ML Numerical List
(Updated February 6, 2005)
: This list is not final.

A       Old Church, New Church Prophecy (Vol.1)
B       Mountain Men (Vol.1)
C       Colonisation, Not Scatteration (Vol.1)
D       Nehemiah--Persecution (Vol.1)
E       Who Are the Rebels? (Vol.1)
F       There Are No Neutrals (Vol.1)
G       Letter to a Loved One (Vol.1)
H       War-Boom-Bust Economy (Vol.1)
I       Reformation or Revolution? (Vol.1)
J       Not a Sermon, But a Sample (Vol.1)
K       Casting Out Demons (Vol.1)
L       Rise of the Reactionary Right, The (Vol.1)
M       Faith and Healing (Vol.1)
N       Scriptural, Revolutionary Lovemaking (Vol.1)
O       Burn Free (Vol.1)
P       Lovemaking in the Spirit (Vol.1)
Q       Scriptures on Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage (Vol.1)
R       Last Ranch Prophecy (Vol.1)
S       Revolutionary Rules, The (Vol.1)
T       More on Faith (Vol.7)
U       Parable of David and Saul, A (Vol.7)
1       God's Little Miracles--Part 1 (Vol.1)
2       God's Little Miracles--Part 2 (Vol.1)
3       Diamonds of Dust (Vol.1)
4       For God's Sake, Follow God (Vol.1)
5       Boat Trip and Hannah (Vol.1)
6       All Things Change, But Jesus Never (Vol.1)
7       Are You a Sight-Seer Or a Seer-Sighter? (Vol.1)
8       He Is Not a Jew Prophecy (Vol.1)
9       Temple Prophecy, The (Vol.1)
10       One Man--One Vote (Vol.1)
11       Squeeze--Don't Jerk (Vol.1)
12       Rasputin: Hero?--Or Heel? (Vol.1)
13       Dreams of England (Vol.1)
14       Description of Slides (Vol.1)
15       Four Dreams of New Colonies (Vol.1)
17       Tape IV (unpublished)
18       Baby the Babes (Vol.1)
19       Prophecies of the Handmaiden of the Lord (Vol.1)
20       Let's Talk About Jesus (Vol.1)
21       Mountain Island Villa Dream (Vol.1)
22       Letter to the Office Teams (Vol.1)
23       Quality or Quantity? (Vol.1)
24       General Epistle to Leaders (Vol.1)
25       Love Never Fails (Vol.1)
26       Pointers for Leaders (Vol.1)
27       Use It (Vol.1)
28       I Gotta Split--Part 1 (Vol.1)
29       I Gotta Split--Part 2 (Vol.1)
31       So You Want to Be a Leader? (Vol.1)
32       Sock It to Me (Vol.1)
33       Dumps (Vol.1)
34       Dropouts IV (Vol.1)
35       Did God Make a Mistake? (Vol.1)
36       George (Vol.1)
37       Brother Saul (Vol.1)
38       Correction of Leadership (Vol.1)
39       Epistle to a Leader (Vol.1)
42       Dropouts--Part 1 (Vol.1)
43       Tape V (Afif) (unpublished)
45       Flesh or Spirit? (Vol.1)
46       Promised Land?, The (Vol.1)
47       Epistles to Pastors (Pastors I) (Vol.1)
48       Second Epistle to Pastors (Vol.1)
49       Third Epistle to Pastors (Vol.1)
50       Good Sample, A--1Peter 5:3 (Vol.1)
50A       Greeting (Vol.1)
51       Letters I (Vol.1)
51A       Ministry of the Mail (Vol.1)
52       Letters II (Vol.1)
53       Letters III (Vol.1)
54       Organisation I (Vol.1)
55       Letters IV (Vol.1)
56       Organisation II (Vol.1)
57       Flatlanders (Organisation III) (Vol.1)
58       London (Vol.1)
59       New Colonies (Vol.1)
60       New Colonies II (Vol.1)
61       Gypsies, The (Vol.1)
62       New Teams (Vol.1)
63       Mountain Island Villa Found (Vol.1)
64       Personal Answers I--New Nation Prophecies (Vol.1)
65       Cromwell (Vol.1)
66       Breakdown (Vol.1)
67       Personal Answers II (Vol.1)
68       Personal Answers III (Vol.1)
69       God's Explosions I (Vol.1)
69A       God's Explosions II (Vol.1)
70       Stand in the Gap (Vol.1)
71       Judas (Vol.1)
72       Heavenly Visitor, A (Abner) (Vol.1)
73       Faith (Vol.1)
73A       Stands in the Gap, He (Vol.1)
74       Stop--Look--Listen! (Vol.1)
75       Prayer for Love and Mercy (Vol.1)
75A       Space City (Vol.1)
76       Dear Rahel (Vol.1)
77       David (Vol.1)
78       Key of David, The (Vol.1)
79       Call of David, The (Vol.1)
80       Ultimate Trip, The (Vol.1)
81       Prayer of Intercession (Vol.1)
82       Prophecy of Deliverance (Vol.1)
83       Psalm 68 (Vol.1)
84       My Love Is a Legend (Vol.1)
85       Sounds in the Night (Vol.1)
86       One Way (Vol.1)
87       Feet of Faith (Vol.1)
88       Personal Notes (Vol.1)
89       Prophecy in Laurentide (Vol.1)
90       Prophecy--Shad (Vol.1)
91       Advice on 10:36ers (Vol.1)
92       Inspired Songs (Vol.1)
93       Heavenly Conversation (Vol.1)
94       Kingdom Prophecies, The (Vol.1)
95       MO Song Tapes I and II (unpublished)
96       Bible Study--Isaiah 2 and 4 (Vol.1)
97       After the Louisiana Festival of Life (Vol.1)
98       Morning Prayer (Vol.1)
99       Shepherd's Crook, The (Vol.1)

100       To All My Children--With Love (Vol.1)
101       To Europe with Love (Vol.1)
102       Pied Piper Prophecy, The (Vol.1)
103       Dollar, The (Vol.1)
104       Pictures (Vol.1)
105       Who Are the Racists? (Vol.1)
106       Schedules (Vol.1)
107       Personal Replies (Vol.1)
108       Nitler--His Future Foretold (Vol.1)
109       To the Northwest Brethren--And Sisters (Vol.1)
110       Dear Deb and Jeth (Vol.1)
111       Questions and Answers (Vol.1)
112       General Letter on Various Business (Vol.1)
113       Shepherd-Time Story, A (Vol.1)
114       Beauty for Ashes (Vol.1)
115       Saul and Michael (Vol.1)
116       Thoughts and Prophecies (Vol.1)
117       More Prophecies on Old and New Church (Vol.1)
117A       Coming Division (Vol.1)
118       Problems (Vol.1)
119       Duggar Academy (Vol.1)
120       Mountainslide--A Dream (Vol.1)
121       Draft, The (Vol.1)
122       Decentralisation (Vol.1)
123       Get It Together (Vol.1)
124       Suggestions (Vol.1)
125       Persecution (Vol.1)
125A       How to Close Up a Colony (Vol.1)
126       Looking unto Jesus (Vol.1)
127       Specifics (Vol.1)
128       They Can't Stop Our Rain (Vol.1)
129       Details (Vol.1)
130       Communications (Vol.1)
140       Backsliders (Vol.1)
141       Statistics (Vol.1)
142       Public Relations (Vol.1)
143       Personal Visits--Part 1 (Vol.1)
143A       Personal Visits--Parts 2 and 3 (Vol.1)
144       Let My People Go (Vol.1)
144A       Emergency Call Home (Vol.1)
145       Homegoing, The (Vol.1)
146       Little Book and the Time of the Gentiles, The (Vol.1)
147       Personal Words (Vol.1)
148       Jesus People?--Or Revolution (Vol.1)
149       Current Events (Vol.1)
150       Have Faith, Will Travel (Vol.1)
151       Reading, Pin-ups, Mistakes, and World Conquest Through Love (Vol.2)
152       Psalm of David, A (Vol.2)
153       Let the Dead Bury the Dead (Vol.2)
153A       Tape--Analysis of TIME Article (unpublished)
154       Wonderful Wave of Worldwide Witnessing, A (Vol.2)
154A       Faith's Lost Sheep Prophecies (Vol.2)
154B       My Love Is the Wild Wind (Vol.2)
155       Laws of Moses, The (Vol.2)
156       70-Years Prophecy of the End, The (Vol.2)
156A       Corrections (Vol.2)
156B       Advice on Publications (Vol.2)
156C       Dear Ho and Faith (Vol.2)
157       Thanks and Comments (Vol.2)
158       Almond Tree, The (Vol.2)
159       Be So Happy (Vol.2)
160       Great Escape, The (Vol.2)
160A       Emergency, The (Vol.2)
160B       Flee as a Bird (Vol.2)
161       Labour Leaders (Vol.2)
162       Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin (Vol.2)
163       Dreams of Jeremiah 40 (Vol.2)
164       Operation PACC (Vol.2)
165       School, The (Vol.2)
166       Music that Made the Revolution, The (Vol.2)
167       Other Sheep (Vol.2)
168       Baalzebub--Lord of the Flies (Vol.2)
168A       Special "Emergency Notice to Leaders" (Vol.2)
169       My Yoke Is Easy (Vol.2)
170       Vanity Fair (Vol.2)
171       Attack (Vol.2)
172       Survival (Vol.2)
173       Your Declaration of Independence (Vol.2)
174       "99 Theses" on the Children of God (Vol.2)
175       Monster, The (Vol.2)
176       Monster on the Move (Vol.2)
177       Call of India (Vol.2)
178       Border Bases (Vol.2)
179       Are the Children of God a Sect? (Vol.2)
179A       Are You a Good Sport? (Vol.2)
180       Arrivederci Roma (Vol.2)
181       Prayer for a Queen (Vol.2)
182       Die Daily (Vol.2)
183       World Council of Churches, The (Vol.2)
184       Are We Catholics or Protestants? (Vol.2)
185       Kingdom, The (Vol.2)
186       Prayer for the Prime Minister (Vol.2)
186A       Watch, The (Vol.2)
187       802 South (Vol.2)
188       Prophecy Against Our Enemies, A (Vol.2)
189       MO's Newsletter and Advisory (Vol.2)
190       Newsletter and Advisory--II (Vol.2)
191       Temple Time (Vol.2)
192       Papal Audience (Vol.2)
193       Open Letter to Our Friends, An (Vol.2)
194       Spirit Tree (Vol.2)
195       Snowman (Vol.2)
196       Paper Agape (Vol.2)
197       State of the Nation (Vol.2)
198       Don Quixote--Or the Crazy Crusader (Vol.2)
199       Howard Hughes (Vol.2)

200       Maryknoll Fathers, The--A Dream (Vol.2)
201       African Nightmare, The (Vol.2)
202       Maharishi of Hyderabad, The (Vol.2)
203       Bell, Book and Candle (Vol.2)
204       Rape of England, The (Vol.2)
205       Meek, The (Vol.2)
206       Heidi (Vol.2)
207       Wonder Working Words (Vol.2)
208       Become One (Vol.2)
209       Brave Pioneers (Vol.2)
210       Office of a Bishop, The (Vol.2)
211       Rags to Riches (Vol.2)
212       Kings (Vol.2)
213       Baby, The (Vol.2)
214       Crystal Pyramid, The (Vol.2)
214A       Amerikan Way, The (Vol.2)
215       Birthday Warning, The (Vol.2)
216       America the Whore (Vol.2)
217       Problem Kings (Vol.2)
218       Rules for Rulers (Vol.2)
219       Special Police Powers (Vol.2)
220       Flood, The--A Dream (Vol.2)
221       Asylum, The--A Dream? (Vol.2)
222       Playground The--A Dream (Vol.2)
223       Index, The (Vol.2)
224       Goddesses, The (Vol.2)
225       Brother Sun (Vol.2)
226       Gaddafi's Magic Lamp (Vol.2)
227       Spider's Web, The (Vol.2)
228       Shangri-La--Lost Horizon Found (Vol.2)
229       MO Letter Reprinting List (Vol.2)
230       Makarios (Vol.2)
231       Bye, Bye, Birdie (Vol.2)
232       Bye, Bye, Pie (Vol.2)
233       Feed My Sheep (Vol.2)
234       Aaron on the Mountain (Vol.2)
235       Rose, The (Vol.2)
236       Art of Oh, The--A Love Poem (Vol.2)
237       Holy Holes (Vol.2)
238       Choice (Vol.2)
239       Lampton on the Altar of Watergate (Vol.2)
240       Mountin' Maid (Vol.2)
241       Shiners?--Or Shamers (Vol.2)
242       Old Bottles (Vol.2)
243       Green Paper Pig, The (Vol.2)
244       Despise Not Prophesying (Vol.2)
245       Gaddafi's Third World (Vol.2)
246       Gaddafi--And the Children of God (Vol.2)
247       Gaddafi's March (Vol.2)
248       More on Gaddafi (Vol.2)
249       One Wife (Vol.2)
250       Revolutionary Women (Vol.2)
251       New Bottles (Vol.2)
252       Prayer in the Spirit, A (Vol.2)
253       Conferences, Colonies, Bands and Buses (Vol.2)
254       Golden Seeds (Vol.2)
255       War and Peace (Vol.2)
256       Ask Any Communist (Vol.2)
257       Anti-"God War," The (Vol.2)
258       Revolutionary Sex (Vol.2)
259       Revolutionary Lovemaking (Vol.2)
260       Revolutionary Marriage (Vol.2)
261       Oplexicon (Vol.2)
262       Green Door, The (Vol.2)
263       Wise and Unwise Leader, The (Vol.2)
264       I Am a Toilet--Are You? (Vol.2)
265       Follow God (See No.4) (Vol.2)
266       Drugstore, The (Vol.2)
267       MO Letter Index Volume 1, The (Vol.2)
268       Madame M (Vol.2)
269       Christmas Monster, The (Vol.2)
270       State of the World (Vol.2)
271       Solaris (Vol.2)
271B       More on "Solaris" (Vol.2)
272       End of Allende?, The (Vol.2)
273       Chinese Spirits (Vol.2)
274       Arab Wall, The (Vol.2)
274A       Warning on Distribution of Controversial Lit (Vol.2)
275       Parable of the Frog, The (Vol.2)
275A       Demonography (Vol.2)
276       Phoenix, The (Vol.2)
277       Real War Goes On, The (Vol.2)
278       More on Kohoutek (Vol.2)
279       Ivan Ivanovitch (Vol.2)
280       40 Days (Vol.2)
281       Israel Invaded (Vol.2)
282       Europa--A Spirit Love Affair (Vol.2)
282A       Interpretation (Vol.2)
283       Comet Comes, The--Chaos Reigns (Vol.2)
283A       Contracts--Rough Notes (Vol.2)
284       Crash, The--A Dream (Vol.2)
285       Psychic Sees the Future (Vol.2)
286       Come On Ma--Burn Your Bra (Vol.2)
287       Jealousy (Vol.2)
288       Kennedy (Who Shot Kennedy?) (Vol.2)
289       More War--Mideast Explodes Again (Vol.2)
290       Alice and the Magic Garden (Vol.2)
291       Bewitched (Vol.2)
292       Women in Love (Vol.2)
293       Little Flirty Fishy, The (Vol.2)
294       Money Explodes, The (Vol.2)
295       Comet's Tale, The (Vol.2)
296       Abrahim the Gypsy King (Vol.2)
297       Getting Organised (Vol.2)
298       Abrahim: The Gypsies' Story (Vol.2)
299       Students Stand Up (Vol.2)

300       MO Letter Index Volume 2, The (Vol.2)
301       Abrahim: How Arabs Became Gypsies (Vol.3)
301A       Share the Know (Vol.3)
301B       To My "Typewriter Queens" (Vol.3)
301C       Lord Byron's Surrender (Vol.3)
302       Prayer Power (Vol.3)
302A       "All Things" Tree, The (Vol.3)
302B       Aries--The Ram (Vol.3)
302C       Law of Love, The (Vol.3)
303       Exorcism (Vol.3)
303A       Paper Power (Vol.3)
304       Look of Love (Vol.3)
305       Que Sera' Sera' (Vol.3)
305A       Que Sera' Sera'--Preface (Vol.3)
306       Sex Works (Vol.3)
307       Lovelight (Vol.3)
307A       To Our Worldwide Family (Vol.3)
307B       Antenna, The (Vol.3)
308       Revolutionary Love Letters and Poems
309       Beauty and the Beasts (Vol.3)
309A       Sword of the Lord, The (Vol.3)
309B       Builders Beware (Vol.3)
310       World-Famed Economists Forecast Doom (Vol.3)
310A       MWWFNL No.1 (Vol.3)
310B       MWWFNL No.2 (Vol.3)
311       How to Survive War (Vol.3)
311A       Lovest Thou Me?--Feed My Sheep (MWWFNL No.4) (Vol.3)
311B       Hitch Your Wagon to a Star (MWWFNL No.5) (Vol.3)
311C       MWWFNL Nos.6,7 and 8 (Vol.3)
312       Benefits of Backsliding, The (Vol.3)
312A       MWWFNL No.9--Paris Piss Off (Vol.3)
312B       MWWFNL Nos.10,11 and 12 (Vol.3)
312C       Inspired and Uninspired Songs (MWWFNL No.13) (Vol.3)
313       But If Not... (Vol.3)
313B       France Our Friend (MWWFNL No.14) (Vol.3)
313C       Backsliding (Vol.3)
314       Revolutionary New Life (Vol.3)
314A       Forsaking All (Vol.3)
314B       Marriage Problems (MWWFNL No.15) (Vol.3)
314C       Reports and Moving (MWWFNL No.16, 17 and 18) (Vol.3)
315       What Is that in Thy Hand? (Vol.3)
315A       Telephone Traitors and Problem Pastors (MWWFNL No.19 and 20) (Vol.3)
315B       Blob War, The (MWWFNL No.21) (Vol.3)
315C       Indigenous--Or Home-Grown (MWWFNL No.22) (Vol.3)
316       Heavenly Homes (Vol.3)
316A       Birds and the Seeds, The (Vol.3)
316B       Blob Story, The--A Sob Story (Vol.3)
316C       Know the Share (Vol.3)
317       Truth, The--Vs 112 Official Lies (Vol.3)
317A       Credits, Designations, Sharing and Rewards (Vol.3)
317B       Fret Not (Vol.3)
317C       MWWFNL No23 (Vol.3)
318       Scatteration and Dispersion (Vol.3)
318B       Local Pubs (MWWFNL No.24) (Vol.3)
318C       Family News (MWWFNL No.25) (Vol.3)
319       Tree, The (Vol.3)
320       Listening?--Or Lamenting? (Vol.3)
320A       MO Letter Index Volume 3, The (Vol.3)
321       Rich Man, Poor Man (Vol.3)
322       Child's Story of Blobs, A (Vol.3)
322A       Happy New Year 1975 (MWWFNL No.26) (Vol.3)
323       Dancer, The (Vol.3)
324       City of Buried Treasure, The (Vol.3)
325       Letter to a Labourer (Vol.3)
325A       Oh of Art, The (Vol.3)
325B       Round Round Room, The (Vol.3)
325C       Japanese-South American Dream, The (Vol.3)
326       Musical Key (Vol.3)
326A       Sequel to "Musical Key" (Vol.3)
326B       Fair Sex (Vol.3)
326C       How to Survive in a Small Colony (Vol.3)
327       Inflation or Deflation? (Vol.3)
328       Glamour or Glory? (Vol.3)
328A       Lit Revolution, The (Vol.3)
328B       Disciple Revolution, The (Vol.3)
328C       Shake Up, The--Or Reorganisation (Vol.3)
329       Word--New and Old, The (Mat.13:52) (Vol.3)
329A       Bloodless Coup, The (Vol.3)
329B       Colony Revolution, The (Vol.3)
329C       New Leadership Revolution, The (Vol.3)
330       Our Message (Vol.3)
330A       Economy Revolution, The (Vol.3)
330B       Childcare Revolution, The (Vol.3)
330C       What's the Difference? (Vol.3)
331       Early Church, The (Vol.3)
331A       Prophecies of the Great Queen (Vol.3)
331B       How To (Vol.3)
331C       More on "How To" (Vol.3)
332       Church System, The (Vol.3)
332A       What To (Vol.3)
332B       When To (Vol.3)
332C       Sex Problems (Vol.3)
333       Political System, The (Vol.3)
333A       Rolled Gold (Vol.3)
333B       Eritrea--A Dead Horse? (Vol.3)
333C       Registration?--Or Scatteration (Vol.3)
334       Endtime Whispering Vision, The (Vol.3)
334A       Who To--Pushers or Problems? (Vol.3)
334B       Explosion (Vol.3)
334C       Where To (Vol.3)
335       Who Is Moses Colouring Book (out of print)
335A       Holy War, The (Vol.3)
335B       Amanuensis (Vol.3)
335C       French Connection, The (Vol.3)
336       Snowman Colouring Book (out of print)
336A       Pickin' Up the Pieces (Vol.3)
336B       100-Fold (Vol.3)
336C       Brunheld (Vol.3)
337       Spirit of God, The (Vol.3)
337A       Ordination (Vol.3)
337B       Communion (Vol.3)
337C       Boat Travel (Vol.3)
338       Naming the Baby (Vol.3)
339       Deluge, The (Vol.3)
340       Hamburger Boat, The (Vol.3)
341       Spiritual Communications (Vol.3)
342       Challenge of Godahfi, The (Vol.3)
343       Daniel 2 (Vol.3)
344       Witnessing (Vol.3)
345       Name of Jesus, The (Vol.3)
346       Daniel 7 (Vol.3)
347       Daniel 8 (Vol.3)
348       Daniel 9 (Vol.3)
349       Daniel 10, 11 and 12 (Vol.3)
350       World Today, The--And Tomorrow (Vol.3)
351       Our Shepherd, Moses David (Vol.3)
352       Uneager Beaver, The (Vol.3)
353       MO's Pointers for Health (Vol.3)
354       Sinking Boat Dream, The (Vol.3)
355       US Merchant Submarine Dream, The (Vol.3)
356       35mm Negs (Vol.3)
357       Administration Revolution, The (Vol.3)
358       Secret Weapon, The (Vol.3)
359       Divorce--The Marriage Revolution (Vol.3)
360       Strange Truths--A Strange Dream (Vol.3)
361       Crystal Stream, The (Vol.3)
362       Old Phonograph, The (Vol.3)
363       Halloween Wheel, The (Vol.3)
364       Security in God's Kingdom and the Pier (Vol.3)
365       Dark Kingdom, The (Vol.3)
366       Poison in Paradise (Vol.3)
367       Empty Wind, The (Vol.3)
368       Where Poppies Grow (Vol.3)
369       Prayer (Vol.3)
370       Pawn--The Prostitute (Vol.3)
371       Education Revolution, The (Vol.3)
372       American Holocaust, The (Vol.3)
373       Death to the Cities (Vol.3)
374       Bloodsuckers, The (Vol.3)
375       Grandmother and the Flood (Vol.3)
376       There Are Absolutes (Vol.3)
377       New Appointments (Vol.3)
378       Bomb Dreams, The (Vol.3)
379       Flee the City (Vol.3)
380       More US Nightmares (Vol.3)
381       Last American Nightmare?, The (Vol.3)
382       Happy New 1976 (Vol.3)
383       Frozen Book, The (Vol.3)
384       Desperate Prayer (Vol.3)
385       Letter to America, A (Vol.3)
386       Gotcher "Flee Bag"? (Vol.3)
387       Pat Price (Vol.3)
388       Sahara (Vol.3)
389       Real Mothers (Vol.3)
390       Angola Dream, The (Vol.3)
391       Battle for Africa, The (Vol.3)
392       Conakry Rip-Off, The (Vol.3)
393       Trans-Iberian Canal, The--A Dream? (Vol.3)
394       MO Meets Mo'amar Godahfi (Vol.3)
395       Days of Heaven (Vol.3)
396       Land of Not Too Much, The (Vol.3)
397       They Behold His Face (Vol.3)
398       Revelation 1-7 (Vol.3)
399       MO's Music (Vol.3)
400       Children's Crusade, The (Vol.3)

       500 (Note: Vol.4 has been purged; some Letters available in HomeARC and as DBs)
501       KAN--Chapter 1: The Night Crawlers (Vol.4)
501       KAN--Chapter 2: Cost of Flirty Fishing (Vol.4)
502       KAN--Chapter 3: King Meets King (Vol.4)
502       KAN--Chapter 4: The Odd Couple (Vol.4)
502R       Family of Love?, The--Children of God? (Vol.4)
503       KAN--Chapter 5: How to Charm a Fish (Vol.4)
504       KAN--Chapter 6: He Tells His Own Story (Vol.4)
505       KAN--Chapter 7: The Hooker (Vol.4)
506       KAN--Chapter 8: Maria's Nights (Vol.4)
507       KAN--Chapter 9: Becky's Nights (Vol.4)
508       KAN--Chapter 10: Becky's Own Story (Vol.4)
509       KAN--Chapter 11: Hypnotised (Vol.4)
510       KAN--Chapter 12: The Tunnel and the Call to Arms (Vol.4)
511       KAN--Chapter 13: Hooked (Vol.4)
512       KAN--Chapter 14: Seduced (Vol.4)
513       KAN--Chapter 15: Freed (Vol.4)
514       KAN--Chapter 16: Taming the Baby (Vol.4)
515       KAN--Chapter 17: Victory (Vol.4)
516       KAN--Chapter 18: Progress (Vol.4)
517       KAN--Chapter 19: The Wizard of Ahs (Vol.4)
518       KAN--Chapter 20: New Life (Vol.4)
519       KAN--Chapter 21: King Arthur's Knight (Vol.4)
520       Jimmy Carter (Vol.4)
521       KAN--Chapter 22: Big Fish Becomes Big Fisherman (Vol.4)
522       KAN--Chapter 23: The Odd Couple Return (Vol.4)
523       British in Uganda and Strategy in Lebanon (Vol.4)
524       One That Got Away, The--Part 1 (Vol.4)
525       One That Got Away, The--Part 2 (Vol.4)
526       Letter to a Lover (Vol.4)
527       FFing--4 Steps and 7 Proofs of Salvation (Vol.4)
528       Rape--The Violent Take It by Force (Vol.4)
529       Male or Female?--Which Are You? (Vol.4)
530       Little Jewels (Vol.4)
531       Infidelity (Vol.4)
532       Adventures of a Flirty Fish, The (Vol.4)
533       Four Fishing Failures (Vol.4)
534       Revelation 8-14 (The Seventh Seal) (Vol.4)
535       Little Dog Dream, The (Vol.4)
536       MO' Li'l Jewels (Vol.4)
537       God's Love Slave (Vol.4)
538       Ministry of Love, The (Vol.4)
539       Jewels Galore (Vol.4)
540       More Precious Pearls (Vol.4)
541       Revelation 15-22 (The Seven Vials) (Vol.4)
542       Don't Drop Out--Drop In (Vol.4)
543       Feedin' the Fish (Vol.4)
544       God's Eyes (Vol.4)
545       Do You Want a "Penis?--Or a Sword?" (Vol.4)
546       Raul's Knife (Vol.4)
547       Deep Sea Fishing (Vol.4)
548       FF Tips (Vol.4)
549       More on Feedin' the Fish (Vol.4)
550       Fishin' Fever (Vol.4)
551       Fighters--What Did You Join the Army For? (Vol.4)
552       Bait that Fell in Love with a Fish, The (Vol.4)
553       Teamwork--The Gaffers--Mo' FF Tips! (Vol.4)
554       Mocumba--The Conversion of Africa? (Vol.4)
555       Catch, The--More FF Tips (Vol.4)
556       Missionary's Prayer, A (Vol.4)
557       Snake Charmer, The (Vol.4)
558       MO on America: The US Election of Carter (Vol.4)
559       FFer's Handbook, The (Vol.4)
560       God's Whores? (Vol.4)
561       Priestesses of Love, The (Vol.4)
562       FF Coupling (Vol.4)
563       FF Behaviour--More FF Tips (Vol.4)
564       Men Who Play God, The--FF Blues (Vol.4)
565       Change the World (Vol.4)
566       Dirty Dishes (Vol.4)
567       Pisces: The Age of Tribulation? (Vol.4)
568       Idolsmashers (Vol.4)
569       Afflictions--A Powerful Revelation (Vol.4)
570       Nuns of Love (Vol.4)
571       Winning the System (Vol.4)
572       Mothers of God, The (Vol.4)
573       God's Witches--Beware (Vol.4)
574       Battle for Katanga and Famagusta, The (Vol.4)
575       FF Revolution, The (Vol.4)
576       FF Explosion, The (Vol.4)
577       Wrath of God, The (Vol.4)
578       Evil Horse, The (Vol.4)
579       I'll Be Back (Vol.4)
580       Communicate (Vol.4)
581       God's Bosoms (Vol.4)
582       Children's Dream, The (Vol.4)
583       Women with More Mercy than God, The (Vol.4)
584       My Love Letter--To You (Vol.4)
585       Interviu's 202 Lies (Vol.4)
585R       Anti-God War, The (Vol.4)
586       Defend the Faith (Vol.4)
587       It's a Boy (Vol.4)
588       Open the Door for the Children (Vol.4)
589       Our Answers (Vol.4)
590       Our Replies--To the 62 Lies of Las Palmas Daily (Vol.4)
591       51 Errors of "Daily Notices," The (Vol.4)
592       God's Only Law Is Love (Vol.4)
593       Our Report to "Time" (Vol.4)
594       When Is "Sin" Not Sin? (Vol.4)
595       Jeane Manson Prayer, The (Vol.4)
596       Late News (Vol.4)
597       How to Take It (Vol.4)
598       More Truth (Vol.4)
599       Pill?--Or Pilgrimage (Vol.4)

600       Our Family Symbol (Vol.4)
601       "From Whence Come Wars?" (Vol.5)
602       Lady Luck--The Portugal Story (Vol.5)
603       FFing and Jealousy (Vol.5)
604       Doubts--And How to Handle 'Em (Vol.5)
605       Right to Witness, The (Vol.5)
606       Lashes of Love (Vol.5)
607       Our Declaration of Love (Vol.5)
608       Say "Goodbye" to Children (Vol.5)
609       Food or Poison? (Vol.5)
610       Moses on the Mountain (Vol.5)
611       NNN Attack (Vol.5)
612       Praise of Wrath, The (Psalm 76:10) (Vol.5)
613       Atlantis (Vol.5)
614       Treasure Ship (Vol.5)
615       Atlanta--Goddess of Atlantis (Vol.5)
616       Taurug--The Guanche Chieftain (Vol.5)
617       Church of Love, The--A Dream? (Vol.5)
618       Elixirs of Heaven (Vol.5)
619       Prophecy for Davidito (Vol.5)
620       Holy Ghosts (Vol.5)
621       More Holy Ghosts (Vol.5)
622       Spirit World, The (Vol.5)
623       Flying Saucers (Vol.5)
624       Spaceship (Vol.5)
625       Tangled Lines of Hejaz, The (Vol.5)
626       Fan, The (Vol.5)
627       Merlin's Hat (Vol.5)
628       X-Ray Eyes (Vol.5)
629       Magic Green Shirt, The (Vol.5)
630       Pyramid Power (Vol.5)
631       Islam--Chapter 1 (Vol.5)
632       More on the Church of Love (Vol.5)
633       Our Answers to the Daily News (Vol.5)
634       Strange Bedfellows (Vol.5)
635       Grace vs. Law (Vol.5)
636       Happy Birthday, Jesus (Vol.5)
637       Peace?--Or War (Vol.5)
638       Merry Christmas (Vol.5)
639       Real Love Never Fails (Vol.5)
640       Mokes--MO's Jokes (Vol.5)
641       Prodigal Son, The (Vol.5)
642       BIP Ch.1: The Creation and Fall of Man; Noah and the Flood (BIPS)
643       BIP Ch.2: The Tower of Babel; the life of Abraham (BIPS)
644       BIP Ch.3: Lot and his wife; Isaac and Ishmael (BIPS)
645       7000 Years of World History--Part 1 (Vol.5)
646       New Year's Eve Candlelight Prayer (Vol.5)
647       Love vs. Law (Vol.5)
648       Is Love Against the Law? (Vol.5)
649       Lit Laws--Another Birthday Warning (Vol.5)
650       Reorganisation Nationalisation (Vol.5)
651       Little Nuggets (Vol.5)
652       Does FFing Pay? (Vol.5)
653       Broken Chain, The (Vol.5)
654       Saddest Christmas Day?, The (Vol.5)
655       Warning--Scriptures Compiled by Dad (Warning Tract) (Vol.5)
656       Confidential Questionnaire (Vol.5)
657       Our New Colony Rules Summarised (Vol.5)
658       '78 Here We Come (Vol.5)
659       Nationalisation (Vol.5)
660       Family of Love Home Checklist (Vol.5)
661       World Service Home Advisory (Vol.5)
662       Where Are the Shepherds? (Vol.5)
663       Happy Rebirthday--RNR Rules (Vol.5)
664       Cesspool, The--A Nightmare (Vol.5)
665       Will Ye Also Go Away? (Vol.5)
666       Alexander, The Evil Magician (Vol.5)
667       Do Ya Want the Letters or Don'tcha? (Vol.5)
668       Sprint Center Monthly Report Form (Vol.5)
669       Pioneer Request Form (Vol.5)
670       Home Servants' Monthly Report Form (Vol.5)
671       Happy Housekeeping (Vol.5)
672       More Lit Laws (Vol.5)
673       Seven Supporters (Vol.5)
674       Duties of KQS's and VS's (Vol.5)
675       New Brooms (Vol.5)
676       Dirty Dorm Dream, The (Vol.5)
677       Elixir of Love, The (Vol.5)
678       If Truth Kills, Let It Kill (Vol.5)
679       Another Holy Ghost Story (Vol.5)
680       Death in Your Arms (Vol.5)
681       Prayer for the Poor, A (Vol.5)
682       Shepherd's Rod, The (Vol.5)
683       Excommunication (Vol.5)
684       Make It Pay (Vol.5)
685       Ruth, the Secret Lover (Vol.5)
686       Out of This World (Vol.5)
687       Bible Reading for Children (Vol.5)
688       Advantages of Having Children, The (Vol.5)
689       Proclaim a Fast (Vol.5)
690       Daily Might No1 (Vol.5)
691       Daily Might No2 (Vol.5)
692       Daily Might No3 (Vol.5)
693       7000 Years of World History--Part 2 (Vol.5)
694       7000 Years of World History--Part 3 (Vol.5)
695       Philadelphian Prophecy, The (Vol.5)
696       Proclaim Liberty (Vol.5)
697       Seek First (Vol.5)
698       I Was Sick--And Ye Visited Me (Vol.5)
699       You Are the Love of God (Vol.5)

700       Operator, The (Vol.5)
701       "Owe No Man" (Romans 13:8) (Vol.6)
702       Tithe, The--Malachi 3:10 (Vol.6)
703       Shtick (Vol.6)
704       Extermination (Vol.6)
705       Madame M on Maria (Vol.6)
706       When I'm Gone (Vol.6)
707       End-Time Witnesses, The (Vol.6)
708       Your Two-Year-Old Can Receive Jesus (Vol.6)
709       Islam--Chapter 2 (Vol.6)
710       Close Encounter--Another Ghost? (Vol.6)
711       Pyramid, The (Vol.6)
712       Hearing from God (Vol.6)
713       Elixir, The (Vol.6)
714       Death?--Or Dawn (Vol.6)
715       Childcare Jewels (Vol.6)
716       Division, The (Vol.6)
717       Expect Miracles (Vol.6)
718       Potato, The--On Child Discipline (Vol.6)
719       Homos--A Question of Sodomy? (Vol.6)
720       Pity the Weak (Vol.6)
721       Girl Who Wouldn't, The (Vol.6)
722       Handicapped Child--Davidito, The (Vol.6)
723       Goddess of Love, The (Vol.6)
724       Love of David, The (Vol.6)
725       Quote-Size Letters (Vol.6)
726       Black Holes (Vol.6)
727       Greater Victories (Vol.6)
728       Are Your Children "Becoming One"? (Vol.6)
729       Pope Paul VI Graduates (Vol.6)
730       Dying Dollar, The (Vol.6)
731       New Life--New Love (Vol.6)
732       BIP Ch.4: The Life of Isaac; Jacob and Esau (BIPS)
733       Shah's Last Resort, The (Vol.6)
734       Training and Shepherding Babes (Vol.6)
735       Proof at Last (Vol.6)
736       Big Lie--Exposed, The (Vol.6)
737       Why Are Our Children Sick? (Vol.6)
738       Euro Units (Vol.6)
739       Jesus' Babies (Vol.6)
740       Mideast Peace? (Vol.6)
741       US Stooges (Vol.6)
742       Prophetic Interpretation (Vol.6)
743       Love Is All You Need (TK) (Vol.6)
744       God's Gift Is God's Work--Part 1 (Vol.6)
745       God's Gift Is God's Work--Part 2 (Vol.6)
746       God's Gift Is God's Work--Part 3 (Vol.6)
747       Happy New Year 1979--The NRS Revolution (Vol.6)
748       What Now?--Persecution and Fleeing--NRS 2 (Vol.6)
749       Where to Now?--NRS 3 (Vol.6)
750       Going Underground--NRS 4 (Vol.6)
751       Homegoing II Message (Vol.6)
752       Why the Family?--NRS 5 (Vol.6)
753       Prayer for the Children (Vol.6)
754       Dear Friend or Foe (Vol.6)
755       New Program for Worldwide Mailing Ministry (Vol.6)
756       Furlougher, Backslider--Or Supporter?--NRS 6 (Vol.6)
757       IRF, The--The Individual Report Form--NRS 7 (Vol.6)
758       Flee--NRS 8 (Vol.6)
759       Four Deadly Sins, The--The DDDB!--NRS 9 (Vol.6)
760       Techi's Welcome to Spain (Vol.6)
761       Security Rules--For Mail and Travelers (Vol.6)
762       Crash of '79, The--A Book Review (Vol.6)
763       Nebuchadnezzar Revelation, The (Vol.6)
764       Son of Sam (Vol.6)
765       Prayer for Protection--NRS 10 (Vol.6)
766       Job Well Done, A--NRS 11 (Vol.6)
767       Happy Ending, The--NRS 12 (Vol.6)
768       Dear Mo'ammar (Vol.6)
769       Door-To-Door Witnessing--NRS 13 (Vol.6)
770       Maturation of a Movement, The--NRS 14 (Vol.6)
771       Coming of Age--NRS 15 (Vol.6)
772       Sorry, Judas--It's Too Late to Quit!--NRS 16 (Vol.6)
773       Knew Disciples--Gen.4:1 (Vol.6)
774       Hard Rock Bands (Vol.6)
775       You Are What You Read, Part I (Vol.6)
776       Book Burning--You Are What You Read, Part 2 (Vol.6)
777       All Hail to the Queen (Vol.6)
778       Timothy's Departure (Vol.6)
779       My Childhood Sex (Vol.6)
780       Children in the World--NRS 17 (Vol.6)
781       Real Meaning of "The Lord's Supper," The (Vol.6)
782       Uncircumcision (Vol.6)
783       Exodus, The (Vol.6)
784       Timothy Revelation, The (Vol.6)
785       Techi's Story--Chapter 1 (Vol.6)
786       Techi's Story--Chapter 2 (Vol.6)
787       Techi's Story--Chapter 3: Home or Hospital Delivery? (Vol.6)
788       Techi's Story--Chapter 4 (Vol.6)
789       Techi's Story--Chapter 5: Birth Miracles (Vol.6)
790       Techi's Story--Chapter 6: Dito Meets Techi (Vol.6)
791       Eleven Years of Family History (Vol.6)
792       Questions from the Field--Part 1 (Vol.6)
793       Questions from the Field--Part 2 (Vol.6)
794       Where Do Babies Come From?--Techi's Story, Chapter 7 (Vol.6)
795       Heavenly Techi--Techi's Story, Chapter 8 (Vol.6)
796       Mystery of Otano, The (Vol.6)
797-1       Maltese Doublecross, The--Part 1 (Vol.6)
797-2       Maltese Doublecross, The--Part 2 (Vol.6)
797-3       Maltese Doublecross, The--Part 3 (Vol.6)
797-4       Maltese Doublecross, The--Part 4 (Vol.6)
798       Boca do Inferno (Mouth of Hell) (Vol.6)
799-1       Prince of the Covenant, The--Part 1 (Vol.6)
799-2       Prince of the Covenant, The--Part 2 (Vol.6)
799-3       Prince of the Covenant, The--Part 3 (Vol.6)

800       To the Media--From a Guru--About the Sects (Vol.6)
801       Skylab and the Oil War (Vol.7)
802       Happy Endings (Vol.7)
803       In the Name of Fair Play (Vol.7)
804       Get Out the Message--Money or No Money (Vol.7)
805       Get Out (Vol.7)
806       Go Ye (Vol.7)
807-1       Have Faith--Will Camp--Pt.1 (Vol.7)
807-2       Have Faith--Will Camp--Pt.2: Utensils, Provisioning and Food (Vol.7)
807-3       Have Faith--Will Camp--Pt.3: Test Food, Travel Light, Live Outdoors (Vol.7)
807-4       Have Faith--Will Camp--Pt.4: A Happy, Healthy Life (Vol.7)
807-5       Have Faith--Will Camp--Pt.5: Freedom, Guns, and Wild Food (Vol.7)
807-6       Have Faith--Will Camp--Pt.6: Car-Camping and Tent-Trailers (Vol.7)
807-7       Have Faith--Will Camp--Pt.7: Stoves, Lanterns and Picnic Tables (Vol.7)
807-8       Have Faith--Will Camp--Pt.8: Stoves, Utensils, Tables, Dishes, Swimming (Vol.7)
807-9       Have Faith--Will Camp--Pt.9: Water, Pee Pots and Portable Toilets (Vol.7)
807-10       Have Faith--Will Camp--Pt.10: Tents and Cots vs. Air Mattresses (Vol.7)
808       Local Language IRF Mail Ministry (Vol.7)
809       Numerical MO Letter List: 600-833 (Vol.7)
810       TRF-IRF Stat and LLIMM Revolution, The (Vol.7)
811       Jeane Manson Revelations, The (Vol.7)
812-1       Have Trailer--Will Travel--Pt.1: Fires (Vol.7)
812-2       Have Trailer--Will Travel--Pt.2: Gas Fires (Vol.7)
812-3       Have Trailer--Will Travel--Pt.3: Gas Fires and Campers (Vol.7)
812-4       Have Trailer--Will Travel--Pt.4: Campers and Survival (Vol.7)
812-5       Have Trailer--Will Travel--Pt.5: Trailers vs. Motor Homes (Vol.7)
812-6       Have Trailer--Will Travel--Pt.6: Size and Weight (Vol.7)
812-7       Have Trailer--Will Travel--Pt.7: Safety Equipment (Vol.7)
812-8       Have Trailer--Will Travel--Pt.8: Interiors (Vol.7)
812-9       Have Trailer--Will Travel--Pt.9: Water and Fridge (Vol.7)
812-10       Have Trailer--Will Travel--Pt.10: Level and Stabilize (Vol.7)
812-11       Have Trailer--Will Travel--Pt.11: Hitches (Vol.7)
812-12       Have Trailer--Will Travel--Pt.12: Ventilation, Heat and Bathing (Vol.7)
812-13       Have Trailer--Will Travel--Pt.13: Washing (Vol.7)
812-14       Have Trailer--Will Travel--Pt.14: Toilets (Vol.7)
812-15       Have Trailer--Will Travel--Pt.15: Trailer Breakfast (Vol.7)
812-16       Have Trailer--Will Travel--Pt.16: Pressure Cooking, Napkins and Floors (Vol.7)
812-17       Have Trailer--Will Travel--Pt.17: Beds (Vol.7)
812-18       Have Trailer--Will Travel--Pt.18: Windows, Curtains and Shutters (Vol.7)
812-19       Have Trailer--Will Travel--Pt.19: Lights, Ventilation, Hookups, Camps (Vol.7)
812-20       Have Trailer--Will Travel--Pt.20: Trailer Driving (Vol.7)
812-21       Have Trailer--Will Travel--Pt.21: Roadside Repairs (Vol.7)
812-22       Have Trailer--Will Travel--Pt.22: Freezing (Vol.7)
812-23       Have Trailer--Will Travel--Pt.23: Parking, Telephones and Radios (Vol.7)
812-24       Have Trailer--Will Travel--Pt.24: Trailer Lights--How to Hook'm up (Vol.7)
812-25       Have Trailer--Will Travel--Pt.25: Trailer Tips for Tipsy Trailers (Vol.8)
813       Prayer of a Good Shepherd (Vol.7)
814       No Lit?--No Letters (Vol.7)
815       Sex Questions and Answers Part 1 (Vol.7)
816       Sex Questions and Answers Part 2 (Vol.7)
816-2       Sex Questions and Answers Part 3 (Vol.7)
817       FF Questions and Answers (Vol.7)
818       Sex in Heaven (Vol.7)
819       Dad's Prayer for the "RNR" (Vol.7)
820       More on the Spirit of God (Vol.7)
821       To the Pacific's Former Leaders (Vol.7)
822       Daily Might No.4 (DM)
823       Daily Might No.5 (DM)
824       Daily Might No.6 (DM)
825       Daily Might No.7 (DM)
826       Daily Might No.8 (DM)
827       Techi's Story--Chapter 9: Recovery (Vol.7)
828       RFN Dream, The (Vol.7)
829       Seven Ways To Know God's Will (Vol.7)
830       Handicapped?--It Can Be a Blessing (Vol.7)
831-1       Motion Sickness--Ch.1: It's Subconscious Fear (Vol.7)
831-2       Motion Sickness--Ch.2: It's Psychosomatic (Vol.7)
831-3       Motion Sickness--Ch.3: How to Control It (Vol.7)
831-4       Motion Sickness--Ch.4: It's Mind Over Matter (Vol.7)
832       KQL Revolution, The (Vol.7)
833       Latest News, The (Vol.7)
834       It's Time to Invade the Churches (Vol.7)
835-1       Frustrated?--Your Children Are God's Full-time Service--Part 1 (Vol.7)
835-2       Frustrated?--Part 2 (Vol.7)
835-3       Frustrated?--Part 3 (Vol.7)
835-4       Frustrated?--Part 4 (Vol.7)
836-1       (Emergency Notice:)--Dirty Homes (Vol.7)
836-2       More on Dirty Homes (Vol.7)
836-3       Sequel to "Dirty Homes" (Vol.7)
837       Shepherdess, The (Vol.7)
838       Unguarded Moment, The (Vol.7)
839       Wounds of a Friend, The (Vol.7)
840       Trouble with the System Is: Problems, The (Vol.7)
841       Family Aid Fund, The (Vol.7)
842-1       Good News for Bilingual Homes (Vol.7)
842-2       Dear KQLs, CROs and LLIMMs (Vol.7)
843       No More DOs for Only $20 (Vol.7)
844       Artists' Advisory No.6 (Vol.7)
845       Secret, The (Vol.7)
846       Autumn '79 Investment Seminar (Vol.7)
847       King's Love, The--A Love Story (Vol.7)
848-1       Sinking Truck--Part 1: The Church Ministry Dream (Vol.7)
848-2       Church Ministry, The: Sinking Truck, Part 2 (Vol.7)
848-3       Mobile Ministry, The: Sinking Truck, Part 3 (Vol.7)
849       Sergeant York (Vol.7)
850       Life After Death--What Happens When You Die? (Vol.7)
851-1       What Every Driver Should Know Ch.1: Brakes and Bearings (Vol.7)
851-2       What Every Driver Should Know Ch.2: Oil, Water and Tire Pressure (Vol.7)
851-3       What Every Driver Should Know Ch.3: The Daily Check (Vol.7)
851-4       What Every Driver Should Know Ch.4: Time for a Tune-up (Vol.7)
851-5       What Every Driver Should Know Ch.5: The Overhaul (Vol.7)
851-6       What Every Driver Should Know Ch.6: Battery Care and Starting (Vol.7)
852       When Morning Dawns (Vol.7)
853       Answer to BBC, An (Vol.7)
854       Crash Is Here, The (Vol.7)
855       Emergency Tidbits (Vol.7)
856       Christmas Eve Massacre, The (Vol.7)
857       Terror by Night--Psalm 91:5 (Vol.7)
858       Be Prepared (Vol.7)
859       Survival for Families (Vol.7)
860       Provisioning--Anybody Can Do It (Vol.7)
861       Tents and Sleeping Bags--Parts 1 and 2 (Vol.7)
862       To Whom Shall We Go?--A WIM, a LIM or a CRO (Vol.7)
863       Techi's Story--Chapter 10: Breastfeeding (Vol.7)
864       Techi's Story--Chapter 11: Convalescence (Vol.7)
865       Apocalypse Now (Vol.7)
866       Emergency Notice: "Owe No Man"--Part 2 (Vol.7)
867       Why the Crash?--Book Condensation (Vol.7)
868       Happy Birthday, Dear Family (Vol.7)
869       War Has Begun, The (Vol.7)
870       MO-bility (Vol.7)
871       Warning Notice (Re: LIMs) (Vol.7)
871A       LIT-PIC Notice--and LIM Addresses (Vol.7)
872       Road Mail (Vol.7)
872A       "Road Mail" Notice (Vol.7)
873       Dad's Comments on the Komix (Vol.7)
874       Mrs. Mugabe Nightmare, The (Vol.7)
875       Black Nightmare, The (Vol.7)
876       No More Free Sealed Mailings (Vol.7)
877       Dad's Birthday Message (Vol.7)
878       Fevers--The "Poisonous Plum" and Tonsillitis (Vol.7)
879       Ronald Reagan Spider Dream, The (Vol.7)
880       IRFers Beware (Vol.7)
881       Hustler Reprint (Vol.7)
882       New Models--Another Grandpa Story (Vol.7)
883       Nuke Game, The (Vol.7)
884       Grandma's Letter about Baby David (Vol.7)
885       Emergency Funds (Vol.7)
886       Late Report, No Mag (Vol.7)
887       No Mo' MO Fo' DFO (Vol.7)
888       Emergency Notice to TRFers Only (Vol.7)
889       No Mo' MO Thieves, Robbers, Bootleggers and Black Marketeers (Vol.7)
890       Media Crucifixion (Vol.7)
891       Nightmare in Southern California (Vol.7)
892       Free Books (Vol.7)
893       Gold Coin Collectors Beware (Vol.7)
894       Electric Angel, The (Vol.7)
895       Warning to Mailbox Litnessers (Vol.7)
896       Lost Mail Report (Vol.7)
897       Millions of Miles of Miracles (Vol.7)
898       Africa Reverts to Savagery (Vol.7)
899       Refuge from the Storm (Vol.7)

900       He'll Care for His Own (Vol.7)
901       German Cake Dream, The (Vol.8)
902       Child Brides (Vol.8)
903       No More Back-Issue Bonanzas (Vol.8)
904       Attention All 7-Star Diary Owners (Vol.8)
905       Americans Abroad (Vol.8)
906       End Is Here, The (Vol.8)
907       Henry and the Container (Vol.8)
908       Russian Peace Dream, The (Vol.8)
909       Carter--The Poor Example (Vol.8)
910       Carter in Disneyland (Vol.8)
911       Why Will Ye Die? (Vol.8)
912       Blessed Are the Dead (Vol.8)
913       Carter's 3-Day Ultimatum (Vol.8)
914       Iraq-Iran War, The (Vol.8)
915       Child Psychology (Vol.8)
916       Nuclear Monster Dream, The (Vol.8)
917       Thy Tents Shall Be Our Home (Vol.8)
918       Give Us Our Sons--And We'll Give You Our Cities (Vol.8)
919       Sex Jewels (Vol.8)
920       Watch Out for the Sun (Vol.8)
921       Keep Your Caravans at Home (Vol.8)
922       Get Home Support--Or Stay Home (Vol.8)
923       Common Sense Lit (Vol.8)
924       Music Goes 'Round and 'Round, The (Vol.8)
925       You Can Take Your Caravan to Russia (Vol.8)
926       South African Survival (Vol.8)
927       Go to the Cities (Vol.8)
928       Tithing and the FN (Vol.8)
929       Music With Meaning Show, The (Vol.8)
930       MWM Means LOVE (Vol.8)
931       Look Before You Leap (Vol.8)
932       Urgent Notices / Bye IRFers--Hi TRFers! (Vol.8)
933       Devil's Pests, The (Vol.8)
934       God First (Vol.8)
935       Porno Movies--You Are What You Watch (Vol.8)
936       Caesar's Pound of Flesh (Vol.8)
937       War and Oil, The (Vol.8)
938       Oil Shortage, The (Vol.8)
939       Which Way War?--Who'll Win? (Vol.8)
940       How Long, O Lord, How Long? (Vol.8)
941       Watch Your Watts--Emergency Notice (Vol.8)
942       Know Their Meat or Get Butchered (Vol.8)
943       Introduction to Our First True Komix Book One (Vol.8)
944       Xmas?--Or Christmas (Vol.8)
945       Black Stars (Vol.8)
946       Reagan Reaction, The (Vol.8)
947       Freedom from Fear (Vol.8)
948       Illuminati and Witchcraft, The (Vol.8)
949       First Christmas, The (Vol.8)
950       Sunday Fellowship (Vol.8)
951       Golden Opportunities (Vol.8)
952-1       Prodigal Prodigies--Pt.1: Prodigal Prodigies (Vol.8)
952-2       Prodigal Prodigies--Pt.2: Warning to Ho and Esther (Vol.8)
952-3       Prodigal Prodigies--Pt.3: A Confession from Ho (Vol.8)
952-4       Prodigal Prodigies--Pt.4: Excerpts from Letters to Dad and Maria (Vol.8)
952-5       Prodigal Prodigies--Pt.5: Note from Hosea with Dad's Reply (Vol.8)
952-6       Prodigal Prodigies--Pt.6: An Apology from Ho (Vol.8)
952-7       Prodigal Prodigies--Pt.7: Ho's Further Confessions and Repentance (Vol.8)
952-8       Prodigal Prodigies--Pt.8: A Father Applies the Rod (Vol.8)
952-9       Prodigal Prodigies--Pt.9: Ruthie on Esther (Vol.8)
952-10       Prodigal Prodigies--Pt.10: Postcards from Ho and Ruthie (Vol.8)
952-11       Prodigal Prodigies--Pt.11: On Return to Hong Kong (Vol.8)
952-12       Prodigal Prodigies--Pt.12: From Esther After Ho's Return (Vol.8)
952-13       Prodigal Prodigies--Pt.13: Still More from Esther (Vol.8)
952-14       Prodigal Prodigies--Pt.14: Ruthie's Further Reactions (Vol.8)
952-15       Prodigal Prodigies--Pt.15: Ho and the Ark--A Warning Dream (Vol.8)
952-16       Prodigal Prodigies--Pt.16: Ho's Confession to His Children (Vol.8)
952-17       Prodigal Prodigies--Pt.17: More from Esther (Vol.8)
953-1       What to Do when Persecuted (Vol.8)
953-2       Security Under Persecution (Vol.8)
953-3       Shove Off--When It's Time to Go--GO (Vol.8)
954-1       Problem Cases--Path's Report on Justus Ashtree (Vol.8)
954-2       Problem Cases--Gene's Report on Justus Ashtree (Vol.8)
954-3       Problem Cases--Sally's Report on Justus Ashtree (Vol.8)
954-4       Problem Cases--A Warning About Our Former Editor (Vol.8)
954-5       Problem Cases--Sally's Reply (Vol.8)
954-6       Problem Cases--Sally's Reaction to Jus' Defection (Vol.8)
954-7       Problem Cases--Sally's Victory (Vol.8)
954-8       Dad's Christmas Message (Problem Cases Part 8) (Vol.8)
955       Medusa Touch (Vol.8)
956       Get Out No. 2 (Vol.8)
957       New Year's Eve Praise (Vol.8)
958       Happy Daze (Vol.8)
959       Why Disasters? (Vol.8)
960       Abide in Your Calling (Vol.8)
961       Satan--King of Empires (Vol.8)
962       Rewards (Vol.8)
963       MWM in Spanish (Vol.8)
964       Videos (Vol.8)
965       Reagan and the Hostages--The Facts (Vol.8)
966       Attention All Family Members (Vol.8)
967       Lion Farm, The (Vol.8)
968       Latest News Flashes--No.2 (Vol.8)
969       Healing in His Wings (Vol.8)
970       Latest News Flashes--No.3 (Vol.8)
971       Video Vision--A Final Warning (Vol.8)
972       Easter Story, The (Vol.8)
973       Latest News Flashes--No.4 (Vol.8)
974       Little People (Vol.8)
975       Daniel 2 Flannelgraph with Grandpa (Vol.8)
976       Where Am I? (Vol.8)
977       Video Ministry, The (Vol.8)
978       Pass the Mike, Please (Vol.8)
979       Mugshots (Vol.8)
980       Hong Kong Goolagong (Vol.8)
981       Time Shall Be No More (Vol.8)
982       Latest News Flashes--No.5 (Vol.8)
983       TV Intimacies (Vol.8)
984       Robot, The--A Vision of Maria (Vol.8)
985       I Don't Know (Vol.8)
986       Ultimate Religion, The (Vol.8)
987       Kid Power--From M&M and MWM (Vol.8)
988       More on Videos--Dad's Favourites (Vol.8)
989       Where Are the Prophets of God? (Vol.8)
990       More Childcare Jewels (Vol.8)
991       Your Glory to Their Shame (Vol.8)
992       Prayers of David (Vol.8)
993       Horace Alderman Story, The (Vol.8)
994       Dad's Little Diamonds (Vol.8)
995       Little Shepherds of Kingdom Come, The (Vol.8)
996       Teaching Great Masters (Vol.8)
997       Appreciation (Vol.8)
998       Listen (Vol.8)
999       Devil Hates Sex, The (Vol.8)

1000       Table Talk (Vol.8)
       (Note: Volume 9 and 10 are combined in one volume, referenced as Vol.9 in this list)
1001       Fellowship Revolution, The (Vol.9)
1002       Good Shepherds--Are You One? (Vol.9)
1003       Refuges (Vol.9)
1004       Island Secret--Watch and Pray (Vol.9)
1005       Russian Faith Test, The (Vol.9)
1006       Nudes Can Be Beautiful (Vol.9)
1007       Bible Symbols of World Powers (Vol.9)
1008       Shock Treatment (Vol.9)
1009       Spiritual Sex--More On FFing (Vol.9)
1010       "Signs Following"--Mark 16:20 (Vol.9)
1011       Latest News Flashes--No.6 (Vol.9)
1012       Nudity in Our Lit (Vol.9)
1013       Libyan Answer, The (Vol.9)
1014       Simon Peter Day (Vol.9)
1015       Prayer for Simon (Vol.9)
1016       HMS MWM, The--Our Dream Boat (Vol.9)
1017       Sexy Bride, The (Vol.9)
1018       Nuclear Nightmare (Vol.9)
1019       Earthquake, The--A Nightmare (Vol.9)
1020       Pilgrims and Strangers (Vol.9)
1021       Latest News Flashes--No.7 (Vol.9)
1022       Desertion (Vol.9)
1023       Rotten Apples (Vol.9)
1024       Back in the Saddle (Vol.9)
1025       Latest News Flashes--No.8 (Vol.9)
1026       Glorify God in the Dance (Vol.9)
1027       God's Guarantees (Vol.9)
1028       Good Stewards (Vol.9)
1029       Orange Free State, The (Vol.9)
1030       South African Revelation, The (Vol.9)
1031       Cleanliness Is Godliness (Vol.9)
1032       Shyness and Timidity (Vol.9)
1033       Let the Dead Bury the Dead No.2 (Vol.9)
1034       Hotel Fellowship Meetings, Family Video Clubs (Vol.9)
1035       Enjoy Yourself (Vol.9)
1036       Serfs, Supers or Super Dupers? (Vol.9)
1037       Prayer for Godahfi (Vol.9)
1038       Yangtze River Revelation, The (Vol.9)
1039       Christian Education (Vol.9)
1040       Are You Deaf? (Vol.9)
1041       Bury'm (Vol.9)
1042       Latest News Flashes--No.9 (Vol.9)
1043       Children's Songs for Children (Vol.9)
1044       Asian Boy Dream, The (Vol.9)
1045       Backsliders Beware (Vol.9)
1046       Border Bases and Reception Homes (Vol.9)
1047       Sunday School (Vol.9)
1048       Comments on MCV Show 5 (Vol.9)
1049       Nivea of the Sea (Vol.9)
1050       Instructions for Making Out Your TRF (Vol.9)
1051       New TRF, The (Vol.9)
1052       Underground Nightmare (Vol.9)
1053       Trouble with Argentina, The (Vol.9)
1054       "To Be or Not to Be" A Witness? (Vol.9)
1055       Found Girl and Language (Vol.9)
1056       Tale of Three Families, A (Vol.9)
1057       Busking--Busk Away--Jesus Did It! (Vol.9)
1058       Helmet, The (Vol.9)
1059       Suicide of America, The (Vol.9)
1060       Latest News Flashes--Mag 43 (Vol.9)
1061       Christmas 1968--Huntington Beach (Vol.9)
1062       Merry Christmas to MWM--1980 (Vol.9)
1063       Spirit of Xmas, The (Vol.9)
1064       "Solitaire"--Honour Thy Parents (Vol.9)
1065       God's Against Storage (Vol.9)
1066       Coming King of Egypt, The (Vol.9)
1066A       Egypt's Kings (Vol.9)
1067       Knock on the Door, The (Vol.9)
1068       Members--What Makes'm Members? (Vol.9)
1069       Missionary Mail Ministry, The (Vol.9)
1070       Urgent Voluntary TRF, The (Vol.9)
1071       Latest News Flashes for Mag 44 (Vol.9)
1072       Two Heads on a Table (Vol.9)
1073       Future Savages, The (Vol.9)
1074       New Year's Eve 1978 (Vol.9)
1075       New Revised TRFs (Vol.9)
1076       Revised Required TRF (The RRT) (Vol.9)
1077       Revised Voluntary TRF (The RVT) (Vol.9)
1078       Latest News Flashes for Mag 45 (Vol.9)
1079       Micro-TRF Revolution, The (Vol.9)
1080       Latin Lover--A Dream (Vol.9)
1081       Exception to Tithing? (Vol.9)
1082       Latest News Flashes for Mag 46 (Vol.9)
1083       Seven F's of FFing, The (Vol.9)
1084       Maria's Latest FF Adventure (Vol.9)
1085       Last Resort, Their (Vol.9)
1086       Latest News Flashes for Mag 48 (Vol.9)
1087       Future Prospects (Vol.9)
1088       Go East--World Series No.12 (Vol.9)
1089       Word, The--How Not to Backslide (Vol.9)
1090       Get the Victory or Get Out (Vol.9)
1091       Let Go and Let God (Vol.9)
1092       Here and Now for There and Then (Vol.9)
1093       PDQ Centers--World Series No.13 (Vol.9)
1094       Before and After the War--World Series No.8 and 9 (Vol.9)
1095       War When?--World Series Chapter 10 (Vol.9)
1096       Song of India, The (Vol.9)
1097       Dream of India (Vol.9)
1098       US Cannibals (Vol.9)
1099       Future Is as Bright as the Promises of God--World Series No.11 (Vol.9)

1100       Prophecy Poster (Vol.11)
1101       Latest News Flashes for Mag 49 (Vol.11)
1101A       Latest News Flashes for Mag 50 (Vol.11)
1102       Flash Flood, The (Vol.11)
1103       Second Encounter with the First Kind (Vol.11)
1104       Contingency Plans (Vol.11)
1105       Tipping and East Meets West (Vol.11)
1106       Russian Fairground Dream, The (Vol.11)
1107       Teaching Children to Sing (Vol.11)
1108       Lying (Vol.11)
1109       Real Fathers (Vol.11)
1110       Warning to All Sodomites (Vol.11)
1111       Advantage of a Handicap, The (Vol.11)
1112       Afflicted Parents (Vol.11)
1113       When the Incurable Become Unbearable (Vol.11)
1114       Marrytime Dream, The (Vol.11)
1115       Combos (Vol.11)
1116       Push-Button Church, The (Vol.11)
1117       Dream of Miraflores, I (Vol.11)
1118       Rasputin (1872-1916) (Vol.11)
1119       Knife Dream, The (Vol.11)
1120       John 17--For FFers (Vol.11)
1121       Voluntary Stats, The (Vol.11)
1122       Christmas Communion and Dinner Fun (Vol.11)
1123       Christmas Eve '77 (Vol.11)
1124       Trees (Vol.11)
1125       Gypsy Joys (Vol.11)
1126       Ready Folks, The (Vol.11)
1127       Rickety Airplane, The (Vol.11)
1128A       Quiet World, The (Vol.11)
1128B       Miami Beach Grocery Store, The (Vol.11)
1128C       Puerto Rico Dream, The (Vol.11)
1129A       Silver Suitcase, The--A Dream? (Vol.11)
1129B       CB Fair, The (Vol.11)
1130       House of Horrors Dream (Vol.11)
1131       Russian School Dream, The (Vol.11)
1132       More Nuns of Love (Vol.11)
1133       Tropical Village Dream, The (Vol.11)
1134       Family Daily Wine Rationing (Vol.11)
1135       Why Is Your Child Sick? (Vol.11)
1136       Babycare (Vol.11)
1137       Movies for Children (Vol.11)
1138       Keep It Clean (Vol.11)
1139       Prayer for a Sick Loved One (Vol.11)
1140       Prayer to the King of Kings (Vol.11)
1141       Doorknob's Too High, The (Vol.11)
1142       "Train Up a Child" (Pr.22:6) (Vol.11)
1143       BIP Ch.5: Jacob Meets Rachel; the School of Laban (BIPS)
1144       BIP Ch.6: Jacob Returns to Canaan; Joseph Is Sold into Slavery (BIPS)
1145       BIP Ch.7: Joseph the Slave Becomes Ruler of Egypt (BIPS)
1146       BIP Ch.8: Israel Moves to Egypt; the Birth of Moses (BIPS)
1147       BIP Ch.9: Moses in Exile; the Plagues of Egypt (BIPS)
1148       BIP Ch.10: The Wilderness--Flight, Murmurings and Miracles (BIPS)
1149       BIP Ch.11: Moses at Sinai; the Ten Commandments (BIPS)
1150       BIP Ch.12: The Wilderness Wanderings; God's Judgments and Mercies (BIPS)
1151       BIP Ch.13: The Wilderness Wanderings; the Rock City of Petra (BIPS)
1152       BIP Ch.14: Sighting the Promised Land; First Battles and Death of Moses (BIPS)
1153       BIP Ch.15: The Conquest of the Promised Land (BIPS)
1154       BIP Ch.16: The Stories of Deborah's Song, Jael's Nail and Gideon's Band (BIPS)
1155       BIP Ch.17: The Exploits of Abimelech, Jephthah and Samson (BIPS)
1156       BIP Ch.18: Israel's Decadence; the Story of Ruth; Birth of Samuel (BIPS)
1157       BIP Ch.19: The Failure of Saul; the Anointing of David (BIPS)
1158       BIP Ch.20: David's Training in Exile; the Death of Saul (BIPS)
1159       BIP Ch.21: David Becomes King; the Kingdom Is Established (BIPS)
1160       BIP Ch.22: Absalom's Rebellion; the Death of King David (BIPS)
1161       BIP Ch.23: The Reign of Solomon; the Story of the Temple (BIPS)
1162       BIP Ch.24: The Kingdom Is Divided; the Fall into Idolatry (BIPS)
1163       BIP Ch.25: The Stories of Elijah and Elisha (BIPS)
1164       BIP Ch.26: Elisha, Naaman, Famine in Samaria, Wicked Rulers, Jezebel (BIPS)
1165       BIP Ch.27: Jonah; Prophets Amos, Hosea and Isaiah; Israel's Captivity (BIPS)
1166       BIP Ch.28: Idolsmashing: Hezekiah and Josiah; the Assyrians (BIPS)
1167       BIP Ch.29: Jerusalem, Jeremiah and Captivity, Daniel the Prophet (BIPS)
1168       BIP Ch.30: Esther; Ezra, Nehemiah, and Return from Captivity (BIPS)
1169       GOE Pt.1: Introduction to Revelation (GN Book 8)
1170       GOE Pt.2: Revelation Outline (GN Book 8)
1171       GOE Pt.3: Eden's Coconuts (GN Book 8)
1172       GOE Pt.4: Eden's Sex (GN Book 8)
1173       GOE Pt.5: Eden's Revelations (GN Book 8)
1174       GOE Pt.6: Eden in Your Heart (GN Book 8)
1175       GOE Pt.7: Island of Revelation (GN Book 8)
1176       GOE Pt.8: Revelation of the Future (GN Book 8)
1177       GOE Pt.9: My Testimony (GN Book 9)
1178       GOE Pt.10: Sexy Saints (GN Book 9)
1179       GOE Pt.11: The Greatest Show On Earth (GN Book 9)
1180       GOE Pt.12: Warriors of the Faith (GN Book 9)
1181       GOE Pt.13: Thou Shalt Have Sex (GN Book 9)
1182       GOE Pt.14: Who's a Jew? (GN Book 9)
1183       GOE Pt.15: Four Tribulation Trumps (GN Book 9)
1184       GOE Pt.16: Two Tribulation Trumps (GN Book 9)
1185       GOE Pt.17: Proclamation of the End (GN Book 9)
1186       GOE Pt.18: The Two Witnesses (GN Book 9)
1187       GOE Pt.19: The Last Trump (GN Book 9)
1188       GOE Pt.20: Queen of Heaven and the Dragon (GN Book 9)
1189       GOE Pt.21: The Beast of Hell (GN Book 9)
1190       GOE Pt.22: The Rapture (GN Book 9)
1191       GOE Pt.23: The Wrath of God (GN Book 9)
1192       GOE Pt.24: The Witch and The Monster (GN Book 9)
1193       GOE Pt.25: Fall of Today's World System (GN Book 9)
1194       GOE Pt.26: The Battle of Armageddon (GN Book 10)
1195       GOE Pt.27: Heaven on Earth (GN Book 10)
1196       GOE Pt.28: The Millennium (GN Book 10)
1197       GOE Pt.29: The Millennium (GN Book 10)
1198       GOE Pt.30: Space City (GN Book 10)
1199       GOE Pt.31: Thy Kingdom Come (GN Book 10)

1200       Future Is Here, The (Vol.12)
1201       Latest News Flashes--March 1982 (Vol.12)
1202       Face Up, Dress Up, Trim Up, Straighten Up--Or Out You Go (Vol.12)
1203       Is It Too Late? (Vol.12)
1204       Latest News Flashes--April 1982 (Vol.12)
1204A       Latest News Flashes for BOTM No.1 (Vol.12)
1205       String of Pearls, A (Vol.12)
1206       It's All Russia's Falk (Vol.12)
1207       Why Falks?--Whose Falk Is It? (Vol.12)
1208       Latest News Flashes for BOTM No.2 (Vol.12)
1209       VSs and NASs--What's the Difference? (Vol.12)
1210       Good Advice to Musical Units (Vol.12)
1211       MCV Advisory, An (Vol.12)
1212       Check that TRF (Vol.12)
1213       Fire and Ice (Vol.12)
1214       Seven Courses (Vol.12)
1215       Trouble with the Tropics, The (Vol.12)
1216       Watch Your Wallet (Vol.12)
1217       Trailer-Up-A-Tree Dream, The (Vol.12)
1218       Assorted Childcare Jewels (Vol.12)
1219       Bedwetting (Vol.12)
1220       Cleanliness with Children (Vol.12)
1221       Jacob, the Deceiver (Vol.12)
1222       Troublemakers, The (Vol.12)
1223       Zimbabwe, South Africa and Central America (Vol.12)
1224       Old Favourites, My (Vol.12)
1225       Micronisation (Vol.12)
1226       Get Off--I Want to Stop the World (Vol.12)
1227       World of War, A (Vol.12)
1228       Tropical Tips from the Seven S's (Vol.12)
1229       Little Boy Dream, The (Vol.12)
1230       Little Girl Dream, The (Vol.12)
1231       Which Way to Ellensburg? (Vol.12)
1232       Sad Trip, The (Vol.12)
1233       Techi and the Airplane--A Dream (Vol.12)
1234       Dead Body, The (Vol.12)
1235       Copper Mine, The (Vol.12)
1236       Herbal Remedies--God's Wonders (Vol.12)
1237       Houris of Heaven (Vol.12)
1238       Mooring Game, The (Vol.12)
1239       Wee Words of Wisdom (Vol.12)
1240       Better Than Gold (Vol.12)
1241       World Series Ch.1: Introduction--the Future of the World (Vol.12)
1242       World Series Ch.2: Europe and the Missile War (Vol.12)
1243       World Series Ch.3: The Good News--the Stats (Vol.12)
1244       World Series Ch.4 and 5: The Great Confusion--When and Where (Vol.12)
1245       World Series Ch.6 and 7: Contingency Plans for After the War (Vol.12)
1246       Devil Birds, The (Vol.12)
1247       Love Covers a Multitude of Sins (Vol.12)
1248       Deceivers, Yet True (Vol.12)
1249       Ask for Prayer (Vol.12)
1250       Meekness Dream, The (Vol.12)
1251       Good News Flashes--No.1 (Vol.13)
1252       Halfway to Heaven (Vol.13)
1253       "Signs Following" Dream, The (Vol.13)
1254       Answers to Your Questions--No.1 (Vol.13)
1255       "Conakry Rip-Off" Fulfilled (Vol.13)
1256       Current Events Jewels (Vol.13)
1257       More Current Events (Vol.13)
1258       More Current Event Jewels (Vol.13)
1259       Count Your Blessings (Vol.13)
1260       God Loves China (Vol.13)
1261       Imperial Princess, The (Vol.13)
1262       Singapore Sailor--He's Released (Vol.13)
1263       Singapore Sequel (Vol.13)
1264       Whole Chinese Cemetery Set Free (Vol.13)
1265       Great Grandmother's 2,000 Chinese Converts (Vol.13)
1266       War Goes On, The (Vol.13)
1267       Maria's Birthday (Vol.13)
1268       Keep On Believing (Vol.13)
1269       Good News Flashes--No.2 (Vol.13)
1270       Answers to Your Questions--No2 (Vol.13)
1271       Seven Cures for Financial Ills (Vol.13)
1272       Why Anti-Semitism? (Vol.13)
1273       Dad's Dream Department (Vol.13)
1274-1       Scandinavian Church Dream, The--Pt.1 (Vol.13)
1274-2       Scandinavian/Mormon Church Dream, The (Vol.13)
1275       Good News Flashes--No.3/GN 8 (Vol.13)
1276       Forecast (Vol.13)
1277       Israel's Rights (Vol.13)
1278       Time Travel--You Can Do It Now (Vol.13)
1279       New NRO Vision, The (Vol.13)
1280       Answers to Your Questions--No.3 (Vol.13)
1281       Test of Faith, The (Vol.13)
1282       Home Libraries (Vol.13)
1283       Lands of the Rising Sun, The (Vol.13)
1284       Beirut Massacre, The (Vol.13)
1285       Cinema Cafe Dream, The (Vol.13)
1286       Lost Luggage Dream (Vol.13)
1287       Renovation?--A Dream (Vol.13)
1288       This Old House (Vol.13)
1289       Old Family Friends (Vol.13)
1290       Felix and the Painting--A Dream (Vol.13)
1291       Three Robbers Dream, The (Vol.13)
1292       New Editor Dream, The (Vol.13)
1293       Dream Jewels (Vol.13)
1294       Bicycle Dream, The (Vol.13)
1295       Artwork Jealousy Dream, The (Vol.13)
1296       Pubs Revolution, The (Vol.13)
1297       Dream About Blue Circles (Vol.13)
1298       Phone Call Dream (Vol.13)
1299       Get Out 3--The Lion Roars (Vol.13)

1300       Special Introductory Explanation of the "Dream Queen" Issue (Vol.13)
1301       Quotes on Dream Queen (Vol.13)
1302       Jewels on the Holy Spirit (Vol.13)
1303       Queen of Heaven, The (Vol.13)
1304       Dream Queen--The Holy Ghost (Vol.13)
1305       Jesus Only? (Vol.13)
1306       Three-Colour Black-and-White Art (Vol.13)
1307       Constellation Names (Vol.13)
1308       Constellation of Daniel, The (Vol.13)
1309       Astronomical Fakery (Vol.13)
1310       Body Clocks and Astrology (Vol.13)
1311       Vernier Dream, The (Vol.13)
1312       Safety Lessons (Vol.13)
1313       Health Gems (Vol.13)
1314       Tips for the Tropix (Vol.13)
1315       Sunday Communion and Prayer for Joseph's Herpes (Vol.13)
1316       Priorities (Vol.13)
1317       God's Pictures (Vol.14)
1318       It's Horror Noise--Not Music (Vol.14)
1319       Grandmother Read Palms (Vol.14)
1320       Tit for Tat--No Tat, No Tit (Vol.14)
1321       'Tit for Tat' Warning (Vol.14)
1322       Christmas Amnesty (Vol.14)
1323       Excommunication Rules and Procedures (Vol.14)
1324       Why Good and Evil? (Vol.14)
1325       Why Didn't God Stop Hitler? (Vol.14)
1326       Why Wars? (Vol.14)
1327       Wars and Rumours of Wars--Matthew 24 (Vol.14)
1328       Are You Mrs. Jesus? (Vol.14)
1329       Secret Rendezvous, The (Vol.14)
1330       What Have You Done with Your Life? (Vol.14)
1331       Era of Peace and the Conquered Future (Vol.14)
1332       Whose Slave Are You? (Vol.14)
1333       Dad's Double-Header Love Letter (Vol.14)
1334       Answers to Your Questions--No.4 (Vol.14)
1335       Ezekiel 34--Now Fulfilled (Vol.14)
1336       Our Declaration of Revolution (Vol.14)
1337       Message of Jeremiah, The (Vol.14)
1338       Happy Birthday Dad, Happy Birthday Family (Vol.14)
1339       Sexual Honesty (Vol.14)
1340       They Staged the Whole Thing (Vol.14)
1341       War in 1983? (Vol.14)
1342       Program of the Antichrist, The (Vol.14)
1343       Who Is Andropov? (Vol.14)
1344       Jews and the Antichrist, The (Vol.14)
1345       Rulers of this World, The (Preface) (Vol.14)
1346       Rulers of the World, The (Vol.14)
1347       Time Is Short (Vol.14)
1348       Jesus Is Coming (Vol.14)
1349       Introduction to the "Book of Remembrance" (BOR 1)
1350       Faith of our Fathers (BOR 1)
1351       Family Tree, My (BOR 1)
1352       Dad's Astroflash (BOR 1)
1353       Analog of a Lifetime (BOR 1)
1354       Chronolog of a Lifetime (BOR 1)
1355       Datalog (BOR 1)
1356       Photolog (BOR 1)
1357       Influences--In My Life (BOR 1)
1358       Our Love Story (BOR 1)
1359       Dad's Show Biz (BOR 1)
1360       True Space Story, A (BOR 1)
1361       Dad's Jewels--Tasty Tidbits (BOR 1)
1362       Dad's Day (BOR 1)
1363       Prophecies of David--1969-1982 (BOR 1)
1364       Now Is the Hour (BOR 1)
1365       Teen Secrets--Dad's 1935 Diary (BOR 1)
1366       Family Photolog (BOR 1)
1367       No More Tears (DB 1)
1368       Explosion of '82, The (Vol.14)
1369       Talisman, The (Vol.14)
1370       Sail Away--With Jesus (GN Book 1)
1371       Greatest of These Is Love, The (GN Book 4)
1372       Little Things--A Disciplinary Talk (DB 1)
1373       Faithful Servants--Are You One? (GN Book 5)
1374       Run the Race (DB 1)
1375       Power of Positive Praise, The (GN Book 18)
1376       Fight Discouragement (GN Book 3)
1377       On Guard (GN Book 3)
1378       "Forbidden Planet" (GN Book 13)
1379       Exorcism with Authority (DB 1)
1380       First Love (DB 1)
1381       Bible Basics!--The 7 Basic Courses!--As Good Now as Then! (Vol.18)
1382       Wonder Working Witnessing (DB 1)
1383       Acts 1-10--Historic Battle Plans (GN Book 3)
1384       Have Daily Devotions (DB 1)
1385       We're the Best (DB 1)
1386       Our Only Ceremony (DB 1)
1387       Whose Fool Are You? (DB 1)
1388       If It's Not the Word, Forget It (DB 1)
1389       God's Bride (DB 1)
1390       "What Think Ye of Jesus?" (GN Book 2)
1391       Mansions in Heaven (GN Book 12)
1392       "Roll Ye Away the Stone" (DB 1)
1393       Hallelujah for Happiness (DB 1)
1394       Fleeces (DB 1)
1395       Real Love--Sharing All (DB 1)
1396       Love Is the Answer (GN Book 18)
1397       Copycats (GN Book 3)
1398       Teenagers--Where's It At? (GN Book 4)
1399       Spokes of Light--The Truth Revolution (DB 1)

1400       Lie?--Or Not to Lie?, To (DB 1)
1401       Expensive Bargains (Vol.15)
1402       Victorious Graduation, The (DB 1)
1403       Ashraf--The Viking Demon God (Vol.14)
1404       Ashraf, Roosevelt, Wilson Revelation (Vol.14)
1405       Who Is Ashraf?--What's in a Name? (Vol.14)
1406       My Confession--I Was an Alcoholic (GN Book 1)
1407       God Knows When (GN Book 1)
1408       Strangler Flees, The (GN Book 1)
1409       Spirit Houses--How to Handle'm (GN Book 1)
1410       "Spirits of the Past" (GN Book 1)
1411       Ahntahkahmon Revelation, The (GN Book 1)
1412       Aphrodite--Goddess of Love (GN Book 1)
1413       Maria's Spirit Guide--Me (GN Book 1)
1414       Horror House (GN Book 1)
1415       Supernatural Portugal (GN Book 1)
1416       Good and the Bad, the Beautiful and the Ugly (FN60)
1417       International Harvester Combines--IHC (GN Book 1)
1418       Go to the High Schools, Colleges and Universities (GN Book 1)
1419       War Comes Closer, The (GN Book 1)
1420       Battle and the Victory, The (GN Book 1)
1421       Al Capone Revelation, The (GN Book 1)
1422       Al Capone Story, The (GN Book 1)
1423       Satan's Saints (GN Book 5)
1424       Love Letters--Letter from Esther/Dad's Reply (FN61)
1425       Lost Opportunities (GN Book 1)
1426       Explanation of the Book of the Future (GN Book 2)
1427       Lamp, The--Let the Oil Flow (DB 1)
1428       Millennium, The (GN Book 2)
1429       Humble Prophetess, The (GN Book 4)
1430       Maria and Francisco (GN Book 4)
1431       Eman and Genesis--A Photo Reading: The Genesis Story Part 1 (GN Book 2)
1432       Fight Fear--With Faith in the Word: The Genesis Story Part 2 (GN Book 2)
1433       Special Notice--Lower GN Minimums (GN Book 2)
1434       Ban the Bomb (GN Book 2)
1435       Millennial Re-education (GN Book 2)
1436       Chinese Demon, The: The Genesis Story Part 3 (GN Book 2)
1437       Millennial Second Chance?, A (GN Book 3)
1438       Rebellious Woman, The: The Genesis Story Part 4 (GN Book 3)
1439       Sheepdogs, The (GN Book 3)
1440       Millennial Hospitality (GN Book 3)
1441       Will There Be Millennial Conversions? (GN Book 3)
1442       Untying the Knot: The Genesis Story Part 5 (GN Book 3)
1443       Experience with Gen and Baby: The Genesis Story Part 6 (GN Book 3)
1444       Precipitate a Crisis: The Genesis Story Part 7 (GN Book 3)
1445       Millennial Question, A (GN Book 3)
1446       Jewish Jewels (GN Book 3)
1447       Millennial Dream Trip, A (GN Book 3)
1448       Rebuke to Stephen: The Genesis Story Part 8 (GN Book 3)
1449       Cruise Ship Dream, The (GN Book 3)
1450       Millennial Seeing Is Believing (GN Book 4)
1451       Komix Covers--Share the Glory (GN Book 4)
1452       Where to Deal with Gen's Problem: The Genesis Story Part 9 (GN Book 4)
1453       Post-War or Millennial Resettlement? (GN Book 4)
1454       Devil Exposed, The: The Genesis Story Part 10 (GN Book 4)
1455       David's Love (GN Book 4)
1456       Right Way to Start the Day, The (GN Book 4)
1457       Millennial Ruling and Reigning (GN Book 4)
1458       Answers to Your Questions--No.5 (GN Book 4)
1459       God's Answer to Gen's Problem: The Genesis Story Part 11 (GN Book 4)
1460       Universal Reconciliation (GN Book 4)
1461       Sweet-Potato Dream, The (GN Book 4)
1462       Answers to Your Questions--No.6 (GN Book 4)
1463       New Earth Art (GN Book 4)
1464       Gen's Move: The Genesis Story Part 12 (GN Book 4)
1465       Hell's End--Every Age Has an End (GN Book 5)
1466       Heaven, Hell and In-Between (GN Book 5)
1467       Obey--Or Away: The Genesis Story Part 13 (GN Book 5)
1468       Ox Goad, The (GN Book 5)
1469       Red Alert (GN Book 5)
1470       What Is the Bible? (GN Book 5)
1471       San Francisco Nightmare (GN Book 14)
1472       Volcano (GN Book 14)
1473       First Supper, The (GN Book 12)
1474       It Won't Be Long Now (GN Book 5)
1475       Wise Witnessing--Two Dreams (GN Book 5)
1476       Salvation in the Spirit World (GN Book 5)
1477       Why Ghosts! (GN Book 5)
1478       Questionable Comics (GN Book 5)
1479       Abrahim's Vision of Heaven (GN Book 5)
1480       Abrahim's Gypsy Life (GN Book 5)
1481       Conversation with Abrahim (GN Book 5)
1482       Abrahim's Position (GN Book 5)
1483       Psychic Cat, The (GN Book 5)
1484       Bottomless Pit, The (GN Book 5)
1485       Winners and Losers, The (GN Book 5)
1486       Daniel 7 Flannelgraph With Grandpa (GN Book 6)
1487       Daniel 8 and Endtime Flannelgraph With Grandpa (GN Book 6)
1488       Daniel 8--Part 2 (GN Book 6)
1489       Daniel 8--Part 3 (GN Book 6)
1490       Introduction to Daniel 9 Flannelgraph (GN Book 6)
1491       Daniel 9 Flannelgraph with Grandpa (GN Book 6)
1492       Thank God for the Good (GN Book 8)
1493       Letting Go and Letting God (GN Book 16)
1494       Daniel 11--Part 1 (Daniel 11:21-24) (GN Book 6)
1495       Daniel 11--Part 2 (Daniel 11:24-35) (GN Book 6)
1496       Daniel 11--Part 3 (Daniel 11:31-36) (GN Book 6)
1497       Daniel 11 Flannelgraph--Part 4: Review and Daniel 11:36-39 (GN Book 6)
1498       Daniel 11--Part 5 (Daniel 11:38-45) (GN Book 6)
1499       Daniel 12--Part 1 (Daniel 12:1-11) (GN Book 7)

1500       Daniel 12--Part 2 (Daniel 12:11-13) (GN Book 7)
1501       David-Daniel--Today's Prophet (GN Book 7)
1502       Ezekiel 38--Part 1 (Eze.37:21-28 and 38:1-7) (GN Book 7)
1503       Ezekiel 38--Part 2 (Eze.38:8-23) (GN Book 7)
1504       Matthew 24--Part 1: Signs of His Coming; verses 1-28 (GN Book 7)
1505       Matthew 24--Part 2: Post-Trib Rapture (GN Book 7)
1506       Matthew 24--Part 3: The Finish (GN Book 7)
1507       Luke 21: Antichrist Tribulation and Second Coming Salvation (GN Book 7)
1508       1st Thessalonians 5: More on Rapture (GN Book 7)
1509       2nd Thessalonians 1 and 2: Premarital Rapture (GN Book 7)
1510       Mass Evangelism (GN Book 8)
1511       Meaningful Meetings (GN Book 8)
1512       Teen Terrors--Crime and Punishment (GN Book 8)
1513       Rest of the Dead, The (GN Book 8)
1514       Our Last Chance?--Before the War (GN Book 8)
1515       1st Thessalonians 4, 5 and 2nd Thessalonians 2 (GN Book 8)
1516       Judgments of God on America, The (GN Book 9)
1517       Beast Is the Eighth?, The (GN Book 9)
1518       War or Peace?--Which Will It Be? (GN Book 10)
1519       False Alarm?--God's Little Tricks (GN Book 10)
1520       Confirmation--Peace First (GN Book 10)
1521       Garden of God, The (GN Book 10)
1522       Talking Image, The (GN Book 10)
1523       Image of the Beast, The (GN Book 10)
1524       EEC Beast, The (GN Book 10)
1525       Love-Making with Jesus (GN Book 10)
1526       Answers to Your Questions--No.7 (GN Book 10)
1527       Rod of God, The (GN Book 11)
1528       Five Wars of the Antichrist, The (GN Book 11)
1529       Why Heaven? (GN Book 12)
1530       Heavenly Bodies (GN Book 12)
1531       Heavenly Mansions (GN Book 12)
1532       Songs of Heaven (GN Book 12)
1533       I Am a Stranger Here (GN Book 12)
1534       This Is My Country (GN Book 12)
1535       Sex with Grandmother (GN Book 14)
1536       Mop, The (GN Book 11)
1537       Exposure (GN Book 11)
1538       World at War, The (GN Book 11)
1539       Prophet Like Moses, A (GN Book 14)
1540       Desires of Your Heart, The (GN Book 14)
1541       UFOs and Spiritualism (GN Book 14)
1542       Heavenly Art--Introduction (GN Book 12)
1543       Heavenly Art (GN Book 12)
1544       Show Me (GN Book 12)
1545       This Is Like Heaven (GN Book 12)
1546       Our Heavenly City? (GN Book 12)
1547       Complete Nebuchadnezzar Revelation, The       (unpublished)
1548       Attack!--Fight for Your Rights (Vol.15)
1549       Being a Wise Guest! (Vol.18)
1550       Fasting and Fellowship (unpublished)
1551       Vespers!--Psalm 1 (Vol.18)
1552       False Prophets (unpublished)
1553       Interpretation No.2 (unpublished)
1554       Super Supper with Sop (unpublished)
1555       Go South and East in Art (GN Book 12)
1556       What Is the "Book of Life"? (GN Book 14)
1557       Heavenly Jesus (GN Book 12)
1558       More Heavenly Jewels (GN Book 12)
1559       Space City Art (GN Book 12)
1560       Born in Heaven (GN Book 12)
1561       My Idea of Heaven (GN Book 12)
1562       Heavenly Holes (GN Book 12)
1563       Skin Care--A Talk to Techi After She Fell (GN Book 14)
1564       God's Little Mysteries (unpublished)
1565       Trust God--About a Sick Missionary (GN Book 11)
1566       Answers to Your Questions--No.8 (GN Book 11)
1567       My Birthday Tribute to Maria (GN Book 11)
1568       More Space City Art (GN Book 12)
1569       Heavenly Society (GN Book 12)
1570       Sudden Death, Sudden Glory (GN Book 12)
1571       How Is the Antichrist's Deadly Wound Healed? (GN Book 14)
1572       IHC Progress (GN Book 13)
1573       Heavenly Villages (GN Book 12)
1574       Great Golden Bird, The (GN Book 12)
1575       Magic River, The (GN Book 12)
1576       To the Woeful Libbers (GN Book 14)
1577       How the Heavenly Art Was Born (GN Book 14)
1578       Reserved for Us--Heavenly City Art (GN Book 14)
1579       Horizons Unlimited (GN Book 14)
1580       Currents--No.1: More on the Covenant and the Image of the Beast (GN Book 13)
1581       Currents--No.2 (GN Book 13)
1582       War in the Americas (GN Book 13)
1583       Question about the Great Confusion (GN Book 13)
1584       Currents--No.3: The Antichrists (GN Book 13)
1585       Colour Book Dream, The (GN Book 14)
1586       Hallelujah Chorus, The (GN Book 14)
1587       Yoga Dangers (GN Book 14)
1588       To You--New FN Format Requirements (GN Book 13)
1589       Let's Reap Radio (GN Book 13)
1590       Mass Media Ministries vs. Personal Witnessing (GN Book 13)
1591       Rules for Going Out--After a Storm (GN Book 13)
1592       We're Still the Jesus Revolution (GN Book 13)
1593       World War Economy--It's Insane (GN Book 13)
1594       Currents--No.4: Central American War (GN Book 13)
1595       Currents--No.5: Chad (GN Book 13)
1596       Heaven's Close-by (GN Book 14)
1597       More on Heaven (GN Book 14)
1598       Forget the Past (GN Book 13)
1599       Tabletop Tomb (GN Book 14)

1600       Dream of Love (GN Book 14)
1601       Special Emergency Appeal to You (GN Book 13)
1602       Currents--No.6: Marcos and the Philippines (GN Book 13)
1603       Currents--No.7: Chad and the Antichrists (GN Book 13)
1604       Diligent in Business (GN Book 13)
1605       No Car?--Try Public Transport (GN Book 14)
1606       Angels--God's Police Protection (GN Book 14)
1607       Home Security Guidelines (GN Book 16)
1608       Currents--No.8: More on Spy Plane Crash (GN Book 14)
1609       Reap Radio Revolution, The (GN Book 14)
1610       Swimming Pool Care and Maintenance (GN Book 14)
1611       More Sure Word of Prophecy, A: BOF, Part 1 (BOF)
1612       "Signs of the Times": BOF, Parts 2 and 3 (BOF)
1613       Rise and Reign of the Antichrist: BOF, Parts 4 and 5 (BOF)
1614       Atom War: BOF, Part 6 (BOF)
1615       More Thoughts on the Atom War: BOF, Part 6a (BOF)
1616       Second Coming of Jesus Christ: BOF, Part 7 (BOF)
1617       Marriage Supper of the Lamb: BOF, Part 8 (BOF)
1618       Wrath of God and the Battle of Armageddon: BOF, Part 9 and 10 (BOF)
1619       Millennium: BOF, Part 11 (BOF)
1620       Battle of Gog and Magog: BOF, Part 12 (BOF)
1621       Great White Throne Judgment: BOF, Part 13 (BOF)
1622       New Heaven and the New Earth: BOF, Part 14 (BOF)
1623       Heaven's Girl--Supergirl of Tribulation (GN Book 17)
1624       Real Victors of the Tribulation, The (GN Book 17)
1625       World Currents--No.9: The Oil War (GN Book 15)
1626       Heavenly Colour--More Heavenly Art (GN Book 15)
1627       Our Heaven or Theirs? (GN Book 15)
1628       Down-To-Earth Heaven, A (GN Book 15)
1629       Radio Revolution Continued, The (GN Book 15)
1630       More on "Heaven's Girl" (GN Book 17)
1631       Water Tower, The (GN Book 17)
1632       Heaven's Girl Art--Advice to Eman Artist (GN Book 17)
1633       World Currents--No.10: Central America, the ACs, US Wars (GN Book 18)
1634       Last Christmas?, The (GN Book 16)
1635       Artist to Artist (GN Book 17)
1636       Now It's Speed--Not Perfection (GN Book 17)
1637       Pray--God Has the Answer (GN Book 18)
1638       Heavenly Tubes (GN Book 17)
1639       End of the Crash, The (GN Book 16)
1640       World Currents--No.11: World Antichrist Linkage (GN Book 16)
1641       World Currents--No12: Grenada (GN Book 16)
1642       David Prophecies, The--Of the Bible (GN Book 16)
1643       Answers to Your Questions--No.9 (GN Book 16)
1644       God's Lessons (GN Book 16)
1645       More Heaven's Girl Art (GN Book 17)
1646       Grandpa Jewels (GN Book 16)
1647       God's Curses (GN Book 16)
1648       Great Revivals, The (GN Book 16)
1649       Personal Evangelism vs. Mass Evangelism (GN Book 17)
1650       Hold On (GN Book 17)
1651       Boy Who Wouldn't, The (GN Book 17)
1652       God's Vomit (GN Book 17)
1653       Forsaking All? (GN Book 17)
1654       Wait and See (GN Book 17)
1655       New Combined Index, The (GN Book 16)
1656       Index Revolution, The (GN Book 16)
1657       Movie Reviews (GN Book 16)
1658       From Here to Eternity (BOF)
1659       God's Way--The Wind-Down (GN Book 18)
1660       Austerity--Learn to Live on Less (GN Book 18)
1661       Austerity Measures (GN Book 18)
1662       Eventually--Why Not Now? (GN Book 18)
1663       Combo Game, The--Not Fast Enough (GN Book 18)
1664       Problem Child, A (GN Book 18)
1665       You Can Too (GN Book 18)
1666       Computer Chip Dream, The (GN Book 18)
1667       WND Jewels--What's in the Wind (GN Book 18)
1668       Eastward Ho--Why God's Moving East (GN Book 18)
1669       Chinese and the Word, The (GN Book 18)
1670       Red or Dead?--Which?--Or Both? (GN Book 18)
1671       Dad and Luther--Two of a Kind (GN Book 18)
1672       Crowns (GN Book 18)
1673       Bigger Jobs (GN Book 18)
1674       Kids' Kolour Book (GN Book 18)
1675       More Comments on "Heaven's Girl" Art (GN Book 18)
1676       Heaven's Girl for Kids (GN Book 18)
1677       Go to Work--Or Go Home (GN Book 18)
1678       Eclipse (GN Book 18)
1679       Heaven's Girl and Our Tribulation Triumphs (GN Book 18)
1680       Promises of Power (GN Book 18)
1681       Preface to "The Index" Letter (INDEX)
1682       Thank God for Our Children (GN Book 18)
1683       World Currents--No.13: War or Pact? (GN Book 18)
1684       Childhood--"Heaven on Earth" (GN Book 18)
1685       Doorkeeper, The--Dad's Army Days (GN Book 18)
1686       Hungry Dog Story, The (GN Book 18)
1687       Belly Dancer Dream (GN Book 18)
1688       Heaven's Girl Book, The (GN Book 18)
1689       "To Obey Is Better than Sacrifice" (GN Book 18)
1690       Latins Go East (GN Book 18)
1691       Don't Forget All the Past (GN Book 18)
1692       World Currents--No.14 (GN Book 18)
1693       Place For You, A (GN Book 18)
1694       Vespers!--Psalm 2:1-5 (Vol.18)
1695       GN Jewels (GN Book 18)
1696       FN, Tithing and Mailing Revolution, The (GN Book 18)
1697       New DFO FN, The (GN Book 18)
1698       Guard Your Children (GN Book 18)
1699       Night Watchman, The (GN Book 18)

1700       Watchdog Lizard, The (GN Book 18)
1701       "Ye Shall Be As Gods" (GN Book 18)
1702       Dangers of Becoming Gods, The (GN Book 18)
1703       We're "More Than Conquerors" (GN Book 18)
1704       These All Died in Faith (GN Book 18)
1705       Dad on Discipline (GN Book 18)
1706       Need to Discipline, The (GN Book 18)
1707       Rules Are to Be Obeyed (GN Book 18)
1708       Delinquent Parents (GN Book 18)
1709       Grandpa Jewels on Childcare (GN Book 18)
1710       Child Discipline (GN Book 18)
1711       Baby and Toddler Discipline (GN Book 18)
1712       Home Discipline (GN Book 18)
1713       Anywhere with Jesus (GN Book 18)
1714       Secrets of a Younger Teenager--My Old Diary for 1933 (GN Book 18)
1715       More Teenage Secrets--My Diary for 1934 (GN Book 18)
1716       War Year, The: A Turning Point--1941 (GN Book 18)
1717       To Be Faithful unto Death (GN Book 20)
1718       Fight Back (GN Book 20)
1719       Making of a Man, The--1941 Wars and Lessons (GN Book 18)
1720       Preparing the Teachers of Tomorrow (Vol.15)
1721       Maria's New Year's Report (GN Book 18)
1722       World Currents--No.15: Jesse Jackson (GN Book 18)
1723       1942--A Year of Deliverance (GN Book 18)
1724       Dad's New Year's Report (GN Book 20)
1725       Radio Reapers--More on Clubber Visitation--Compiled by Peter (GN Book 20)
1725       Radio Reapers--Rootin' Tootin' Fruitin' (full text of Letter) (GN Book 20)
1726       Question and Answer Time (GN Book 20)
1727       My 1936 Diary--17 years old in Miami, Florida (GN Book 20)
1728       1967: The Family Begins (GN Book 20)
1729       Urgent Security Emergency Rushogram (GN Book 20)
1730       Tighten the Family (GN Book 20)
1731       New Tape Ministry (GN Book 20)
1732       More on No Blank TRFs (GN Book 20)
1733       Holy Spirit and Bob Valenti, The (GN Book 20)
1734       Hungry Dream, The (GN Book 20)
1735       Gunboat Dream, The (GN Book 20)
1736       Is This the Final Year of the Crash? (GN Book 20)
1737       Why Should I Say More? (GN Book 20)
1738       Techi Vignette, A--1 yr., 4 months (GN Book 20)
1739       What's Wrong with Keda? (GN Book 20)
1740       Keda's Penance (GN Book 20)
1741       God's Gifts--The Spirit Revolution (GN Book 20)
1742       Prophecies--How They Come (GN Book 20)
1743       Prophecy Lessons (GN Book 20)
1744       False Prophecies (GN Book 20)
1745       Love-Making of a Queen, The (GN Book 20)
1746       Menacing Ministries (GN Book 20)
1747       Keda's Problem (GN Book 20)
1748       Exposing Keda's Problem--(Part 2) (GN Book 20)
1749       Prayer Request for Keda, A (GN Book 20)
1750       Victory (GN Book 20)
1751       Communion with Techi (GN Book 20)
1752       Heavenly Techi and the Magazine (GN Book 20)
1753       Bad Absalom--What's Your Hang-Up? (GN Book 20)
1754       Princess and the Pea, The (GN Book 20)
1755       Esther--The Queen of FFers (GN Book 20)
1756       False Prophet, The (GN Book 20)
1757       More on Asking for Prayer (GN Book 20)
1758       Plot Thickens, The (GN Book 20)
1759       World Currents--No.16: Thailand and Pol Pot (GN Book 20)
1760       Love'm and Leave'm (GN Book 20)
1761       Two Little Babes in the Woods (GN Book 20)
1762       Don't Cry "Wolf, Wolf" (GN Book 20)
1763       Our Day in Court (GN Book 20)
1764       How to Survive in a Closed Country (GN Book 20)
1765       More on Islam (GN Book 20)
1766       Strangers and Pilgrims (GN Book 20)
1767       World History--And Russia (GN Book 20)
1768       Message of the Crucifixion, The (GN Book 20)
1769       Resurrection Story, The (GN Book 20)
1770       When the Comet Comes (GN Book 20)
1771       Halley's Comet (GN Book 20)
1772       System Survival (GN Book 20)
1773       Generation of Vipers--Mat.23:33 (GN Book 20)
1774       "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" (GN Book 20)
1775       Dying Grace--A Wonderful Dream (GN Book 20)
1776       Joyous Yom Kippur of True Salvation, A (GN Book 20)
1777       Hong Kong, China--Booming East, Crashing West (GN Book 20)
1778       Crooked City, The (GN Book 20)
1779       Tribulation Survival (GN Book 20)
1780       Millennial Prep (GN Book 20)
1781       Obedience in Little Things (GN Book 20)
1782       Super Salesman Dream, The (GN Book 20)
1783       Antichrists and the Economy, The (GN Book 20)
1784       More on the False Prophet (GN Book 20)
1785       Re: Being Honest with Authorities (GN Book 20)
1786       Rehabilitation Camp Dream, The (GN Book 20)
1787       Sad News from Eve about Disastrous Deb (Vol.15)
1788       News from Eve--A Warning (Vol.15)
1789       Deb's Book (Vol.15)
1790       Eve and Deb Dream, The (Vol.15)
1791       News from My Sister Virginia (Vol.15)
1792       Dad's Reaction to Faith's Dreams (Vol.15)
1793       Love Is the Most Important Thing (Vol.15)
1794       Sharing Lessons Together (Vol.15)
1795       Why Rebukes Before All? (Vol.15)
1796       Importance of Good Communications (Vol.15)
1797       Our Questions and Maria's Answers (Vol.15)
1798       Maria's Prayer for Magdalene (Vol.15)
1799       Maria Telling Her Life Story (Vol.15)

1800       Nostradamus' Prophecies of the Antichrist (Vol.15)
1801       India's New Restrictions (Vol.15)
1802       Current Events Foreshadow (Vol.15)
1803       Comments on BBC and the News (Vol.15)
1804       On Arabs and Jews (Vol.15)
1805       It's Going to Take Time (Vol.15)
1806       Love of Christ, The--For His Girls, Faith and Magdalene (Vol.15)
1807       Predictions for 1986 (Vol.15)
1808       Footnote to Predictions for 1986 (Vol.15)
1809       What to Do about 1986 (Vol.15)
1810       Dollar and the Crash, The (Vol.15)
1811       Encouragements From Heaven (Vol.15)
1812       Woe unto Thee, O Daughter of My People (Vol.15)
1813       Correspondence Between Dad and His Brother (Vol.15)
1814       Satan's Evil Spell--From Deb to Jezebel (Vol.15)
1815       This Could Win Us Disciples (Vol.15)
1816       Devil's Book, The (Vol.15)
1817       Thank God for the Victory--Over Our vicious Enemies (Vol.15)
1818       Have Mercy (Vol.15)
1819       Without Love It's Nothing (Vol.15)
1820       No More Personal Thank-Yous (Vol.15)
1821       God's Call to Burma (Vol.15)
1822       Languages of the Millennium (Vol.15)
1823       Dad's Sister's Letter and His Final Reply (Vol.15)
1824       New Huntington Beach Dream, The (Vol.15)
1825       Memories: "Remember Thy Creator in the Days of Thy Youth" (Vol.15)
1826       Age in Heaven (Vol.15)
1827       You Must Obey the Least of Commandments (Vol.15)
1828       How to Teach (Vol.15)
1829       Fire and Freedom (Vol.15)
1830       Have Fun--Enjoying Dancing and Sex (Vol.15)
1831       Watch Out for Mrs. Mosquito (Vol.15)
1832       Progressive Education (Vol.15)
1833       Ragman, The (Vol.15)
1834       Tribulation Lit--By the Millions (Vol.15)
1835       China History (Vol.15)
1836       China Bride--"Fear Not" (Vol.15)
1837       Questions for Dad from TRF Reports (Vol.15)
1838       Why Do We Dream? (Vol.15)
1839       Bethlehem Dream, The (Vol.15)
1840       Deer Dream (Vol.15)
1841       Church Fire Dream (Vol.15)
1842       US Christians, the Olympics, and Impending Judgment (Vol.15)
1843       Dad's Heart Attack (Vol.15)
1844       Know Your Plastics (Vol.15)
1845       Huntington Beach Church Invasion, The (Vol.15)
1846       Difficulty In Spiritual Communications (Vol.15)
1847       "O Wretched Man that I Am" (Vol.15)
1848       Watch and Pray--A Safety Lesson (Vol.15)
1849       Buyers Must Be Bargainers (Vol.15)
1850       Bargaining for a House (Vol.15)
1851       More on Bargaining (Vol.15)
1852       Transcendental Meditation (Vol.15)
1853       Fill Up Your Heart (Vol.16)
1854       More on TM and the Unified Field (Vol.15)
1855       To Win Some, Be Winsome (Vol.15)
1856       Deborah and Bill Davis' Dirty Book (Vol.15)
1857       Young Prophet and the Old Prophet (Vol.15)
1858       Rose by Another Name, A (Vol.15)
1859       Don't Cram (DB 2)
1860       Get It Right (DB 2)
1861       Getting Reorganised (DB 2)
1862       Joseph Lewis Story, The (Vol.15)
1863       Thrilling New Posters and New Tapes (Vol.15)
1864       Vision for the Colour Posters, A (Vol.15)
1865       Poster Push (Vol.15)
1866       Sold on Posters (Vol.15)
1867       Poster Salesmen (Vol.15)
1868       Itchin' to Scratch: Another Poster Sales Talk (Vol.15)
1869       GP Posters (Vol.15)
1870       Heavenly Posters (Vol.15)
1871       Big Pictures (Vol.15)
1872       Visions of the Truth (Vol.15)
1873       Get the Picture?--Get It Out (Vol.15)
1874       Prayer for Postering, A--Go (Vol.15)
1875       Poster Texts--Got the Message? (Vol.15)
1876       Halos--On the Heavenly Posters (Vol.15)
1877       Poster Plans (Vol.15)
1878       Posters: Bait or Spear? (Vol.15)
1879       God Hates Murmuring (Vol.15)
1880       Rid the Rebels (Vol.15)
1881       Sudden Dropouts (Vol.15)
1882       I'm Glad I'm Still Here--Christmas Eve '84 (Vol.15)
1883       Our Old Year Praise Meeting--New Year's Eve, '84 (Vol.15)
1884       New Year's Prayers (Vol.15)
1885       Seed Corn, Hot Cakes and Beggars (Vol.15)
1886       Nancy R. Refine and the Painting (Vol.15)
1887       Getting the Victory Over Deep-Rooted Problems (Vol.15)
1888       We Are Unique--The Best (Vol.15)
1889       Constant Vigilance Is the Price of Security (Vol.15)
1890       Anti-Antichrists, The (Vol.15)
1891       Millennial Encouragement (Vol.15)
1892       Four Wars of the Antichrist (Daniel 11:21-45) (Vol.15)
1893       Dump Your Dollars (Vol.15)
1894       East Will Survive, The (Vol.15)
1895       Curse of Petroleum Oil, The (Vol.15)
1896       DTD Tape Invitations (Vol.15)
1897       Resurrections of the Saved, Living and the Dead (Vol.15)
1898       When Is The End? (Vol.15)
1899       Big Bank Boo, The (Vol.15)

1900       New Revelations--Endtime Review (Vol.15)
1901       More Revelations of the Future (Vol.15)
1902       Dad's Comments on the Kellie Everts Interview (Vol.15)
1903       Kingdom Prayer, The (Vol.15)
1904       Endtime Review (Vol.15)
1905       Mediaeval Art (Vol.15)
1906       Healing and Rewards (Vol.15)
1907       Handicap of Natural Ability, The (Vol.15)
1908       I'll Give All the Glory to Jesus (Vol.15)
1909       Sex for Babes? (Vol.15)
1910       Time's Up--Go Now (Vol.15)
1911       Endtime Story, The (Vol.15)
1912       Outline of Revelation--Review (Vol.15)
1913       Whore, The (Vol.15)
1914       English Speakers in Latin America Go East (Vol.15)
1915       Daydreaming (Vol.15)
1916       More on Revelation, Mammon and Babylon (Vol.15)
1917       What Did Adam Do in the Garden? (Vol.15)
1918       Sex and Children Before the Fall (Vol.15)
1919       See It and Believe It (Vol.15)
1920       Postering--Seeds or Souls? (Vol.15)
1921       Poster Tracts (Vol.15)
1922       Sex and Honesty (Vol.16)
1923       Be a Eunuch (Vol.16)
1924       Spiritual Pests and Problems (Vol.16)
1925       You've Got the Victory--Don't Give Up (Vol.16)
1926       Honesty Revolution, The (Vol.16)
1927       Are You Willing to Sign Blank Sheet of Paper? (Vol.16)
1928       Failure--A Victory from Defeat (DB 2)
1929       Pride--The Root of All Sin (Vol.16)
1930       Taking Correction--Don't Justify Yourself (Vol.16)
1931       Know Your Enemies (Vol.16)
1932       FFing Questions and Answers (Vol.16)
1933       Don't Worry About It (Vol.16)
1934       Leave Yourself Open (Vol.17)
1935       Pray and Obey (Vol.16)
1936       Need for and Meaning of Stats (Vol.16)
1937       Advantage of a Handicap--#2 (Vol.16)
1938       Don't Say No to God (Vol.16)
1939       Finish the Job (Vol.16)
1940       What's Your Money Worth? (Vol.16)
1941       Clinical Method of Witnessing, The (Vol.16)
1942       Who Persecuted the Prophets? (Vol.16)
1943       Number of a Man, The (Vol.16)
1944       Scofield Bible and "There's the Enemy" Story (Vol.16)
1945       You Are Your Own Worst Enemy (Vol.16)
1946       Jesus the Rock, Peter the Rolling Stone (Vol.17)
1947       It's Hot Stuff--Posters and Future Pubs (Vol.16)
1948       Poster Jewels #1 (Vol.16)
1949       Down on the Farm (Vol.16)
1950       Sow the Seed (Vol.16)
1951       God's Chess Game (Vol.16)
1952       Hinduism (Vol.16)
1953       Married to Jesus (Vol.16)
1954       Lover of All Lovers, The (DB 8)
1955       Born Again--Are You? (DB 8)
1956       Spirit of Love, The (DB 8)
1957       Heavenly Communication (DB 8)
1958       Why the Bible? (DB 8)
1959       Giving to God (GIL)
1960       Millennium, The--Growing in Love (GIL)
1961       Here's Heaven (GIL)
1962       I Will Set Up One Shepherd (DB 8)
1963       Revolution--For Jesus (DB 8)
1964       Churchianity Today (DB 8)
1965       Revolutionary Discipleship (DB 8)
1966       To Whom Will You Go? (DB 8)
1967       "With Persecutions"--Mark 10:29,30 (DB 8)
1968       Amazing Grace--Free at Last (DB 8)
1969       Sinless Sex--God's Sex Position (DB 8)
1970       Heavenly Victory in the Great Tribulation (Vol.16)
1971       Here's the Future (Vol.16)
1972       Coming Heavenly Life of Love, The (Vol.16)
1973       New Heaven and Earth, The (Vol.16)
1974       Happy End of the World, The (Vol.16)
1975       Endtime News, The (Vol.16)
1976       Prophet, The (PSF)
1977       Fishers of Men (PSF)
1978       Final Signs of the End, The (PSF)
1979       Watch Out for 666 (PSF)
1980       Come (PSF)
1981       King's Return, The (PSF)
1982       Princess' Wedding, The (PSF)
1983       When the Towers Fall (PSF)
1984       Invasion of Planet Earth, The (PSF)
1985       Relief for the Third World (PSF)
1986       Pie in the Sky (Poster Text) (PSF)
1987       Tomorrow's Wonderful World (PSF)
1988       Pleasures of Paradise (PSF)
1989       Judges of Tomorrow, The (PSF)
1990       Ruling in Kingdom Come (PSF)
1991       Her Healing Touch (PSF)
1992       When Heaven's on Earth (PSF)
1993       Life in Paradise (PSF)
1994       Life in the 32nd Century (PSF)
1995       Knowing the King (PSF)
1996       Loving Other Worlds (PSF)
1997       Incredible Journey, The (PSF)
1998       Peace--In the Midst of Storm (PSF)
1999       Spaceship (Poster) (PSSS)

2000       City in the Sky (PSSS)
2001       World of Tomorrow, The (PSSS)
2002       Heavenly City, The (PSSS)
2003       Signs of the Times (PSSS)
2004       Comet Comes, The (PSSS)
2005       Great Escape, The (Poster Text) (PSSS)
2006       Martyrs of the End (PSSS)
2007       Crowns of Life (PSSS)
2008       Rewards in Heaven (PSSS)
2009       Rulers of Tomorrow (PSSS)
2010       Teachers of Tomorrow (Poster Text) (PSSS)
2011       Heaven on Earth (Mill Lake) (PSSS)
2012       Pearly Gates of Heaven, The (PSSS)
2013       Magic River of Life, The (PSSS)
2014       Paradise on Earth (PSSS)
2015       Heavenly Picnic, A (PSSS)
2016       Our Heavenly Home (PSSS)
2017       Home Sweet Home (PSSS)
2018       Visions of Paradise (PSSS)
2019       Heavenly Life of Love, The (PSSS)
2020       A Heart Full of Heaven (PSSS)
2021       Why Worry?--You're in His Hands (PSSS)
2022       What Everybody Needs Is Love (PSSS)
2023       Honesty in Threesomes and Overcoming Jealousy (Vol.16)
2024       WS Works and Workers (Vol.16)
2025       Worldwide Insanity (Vol.16)
2026       On the Brink (Vol.16)
2027       Flee Funds (Vol.16)
2028       Take Good Care of Yourself--You Belong to Him (Vol.16)
2029       World Currents--No.17 (Vol.16)
2030       Can You Be Delivered from the Mark? (Vol.16)
2031       I Recant That You Can't (Vol.16)
2032       Heaven's Girl--Accentuate the Positive (Vol.16)
2033       Learn the Language (Vol.16)
2034       World Currents--No.18 (Vol.16)
2035       Heaven's Girl--A World Leader (Vol.16)
2036       Surrogate Mothers (Vol.16)
2037       Black October? (Vol.16)
2038       World Currents--No.19 (Vol.16)
2039       Heaven's Girls Can Win the World (Vol.16)
2040       Trigger, The (Vol.16)
2041       Get'm Out Now (Vol.16)
2042       Hide in the Cities (Vol.16)
2043       Heaven's Girls Have Fun (Vol.16)
2044       She Can Gang-Bang'm (Vol.16)
2045       Jael's Nail (Vol.16)
2046       Let's Give'm Heaven's Girl (Vol.16)
2047       God-Given Visions (Vol.16)
2048       Heavenly Exclusive--Poster Parables (Vol.16)
2049       Heaven's Girl--The Forever Story (Vol.16)
2050       World Currents--No.20 (Vol.16)
2051       Answers to Your Questions--No.10 (Vol.16)
2052       National Publishing Centers--NPCs (Vol.16)
2053       World Currents--No.21 (Vol.16)
2054       We've Got a Lot to Learn (Vol.16)
2055       Shine On, Harvest Moon (Vol.16)
2056       Teens--The Future of Your Father (Vol.16)
2057       World Currents--No.22 (Vol.16)
2058       Answers to Your Questions--No.11 (Vol.16)
2059       Children of the Future (Vol.16)
2060       Real Parents--Decisions (Vol.16)
2061       Teen Sex (Vol.16)
2062       Early Teens, The--The Crucial Years (Vol.16)
2063       Hiding the Word in Your Heart (Vol.16)
2064       Dad on "Kidz Correction" (Vol.16)
2065       Prayer Vigil Victory (Vol.16)
2066       Dad's Guidelines for Teen Discipline (Vol.16)
2067       World Currents--No.23 (Vol.16)
2068       Dad on Armi's Appendicitis (Vol.16)
2069       Happiest Christmas, The (Vol.16)
2070       Shove-Off Program, The--Spend Your Vacation on the Field (Vol.16)
2071       Elephant and the Mosquito, The: The US vs. Godahfi (Vol.16)
2072       Fight for Your Healing (Vol.16)
2073       Dad's Comments on the 1985 Year-End Report (Vol.16)
2074       Show'm Jesus (Vol.16)
2075       War in the Spirit (Vol.16)
2076       World Currents--No.24 (Vol.16)
2077       Poster Jewels--No.2 (Vol.16)
2078       Peter Pan, Walt Disney (Vol.16)
2079       Stripping of the Slain, The (Vol.16)
2080       And They Knew Not until the Flood Came (Vol.16)
2081       Don't Be Afraid to Beg (Vol.16)
2082       Play It Safe (Vol.16)
2083       Prayer for Godahfi and Against America (Vol.16)
2084       God's in Control (Vol.16)
2085       World Currents--No.25 (Vol.16)
2086       Prayer for Dad and Future Farewell (Vol.16)
2087       Turn On and Tune In (Vol.16)
2088       World Currents--No.26 (Vol.16)
2089       What Did You Do Today to Save a Soul? (Vol.16)
2090       Bearing False Witness (Vol.16)
2091       Pentecostal Church Dream, The (Vol.16)
2092       World Currents--No.27 (Vol.16)
2093       Grandpa Explaining to Techi about Godahfi (Vol.16)
2094       Celebrating Heaven--Dad's Easter Message (Vol.16)
2095       God of Empires, The (Vol.16)
2096       Perspectives--and a Good Sense of Values (Vol.16)
2097       Searchers (Vol.16)
2098       Love of Christ Constraineth You, The (Vol.16)
2099       World Currents--No.28 (Vol.16)

2100       From Here to Eternity--HC 1 (HC)
2101       Who Is Grandpa?--HC 2 (HC)
2102       Who Are Heaven's Children?--HC 3 (HC)
2103       My Heaven's Children--HC 4 (HC)
2104       Heaven's Children Life with Grandpa--HC 5 (HC)
2104       Heaven's Children Life with Grandpa--HC 6 (HC)
2105       Heaven's Children Prepare for Heaven--HC 7 (HC)
2106       Grandpa Goes to Heaven--HC 8 (HC)
2107       Apartment House, The--HC9 (HC)
2108       Our Heavenly Community--HC 10 (HC)
2109       Grandpa Goes to the Fair--HC 11 (HC)
2110       Moon, The--HC 12 (HC)
2111       More on the Moon--HC 13 (HC)
2112       City of the Future, The--HC 14 (HC)
2113       Heavenly Ministries--HC 15 (HC)
2114       Heavenly Thought Power--HC 16 (HC)
2115       Our Audience with the King of Kings--HC 17 (HC)
2116       Heavenly Communication--HC 18 (HC)
2117       Heavenly Education--HC 19 (HC)
2118       Heavenly Transportation and Weapons--HC 20 (HC)
2119       Grandpa Goes to Earth--HC 21 (HC)
2120       I Prefer the New Earth (Vol.16)
2121       Current Events--How a Country Goes Communist (Vol.16)
2122       World Currents--No.29 (Vol.16)
2123       Heaven the Way I See It (Vol.16)
2124       More on the AC Wars (Vol.17)
2125       AC Wars and the BOPs (Vol.17)
2126       Heaven's Children in the Millennium (Vol.17)
2127       Forget the North--Millennial Beginnings (Vol.17)
2128       How to Go on the Attack (Vol.16)
2129       Dad Decides to Write "Heaven's Children" (Vol.16)
2130       World Currents--No.30 (Vol.16)
2131       Heaven's Children Jewels (Vol.16)
2132       Heaven's Children Questions and Answers (Vol.16)
2133       Heaven's Children--Leaders of the Millennium (Vol.17)
2134       Love Slaves!--Adultery, Prisons and Slavery! (Vol.18)
2135       Trust the Lord (DB 3)
2136       Accentuate the Positive! (Vol.18)
2137       Responsibility of Gifts, The (DB 3)
2138       Third Class: The Spared--And Grandmother the Gambler (Vol.17)
2139       Encouraging and Guiding the Teens! (Vol.18)
2140       Self-Righteousness (Vol.16)
2141       Only a First Chance (Vol.17)
2142       Judah on Pearly Gate (Vol.17)
2143       Loneliness and Heart Trouble (Vol.17)
2144       Spared (The), Resurrection Review and Tribulation Friends (Vol.17)
2145       The Washington Girls!--Dad's Girlfriends and Grandmother's Mistakes! (Vol.18)
2146       Ezekiel 38--Verses 1-21 (Vol.17)
2147       Dream of Ancient Malta (Vol.17)
2148       Ezekiel 38--Verses 18-23 (Vol.17)
2149       Ultimate Purpose of Sex, The (Vol.17)
2150       Proof It's the Endtime--Review of Ezekiel 38 (Vol.17)
2151       Women Shall Rule Over Them (Vol.17)
2152       Ezekiel 39--Verses 1-4 (Vol.17)
2153       Open Field, The--Ezekiel 39:5 (Vol.17)
2154       Firestarter, The--Movie Comments (Vol.17)
2155       Ezekiel 39:6-End and Zechariah 10-13 (Vol.17)
2156       Zechariah 14:1-5 (Vol.17)
2157       Choices Within God's Will (Vol.17)
2158       Proof of the Trinity (Vol.17)
2159       Buckminster Fuller--Millennial Man (Vol.17)
2160       Israel and World History (Vol.17)
2161       Zechariah 14--Part 2--Verses 6-21 (Vol.17)
2162       Reality of the Future, The--Revelation Review (Vol.17)
2163       2010--Comments on a Prophetic Movie (Vol.17)
2164       Our Concept of God--and About Beards and Shaving (Vol.17)
2165       Atomic War Ends the Tribulation (Vol.17)
2166       Revelation Review (Vol.17)
2167       Introduction to the Study of the Antichrist and His Kingdom (Vol.17)
2168       Kingdom of God and Millennial Saints (Vol.17)
2169       Grandpa Dealing with Techi--Be Good (Vol.17)
2170       If We Only Had--A Warning Not to Forget the Crash (Vol.16)
2171       Prayer for Godahfi after US Terrorist Attack (Vol.16)
2172       Daniel 7 Review (Vol.17)
2173       Devil's Attack on the Word of God (Vol.17)
2174       More on Daniel 7--Bible History (Vol.17)
2175       Judgements, The (Vol.17)
2176       Daniel 7, Part 3 (Vol.17)
2177       Daniel 8--The Ram and the He Goat (Vol.17)
2178       Daniel 8:9-11--Lessons on Communism (Vol.17)
2179       Great Russian Reactor Fire, The (Vol.16)
2180       Russian "Alex" and His Song (Vol.16)
2181       Ivan's Song (Vol.16)
2182       Cleaning Up the Earth, Space City, and Space Travel (Vol.17)
2183       World Currents--No.31 (Vol.17)
2184       Antichrist and His Government Are Already Here (Vol.17)
2185       Daniel 8 Continued--Verse 20-End (Vol.17)
2186       Prayer for Godahfi to Invite in the Russians (Vol.16)
2187       Magic Sponge, The--A Dream (Vol.17)
2188       Seventy Weeks of Daniel, The (Vol.17)
2189       Raiser of Taxes and Rise of the Antichrist (Vol.17)
2190       Course of History Must Go On, The (Vol.17)
2191       Revelation of the Antichrist, The (Vol.17)
2192       Maria Shall Shine (Vol.17)
2193       Antichrist Wars Before the Covenant (Vol.17)
2194       Clarifying Daniel 11 (Vol.17)
2195       Memory Work Made Simple (Vol.17)
2196       New Memory Book, The (Vol.17)
2197       Endtime Facts, Proving Unknown Quantities and Daniel 11 (Vol.17)
2198       Kingdomites (Vol.17)
2199       Daniel 11--Rapid Review (Vol.17)

2200       MacArthur--A New Spirit Helper (Vol.17)
2201       Daniel Chapter 12! (Vol.18)
2202       Love Messages from the Lord and Mama for Dad! (Vol.18)
2203       More on MacArthur (Vol.17)
2204       Test on the Book of Daniel!--And Oral Review of the AC and His Reign! (Vol.18)
2205       Matthew 24 and 2 Thessalonians 2! (Vol.18)
2206       1John 2:18 and AC Names! (Vol.18)
2207       Confirmations!--Regarding AC's Deadly Wound Healed! (Vol.18)
2208       Revelation 13, Verses 1-5!--And Review of Seven World Empires! (Vol.18)
2209       Rev.13, Verses 7-18!--And the Book of Life and Unsaved Christians! (Vol.18)
2210       Interpreting Bible Prophecy (Vol.16)
2211-1       What If?--Part 1 (Vol.16)
2211-2       What If?--Part 2 (Vol.17)
2211-3       What If?--Part 3 (Vol.17)
2211-4       What If?--Part 4 (Vol.17)
2212       Alternative Interpretations (Vol.17)
2213       The Whore and the Beast!--Revelation 17, Verses 1-13 (Vol.18)
2214       The Destruction of the Whore!--Revelation 17:11-18 and Revelation 18! (Vol.18)
2215       Victory Party in Heaven!--Revelation 19:1-10! (Vol.18)
2216       The Battle of Armageddon!--Revelation 19:11 - End (Vol.18)
2217       No Such Thing as Bad Publicity (Vol.17)
2218       The Sign of the Son of Man! (Vol.18)
2219       Psalm 23:1-3--And Body, Soul and Spirit (Vol.17)
2220       Psalm 23:1-3A--Review (Vol.17)
2221       Psalm 23--Part 3 (Vol.17)
2222       We Are It (Vol.17)
2223       Teens for Christ--Are You One? (Vol.17)
2224       Yield and Obey--Part 1 (Vol.17)
2225       Yield and Obey--Part 2 (Vol.17)
2226       John Bunyan Revelation, The (Vol.17)
2227       Pat Robertson and Politics (Vol.17)
2228       Prayer for South Africa (Vol.17)
2229       Backsliders Behave (Vol.17)
2230       It's Crashing--Are You Ready? (Vol.17)
2231       Sooner the Better, The (Vol.17)
2232       What's in It for Me? (Vol.17)
2233       World Currents--No.32 (Vol.17)
2234       Called, Chosen and Faithful! (Vol.18)
2235       Go East--Where the People Are (Vol.17)
2236       Prayer for David's Fever (Vol.17)
2237       Appreciate Your Blessings (Vol.17)
2238       "In Quietness and Confidence" (Vol.17)
2239       Our Christmas Present to Jesus (Vol.17)
2240       World Currents--No.33 (Vol.17)
2241       Let'm Do It (DB 3)
2242       God Is Not a Pacifist (Vol.17)
2243       Why Not? (Vol.17)
2244       What to Do in a Robbery (Vol.17)
2245       Open Letter to Our Friends, from Heaven's Magic (Vol.17)
2246       Red Menace, Communism Foretold (Vol.17)
2247       Antichrist Conspiracy for World Conquest, The (Tract)
2248       Trade War, The (Vol.17)
2249       Money Crisis, The (Vol.17)
2250       Introduction to New Heaven's Children (NHC1) (NHC)
2251       Heaven's Children Go to Heaven (NHC 2) (NHC)
2252       Wedding Feast, The (NHC 3) (NHC)
2253       Our Task (NHC 4) (NHC)
2254       Why the Millennium? (NHC 5) (NHC)
2255       God Describes the Millennium (NHC 6) (NHC)
2256       Wonders of the World of Tomorrow (NHC 7) (NHC)
2257       Story of the Millennium, The--Part 1 (NHC 8) (NHC)
2258       Story of the Millennium, The--Part 2 (NHC 9) (NHC)
2259       God's Monarchies (NHC 10) (NHC)
2260       Are You Ready to Rule? (NHC11) (NHC)
2261       Heavenly Re-Education (NHC 12) (NHC)
2262       Review of the Endtime, A (NHC 13) (NHC)
2263       Who Are the Spared or Survivors? (NHC 14) (NHC)
2264       More on the Survivors of Armageddon (NHC 15) (NHC)
2265       Seven Goals of the Millennium, The (NHC 16) (NHC)
2266       Millennial Word, The (NHC 17) (NHC)
2267       Our Homegoing (NHC 18) (NHC)
2268       Home Again (NHC 19) (NHC)
2269       Role of the Rebels, The (NHC 20) (NHC)
2270       All This--And Heaven Too (NHC 21) (NHC)
2271       Brave New World (NHC 22) (NHC)
2272       Millennial Blessings (NHC 23) (NHC)
2273       More Millennial Blessings (NHC 24) (NHC)
2274       Millennial Mountains and Islands? (NHC 25) (NHC)
2275       Millennial Mountains and Islands Destroyed (NHC 26) (NHC)
2276       Great Ball's Afire (NHC 27) (NHC)
2277       When the Air Explodes (NHC 28) (NHC)
2278       God's Pizza (NHC 29) (NHC)
2279       Camp of the Saints, The (NHC 30) (NHC)
2280       Re-Creation, The (NHC 31) (NHC)
2281       Paradise (NHC 32) (NHC)
2282       Have You Got It?--It Ain't Gonna Rain No More (NHC 33) (NHC)
2283       Millennial Power (NHC 34) (NHC)
2284       Down on the Farm (NHC 35) (NHC)
2285       Millennial Soap (NHC 36) (NHC)
2286       Millennial Mills (NHC 37) (NHC)
2287       Millennial Generators (NHC 38) (NHC)
2288       Where Is the Waterbelt? (NHC 39) (NHC)
2289       Rise of the Rebels, The (NHC 40) (NHC)
2290       Rise of Babylon, The (NHC 41) (NHC)
2291       Millennial Harvest, The (NHC 42) (NHC)
2292       Evil Seeds of Sin, The (NHC 43) (NHC)
2293       Revival of Gog and Magog, The (NHC 44) (NHC)
2294       Your New Life of Love (Vol.17)
2295       Christmas Love (Vol.17)
2296       Rescue, The (Vol.17)
2297       Helper from Heaven, A (Vol.17)
2298       Magic of Music, The (Vol.17)
2299       Sinless Sex (Vol.17)

2300       Spirit of Love, The (Poster) (Vol.17)
2301       New World Flyers (Vol.17)
2302       Happy Beginning, The (Vol.17)
2303       Your Best Friend (Vol.17)
2304       Born in Heaven (Poster) (Vol.17)
2305       Yield and Obey--Part 3 (Vol.17)
2306       Last State, The (Vol.17)
2307       Philippines Has Had It, The (Vol.17)
2308       Cardinal Pig Revelation (Vol.17)
2309       Prayer Against Cardinal Sin and His Persecution of God's Children in the PI (Vol.17)
2310       Time's Up for the Philippines (Vol.17)
2311       Not a Chinaman's Chance (Vol.17)
2312       Philippines Has Heard It, The (Vol.17)
2313       FFing/DFing Revolution, The (Vol.17)
2314       TV Evangelists' Scandal, The (Vol.17)
2315       Operation Anti-Christ--Against the TV Evangelists (Vol.17)
2316       World Currents--No.34 (Vol.17)
2317       The Beggar Bears!--A Grandpa Story! (Vol.18)
2318       Unnatural Disasters and Churchianity! (Vol.18)
2319       Scribes, Hebrew and Dad's Speaking Experiences!--Introduction to a Class on Ezekiel (Vol.18)
2320       Teaching Suspense and Our New Culture! (Vol.18)
2321       The Bible Is Necessarily So! (Vol.18)
2322       Classtime with Dad! (Vol.18)
2323       "Great Famine" of Nostradamus?, The (Vol.17)
2324       Communist Insurgencies (Vol.17)
2325       Fork in the Road Dream, The (Vol.17)
2326       Prayer for Mama's Eyes (Vol.17)
2327       Spiritual Warfare Depends on Us, The (Vol.17)
2328       Unholy War Against the Holy, The (Vol.17)
2329       Dream of the Three Serpents, The (Vol.17)
2330       Pray and Spray (Vol.17)
2331       Prayer for Mama on Her Birthday (Vol.17)
2332       Prayer and Answer for Mama's Eyes (Vol.17)
2333       More on Mama's Eyes (Vol.17)
2334       Prayer for Roy Wallis (Vol.17)
2335       Praying Tchaikovsky Out of Hell into Paradise (Vol.17)
2336       Prayer for Gorbachev (Vol.17)
2337       Prayer for the Dentist Couple Whom We Won to the Lord (Vol.17)
2338       Pass the Box of Air Dream! (Vol.18)
2339       Separations (Vol.17)
2340       Backsliders, Excoms and Immature Leadership (Vol.17)
2341       Sunrise, Sunset!--Take Time to Pay Attention to the Lord's Great Things! (Vol.18)
2342       Why Our Family Really Works (Vol.17)
2343       Mama's Confession (Vol.17)
2344       God's Pets (Vol.17)
2345       Even the AIDS Scare Is for our Good (Vol.17)
2346       Mama on the New AIDS Rules (Vol.17)
2347       David's Ordination!--On His 12th Birthday! (Vol.18)
2348       "Yesterday's Children"--Dad's Comments on Roy Wallis' Book (Vol.17)
2349       Ugly Americans, The (Vol.17)
2350       Prayer for Gandhi (Vol.17)
2351       Prayer for the Philippines (Vol.17)
2352       Banning the Bomb (Vol.17)
2353       Adam and Eve Could Have Lived Forever!--Even After the Fall! (Vol.18)
2354       Bible Chronology!--From Creation to New Heaven and New Earth! (Vol.18)
2355       Little Is Much if God Is in It! (Vol.18)
2356       Why We Use the King James Version!--General Bible Knowledge (Vol.18)
2357       General Bible Knowledge! (Vol.18)
2358       "Now You Iss a Christian!" (Vol.18)
2359       Vespers!--Psalm 2:6-8 (Vol.18)
2360       Vespers!--Psalm 2:9-12 (Vol.18)
2361       Vespers!--Psalm 3 (Vol.18)
2362       Vespers!--Psalm 4:1-3 (Vol.18)
2363       Vespers!--Psalm 4:4-8 (Vol.18)
2364       Vespers!--Psalm 5 (Vol.18)
2365       Vespers!--Psalm 6 (Vol.18)
2366       Vespers!--Psalm 7 (Vol.18)
2367       Never Run from a Dog! (Vol.18)
2368       Psalms for Kids!--Psalm 1--Bible Time with Grandpa! (Vol.18)
2369       Psalms for Kids!--Psalm 19:1-2! (Vol.18)
2370       Psalms for Kids!--Psalm 19:3! (Vol.18)
2371       Psalms for Kids!--Psalm 19:4-End! (Vol.18)
2372       Psalms for Kids!--Psalm 34!--Bible Study with Grandpa! (Vol.18)
2373       Psalms for Kids!--Psalm 37:1-11!--Bible Study with Grandpa! (Vol.18)
2374       Lesson on Mercy from Psalm 51:1!--Bible Study with Grandpa! (Vol.18)
2375       Psalm 51--Part 2!--Verses 2-10!--Psalms for Kids! (Vol.18)
2376       Psalm 51--Part 3!--Verses 8-15!--Psalms for Kids! (Vol.18)
2377       Don't Try to Be Something You're Not!--Talk to 6-Year-Old Techi (Vol.18)
2378       Psalms for Kids!--Psalm 51, Verses 15-19!--Part 4!--Sacrifices! (Vol.18)
2379       Crash of '87, The (Vol.17)
2380       It's Time for the Superman (Vol.17)
2381       Crash Continues, The (Vol.17)
2382       The Way of Kings! (Vol.18)
2383       "Honor the King!"--1Peter 2:17.--"Honor to Whom Honor Is Due!" (Vol.18)
2384       Prophecies in the Night! (Vol.18)
2385       Inside, Out of Sight! (Vol.18)
2386       Don't Be Discouraged!--Keep the Faith and Trust the Lord! (Vol.18)
2387       It's Almost Over! (Vol.18)
2388       Our Christmas Message!--A Prayer for Pagans!: "You Need Jesus!--Just Take Him!" (Vol.18)
2389       How to Witness to Pagans!--Give'm Jesus! (Vol.18)
2390       Psalms for Kids!--Psalm 91, Pt. 1!--Verses 1 and 2!--The Secret Place of the Most High! (Vol.18)
2391       Psalms for Kids!--Psalm 91, Pt. 2--Verses 3 and 4! (Vol.18)
2392       Psalms for Kids!--Psalm 91, Pt. 3!--Psa.91:5 and 6!--And Grammar Made Simple! (Vol.18)
2393       Psalms for Kids!--Psalm 91, Pt. 4!--Verses 5-12--Dad's Brother... (Vol.18)
2394       Communion with Dad! (Vol.18)
2395       Psalms for Kids!--Psalm 91, Part 5!--Verses 12 and 13! (Vol.18)
2396       Psalms for Kids!--Psalm 91, Part 6!--Verses 14-16! (Vol.18)
2397       Get Going!--Or Get Out!--Or It's a Waste of Souls! (Vol.18)
2398       Bad Apples!--Out They Go! (Vol.18)
2399       We've Got It All!--Dad's New Year's Eve Talk to the Family (Vol.18)

2400       The Seven Secret Kisses!--"Groanings Which Cannot Be Uttered!"--Romans 8:26 (Vol.18)
2401       Give'm Jesus!--A New Positive Approach to Winning Pagans! (Vol.18)
2402       The U.S. Deficit Budget!--And What It's Leading To! (Vol.18)
2403       The Lan-Ti Revelation! (Vol.18)
2404       It's Up to Japan!--Whether There's Trade War and Recession or Peace and Plenty! (Vol.18)
2405       What's Wrong with Japan! (Vol.18)
2406       New Ways to Reach Japan! (Vol.18)
2407       Kill Khomeini!--A Prayer (Vol.18)
2408       Learning to Fly! (Vol.18)
2409       Spiritual Babies!--Don't Expect Too Much!--It Takes Time! (Vol.18)
2410       The Personal Evangelism Revival! (Vol.18)
2411       Don't Pull Your Punches!--It's Japan's Last Chance!--So Sock It to'm! (Vol.18)
2412       Schools--Will They Work? (Vol.18)
2413       Why We Must Reach the Japanese Youth! (Vol.18)
2414       Life's Railroad! (Vol.18)
2415       Make It Fun and Exciting!--How to Teach Babes and Teens! (Vol.18)
2416       Trust and Obey, Pt. 1--A Sequel to the "Yield and Obey" Series! (Vol.18)
2417       Obey Them That Have the Rule Over You!--"Trust and Obey," Pt. 2 (Vol.18)
2418       Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice!--"Trust and Obey," Pt. 3 (Vol.18)
2419       God's Gotta Stop It Soon!--The Devil's Workshop! (Vol.18)
2420       Japan's Last Chance!--Dad's Birthday Message! (Vol.18)
2421       The Dangers of Rejection!--And Bible Study on John Chapter 1, Verses 1-9 (Vol.18)
2422       No More Visiting Hours!--The Best Ability Is Availability! (Vol.18)
2423       Temptation!--Guard Your Thoughts! (Vol.18)
2424       Psalms for Kids!--Psalm 100 and 103! (Vol.18)
2425       Skipping Grades!--A Grandpa Lesson on Patience, Faith and Going Slow! (Vol.18)
2426       To Be Unpopular with the World Is to be Popular with God! (Vol.18)
2427       "The Lord Is My Deliverer!"--2Sam.22.2--A Prayer for Deliverance! (Vol.18)
2428       Give God a Chance!--You Can't Be Afraid of Publicity! (Vol.18)
2429       The Age of Decision! (Vol.18)
2430       The School Vision!--God's Answer to Our "Child Crisis"! (Vol.18)
2431       Answers to Your Questions No.12! (Vol.18)
2432       Have a School!--The Time Has Come for Family Schools! (Vol.18)
2433       Make It Work!--Marriage Is God's Answer to Teenage Sex Problems! (Vol.18)
2434       The AC Campaign to Put in Dukakis!--An Analysis of Current American Politics! (Vol.18)
2435       "Though He Slay Me, Yet Will I Trust Him!"--Never Give Up! (Vol.18)
2436       Prayer Around the World! (Vol.18)
2437       Prayer for Alice Pifer (Vol.18)
2438       Final Warning to Japan! (Vol.18)
2439       Future Persecution in Japan!--A Warning from the Lord! (Vol.18)
2440       World Currents!--No.35! (Vol.18)
2441       World Currents!--No.36! (Vol.18)
2442       Our Enterprise! (Vol.18)
2443       Don't Force Public Decisions! (Vol.18)
2444       It's a Sobering Thought! (Vol.18)
2445       Love Thy Sister!--A Lesson on Love and Appreciation! (Vol.18)
2446       The Lash of the Rash!--Lesson on Obedience to 9-Year-Old Techi (Vol.18)
2447       Designated Gifts!--What to Do with Them! (Vol.18)
2448       The Way of Pioneers! (Vol.18)
2449       World Currents!--No.37! (Vol.18)
2450       Audience Participation and How to Teach! (Vol.18)
2451       Movie Guidelines!--"Choose the Good and Eschew the Evil!" (Vol.18)
2452       My Kind of Movies (Vol.18)
2453       The Evils of Entertainment!--A Good Lesson on What Not to Watch! (Vol.18)
2454       "Choose the Good and Eschew the Evil!"--A Lesson on Video Controls and Monitoring! (Vol.18)
2455       World Currents!--No.38 (Vol.18)
2456       "According to Your Faith"!--The Truth Revolution, Pt.1 (DB 7)
2457       Analysis of Don and Liz!--The Truth Revolution, Pt.2 (DB 7)
2458       "Failure to Report a Crime"!--The Truth Revolution, Pt.3 (DB 7)
2459       Good Stewardship!--The Truth Revolution, Pt.5 (DB 7)
2460       God's Discipline Makes Disciples!--The Truth Revolution, Pt.6 (DB 7)
2461       Don and Liz's Homegoing!--The Truth Revolution, Pt.7 (DB 7)
2462       The Appeal of the World on Our Teens!--A Lesson-Filled History of Dad's Youth! (Vol.18)
2463       World Currents!--No.39 (Vol.18)
2464       It's Time to Fight!--For Your Kids! (Vol.18)
2465       In Search of Truth!--Answers to Many of Life's Most Meaningful Questions! (Vol.18)
2466       Who Is Jesus? (Vol.18)
2467       The Memorization Revolution! (Vol.18)
2468       When to Separate!--How to Deal with a Backslidden-in-Heart Mate! (Vol.18)
2469       "Be As Wise as Serpents!"--Mat.10:16.--Run and Hide, But if Caught, Turn and Fight! (Vol.18)
2470       Get Tough! (Vol.18)
2471       We're Almost Done! (Vol.18)
2472       Open Doors! (Vol.18)
2473       Is It Worth It? (Vol.18)
2474       The History of Persecution!--And Its Present Last Days! (Vol.18)
2475       How to Answer Our Enemies!--Preach Sex! (Vol.18)
2476       Stand Up and Fight! (Vol.18)
2477       Prayers Against Our Enemies! (Vol.18)
2478       Curses Upon Our Enemies! (Vol.18)
2479       Old Age!--The Final Test! (Vol.18)
2480       The Truth About Japan!--How Her Rich Have Gotten So Rich! (Vol.18)
2481       World Currents!--No.40 (Vol.18)
2482       Dad's Favorite Songs of Comfort and Service! (Vol.18)
2483       Victory Over Affliction!--Promises and Prayers for Your Healing! (DB 8)
2484       The Word, the Word, the Word! (DB 8)
2485       The Palestinian Declaration of Independence! (Vol.18)
2486       Prayer Against the Monster System of the Devil! (Vol.18)
2487       The Black Flood! (Vol.18)
2488       Dad's Favorite Songs of Love! (Vol.18)
2489       The Antichrist's One-World Government! (Vol.18)
2490       The Beginning of the End! (Vol.18)
2491       Christianity's Biggest Enemy--The Church! (Vol.18)
2492       Homegoing '89!--Solutions for Our Families Returning to Their Home Fields! (Vol.18)
2493       Home Field Survey! (Vol.18)
2494       Prayer for Our Homegoing Families! (Vol.18)
2495       Eternal Security!--Once Saved, Always Saved! (Vol.18)
2496       Who Should Fight for the Children? (Vol.18)
2497       Love Is the Difference!--How to Choose Your Videos! (Vol.18)
2498       The Coming Great Crash!--A Business Conference on the World Economic Crisis! (Vol.18)
2499       Home Field Survival!--Tips and Warnings for Recent Returnees! (Vol.18)

2500       It Can Happen Now!--Dad's 1989 New Year's Message!--It's Gotta Happen Soon! (Vol.18)
2501       The Revelation of the Beast!--And the Seven Signs of His Revelation! (Vol.18)
2502       World Currents!--No.41 (Vol.18)
2503       Scripture Songs!--The Songs Those Christians Should Have Sung! (Vol.18)
2504       The Marriage Book--What It's All About! (Vol.18)
2505       The China Syndrome!--Commenting on the Slaughter of Students in Beijing! (Vol.18)
2506       The Black Terror Nightmare! (Vol.18)
2507       Going Home?--Go Mobile!--More Counsel for Families Returning to Home Fields! (Vol.18)
2508       More on Going Mobile!--Confirmation Quotes Compiled from Past Letters! (Vol.18)
2509       Precious Prayers and Promises for Dad!--And for Mama's Eyes! (Vol.18)
2510       Angelo of Zoagli! (Vol.18)
2511       Prayer for Techi's Healing!--Take Charge over the Devil! (Vol.18)
2512       Comments on the Movie "Lady Jane"! (Vol.18)
2513       Writing Your Parents! (Vol.18)
2514       My Christmas Letter to My Relatives!--By Maria (Vol.18)
2515       China in Crisis!--Current Events Jewels (Vol.18)
2516       Russia--Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow! (Vol.18)
2517       The Rock by the Road Dream! (Vol.19)
2518       Prayer for the Japanese!--A King's Prayers! (Vol.19)
2519       Deaths in the Family!--And Prayer for Backsliders! (Vol.19)
2520       The Alaskan Independence Dream! (Vol.19)
2521       The Devil's Challenge!--A Dream and Lesson on "Fear Not!" (Vol.19)
2522       "We're an Army!"--A Sobering Lesson on Obeying God's Rules! (Vol.19)
2523       "After This, The Deluge!" (Vol.19)
2524       It's Up to You!--Mene's Farewell from the King's House! (purged)
2525       Our Teens--The Devil's Target! (Vol.19)
2526       The Devil's Challenge to Our Garden of Eden! (Vol.19)
2527       Trimming Down to a Gideon's Band!--A Tough Talk about Do-Nothing "Sitters"! (Vol.19)
2528       "Sudden Destruction!"--The Great Crash? (Vol.19)
2529       The "Perfect Hatred!"--Psa.139:22.--Prayer of Thanksgiving for Security (Vol.19)
2530       The State of the World/State of the Family! (Vol.19)
2531       D.O. Is for DOers of the Word! (James 1:22)--Requirements for Receiving DO Mailings! (Vol.19)
2532       "Forsake Not the Assembling of Yourselves Together!"--Heb.10:25 (Vol.19)
2533       Teaching Children to Make the Right Decisions! (Vol.19)
2534       Independence Through Dependency! (Vol.19)
2535       "Be Not Unequally Yoked with Unbelievers!" (Vol.19)
2536       Child Abuse: A Final Warning! (Vol.19)
2537       The Way It Was!--In the Great Depression!--What about the Next One? (Vol.19)
2538       Latin American Debts! (Vol.19)
2539       Morality Collapse! (Vol.19)
2540       The Chariots of Fire!--Are Inspired by the God of Fire! (Vol.19)
2541       Automobiles and Speed Demons! (Vol.19)
2542       Traumatic Testimonies for Teens!--"Gory Stories" Needed Now! (Vol.19)
2543       "A Wise Man Will Hear!"--Pro.1:5 (Vol.19)
2544       "What Are Ye Among So Many?" (Vol.19)
2545       Relating to the System!--"Be Ready Always to Give an Answer!"--1Pet.3:15 (Vol.19)
2546       The Fight of Faith for Health! (Vol.19)
2547       Victory Over Depression and Drug Addiction! (Vol.19)
2548       The Way the Wars Went!--The Truth about the Wars of the World! (Vol.19)
2549       The Boogie-Man Will Get You If You Don't Watch Out! (Vol.19)
2550       Dad's Comments on "Surviving the Great Depression of 1990" (Vol.19)
2551       Back to the Beginning!--We've Done It Before and We Can Do It Again! (Vol.19)
2552       Why Modern Communism Can't Work! (Vol.19)
2553       Admitting Your Weaknesses and Showing His Strength! (Vol.19)
2554       The Need to Admit Our Weaknesses and Confess Our Faults! (Vol.19)
2555       "Be Strong in the Lord!"--Eph.6:10. (Vol.19)
2556       Thank God if You're Strong! (Vol.19)
2557       Talents and Gifts, Strengths and Weaknesses! (Vol.19)
2558       Weaknesses, Strengths and Setting Standards! (Vol.19)
2559       What Is "Strong"? (Vol.19)
2560       Why the New Childcare Book!--Mama's Vision for "Raise 'em Right"! (Vol.19)
2561       A Teenage Challenge! (Vol.19)
2562       From Heaven to Hell in One Generation! (Vol.19)
2563       World Currents!--No.42 (Vol.19)
2564       Leaders Need Faith! (Vol.19)
2565       Prayer for the Japanese Young People! (Vol.19)
2566       The Flood of Evil! (Vol.19)
2567       Home Schoolers, Attack! (Vol.19)
2568       The Last Seven Years!--When It Begins! (Vol.19)
2569       Prayer for Jimmy Bakker!--And for All God's People! (Vol.19)
2570       World Currents!--No.43 (Vol.19)
2571       More on the Last 7 Years!--Summary of Endtime Events! (Vol.19)
2572       Don't Fear the System! (Vol.19)
2573       Latin America Is It!--The Field of Today and Tomorrow! (Vol.19)
2574       The Latin America and Home Field Boom! (Vol.19)
2575       Our Re-invasion of Europe! (Vol.19)
2576       Home Field/Foreign Field Cooperation (Vol.19)
2577       World Currents!--No.44 (Vol.19)
2578       Why Hugo? (Vol.19)
2579       Abortion--The Slaughter of the Innocents! (Vol.19)
2580       Abortion and War--The Devil's Weapons! (Vol.19)
2581       Protesters Should Obey the Law! (Vol.19)
2582       The Abortion Alternative!--Christians Need to Offer a Genuine Helping Hand (Vol.19)
2583       Jewels on Abortion! (Vol.19)
2584       Take Your Choice!--More on Endtime Events! (Vol.19)
2585       World Currents!--45 (Vol.19)
2586       It's Almost Too Good to be True! (Vol.19)
2587       Our Anchor Holds!--Changes Help Us Trust the Lord! (Vol.19)
2588       World Currents!--No.46 (Vol.19)
2589       Teen Marriage Rules!--More on How to Make It Work! (Vol.19)
2590       Flirty Little Teens, Beware!--"Flee Youthful Lusts!"--2Tim.2:22 (Vol.19)
2591       "Fear Thou Not, for I am with Thee!"--Isa.41:10. (Vol.19)
2592       The Cesar Romero Dream! (Vol.19)
2593       "Remember David and All His Afflictions!"--Psa.132:1. (Vol.19)
2594       A Lament in the Night! (Vol.19)
2595       Prayer Against the Forces of Evil in the Philippines!--And for the Victory of Righteous! (Vol.19)
2596       The Way I See It!--More on the Rise of the Antichrist! (Vol.19)
2597       The Communist Crash! (Vol.19)
2598       A Letter of Love, Encouragement and Instruction for Josh--From Maria (Vol.19)
2599       In a Moment! (Vol.19)

2600       World Currents!--No.47 (Vol.19)
2601       World Currents!--No. 48 (Vol.19)
2602       In Tune with the Times!--Dad's New Year's Report!--20 Years of Family History! (Vol.19)
2603       Evaluating Traumatic Testimonies!--A Good Lesson for Adults and Teens! (Vol.19)
2604       Why History!--A Grandpa Lesson! (Vol.19)
2605       What Will You Do in the Millennium? (Vol.19)
2606       Grandpa's Talk on the Millennium!--Told by Techi! (Vol.19)
2607       Will There Be Sickness in the Millennium? (Vol.19)
2608       "If You Suffer, You Shall Reign!" (Vol.19)
2609       Prayer for Edgar Allan Poe! (Vol.19)
2610       Prayer Against Our Enemies in Spain!--A Prayer in the Night! (Vol.19)
2611       God Is Not Limited!--Dad in the Spirit in the Night (Vol.19)
2612       Science and Miracles! (Vol.19)
2613       This World's a Cesspool!--Watch Your Step! (Vol.19)
2614       Responding to AC Media Attacks!--To Fight Back?--Or Lie Low? (Vol.19)
2615       The Baltics Deserve Their Freedom! (Vol.19)
2616       World Currents!--No.49! (Vol.19)
2617       A Voice in the Night!--Big Things Are Going on in Europe! (Vol.19)
2618       What Is Jesus?--What Are His Names?--Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing! (Vol.19)
2619       World Currents!--No.50 (Vol.19)
2620       Mama's Letters of Counsel to Juan, Abi and Dust!--Letter No.1 (Vol.19)
2621       Mama's Letters of Counsel to Juan, Abi and Dust!--Letter No.2, Part I (Vol.19)
2622       Mama's Letters of Counsel to Juan, Abi and Dust!--Letter No.2, Part II (Vol.19)
2623       Prayer Jewels!--Part 1--Pointers on Prayer by Maria! (Vol.19)
2624       Prayer Jewels!--Part 2--Pointers on Prayer by Maria! (Vol.19)
2625       Praying in Jesus' Name!--A Sequel to "What Is Jesus?" (Vol.19)
2626       The Birth of a Baby! (Vol.19)
2627       Can the Canning! (Vol.19)
2628       A Letter of Love and Admiration to Josiah from Mama (Vol.19)
2629       Intro to the First "Adults Only" GN in the New "Techi" Series! (Vol.19)
2630       Mama's Explanation and Prayer Request Regarding Techi's Battles! (Vol.19)
2631       Applying the "Techi Series"! (Vol.19)
2632       Blessings from Battles! (Vol.19)
2633       Introduction to the "Techi's Battles and Victories" Series! (Vol.19)
2634       "This Is It!"--Discussion with Techi about the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait (Vol.19)
2635       More Thoughts on the Mideast Situation! (Vol.19)
2636       That's It! (Vol.19)
2637       What's Behind the Mideast Build-Up?--And Other Jewels! (Vol.19)
2638       The Milk Dispenser Dream! (Vol.19)
2639       "Kicking" Bad Habits and Winning Victories!--A Talk from Mama to Techi (Vol.19)
2640       The Power of Written Prayers! (Vol.19)
2641       Prayer Against Our Vicious Enemies and Vile Persecutors! (Vol.19)
2642       A New Prospect!--In the Iraq Affair! (Vol.19)
2643       World Currents!--No.51 (Vol.19)
2644       Persecution in South America and Going Underground! (Vol.19)
2645       Weep for the Sheep!--While Listening to Family Members Sing! (Vol.19)
2646       Lessons from Afflictions!--Grandpa Talking to Techi about Her Headaches (Vol.19)
2647       More on Daydreaming!--A Reminder and Warning to Techi from Mama! (Vol.19)
2648       A Lesson on Habits and Confessions! (Vol.19)
2649       The Power of Positive Correction!--"Lighten Up" and Trust the Lord! (Vol.19)
2650       Let'm Ask!--A Lesson on "Explain, Explain, Explain" (Vol.19)
2651       More on "Letting'm Ask!" (Vol.19)
2652       Let'm Explain! (Vol.19)
2653       Explaining Things and Answering Questions!--A Confirmatory Compilation on "Letting'm Ask!"--By Dad (Vol.19)
2654       World Currents!--No.52 (Vol.19)
2655       How to Overcome the Devil's Attacks! (Vol.19)
2656       How to Win Victories Over the Devil! (Vol.19)
2657       Just Let the Light In!--More from Grandpa on How to Fight Evil Thoughts! (Vol.19)
2658       JETT/Teen Discipleship Revolution Needed Now! (Vol.19)
2659       Who's Responsible for Our JETTs and Teens?! (Vol.19)
2660       Revolutionary Kids!--Can We Really Have'm?--If So, How? (Vol.19)
2661       Teach, Reach and Win Our Children!--Confirmatory Quotes from Dad! (Vol.19)
2662       Prayer for Peace! (Vol.19)
2663       Feed the Hungry Hearts! (Vol.19)
2664       A Hallelujah Victory Over Our Enemies! (Vol.19)
2665       More on the Gulf War!--And is Saddam the AC?--A Bible Study with Dad! (Vol.19)
2666       Gift Giving!--Burden or Blessing? (Vol.19)
2667       World Currents!--No.53 (Vol.19)
2668       Prayer for Saddam Hussein! (Vol.19)
2669       Who's Responsible for Our Kids' Problems? (Vol.19)
2670       Caring for Kids Takes Teamwork!--"Who Is My Mother? Who Is My Father?"--Mat.12:50. (Vol.19)
2671       More on "Our" Children!--Confirmatory Quotes from Dad! (Vol.19)
2672       Bitterness!--The Deadly Root that Devours and Destroys! (Vol.19)
2673       World Currents!--No.54.--The Gulf War! (Vol.19)
2674       World Currents!--No.55.--More on the Gulf War! (Vol.19)
2675       Prayer Against the Warmongering Wicked! (Vol.19)
2676       When Israel Strikes Back!--What Could be the End of the Gulf War!--The Way I See It! (Vol.19)
2677       The Discipleship Training Revolution!--An Open Letter to All JETTs and Teens! (Vol.19)
2678       Let's All Get on Fire for Jesus!--To All JETTs, Teens and Adults! (Vol.19)
2679       The Challenge to Commitment!--Will You Accept It? (Vol.19)
2680       The Challenge to Change!--To "Lay Aside Every Weight" and Open Up and Communicate! (Vol.19)
2681       Jewels!--No.1 (Vol.19)
2682       Millennial Sacrifice and Discipline! (Vol.19)
2683       Take Care of Your Temple! (Vol.19)
2684       Lost in India!--Another Nightmare! (Vol.19)
2685       The Chinese Puzzle!--A Strange Dream! (Vol.19)
2686       Bible for You!--No.1!--Bible Classtime with Grandpa!--Introduction! (Vol.19)
2687       Bible for You!--No.2!--Reading of the Dedication of the King James Bible! (Vol.19)
2688       Bible for You!--No.3!--Why We Use the King James Version of the Bible! (Vol.19)
2689       Bible for You!--No.4!--The Books of the Bible!--Classtime with Grandpa! (Vol.19)
2690       Bible for You!--No.5!--Books of the Bible Test!--And Bible Chronology Part 1!--Classtime with Grandpa! (Vol.19)
2691       Bible for You!--No.6!--Bible Chronology Part 2! (Vol.19)
2692       Bible for You!--No.7!--Review of Bible Chronology and Test! (Vol.19)
2693       Bible for You!--No.8!--Test on the Books of the Old Testament and Next Assignment! (Vol.19)
2694       Bible for You!--No.9!--Genesis Chapter 1!--The Firmament and the Heavens! (Vol.19)
2695       Bible for You!--No.10!--Genesis Chapter 1 Continued!--Bible Classtime with Grandpa! (Vol.19)
2696       Warning!--Be Prepared! (Vol.19)
2697       World Currents!--No.56 (Vol.19)
2698       You've Had It, Buddy!--Everyone Will Have Their Chance! (Vol.19)
2699       David's Afflictions! (Vol.19)

2700       Overcoming Negative Thinking!--Everybody's Dirty!--Only Jesus is Good! (Vol.19)
2701       Michael Landon! (Vol.20)
2702       Dad's Love and Prayers for Japan, Korea and Taiwan! (Vol.20)
2703       A Dream About Hearts Aflame! (Vol.20)
2704       Bible for You!--No.11!--Genesis Chapter 2, Verses 1-7!--Bible Classtime with Grandpa! (Vol.20)
2705       Bible for You!--No.12!--Genesis Chapter 2, Verses 8-25!--And Genesis 2 Review! (Vol.20)
2706       Bible for You!--No.13!--Test on Genesis Chapter 2!--Classtime with Grandpa! (Vol.20)
2707       Now It Can Be Told!--Chapter 1: TSC to Cheesequake Park!--Story Time with Grandpa! (Vol.20)
2708       Now It Can Be Told!--Chapter 2: Cheesequake Park to Calais!--Story Time with Grandpa! (Vol.20)
2709       Now It Can Be Told!--Chapter 3: Calais to Copenhagen!--Story Time with Grandpa! (Vol.20)
2710       Rulebreakers Beware!--A Warning to the Wayward to Obey Family Rules! (Vol.20)
2711       Revelation: When's the End?--Still Lots of Time for Video Distribution! (Vol.20)
2712       World Currents!--No.57 (Vol.20)
2713       The Communist Collapse! (Vol.20)
2714       Tony's Last Chance!--Maria's Letter to Tony (Zack Attack)! (Vol.20)
2715       Don't Be Afraid to Ask Questions or Share Your Heart! (Vol.20)
2716       Grumblers Get Out!--Repent!--Or Perish in the System!--Dad's Blast After Hearing About Zack Attack! (Vol.20)
2717       Different Strokes for Different Folks!--Evaluating and Dealing with Problem Cases! (Vol.20)
2718       Questions and Answers on Sex, Freedoms and Relationships! (Vol.20)
2719       Zack Attack Ultimatum! (Vol.20)
2720       Yugoslavia, The Soviet Union and Victories Over Hell! (Vol.20)
2721       World Currents!--No.58 (Vol.20)
2722       The Final Solution! (Vol.20)
2723       The Display Dream!--More on the "Majesty of Choice!" (Vol.20)
2724       Unpublished
2725       Now It Can Be Told!--Chapter 4: Our Visit to Germany and Austria!--Story Time with Grandpa! (Vol.20)
2726       Now It Can Be Told!--Chapter 5: From Vienna to Paris and the Story of Anaik!--Story Time with Grandpa! (Vol.20)
2727       Now It Can Be Told!--Chapter 6: Paris to Rome!--Story Time with Grandpa! (Vol.20)
2728       Bible for You!--No.14!--Genesis Chapter 3!--Bible Classtime with Grandpa! (Vol.20)
2729       Bible for You!--No.15!--Test on Genesis Chapter 3!--Bible Classtime with Grandpa! (Vol.20)
2730       Bible for You!--No.16!--Genesis Chapter 4!--Bible Classtime with Grandpa! (Vol.20)
2731       Bible for You!--No.17!--Genesis 4 Test!--Bible Classtime with Grandpa! (Vol.20)
2732       Bible for You!--No.18!--Genesis Chapter 5!--Bible Classtime with Grandpa! (Vol.20)
2733       Bible for You!--No.19!--Genesis 5 Test and Study of Genesis 6!--Bible Classtime with Grandpa! (Vol.20)
2734       Bible for You!--No.20!--Test on Genesis Chapter 6!--Bible Classtime with Grandpa! (Vol.20)
2735       Yugoslavia Revelation! (Vol.20)
2736       Now It Can Be Told!--Chapter 7: Rome!--Story Time with Grandpa! (Vol.20)
2737       Now It Can Be Told!--Chapter 8: From Venice to Israel!--Story Time with Grandpa! (Vol.20)
2738       It Could Happen This Year!--Of 1992!--Part 1! (Vol.20)
2739       It Could Happen This Year!--Of 1992!--Part 2! (Vol.20)
2740       Feed the Hungry!--Dad's Response after Reading the Testimonies in FSM 202! (Vol.20)
2741       We Couldn't Have Done It Without You! (Vol.20)
2742       Pray for Mama!--Dad's Plea to the Family! (Vol.20)
2743       It Could Happen This Year!--Of 1992!--Part 3!--It's Later than You Think! (Vol.20)
2744       Presenting Endtime Prophecy to the Public! (Vol.20)
2745       It Could Happen This Year!--Of 1992!--Part 4! (Vol.20)
2746       Feeling Close to Jesus! (Vol.20)
2747       Feeling "Inspired" to Do God's Will! (Vol.20)
2748       Obedience Comes First! (Vol.20)
2749       Feelings and Leadings from the Lord!--When to Follow Them, and How to Confirm Them! (Vol.20)
2750       How to Overcome Discouragement!--A Life-giving Lesson to Juan!--Good for Us All! (Vol.20)
2751       Bible for You!--No.21!--Genesis Chapter 7!--The Flood!--Bible Classtime with Grandpa! (Vol.20)
2752       Bible for You!--No.22!--Test on Genesis 7!--Bible Classtime with Grandpa! (Vol.20)
2753       Bible for You!--No.23!--Genesis Chapter 8!--Bible Classtime with Grandpa! (Vol.20)
2754       Bible for You!--No.24!--Test on Genesis 8!--Bible Classtime with Grandpa! (Vol.20)
2755       "Consider the Poor!"--Psa.41:1--Our New Ministry in the U.S. to the Poor! (Vol.20)
2756       World Currents!--No.59 (Vol.20)
2757       Dad's Keynote Prayer for the Fast! (Vol.20)
2758       Are Teens and JETTs "Kids"?--A Special Notice to All Teens and JETTs! (Vol.20)
2759       Now It Can Be Told!--Chapter 9: Life in Israel!--Storytime with Grandpa! (Vol.20)
2760       Now It Can Be Told!--Chapter 10: Israel to Cyprus!--Storytime with Grandpa! (Vol.20)
2761       Death--The Ultimate Orgasm!--An Explosion into Eternity! (Vol.20)
2762       World Currents!--No.60 (Vol.20)
2763       Bible for You!--No.25!--Genesis Chapter 9, Verses 1-17! (Vol.20)
2764       Bible for You!--No.26!--Test on Genesis 9:1-17 and Study of Genesis 9, Part 2! (Vol.20)
2765       Bible for You!--No.27!--Test on Last Half of Genesis 9! (Vol.20)
2766       Now It Can Be Told!--Chapter 11: Life in Cyprus! (Vol.20)
2767       Now It Can be Told!--Chapter 12: Cyprus to London! (Vol.20)
2768       The Family Is Unique!--The Difference Between the Family and the Churches! (Vol.20)
2769       Thank God We're Different! (Vol.20)
2770       We're One of a Kind!--By Maria (Vol.20)
2771       Go to it and Do it! (Vol.20)
2772       Why We Forsook the Church System! (Vol.20)
2773       Life Is Fair Because God Is Good!--Comments on Robert Schuller's Easter Sermon (Vol.20)
2774       Keep It Simple! (Vol.20)
2775       Bible for You!--No.28!--Genesis Chapter 10! (Vol.20)
2776       Bible for You!--No.29!--Test on Genesis Chapter 10! (Vol.20)
2777       Now It Can Be Told!--Chapter 13: London to the U.S.! (Vol.20)
2778       Now It Can Be Told!--Chapter 14: Oklahoma to London! (Vol.20)
2779       Bible for You!--No.30!--Genesis Chapter 11! (Vol.20)
2780       Bible for You!--No.31!--Test on Genesis Chapter 11! (Vol.20)
2781       Bible for You!--No.32!--Genesis Chapter 12! (Vol.20)
2782       Dad and Mama's Urgent Prayer Request for Pearl and the Situation in England! (Vol.20)
2783       We Must Pray!--And Pray!--And Continue to Pray! (Vol.20)
2784       The Joy of Love!--Intro to a New Tract of Love (Vol.20)
2785       Somebody Loves You! (Vol.20)
2786       "Endure Hardness as a Good Soldier!"--2Tim.2:3.--Victory During Persecution! (Vol.20)
2787       Souls or Sales?--Which Are You After?--Why Not Both? (Vol.20)
2788       Personal Witnessing Made Simple!--Just Give'm the Solution: Jesus! (Vol.20)
2789       Mall Witnessers Beware! (Vol.20)
2790       Personal Witnessing--Stand Up for Your Rights! (Vol.20)
2791       You Don't Have to Know All the Answers! (Vol.20)
2792       Witnessing in a Foreign Language!--Give'm the Word! (Vol.20)
2793       Witnessing Is Never Wasted! (Vol.20)
2794       How to Answer Intellectual Questions! (Vol.20)
2795       Stop the World!--I Wanna Get Off!--World Currents No.61 (Vol.20)
2796       Now It Can Be Told!--Chapter 15: London to Horsmonden! (Vol.20)
2797       Now It Can Be Told!--Chapter 16: Horsmonden, England! (Vol.20)
2798       Now It Can Be Told!--Chapter 17: Horsmonden to Downham! (Vol.20)
2799-1       Trip to Europe, Israel and Cyprus! (Vol.20)
2799-2       Trip to Europe, Israel and Cyprus! (Vol.20)
2799-3       Trip to Europe, Israel and Cyprus! (Vol.20)
2799-4       Trip to Europe, Israel and Cyprus! (Vol.20)

2800       Bible for You!--No.33!--Genesis Chapters 13 and 14! (Vol.20)
2801       Bible for You!--No.34!--Test on Genesis Chapters 13 and 14! (Vol.20)
2802       Bible for You!--No.35!--Genesis Chapters 15 and 16! (Vol.20)
2803       Bible for You!--No.36!--Test on Genesis Chapter 15 and 16! (Vol.20)
2804       Bible for You!--No.37!--Study of Genesis Chapter 17! (Vol.20)
2805       Bible for You!--No.38!--Genesis 17 Test!--Study of Genesis 18! (Vol.20)
2806       Bible for You!--No.39!--Test on Genesis 18! (Vol.20)
2807       Bible for You!--No.40!--Genesis Chapter 19! (Vol.20)
2808       Bible for You!--No.41!--Test on Genesis Chapter 19! (Vol.20)
2809       Maria's Christmas Letter to Her Parents!--Good Lessons on Healing for All! (Vol.20)
2810       Signs of the End!--Ominous Current Events!--World Currents No.62 (Vol.20)
2811       The Australian Persecution!--Comments and Prayers from Dad and Mama (Vol.20)
2812       Persecution Jewels--#1!--Excerpts of Counsel Given Regarding Recent Persecution (Vol.20)
2813       God's Financial Blessings!--How to Receive Them Now! (Vol.20)
2814       More on George Mueller!--Having Faith for God's Miraculous Supply! (Vol.20)
2815       Prayer for the Martyrs!--After Watching Video Clips of Media Persecution! (Vol.20)
2816       Statement from Father David to the Media in Japan (Vol.20)
2817       Persecution and Backsliders! (Vol.20)
2818       Look on the Bright Side!--A Talk to David and Techi on Staying Positive! (Vol.20)
2819       What Next?--Know Your Enemy!--The New Persecution! (Vol.20)
2820       False Accusers in the Last Days! (Vol.20)
2821       "Faith Cometh by Hearing the Word!" (Vol.20)
2822       How Bad Is Suicide?" (Vol.20)
2823       Jewels on the Environmental Movement! (Vol.20)
2824       Our Enemies' Reaction to Ben's Suicide! (Vol.20)
2825       "Oh Lord, How Much Longer!" (Vol.20)
2826       Finding a Balance Between Security and Openness in Our Homes (Vol.20)
2827       Another Sign of the End!--Clinton's Election! (Vol.20)
2828       Persecution!--As God Sees It!--The Priceless Golden Treasure! (Vol.20)
2829       New Interpretations!--How to Take'm! (Vol.20)
2830       Get Desperate for Mama's Eyes! (Vol.20)
2831       God's Delays Are Not Denials! (Vol.20)
2832       The Benefits of a Handicap!--Handle with Care! (Vol.20)
2833       Praise and Sing Your Way to Victory!--A Grandpa Talk to Techi! (Vol.20)
2834       Love Doves!--The Inspirations of His Creations! (Vol.20)
2835       Why Do Ye Stone Us? (Vol.20)
2836       We Can't Recant the Truth! (Vol.20)
2837       There's No Way Out But Up! (Vol.20)
2838       The Inauguration!--The Times of Our Lives! (Vol.20)
2839       Misinterpretations and Misunderstandings!--How to Overcome Them! (Vol.20)
2840       Beware of Bitterness!--Who Do You Blame Your Problems On? (Vol.20)
2841       Positive Outlook and Vocabulary! (Vol.20)
2842       "Everlasting Shame and Contempt!" (Vol.20)
2843       Don't Give Up, Stand Up!--The End Has Come!--No Place to Run! (Vol.20)
2844       Step Out on the Milk!--The Miracle of the Milk!--During the Three-Day Fast (Vol.20)
2845       "Teaching the Children" Dream! (Vol.20)
2846       Encouragement from the Lord!--From a Talk to the Family on New Year's Day! (Vol.20)
2847       "Science Falsely So-Called!" (Vol.20)
2848       It's All So Simple!--Morning Thoughts (Vol.20)
2849       Watch Your Words! (Vol.20)
2850       World Currents!--No.63 (Vol.20)
2851       Unpublished
2852       God Is In the Business of Changing the World! (Vol.20)
2853       Unpublished
2854       The Anti-Cult War in Waco! (Vol.20)
2855       Persecution Jewels!--No.2! (Vol.20)
2856       Dad's Birthday 1993!--The Muslim Ministry! (Vol.21)
2857       The Need for More Affection in Our Homes! (Vol.21)
2858       Our Beliefs Concerning the Lord's Law of Love! (Vol.21)
2859       The Waco Tragedy! (Vol.21)
2860       Mama's Comments on Karen Doyle's Interview! (Vol.21)
2861       So What!--Dad's Farewell!--On His Dying Bed with Family Gathered 'Round (Vol.21)
2862       Forsaking Your Children for the Lord and His Work! (Vol.21)
2863       To the White House Singing Team! (Vol.21)
2864       Jewels About Teens! (Vol.21)
2865       The "PER!"--"Personal Encouragement Revolution" (Or "Purr")! (Vol.21)
2866       Teen Maturity! (Vol.21)
2867       Go to the Churches! (Vol.21)
2868       Pray for the Persecuted! (Vol.21)
2869       The Wrath of God!--God's Violence! (Vol.21)
2870       News Nuggets!--World Currents No.64 (Vol.21)
2871       Fight or Flight!--How to Respond to Persecution! (Vol.21)
2872       It's Time to Attack!--Given two days after "Finding the Balance in Persecution!" (Vol.21)
2873       Persecution Jewels!--No.3! (Vol.21)
2874       World Currents!--No.65 (Vol.21)
2875       News Nuggets!--World Currents No.66 (Vol.21)
2876       It's Time to Attack!--Part 2! (Vol.21)
2877       Overcoming the Past!--More on How to Get the Victory over Bitterness! (Vol.21)
2878       Persecution Jewels!--No.4! (Vol.21)
2879       The Happiest Ending! (Vol.21)
2880       The War in Yugoslavia and the First 3-1/2 Years! (Vol.21)
2881       The Wave! (Vol.21)
2882       News Nuggets!--World Currents No.67 (Vol.21)
2883       "Judge Righteous Judgment!"--John 7:24. (Vol.21)
2884       Mama's Letter to Her Parents! (Vol.21)
2885       The Fight Is On! (Vol.21)
2886       Be Awake, Aware and Attack!--We're "Triple-A" Christians! (Vol.21)
2887       News Nuggets!--World Currents No.68 (Vol.21)
2888       Persecution Jewels!--No.5! (Vol.21)
2889       Persecution Jewels!--No.6! (Vol.21)
2890       Getting Back on Track for Jesus!--Part 1 (Vol.21)
2891       Getting Back on Track for Jesus!--Part 2 (Vol.21)
2892       Getting Back on Track for Jesus!--Part 3 (Vol.21)
2893       "Ask and It Shall Be Given!"--Mat.7:7.--Mama's Prayer Request for Finances! (Vol.21)
2894       Loving Presentation!--Show a Loving Attitude, and Feelings Will Follow! (Vol.21)
2895       Giving Teens Responsibility! (Vol.21)
2896       Be a Faithful Witness!--Whether You See Results or Not! (Vol.21)
2897       What Makes a Teen a Leader? (Vol.21)
2898       News Nuggets!--World Currents No.69 (Vol.21)
2899       Persecution Jewels!--No.7! (Vol.21)

2900       How to Take the Wave! (Vol.21)
2901       "The Wave?"--Mom's Questions and My Answers! (Vol.21)
2902       "The Daily Sacrifice!" (Vol.21)
2903       Persecution Jewels!--No.8! (Vol.21)
2904       Views on the News!--World Currents No.70! (Vol.21)
2905       Our JETT Prayer Warriors! (Vol.21)
2906       Persecution Jewels!--No.9! (Vol.21)
2907       Persecution Jewels!--No.10 (Vol.21)
2908       Persecution Jewels!--No.11! (Vol.21)
2909       "God Is No Respecter of Persons!"--Acts 10:34. (Vol.21)
2910       Persecution Jewels!--No.12! (Vol.21)
2911       Views on the News!--World Currents No.71! (Vol.21)
2912       Persecution Jewels!--No.13! (Vol.21)
2913       "The Rapture!"--A Warning by Dad about This Film! (Vol.21)
2914       "When Ye Pray, Use Not Vain Repetitions!"--Mat.6:7. (Vol.21)
2915       Rest for the Weary! (Vol.21)
2916       Views on the News!--World Currents No.72! (Vol.21)
2917       Views on the News!--World Currents No.73 (Vol.21)
2918       The Lord's Appeal for Bosnia! (Vol.21)
2919       Family Discipline Guidelines (Vol.21)
2920       Confirmatory Verses and Quotes on Family Discipline Guidelines (Vol.21)
2921       Views on the News!--World Currents No.74! (Vol.21)
2922       Persecution Jewels!--No.14! (Vol.21)
2923       It Could Be the Crash!--A "Be Prepared" Talk with Maria and Peter (Vol.21)
2924       Russia and the Coming Crash!--How the Antichrist May Uproot Three Horns! (Vol.21)
2925       Witnessing to Muslims! (Vol.21)
2926       Working Together with Muslim Groups (Vol.21)
2927       Views on the News!--World Currents No.75 (Vol.21)
2928       The Un-Cursed Sons of Ham!--A Milestone Doctrinal Change! (Vol.21)
2929       From Poverty to Plenty!--How to Take Hold of God's Abundant Supply Today! (Vol.21)
2930       More on the Importance of Making Your Needs Known! (Vol.21)
2931       Personal Letters!--Number 1.--Letters to Mama and Her Replies! (Vol.21)
2932       Views on the News!--World Currents No.76 (Vol.21)
2933       Views on the News!--World Currents No.77 (Vol.21)
2934       Children's Memory Work--Some Answers from Maria (Vol.21)
2935       Persecution Jewels!--No.15 (Vol.21)
2936       Libby's Homegoing!--And a Lesson in Love and Call to Compassion! (Vol.21)
2937       Dream About Finances!--The "Tools Fund"!--God's Seed Corn!--Have you robbed God?! (Vol.21)
2938       Forget Yourself and Think About Jesus!--Grandpa's Talk to Techi! (Vol.21)
2939       Jewels on Going Slow and Resting in the Lord! (Vol.21)
2940       Views on the News!--World Currents No.78 (Vol.21)
2941       The Swiss Sect Deaths!--What It Could Mean for the Family! (Vol.21)
2942       When Teens Leave the Family!--Don't Give Up On'm!--While There's Life, There's Hope! (Vol.21)
2943       Thanksgiving Prayer for Changes! (Vol.21)
2944       Personal Letters!--No.2--Letters to Mama and Her Replies! (Vol.21)
2945       Safe in the Arms of Jesus!--Dad's Heavenly Homegoing (Vol.21)
2946       Dad's Glorious Graduation!--And How We'll Carry On! (Vol.21)
2947       Why Cry?!--Solutions to Sorrow Over Dad's Graduation! (Vol.21)
2948       Mama's Christmas Message to You! (Vol.21)
2949       Dad's Homegoing Celebration! (Vol.21)
2950       Jewels on Dad's Homegoing! (Vol.21)
2951       Breaking Down the Walls!--Between YA Nationals and Family-born YAs (Vol.21)
2952       Growing Up Spiritually! (Vol.21)
2953       Single Moms--Love Is the Answer! (Vol.21)
2954       Views on the News!--World Currents No.79 (Vol.21)
2955       Heavenly Communication with Dad! (Vol.21)
2956       How to Have a Happy Home!--Finding the Balance in Educating Our Children! (Vol.21)
2957       Why We "Preached Sex" in the Press Release Announcing Dad's Homegoing! (Vol.21)
2958       Explorers, Pioneers and the Family!--The Man Without a Country! (Vol.22)
2959       "...To Every Creature!"--Mark 16:15.--Dad's Christmas Message for 1993! (Vol.22)
2960       Appeal Projects: Our Children and Endtime Message! (Vol.22)
2961       Go for the Gold! (Vol.22)
2962       Comments on YAs in Fund Raising (Vol.22)
2963       The Love Charter!--God's Call to a Love Revolution! (Vol.22)
2964       Mama's Prayer to Be Able to Express the Lord's Words and Love More Clearly! (Vol.22)
2965       To the JETTs from Mama Maria! (Vol.22)
2966       Personal Letters!--No.4! (Vol.22)
2967       The Dangers of System Influence! (Vol.22)
2968       A Caution Not to Compromise! (Vol.22)
2969       The "Jonah Phenomenon!"--Why Dad took off for Heaven despite prophecies that said he'd stick around! (Vol.22)
2970       Prophecies Received at the HCS for the Kobe Earthquake Situation (Vol.22)
2971       Jewels on Dad's Homegoing!--No.2! (Vol.22)
2972       Prayer for the New Year! (Vol.22)
2973       Find Fertile Fields!--The Wave Continues! (Vol.22)
2974       The Prayer Closet Dream! (Vol.22)
2975       Lessons of Love! (Vol.22)
2976       Mama's Prayer for Greater Love and Yieldedness! (Vol.22)
2977       Spacemen!--A Question and Answer Session with Dad Nearly 25 Years Ago! (Vol.22)
2978       Serve One Another in Love!--Mama's Epilogue to the Love Charter (Vol.22)
2979       Comfort to a Single Mom!--An Important Message to All! (Vol.22)
2980       Reassurance and Unconditional Love for Our Teens! (Vol.22)
2981       Braving the Winds of Change!--Helping Our Teens to Face the Future! (Vol.22)
2982       An Urgent Call to Our Latin American Family! (Vol.22)
2983       Letter to Johane and Lydia! (Vol.22)
2984       Prophecies for Our Academic, Legal and Other Friends! (Vol.22)
2985       I Love You!--Just You! (Vol.22)
2986       Mama's New Year's Talk!--The Importance of Showing Love! (Vol.22)
2987       Let Jesus Bear the Weight!--Prophecies for All Those Going Through Difficult Times (Vol.22)
2988       Pray for Maria!--Mama's Prayer Request for Strength, and the Lord's Admonition to Pray for Her (Vol.22)
2989       Just Say Yes to Jesus!--Day One of the Family Feast! (Vol.22)
2990       "Go Ye Into All the World!" (Vol.22)
2991       World Currents!--No.80.--The Aum Prophecies! (Vol.22)
2992       Mama's Love Story!--Part 1.--Day Two of the Family Feast! (Vol.22)
2993       Mama's Love Story!--Part 2--"Carry the Crown!"--Day Three of the Family Feast! (Vol.22)
2994       Mama's Love Story!--Part 3--"King Peter!" (Vol.22)
2995       Mama's Love Story!--Part 4--The Lord's Great Love for Us All, and "the New Garment of Prophecy!" (Vol.22)
2996       Mama's Love Story!--Part 5--Revelations on Relationships! (Vol.22)
2997       "Say Not Ye There Are Yet Four Months!"--Prophecy About Russian Speakers Needed in Russia! (Vol.22)
2998       Seeking His Voice of Counsel!--Prophecy Regarding Armenia! (Vol.22)
2999       Prepare to Reach China with the Words of David! (Vol.22)

3000       Fruitful Children!--Prophecy About Smaller Homes Reaching Out! (Vol.22)
3001       Mama's Love Story!--Part 6--Putting the Lord First in Relationships! (Vol.22)
3002       Mama's Love Story!--Part 7--The Joy of the Lord (Vol.22)
3003       From Tragedy to Triumph in Austin! (Vol.22)
3004       Personal Letters!--No.6--Trusting Brings Triumph! (Vol.22)
3005       Three Gifts of the Lord's Love! (Vol.22)
3006       Healing Balm for Grieving Parents! (Vol.22)
3007       God's Healing Touch for Broken Hearts and Bodies! (Vol.22)
3008       No Condemnation! (Vol.22)
3009       Freedom from Condemnation! (Vol.22)
3010       More Heavenly Messages of Comfort! (Vol.22)
3011       A New Day of Love!--April 1st Day of Pentecost Prophecies! (Vol.22)
3012       Letter to Our Dear TRF Supporter Family! (Vol.22)
3013       Affection Time with Jesus! (Vol.22)
3014       Getting God's Answers! (Vol.22)
3015       The Unbeatable Combination--Your Faith and God's Power! (Vol.22)
3016       "An Answer to Him That Asketh Us!" (1Pet.3:15).--The Why's and Wherefores Behind WS's Letter to the Judge! (Vol.22)
3017       State of the Nation '95! (Vol.22)
3018       Loving Shepherding and Interaction--Charter Style! (Vol.22)
3019       Prophecy Questions You May Have Always Wanted to Ask!--Part 1. (Vol.22)
3020       A Prayer of Praise to God! (Vol.22)
3021       World Currents!--No.81 (Vol.22)
3022       New Music for a New Day! (Vol.22)
3023       Music on the Move!--Good, Better and Best Songs! (Vol.22)
3024       Loving Jesus!--Part 1 (Vol.22)
3025       Loving Jesus!--Part 2 (Vol.22)
3026       A Year of Growth--A New Year's Message! (Vol.22)
3027       Where Are We Now?--Endtime Update! (Vol.22)
3028       The Lion, the Dragon and the Beast! (Vol.22)
3029       Loving Jesus!--Part 3 (GN 662/Vol.25)
3030       Loving Jesus!--Part 4 (GN 662/Vol.25)
3031       Loving Jesus!--Part 5 (GN 663/Vol.25)
3032       Loving Jesus!--Part 6 (GN 664/Vol.25)
3033       Loving Jesus!--Part 7--Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Loving Jesus! (GN 665/Vol.25)
3034       Family Birthday Celebration 1996!--A Letter to the JETTs, Our Prayer Warriors--by Mama Maria (Vol.23)
3035       Prophecy Questions You May Have Always Wanted to Ask!--Part 2--Judging and Interpreting Prophecy! (Vol.23)
3036       Prophecy Questions You May Have Always Wanted to Ask!--Part 3 (Vol.23)
3037       There's More to Come!--Another New Year's Message! (Vol.23)
3038       Answers to Prayer and New Babies! (Vol.23)
3039       Teen Music!--What Are You Doing About It? (Vol.23)
3040       To Comment or Not to Comment! (Vol.23)
3041       Prophecies on Doubts! (Vol.23)
3042       "Not Willing That Any Should Perish!" (2Pet.3:9) (Vol.23)
3043       Prophecies on Pride and Humility! (Vol.23)
3044       Prophecies on Yieldedness! (Vol.23)
3045       Loving Jesus Jewels! (Vol.23)
3046       Mama's News and Views!--Part 1 (Vol.23)
3047       Be Encouraged! (Vol.23)
3048       Communicating with Heavenly Messengers! (Vol.23)
3049       Mama's News and Views!--Part 2 (Vol.23)
3050       New GP Books! (Vol.23)
3051       "Who Said They're Dead?"--A Sneak Preview! (Vol.23)
3052       Prophecies on Leadership! (Vol.23)
3053       Mama's News and Views!--Part 3 (Vol.23)
3054       Mama's News and Views!--Part 4 (Vol.23)
3055       New Ways to Praise!--Mama's Intro to the Praise Kisses and Praise Prophecies GNs! (Vol.23)
3056       Help from Heaven! (Vol.23)
3057       The Days of Filling the Storehouses! (Vol.23)
3058       Pour Forth, Go Forth, for the Time Is Short! (Vol.23)
3059       Pre-Release of "Who Said They're Dead?"--Part 1 (Vol.23)
3060       Pre-Release of "Who Said They're Dead?"--Part 2 (Vol.23)
3061       Pre-Release of "Who Said They're Dead?"--Part 3 (Vol.23)
3062       World Currents!--No.82 (Vol.23)
3063       The Summit '96 Letters!--Part 1 (Vol.23)
3064       The Road to Commitment!--Mama's Letter to David (Vol.23)
3065       The Summit '96 Letters!--Part 2 (Vol.23)
3066       Our Children's Education! (Vol.23)
3067       The Two Pillars of Shepherding! (Vol.23)
3068       Bridging the Gap!--Between DO and TS Family Members! (Vol.23)
3069       Problems and Solutions!--What to Do About the Problems of the Family!--Part 1 (Vol.23)
3070       Problems and Solutions!--Part 2--What to Do About the Problems of the Family! (Vol.23)
3071       Problems and Solutions!--Part 3--What to Do About the Problems of the Family! (Vol.23)
3072       Problems and Solutions!--Part 4--What to Do About the Problems of the Family! (Vol.23)
3073       Problems and Solutions!--Part 5--What to Do About the Problems of the Family! (Vol.23)
3074       "Suffer Little Children to Come Unto Me!" (Vol.23)
3075       World Currents!--No.83 (Vol.23)
3076       Christmas in Heaven!--A Prophecy from Dad (Vol.23)
3077       The Loving Jesus Revelation! (Vol.23)
3078       Notice to Our TRF Supporter Family About the "Loving Jesus" Statement (Vol.23)
3079       The Summit '96 Letters!--Part 3 (Vol.23)
3080       My Heart Belongs to You! (Vol.23)
3081       The Summit '96 Letters!--Part 4 (Vol.23)
3082       Will You Answer the Call? (Vol.23)
3083       Mexico: A Needy Mission Field! (Vol.23)
3084       The Summit '96 Letters!--Part 5 (Vol.23)
3085       Please Pray for Mama's Eyes and Strength! (Vol.23)
3086       World Currents!--No.84 (Vol.23)
3087       Explaining the Loving Jesus Revelation (Vol.23)
3088       Crisis of Faith!--More on Doubts!--Part 1 (Vol.23)
3089       Crisis of Faith!--More on Doubts!--Part 2 (Vol.23)
3090       Crisis of Faith!--More on Doubts!--Part 3 (Vol.23)
3091       An Open Letter to All Current and Former Family Members--From Maria and Peter (Vol.23)
3092       The Summit '96 Letters!--Part 6 (Vol.23)
3093       The Summit '96 Letters!--Part 7 (Vol.23)
3094       What's Happening During the 1997 Family Birthday Feast! (Vol.23)
3095       The Lord's Commission to You! (Vol.23)
3096       Commission Ceremony '97! (Vol.23)
3097       Celebrating Our Second Anniversary of the Love Charter! (Vol.23)
3098       What a Husband and Lover!--Celebrating Our First Anniversary! (GN 719/Vol.25)
3099       Mama's Memos!--No.1: "Loving Jesus" Tapes and Children (Vol.23)

3100       Come Together--In Love!--A New Revelation Concerning Communion! (Vol.24)
3101       It's Cool to Love Jesus! A Letter to the Junior Teens and JETTs (Vol.24)
3102       Victories of 1996 and Plans for 1997!--By Peter (Vol.24)
3103       Our Family Symbol! (tract)
3104       Woe to America! (tract)
3105       The Prince and the Magical Power! (tract)
3106       To You!--With Love! (tract)
3107       Christmas Gifts for You! (tract)
3108       A Special Christmas Gift! (tract)
3109       What Heaven Is Like! (tract)
3110       True Love!--Forever Love! (tract)
3111       What's Wrong with This Picture? (tract)
3112       Check Me Out! (tract)
3113       Jesus, Our Good Shepherd!--More Solutions to the Problems You Face! (Vol.24)
3114       Call to the Rescue!--Part 1--The Lord's Call to Help Our JETTs and Junior Teens! (Vol.24)
3115       Call to the Rescue!--Part 2--The Lord's Call to Help Our JETTs and Junior Teens! (Vol.24)
3116       Help Is on the Way! (Vol.24)
3117       Come to India (Vol.24)
3118       World Currents!--No.85 (Vol.24)
3119       Spirit Stories!--Heavenly Ghostwriting! (Vol.24)
3120       Mama's Memos!--No.2: Praise Time Flexibility (Vol.24)
3121       The Hale-Bopp Comet! (Vol.24)
3122       Hale-Bopp: The Comet's Tale! (tract)
3123       "Heaven's Gate" Sect Suicides and the Hale-Bopp Tract! (Vol.24)
3124       "Man Looketh on the Outward Appearance"--Part 1 (Vol.24)
3125       "Man Looketh on the Outward Appearance"--Part 2 (Vol.24)
3126       Mama's Memos!--No.3 (Vol.24)
3127       Menopause--A Time of Strengthening and Renewal! (Vol.24)
3128       Midlife Victories!--Meeting the Challenge Together! (Vol.24)
3129       Spirit Stories!--Part 2 (Vol.24)
3130       Believing Prophecy! (Vol.24)
3131       Seekman and the Treasures!--A parable, told by Jesus (Vol.24)
3132       Why Witness? (Vol.24)
3133       Mama's Surprise! (Vol.24)
3134       Mama's Surprise!--Part 2 (Vol.24)
3135       Be a Missionary! (Vol.24)
3136       Where We're Headed!--By Peter (Vol.24)
3137       "Instant" Witnessing!--"Preach the Word; be instant in season, out of season" (2Tim.4:2). (Vol.24)
3138       Mama's Memos!--No.4: A How-to of the Practical Application of "Going for the Gold"! (Vol.24)
3139       Mama's Surprise!--Part 3 (Vol.24)
3140       Endtime Prophecy Power! (Vol.24)
3141       Birthday Yieldedness--the Story of Mama's 51st Birthday! (Vol.24)
3142       The Birthday Party Vision!--A sequel to the "Birthday Yieldedness" GN (Vol.24)
3143       Important Notice to Teamworkers Regarding GN 751 (Vol.24)
3144       World Currents!--No.86 (Vol.24)
3145       Releasing Our Spirit Helpers!--A New Revelation (Vol.24)
3146       Prophecies Received by the Family in Russia After "Releasing Our Spirit Helpers!" (Vol.24)
3147       More on Help from the Spirit World! (Vol.24)
3148       Mama's Memos!--No.5: Martial Arts (Vol.24)
3149       Hearing from the Lord Step by Step--By Peter (Vol.24)
3150       Dad's Christmas Message for 1997! (Vol.24)
3151       Victory '97! New Year's Message for 1998: Run the Race! (Vol.24)
3152       World Currents!--No.87 (Vol.24)
3153       The How-to's of Healing! (Vol.24)
3154       How to Keep Our Teens! (Vol.24)
3155       Thought Power! (Vol.24)
3156       Mama's Memos No.6 (Vol.24)
3157       Introducing the END! (Vol.24)
3158       Keynote to the 1998 Birthday Feast! (Vol.24)
3159       Victory Review '97!--By Peter (Vol.24)
3160       Goals for 1998!--By Peter (Vol.24)
3161       Overcoming the Generation Gap! (Vol.24)
3162       Golden Victories! (GN 768/Vol.25)
3163       Your Open Heart Prayer to the Lord! (Vol.24)
3164       The Day of Renewal! (Vol.24)
3165       Mama's Personal Goals and Prayer Requests for 1998! (Vol.24)
3166       The Silver Lining! (Vol.24)
3167       The Dangers of Bitterness! (Vol.24)
3168       Hold on to Your Crown! (Vol.24)
3169       Going for the "Golden Victories"--Together!--By Peter (Vol.24)
3170       How to Recognize and Get Rid of Bitterness! (Vol.24)
3171       Freedom Through United Prayer! (GN 776)
3172       The Benefits of the Family! (GN 777)
3173       When You Pray, Things Happen! (GN 778)
3174       Don't Get Caught in the Web! (GN 779)
3175       World Currents!--No.88 (GN 780)
3176       The Year of the Bottom Line! (GN 781)
3177       New Year's Prayers and Goals--From Mama's Staff! (GN 782)
3178       The Lord's Plea: "Be a Missionary for Me!" (GN 783)
3179       Wham, Bam! Junk the Punk! (GN 785)
3180       Eat Right! (GN 784)
3181       World Currents!--No.89 (GN 786)
3182       You Are What You Watch! (GN 787)
3183       Quiet Time--Your Lifesaver! (GN 788)
3184       The Spiritual Health Revolution! (GN 789)
3185       Dump the Dirty Language! (GN 790)
3186       Trash Your Trinkets and Head for the Hills! (GN 791)
3187       Stop the Gossip Now! (GN 792)
3188       Killer?--Or Healer? What Is Your Tongue? (GN 793)
3189       How-tos of Home Education! (GN 794)
3190       Tapping In Together! (GN 795)
3191       Shepherding Our Children and Young People!--New Weapons for a New Day! (GN 796)
3192       Ask Mama!--No.1 (GN 797)
3193       Heavenly Birthdays! (GN 798)
3194       The Beauties, Promises and Rewards of Married Love! (GN 799)
3195       A Sample Marriage Ceremony!--Prophecies for Your Use, as You Feel Led (GN 799)
3196       Communication in Marriage and Other Relationships! (GN 800)
3197       Charter Responsibilities!--By Peter (GN 803)
3198       1998 Midyear News and Progress!--By Peter (GN 802)
3199       Introducing "The Law of Love" Study Months! (GN 801/Vol.25)

3200       Notice to All Home Teamworks Concerning the Reading of the Law of Love Series (Vol.25)
3201       Living the Lord's Law of Love!--Part 1 (GN 804/Vol.25)
3202       Living the Lord's Law of Love!--Part 2 (GN 805/Vol.25)
3203       Living the Lord's Law of Love!--Part 3 (GN 806/Vol.25)
3204       Living the Lord's Law of Love!--Part 4 (GN 807/Vol.25)
3205       Living the Lord's Law of Love!--Part 5 (GN 808/Vol.25)
3206       Living the Lord's Law of Love!--Part 6 (GN 809/Vol.25)
3207       Living the Lord's Law of Love!--Part 7 (GN 810/Vol.25)
3208       Living the Lord's Law of Love!--Part 8 (GN 811/Vol.25)
3209       Living the Lord's Law of Love!--Part 9 (GN 812/Vol.25)
3210       Living the Lord's Law of Love!--Part 10 (GN 813/Vol.25)
3211       Living the Lord's Law of Love!--Part 11 (GN 814/Vol.25)
3212       Living the Lord's Law of Love!--Part 12 (GN 864)
3213       Defeating Jealousy! (GN 817)
3214       True Accounts from Beyond!--Introducing linkUP! (GN 815)
3215       World Currents!--No.90 (GN 816)
3216       The Blessings of Loneliness! (GN 818)
3217       Reaching Africa the Right Way!--Part 1 (GN 824)
3217       Reaching Africa the Right Way!--Part 2 (GN 825)
3218       The Weakness Revolution--How You Can Make It! Happy New 1999, Part 1 (GN 819)
3218       The Weakness Revolution--How You Can Make It! Happy New 1999, Part 2 (GN 820)
3219       The Weakness Revolution--How You Can Make It! Happy New Year, Part 3 (GN 821)
3220       World Currents!--No.91 (GN 822)
3221       World Currents!--No.92 (GN 823)
3222       Citizens of the Kingdom! Love and appreciation for our nationals (GN 835)
3223       World Currents!--No.93 (GN 826)
3224       Year-end Review of 1998!--By Peter (GN 828)
3225       The Family Birthday Feast of 1999! (GN 827)
3226       A Feast-time Token of Love!--More of Jesus' Personal Testimony (GN 827)
3227       Y2K Calamities?--The millennium bug and how to prepare! (GN 829)
3228       When Is It Your Time to Go?--Leave Your Life in God's Hands! (GN 830)
3229       Mama's Memos!--No.7: A Sample and a Sermon! (GN 830)
3230       World Currents!--No.94 (GN 831)
3231       Mama's Memos!--No.8 (GN 832)
3232       Lifesavers for Missionaries to Africa!--Part 1 (GN 833)
3232       Lifesavers for Missionaries to Africa!--Part 2 (GN 834)
3233       Worldly?--Or Free? (GN 836)
3234       Loving Interaction! Practical tips on communication, honesty and openness! (GN 837)
3235       Stay Humble! Jewels on Pride and Humility, Incapability, and Hearing from the Lord in Prophecy! (GN 838)
3236       World Currents!--No.95 (GN 839)
3237       Loving Kindness! (GN 840)
3238       The Activated! Program--By Peter (GN 849)
3239       Hold on to the Reins! (GN 841)
3240       Dad's Challenge to Change! (GN 842)
3241       Drawing the Line! (GN 843)
3242       Cast Your Cares on Him! (GN 844)
3243       Mama's Memos!--No.9 (GN 845)
3244       World Currents!--No.96 (GN 846)
3245       Witnessing and Follow-up Pitfalls (GN 847)
3246       Mama's Memos!--No.10 (GN 854)
3247       Turning Weakness Into Strength! (GN 848)
3248       Ask Mama!--No.2 (GN 850)
3249       Ask Mama!--No.3 (GN 851)
3250       Desperate for Jesus!--Jewels on Praise, Hunger for the Word, and Desperation! (GN 852)
3251       Do the Humble Thing!--How to have more love and unity! (GN 853)
3252       Y2K Preparation! (GN 855)
3253       Mama's Memos!--No.11 (GN 858)
3254       Show Appreciation! (GN 859)
3255       Spiritual Attacks Intensified!--Lessons on what to do when you're under attack! (GN 856)
3256       Feast 2000 and Y2K (LNF 278)
3257       The Shakeup 2000--The S2K! It's Your Choice: CM, FM or System! (GN 857)
3258       Jesus Is Calling You Back to the Beginning! (GN 857)
3259       A Plea from the Cathars! (GN 860)
3260       Leaping the Hurdles, Part 1! (GN 861)
3261       My Christmas Heartcry!--A Message from Jesus for Christmas '99! (GN 865)
3262       More on "The Shakeup 2000!" (GN 863)
3263       The Endtime Series, Part 1! (GN 866)
3264       Feast 2000 Keynote and Schedule (GN 867)
3265       Praise Him!--A message of praise from Natalia for Feast 2000 (GN 868)
3266       The Power of Your Prayers! (GN 868)
3267       A New Era of Greater Works! (GN 869)
3268       Intimate Details of My Life! (GN 870)
3269       Feast 2000 Consecration Ceremony! (GN 871)
3270       Ask Me Everything, Part 1! (GN 872)
3271       Ask Me Everything, Part 2! (GN 873)
3272       Ask Me Everything, Part 3! (GN 874)
3273       China's Hour! (GN 877)
3274       Start Early!--The Need for Loving, Consistent Discipline! (GN 878)
3275       Understanding Prophecy, Part 1 (GN 875-876)
3276       The Remaking of a Man! (GN 879)
3277       You Can Make It!--Part 1 (GN 880)
3278       World Currents!--No.97 (GN 881)
3279       The Endtime Series, Part 2 (GN 887)
3280       The Endtime Series, Part 3 (GN 896)
3281       Ask Mama!--No.4 (GN 901)
3282       How to Love Me More, Part 1 (GN 888)
3283       How to Love Me More, Part 2 (GN 892)
3284       How to Love Me More, Part 3 (GN 912)
3285       Unpublished
3286       You Don't Have to Be Perfect! (GN 907)
3287       Mama's Memos No.12 (GN 885)
3288       The Era of Action!--Part 1 (GN 882)
3289       The Era of Action!--Part 2 (GN 883)
3290       The Era of Action!--Part 3 (GN 886)
3291       End of a Millennium!--A Look at 1999!--By Peter (GN 884)
3292       You Can Make It, Part 2 (GN 891)
3293       Self-righteousness--the Great Barrier to Uniting the Generations! (GN 897)
3294       Issues, Part 1 (GN 889)
3295       World Currents!--No.98 (GN 890)
3296       King Peter's Birthday Celebration! (GN 893)
3297       Issues, Part 2 (GN 894)
3298       Our Activated Future!--The Action Series, Part 1 (GN 895)
3299       Take Me With You! (GN 898)

3300       They'll Always Be Mine, Part 1 (GN 899)
3300       They'll Always Be Mine, Part 2 (GN 900)
3301       Putting "Skin" on the Era of Action!--The Action Series, Part 2 (GN 903)
3302       Issues, Part 3: Individuality (GN 904)
3303       Stay on the Wall! (GN 902)
3304       Understanding Prophecy, Part 2 (GN 905)
3305       The Endtime Series, Part 4 (GN 931)
3306       Issues, Part 4 (GN 909)
3307       None of These Things Move Me! (GN 906)
3308       The Family's Future and Expansion Program!--The Action Series, Part 3 (GN 908)
3309       The Way Things Really Are in WS (Part 1) (GN 910)
3309       The Way Things Really Are in WS (Part 2) (GN 911)
3310       Understanding Prophecy, Part 3! (1 of 2) (GN 913)
3310       Understanding Prophecy, Part 3! (2 of 2) (GN 914)
3311       World Currents!--No.99 (GN 915)
3312       Dad's Christmas Message 2000 for the Family! (GN 916)
3313       That Banana There!--The Action Series, Part 4 (GN 917)
3314       Introduction to the Family Feast Celebration 2001! (GN 918)
3315       Welcome to the Feast Celebration 2001! (GN 919)
3316       Nothing Is Impossible! (GN 920)
3317       Rise Above! (GN 921)
3318       The Keys to the Kingdom! (GN 922)
3319       Action Through Prayer--The underused spiritual weapon! Part 1 (GN 923)
3320       Happy Family Birthday 2001! (GN 924)
3321       A Look at 2000 (GN 926)
3322       Issues, Part 5! (GN 925)
3323       Communication Keys, Part 1 (GN 927)
3323       Communication Keys, Part 2 (GN 928)
3324       Changing Deeply Ingrained Habits and Mindsets (GN 929)
3325       Action Through Prayer--The underused spiritual weapon! Part 2 (GN 930)
3326       Jewels on Comparing (GN 932)
3327       Victory Over Comparing, Part 1 (GN 953)
3328       Victory Over Comparing, Part 2 (GN 999)
3329a       Peace in the Midst of Storm (For war-torn countries) (tract)
3329b       Peace in the Midst of Storm (For Muslims in war-torn countries) (tract)
3330       The Deal of a Lifetime (tract)
3331       Merry Christmas (tract)
3332       Countdown to 2000 (tract)
3333       A Tribute to His Majesty, the Late King Hussein (tract)
3334       The Color of Love (tract)
3335       Your Best Preparation for Y2K (tract)
3336       The Balkan Conflict: Are You a Peacemaker? (tract)
3337       What Is Christmas? (tract)
3338       Report on Summit 2001--The Action Series, Part 5 (GN 934)
3339       Action Through Prayer--The underused spiritual weapon! Part 3 (GN 933)
3340       Action Through Prayer--The underused spiritual weapon! Part 4 (GN 944)
3341       Leaping the Hurdles, Part 2! (GN 935)
3342       Issues, Part 6 (GN 936)
3343       Understanding Prophecy, Part 4 (GN 937)
3344       New Era Humility! (GN 938)
3345       A Changed Man! (GN 939)
3346       Being Re-created!--Learning to enjoy, welcome, thrive on, and fully embrace change! (GN 940)
3347       Leadership Lessons, Part 1 (GN 941)
3348       Activate the World, Part 1! (GN 943)
3349       What the Future Holds, Part 1 (GN 942)
3350       Issues, Part 7 (GN 945)
3351       More on the Keys!--What the Future Holds, Part 2 (GN 946)
3352       The Board Vision, Part 1 (GN 949)
3353       The Board Vision, Part 2 (GN 950)
3354       More on the Keys!--What the Future Holds, Part 3 (GN 947)
3355       Comfort in Affliction, Part 1 (GN 948)
3356       Issues, Part 8 (GN 951)
3357       More on the Keys!--What the Future Holds, Part 4 (GN 952)
3358       Activate the World, Part 2! (GN 955)
3359       More on the Keys!--What the Future Holds, Part 5 (GN 956)
3360       Teaching Children to Hear from the Lord--Understanding Prophecy, Part 5 (GN 954)
3361       Coming Persecution?--Conviction versus Compromise, Part 1 (GN 957)
3362       The Dangers of Division!--Conviction versus Compromise, Part 2 (GN 958)
3363       "Be Ye Separate!"--Conviction versus Compromise, Part 3 (GN 959)
3364       Be True to the Revolution!--Conviction versus Compromise, Part 4 (GN 960)
3365       Are You a Disciple?--Conviction versus Compromise, Part 5 (GN 963)
3366       Keep Fighting!--Conviction versus Compromise, Part 6 (GN 969)
3367       World Currents!--No.100: Attack on America! (GN 961)
3368       Call on the Keys! (GN 962)
3369       Notice Regarding Prayer and Fast Day of Nov.18, 2001 (GN 964)
3370       Activate the World, Part 3 (GN 966)
3371       Activate the World, Part 4 (GN 968)
3372       Christmas Praises 2001!--A Message from Natalia (GN 967)
3373       The Family Feast Celebration 2002! (GN 970)
3374       Focus on the Power! (GN 971)
3375       Keys Turned to Swords! (GN 972)
3376       Full Possession! (GN 973)
3377       The Gift of Heavenly Thought Power! (GN 974)
3378       Vows of Surrender Ceremony (GN 975)
3379       Rising Above! (Post-it GN #2)
3380       Issues, Part 9 (GN 987)
3381       Fast-day Follow-up! Applying the "Conviction vs. Compromise" series (Post-it GN #1)
3382A       Heading Into 2002, Part 1 (GN 978)
3382B       Heading Into 2002, Part 2 (GN 979)
3382C       Heading Into 2002, Part 3 (GN 980)
3382D       Heading Into 2002, Part 4 (GN 981)
3383       Happy Family Birthday 2002! (GN 977)
3384       Fast-day Miracles! (GN 976)
3385       Leadership Lessons, Part 2 (GN 982)
3386       Leadership Lessons, Part 3 (GN 986)
3387       The Board Vision, Part 3 (GN 983)
3388       Are You a Delinquent Parent? (GN 984)
3389       Solutions for Shepherds, Parents, and Everyone! (GN 985)
3390       Fight for Life, Part 1 (Post-it GN #6)
3391       Fight for Life, Part 2 (Post-it GN #7)
3392       Fight for Life, Part 3 (Post-it GN #8)
3393       Fight for Life, Part 4 (Post-it GN #9)
3394       Through It All--Testimonies of Faith in Hardship (GN 1001)
3395       Activate the World, Part 5! (GN 988)
3396       Comfort in Affliction, Part 2: The Garden of Affliction (GN 989)
3397       Issues, Part 10 (GN 990)
3398       Where to Now?--What's Next with Our Children's Education? (GN 991)
3399       The Professionals--An Open Answer to an Open Letter (GN 993)

3400       Reach the Rich--the Poor You Have with You Always--Conviction versus Compromise, Part 7 (GN 992)
3401       Recognizing and Resisting Pan! (Post-it GN #3)
3402       Exposing Bacchus! (Post-it GN #4)
3403       How to Be on Guard Against the Selvegion (Post-it GN #5)
3404       United Prayer Power! (GN 994-995)
3405       Activate the World, Part 6 (GN 996)
3406       Board Vision Training Videos, Part 1 (Posted)
3407       Board Vision Training Videos, Part 2 (Posted)
3408       Board Vision Training Videos, Part 3 (Posted)
3409       Board Vision Training Videos, Part 4 (Posted)
3410       Board Vision Training Videos, Part 5 (Posted)
3411       Board Vision Training Videos, Part 6 (Posted)
3412       Being Rewired! Prayers and Prophecies for Cephas (GN 998)
3413       Issues, Part 11 (GN 997)
3414       Action Through Prayer! The underused spiritual weapon, Part 5 (GN 1000)
3415       The Lord's Calling You to Write Songs! (GN 1002)
3416       Gems and Jewels, Part 1 (GN 1003)
3417       Comfort in Affliction, Part 3 (GN 1004)
3418       Issues, Part 12 (GN 1005)
3419       Raising Junior Teen Disciples (GN 1006)
3420       Pray, Obey and Prepare!--Introduction to the 2002 Study Month (GN 1007)
3421       The Scriptural Foundation of the Family's Lifestyle!--2002 Study Month (GN 1008)
3422       Queen Maria and King Peter--2002 Study Month (GN 1008)
3423       David: The Lord's Endtime Prophet!--2002 Study Month (GN 1009)
3424       The Law of Love--2002 Study Month (GN 1009)
3425       Separation from the World, and the New Wine--2002 Study Month (GN 1010)
3426       Freedom of Choice in the Family--2002 Study Month (GN 1010)
3427       Witnessing: Our Ministry as Missionaries--2002 Study Month (GN 1010)
3428       Introduction to the Keys Promises (GN 1011)
3429       Christmas Gifts 2002! (GN 1013)
3430       Issues, Part 13 (GN 1012)
3431       The Family Feast Celebration 2003! (GN 1014)
3432       According to Your Praise Be It Unto You (GN 1015)
3433       What Is Jesus Worth to You? (GN 1016)
3434       Obliterate Obstacon! (GN 1017)
3435       Heavenly Key Craft (GN 1018)
3436       Activate the World, Part 7 (GN 1019)
3437       Have Fun With Jesus! (GN 1020)
3438       2003, Here We Come! (GN 1021)
3439       Jewels on Junior Teens, Part 1 (GN 1025)
3440       Jewels on Junior Teens, Part 2 (GN 1027)
3441       Jewels on Junior Teens, Part 3 (GN 1028)
3442       Issues, Part 14: Novel Reading (GN 1026)
3443       Mama's Birthday 2002, Part 1 (GN 1024)
3444       Issues, Part 15: Timothy's Testimony (GN 1029)
3445       Mama's Birthday 2002, Part 2 (GN 1030)
3445a       The Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster (END 62)
3446       Mama's Birthday 2002, Part 3 (GN 1032)
3447       World Currents!--No.101: America Attacks Iraq/SARS (GN 1031)
3448       Woe! Mama's Video to the Family In Brazil (GN 1036)
3449       Praise Your Way to Victory! (GN 1034)
3450       Issues, Part 16 (GN 1040)
3451       Introduction to "Woe!" Peter's Introduction to Mama's Video to the Family in Brazil (GN 1035)
3452       Our Accountability (GN 1037)
3453       Putting "Skin" on Sin (GN 1038)
3454       Loss of Privileges/Requirements for the Brazilian Family (GN 1038)
3455       Deliverance: Peter's Video to the Family in Brazil (GN 1039)
3456       Brazil National Prayer Day 2003 (GN 1042)
3457       Fight to Win--and Other Jewels (GN 1041)
3458       So You Want to Be a Disciple?--For God's Sake Be the Best! (GN 1043)
3459       Keep the Faith! How to Avoid Being Pulled Down by Loved Ones Who Have Left the Family (GN 1044)
3460       Activate the World, Part 8 (GN 1045)
3461       Are You Robbing God? Conviction vs. Compromise, Part 8 (GN 1046)
3462       Show Me the Money! Conviction vs. Compromise, Part 9 (GN 1047-1050)
3463       Offerings! (GN 1052)
3464       Death to Depression (Post-it GN #10-11)
3465       Crowns on the Ice! (GN 1053)
3466       Alcohol Liberty = Alcohol Responsibility--Will You Handle Yours Freedoms Wisely? (GN 1057)
3467       Spirits of Christmas Yet to Come! (GN 1051)
3468       New Year's Challenge for 2004! (GN 1054)
3469       What Is Full-Time Discipleship? (GN 1055-56)
3470       Introduction to the Family Feast 2004 (GN 1058)
3471       Practicing Praise! Mastering the Unbeatable Weapon of Praise (GN 1059)
3472       The Mysterious Keys, Part 1 (GN 1060)
3473       The Mysterious Keys, Part 2 (GN 1061)
3474       Which Comes First: The Revelation or the Artwork? (Post-it GN #12)
3475       365 Miracles: A Review of 2003! (GN 1062)
3476       International Board News 2003 (GN 1063)
3477       Happy 35th Family Birthday! (GN 1064)
3478       God's Greats (GN 1065)
3479       Forward, Always Forward! Restructuring the Family of the Future, Part 1 (GN 1067)
3480       Issues, Part 17 (GN 1092)
3481       What to Do When Overwhelmed (GN 1066)
3482       What the Hell Is Lethargy? (GN 1093)
3483       The Next Step!--Missionary Membership (GN 1068)
3484       Choices and Consequences, Part 1 (GN 1069)
3485       Choices and Consequences, Part 2 (GN 1070)
3486       Choices and Consequences, Part 3 (GN 1071)
3487       Faith for the Future (GN 1081)
3488       Family Discipleship or Missionary Membership? (GN 1072)
3489       Renewal: The Big Picture (GN 1073)
3490       Renewal: Q&As (GN 1074)
3491       Renewal: A Gift of Love for the Children (GN 1075-76)
3492       Renewal: A JETT and Junior Teen Challenge (GN 1077)
3493       Renewal: Mama's Letter to the JETTs and Junior Teens (GN 1078)
3494       Renewal: A Praise Celebration! (GN 1079)
3495       Renewal: Amnesty (GN 1080)
3496       Forming Fruitful Teams (Post-it GN #13)
3497       Get Up and Get Over It! (GN 1082-1084)
3498       Taking Changes as Professionals (GN 1085)
3499       Shooting Straight, Part 1 (GN 1086)

3500       Shooting Straight, Part 2 (GN 1087)
3501       Shooting Straight, Part 3 (GN 1088)
3502       Shooting Straight, Part 4 (GN 1090)
3503       Shooting Straight, Part 5 (GN 1091)
3504       Run to My Arms! (GN 1089)
3505       Shooting Straight, Part 6 (GN 1094)
3506       Shooting Straight, Part 7 (GN 1095)
3507       The Family Membership Expands! Restructuring the Family of the Future, Part 3 (GN 1096)
3508       God's Trampolines: Introduction to the Criteria of the International Boards (GN 1098)
3509       Mama's Visit to Central America (Post-it GN #14)
3510       Renewal: The Conclusion (GN 1097)
3511       Renewal: The Challenge (GN 1097)
3512       Shooting Straight, Part 8 (GN 1100)
3513       Shooting Straight, Part 9 (GN 1101)
3514       Shooting Straight, Part 10 (GN 1102)
3515       Getting Stronger, Part 1: Preparing for the Year of Strengthening (GN 1103)
3516       Renewal: A Celebration for All! (Post-it GN #15)
3517       Shooting Straight, Part 11 (Post-it GN #16)
3518       Getting Stronger--Part 2 (GN 1109)
3519       Tighten Up! Restructuring the Family of the Future, Part 4 (GN 1110)
3520       Restructuring to Strengthening! A Review of 2004 (GN 1111)
3521       Wartime! Becoming an Offensive Army (GN 1112)
3522       New Spirit World Power! Helpers and Hinderers Revealed in 2004 (GN 1113)
3523       Introduction to the Family Feast 2005 (GN 1114)
3524       Keynote to the Feast Workshops! Praise and Promises (GN 1115)
3525       Assembling the Final Key! (GN 1118)
3526       How to Establish Home Guidelines (Post-it GN #17)
3527       Introduction to the Persecution Testimonies Project (Post-it GN #18)
3528       World Currents!--No.102
3529       The Truth About Angela's Death and Ricky's Suicide, Part 1 (GN 1119)
3530       The Truth About Angela's Death and Ricky's Suicide, Part 2 (GN 1120)
3531       Advancing Anyway! Weathering a Media Storm (GN 1121)

(End of file.)