"NUCLEAR NIGHTMARE!" REFERENCES       DFO 1018A       24/1/81

       The paragraph numbers of the "Nuclear Nightmare!" Letter [EDITED: "ML #1018"] are listed below, followed by the references where their contents may be found in the original MO Letters. After these references is some interesting and pertinent information on the coming nuclear war.

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       The following is from a Playboy magazine interview with famous physicist Edward Teller, known as the "father of the H-bomb": "If there should be a nuclear exchange with Russia, the Russians have taken precautions, so that, in all probability, the damage to human life in Russia would be considerably less than it was in the Second World War. They probably would lose less than five percent of their population. Since we (the U.S.) have done virtually nothing about our civil defense, we would lose more than 50 percent of our population, and the U.S. would no longer exist as a power, a political entity, even as an idea. Our way of life would have become nonexistent.

       "The Russian people would survive, and the Russians have a superiority in number of nuclear explosives that might easily become great enough so that after such an exchange, they still had a terrific striking force by which they could coerce any nation on earth to deliver to them whatever they wanted--food, machinery, labor--so their property losses could be replaced in an exceedingly short time.

       "The Russians have evacuation procedures, and if they do, it seems to make sense that we should, too. Furthermore, they have a system of inexpensive shelters that reduce radiation a hundredfold. They are supplied for two weeks. In almost all cases, radiation will have dropped to a tolerable level in two weeks." ("Playboy Interview: Edward Teller", "Playboy" magazine, August 1979.)

       "Time" Magazine also quoted a very knowledgeable source who confirmed the Soviet advantage in the event of nuclear war: "Major General George Keegan, Jr., recently retired as the Air Force's chief of intelligence, has charged that 'the Soviets are capable of initiating, waging, surviving and emerging with a unique advantage from a global nuclear war." ("Arming for the 21st Century", Time Magazine, May 23, 1977.)

              "If Russia and the godless and supporters of the Antichrist are going to come out on top and win--if and when the atomic war comes and the pre-emptive strike comes--I believe Russia's going to make it and destroy the U.S. first. She will also receive some destruction through retaliatory measures of the U.S. missile machine, but it won't be nearly what the U.S. is going to suffer." (939:34)

              "But we tell'm and tell'm, and everybody tells'm, and the scientists tell'm, and the nuclear prophets warn them. The anti-nuke prophets warn'm and everything else, but it's no use, they won't listen. They refuse to listen." (875:53)--But it's still our job to "warn the wicked"! (Ezk.3:17-19)--So...

              "Go, speak all the Words I have given thee and tell them to the people that wait for the Words of My mouth. Go now and give unto them, for the hour is late and these things shall soon come to pass!

       "Go now! I say unto thee, go, or thou shalt be overtaken in the flood of fire that shall baptize this Earth and purify it in the day of judgement that I have ordained for the wicked!

              "Be thou faithful and diligently serve Me and deliver the Words of thy Father that He might bless thee and save thee and keep thee in the day of trouble which shall come upon all the inhabitants of the Earth, that I may spare thee because of thine obedience unto Me.

              "Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold the reward of the wicked if thou art faithful unto Me and keep the Words of My righteousness that I have given unto thee in My mercy and in My love and by the hand of My faithful Shepherd that redeemest thee!" (281:68,69,70,74,78)

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