"SPIRIT HELPERS---& HINDERERS"---updated 4 April 2005

         This is based on the very nice list created by Marvy, in Matsumoto, JapanGBH! Marvy also credits "Tom and Dave". If anyone else has contributed, thank you all. In this version, I've further "organized" the Helpers & Hinderers. Also, a few more beings & descriptions are added, and the "antidote" for some of the demons is noted.
References here usually indicate the first time these personages appear in the pubs. We haven't gone over every detail with a fine-tooth comb, so you're welcome to make improvements. Since new spirit entities are introduced regularly, this list will need frequent updating!
         Some spirit helpers may be more important than others to be aware of---though all revealed helpers are significant. I figured beings mentioned in the GNs would probably be those we'd all want to have a working knowledge of. So they are listed first, then other helpers are listed separately. Marvy's list has Mama's & Peter's personal helpers noted separately as well. And in this version, beings that are related to a certain country also have their own section.
         The descriptions are very brief, to save space. Please check out the references to get more information. (The HomeARC and InfoStore are a great help!)


"ML" = the Letter number. "aka" = "also known as".


Helpers, General---find out the name of your personal helper hyperlink

[You definitely have:]
Name Letter #
Angel of your thoughts, heart, and conscience. ML 3325:32
Guardian and protector angel. "
Prayer angel. "
Praise angel. ML 3471:107-111

[You may also have:]
Angel or spirit helper of change ML 3522:65
Coaches for any physical challenges you are facing. "
Spirit helpers or angels of love "
Spirit helpers for relating to others and communications. "
Spirit helpers of encouragement. "
Spirit helpers or angels of anointing. "
Spirit helpers who show you the future and prepare you for it. "

Helpers, Groups---you may also have a personal helper from some of these groups hyperlink

Name Description Letter #
Activation Angels Angel of Miracles
Angel of Revelation
Angle of Witnessing
Angel of David's Mantle
GN942 (ML 3349:8)
"Blue Angels" female keepers of power source of Heav'n GN 946 (ML 3351:2)
Cathars, earthly LOL, Endtime, Teens GN860 (ML 3259)
Cathars, spiritual Weapon of Brotherhood; guardians of love GN1123 (ML 3532:158)
Custodians/Keepers Help the boards---or YOU, if you want:
Acumon---PR Board
Ayin (Aiyin)---VS Board
De Cynder---JT Board
Frederick & Freya---CP Board
Herald---FED Board
White Angel/Truth Keeper---CGO Board
GN1063 (ML 3476:7)
Eleria, The
(get your own "Elerian")
aka: Freedom Angels, Angels of Freedom
For freedom, revolution
(Fairy Angel Fighters)
Fight Arakan; confusion, depression GN 1039 (ML 3456)
Goddesses Of countries: reach their people ML 224
Ilantri, The Parents & Teachers. Love for children. ML 3478:103
Knights of Victory Warriors; Reinforcement angels GN 1113
K.O.T. Fighters ("Keep On Track") Fight Sensi GN 1084 (ML 3497:364)
Salvay, The Fight Selvegion GN 1039 (ML 3455:198)
SOS (Strength Of Spirit) Fight Spirits of Seduction GN 1070 (ML 3485:176)
Victory Squad
/Praise Squadron
Military strategists for weapon of praise Peter's MO Site Announcement #11
Wildcats of Heaven Created to fight Devil, demons GN 758 (ML3151:5 ) (ML3529)

Helpers, Individual hyperlink

Name Description Letter #
Aaron    Music ML2106
Abner Security, protection ML72      
Acumon PR Board Custodian; humility GN 1063 (ML3476:118)
Almathor Fights Drought & Sphinx GN 1113 (ML3522:126)
Altos Attends nine orders of angelic beings ML3443:45
Amahl Communications teacher (asking the Lord) ML3271:28
Anaya Heavenly support staff, courier, assistance ML3443:58
Archer Fights Baal GN 1039 (ML3455:210)
Arcothon Fights Apotheon GN 1016
Armina (& her forces) Fights persecutors. One of her forces stands by each child of David. GN 1030 (ML3445:59)
GN 1119
Austin girls Family's teens: witnessing, etc. ML3008. ML3132:150
Ayin (Aiyin) VS Board Custodian; travelled with Jesus in Old Testament:Spiritual guidance GN 1063 (ML3476:151)
Bill Bojangles Robinson Kids: inspiration, performing GN 1065
Boheme Fights Bacchus GN1039 (ML3455:207)
Brunheld Warrior/ help with jetts & teens ML336C. ML3115:131
Change Change; adapt GN 1113
Christian Storyteller (spirit stories) ML3119:176
Companion Praise GN 1034
Daniel ML3443:78
De Cynder JTB board custodian GN 1063
Edgar Rice Burrough Storyteller, spirit stories ML3119:207
Elijah ML3446:34
Elixor Fight Irrazzmon (Irrazzmus); healing GN 1113 (ML3522:139)
Ellya spirit of wind & pleading, draws you to keys GN 962 (ML3368:19)
Elysian Kids: prophesy of future GN 1065
Espitia Kids: keeper of keys; prayer warrior GN 1065
Faithful Truth to former members ML3529
FLO Commander of the KOT GN 1084 (ML3497:374)
Frederick & Freya CP Board Custodians GN 1063 (ML3476:199)
Free Junior teens and Jetts GN 1006
Freya (SEE Frederick)
Gabriel Archangel: Keeper of word; protector ML3119:27
Gladstone, William Media spokespeople; persecution ML3529:96 (SEE also FSM219)
Haven Kids: persecution ML3529
Helga Storyteller, spirit stories ML3119:186
Herald FED Board Custodian GN 1063 (ML3476:177)
Illuminus Fights Pan, Arakan GN 1039 (ML3455:200)
Joan of Arc
(Jeanne d'Arc)
--and her armies.
lso help with Jetts and Jr. teens.
ML 3443:51
(SEE also 3115:131)
Livingstone, David Live life of missionary ML3082:81
Liza Fights the punk ML3179:81
Louisa May, Alcott Spirit stories. Love, heartache, violence ML3119:124
Lucerne Fights depression, negativity OOGN 10 (ML3464:133)
Lyona Jett, Teen helper GN 1116
Martin Storyteller, spirit stories ML3119:136
Martin Luther Jetts & Jr. teens; persecution ML3115:131
Michael Archangel: protector; fighter ML115
Mike Storyteller, spirit stories ML3119:164
Natalia Praise GN 967
Pandita Ramabai missionary ML3443:75
Peter the Hermit Children's crusades ML102
Phoebe music secretary, and singer ML2106
Raphael Fights Oplexicon; ministers healing Word GN 1039 (ML3455:205)
San-bahd-mahl Warrior: helps witnessers GN 1113
Sensation Member of K.O.T. Fighters ML3497:465
Shadow (& team) One is assigned to each former member ML3529:118
Styrian Fights Lethargy [pronounced: Sty-REE-an] GN 1039 (ML3455:196)
Tola and Tor Key power, fight enemies GN 1013
Vigilance Fights Disruptor (vs. delay, connections) GN 1062 (ML3475:53)
Watchdog Children protection in persecution ML3529
White Angel
/Truth Keeper
CGO Board Custodian---
Keeper of the light of truth
GN1063 (ML3476:64)
William Wallace Warrior, trainer ML3443:73 (SEE Linkup 11)
Yokum Helps to steady love, lust, sexual emotions GN 1070 (ML3485:177)

Maria's helpers hyperlink

Name Description Letter #
Alexander the Great Warrior; persecution GN1030 (ML3445:41)
Aphrodite Love (yourself and others) GN 1032 (ML3446:29)
Asmet Wisdom and assistance GN1032 (ML3446:44)
Catherine strength, comfort, encouragement ML3141:146
Cromwell & comrades Warrior; persecution ML 3445:54 (SEE also FSM219)
Ebed-melech personal attendant ML 3443:31
Edgar Allan Poe ML 3445:26
Ethernal ML 3443:83
Lochnel ML 3443:55
Merlin the Magician ML 3446:4
Queen Esther ML 3445:34
Queen Victoria ML 3446:39
Rianna Warrior; teaches strategy & skill ML 3445:76
William Wallace ML 3443:73 (SEE Linkup 11)

Peter's Helpers hyperlink

Name Description Letter #
Cyrene she served Egyptian pharaoh ML3296:87
Tadhg Celtic King ML3296:93

Grandpa and subsequently Maria's helpers hyperlink

Anne Boleyn
Eric the Norseman
Ivan Ivanovitch
Ivan the Terrible
King Henry VIII
Macarther, General Douglas
Pied Piper
William Jennings Bryan

Helpers, Country-specific hyperlink

Name Description Letter #
Agnes Japan. For faith. Japan RC Meeting
American airman Vietnam ML3086:112
Anastasia Russia: witness, language, understanding ML3146:19
Anna Pavlovna Russia ML3146:45
Chekhov, Anton Russia. Teachers, intellectuals ML3146
Grigori Chimtov Russia ML3146
Haffad Africa. Reach muslims ML 3232B:228
Isabella Bioncole Russia ML3146:25
Kameel Arabian area ME YA/SGA Camp
Knyaginya Dashkova Russia ML 3146
Lan-ti Japan. Influence, wisdom ML2403
Lubna Palestine ML3446:60
Monty Africa. Wisdom ML3232A:13
Mundi Africa. Former witch doctor ML3232B:236
Pushkin,AS Russia. Happiness ML3146
Rasputin Russia ML73. ML3146
Salvador Brazil: opposes Candomble ML3455:127
Tananik Africa. Fighter ML3232A:21


Spirit Helpers from the FSM hyperlink

Name Description
Tyndale Persecution FSM 219
Wycliff Persecution FSM 219

Spirit Helpers from Linkup hyperlink

Name Description
Alessandro Manzoni Storyteller Linkup 12
Charlemagne Warrior; faith Linkup 12
Florence Nightingale Ministry of sick and dying Linkup 12
Huang Shen China: Reach the youth Linkup 12
Jane Grey, Lady Fighter; uncompromising, strong in faith Linkup 5
Phueng Sen Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand Linkup 4
Selena Singing, performing Linkup 1
Simon the Warrior Teach us to fight Linkup 1
Yul Brynner End-time helper Linkup 12

Spirit Helpers from the Xn hyperlink

Name Description
Akmeel Warrior XN 13
Amaor Warrior XN 20
Clearwater Gift of prophecy XN 22
Enaya Protector, friend XN
Ethan Help young people witness XN 2
Katrine Teach how to fight devil XN 11
Kenasha Artwork XN 26
Mermaids Give peace & ease XN 19
Ulysita Help with word-time XN 15

Spirit Helpers from Heaven's Library hyperlink

Name Description
John Miller Witnessing; prophets HL - Vol. 50
Lewis Galdy Witnessing; prophet HL - Vol. 50

Spirit Helpers from Blade hyperlink

Name Description
Anya Make happy when blue Blade 18
Transparency Humility Blade 20


Hinderers, Groups hyperlink

Name Description Letter #
Deactivation (Neutralization) demons pride ** (SEE note below)
(call on the Activation angels)
ML3455:34, 45
Demons of depression Witches of darkness, a valley of depression OOGN10 (ML3464:78)
Selvegion Gossip, hatred (call on the Salvay) GN958; OOGN 05
Sensi Demons of sensitivity GN 1084 (ML3497c:344)
Spirits of Seduction through desire, draw us away from Lord
(Call on SOS)
Vandari latch on to those who oppose truth ML3420:135

** Note from John: The Deactivation demons are first mentioned in the GNs without being capitalizedas if they may also refer to spirits, as in "attitudes". However, in other places, they are rebuked as specific demon names, written with capital letters. I won't presume to work out the theology here!

Hinderers, Individual hyperlink

Name Description Letter #
Amon spirit trying to blind Maria ML2326:52
Apotheon Oppress, suffocate, laziness, poverty, failure, ruin (call on Arcothon) GN 992
Arakan Confusion, depression, discouragement, fights channels (call F.A.F. and Illuminus) ML3419:16
Ashraf (aka: Asharaf, Ashteroth, Ashtoreth,
Astarte, Sphinx)
evil goddess; chokes, restricts ML1403:All. ML1405:96
Baal Mental torture, self-condemnation, belittlement (Call on Archer) ML312. ML3455:103
Bitterness, demon of Works with Pan ML3459:117
Bacchus Addictions, eating disorders.
(Call on Boheme)
GN 963; OOGN 04
Cyclor (& legions) touch & hurt the Earth GN 1122 (ML3528:218)
Disruptor disrupt, hinder, delay; roads, connections
(call on Vigilance)
GN 1062 (ML3475:51)
Drought health, draws away fluids (call Almathor) GN 1113 (ML3522:126)
Hong Kong Goolagong a god of Aborigines; tries to choke ML980.
Irrazzmon (Irrazzmus) Nervous system, back pain (call Elixor) GN 1113 (ML3522:139)
Lethargy silence voice of conviction (call on Styrian) GN 957
Mach (Macho, Machismo) illusion of power of mind & self ML3455:138
Medusa gossip ML3455:146
egin, his right hand)
master of negativity, hopelessness, despair, reject promises ML3497:350
Nivea of the sea scares, binds, drowns ML1049 (Vol. 9)
Obstacon opposes absorption of Word
(call on Raphael)
Obtherion blinds, turns those who've left against Lord; homo, lures the proud to disbelief GN 1044 (ML3459:181)
Opposes truth of God & the Word
(call on Gabriel, Michael)
ML261. ML3455.
Orexis Eating disorders ML3125; Post-it GN #10
Pan Doubt, darkness of mind
(call on Illuminus, F.A.F.)
GN 963; OOGN O3
Pride, demon of His underling demons are: the demons of Accomplishment, Flesh, Worldliness, Machoism, Carnality, and Materalism ML3455:60
Rejection, demon of works with Pan & Bitterness ML3459:119
Seduction and Obsession twin sisters; seduce the mind into submission, addiction ML3455:162
Sphinx (SEE Ashraf)
Vain fear of opinions of others ML3455:136

Hinderers, Country-specific hyperlink

Name Description Letter #
Candomble Brazil. Compromise, complacency, self-indulgence (call on Salvador) ML3455:118
Congri Japan. Fights missionaries in Japan Prophecy 2003
Croswell and Lexipython India (& Japan) Fights missionaries
Restraining, conventionalism, domination
GN 998.
Japan Delegate meeting
Mocumba Brazil. Hedonism, pleasure. ML3455:112
Tokyo spirits JAPAN RC MEETING 2002

[END OF LIST] hyperlink