Study on the main demons & helpers mentioned in Letters from Feast 2000 to Feast 2003
--What each one does and portions of the Letters they were described in.

(compiled by John Listen, February 2003)

(Editors note: In learning to fight our spiritual enemies, I felt the need to compile the names of the demons that the Lord has revealed recently & portions of the GN's describing them, as well as about our helpers in the spirit world.

This study has a Table of Contents with "hypertext", so you can click on the name of a helper or demon & go right to the section & excerpts of the Letters about that name. The hypertext links are helpful, as the file is 24 pages long.

There is also a Preface & Afterword, with quotes from the recent Letters giving the vision to be familiar with these names, in order to effectively fight the spiritual warfare. )




Additional: Find Out Who Is Fighting You And Helping You

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PREFACE to the subject of spirit helpers & the demons who fight us:

Are You a Disciple? Conviction versus Compromise, Part 5
3365 (GN963) Sept. '01:
       60. (Jesus speaking:) When you're fighting a war, you must know your enemy.
The same holds true in the spiritual warfare. While My power is so much greater than the Enemy's, the intensity of the spiritual warfare will only increase with time, so to be armed with the knowledge of who you are fighting-to see the face of your enemy, so to speak-will become more and more vital in the days to come.
       61. This will be part of your increased power through the keys, and a part of your ministry and witness-that of discerning and knowing and being able to cast out demons,
and binding and containing the powers that fight against you, specifically by name. This power has been afforded you through the keys. Now begins the work of honing that power, developing that link and connection with Me whereby all things- even the veil to the spiritual world-can be lifted and revealed to you in order to set the captives free. 64. This should stir you to see just how very serious the Enemy is in his attempts to derail you, My brides, and how equally serious you need to be in attacking him and giving him no place in your hearts and minds.

If You're Feeling Skeptical….
(from GN 992 "Reach the Rich The Poor You Have with You Always! Conviction versus Compromise, Part 7" By Maria. Maria #616 CM/FM 3400 2/02)
188. Maybe some of you think all this talk of demons is a hoax or overdone or exaggerated. Maybe you're starting to feel like lethargy, Selvegion, Pan, Bacchus and now Apotheon are made-up figments of someone's imagination, which make for good dramatic reading. That is a lie. The Enemy wants you to think that; he wants you to pooh-pooh these revelations and not take them seriously, because his greatest effectiveness is in being hidden, in people blowing off the Lord's warnings and thinking it's just a sham or fakery of some kind.
189. If you're feeling skeptical right now, or if you've grown familiar with these revelations of the spirit beings that are fighting the Family, then ask the Lord to open your eyes. It's foolishness to take this lightly and to minimize the power these evil demons can have over your life. They have no power if you rebuke them in Jesus' Name and the power of the keys, but they have power enough to make your life miserable if you ignore their existence or decide it's no big deal.

(And from "Obliterate Obstacon!" Maria #634 CM/FM 3434 10/02------GN 1017:)
       2. I realize that some of you may be feeling weary with a depiction of another demon that opposes us. The Enemy wants to make you feel that way and to take it lightly or blow it off, because then he and his minions would be free to do their business in the dark, without you being aware of them. The Lord is telling us these things because He knows that it's important for us to be aware of our adversaries so that we can fight effectively (2Cor.2:11). He wants us to be as prepared and fully armed as possible when it comes to the spiritual warfare we're faced with these days. He said:
       3. (Jesus speaking:) Don't let the Enemy make you feel weary or like it's "too much" to have yet another demon exposed. This knowledge is a very key part of the spiritual warfare. Many people have the weakness of seeing things in only the physical realm, rather than looking at what's happening in the spirit.
       4. It is in the spirit that battles are won or lost. Those who want to be winners will fight in the spirit. Those who choose to reject that insight and truth, and who prefer instead to stay in the physical plane, will wind up losing, for they will be weakened and will not see the attacks coming.
       5. One of the main advantages of choosing to see things in the spirit and fight in the spirit is that you can see the attacks coming, you can prepare, you can be warned and ready. If you don't accept the spiritual point of view and instead choose to stay in the physical realm, then you just have to deal with the attacks as they come and you fight a much more defensive warfare. Plus, your enemy is safe from your attacks and offensive against him, because he's not limited to or affected by the physical plane.
       6. So those who choose to limit themselves to the physical plane through disbelief or dismissing these important revelations of the spirit that I'm giving you are greatly disadvantaged. You also handicap yourselves in facing the future, for I will continue to expose your spiritual enemies in the days to come, as well as reveal your spiritual defenders and weaponry. Be not ignorant of the Evil One's devices, nor of your own defenses! (End of message from Jesus.)
       7. (Mama:) The Lord makes it clear that learning to recognize the spiritual warfare, and working with those who are helping us from the spirit world, as well as fighting against those who seek to hinder us, are secrets to success and survival at this time in history.

(And from "Christmas Gifts 2002!" Maria #628 CM/FM 3429 9/02----GN 1013:)
12. I have revealed powerful dark ones who oppose you, My loves, that you might see the face of your Enemy and fight to overcome. I have made clear to you how your demon enemies are the dark forces behind the earthly ones who fight you. I have told you plainly of the evil Selvegion, of Lethargy, Pan, Bacchus, Apotheon, Arakan, the Vandari‚ and the grand archdemon Oplexicon. There are also rulers of the dark world assigned to specific areas, who have rule over certain principalities, such as Croswell and Lexipython. I have shown you that there are many fighting against you, and that it is wise for you to seek Me as to who your enemies are. I have instructed you to call your opponents by name, to call on the keys of the Kingdom and release My unfailing power to fell these dark ones of the netherworld! (See Mark 5:9 as well as "Oplexicon," ML #261, Vol.2; "Coming Persecution," ML #3361:85-102, 156-193, GN 957; "The Dangers of Division," ML #3362:95-156, GN 958; "Are You a Disciple‚" ML #3365:59-89, GN 963; "Reach the Rich," ML #3400:158-208, GN 992; "Being Rewired," ML #3412:18-27, GN 998; "Raising Junior Teen Disciples," ML #3419:16-32‚ GN 1006; "Pray, Obey and Prepare," ML #3420:128-191, GN 1007.)
13. And I have not left you defenseless, for I send legions of angels to fight for you! All the mighty ones of Heaven are yours to command! Archangels Gabriel and Michael lead My armies to assist you in the power of the keys. Bold ones, commanding spirit beings come to your aid when you call! The departed--strong wise men and women of the faith--are at your disposal. I have given scores and scores of helpers to the children of David, and many more are yours for the asking.
14. I have spoken to you repeatedly, My loves, of the need to work with your spirit helpers, and to avail yourselves of the help I provide for you. I know this is a practice that you are yet learning to hone and to put to use in your daily lives. Dear ones, you must now make it a priority to progress in this area. As these days of evil continue, you must make use of these helpers I put at your command to a greater degree. You must not only call on the power of the keys to rebuke your enemies, to fell the dark ones who fight you in the spirit world, but call on the keys in conjunction with calling on these strong, courageous ones who wait to assist you, to fight for you, to encourage and uplift you‚ to help you in every way.
15. I have given many helpers to the Family as a whole--your own Father David and Family members who have passed over to this side, such as Aaron, Abner, and others; the prophets and disciples of old, Moses‚ Noah, David, Daniel, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Peter and Paul, to name a few who are at your disposal; great men and women who have passed on‚ such as Livingstone, Rasputin, Joan of Arc, Florence Nightingale and others; archangels, as well as awesome spirit beings such as Ellya, Natalia and others are at the Family's disposal. These are Family ambassadors at large; they come to the Family's aid when needed. And I have revealed to many of you your individual helpers--those assigned to stick by the side of the individual‚ to stick closer than a friend; those who not only have been chosen by Me to help you, but who have also chosen you, because of their great burden and love for you individually.
16. Dear ones, if you were to ask Me what present I would like from you this Christmas, it is the resolution from each of you that you will learn to tune in to and work more with your spirit helpers. It is the commitment from each of you to make this more of a priority in your lives. I have given you these helpers, and there couldn't be a more fitting gift you can give Me in return than to make full use of their help.
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The Dangers of Division! Conviction versus Compromise, Part 2

By Maria Maria #581 CM/FM 3362 8/01 (GN 958)
33. The Lord is giving you another warning, this time a very shocking and sickening picture. It's His last resort! If this doesn't do the trick and snap you out of your self-righteous, selfish, damnable divisions‚ then I don't know what will! I hate to see what the Lord will have to do to bring you together. If the losses you have suffered thus far in your personal lives, Home and work haven't been enough to wake you up, if you're too dead in the spirit to see what you're losing because of your ongoing division, then God will have to do something that you can't miss, and it won't be pretty! So wake up!
Warning Vision

95. (Mama:) Okay, now let's move on to the warning vision I mentioned earlier in this letter. Prepare yourselves; it's graphic and shocking. With this warning, you are accountable. So if you don't change, you can expect to have even more trouble than you're having now! The Lord has given a message that is so vivid you can't possibly misunderstand it unless you're completely asleep!
96. (Channel explains vision:) I see terrible destruction. Everything is dark--very dark and dreary. It's a battlefield, I see; and it's after the battle. There's a terrible eerie feeling. The night has fallen, and all I can see is destruction. It's awful--devastating destruction everywhere. It looks foggy, but it's smoke I see rising. It seems to be smoke from cannons or gunfire or explosions. There are small fires burning‚ scattered all around, and there are bodies as far as I can see, maimed and mutilated bodies lying all over the place.
97. Jesus help me, give me faith. Forgive me, I don't want to look at this, but if You're showing me this for a reason, help me and give me faith. I'm Your servant, Your channel; pour through me as You will. Please help me to explain what I'm seeing.
98. For as far as I can see, all I can see is ruin. I see dead bodies lying everywhere and there's a horrible foreboding feeling. Oh, Jesus‚ help me. Please, please help me.
99. Now I see something different; the scene has changed, as if it's a flashback. I see horrible creatures. They're so terribly ugly--they're frightening! There are snakes slithering all over the place and all sorts of crawling creatures. I don't know what they are. They're not exactly snakes; there are a variety of different ones, but they're crawling and slithering all over the place, and all of them are so terribly repulsive. They're intertwined and snarling--it's a horrible noise they're making! They're screeching and growling at each other. It sounds like they're bickering and hissing at each other. It's a shrill, high-pitched‚ terrifying sound.
100. Some of these creatures have fangs, which show when they make this horrible sound; others have long tongues that dart in and out as they hiss at each other. Something is telling me there's poison both in their fangs and their tongues. It's highly poisonous, deadly venom. Some of these creatures have frightening eyes.
101. Please help me, Jesus! Do I have to look? Please forgive me, Jesus. Please help me. I'm so sorry, forgive me, dear Love, I don't like to look at this, but with Your help I will if this is what You want to show me. Please help me to explain what I'm seeing now.
102. Their eyes are red. They're filled with blood‚ and it drips down their face whenever they hiss.
103. All of a sudden these hideous creatures are morphing right before my eyes. They're transforming into these little elf-like beings. They look like little black elves, or like dark fairies. They're not good fairies; they're black and vicious. The words “black elves” keep coming to me‚ so I'll call them elves. They're like little black elves, little black demons.
104. They've just morphed right before my eyes from these slimy, gruesome-looking, evil, creepy, crawling creatures into these little black elves. I still feel that horrible foreboding I felt when I was seeing the destruction in the first scene. These black elves are frightening; they look very evil, and they're very dark.
105. They're small in size, but the impression I get is that they're powerful. They can do a lot of harm, terrible damage, because they're still the same slimy, snake-like, crawling creatures on the inside, and they're still filled with this highly poisonous venom. In other words, these little black demon elves are the slithering creatures; they're the same on the inside, but they took on this other form. They've morphed in­to these little black elves. They've only changed their appearance and taken on this different form, apparently so they can get around more easily because they're so little. I see they are very ­agile and quick; they dart all over the place. They're very dangerous, possessing this deadly poison.
106. One of them just looked up at me and sneered at me. The evil black elf looked right at me and growled and showed me his sharp teeth! Back off, you damn punk! I rebuke you, in Jesus' name! He showed me his teeth, the same sharp fangs the slimy creatures had.
107. Apparently when they were in their slimy crawling form, they seemed to be contained in some vast area--an eerie, dark, dismal place. I have the impression they're not allowed to leave there, not as long as they're in that form. But now that they've morphed into these little black elves, they seem to be able to move around and go all over the place.
108. There's a huge explosion and I see these black elves hurled all over the place. They're being shot out, like the explosion propelled them out into the atmosphere and they're everywhere.
109. Now I see; it wasn't just any explosion I saw. This was no accident. It's like someone put these evil black elves in a giant cannon or some type of shooting device and shot them right out, aimed them dead center at certain targets and fired them right out to do their dirty work, to do damage. They were aimed at something and shot out with a specific mission to harm and destroy their target. Oh Jesus, help!
110. Now I see several Family Homes, and these black elves are all over the place. They're hanging all around, sitting everywhere--on the furniture, on the floors, on the counter tops. They're hanging on the ceiling, and some of them are riding on people's shoulders--on Family members' shoulders! It's terrible!
111. Jesus, please help me. I can hardly look at this; I can't bear the thought of them sinking those fangs into our Family. Please help me.
112. I don't see them on everyone's shoulders, it seems they can only ride on the shoulders of those who are vulnerable. Some Family members have a shield around them, and the black elves cannot penetrate their shield. ­Others have no shield, nothing guarding them, so these black elf demons can latch on to them. They can ride on their shoulders, or on top of their feet, or slip right into their pants' pockets; any way they can latch on, they do.
113. Thank You Jesus! Praise You Jesus! I'm sorry, dear Love, I don't think I can look any longer. Help me, Jesus. I think I'm going to be sick, but if You know I need to see more, please, please, help me to yield to You. I feel cold and icy. It's a frightening sight. It seems inevitable what will be next--that these demons are going to sink their teeth into their prey--and these are our Family! Jesus, please help me.
114. I see Family Homes, so many of our dear Family brethren, and these vile black elves are latching on to Family members all over the place.
115. Oh, Jesus, not that! It's awful what I see now. I see the black elves morphing back and forth! They've latched on to whomever they can in our Family Homes, whoever didn't have their protective shield raised. They've latched on and now they're morphing back and forth. Yuck, it's sickening. One minute they're these slimy, hideous crawling creatures and they're slithering all over our Family members, and then they morph again into their evil black elf form--and back and forth they go, riding on our Family members, on their shoulders, on their feet, in their pockets and so on.
116. I get the impression they're trying to demonstrate their power; they seem to be flaunting it in my face. Now they're morphing into their black elf form and they're all looking up at me with evil grins. They're showing their teeth and they're grinning at me and laughing, only it's more like a spiteful cackling; it's very wicked. They're very haughty. They seem to think they've triumphed and they seem to be mocking me with their evil grins and loud shrills, all very‚ very evil.
117. I rebuke you, damn devils! Oh, Jesus, no! No‚ not that! It's so, so horrid what they just did, it's nauseating! (Channel prays in tongues.) Jesus, help me to explain.
118. All of these evil black elves just morphed back into slimy, snake-like creatures‚ and all of a sudden, all at once, in the blink of an eye, they slipped right into the body of each person they were latched on to. Just like that, bloop, and right into their body they went. (Weeping, channel prays in tongues again.) Praise You Jesus! Thank You, mighty Deliverer! Sweet Love, there's more? Please give me strength to look. Please forgive me. I want to yield to You. Please help me.
119. Now I see these horrific creatures inside the bodies of our Family, of those who didn't have their shields up. I see them inside their bodies; they've become part of them. Right now everyone looks all right on the outside. From outward appearances you wouldn't know anything is wrong at the moment, but inside they're being eaten up. The evil creepy crawlers are feeding on their insides; they're steadily eating away on the inside of each Family member they were able to latch on to. They're gnawing away at their internal organs, eating them alive. Some are going quicker than others, but they're all being eaten up. They're being eaten alive and they don't even know it.
120. Jesus, give me strength. I feel faint‚ Jesus. Surely this can't be the Family. Surely this can't happen! Oh, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!
121. Now, just like I saw in the beginning, I see bodies all piled on top of each other. All that's left are maimed and mutilated bodies. It looks like the pictures you see of the Holocaust, of all those dead naked bodies thrown in a huge pile. The slimy creatures went in for the kill and it looks like they succeeded with those they were able to latch on to, with those who wouldn't keep their shields up--they ate them right up, all their internal organs, until they ate their hearts out and they couldn't function anymore. (End of vision.)
Choose Ye This Day!--Unite or Be Left Behind!

122. (Jesus speaking:) United you stand, divided you fall. United you walk on to victory, divided the battle is lost. If My Family will not unite, this will be the end result, what you saw in the vision--a battlefield, the battle lost, death and destruction. This will be the end result of those who do not unite. United you stand, div­ided you fall.
123. I have opened your eyes to the reality of My spirit world. I have pulled back the veil and shown you a portion of what transpires in the real world. For the emissaries of Satan target the children of David. The black demon elves of disunity have stalked their prey. They are more dangerous than My children comprehend‚ with their venom of doubt, division, dissension, bitter­ness, jealousy, selfishness, hatred, bickering, back­biting, negativity, covetousness--all that fosters disunity.
124. They have latched on to many of the children of David. They have debilitated some already, and now‚ unless they are rooted out, they will go in for the kill. Their mission is to damage, knock out, destroy and kill. They seek any port of entry through which they can latch on, any chink in the armor of those who let down their guard, who put down their shields, who lay aside their weapons, who do not raise the protective force field around themselves that I make available through obedience and yieldedness to My call to unite.
125. How long will you, My children, leave yourselves open? How long will you fight amongst yourselves, instead of turning your energy to fight the real Enemy who is out to des­troy you? How long will you leave yourselves open to the deadly poison of disunity until there is no remedy? How many will fall prey to the venom of the dark demons?
126. No longer, My children, no longer will I tolerate the smoke and stench of the smoldering fires many of you leave burning within your camps. Today I intervene. Today you must take the stand. Today you must put out the fires, or be put out of the camp. Today all must raise their shields and close the door to the evil ones who seek to target and destroy you.
127. I have instructed, I have pleaded; I have plainly spoken to My Family on the subject of unity. I have poured out volumes on its benefits, on the blessings it will bring, on the strength it will generate, on its dire importance if you are to survive the days ahead.
128. Now I must tell you, it's the end of the road. Now I tell you clearly and plainly; today you must choose. The Enemy has hurled his fiery darts at every Family member--his dark, destructive demons which would seek to encourage disunity, to feed on disunity, and eventually to feed on them. Those who are caught without the protective shield of obedience and unity are open prey.
129. Those of you who wish to go on for Me in this Family must unite at all costs or be left behind, for I will not, I cannot stand back any longer and watch these evil ones of the nether­world pick off My chosen one by one, eating away like a cancer within, until there is no remedy.
130. My Spirit and anointing will not always strive with those who continue to disobey, who continue on in open and blatant defiance of Me and My Word, who will not pick up their shields and fight and unite against the Enemy, who will not rebuke the dark forces, repent, and unite to fight the foe. United you stand, divided you will fall. Those who leave them­selves open to the venomous poison of disunity will fall, for as in unity there is strength, in disunity there is destruction!
131. I issue a call to you, My children and army of David, as My servant Gideon did to his army of old. He told those who were faint of heart, fearful and unbelieving to go home, to choose. Today you must also choose: You can either unite and march on, or go back and be counted among those who care not to give all.
132. The time is come. It is now! Today, this day, I call on every Family member to take a stand. Stand up and be counted part of My strong Bride, My united Bride, or go, do what you need to do.
133. Only in the strength of unity will you, My Family, be able to fulfill your destiny. There's no other way! Today you must choose. Take the stand to unite, or be left on the scrap­heap of those who cared not to take up arms against this inside enemy.
134. Satan has you targeted. He has hurled his black demons against you; they seek to ­enter those who leave themselves open. Their mission is to destroy.
135. There is no longer room to sit on the fence; there is no longer room to hang in the balance. Each must choose--you either move forward or backward. There is no standing still. Choose this day, My Family.
136. My fervent prayer today is the same as when I left Earth--that you will unite as one. You must choose to be one as My Father and I are one, or choose your own desires and move on. You must choose to unite, or to follow your own willful hearts. It's as simple as that. For the only way you will be able to fulfill your destiny, the only way you will be able to access the keys, the only way you will have the power to rise above all impossibilities is in the strength of unity. The only way you will win this war in the era of action is by uniting.
137. What I require in these Last Days of those who will follow Me closely, of those who will use the keys to the Kingdom, of those who will have the power to rise above, is that you join as one. There is no other way. Only in the strength of unity will all these things I have ­spoken of your glorious future come to pass. Only those who unite will be able to fulfill what I have spoken. It is written in My Word. Time and time again I spoke of this to you, My Family; today you must obey or fall away.
138. How oft, dear Family, have I made this plea? I have pled, I have wept, I have spelled it out to you. I have repeated time and time and time again: Only those who are agreed, who dwell together in unity of mind, heart, body and spirit, will be able to walk on to fulfill your destiny in these Last Days. United you stand, div­ided you fall.
139. Today I close the door. Therefore every­one must choose this day on which side you will stand. Those who continue on in the army of David must strive for unity at all costs. You must endeavor to live My Law of Love, to live together in unity, to unite in vision and goals, in oneness of heart, mind‚ and spirit. You must join together as one wife, one body, one bride, ready and willing and yielded to the desires of your Bridegroom.
140. I don't ask for perfection. You will make mistakes, misunderstandings will come, likes and dislikes will be evident. But what I do require is that you not give in to these vices of the Enemy, but rather seek to rise above them. There will be times when you will not always see eye to eye with one another, but what I require is that you walk arm in arm. What I require is that you take the stand, that you fight for unity at all costs; that you forsake the past and walk in newness of life and spirit; that you put away childish bickering; that you don't give in to bitter strivings and contentions; that you put out the fires of dissension, contention and familiarity among you.
141. Temptations will come. You will stumble, you may fall from time to time, but what I require is that when you are tested, you hold on to Me; you get up and walk on together in obedience to My Word. What I require is that you bind yourselves together in My Spirit, in My love, in My power. What I require today is that you choose--that you take the stand to unite‚ or move on. What I require is that you make the decision to yield your all to Me--that you allow Me to melt your hearts together, and that you bring forth the fruits of unity. I require that you demonstrate your faith in Me through endeavoring to keep the unity among you by taking action on such things as:
-- working together to resolve your differences through love, humility, communication and prayer;
-- taking the humble seat and apologizing, even if you feel it's the other person who is in the wrong;
-- asking Me what your part is in the problem and then being willing to rectify it;
-- being willing to confess your sins and wrong attitudes and get united prayer;
-- praying a “whatever it takes” prayer and allowing Me to work in your life;
-- working to overcome your strong personality traits that stand in the way of unity;
-- asking your brethren to safeguard you;
-- seeking correction when needed;
-- being flexible and learning to give and take;
-- giving others the benefit of the doubt;
-- persevering in loving communication even when you feel misunderstood or rejected;
-- going to others in love and humility to com­municate and seeking Me together for solutions;
-- forsaking all criticism and gossip;
-- fighting to overcome familiarity;
-- forgiving and forgetting--forsaking the past;
-- yielding to Me in all things;
-- calling on the power of the keys to help you rise above all that would stand in the way of your unity.
142. Each Family member must choose today: Walk on with Me in unity, or suffer the conse­quences. Today I blow out the candle; I close the book. Choose this day which side of the fence you will stand on.
143. Be warned‚ My children. See the future, and therefore be well armed to fight. If you heed not this last call, you must suffer the con­sequences. For as many as I love‚ I must chasten when the need arises.
144. My Family, never before was there a need as there is now to lower My rod that I might save you, and direct those who care to follow Me to the End. This is My love and My mercy that you might fulfill your destiny.
145. Those of you who continue on in disobedience and heed not My call to unity, not only endanger yourselves and your own lives, but you endanger My Family, My work, and My Kingdom. This I can no longer tolerate. Therefore My chastening rod must fall upon those who heed not this call, in hopes that you will see the error of your ways and repent.
146. Those who care not to obey this warning and unite NOW‚ those who do not repent and bring forth fruit for their repentance, force My hand. In My love and mercy, I will send My judgments upon you in the form of persecution. This will not be persecution for righteousness' sake, but persecution because of your way­ward­ness and disobedience to Me.
147. This is love, My brides, for I am not an infidel; I care for My Own. I know the way of disunity will only lead you to destruction. I will not stand back and see My Family and work destroyed. Therefore, choose this day: Take the stand to unite at all costs, or suffer the consequences. This I do in My mercy, to save you from the greater threat, from being utterly destroyed from within. Therefore you must choose: Take the stand for unity, or receive the rod of My chastisement upon you and suffer the consequences. (End of message from Jesus.)
Rebuke Them by Name!

148. (Channel prays:) Thank You, wonderful Love, for speaking. Thank You for Your love and mercy for the Family. Jesus, can You please tell me the names of these devils? I described them as “black elves” because that's what came to me as I was seeing this vision. Dear Love, we know the Family will want to rid themselves of this disunity, so can You please tell us, do these evil imps have a name or names? We want to rebuke them by name and get rid of them once and for all.
149. (Jesus speaking:) These black elves I have shown you are black demons straight from Hell! These venomous creatures of Satan are straight from the dungeons of the netherworld. You have seen them in their slimy and slithering state, and likewise you have seen them morph into black elves that they might be hurled around the world to target My children. Satan has shot them out, hoping they will find entrance and be able to destroy My children and My work from within.
150. These are black elves because their hearts are black with sin and evil, because they proceed from the Dark Kingdom,
from he who is the blackest of all, and because their deeds are black and dirty and evil. They hate the light, and they would pull each of My children of light into the blackness and darkness them­selves if they could.
151. These are called “Selvegion” [pronounced SELL-veh-juhn], for they are dark, they are vile, they lure their prey to put self first, and they are many. These are they who oppose unity, for they know the tremendous and awesome power that is wrought through unity in My Spirit.
152. Take a close look, My love, and see the meaning of this thing; see what is in a name. What word have I laid on your heart to describe these dark demons? Black elves. Take this word “elves” and add an “S” to the beginning and you have “selves.” These are they who promote “self,” who blow out of proportion interest in one's self. These are they who oppose unity and encourage selfish living. They oppose oneness and harmony, and instead foster self-service, self-interest, discord, dissension, strife, and all that divides.
153. They are called Selvegion, and now I ask you to take a look at the second half of their name. Yes, it resembles “Legion,” for they are many. “Legion” is contained therein, for these are akin to Legion, to those who terrorized many in the days I walked on Earth. The Selvegion are your bitter enemy.
154. Call them by name; command them to leave in My Name! These have no power over the children of David, over those who call on Me for deliverance, who call for the laying on of hands, for the anointing of oil, and who command these dark ones to be gone. They have no power over those who call on Me for forgiveness and for the power to forgive, who take the stand from this day forward to yield and obey My call to unite.
155. My children must rebuke them by name. Call them by name, call them out, call them down. You must resist and rebuke and bind the power of Selvegion in My Name, and they will flee. (End of message from Jesus.)
156. (Mama:) What the Lord is telling us is undeniable. Division is a serious threat, and we need to overcome it! We have the power to rise above, and nothing is impossible to us. We have the keys to the Kingdom, which allow us to tap into all the power of Heaven. Use these gifts, fight with them, and overcome! Rebuke these evil little monsters from the netherworld and don't ever again give them entrance to your life, heart, mind or Home! If you have any of these little demons tucked away in your pants pockets or sitting on your shoulder, don't let another minute pass. Cry out to the Lord for deliverance and then do what you need to do to get right with God! Send these evil Selvegion to Hell where they belong! They have no part in you or our Heavenly Homes!
       [SEE also all of Online Only GN 05 "How to Be On Guard Against the Selvegion"]

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Are You a Disciple? Conviction versus Compromise, Part 5
3365 GN 963 9/01
       59. I know you young people face different battles than the FGAs.
Some of you are more idealistic, some are more skeptical. Within your world there's a huge variety of personalities, situations, conflicts, and problems. But whoever you are, wherever you are, you have a common enemy-two evil spiritual powers are targeting you young people. They are the principalities of Pan and Bacchus. I don't like to talk about the Devil or his power, but in this case, it's important that you know about these archdemons and are alerted to how they want to destroy you. In knowing this, you can defeat them through the power of the Lord and the keys of the Kingdom!
       62. You ask about these principalities of Pan and Bacchus who war against My young ones.
       63. It is Pan-the archdemon whose aim is to gain control over the mind-who fights with ferocity against My young children of David.
Under his jurisdiction, Pan has his powers and demons who fight against My children, and one of them is the demon of rejection, the evil power that seeks to question, demean, and reject My truth, My Words. He is the enemy of faith, one who actively seeks to cloud the minds of your young, to bring up doubts, questions, analyzing, distortion, complexity, confusion, anything that would stand in the way of simply taking in My Words in childlike faith and belief. Because the mind is the Devil's playground, the main inroad through which he seeks entrance to gain control, he is the author of strong negativity, depression, schizophrenia, even suicide and all manner of mental illnesses.
       64. Even some of your own ranks have fallen, because they allowed their minds and their faith to wander into this camp of rejection of My Words and truth. This should stir you to see just how very serious the Enemy is in his attempts to derail you, My brides, and how equally serious you need to be in attacking him and giving him no place in your hearts and minds.
       66. (Vision:) I'm seeing this demon- clearly he's a demon, the archdemon Pan-but he's not ugly. He's not horrific at all to look at.
In fact, believe it or not, he's golden all over, almost beautiful to look at. I'd describe him best as looking almost godlike in form-like the Roman and Greek gods are often pictured. He has a human form, big golden wings, and a long golden tail. He has long fingernails and toenails. I'd say they're almost like claws, but he still has human hands and feet. His face is also golden, but he's clearly demonic. His eyes are fierce; there is no light in him or in his countenance.
       67. He's bald. He has pointed ears, and he has these big horns on the side of his head, like ram's horns, curling back toward the back of his head. They're also golden. There is this big ornate and beautiful deep red jewel or gem right in the middle of his head-on top of his head- in between the horns. His head is definitely the most noticeable thing about him-because of the horns, and this jewel.
       68. Jesus, this is very surprising, I was bracing myself for seeing something much more ugly and demonic to look at, especially since, from what You've indicated, Pan is an archdemon, a powerful demon of the underworld- one of Satan's main demons controlling the dominion of the mind and who is really fighting us, the children of David, ferociously.
       69. (Jesus speaking:) Satan and his demons can take different forms, just as Satan himself can even appear as an angel of light. What you have seen is indeed the archdemon Pan. You are seeing him in the form in which he likes to manifest himself, as a golden god, the great demon who rules over the dominion of the mind- the mind that he seeks to elevate and lift up in defiance of Me and My Words of truth. This is his territory, his domain-the “mighty” mind of man, in which he lives to wreak havoc, sowing doubt, confusion, and complexity, the ultimate goal being to turn My children away from simplicity, from childlike faith and belief in Me and My Words.
       70. Even his head and this golden jewel placed atop it are symbolic of what he stands sovereign over-the mind-that which he worships and has power over, and which he seeks to use to displace Me.
       71. And you wonder at his golden form? He seeks, just like Satan, to counterfeit Me and My spiritual world; thus he coats his form in gold, but in reality he is coated in the thick layers and stench of pride. So I have placed horns upon his golden head, which cannot and do not leave him no matter what form he takes. They are a witness against him, for they are symbolic of his gross rebellion against Me and My ways and My truth-a symbol of his stubborn and gross idolatry.
       72. He is often pictured in Greek mythology as halfman, halfgoat, playing upon pipes in a rural setting. This is the common worldly depiction of the mythological god Pan. The gods and goddesses of Roman and Greek mythology are often romanticized in this way. But I've shown you the real picture of Pan, for he is much more of a powerful threat and foe to be fought and rebuked and cast out than a mere faun playing mischievously upon his pipes amidst the forest glades. However, I must alert you that this depiction of him playing upon pipes is indeed a reality in the spirit.
       73. Pipes are symbolic of some of his powers within his dominion over the mind, for Pan is the great bewitcher of the mind, and music is one of his vehicles allowing him entrance to the mind. His pipes are likened unto those that are inlaid in Satan himself, for they are the pipes of his music-the demonic chords which have drawn many away from Me, My Words, and My truth, even from desiring to seek after Me and My truth.
       74. So music that is not filled with My Spirit, but rather Satan's words, chords, and propaganda, is also his domain. For music has great and awesome power over the mind and the spirit, and thus it can be a great polluter. It can lift to the heavenlies when filled with My Spirit, or it can drag to the lowest depths when Pan's fingers, or those of Satan himself, play upon its chords.
       75. (Vision:) At this point I'm seeing what looks like Pan sliding down this single bar or chord of music. He's sliding down it with such skill, almost like he's surfing, but with supernatural skill and stealth; it's like he's a master at it, very, very skilled. So, Jesus, he must be able, just like the Selvegion, to morph in shape, even down to this miniscule size to be able to be transported supernaturally to the mind through music, all with the purpose, no doubt, of influencing the mind in a negative way?
       76. (Jesus continues:) Yes, Pan has this power, and music is one of his vehicles allowing him entrance to the mind. And now, My love, I show you Pan in the form of his true identity, in his fallen, rebellious, and iniquitous state. Look and behold his hideous spiritual form from the depths of the netherworld!
       77. (Vision:) Now I'm seeing this same golden form change before my eyes into something quite different! He's now no longer golden, but green all over!-But a hideous green, and there appear to be large splotches or boils or spots on different parts of his skin. From a distance they look almost like scales, but as I focus in more I'm seeing that they're not scales-it's just that his skin is diseased. This must be how the Lord sees his false golden covering of pride -as the diseased, sickening green that it really is. And it's almost as if I can smell his sickening putrid stench! Awful!
       78. I can no longer see much of his lower half and legs, instead there are just clouds or some form of vapor-like the lower half of him has no form now, he's not complete. His golden wings are gone and in their stead are these big, black, leatherlike bat wings, very ugly! His head is monstrous-very, very gross and hideous. Though his body still has somewhat of a human form, his head is no longer human; it's monsterlike, almost halfdragon, halfinsect. The jewel atop his head is gone; instead there are these big mounds of deformed flesh on top of his head. He still has the horns, but they're not golden; they are the same color as his flesh-that sickening green. His eyes are yellow, huge caverns, monster eyes. And his hands are definitely claws now-not just long fingernails, but webbed claws. He's very hideous, horrible to look at, and very, very clearly from the depths of Hell!
       79. (Jesus continues:) Now you have seen the face of your enemy, My love-he who seeks after the minds of My children, to cloud their thinking and perception of Me and My Words with his vaporous fiction and idolatrous lies. Cast him and his minions of rejection out of your midst with a ferocity-with the same intensity with which he seeks to lure, bewitch, and capture the minds of My strong young warriors!
       85. (Mama:) This is an important revela! These two arch[Pan & Bacchus] are powerful in the netherworld and they could be destroying your sanity, fruitfulness, happiness and faith if you're not fighting them! Be warned of their vast influence! The archPan has doover spheres related to the mind-rejecof the Word, doubts, confusion, distortions, negativity, depression, schizophrenia, even suiand all types of mental illnesses.

[See also the Letter links for combatting Pan & Bacchus]
[See also the entire Online-Only GN 03, "Recognizing & Resisting Pan"]

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"Are You a Disciple? Conviction versus Compromise, Part 5"
By Maria Maria #584 CM/FM 3365 9/01 (GN 963)
59. I know you young people face different battles than the FGAs.
Some of you are more idealistic, some are more skeptical. Within your world there's a huge variety of personalities, situations, conflicts, and problems. But whoever you are, wherever you are, you have a common enemy-two evil spiritual powers are targeting you young people. They are the principalities of Pan and Bacchus. I don't like to talk about the Devil or his power, but in this case, it's important that you know about these archdemons and are alerted to how they want to destroy you. In knowing this, you can defeat them through the power of the Lord and the keys of the Kingdom! 60. (Jesus speaking:) When you're fighting a war, you must know your enemy. The same holds true in the spiritual warfare. While My power is so much greater than the Enemy's, the intensity of the spiritual warfare will only increase with time, so to be armed with the knowledge of who you are fighting-to see the face of your enemy, so to speak-will become more and more vital in the days to come. 61. This will be part of your increased power through the keys, and a part of your ministry and witness-that of discerning and knowing and being able to cast out demons, and binding and containing the powers that fight against you, specifically by name. This power has been afforded you through the keys. Now begins the work of honing that power, developing that link and connection with Me whereby all things- even the veil to the spiritual world-can be lifted and revealed to you in order to set the captives free.

65. As for Bacchus, his jurisdiction is over the principality and stronghold of addiction, of which there are many forms.
His mission is to separate My children from Me, to cause them to turn to their addictions-any number of physical or fleshly crutches and excesses-instead of turning to Me and leaning upon Me. His mission is to cause dependency, a dependency which hinders them from leaning and depending fully upon Me, thus stifling their growth and connection with Me.

80. (Vision:) Oh my, what I'm seeing now is definitely demonic, very horrible. It's Bacchus.
The first visual impact is of seeing all these horrible tentacles, resembling octopus tentacles. At first I thought it was snakes slithering everywhere, but it's actually tentacles, multiple tentacles. Then behind and at the core of this mass of tentacles is this fat demon. He has a big belly, a bald head, and small, pointed ears. I'm noticing that his feet also turn into these octopus tentacles-quite gross. He has very strong, muscular arms with big leather bands on them, which have silver studs on them. 81. He's like a huge brute, very ugly. These tentacles seem to come out of his body everywhere, and seem to symbolize his power to grip, to hold in addiction. They must be his evil tentacles of addiction. He's sitting very laid back on what appears to be his “throne,” this huge, monstrous hewnout stone throne.
82. He's towering over me and I'm at the base of his throne looking up at him.
He's looking down at me with this very cocky, arrogant, complacent look on his face, like, “Who are you, you little weakling?!” It's almost like he's trying to scare me just by the sheer magnitude of his weight and power. He has this spirit and attitude of, “I can never be dethroned; my power is too great, too encompassing, too gripping!” I think that's the ugliest thing to witness-this proud, blatant spirit he's projecting. Lord help us!
83. (Jesus continues:) This is the haughty, proud prince of addiction, Bacchus.
His strength, his hold, and his tentacles are multiple and strong, but they melt as butter when cut with the power of the keys! 84. There is no tentacle of addiction, no habit, no hold upon My children which cannot be broken through the power of the keys! He seeks to bluff you, hoping you'll tremble and be intimidated, and thus lose faith that his grip can be loosened. But do not weaken and tremble, having gazed upon the arrogance and strength of this demon, but rather wield the keys in faith and courage against him, for this is what he fears the most, knowing his doom is sure! (End of visions and message from Jesus.)
85. (Mama:) This is an important revelation!
These two archdemons are powerful in the netherworld and they could be destroying your sanity, fruitfulness, happiness and faith if you're not fighting them! Be warned of their vast influence! The archdemon Pan has dominion over spheres related to the mind-rejection of the Word, doubts, confusion, distortions, negativity, depression, schizophrenia, even suicide and all types of mental illnesses. Bacchus is the prince of addiction. He will seek to make you dependent on things other than the Lord. 86. I asked the Lord if these archdemons were only fighting the young people, as it seemed they would definitely attack all children of David. He said:
87. (Jesus speaking:) They definitely fight the young people more, but they do fight all the children of David.
They fight the young people more because their efforts are rewarded with greater damage, greater control. Generally speaking, the young people are more off guard spiritually. They have allowed the Enemy into their lives more in general, through the world, worldliness, analytical thinking, and being concerned about the opinions of men. So when these two archdemons fight the youth, they usually gain greater inroads to their thoughts, minds, and spirits. But certainly these evil powers are on the lookout for anyone who would be a ready target, either young or old. (End of message from Jesus.).

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Maria #614 CM/FM 3402 2/02]

Combating Pan and Bacchus:

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GN 992 "Reach the Rich The Poor You Have with You Always! Conviction versus Compromise, Part 7"

By Maria Maria #616 CM/FM 3400 2/02
       167. I will reveal to you another spirit that has been hindering you that you must also rid yourselves of through the power of the keys, before you can fully be free to do My will in this area. His is the realm of poverty and beggary, slothfulness in matters of business. He is the arch-demon of failure and ruin.
168. This evil spirit attacks both those of the world and My children. He especially fights you, My Endtime brides. He seeks to convince those who could have the best that they should settle for second best. He screams lying vanities in order to convince those who are handicapped in some way or who suffer loss that they are ruined and that they should give up and accept the low state they are in. He uses your natural weaknesses and the difficult situations you find yourselves in and plays upon them, magnifying them. He also works hard to convince you that you are comfortable where you are, that what you have is okay, that you shouldn't have to work to change anything, that it won't work anyway, and why bother, because it's not really necessary. He fights your faith to provision; he clouds your outlook and vision for My supply and the possibilities I lay before you.

169. (Channel:) I'm seeing this demon that's shaped like a big weight, very broad and heavy on the bottom, with two sets of arms. With one set of arms he is pressing down on his prey, trying to keep them sinking lower and lower. Each time they sink lower he tries to make them very comfortable in their current position, so they won't want to climb out of it. And with the other set of arms he's shielding their eyes so that they can't look up, almost as if to convince them that there's nothing up there, or they shouldn't look up, it's too high for them.
170. He continues to push down on them, and then repositions things to make them comfortable in their current state. He is extremely heavy himself. His whole power is his weight and the weight he places on his victims. Each time they accept a lower standard or lower position, he loosens the weight a bit, trying to make them comfortable, and then slowly begins pushing again, until they are again sinking even lower.
171. In really bad cases, it seems that he has bitten his prey or drawn blood somehow, and they are bleeding and losing strength, thus having even less power to fight against him or pull themselves up.

172. (Jesus continues:) You must call on the power of the keys for deliverance, My loves. In My Name and in the name of the keys of the Kingdom, he will be forced to remove his hands from your eyes, and then you will be better able to see what I want to show you and the potential that surrounds you! Pray to be rid of him. Bind him in the spirit‚ and command that his own weight pull him far away from you. You will be free from his grip and you will instantly feel lighter in spirit, with more initiative and vision to move up to the new horizons that I have for you! Dedicate a time to praying against this ­demon now, without delay. (End of message from Jesus.)

173. (Mama:) In order to pray more knowl­edge­ably, we came before our wonderful Husband again, asking Him to pull back the veil of the spirit world so we could see even more clearly the face of this, yet another of our enemies--one of Satan's minions and arch-demons who is fighting us, His Endtime brides. Another channel prayed specifically for the Lord to reveal this demon's name. We need to be able to rebuke him by name so that he can be driven far from us and all of our Homes worldwide. We knew that the Lord had revealed this information about this demon for a very good reason and purpose, so we could fight‚ defeat him, and rebuke him and his hold on our Family. Here is more insight.

174. (Channel:) I'm not sure if this is of significance, and it's really creepy, but right now I'm feeling this incredible wave of cold run through my body, almost like it's chilling me to the bone. And along with this I feel like I'm suffocating, and like parts of my body are becoming numb, paralyzed, and almost like the faith to even receive anything is being sucked out of me. That's the closest thing I can say to describe what I'm feeling. This is unusual, because normally I see things, but this time I'm not seeing anything, but rather I'm experiencing it physically with these sensations and feelings of extreme cold, suffocation, and like faith is being drained out of me.
175. Now those sensations are leaving, and the name Apollyon is coming to me. But that's not this demon's name, because I know that Apollyon is actually a Greek name for Satan. But I'm getting the feeling that somehow Apollyon is very closely linked to this demon--that this arch-demon must work alongside and very closely with Satan, as a demon at one of his highest levels.
176. Now the name Apollyon is morphing and changing into another name, and it's very clear now--it's Apotheon. That's it! Apotheon is the name of this arch-demon! (Pronounced Ah-PAH-thee-on, with the accent on the second syllable.)
177. Dear Jesus, thank You for revealing this demon's name to us! Please explain clearly what I've just experienced and received, and if You have anything more to tell us about this ­de­mon, Apotheon, and his dominion and powers.

178. (Jesus speaking:) Apollyon, or Satan, is the Great Destroyer, and this demon, Apotheon, works alongside him within one of the highest echelons and domains of nether­world power and importance--that of destroying faith. He goes about the earth to and fro amongst the children of men weakening and undermining faith, courage, and hope; seeking always to press down, to push down, to oppress, to cover the eyes of those who would turn them upward toward Me where there is light, hope, and growth, and where there is always forward movement. He seeks to suffocate and weigh down man's spirit and will to fight on, to rise above circumstances and conditions; thus his domain is one of poverty, failure, and ruin.
179. Many amongst those who know Me not fall prey to his powers and suffocating weight, but with a vengeance and diabolical mission--and as Satan's personal apostle--does he seek after My Endtime brides with an unrivaled evil intent.
180. This one is Satan's own evil, negative power and parallel to the power I give you to rise above and look unto Me. What I allowed you to experience in the physical are indications and reflections of Apotheon's spiritual powers and domain.
181. His grip is like unto that of a python--suffocating and paralyzing. His bite is like unto that of a snake, which drains the very life, blood, and faith out of his victims. He seeks to paralyze people's faith, so there is no movement, no forward motion, no vision, no desire or ability to rise above or change things for the better, no desire to fulfill My plan or perfect will. The coldness you experienced is indicative of what happens when Apotheon's weight is heavy upon you and your faith is slowly drained from you--you lose your fire, your heat, and your drive, because faith fuels your fire!
182. This one's power is akin to that of lethargy, but his domain and dominion goes beyond even that of lethargy, because he strikes at the core--the heart and spirit of man--where faith abides. His power and poison are particularly devastating and life-threatening, striking even My Own, My Endtime brides.
183. The antidote to drive this demon far from you?--Exposure, rebuking him by name, calling upon the power of the keys‚ and militantly going on the attack through feeding and fueling your faith with My Word‚ obeying My Word, putting on My mind, and putting your faith into action! (End of message from Jesus.)

184. (Mama:) As soon as I heard this evil one's name, the word “apathy” came to my mind. Apathy is defined as “lack of enthusiasm or energy, lack of interest in anything‚ or the absence of any wish to do anything.” When asking the Lord if this word has to do with Apotheon, He said:

185. (Jesus speaking:) Yes, this evil spirit is definitely the power behind the depression of spirit that is apathy. He takes credit for the very sad, hopeless state of man when he is apathetic. When man has no drive, no energy, no vision, no hope of change, no initiative to take action and make things better for himself or others; when he becomes past feeling, to the point of being dead in spirit and mind, without any forward movement‚ paralyzed in complacency‚ this is the work of Apotheon. (End of message from Jesus.)

186. (Mama:) Obviously this is a very important truth that will have a huge impact on your life, the fruit you bear, your financial state and living standard, the thoughts you entertain, your vision to accomplish great things for the Lord, and the initiative you have to make that vision a reality. If your ministry for the Lord is going nowhere, if you're overwhelmed with discouragement‚ if you feel your life is ruined and your future work for the Lord seems hopeless, lifeless, dead and boring, if you live in constant physical need and lack, then it's time to recognize the evil work of Apotheon and to fight him!
187. Get rid of his influence! Stir yourself up in the spirit and get mad at the Devil's evil works! He has no place in your life or Home, so rebuke and bind him in the power of the keys. And then go on to obey the Lord. Be a doer of the Word, and don't open even the tiniest door for this evil demon to return!
It is a big deal! Just look around you at the millions of people who are wallowing in ruin, poverty, and total despair, with no hope of improvement, no determination to make things better, no will to even try. That's the work of Apotheon and his evil agents. It's real, but it's up to you to believe it and act on the truth the Lord has shown.
191. I know that those of you who are serious about your service for the Lord will get down in desperate prayer to rid your life, thoughts, Home and work of every evil influence from this powerful demon. He has no power before Jesus and the keys of the Kingdom, so get rid of him once and for all! Take time now to pray desperately together to rebuke and bind him!
192. Here are some key promises you can claim against him. [Only the first two key promises included here:]
* 193. Through the power of the keys, dominion over every evil spirit of Hell is granted to the children of David. Focus on the keys now, and in the power of those mighty keys turned to swords cut loose the grip of Apotheon and command that he be doomed, and by reason of his own weight, he will fall far from you.
* 194. The power of the keys will remove the hands of Apotheon from your eyes, and you will behold the vision that I, your mighty Husband and Deliverer, want to show you.
Deliverance, then Action!

204. (Mama:) In the preceding prophecy, the Lord said: “The antidote to drive Apotheon far from you is exposure, rebuking him by name, calling upon the power of the keys, and militantly going on the attack through feeding and fueling your faith with My Word, obeying My Word, putting on My mind, and putting your faith into action!”
205. This makes it clear that praying desper­ately against this evil demon is just the first step. One of our COs, when reading this GN before it was finalized, commented:

206. I certainly related to the symptoms of Apotheon's influence, as I've felt that quite a bit of late but didn't understand it. I especially felt myself being hit with skeptical thoughts about the various revelations of the spiritual world, demonic influ­ences, etc. Of course, I believe the GNs, but those nega­tive thoughts seemed to have increased over the months. So, as soon as I read that part in the Letter I stopped right away, got on my knees (I happened to have been reading in bed late one night, so didn't want to fall asleep in prayer!), and rebuked Apotheon and claimed all those wonderful keys promises. I felt a marked difference right away, and have continued to feel “lighter” and less plagued by doubtful, skeptical thoughts, PTL! (End of comment from CO.)

207. (Mama:)
After this desperate prayer, there must be action. His mission is to destroy your faith. If you have been under his suffocating weight, you must now work to recover your faith. You can be instantly delivered from his grip and he has to flee as you cry out to the Lord and claim the power of the keys and the keys promises--but that doesn't mean your faith is immediately restored in full. You must work to build your faith. To do that you must read, study, memorize, and obey the Word. Put it into practice, live it, act on it. Focus on the power, not the obstacles!
208. As the Lord brought out in “Focus on the Power,” the key to focusing on the power is to obey immediately, to adopt a “do it now” policy. To stay delivered from Apotheon and to rid your life of his evil influence forever, you need to become a doer of the Word; you need to put on the Lord's mind so you can see things as He sees them, which will give you the im­petus to change.
209. As you have time in the days and weeks to come, please ask the Lord to speak to you regarding the following questions:
1) How has Apotheon affected my life and Home specifically?
2) What safeguards do I personally need to adopt in my spiritual life and outlook that will prevent Apotheon having entrance to my life in the future?

"What Is Jesus Worth to You?"
(GN 1016) 3433 10/02
(Dad speaking:)
383. You've been plagued by and attacked by Apotheon these past couple of weeks. You wonder why you feel so drained, why every time you get up early to read you just can't do it, or every time you try to read at night you fall asleep? It's Apotheon! He's trying to drain you of your lifeblood--the Word.
Rebuke him by name! Call on the power of the keys to rebuke and bind Apotheon's power, and you'll feel a marked difference. Win this battle in the spirit and you will feel lighter, you will feel better, you will feel an immediate change come over you. The Lord has promised it, so claim His promises that can never fail, and get on that old boy Apotheon and kick him out of here! He's nothing before the power of the keys; so don't stand for it.
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GN 1006 "Raising Junior Teen Disciples" (For age 16 and up)
Maria #626 CM/FM 3419 8/02
Pray for them--and pray against every evil spirit fighting them

13. 1) They are being fought heavily by the forces of the netherworld. Even if you don't see their potential, Satan does, and he has launched a very heavy attack against them--and against all of your young people in the Family. But he feels that with the junior teens he will be more successful, for in most cases they are not yet grounded in Me, and will more easily be pulled away.
14. To counter this attack, you must intercede for them in prayer consistently, faithfully, desperately. Prayer is what will win this war and help them to be free of the attacks for periods long enough to recognize My truth and have the opportunity to make the right choices.
15. Pray specifically against Pan, Bacchus, Arakan, Apotheon, and Lethargy. Ask Me to speak to you and show you who else is fighting against your teens. Depending on their ministry and the potential that they have, there are demons specifically trying to hinder them and hold them back in the areas they have the most potential in. Once you know who you are fighting, pray against them specifically. Learn to recognize their influence and fight it in prayer, claiming the power of the keys to fight for your children.
16. (Mama:) Recently the Lord revealed to us another demon who fights us viciously. His name is Arakan. Our wonderful Husband wants us to be knowledgeable about these dark forces who fight us so that we can specifically rebuke them in the power of the keys and be aware of the way they will try to influence us. Some of our channels were working on an important GP project and the Lord showed us that Arakan was specifically assigned to try to hinder their channels. Here are excerpts of what the Lord said.
17. (Jesus speaking:) Arakan is a chief demon of confusion and depression. Call him out by name and do not let him hide in the recesses of your mind. Resist him by name, rebuke him by name, and he will flee! He is strong in his own might, but he is nothing compared to the power of the keys, which must be used to rebuke him.
18. Here is a key you can use every time to resist him:

I resist Arakan by the power of the keys. I rebuke him and bind his power over my mind through the power of the keys. Get thee hence, for I am about Christ's business!

19. Say the words, “I resist you, Arakan, in the power of the keys! Begone!” and he will flee. He is not a confrontational devil; he prefers the shadows and the dark muddles, like an octopus who clouds the waters in order to escape. When you begin to fight him, he will attempt to cloud your mind and confuse you. He is a chief among demons of confusion and depression. He stands under Oplexicon and Satan and seeks to hinder this project.
20. You are not as used to finding out who is behind the Enemy's attacks as you are to praying against his attacks. I want you to become more vigilant in seeking out the root of the problem and seeking out the names of the specific demons who are attacking you so that you can receive their names and bind them by name.
21. This is one of the principal methods of attack against spiritual powers--call them out by name. Ask their name, and they are bound to identify themselves to you so that you can attack them. Ask and you will receive their names, and I will use their exposure to help you win the victory. Fight against Arakan--the muddler of channels, the clouder of minds and confuser of thoughts. Break his power over you through the keys. Rebuke him by name, and do not let his confusion reign over you. (End of message from Jesus.)
22. (Mama:) We then asked the Lord whether this demon was only fighting this particular project or whether he was trying to fight the Family as a whole. Here's what the Lord said.
23. (Jesus speaking:) Prophecy is one of your most important weapons of the spirit. The Family must be able to hear from Me, either through their own personal channel or through someone else's channel. It's one of the most important links you have with Me.
24. Arakan not only fights this particular project, but he and his minions fight all channels and try to confuse and muddy their mind.
25. He first enters with thoughts of discouragement or depression, telling you that you can't be a good channel, this is too hard, you can't hear from Me about this, you won't get it right, and trying to convince you that in the end you're going to be even more discouraged because you didn't get a very good message. He hits channels before they sit down to hear from Me and tries to belittle, discourage, and confuse their thoughts. It's a serious attack of Arakan, the demon of confusion, when it comes to anything to do with channeling‚ speaking, or delivering My message.
26. Arakan fights hearing My voice in prophecy, hearing My direction and counsel, and delivering it through speaking or writing or teaching. He can have a big effect on those doing computer work‚ programming, anything that requires high concentration.
27. I told you some time back that the types of battles you'd experience would be unique, strange, things you've never experienced before--and that's because the power of many demons has been unleashed. I'm allowing you to come face to face with them because you need to be aware of them and know who they are by name, so that you can verbally rebuke them in the power of the keys and destroy their power in your life and work. It's a new battle in the spirit with many demons on the loose, and the Family has to recognize this and be prepared to fight them in the power of the keys.
28. It's not only something that you and your Homes in WS need to be aware of and fight against; the Family also needs to be prepared to fight the demons of Hell. Arakan and others have been unleashed to do their dirty work throughout the Family. He's prepared to attack anyone who needs to focus and concentrate on My work--any channel, teacher, speaker, writer, editor, programmer, anyone who needs to give a presentation, counsel people, or answer questions--in short‚ anyone who needs to have their presence of mind and clear thinking. That's his power, to confuse and muddle, and as a result, cause discouragement and depression.
29. The power you have is greater! Call on the power of the keys, rebuke any demon by name‚ and their effect on you will be destroyed. It's My promise. Stand on it! Hold the keys in your hand and rebuke the Enemy, and he will flee. The keys of the Kingdom will destroy the power of Arakan. Call on the keys and send their full impact to destroy any demon of Hell. As soon as you claim the keys and rebuke that demon by name, your thoughts will be clear, your mind won't be muddled, and you'll be able to do the work I put before you. (End of message from Jesus.)
30. (Mama:) When the Lord mentioned Arakan as one who fights our young people, I asked the Lord to explain how he fights them.
31. (Jesus speaking:) He works with Pan in the realm of the mind. Young people are already prone to confusion and depression, because they're in the stage of figuring things out, questioning everything, and at times don't have a solid frame of reference whereby to judge experiences, so they can be affected to a much greater extent, influenced much more greatly by questions that come to them or events that discourage them.
32. Arakan works to keep them from their focus. He naturally fights their channels to hinder their hearing from Me, but he also tries to keep them from concentrating and really benefiting from My Word, from their schooling, from the experiences of life that I would use to teach them. He tries to hinder them from communicating clearly what is on their hearts, and discourages them when they try. He tries to muddle and confuse all he can. He tries to block their receptivity to My Spirit and their understanding of the things that happen around them. This is why you must pray against his influence on them, for their lives are muddled enough without Arakan further hindering them from having a clear perspective and understanding. (End of message from Jesus.)
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(Coming Persecution? Conviction versus Compromise, Part 1
Maria #580 CM/FM 3361 8/01----GN 957)
The Spirit of Lethargy

85. I pray that you are convicted and in the fear of the Lord, and that you want to change and get right with Him. But possibly you feel some kind of blockage. That could be caused by any number of things--unyieldedness, pride, fear, bitterness, etc. There's a lot in the Word on these topics that you can research, and you can ask the Lord for personal instruction in prophecy. I do, however, want to share one point that is a key as to why some of you haven't made more progress in the spirit, in spite of so many answers and direction being covered quite extensively in past GNs. A message from Dad on a different subject caught my attention when he said:
86. (Dad speaking:) There is a spirit of lethargy in the Family that's killing people's progress and effectiveness for the Lord. It's a complacency with the way things are! The Lord is tired of it! It's time to wake up and get moving! It's time to change! The Lord is upset with some of our folks, and I am too‚ for their lack of the fear of the Lord! (End of message from Dad.)
87. (Mama:) I asked the Lord to tell us more about this “spirit of lethargy in the Family that is killing people's progress and effectiveness for the Lord.” Here is Dad with some more insight on this:
88. (Dad speaking:) Don't just be hearers of the Word, but doers also! That's the key. Some of you have slid back into your ruts and gotten comfortable and aren't interested in stirring yourselves up. You're hearers of the Word, but not doers. You've ceased being revolutionaries and have started to become like the churches. You're tired of the fight; you've stopped fighting.
89. Lethargy is a spirit of the world, of the Devil, and he's lulling everyone to sleep. He's going to be able to walk right on stage when his time arrives and take over, because there'll hardly be anyone to say he shouldn't! He will have lulled almost everyone to sleep and taken care of all the avenues of possible resist­ance, and the world will let him have his way.
90. Lethargy is one of the Enemy's prin­cipal weapons. He doesn't have to use a show of force to terrorize the Lord's children and take them down and destroy their effectiveness for Him. He's going to come in very subtly. He's going to come in quietly, un­obtrusively, sneakily.
91. Since you are in the Last Days, you will find more and more that you'll be fighting some of these spirits that plague the world. The Lord has promised to keep you from them, but there is a condition to that promise. “If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God, and wilt do that which is right in His sight, and wilt give ear to His command­ments, and keep all His statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I am the Lord that healeth thee” (Exodus 15:26).
92. The Lord isn't just referring to physical diseases here, but spiritual diseases. And the cure for those diseases is to listen to Him and obey what He tells you to do. The Lord needs you‚ His soldiers, to not just hear His Word but do His Word. He needs you to fight!
93. The Lord will heal those of you who are afflicted with this spirit of lethargy and any other spiritual problem. Take a stand against the Enemy and his attacks and get delivered. Watch out for the spirit of lethargy! Don't let it ruin your effectiveness for the Lord! (End of message from Dad.)
94. (Mama:) Note that Dad said that some of you are in danger of becoming like the churches. You've fallen asleep. You're lethargic. Maybe it's because you want to be in the churches. Maybe you like their religion better than ours. If that's the case, there are millions of churches to choose from where you'll probably be happier than here, because I can guarantee you that as we move into the future, we'll definitely look less and less like the church system.
The Silence of the Sleepy!

95. When our artist was praying about how to best illustrate this Letter, the Lord revealed yet another way in which lethargy is killing people's progress and effectiveness. Note His warning in the following graphic ­vision:
96. (Tamar:) I see a large evil spirit standing with its arms outstretched in front of him. In its left arm is a Family member--a woman--lying back, asleep in its arms. In its right arm and claw is a Family member--a man--lying back in the same spirit of sleep. This spirit is obviously very pleased with itself--it has this very evil smirk and smile on its face--almost an arrogant look of glee at the “prey” it has in its arms‚ who are obviously asleep, oblivious to the state they're in.
97. Its face is evil, its head is bald--almost resembling a “Buddha” type face, which reminds me that the Eastern religions are generally very complacent and laid back in spirit. Behind this spirit's head is black hair sprawling out in all directions.
98. There's cloth--like bed sheets--wrapped all around and on the people the spirit is holding within its grasp. This material is originating from this evil spirit--from its hair, even its claws--and it's wrapping and entangling itself around these Family members.
99. What is the most startling and shocking about this picture is that the Family members this evil spirit is holding have no mouths! There's just nothing there where their mouths would normally be. Is this right, Lord, what I'm seeing? What does this mean?
100. (Jesus speaking:) What you have seen is a glimpse of the spirit of lethargy. It's shocking, isn't it?--To see these Family members lying limply within the spirit's grasp, and the evil gloat on its face as it flaunts its easy “prey.” They are entangled in its power, its “bed sheets”--victims of its spirit of sleep. This spirit of slumber is wrapped around My children, entangling them‚ lulling them to sleep and complacency within its folds.
101. What you are seeing is shocking, but correct: My children have no mouths because this spirit of lethargy has taken their mouths from them. This spirit has silenced their voices, taken away their ability, desire and power to witness, even their ability to speak up with conviction about any wrongdoing, large or small! What you are seeing is the shocking reality of what is happening in the spirit to these, My dear children, who lie within the debilitating grasp of lethargy! (End of message from Jesus.)
102. (Mama:) Don't lie back and let lethargy silence you, dear Family! And if it has, wake up and reclaim your voice, and speak up with conviction!
More on Spirit of Lethargy

156. Before closing, I want to go back to the spirit of lethargy that Dad talked about earlier. If this is killing the spiritual progress of some of you, then it's worth exploring further‚ especially understanding how to overcome it and rid ourselves of it!
157. It's vital that you take heed to this in­struction, because the Lord said that many of you are blinded and imprisoned by this evil spirit of lethargy, and unless you get free of it, many of you will not even be able to hear the counsel that is to come. But if you'll get desperate and rebuke this evil hold of the Enemy, the rest of the GNs will speak to you much more powerfully, and you'll make significant progress.
158. I asked the Lord how this spirit of lethargy is manifested, what allowed this spirit entrance to the Family, how widespread the problem is, and what we can do to get rid of it.
159. I can't emphasize enough how import­ant it is to really get what this next prophecy is saying. It's packed with important information that can reveal how you're doing spiritually. It summarizes some of the most debilitating weaknesses of the Family, and helps explain where they came from. If you're interested in succeeding for the Lord, if you want to be fruitful and happy, if you want the Lord to bless your life, work, and Home, then tune in to this counsel!
160. This is pretty much self-explanatory, so I won't add much commentary. You're big boys and girls and it's up to you to want to be fed and strengthened and to see where you need to improve. Just reading this or even studying it isn't going to do the trick. You'll need to ask the Lord how it applies to your personal life, really seeking Him and hearing from Him in prophecy. If you're off in any one or some of these points, you'll probably get a check in the spirit or feel convicted as you read it. But you'll need to go a step further and get down to business hearing from the Lord and praying desperately, calling on the power of the keys, if you want to know what's wrong and how you need to change! There is no problem the keys of the Kingdom cannot help you solve, no obstacle that the keys cannot help you hurdle. But you have to do your part; you have to harness the power of the keys He's given you, reach out to the power of the keys in prayer, and ask Him to help you pull out of this horrible spirit of lethargy that is threatening your lives.

How Is This Spirit Manifested?

161. (Jesus speaking:) This spirit of lethargy is manifested by:
162. * People neglecting or ignoring the purpose for which I called you and for which you joined the Family: to witness, to feed My sheep, to win disciples. People doing the minimum amount of witnessing they have to in ­order to remain “members,” or in some cases even neglecting witness­ing altogether.
163. * The same problem, but to a lesser degree: People who do witness, who do get out and distribute tools, maybe even have Bible classes, but who aren't “instant witnesses”--who don't make sure to carry tracts everywhere they go or make sure to give some kind of witness to every person they encounter. People who forget about the Scriptural admonition in Ezekiel and aren't all that worried about others' “blood” being on their hands. (See Ezekiel 3:17-19.)
164. * People who are even very faithful witnesses, but who are hesitant to try the new things and ideas I put forth. People who are satisfied with the way they've been doing it for years. They're reluctant to get rolling with Activated because it's not “tried and proven.”
165. * People who are reluctant to feed their sheep the meat of the Word for fear it will stumble them.
166. * A general desire to keep things the way they are, to not upset the apple cart, to not make waves in your Home or area, even if it's very obvious that things need to be changed or improved.
167. * A weakening of personal convictions, and a lessening of faith to speak up to others about your convictions. This can be manifested in witness­ing by soft-pedaling the mess­age. It can be manifested in your personal interactions with your loved ones in the Family by backing off from checking or even correcting them when they need it. It can be manifested in your own attitudes, in a compromising attitude to where you stop believing completely that the things I have said are wrong are really wrong.
168. * A lack of militancy in fighting against worldly/ungodly influences in the form of the media--TV, movies, books, Internet, computer games, System music, etc. This comes about when you let yourself be duped by the Enemy into thinking that this or that habit or trip that you or someone you know are “a little bit into” is not really that bad or harmful. You get comfortable with it, and then you don't want to forsake it or make someone else forsake it.
169. * Too much tolerance toward worldly and ungodly attitudes, mindsets, and ways of life. This goes along with weakening of convictions and too much acceptance of ungodly influences. These all go hand in hand, though they are somewhat separate issues.
170. * Lack of faithful, godly parenting. Parents letting their children or teens get away with behavior that is obviously wrong and ungodly. This is usually a combination of the fact that the parents' convictions have been weakened and the fact that they don't want to put the great amount of time and effort it takes into training children.
171. * Not being stirred up about your personal weaknesses and problems, nor fighting to over­come them. Taking the “easy way out” whenever possible, or just ignoring the problems, sometimes under the pretense of having more important things to tune in to. True, self-improvement isn't the essence of Family living, but if you don't keep your personal weaknesses in check, they will in time affect and hinder your service for Me.
172. * Lack of desire and hunger for the Word, for prophecy, for My Spirit and spiritual input. (End of message from Jesus.)
What Allowed This Spirit Entrance to the Family?

173. (Jesus speaking:) This spirit is the way of the Enemy, the way of the world. It's one of Satan's favorite devices with which to hinder and trip up humanity in these Last Days, by deceiving and deluding them, by putting them to sleep. Why would the Family be immune to it? You are not! It's everywhere. It's in the very air‚ the atmosphere. It surrounds you. It's Satan's gas of deceit, which little by little has seeped across the world, so slowly, so gently‚ that few have noticed it. Now even those who do see it, who speak up about it, are more often than not met with resistance. Even others who claim to see it and notice it, who agree with those who speak out against it, have been affected by it. It's the spirit of apathy.
174. You, My Family, have been strong soldiers, and you received good training from David and a solid foundation of faith. You knew truth from lie, right from wrong. Everyone, from the smallest to the greatest, knew what My standard was, and accepted nothing less. You were radical, zealous, sometimes even overzealous‚ but you knew where your convictions lay. However, little by little, as the Enemy's spirit grew stronger in the world, his compromising attitudes entered your ranks as well.
175. Sometimes this spirit of lethargy came in as a result of doubt--of beginning to question whether the things that you had always believed and stood for were really so, or if they were open to interpretation.
176. Sometimes this spirit came in simply because people were weary in well doing, tired of working so hard and living in such an “extreme” way. It's human nature to be selfish, to want to work as little as possible and put forth as little energy as possible, especially when it comes to spiritual matters. As your older members got older, these weaknesses were more easily able to enter in. And as your young people got older, the desire grew in them to become more knowledgeable of the ways of the world‚ to be more accepted by their peers in the world, and this in turn further brought in the spirit of lethargy.
177. Look around and you'll see how in some form or another this spirit has permeated society. Look at the young, hip dudes with their pants hanging loose and their hair dyed. What does that portray? Well, that one's obvious. But then, look at the generation X'ers, the workaholic dot-com millionaires. Are they lethargic? Yes, they are, spiritually. They are self-satisfied and so caught up in the rat race that they have in most cases all but neglected their spirits, and even their loved ones and families.
178. Being a hard worker doesn't make you immune to spiritual lethargy. Being an energetic person physically doesn't give you any advantage over someone older or more tired. It's all about attitude. It's all about your spirit. You can still be supposedly “living the life” of a missionary, but becoming lethargic in spirit‚ doing as little as possible.
179. What has allowed this spirit into the Family is human nature--instinctive proclivities toward selfish­ness, carnal-mindedness, and laziness. But these things can be overcome. (End of message from Jesus.)
How Widespread Is the Problem?

180. (Jesus speaking:) The problem is very widespread. I would say that nearly every person in the Family has been touched by it to some degree. Everyone should search their hearts and seek Me about it, so that I can show you how big the problem is in your life, and in what areas it has affected you, and what you should do about it. If you don't want to have to seek Me about this because you think it's not your problem, then the odds are that you have a very BIG problem.
181. One thing that makes this problem so serious is that most people who have it don't realize it. It's not an obvious problem, like being violent or drunk or listening to hours of System music a day. But it's an insidious problem, one that slowly and destructively eats away at you from the inside, without you realizing it.
182. People have the problem to varying degrees. Some are upfront and obvious about it--they don't really care what they do or what others do‚ and they don't want to be “pushed” by anybody into doing anything or adhering to any rules or guidelines. They just want to do their own thing in their own way--which is generally as little as possible. By the time someone is at that stage, it's pretty obvious they have a problem with spiritual lethargy.
183. Other people, though, are more at the “beginning stages.” This doesn't necessarily mean they've had the problem for less time, just that it hasn't advanced as quickly. In this beginning stage‚ maybe the person just isn't super thrilled or inspired about the Word, or not so eager to seek Me about each thing that I put forth in the New Wine, or to put it into practice. They're not necessarily following after evil, yet neither are they actively pursuing the godly way. Yet in either case it's a very big problem, because, as I've said‚ it saps your conviction and your fight and your ability to move forward at the pace and to the degree I need you to. (End of message from Jesus.)
184. (Mama:) When you read the above portion of the message, you can see why the Lord is so intent on getting rid of the evil influence of lethargy and why it's at the root of compromise. He explains it causes a “wearing away of your convictions” and it “saps your conviction.” What better definition of compromise could you get?
185. We cannot allow compromise to destroy the Family! We must see where we're weakening, and change. And if you're not willing to fully let go of the compromises in your life and Home, then you would probably be happier in the FM Family where the requirements are not so stringent. You who are so compromised that you don't even resemble mission­aries at all, much less full-time disciples, would do better to leave the Family. Compromise has been the end of many a revolution and reformation, and we cannot‚ by God's grace, let it happen to us!
What Can Be Done To Get Rid of It?

186. (Jesus speaking:) Wake up and realize that this is the era of action! Action means action, and that's that! It's the time for action! The age of lethargy is over! It may still be the going thing in the world, but it is NOT the going thing in the Family! If you want to be in the Family, you'd better get with the ACTION!
* Each person search your heart. Stir yourself up. Pray and seek Me. Hear from Me.
Ask Me specific questions, like:
* In what ways am I lethargic spiritually?
* What wrong influences have come into my life as a result?
* What wrong attitudes do I have that I need to change?
* What have I been avoiding stepping out and doing? What new moves of the spirit have I been hesitant to put INTO ACTION?
* What should I do to stir myself up more and keep myself stirred up in spirit?
* Some of you need to ask Me to do something major in your life that will shake you up and wake you up to where this world is at and where things are headed.
You should pray a “whatever it takes” prayer, really. You should say, “Lord, do whatever You need to do in my life to open my eyes to the spiritual warfare ­raging around me. Take the blinders off my eyes. Remove the root of this problem‚ whatever it is and wherever it came from, by helping me have an experience that will snap me out of my rut of spiritual lethargy.”
* Fill yourself with good healthy doses of My Word and hearing from Me in prophecy.
There's nothing lethargic or laid back about My Word. It is a sharp, two-edged sword, discerning the thoughts and intents of the heart. If you're digging into My Word, and praying for a hunger, and praying that I will “open your eyes that you will behold wondrous things,” that's just what you'll get!
190. My Words, the words I have given through your Father David, through your Queen Maria and King Peter, and through My voice of prophecy to you personally are alive, quick and powerful, and will not leave you unchanged! If you've been reading them for years and haven't been stirred up or changed by them‚ that's not the fault of the words; it's the fault of your own spiritual lethargy. Just reading the Word in itself, meanwhile daydreaming or doubting, is not going to cure you. But reading the Word after praying desperately that it will MOVE you, SHAKE you up and STIR you to ACTION is a large part of the cure!
* Make a commitment to put the Word into ACTION--and I mean now!
You know how you've told your kids that delayed obedience is just as bad as disobedience? Well, try that on yourself now. If I say in My Word via the latest GNs that Activated is the vision, that I want everyone to get on board with Activated, then when should you get on board with Activated? Next week? Next month? Next year? Next time your shepherds come around for a visit? No way! Forget it! The time for obedience to Me is always NOW. Now is the day of salvation!
* Heighten your awareness of the Endtime.
Read up about the signs of the times and open your eyes to what's going on around you. Some of you have lost the vision of “redeeming the time, for the days are evil.” Because I haven't come back as soon as you thought I would, you have been tempted to fall into the deluded reasoning that “all things continue as they were” and that nothing's changing. Talk about delusion! Talk about blindness! Open your eyes! Look at the world today and what it's becoming! It's happened little by little, gradually, so that you could hardly tell. But think for a minute about how the world is today compared to 10, 20, 30, 40 or however many years your life goes back. Think about the horrors occurring today that are so widespread they're not even alarming anymore! That is the most alarming thing of all--when horrible things happen and the world (comprised of billions of people like YOU) just sits by and doesn't say or do a thing. You've let that spirit in, that spirit of Satan that has pervaded the world, and now it's time to kick it out! Let it have no place in you.
* Call a united day of prayer for the Family worldwide, to pray together unitedly for a deliver­ance from this horrible and oppressive spirit.
(End of message from Jesus.)
194. (Mama:) Again the Lord calls for a united day of prayer. As mentioned earlier, we will let you know the details of the upcoming prayer and fast day.
195. In the meantime, however, you need to be following the Lord's instruction so you'll be prepared. Jesus just now gave you a lot of things to do. Are you going to actually do them, or will you let the spirit of lethargy influence you to where you have no initiative‚ no sense of urgency, no feeling of “do it now”?
196. You know, it really bothers me when I hear that few of you ever take the time to do the things we ask you to do in the GNs, such as having Home meetings to hear from the Lord, having personal P&P times, etc. How do you expect to make any progress if you don't do what the Lord says? The short message you just read tells you to do six things (besides the united prayer day). Whether you actually do them depends on your personal conviction. But if you're serious about making it for the Lord in the Family, you'd better do so! That means doing the following:
-- Get with the action; get rid of lethargy.
-- Hear from the Lord about the five questions He proposed.
-- Pray a “whatever it takes” prayer.
-- Get filled with the Word (praying desperately that it will move you, shake you up, and stir you to action).
-- Commit to living the Word! Become a doer of the Word.
-- Get rid of any delusion about how we're not living in the Endtime.
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Gn 1007 Pray, Obey and Prepare! Introduction to the 2002 Study Month
CM 3420 9/02
129. Once again, in order to make our prayers more powerful and to help us understand what we're up against in the spiritual realm, the Lord has seen fit to reveal another important piece of the puzzle of our spiritual warfare. At times I'm concerned that some of you won't relish another graphic vision and explanation about a powerful demon who is assigned to fight the Family. I know it's not pleasant, but this is important. This will help us to pray against our detractors and apostates who fight us in this world by knowing more about what's happening in the spiritual world.
130. It has recently been brought to our attention by some of our faithful media folks that the postings on various ex-member sites are becoming increasingly aggressive and belligerent. There are a number of detractors who are trying to rally those who have left--even those who have been friendly for years--to unite to fight the Family. They're talking about trying to hinder our work through such things as class action lawsuits, requests for law enforcement investigations‚ personal lawsuits against individuals, criminal complaints, use of the media, production of their stories through documentaries, books, and writings, etc.
131. They're trying to round up as many alleged “abuse” stories as possible to provide investigators with some kind of “ammunition” to justify taking action against us. They're trying to draw the attention of the authorities to the education methods of the Family, attempting to convince them that our children's education is insufficient. They're supposedly trying to find out the locations of our Family Homes. They're trying to unite, pool their energies and resources, to bring the Family down.
132. There is increased activity against us, and it's not just people telling stories. These apostates and detractors are egging each other on. They're trying to influence authorities against the Family, and they're trying to launch an offensive.
133. We need to desperately pray! As was brought out before, how much we pray and how desperate we are to beseech the Lord's help and that of our spirit helpers will determine how much we'll be able to minimize these attacks, or avoid them altogether. As Dad said earlier, “What our enemies are not fully counting on is the Family's ability to rally to the need and to amass a force of prayer, calling on the power of some very potent and commanding keys.” We have the keys, they don't! But we must wield them, and we must do so as effectively as possible.
134. Now, understanding that, it's pretty obvious why the Lord would reveal the following at this time:
The Vandari

135. (Vision:) I saw a clean-cut‚ handsome-looking man, around his early 30s. He looked like a nice guy‚ well-groomed, together, confident and on top of things. Then all of a sudden he morphed right in front of me into the most grotesque creature! He turned blood red from head to toe, starting from his head down. His clothes were no longer defined once he morphed‚ but rather it looked like he was covered in some type of blood-red cloak that was clinging to his body--it was like a hood over his head, and it covered him like a long cape all the way down to his feet.
136. His eyes look very bloodshot. His red cloak looks somewhat like the traditional cartoon picture you see of a ghost--the typical ghost covered in a sheet--only this covering is clinging to him and it's blood red. The horrible thing about it is that he seems to be dripping all over with blood. It looks like he's just come up out of a swimming pool or some body of water, like the ocean, and he's dripping wet. Only the outstanding and yucky thing about this is he seems to be dripping not water, but blood--from his eyes, his nose, his lips, his arms, his hands.
137. It's totally grotesque, and if I didn't know the Lord is protecting me, it would be downright frightening. It's horrible, disgusting! One minute he's this handsome-looking fellow, then he's this horrible, red, dripping creature. Then there were rats, of all things--horrible, big, filthy rats running all around!
138. Now I see a big crowd of people. It's a public place, like a crowded city street, but among the crowds, I zero in on different people. I'm not able to pick or choose where I want to look; it's like I'm being led by a spirit helper to zero in on specific people in the crowd. And as I look at certain ones, they are morphing into these same ugly-looking creatures.
139. I see a woman, about 20‚ fairly normal looking, not outstandingly gorgeous or anything, but my first impression was that she was sweet looking. And all of a sudden she morphs into the same red-dripping creature‚ a blood-red dripping monster! I see a teen boy, about 16 years old, who looks like your average high school student, and he morphs into the same horrible red creature too! Now I see an elderly couple, a man and woman, white-haired, about in their mid-70s, and they morph into the same thing.
140. It's horrible--they look terrible! For a few minutes I feel like I am going to get sick. But I have amazing peace, because I know they can't touch me. I know I'm protected and I feel very peaceful. There seems to be a sober warning, though, about these creatures. It's not a light matter, but at the same time, I know if I claim the keys and if I'm obeying the Lord, they can't do a thing to me. (End of vision.)
141. (Jesus speaking:) As I have revealed to you before, the emissaries of Satan can often take on many forms. You see them disguised as the innocent, the inviting‚ the average member of society, and I show you that all that meets the eye is not as it appears. I show you what lies beneath, that you might walk circumspectly, that you might continue to raise your guards and walk in vigilance in these dark days. I reveal this to you‚ My friends‚ My brides and lovers, so you can watch and pray and not be ignorant of the Devil's devices, so that you will not enter into temptation as those in the world.
142. These repulsive, blood-red creatures you see transformed before your eyes are the Vandari, agents of the netherworld, who infiltrate the world population in the Last Days. (Note: Phonetically this is pronounced Van-DAR-ee, with the accent on the second syllable.) Look at the significance of the Vandari name in your human language. The “van” is derived from the word “vandals,” the “dar” from the word “dark,” the “i” spelling of the last syllable signifies “I,” denoting self or selfishness.
143. The Vandari are out to destroy. They are out to suck the very life out of the living. These seek to snuff out both the physical as well as the spiritual lives of those who are not protected by My Spirit. They are hitchhikers who work through many vehicles--those who are ignorant of the truth‚ darkened in their understanding.
144. The Vandari latch on to their prey and seek to use them to oppose My truth. Be aware, My children. Be wise, not ignorant of the Enemy's devices. Walk in vigilance. I don't care to give undue importance to the dark workings of Lucifer, yet I am a true Husband Who warns His brides of danger so you can avoid it.
145. The Vandari are let loose upon the Earth. Their mission is to recruit those who will bow down and worship the son of perdition in the appointed day. Likewise, they seek to oppose My truth. Walk in wisdom toward all who are without, for the world is full of demons, sorcerers‚ and every foul bird.
146. You've seen rats, because these cohabitate with the Vandari. The Vandari populate and dwell in the sewer systems of the world, a fitting place in the physical world for such creatures. In the netherworld, they belong to some of the lowest strata and levels of the spirit world, where they dwell with the dregs of the spirit. They dwell in the darkness in these stinking tunnels and putrid bodies of water‚ where they seep up to the cities and civilizations of man above to do their dirty work.
147. You, My brides‚ have nothing to fear, but I call you to live in My Word and to do all things in the power of the keys of the Kingdom.
148. I'm giving you another piece of the puzzle, in order to help you open your eyes more to the spiritual warfare that rages. The Last Days are not far off. They have begun, this is why I keep revealing to you the things of the spirit, so you are aware, forewarned, and forearmed.
149. I show you this picture so you can avoid Satan's traps. I want you to open your eyes wide and see the truth about what goes on in the real world. I have revealed to you evil ones, against whom you must take a stand--those who oppose the children of David. I have revealed the identity of these evil demons who oppose you--Oplexicon, Lethargy, the evil Selvegion, Pan, Bacchus, Apotheon, and others--so you will not be ignorant of their devices and can fight to defeat them. Now I reveal to you the identity of the Vandari--not to overwhelm you, but so you can bind their power, as well as catch the full vision.
150. Like it or not, you are in a war of the worlds. No matter what personal choices you might make, this war is raging and will touch all the inhabitants of the Earth. The Last Days are playing out--it is inevitable. As the passageway narrows, the time quickly approaches when no neutrals will stand; all must choose to be either for Me or against Me. Those who are not strong in My Word will fall.
151. Time is running out; you must stand strong and be armed. The world has become the habitation of devils and of every foul spirit. The nations drink the cup of fornication.
152. My call to the children of David remains the same: Come out of the world! Do not touch the unclean thing. Do not partake of her sins. Do not give in to her delicacies. Do not let your guards down and leave yourselves open prey‚ to be washed away in the wave of iniquity that sweeps the world, but do all in your power to live in the Word. Do all in your power to advance in the use of the weapons I put in your hands. Do all in your power to win others, to salvage souls whose spirits cry out for salvation.
153. I pull back the veil and reveal more to you now, to strengthen your resolve as to the need to put on My mind and live in My Word. Along with revealing to you the identities of the wicked ones who fight you, I have spoken repeatedly to you of the need to work more closely with the spirit helpers I freely send to aid you.
154. I know your temptation to mull over these truths in your mind, to ponder, “Is it really so?” I know Satan tempts some with thoughts of wondering if this is all too bizarre. “Is this all too much? Are there so many who would fight such little ones as us? Do such strange and odd creatures truly exist? Do such powers really fight to oppose us?”
155. Yes, they do exist. Yes, they are determined to stop you. Even the children of the world at times catch glimpses of the truths of the spirit. Even in the wildest of fiction stories created by modern man and presented to the world through books and popular movies, you catch glimpses, albeit small, of the truth. Science fiction portrays stories of aliens infiltrating the Earth and taking on human form to work their wickedness, of heinous creatures bent on destroying the innocent and taking over the world. And these tales are a shadow of the truth, for these netherworld creatures are alien to you and seek to destroy you and to take over this world for their evil master, Satan.
156. The Devil promotes this‚ for it is one approach through which he tries to desensitize the masses, by familiarizing them to a degree with glimpses of his own monstrous cohorts. He tries to inoculate the masses to the workings of the spirit world through making it seem like a fantasy, like child's play, or a figment of the imagination. These books, movies, and things of the world do not show a true picture of the true things of the spirit, for the Enemy mixes a lot of lies with glimpses of the truth--but I show you true pictures through My Spirit.
157. I have revealed to you some of the Vandari regiment, evil lords of the netherworld, set on preparing the ignorant to worship the son of perdition. These of the Vandari are dark, malicious ones. They are bent on destroying what is pure; they seek to mar the truth.
158. Every dark demon who serves Satan is ultimately out to destroy you‚ My children, for you represent the greatest threat to their dark kingdom. These of the Vandari, however, target others who would then try to hurt or destroy you, or hinder your work in some way. They are hitchhikers. They cannot travel freely on their own, but they work through vessels who yield to darkness‚ through those who are ignorant of truth and darkened in their understanding. I show you this picture because the Vandari are many and they seek to work through your enemies--that through them they may hurt you.
159. You must rebuke and bind their power to work through those who want to bring you down. Rebuke the evil workings of the Vandari through your enemies, through those who have rejected My Words, and through those who hate My Words and have been a long time under their control.
160. The Vandari are dark ones, defiant, willful‚ and vicious; they are vandals of the spirit world, who seek to destroy. They are dark vandals of the backwards, upside-down world. Thus they are called Vandari.
161. I show you this picture that you might call on the keys and bind the evil working of the Vandari through your enemies. Rebuke them in the power of the keys, and bind their power!
162. Be wise and prayerful; acknowledge Me and acknowledge the keys in every way, so that I can keep you protected. Your constant protection is to stay so close to Me, in tune and in sync with Me, My Word, your spirit helpers, and the keys, so that I can see to it that there is not a moment concerning you that goes unguarded. Live in My Words moment by moment. Let the Word burn in your hearts, for this is the light that will carry you through to triumph. (End of message from Jesus.)
163. (Mama:) The Lord knows we need this information to combat our enemies' attempts to destroy the Family.
We need to pray both against the Enemy using our detractors and apostates‚ as well as misguided officials, sensationalistic reporters, deluded lawyers or publishers, and against the specific evil spirits, the Vandari, that inspire these people's ungodly actions and stories. Use the keys and the key promises to pray against our enemies‚ and against these vile, disgusting vandals that live in the filthy, putrid sewers of the depths of the netherworld!
Vandari Repellent--the Word!

164. Here is more insight‚ which I pray will help to increase your vision for the need to really study and get well grounded in your foundation of faith through the Word.
165. (Jesus speaking:) The Vandari, like all of your other spiritual enemies‚ cannot harm you or even come close when you are strong in My Word. That is your best defense against spiritual attacks, to be strong in My Word and My Spirit‚ for then you are well armed, well defended, you are one with Me and one with the keys, and you have access to their full power. The Enemy, being cunning, doesn't like to attack those he knows will give him a hefty blow in return; he looks for those who are weak.
166. These are the reasons for revealing the Vandari to you at this particular time:
1) You are preparing for battle against your enemies.
The Vandari are attacking you through your enemies‚ so in praying against your enemies, pray against the Vandari. They seek to harm you through your enemies. You need to know this in order to be able to pray more effectively. You had to be able to see them in order to clearly oppose them in the spirit. I wanted you to be aware of their presence and more watchful, and also aware of how to strengthen yourself against them, which is through My Word. Now that you know about them, you can pray against them specifically, and be aware of their attacks.
2) The Vandari look for prey among those who are ignorant of the truth, who reject My Words and are darkened in their understanding, and they likewise seek out prey among those who are weak in the Word.
Each time I put forth the call for greater obedience, the stakes are raised. Those who don't obey and move forward in the spirit with My call become easier prey for the Enemy. I'm like a shepherd moving you, My flock, to higher pastures. Those who remain behind are more susceptible to attacks from the wolves, because they are weak in faith, weak in the Word. So because the stakes are raised, the Vandari are now empowered more than before.
3) For each weapon of war that I arm you with, the Enemy tries to come up with an opposing weapon.
In this case, as I am trying to strengthen you and make you stronger in Me for the days ahead‚ the Enemy has unleashed the Vandari as bloodsuckers that weaken. Again, they cannot touch you when you are strong in the Word. But when you are weakened, they start to hang around; they try to bite and suck the lifeblood out of My children, and it can become a vicious cycle of spiritual weakening, poisoning, and lack of desire for the Word.
167. You must pray against the Vandari influencing and working through your enemies and others in the world who can harm you. Simultaneously, you must strengthen yourselves in spirit through taking in My Word‚ so as to guard yourselves from falling prey to the Vandari, who also seek to work through those who are weak in the Word. Being strong in the Word gives you the conviction and strength to rebuke and bind the Vandari, and makes you a powerful and effective prayer warrior.
168. My Word is like repellent; the Vandari can't stand it, and you are no longer appealing to them when your spirit is liberally coated with it. To Me, they appear as mosquitoes. Yes, they are annoying and pestering and dangerous carriers of disease, but also easy to squash, and easy to stay free from, through the repellent of My Word. Through the power of the keys they are minimized from large, blood-dripping creatures into little mosquitoes--easy to squash and be rid of, if you are using the repellent of My Word and taking it in faithfully!
169. Do not fear, My brides. I reveal this to you not to scare or threaten you, or to make you live in fear, but rather to arm you against these attacks, to make you aware and able to defend yourself through My power--the power of the Word. It's very simple. As long as you are strong in My Word, they might try to fight you through your enemies, through those in the world that have become their prey, but they cannot touch you. (End of message from Jesus.)
170. (Mama:) There's a lot said there about the Word. Please, use this next month to concentrate on the Word. Help the Lord turn these horrible demons into little pesky mosquitoes, nothing but tiny pests that can easily be swatted and destroyed!
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"Obliterate Obstacon" (ML3434---GN 1017)
[Feast 2003]       
1. ... another spiritual power who fights against us,
one who is specifically targeting the area of our being able to absorb and live the Word. The Lord showed us that this was important for us all to be aware of and to seek Him about before going into the time of discussion, application, and establishing safeguards to make the Word revolution a reality in our lives and Homes.
       9. Here now is what our Husband revealed to us about another enemy who fights us, specifically in the area of our Word time--being faithful with it, absorbing it, obeying it, and living it.
       10. (Jesus speaking:) The Family must fight, resist, and bind the powers of Obstacon! This one stands in the way of My truth being absorbed. He stands in the way of My Words being applied. Obstacon must be removed. You must resist him, and face him down in the power of the keys. He must be stopped; there is no time to waste. This kind goes not out but by prayer and fasting. You must unite your forces to fell him in the power of the keys.
       11. Crafty and wise, subtle and sly is Obstacon. He will use any and all means to stand in the way of My Words being absorbed and applied. "Good intentions" are among the chief means he uses. He seeks to take good intentions and good works and twist and use them to seduce My Family into filling their time with good things, but not the best thing. He is a master at mixing up priorities, therefore ensuring that first things do not get put first.
       12. He is cunningly sly. He is sharp and clever, satanically canny. He slips in unaware; he is slick and quick to change tactics. When he sees that one means is not working well, he'll quickly change his strategy. He is skilled at staying a step ahead and pulling another obstacle out of his bag of many devices to obstruct My Words from being absorbed and applied.
       13. Obstacon is a master of obstacles, of all that obstructs My children from absorbing and living My Words. From this he derives his name, Obstacon. (Obstacle--Obstacon. An obstacle is something that stands in the way; it opposes and hinders progress. Change the last two letters "le" to "on" and you have the "con," also denoting opposition.) Obstacon is one who is against you. He desires to stand in the way of your progress, to deny the truth, to work through anything and everything to oppose you. Obstacon makes use of every obstacle that would stand in the way of My Family absorbing My Words. He knows if he can stand in the way of you absorbing My Words, you will consequently be unable to apply My Words.
       14. His craftiness and power are no match for the keys; therefore, My children must fight in the power of the keys to fell Obstacon and his underlings. As you unite to fast and pray, you must rebuke and bind his power. Call on the keys of deliverance from Obstacon, and I will free you from his grip, so that the Word revolution can ignite and burn forever in your hearts. Claim the following keys promises and I will answer:

In the power of the keys of the Kingdom, I will remove all obstacles that obstruct the absorption of My Word.

The keys are quick and sharp, far more powerful than the dark forces that oppose My Word. Call on the keys for strength and fruitful feeding times in My Word.

Through calling on the keys, you can fell and overpower Obstacon, Oplexicon, Arakan, Apotheon, Pan, Lethargy, and all the demons who oppose My Word.

As you call on the keys of imprisonment, I will lock the doors and bind the power of Obstacon and all those who obstruct the flow of My Word in your hearts, minds, and spirits. The keys of the Kingdom bind all the power of the Evil One.
(End of message from Jesus.)

       17. (Mama:) We then asked the Lord to reveal more to us about Obstacon, anything that would help us in our fight against him.

       18. (Jesus speaking:) Obstacon is at times like a gigantic roadblock in front of you. He attempts to put huge stops in your way, yet this is only one of many strategies he employs.

       19. (Vision:) I see this grotesque, obese creature. He is disgusting, with rolls and rolls of blubber that look like they fall in layers down his body. He is so fat, I can't see if he's sitting on a chair or if he's on a platform of some kind, but he is sitting. It's interesting, because he's sitting in a Buddha type position, and you'd think he couldn't sit like that being so fat. He has very little clothing on; it seems he's wearing a loincloth or something similar. He's enormous, grotesquely fat.
       20. The worst part of this picture is his face. He looks like he's drooling, it's disgusting! It's like he's licking his chops and drooling all over the place in a lustful, piggish way, as if he'd like his next meal to be me. He's bald, and has about 20 necklaces on, all different lengths, covering his chest. It appears to be something like cheap costume jewelry--all fake.

       21. (Jesus speaking:) Even when you peer deep into the spirit, things are not always as meets the eye. This is only one side of the nature of Obstacon. Ask, and I will show you more.

       22. (Channel:) Yes, dear Love, please explain more. Please give me faith. I call on the power of the keys to receive all that You want to give!

       23. (Jesus continues:) Obstacon shows his ugly self to you, yet this picture is only one of his many faces. He has shown this face, both because he wants to repulse you and because he hopes that this will be sufficient to satisfy your curiosity. He wants to tempt you to stop here, to close your eyes of the spirit, being so repulsed by this image, hoping you will ask Me to erase this gross picture from your mind, and hoping you will not ask Me to know more. He wants to sicken you, so you do not seek Me further and ask for the full explanation, the full revelation of his nature. He does not want full exposure.
       24. Obstacon has the ability to take on as many forms as the obstacles he maneuvers in his attempt to obstruct, to slow down, or to halt his victims altogether.
       25. You are now seeing him as if he were immovable, a huge mountain, an obstruction of mammoth proportions, too big for you to even think of moving. He appears as one of such giant proportions that he cannot be moved because of his sheer weight and size and his disgusting manner. And so he is to those who do not call his bluff, to those who do not exercise the power I give, to those who are not full of My Word, who do not call on the power of the keys and then proceed in obedience. There are many who would be scared off; when such a huge obstacle presents itself, they are content to call it quits, to give up, to not even try to get around it, to accept the supposed impossibility.
       26. There is no need to fear this beastly blob, for at the mention of My Name, and as you call on the keys of the Kingdom, he must vanish! He will dissipate, for the keys and I are one. There is power in My Name and the keys of the Kingdom, and as you tap into this power in faith and confidence, all obstacles that this evil one tries to put in your way will fade into oblivion. He is bound by the laws of the spirit to make way when you call on the keys, in My Name. But then you must proceed in obedience to complete the victory, to claim the land in the spirit, or else he can come right back and block your way again.
       27. But I ask you to use wisdom concerning the devices of Obstacon, for his strategies are more complex than meets the eye. The obvious, the huge mountains, the too-hard-to-miss impossibilities do require faith to surmount, yet because they are so obvious, you can see them more easily, and you who have faith can call on My help. It is not always the most obvious of giant obstacles that stand before you that present the greatest threat.
       28. Obstacon does tempt you with the obvious, the huge mountains, the gigantic barriers, and you must fight to overcome these. Yet you must also keep in mind that Obstacon is crafty and wise, subtle and sly. He is slick and quick and slips in unaware. It is this part of his nature I warn you of now. I pull back the veil and show you this side of Obstacon. (End of message from Jesus.)

A Cunning, Sly Fox!

       29. (Vision:) I see an exceptionally handsome man. He seems to be about in his 40's. He looks very fit, and he's well groomed, impeccably dressed, carries himself well, and seems to have an air about him, as if he's royalty or a diplomat of some kind. He's standing with a small group of people who are gathered around him chatting, and he seems to be the center of attention. He's the one talking, and everyone is quite taken by this man. He definitely has charisma. They all look very interested in whatever he's saying--he has a captive audience. He's quite charming. I'd describe him as debonair--suave, polite, and refined.
       30. Something just happened and he turned toward me. I'm looking on from the corner of the room and the impression I have is that he suddenly became aware of my presence. I sense another presence; I think it's a spirit helper, who has been sent to help reveal something to me. She looks like a fairy. She tapped this man on the shoulder, she called his attention to me, and he turned in response to the tap on the shoulder and now he's looking straight at me. He's staring me right in the eye, but he's no longer the handsome man I thought he was.
       31. He is the same man, but only half of him is the same. He's split right down the middle, and half of his face is the same handsome man and the other half of his face has changed into a fox! Half of his head is now a fox's head and half of his body has turned to fur, like a fox. He still looks like a man, dressed impeccably and standing upright, but half his body, underneath his clothing, is fur like a fox. He's split right down the middle. He has half the face of a man and half the face of a fox, and he's staring me straight in the eyes and his countenance is now very stern and evil looking.
       32. He's very serious now, like he wants to outstare me. He's peering deeply into my eyes, and now his former charming aura has become obstinate. When he became aware of my presence, the impression I got is that he knows that I know who he is, and he changed from his earlier charming manner into his hard, cold nature. He is peering intently into my eyes, like nothing in the world can budge him.

       33. (Spirit helper speaking:) Call his bluff! His power is no match for what you possess. He is no match for the children of David who hold the power of the keys. Call the name "Jesus!" Say the words, "I call on the keys," and watch him vanish. Go ahead, rebuke him with the power of the keys, and he will turn tail and run. Call his bluff, for this one greatly fears the keys. Go ahead, show him who's boss! (End of message from spirit helper.)

       34. (Channel:) I instantly called on the keys, and in a flash he disappeared! He's gone.

       35. (Jesus speaking:) Now you understand more clearly the nature of Obstacon. He is cunning, wise, and crafty. He is clever, sly as a fox, devious and misleading. There are many sides to his nature. Though he is the obese giant you first viewed, and one who puts mountains before you that must be hurdled, he is also out to stop you through more refined and subtle means. He is suave. He uses his many charms to obstruct your way, and he is clever and sharp as a fox.
       36. Beware of his strategies, for they are many. He offers that which is pleasing to the eye, appealing and logical to the carnal mind, satisfying to the heart of flesh. He seeks to seduce you with good things, good intentions, offers that are attractive, that look good; yet though good they may be, they are not the best. He tempts with good things, but not the best things, for they keep you from absorbing and applying My Words.
       37. That is the significance of the many necklaces of costume jewelry that cover this evil one's chest. He offers good things, of some worth, but not the "real deal," not the greatest treasures that can never be taken from you. He tries to get you distracted with your own accomplishments and looking good in the eyes of others through your supposed efficiency and great works of the flesh. But these are nothing compared with what is accomplished through My Spirit when you depend on and obey My Word. What I can do through you is as precious jewels compared to the cut glass and tin of your own works, the distractions of even good things or pretty things or things that make you look good in the eyes of others, but that take the place of or usurp My Word!
       38. The obstacles in this evil one's bag are many--some obvious to those who know My ways, others not so obvious. Obstacon is sly as a fox! He is slick and swift to adapt, to change his strategy at a moment's notice.
       39. But this one is also a fool, for he thinks he can outwit My children through his craft and charms. His power is no match for the keys. His power is nothing to Me. He is no match for those who live in My Word, who depend on Me, who hold the keys before his face and call his bluff. (End of message from Jesus.)

If You're Strong in the Word, You're Safe from His Attacks!

       41. (Jesus speaking:) My Family, you must live in the Word. You must absorb and apply My Words. You must let My Words live in you--this is your survival in these days. You have nothing to fear, but give Me praise, for everything that I have spoken to you regarding the Last Days will be fulfilled, as you live in closeness to Me.
       42. I ask you, dear loves, to begin this new Word revolution with fasting and prayer, for it is through prayer and fasting that Obstacon, and all those who sit in council together against you, will be defeated. Through prayer and fasting and calling on the keys, all the power of Heaven is at your command. (End of message from Jesus.)

Live in the Word!

       43. (Mama:) We also asked the Lord how Obstacon works together with Oplexicon and Pan and others who fight against the Word.
       (Jesus speaking:)
47. These emissaries of Satan whom I have revealed to you have various portfolios and jurisdictions, but their tactics and efforts overlap at times. They have times when they counsel together on how they can join forces to fight the truth. Even so now they have joined forces in the spirit to try to defeat you, My Endtime brides.
       48. This is why you must live in the Word! This is why you must have a revolution! This is why you must develop lasting, lifelong Word habits. It is only by living in the Word that you will stay ahead of these who want to bring you down. (End of message from Jesus.)

Obstacon Is Defeated Through Your Obedience

       49. (Mama:) Here's some more interesting insight on how to defeat Obstacon:

       50. (Jesus speaking:) The archenemy of Obstacon is the Word. It is his defeat, his nemesis. He fights it, but he knows that he is no match for it. When one of My children is determined to persevere in their Word-time habits and absorbing and applying the Word, Obstacon is hopelessly defeated. It is good for you to be aware of him and his influence and to fight him; that is very important. But what is most important is your perseverance and determination to get your Word time and to live it no matter what, because that is what calls his bluff, that is what will defeat him.
       51. In claiming the power of the keys to defeat Obstacon, you must wield them through your obedience to My Word. That is a condition to their use. Obstacon must bow to the power of the keys, and you must claim them against him, but in addition to that, you must immediately obey and follow through on what I show you, or else he will return and continue to block your way and distract or deter you. Without your obedience, he continues to do his evil work.
       52. So the greatest thing you can do if you wish to defeat him is to call on the keys for strength to obey and persevere. Claim the keys against distractions and claim them against Obstacon, and then proceed with determined obedience--read, absorb, and live My Words. As you fight to do that, you are fighting Obstacon, and he is defeated through your obedience. He will try to dissuade you, distract you, and deter you, but as you persevere and obey, he meets sure defeat. (End of message from Jesus.)
       53. (Mama:) We also asked the Lord if there were any specific spirit beings who would fight and defeat Obstacon for us. The Lord's answer confirms the need for each of us to seek Him specifically about how Obstacon tries to fight us, as that holds the key to his defeat.

       54. (Jesus speaking:) Because Obstacon is directly linked with your obedience, the spirit helpers who fight him will be those who help you to obey in whatever area he is trying to block you. So a key to having the help you need is to find out in which areas he's hindering you, and then seek Me as to who I've assigned to help you in those areas. They are the ones you can call on for help, and they will fight against him on your behalf, and will also help you as you press forward to obey despite the obstacles he places in your way. (End of message from Jesus.)

Question to ask the Lord

       What are the methods that Obstacon has used to distract me from getting consistent quality Word time, and to prevent my absorbing and applying it? What can I do, both immediately and in the long term, to overcome his influence and live in the Word as I should?
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....The spirits of Croswell and Lexipython, which the Lord revealed are two spirits who fight us on the field of India.
They, and their corps of black imps, try to constrain, restrict‚ and limit, hindering the entire field of India and probably each individual.
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"Praise Him" (ML3265----GN 868)
[From Feast 2000.] (whole Letter). [But more description of her starts around para 119. Following are loose excerpts: "Beautiful girl who's always praising the Lord. Dances beautifully & gracefully, so free and full of the Spirit. Pretty like a dancer. Praising the Lord both with a song on her lips and in the dance. Almost always with her arms raised. Light filmy dress is gently blowing in the breeze...always looking upward, always praising. Reminds me of the spirit of love, but maybe she's the spirit of praise! Always smiling, looking up to the Lord in praise and thanksgiving. Very wholehearted...putting her all into it, perfectly free. Very uninhibited, very natural. Moves with effortless ease, smooth, lovely. Does this all day long. Praising the Lord is like breathing to her. Instructs us to praise."]
       128: I've come that you might see me praise. I have come to reveal to the children of David this picture of praise! I come that I might instruct you in the sweet song and dance of praise to our Lover and King. .. that I might direct you, dear Family, in daily praise to our dear Jesus!
       129. [To] show you this picture of victory. .. This is the victory that will sustain you and keep you through these days of tests and preparation.
       131. You see me with outstretched arms, praising in song and dance, moving so gracefully, flowing so freely in the gentle breeze; for you see the freedom of spirit I possess---that which only comes through the power of positive praise! You see me in the continual song and dance of praise, for this is the purpose for which I was created.
       132. I live to continually praise our adoring Husband! ... It is through continual praise that I have truly been set free!
       133. I come to you, dear Family, to mentor, to guide, to lead you in the praise. As you praise our Husband continually, you will possess energy, power, vigor and strength that you have never known before.
       134.....He comes when you praise. As you praise Him continually, you will find true freedom and strength of days, and you too will flow gracefully with the greatest of ease on the wings of priase, over and around and straight through any obstacle that Satan would try to put in your way.
       135. I show you this picture of praise to encourage your hearts, and to help lead you in the song and dance of praise. .. I help you by showing you this sample of praise.
       136. (Mama:) .. Thank you for reminding us to praise You daily, and that the road to victory begins with praise. Help us to praise You every day, in every way, in all we do!
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"Call on the Keys" (ML3368----GN 962)
para: 16 - 39.
.... a very powerful woman angel or spirit helper who was like part of the wind, kind of like a tornado or a hurricane or something, and part of her body was coming out of it. You couldn't see her feet, but her arms and her clothing were all a very powerful wind, almost like a storm, but with a good spirit.
       17. She was saying, "Call on the power of the keys. You have to say, 'We call on the power of the keys.' You have to say the words, 'We call on the power of the keys for healing.'"
       20. The woman you saw in your vision is a spirit of great power,
a spirit of the wind and the air, a spirit of the whisperings and pleadings of My Spirit. She is like unto the spirits portrayed as gods and goddesses of old in Greek and Roman mythology, but she is real and she exists today! She represents the new era of greater miracles and greater works, specifically concerning the power of the keys and what they can do for you, My children.
       21. Her name is Ellya [pronounced ELL-yah]. She has been in existence from almost the beginning of time. She has stayed close to My heart and My side, and has always pled My cause. During the time of the great division in Heaven, when ­Lucifer chose to leave My side and the calling I had entrusted to him, Ellya pled and reasoned with her fellow angels and spirits of the heavens to remain true and faithful. During the great confusion and the evil times of Noah's day, she also pled with the world to forsake their sins and to turn to Me. This she has done through the ages, at every turn, without ceasing.
       22. Because of her great love and sacrifice in pleading with both men and angels countless times, I have given her great power. Her power comes from her desire to see all life, humans and spirits alike, follow Me and walk aright. In following and yielding one's will to Me, there is great power. Likewise, there is even more power granted to one who not only follows Me, but seeks to persuade others to do the same. This is the deep secret of Ellya's power.
       23. Since the beginning of time, Ellya has taken on many forms. Whatever form best suited her mission, she has become. Now you see her as the woman of the wind, graceful and beautiful, yet powerful and awesome. She carries great strength, and her very being is absorbed by and is one with the power of the wind. The atmos­phere moves and erupts wherever she goes, yet it is a Godly power--a demonstration of My great power through one who is set to fulfill her present mission.
       24. She has taken on the form of the wind in order to whisper the secrets of the keys to you, My children, everywhere. The wind and the air is always around you. Ellya is also always around you in some form, for as the woman of the wind, she is connected and extended throughout every current of air, every gust of wind, every storm and the surrounding calm. In essence, she can be everywhere through this vehicle, although she herself, her full presence and being, is not always there.
       25. Her mission is to draw you, My children, toward the keys. Her mission is to plead with you, to show you, to teach you, to beg you to use the keys, and to use them properly. You have much to learn about the keys. Ellya is versed in all knowledge and wisdom concerning the keys. I have put My mind and heart concerning the keys within her for this very task. Her soul mirrors Mine in her deep desire to enlighten your hearts and turn them toward the keys. She will use all the power she possesses to draw your attention to the keys.
       26. Ellya represents the power in the Heavenlies that you can have on the Earth, within the carnal and natural realm of man. You can receive the same power that she possesses, to be applied in spiritual and miraculous ways in your service for Me. Though not all the spiritual manifestations of her power are available to you, such as her ability to change form and manner, you can possess the deep power of the keys just as she does, which provide her with all the strength and command that she is known for.
       27. Hear her calling to you, begging you to use the keys! She knows that you want to use the keys, that you have faith in them and long to see that faith manifested in tangible miracles and marvels. She wants to teach you how to use the keys, like an old and revered sword that has done much battle and never seen defeat, so that your skill can be sharpened, your power activated, your spiritual resources never-ending, and your own weak self turned into a champion that is undefeat­able. This is all reality, My loves.
       28. Listen to her words well, for once you have been under her tutelage, only your lack of faith and unbelief will limit you. I have given her My permission to doubly empower those who cling to her words, who hunger and thirst after her instruction, and who do as she pleads. Ellya is part of the full activation process of the keys that are available to you. You will learn more as time goes on, as you obey the first steps that are shown to you, and look for more.
       29. In listening to Me and receiving the training that I have ordained Ellya to give you, your understanding of the keys will grow tremendously, and you will advance quickly. She will teach and explain to you one lesson at a time. She will not give you more than a simple instruction in one sitting, and she will wait for you to absorb and implement what she has given before she is permitted to dispense more. This is My command, because the gift of the keys is so priceless, and I will only give it to those who are respectful of My Words, and those who are willing to be taught and instructed.
       [Ellya goes on with her first lesson about how to use the Keys.]
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Tola & Tor

"Christmas Gifts 2002!" Maria #628 CM/FM 3429 9/02------GN 1013

17. And now I have a special gift for you, My Family! I have made an addition to the lineup of the powerful and skilled ones who assist the children of David. I have assigned two stout and dauntless spirit beings to join the ranks of your ambassadors at large! These helpers are created solely for this purpose--to assist you, My Family, in these Last Days.
18. (Vision:) I see two amazing beings! They are very clearly male and female. Their size is amazing! She looks like an Amazon! She's tall and very shapely, very strong, certainly not weak and frail. He stands a good six inches taller than she does, and is also mighty hefty-looking. The awesome thing about these two is they don't have clothes on, but they look like they're wearing some type of body paint‚ I'm not sure how to describe it.
19. They look like they're made of gold from the neck down! They don't look like a golden image that's all smooth and shiny and slick, but more like they're made of liquid gold. It's alive, living gold, rippling and radiant. You can plainly see their form. This liquid gold substance is moving within them. The impression I get is that they're filled through and through with this radiant gold.
20. They look like they're on fire with this blazing liquid gold that is moving and radiating‚ like it's bubbling or boiling. It reminds me of a hot stream of lava coming down a mountainside. It's not in the raging‚ out-of-control stage, like when a volcano first erupts, but it's moving in a steady flow. It also reminds me of when a goldsmith is heating gold and it's very hot and bubbling.
21. Looking at them right now is very soothing, like when you look at logs burning in a fireplace; the fire is contained and it can be very relaxing watching it. I'm looking at them and they're calm and very reverent of me. I feel like we're being introduced. Their spirits are very cordial and polite, and they're standing there respectfully as if they're happy to make my acquaintance. I don't hear them speak, but they communicate without words, telling me they're happy to be in my service. I feel so small next to them. It's humbling to think these obviously super-powerful beings would serve me.
22. I have a strong impression that this liquid gold they're made of, though calm and soothing at this moment, can also flare up and rage almost out of control! Now it flows within them, like a steady, flowing stream of lava, but I get the impression that they can turn it up and it can become like a raging torrent gushing forth!
23. They're really quite gorgeous! Their facial skin looks like ours. Their whole body is human in form, but from their neck down their skin seems to be this liquid gold--and this is their clothing, so to speak. Their eyes are so striking I can't even tell what color they are, but they're very deep, piercing eyes.
24. They're wearing headpieces. The woman's hair is all up under this headpiece. At first I thought it was short hair‚ but it's all up or slicked back under this headpiece that looks like a headband. It's not a single band across the top of her head, but three bands going across the top of her head from where her hairline starts‚ on back to the crown of her head. This headpiece looks like bands of the same liquid gold. The guy has a single headband across his forehead, also made of the same liquid gold.
25. They have another very outstanding feature: Right across their chests they both have what looks like a tattoo, though it's more like a deep engraving, etched right into their body, and it's a set of keys! The engraved keys look like diamonds embedded right into their chests of gold--a set of keys made up of diamonds! The man has two huge keys that crisscross his chest; the woman's are a set of keys, simple in form, several keys on a ring.
26. Now he takes her hand and they both give me a nod, almost as if they're making a slight bow to me and they want to excuse themselves. It's a very reverent and respectful gesture.
27. In a flash, they're surrounded by huge demon monsters! Giant, horrible‚ hideous demons on every side of them! The man and woman look over at me and peer deep into my eyes, very confidently‚ as if they're saying, "Watch this!" They're standing face to face, and they look deep into each other's eyes as if they're saying, "Ready?" to each other, or like they're counting‚ "One, two, three…" and then they spin around with their arms held out, as if they're holding a sword in their hands! There's no sword in their hands, they just hold out their arm as if that's their sword. They spin round a few times, and as they do, the gold substance within them comes gushing out, right out their fingers! It comes streaming out like a raging torrent and blows these demons to bits!
28. This gold substance inside them can flow out in great force. And at least in this case‚ it destroys everything in its path. They're showing me what they're capable of! They can command this liquid gold substance to do things for them. It's like they turn the power up and it becomes like explosives that they bombard these demons with. They vaporize them in a flash with this stuff! Bam, they're gone! The demons are demolished in a split second.
29. Now these two golden spirit beings turn to each other again and nod. They just slew these monsters, but they're fully composed. They both turn to me and give a reverent nod as well. (End of vision.)
30. (Jesus:) Meet Tola and Tor, My children! Tola is the female spirit being and Tor is the male. They are My gift of love to the Family at this point in time. They join the ranks of ambassadors for the children of David. They are at your beck and call, dedicated from now until the end of time to serve you, to come to your aid when you have need, to fight your enemies in the power of the keys.
31. They are the embodiment of key power! They are champions of highest rank, commanders of the power of the keys! Key power runs through every fiber of their being; it is the total sum of their makeup.
32. Tola and Tor are now at the command of the children of David. They will be your protectors, your guardians, your defenders!
33. They are victors! No power of the Enemy can withstand these two. All opposing spiritual forces bow at their feet, for they carry the force of golden key power within. This power‚ when released upon your enemies, destroys all in its path, as you have just seen demonstrated.
34. Use them, My children; take advantage of their help. Call on them when you're in the heat of battle, when Satan and his demons, Pan, Bacchus, the Selvegion, Apotheon‚ Arakan, Oplexicon and others threaten. Call on these two and they will be there to defend you and fight for you.
35. Many are the helpers of the children of David! Many are the mighty ones I put at your command! Call on them, My loves, for they are with you to see you through the terrible days that are upon the world. And these two, Tola and Tor, are honored to be among your ambassadors at large, as I am honored to send them.
36. This is My Christmas gift to you, My brides, and this is My desire--that you commit to working with your spirit helpers more frequently. Call on these ambassadors when you have need. Learn to work with your personal spirit helpers on a daily basis. Accept them‚ teamwork with them, learn from them, lean on them. Your helpers surround you and willingly come to your aid. They long to work in closer counsel with you. They are My gifts of love to you, that you may know how much I love you, that you may constantly feel My presence, that you may know that I am the Provider of all your needs. (End of message from Jesus.)
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In "What Is Jesus Worth to You?" (GN 1016) 3433 10/02

Introducing Arcothon

       293. (Mama:) If you feel super tired when it comes time for quality Word study or memorizing, or lazy in general when it comes to spiritual matters, it could be that the evil spirits Lethargy and/or Apotheon are oppressing you. The SGA CO I talked about earlier in this GN mentioned that he was being attacked by Apotheon, which made him feel lazy and apathetic. Possibly the same is happening to you. You can find out by asking the Lord. And then take it a step further and ask the Lord for some additional help in the spirit world, a new spirit helper.
       294. I want to share with you a message from a powerful warring angel who opposes Apotheon, which the above-mentioned SGA received. You can call on this spirit warrior's help too. We all need to avail ourselves of the tremendous power the Lord has made available to us through our many spirit helpers, and learn to work with them more closely.

       295. (Angel speaking:) My name is Arcothon. I have come to see you through this Time of the End and to teach you the art of warfare. You wonder why my name sounds so familiar to Apotheon. I am Apotheon's archenemy, the warrior angel designed to defeat Apotheon.
       296. Arcothon is my name, for I fight through fire. I fight through the words that the Master gives me, and I turn them into fireballs that fight and defeat him. Apotheon is the archdemon of apathy, laziness, waiting, sitting, dragging down, draining the lifeblood out of you. You know the various manifestations of Apotheon, but you do not know my manifestations.
       297. I am the opposite of Apotheon. I am fire, I am attacking, I am fight! I am a warring angel designed to fight; that is all I do. I fight through the weapon of prayer, of prophecy, of the keys, of hearing my Master's instructions, and of casting out Apotheon.
       298. My Master's words are pure energy, pure light. I fight through light of the purest form. The purest energy known to man is light, yet I fight with an even greater energy, a purer energy, even purer than light. It is an energy that you do not fully comprehend as yet, for it is the energy of the power of God. This is the energy that runs through my body and through my veins and out my hands when I fight. I do not fight with conventional weaponry, with swords; I fight with pure energy, missiles of pure energy that nothing and no one can defeat!
       299. This energy cannot be unlocked on its own. I am simply a channel, a carrier, and that is where my greatest strength lies. For I, in myself, am nothing, but I have learned to be a pure conduit of the energy of God, and that is my greatest strength.
       300. I am commissioned, I go to the fight, I open my channel, and through me pours energy straight from the throne of God. Part of the energy that powers Heaven flows through my body and through my veins and out my hands, and that is what defeats the Enemy. And that is why I have been assigned to help teach you, and the others in the Family as well, who want to take up the challenge, who have the faith to believe, and who are willing to make the sacrifices necessary. I wish to teach you to be a greater conduit of the power of God. You will not be as pure as I am, or as those in the heavenly realm, while you are yet in the flesh, but I can still teach you to open yourself up so completely that the power of God can run through you in such great measure that you will perform miracles that you know not of.
       301. Yea, you children of David can defeat Satan himself, and in time, the Spirit of God flowing through all of you collectively will win a great and mighty victory. All you need to do is to learn how to become a clean receptacle and a conduit of the power of God, and enough of it will flow through you that nothing on Earth will stand before you. For nothing of Earth can stand before even a small portion of the power of God.
       302. So that is what you need to do: Allow me to help teach you to open yourself more to the power of God. Receive my help, allow me to teach you the art of war. Let our wonderful Husband, the King of the universe, the Source of all power, possess you. That is being a conduit of the power of God.
       303. I am not the power; I am only a teacher to teach those who want to learn how to become a conduit. And once you link up with the Master, the Holy Ghost power will flow through you in unparalleled measure, and you will feel the power of the Spirit of God flowing through you.
       304. This is the art of war, and it is this full possession by our Master, King of the universe, Holder of the powers, Source of the power, that will cause you to be effective in your warfare and become an unstoppable, unbeatable source.
       305. I love you and I'm here to help you, so call on me. Call me Arcos for short. Arcothon is my real name, and it symbolizes a conduit of the power of God. What do you think of when you hear the word "Arcothon"? You think of an electric arc. Imagine a lightning strike, a huge electrical arc. Now imagine something a thousand times more powerful than any lightning you've ever seen, and you will be getting close to somewhere near a fraction of the power of God that flows through me.
       306. That is what my name means and symbolizes--a conduit of the power of God--and I can teach you to become a greater conduit of the power of God as well. I will teach you to become a conduit of the true full possession of our Husband and Lover and King and God of the universe, the Keeper and Source of all power, in the name of Jesus, amen. (End of message from Arcothon.)

Becoming a Better Conduit

       307. (Question from SGA mentioned above:) How can I open myself more to allow Arcothon to teach me to become a better conduit of the power of God?

       308. (Jesus speaking:) By spending more time with Me. Spending time in the bed of love, spending time praising Me and letting Me fully possess you, and by spending time practicing, opening up your mind to the spirit world, really focusing on the power. It's all in that Letter, "Focus on the Power." If you reread that, you'll see exactly what you need to do to also open yourself to Arcothon and his power and instruction.
       309. I am sending spirit helpers to those of you who really desire to be more than what you are. And these spirit helpers are specific tutors to you in learning to harness the power of God, and learning full possession and to fully tap in, for these helpers are part of Me, they are one with Me. So reread "Full Possession" and "Focus on the Power," and that is how My brides can learn to fully avail themselves of Arcothon's input and vast wisdom and great skill in the art of war. He is waiting to teach you who are willing to take up the challenge and make the necessary sacrifices. You just have to open yourself up to the power, open yourself up to Me, open yourself up to the help I give you through your spirit helpers, open yourself up to My Spirit by spending time loving Me, praising Me, meditating on My Word, meditating on the spirit world, and getting filled up. The more time you spend in the spirit world, the more time you will get to practice, and the more you will learn to harness the power of God.
       310. The more you get distracted with the cares and the worries of this life, the less time you have with Me and with Arcothon and your many other spirit helpers. So that is the first commission to each of you if you are to truly gain the power of God--spend time in the spirit world. You need that private time with Me, that time when you can sit in pure quietness and meditation. (End of message from Jesus.)
(Dad speaking:)
390. The angel that the Lord has given you to teach you how to fight is Arcothon--a powerful fighting angel who is extremely talented in fighting with the new weapons. He is designed for the sole purpose of fighting and defeating the Enemy. Whenever there's a serious crisis, we send him along with the other angels that are specifically trained in the art of war to blast apart the attacks of the Enemy. Arcothon is a fighting angel who will help teach you the art of warfare; he will help you learn to wield the sword of the keys; he will help you learn to wield the art of praise and prayer and calling on the Lord for miracles of healing, supply, deliverance, and fighting through fire.
       391. Arcothon is a fighting, powerful warrior trained in the art of war for many, many millennia, and he will help you as you depend on him and look to him. He has come specifically to help teach and train you, as well as help train your other spirit helpers who you already have, who are trained in the art of warfare.
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Find Out Who Is Fighting You And Helping You
(from GN 998 "Being Rewired! Prayers and Prophecies for Cephas"

By Maria Maria #620 CM/FM 3412 6/02)
19. (Mama:) Along these lines, here is a little tidbit from the Lord that gives further insight into how to fight effectively in the spiritual warfare we're faced with these days.
20. (Jesus speaking:) An important lesson for My children to learn in these days when the powers of Hell have been strengthened against them is to specifically ask who is fighting them in the spirit world. I can clearly reveal who is fighting My children, as well as who is helping them, which will make them much more effective in the battle.
21. Exposing the enemy is the first step to defeating him, and you must be able to see your enemy in order to fight him effectively. So My children must learn to ask Me to reveal to them who is fighting them and who is helping them from the spiritual realm. If they're faithful to do this, their efforts in battle will go much further, victories will come quicker, and they will learn to recognize the Enemy's attacks and advances easier, as well as recognize the help from the spirit world.
22. This is all part of taking on heavenly thought power and becoming more aware of the spiritual realm, linking yourself to it, availing yourself of the power which is yours‚ and fighting with it, rather than ignoring it and struggling in the flesh. (End of message from Jesus.)
Spirits Can Take on Different Forms

23. (Mama:) One other interesting little jewel from the Lord along these lines is something that we received after Cephas had prayer. Two or three people received visions of Croswell and Lexipython and their demise after Cephas prayed against them, but in the visions, they appeared in different forms. When we asked the Lord about it, this is what He said. I wanted to share it with you, because if you're going to be asking the Lord to reveal to you who is fighting you in the spirit‚ it's very possible that you'll see visions of them and that at times they'll manifest themselves in different ways, and I didn't want you to worry about that or be distracted by it. Here's what the Lord said.
24. (Jesus speaking:) You have nothing to worry about, My loves. As I have said, strange are the ways of the spirit, but they are not past finding out. These evil ones can take on many forms. Different ones have the ability to take on different forms at different times to perform different feats. This is not new to you, and is supported in My Word. Just as My good angels can take on different forms, so can those of the netherworld reveal themselves in different ways.
25. Did you not see the Selvegion in different forms‚ both as slimy, creepy creatures and as the little black elves? Lucifer takes on many forms and has many disguises. Sometimes you might see him as a serpent, other times as a beautiful woman, other times as a bum on the street, other times with horns and pitchfork, or a large variety of ways. So it is with these, Croswell and Lexipython; they are able to take on many forms.
26. Just as they use many approaches to deceive and restrict and constrain My children, so they show themselves in their many disguises. They are masters of disguise, and this is why I have allowed more than one of you to see them in various ways. Just as they attempt to obscure the truth, so they attempt to conceal their true identity. Just as they attempt to restrain and hinder My children using many angles, so I have shown you some of their many disguises.
27. You need not worry, My channels. Your duty is only to give what I show you and leave the consequences up to Me. Thank you, My loves, for your willingness, for your faithfulness, for your yieldedness to be My mouthpieces and to paint My pictures, to describe the visions I show you. (End of message from Jesus.)

GN 1006 "Raising Junior Teen Disciples" (For age 16 and up)
Maria #626 CM/FM 3419 8/02
20. ... I want you to become more vigilant in seeking out the root of the problem and seeking out the names of the specific demons who are attacking you so that you can receive their names and bind them by name.
21. This is one of the principal methods of attack against spiritual powers--call them out by name. Ask their name, and they are bound to identify themselves to you so that you can attack them. Ask and you will receive their names, and I will use their exposure to help you win the victory.

Gn 1007 "Pray, Obey and Prepare! Introduction to the 2002 Study Month"
CM 3420 9/02
128. ... I pray that you have noticed, as Peter and I have, a definite increase of power and more miraculous answers to prayer when you've prayed against your spiritual adversaries by name, commanding the Lord to rebuke them through the power of the keys.
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