.

       6. HE FINALLY GOT THERE & HAD SOME HARROWING EXPERIENCES SLIDING DOWN MOUNTAINS & all kinds of terrible things until he got inside of the American lines. The strange part about it was that when that happened it was actually inside America then! I don't understand that at all!

       7. EVEN WITHIN THE AMERICAN LINES HE WAS AFRAID, HE WAS ALMOST LIKE AN INFILTRATOR & he was trying to sort of blend in with the scenery & not be discovered. America seemed to be in a terrible turmoil, in real confusion. So he sort of got away with me there for awhile.

       8. I REMEMBER ONE PLACE WHERE HE WAS TRYING TO GET SOMEWHERE & HE WAS RUNNING DOWN A FREEWAY. There were a lot of people, including him, running down the freeway instead were just running & running through the tunnels & all. They didn't have any vehicles. Isn't that funny? There were only a few vehicles on the highway, just a few, & they were trying to run as fast as they drove.

       9. HE FINALLY GOT TO A LITTLE FARM THAT SEEMED LIKE HOME FOR SOME REASON, LIKE IT WAS HIS FAMILY, a little farm. But there were still shells flying overhead & explosions just like the United States itself had broken up into a civil war & people were shooting each other. He & his family were trying to hide & dodge the shells & explosions, the bullets & all.

       10. IT WAS SO STRANGE THAT ONCE HE GOT OVER, IT WAS LIKE HE WAS IN AMERICA & HE DIDN'T LIKE THAT EITHER, he was mad, you know? He was having to run down the freeway to get away. But now it was like he was a little older & he had a two-way short-wave radio installed in his car to communicate with, & they were working on installing it in his car.

       11. SOME AMERICAN GIRLS KEPT COMING & TEMPTING HIM TO GO FUCK THEM, like the girls in the States were just going wild for sex. So he watched them fucking other guys & then while he was waiting for his radio to get installed he went & fucked a few, but he was sort of disgusted with them. Some kind of soldier or inspector came by & wanted to know what was going on & why did he have to have a radio & all this sort of thing, but the people who were installing the radio explained why he had to have a two-way radio in his car.

       12. IT SEEMED LIKE EVERYTHING WAS IN TERRIBLE CONFUSION, but he would get on his radio & talk to others & find out how things were in their part of the country, & they'd give him reports on what was going on in the civil war, like there was a big civil war going on in the United States & that was the only communication, the short-wave ham radio that he was communicating with to other places to find out what was happening there.

       13. THERE WAS A LOT MORE, IT WAS SUCH A LONG STORY LIKE WATCHING A MOVIE, but that was the general idea, about that little boy that seemed like he just came from Vietnam & came over the mountains & found himself in the United States, isn't that funny? And it was just as bad, if not worse, do you understand? Really bad! But he was thankful to get some help anyway & some women who wanted to make love to him, & he fucked a few.

       14. IT SEEMED LIKE THE AMERICAN WOMEN, ALL THEY WANTED WAS SEX! It didn't seem like they were interested in what was going on in the political or military situation, the women, the girls were just mad for sex! They kept wanting to fuck him. It was all sort of annoying him, you know? It was really terrible at first & it went on & on & on.

       15. THERE WAS A LOT ABOUT THE RADIO GETTING INSTALLED IN HIS CAR & WHY, him trying it out, & things were really in confusion, a terrible big mess! He was having his radio fixed so that he could keep in touch with things & see what as happening & get reports from other hams, other radio guys, on what was happening, because it didn't seem like there was any other communication, no other radio or TV or papers or anything, just secret short-wave radio, so it was just a miracle he got by with it!

       16. THE LAST THING I REMEMBER WAS THAT HE GOT TO A HOUSE WHERE HE WAS SLEEPING WITH HIS FAMILY, but there were these shells & bombs exploding all around. God by a miracle was protecting them & they weren't getting direct hits. They were all lying flat on the floor to make sure that they didn't get hit. All these American shells were exploding all around, people were shooting, & there was a big civil war going on. I was so thankful to get back down & be out of sight & out of range of the shells. Thank You, Jesus!

       17. I DON'T HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT THAT DREAM'S ABOUT OR WHY, UNLESS IT'S SOMETHING THAT'S COMPLETELY LITERAL & IS GOING TO HAPPEN. It was like I was right there, not even like watching a movie, but I was in it, I was the little boy, I was in it, I was the little boy, I was sliding down the mountain with my little baby brother in my arms escaping. Even when I got away, the Americans were just as bad if not worse, & it was terrible, it was awful! Lord, deliver us, in Jesus' name, thank You, Lord, amen!

       18. NOW THAT I THINK ABOUT IT, IT WAS JUST LIKE THERE WAS A BIG WAR GOING ON BETWEEN THE U.S. & THE ASIAN COUNTRIES or something, & this little young teenage boy didn't want to be involved & he was trying to escape from it all. But there just didn't seem to be anywhere to go to get away from it all, either on his side of the lines that he escaped from or on the U.S. side of the lines that he escaped to.

       19. EVERYTHING WAS A TERRIBLE MESS & TURMOIL, & WAR, SHOOTING, & JUST COMPLETE CHAOS, complete absolute confusion! It was really pitiful, really pitiful! Nowhere to go, nowhere to go, no place to hide, so horrible! Lord Jesus' help us, in Jesus' name! Thank You, Lord! (HOW MANY TIMES DOES GOD HAVE TO WARN YOU AMERICANS?!!!)

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