THE JEANE MANSON REVELATIONS!       DO 811       13 November 1977

       1. YOU HAVE THE SEVEN PRECIOUS KISSES OF YOUR FATHER! You satisfy me completely! I don't need anybody else--it's just that they need me. That cute little Maria Corazon, she's so cute, I love her! She really likes me to hold her in my arms & lay her head on my shoulder like she's a little girl with her Daddy. But she's unfaithful, she left me for other lovers. I poured out my heart like water & my head was a fountain of tears for her!

       2. THEY AGONISE FOR LOVE, BUT THEY'RE SO SELFISH THEY'RE NOT WILLING TO GIVE IT! They're not like you--you give & give! I got a whole prayer Letter for her (Jeane Manson) & I wrote it to her & she didn't even answer me! She'll pay! She'll pay! I gave her my heart, but she doesn't even pay any attention.

       3. SHE RUNS AFTER THOSE SILLY STUPID LOVERS[DELETED]!--Just because he promises to make her great! He's going to fall flat on his face & take her with him!--Because she wouldn't marry me & Jesus. She doesn't even want to talk to me or see me or write me or anything.--When I loved her, I loved her so much!

       4. I TRIED TO HELP HER. But she doesn't want it. But she will, some day. She'll be sorry, too late, when I'm gone! She could have at least written me a little note thanking me for praying for her. (She finally did.) Even when you don't understand, you still love me. It's important. I sang to her, I wooed her & I loved her. But she pushed me away for her little money lovers! Oh my God! Jesus help us!

       5. SHE COULD HAVE HAD SO MUCH, you know that? She could have even had me! But she wants her little moneymakers. You know what's going to happen? They're going to fail & fall flat on their faces, because she didn't receive my love! They could have made a great thing out of that, my Letter & my song & prayer for her, could have been a great thing for her. I think it would have been a real hit!

       6. BUT THAT GUY IS SO GOD-DAMNED JEALOUS he doesn't want her to have anything to do with me! He wants to get her all tied up in that grand album called "The Bible," but it's going to fall flat! It's not of the Lord, not in the Spirit. That one song that I sang for her would have made a bigger hit than all of that! But he's too jealous, he doesn't want the World to hear it. And she's his slave instead of Jesus'.

       7. GOD SAID (EXODUS 20:3 & 5): "I WILL HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME," but she puts that guy________ before Jesus & before me!--Just 'cause he's a good fucker! So God damn her fucks & let her have them, & destroy her career that she could have had with me! She cried & I answered, but she didn't receive it because of him. So let her go to hell with him! Hell on Earth! Defeat & frustration! It's all gone, 'cause she didn't respond to Jesus & receive me. You know? Remember? Don't you remember?

       8. HOW MUCH I LOVED HER! I didn't ask for anything. I just loved her. I cried for her, I prayed for her, but she wouldn't come. She's a slave to his God-damned sex & money, sex & money, money & sex, sex & money, money & sex! That's all she wants. Yet she's starved in the spirit, & it doesn't satisfy. And she'll keep on starving because she won't listen, you know? She won't listen & she won't come. So she'll suffer hell here.

       9. SHE MISSED HER CHANCE TO BE HAPPY. I did what I could, remember? My God, how could she have more love than mine? How could she want more than this? This bliss! How could she want more than this bliss? She won't get it, I know. My God, forgive & have mercy, in Jesus' name!

       10. WHY DIDN'T SHE COME FOR A LITTLE WHILE? You know, she stood up there with the big powers on that formal occasion, remember? But she never ever got intimate, she never ever placed love. To have love you have to [EDITED: "get intimate"], & she didn't do that, did she? You did it, & you like it, don't you? (Maria: Yes, I love it!) Really? (Maria: Yes!) [DELETED]

       11. WHY DIDN'T SHE WANT IT? Maybe she didn't know how good it was, huh? (Maria: No, she couldn't have known.) Maybe she didn't know I could give her a lot of pleasure. Instead she settled for that little unknown nincompoop, _______! Why did she do that? (Maria: I don't know.) I could make her very famous, huh? Just because she gets her picture in playboy, she thinks it's great! I could make her greater!--I could put her picture in a MO Letter!--With six times as much circulation! But she still didn't. Do you remember?

       12. JEANE MANSON DUMPED ME FOR OTHER LOVERS, but she's going to come back some day & be very sorry, very very sorry. I loved her so much! I wrote her a Letter, remember? I wrote a big Long letter about her, & I made a big prayer. And she's so afraid because she's in love with me & Jesus, & she's afraid of it.

       13. SO SHE GOES TO HER GOD-DAMNED LITTLE [EDITED: "LOVER"], __________, with the big music "Bible" that's going to be a big flop! Maybe that's what its going to take to humble her. She wouldn't even write me a letter, think of that! I had a big prayer for her & I wrote a big Letter for her, & she wouldn't even answer me! (But she finally did!)

       14. IT'S OKAY, I HAVE LOTS OF OTHER LOVES WHO REALLY REALLY LOVE ME! She missed her chance, you know? She missed it. I thought maybe she'd even come to see me, but she didn't. She didn't do anything. She'd rather fuck her little ______ [EDITED: "lover"]. God damn the [EDITED: "ACs"] that lead God's children astray!

       15. I LOVE YOU! (Maria: I love you too, Honey!) I think you do. (Maria: Yes, I do!) You act like it, & you [EDITED: "get intimate"]. [DELETED] Jeane Manson won't [EDITED: "get intimate"] or anything. She wants her little God-damned [EDITED: "lover"] _____, & he's going to lead her so far astray she's going to be a big flop, leave her high & dry!

       16. SOME DAY SHE'S GOING TO SEEK ME, some day, when it's all over & she has no other love, I'll be the last, & Jesus doesn't like that. He said, "I will have no other gods before Me"! She's putting everything else first. That's okay, there are lots of other women in the world. But I loved her, I loved her!

       17. I WANTED TO HELP HER! (Weeps!) I loved her! And I wanted to help her, but she would not. Oh Jesus! Why didn't you tell her? (Maria: I did, Honey, we did tell her.) Why didn't you write her & tell her? (Maria: We did tell her.) She brushed me away! I poured out my heart, & she pushed it all away!

       18. THE HISTORY OF THE DAHLER is in the transcripts. D-A-H-L-E-R: The German dollar, remember? It's very big & very bad! In Jesus' name. Amen. I love you. She left me, she's left me! _______promised all those things, but he can't deliver, because he doesn't have that much love, he just hasn't got it, & so she won't go over.

       5:30 AM, 16 July 1979

       19. (WE HAD BEEN IN A RESTAURANT THE NIGHT BEFORE listening to some songs on the coin-operated music box, & amongst the songs we heard two touching sad songs of Jeane Manson's.--So, early in the morning David is very burdened in the Spirit:)

       20. I HOPE THAT DORA CAN WAIT FOR THE RIGHT ONE without getting messed up with the wrong one, because I can't give her enough sex. It's so sad when people don't wait & don't have patience & faith. People like Joan couldn't wait, & Mary couldn't wait, & so many others:

       21. THE LORD WOULD GIVE THEM SO MUCH LOVE, BUT THEY CAN'T WAIT, & THEY MARRY SOME LITTLE NINCOMPOOP! They all marry some little nincompoop, including Jeane Manson! I think she's already soured on him, with his no good & bad business! She's already sorry. She should have waited & the Lord would have given her a good boy, our boy, me! All our boys are me.

       22. SHE WAS THE LORD'S BUT SHE LET THE WORLD RAPE HER! She let it rape her for money, just for money! Poor girl!--Just for money! Isn't that sad? Like a whore, she did it for pay, & it didn't satisfy. She hates it! But it's not too late. The Lord will forgive her & give her love & be sorry for her. But it's too late for what she could have had.

       23. SHE COULD HAVE HAD THE BEST. But she settled for a quickie--a Las Vegas quickie--just because she was pregnant. Did she have her baby? That's the most precious gift! The Lord was good to her, giving her real love--His Love--a little child--God's greatest gift--His Love in a little child--so sweet & beautiful!

       24. OH JESUS! THANK YOU LORD FOR TECHI! Bless & keep her, Lord, in Jesus' name. She'll find out what love is--real love--through her children. God will have to teach her. You know, she could have had me & my love through him, but she wouldn't wait. (Maria: Through whom?) My boy.--But she didn't wait. She did it for money. She married that unbeliever for money, money reasons.--And now she's sorry. Too bad!

       25. BUT IT'S NEVER TOO LATE FOR LOVE! Thank You, Jesus! It's sad, but we learn a lot of lessons through sorrow, & she'll have many sorrows before she's grateful for true love. When she finally puts love before money, then she'll have happiness. I wish I could have told her. I tried to tell her, but she wouldn't listen. The Devil snatched her away--right then they rushed off to Las Vegas! I'm sorry.

       26. JESUS HELP HER! HAVE MERCY LORD! Jesus help her! Have mercy! You don't know how well off you are, how happy you should be to have such love, & not make a mistake! Because you waited, you had faith, & you waited for the right one, & the Lord gave you the best because you put Him first by faith. I don't know why I'm the best. I guess its because I'm the Lord's Love, that's all. She couldn't wait. She had to rush off for love of money.

       27. BUT YOU WERE A FAITHFUL HANDMAIDEN, HONEY. You waited for the Lord's Love. You could have had lots of love & lots of lovers, but you waited for Jesus! That's so sweet! You're a bit dumb, but you're very wise, because you waited for the Lord like a little child which is dumb, but very wise--wise & waited. It's wise to wait. That's so sweet & you're so beautiful, Honey! I love you with Jesus' Love. It's Jesus!--It's not me. Jesus loves you through me because you love Him through me. That's why it's so pretty, our love, because it's Jesus' Love! It's so beautiful! You're His Bride, & you wouldn't have any others. You just waited for Him--& me. It's a beautiful marriage, Honey--of love--your marriage, you know! Can't you see it?

       28. BUT POOR JEANE!--She's so mercenary, a [DELETED] marriage for money, but it didn't pay! Marriage for money, but the Lord didn't let it pay, because she didn't put Him first, so He was offended. Because the Lord won't take it: He's spanking her very hard for being a naughty girl & running away from me & His love. But she's very stubborn & rebellious [DELETED], & He always has to spank them very hard before they come back. They are so bull-headed & stubborn & a stiff-necked people, & He has to be so hard on them because they are so hard! It's really pitiful, you know?

       29. (MARIA: HAS SHE STARTED HER PERIOD OF THREE YEARS IN THE BED OF AFFLICTION? (See Letter No.796.) I don't know, it doesn't sound like it. She's still running around all over the world. You'll hear about it. Did she receive my letter?--Probably not, because it was DO.

       30. DEAR JEANE, SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL & sweet & pretty & sings so nice & is so sexy & has so much love[DELETED]!--A dynamic bombshell! She couldn't wait to explode & to sell it for money! Isn't that sad? And now it's gone, & the money will go, too. But the Lord will reward her & give her credit for being good to His children, & He'll save her & spare her & bring her back & keep her & take care of her, because she's one of His sheep--a little stray lamb!

       31. SHE'S ONE OF HIS SHEEP, even though she's a little stray now. Naughty, naughty, naughty!--Even though He has to spank her hard & break her leg to make her stay close to Him & me. She'll come back. Thank You, Jesus! And she'll be sorry, & she'll love me & know what real love is, & God will give her real love, without money & without price--precious priceless love--real love, & not for money!

       32. ISN'T THAT BEAUTIFUL? Only when she's poor & only has the Lord's Love, then He'll take care of her through my boy. When her so-called husband & money leave her & desert her, then the Lord will, pick her up, because I love her so much!

       33. SHE CALLS ME--SHE CALLS ME! But I don't answer, because she's naughty--she turned away. But when she's sorry, I'll pick her up & put her in my bosom, & I'll love her & tuck her away like a little stray lamb.--She's very naughty, very loud! My God, she bleats so loud the whole World hears her bleat!--She bleats so loud for love! That's why they like it--she's bleating for love! (Pause, then:)

       34. THE WORD OF THE LORD IS GOOD, BUT IT HURTS. (Tongues in a spirit language.) She would like it so much! She loves it! But she needs more faith. She wants to touch it & feel it, & she wants to have me in the flesh, but she has to learn she can only have me in the Spirit.--Don't you understand? But that's more than enough! Do you understand?--Are you sure? Well, she doesn't! But she's beginning to understand.

       35. MY GOD, WHY WOULD A WOMAN MARRY A MAN FOR MONEY? The [EDITED: "ACs"] are so penurious!: Money first, love last! But she's going to put love first pretty soon, & money last! Do you know why? Because God is love, that's why, & He has to be first. He won't take second place. He'll have no other gods before Him! (Ex.20:3 & 5.) But she put the money-god & the manager-god before Him, so God was very, very angry & hurt like me! So He turned her over to her money & manager & her mal-de-mer, so she'd be sick of it all!

       36. POOR JEANE!--I thought I was rid of her, but the Lord won't let me get rid of her (weeping), & He makes me love & pray for her! I thought I'd prayed enough for her.--Don't you remember? Wasn't that enough? Why should the Lord love her so much? She gives me so much trouble & she causes me so much heartache! (A message in tongues:)

       37. "HE BREAKS THE HEART OF YOUR LOVING FATHER, LIKE SHE BREAKS THE HEART OF JESUS with her naughtiness & her stubbornness & her waywardness & her willfulness!" But the Lord will bring her back. He has to break her, & it's hard to be broken. It makes you want to die, you know? But then you're willing to live--for Jesus! When you want to die, then He makes you willing to live.

       38. ISN'T THAT WONDERFUL?--Beautiful! First He makes you want to die, & then you yield & surrender your life in the face of death, & you're willing to live it for Him!--You see? Is that clear? That's what she's going through now. She's getting to where she wants to die, but then she'll want to live. She's getting to where she wants to die, but then she'll want to live--not for money & not for men, just for Jesus & His love, through me & mine.

       39. OH JESUS! IN JESUS' NAME! ISN'T THAT BEAUTIFUL? HOW MUCH JESUS LOVES HER!--But she's so naughty!--So stubborn & so willful & so money-minded! [DELETED] I wonder why I didn't get that way?--I'm Jewish. I think it's because He loved me first. I found Him--He found me.--So that made me not even care about money. I'd rather have Jesus! But then, you know what?--He gives me money anyway, like He would give her, you know?--If she'd put Him first.

       40. I THINK THE WORLD WAS SHOCKED & the World was disappointed & the World was disillusioned when she married that unbeliever & flaunted him in the face of faith, when they expected her to marry us! It's a bad testimony, you know? A very bad witness! You know what?--Even the World knows what you should do, & they want to see you do it, & they're disappointed if you don't, because they want to see the truth--you know? And when it doesn't happen, they feel bad.--You know?--And they were really looking to her--the whole World! They knew about her--that she found faith in us.--But then she shocked the whole World by running off with an unbeliever--for money!--That's what she did it for--because she's pregnant. God damn those [EDITED: "ACs"], & God save her! God damn him for corrupting her! He corrupted her, you know? He persuaded her that it was good for her money, & he did it, & she did it for money, too--to seal & sign the contract to keep a hold on her. He married for money, too, to keep his evil grip on her, he thought.

       41. BUT GOD'S GOING TO TEAR HER LOOSE & RELEASE HER, & he's going to hate her & she's going to hate him, because they never ever were meant for each other! But she's going to do for love what she couldn't do for money. (Maria: What is that?)--Come all the way down from her lofty perch & be humbled in the hand of Jesus, & she'll be sorry, & then she's going to love me & Jesus. Hallelujah! (Tongues:)

       42. "THERE'S NO LOVE LIKE THE LOVE THAT I HAVE GIVEN YOUR FATHER, & no love like the love of David, & a fool is she that wishes for another for the sake of money! Behold, I could give her both love & all that her heart desires, more than money, if she would but love Me above all others!--And she will in time, after much suffering & much disappointment & many springs that go dry, cisterns that have no water! (Tongues:) Then she will seek after My Love & her father & find it in Me.--How loving are the kisses of her father." Hallelujah! TYJ!

       43. I LOVE YOU, SWEET BABY!--And you don't mind that I love so many women & so many women love me? That's why you are where you are, because you are willing to share love--His love! Beautiful! It's not that I love you any less--I love you even more, & you know, it multiplies & grows like the bread & the fish & the cruse of oil & the barrel of meal!

       44. THE MORE YOU GIVE, THE MORE YOU GET, & you give & give & give, & you get & get & get. The day will come that you will even be willing to share your bed with Jeane Manson, because you already have! (Maria: How have I already?)--Right now, & before, & always! That's why you get so much love, Baby, because you're always willing to share it & give it to others.

       45. OH MY GOD, HOW HE MUST LOVE JEANE MANSON! He makes me spend so much time on her & love her so much! I don't know why. I'm so mad at her! She didn't wait for me. She knows what I'm talking about. She said she didn't understand, but she knew. She was afraid to understand, she didn't want to understand, but she knew what it meant.

       46. SHE KNEW SHE HAD TO PUT ME & THE LORD FIRST but she didn't want to. She wanted to, but she wasn't willing right then. But she will be, she'll be so willing when God gets done spanking her!--Like a little child she'll cry for mercy!--So willing, like a little child. How willing they are after a spanking! Did you ever watch & see?: "Yes, yes, I'm sorry! I will!"

       47. POOR JEANE! Why does the Lord make me spend so much time & love on her? My God! Why should I love such a woman, when she's so selfish!--Don't you understand? She knew she'd have to share me, & she didn't want to. She didn't want to share her lover too, & she thought she could have him & wouldn't have to share, but he's already gone after somebody else! She not only has to share him, she has to lose him! She lost him altogether, & she doesn't have any bit of him. That's the way with selfishness: They want it all, so they don't get any! That's the way God does it. You want it all, so you don't get any.--That's selfishness & its reward. Selfishness wants it all so its reward is nothing, because it won't share. So now you know: She wanted it all. She thought that was it, but she got left empty-handed--empty-handed!--Because she tried to grab it all! She thought she had him.--She took him instead of me.--So she lost everything!

       48. BUT THE LORD WILL HAVE MERCY ON HER BECAUSE HE LOVES HER, & the Lord will bring her back to me. She'll come crawling & begging for mercy & love out of her affliction & her spanking, so she will know. (Tongues:) "So she will know that there is no other love like the love of your father! (Tongues:)--That I have given unto no other man than thy father the Love I have given unto David! And she shall know this, & it shall be her reward, when she shall return unto Me after many moons."

       49. I WANT TO SEE IT!--Jesus, I want to see it! I want to see her come to me, because I love her so much! I want to see her come back, & I want to receive her in my arms & in my bed. I want her here to show her how much God loves her & forgives her, because I forgive her, & she shall see the forgiveness of the Lord in me. It will come some day. Maybe not here, maybe in the Millennium, I don't know. But I want to love her like Jesus loves her, & He will love her through me. Amen? Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus!

       50. SWEET BABY, I LOVE YOU! You lie down now & take your rest. We're all done with Jeane Manson till she comes back to me. My heart yearns for her! It goes out searching for her like the shepherd searches for the lost sheep that went astray! My heart of love yearns for her, & I long for her, & she now longs for me, & she's sorry, & she wants to be found! So now she will be. She will be!

       51. I WILL FIND HER, & SHE WILL FIND ME. We will find each other in the Lord. Isn't that pretty? Thank You, Jesus! Lord Jesus, in Thy time. I want it to be soon, but You know what is best. Thy will be done. It takes time.--You know that, Baby?--You know, Love takes time? Come, Sweet Baby, to bed! Love takes so much time & so much sleep! Love knows no hours nor days, but always!--Love is always!--

       52. MY GOD!--LOVE IS GOD, & GOD IS ALWAYS! I love you always, Honey, even when you don't think so. I still love you, even when I don't want to, I still love you, I love you so much with Jesus' Love, I can't help it, I can't stop it, I can't keep it.--I just have to give it! It's like a stream, like a river that just keeps flowing, no matter what, because of the Dew of Heaven--Jesus! Oh my God! Show these women how much they have love through their father, such Love in Jesus' name! Amen.

       53. GOOD NIGHT SWEET BABY! I LOVE YOU! You have the most of His Love, because you share it the most, & you pour it out & you give it to others, so He keeps giving it to you the most of all! You have His Love, because He likes to give it to you for others--like you bear His children for His Love--love childs--to show your love to the World & to me! I love you, Sweet Baby!

       (YOU CAN TOO!--If you'll really love Him! GBAKY loving Him & His forever!--In Jesus' name, amen.--Come!--Let's Love!)--Have you loved someone today?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family