WNDs 188-372 TOC

         WND      PAGE     TITLE
         WND188   01       Learning how to tell time (delegating, procrastination)
         WND188   02       Allies fear conflict (in Gulf)
         WND188   02       In Europe unease on US (foreign) policy
         WND188   02       Official from Nicaragua arrives in Libya for visit
         WND188   02       Syria crisis (economy)
         WND188   03       Iran's Islamic revival
         WND188   03       Mecca
         WND188   03       Mecca clash (rioting)
         WND188   03       Mecca rioting
         WND188   03       On Hajj, Moslems draw near heavenly joy
         WND188   03       US calls alert for Iran attack
         WND188   03       What to do about Iran?
         WND188   04       Benazir Bhutto to wed
         WND188   04       Egyptian bureaucracy
         WND188   04       Islam: Increasing militancy
         WND188   04       Mubarak in Islam
         WND188   04       Shamir assails Egypt over Waldheim
         WND188   04       US warns Israel on discrimination (against Blacks, Arab-Americans)
         WND188   04       Youth (Egyptian) has agenda for change
         WND188   05       Baldridge killed (Commerce secretary)
         WND188   05       Five a day (warheads produced in U.S.)
         WND188   05       Iran-Contra panel (denounces secrecy)
         WND188   05       Israel forced US hand (in Iran-Contra)
         WND188   05       Quite some joke (Oliver North, Iran-Contra)
         WND188   05       US rules on church-related jobs
         WND188   05       Was Cover Story just a Cover Up? (Iran-Contra)
         WND188   06       Beijing says Indian state includes part of China
         WND188   06       Gandhi's practice flights halt Delhi air traffic
         WND188   06       Grameen bank of Bangladesh (tidbit)
         WND188   06       India cancels silicon plant planned by Dow Corning unit
         WND188   06       India squatter families
         WND188   06       India's homely English
         WND188   06       Poor of India
         WND188   06       Shiite surge in Pakistan
         WND188   07       Alienation, delinquency afflict Vietnam's youth
         WND188   07       Australia immigration (rising number of Asians)
         WND188   07       Drug abuse soars in Asia
         WND188   07       Kava: The South Pacific's anti-stress formula
         WND188   07       Philippine Communist smell of victory
         WND188   07       Serving liquor by drink only illegal in 2 US states now
         WND188   07       US magazine (Penthouse) offends Thais
         WND188   08       87 percent agree alcoholism is a disease
         WND188   08       91-year-old reaches top of Mt. Fuji
         WND188   08       Americans consume 800 million quarts of popcorn yearly
         WND188   08       IRS after Brinkley for 10 cents taxes due
         WND188   08       Joan Collins vows not to marry again
         WND188   08       Joan Collins' husband on divorce
         WND188   08       Johnny Carson quote on marriage
         WND188   08       Million dollar dwellings no longer rare
         WND188   08       More middle-aged men being ordained as Catholic priests
         WND189   01       Living & working with procrastinators
         WND189   02       A bull run (US stock exchange)
         WND189   02       Bad loans, now bad losers (US banks in LA)
         WND189   02       Scary parallels to 1929 (Stock market)
         WND189   02       US can no longer rely on an eager Latin market
         WND189   03       First solo transatlantic crossing on sailboard
         WND189   03       Iran policy went astray (Iran-contra)
         WND189   03       No world oil crisis
         WND189   04       Breaking ground for new Globe (theater, Wanamaker)
         WND189   04       Britain unemployment
         WND189   04       Goria: A new image (politician)
         WND189   04       Maggie (Thatcher)
         WND189   04       Spain telephone (upgrading)
         WND189   04       Venice charges 50,000 lira for camping out
         WND189   05       Africa's ties to Israel
         WND189   05       Israel denies abducting spy suspect (Vanunu)
         WND189   05       Jerusalem losing youth (to Tel Aviv)
         WND189   05       Menace (Israeli army demolitions)
         WND189   05       Shah's son
         WND189   05       US plan to lure Libya (into war)
         WND189   06       Cuba minister blames developed nations (for slowdown in world trad
         WND189   06       Cuba welcomes tourists
         WND189   06       Divorce bill advances in Argentina
         WND189   06       Drug fight set back in Colombia
         WND189   06       In Panama, bankers
         WND189   06       The view from Latin America (on US foreign policy)
         WND189   06       US troops in Honduran war games
         WND189   07       A kiss is still a kiss: Researchers rule out AIDS
         WND189   07       AIDS (a time bomb)
         WND189   07       AIDS (devastating) to US arts
         WND189   07       AIDS link seen in rise of tuberculosis
         WND189   07       Cinema bows to AIDS (influences scripts)
         WND189   07       US to start AIDS testing (for immigrants, others)
         WND189   08       Bank manager absconds with $200,000
         WND189   08       Barns sell for $400,000
         WND189   08       Boston's daredevil mayor
         WND189   08       Iwo Jima postcard made in Japan
         WND189   08       Japanese-American relates how it was (WW 2 camps)
         WND189   08       New York's dog boot camp
         WND189   08       Smoking restricted in Netherlands
         WND190   01       60th anniversary of Lindbergh's flight
         WND190   01       Forecasting by numbers (computers & weather)
         WND190   01       Orbiting space junk
         WND190   02       Brazil: New loans at zero interest
         WND190   02       Debt crisis: Bankers see effect
         WND190   02       Debt freeze is widened by Brazil
         WND190   02       Indonesia deficit doubles as oil income plunges
         WND190   02       Outsider's surprise nomination (commerce secretary)
         WND190   02       Pohl, dean of central bankers
         WND190   02       The World Bank
         WND190   02       Workers fail to save Hyatt Clark
         WND190   03       California road violence continues
         WND190   03       Ex-CIA agent promotes latest book (Philip Agee)
         WND190   03       FBI sting in new York
         WND190   03       In Senate, a wealth of financial data
         WND190   03       Lightning foils at NASA (launch cancelled)
         WND190   03       US can label 3 films propaganda (expose of US)
         WND190   03       United plane lands on closed runway
         WND190   04       Architect of new Soviet economics (Aganbegyan)
         WND190   04       Family farms (in Russia)
         WND190   04       In Soviet Union, To Each cow according to her output
         WND190   04       Nixon on Gorbachev
         WND190   04       Pacific stage (Russia now major player)
         WND190   04       Red Square (Communist business partnerships)
         WND190   04       Soviet religious freedom (Cardinal Sin)
         WND190   05       Boundaries of Glasnost (stretching freedom)
         WND190   05       Moscow's Bluebird Club is back
         WND190   05       West German Russkis
         WND190   06       In Hong Kong, an uncertainty (after 1997)
         WND190   06       In Hong Kong, the wise consult Feng Shui Man
         WND190   06       Jardine's Tai-pan
         WND190   06       Macau tries to diversify
         WND190   06       US tourist is murdered in China
         WND190   07       Africa's Chinese railroad (Zambia-Tanzania)
         WND190   07       Africa's children (deaths)
         WND190   07       Green revolution's creator in Africa
         WND190   07       Simple hand pump means safe water
         WND190   08       9-year-old gets money from IRS--and more
         WND190   08       Bob Hope gets award for 50 years in show biz
         WND190   08       Imelda Marcos sends book to publishers
         WND190   08       Lauren Bacall says she may be related to Shimon Peres
         WND190   08       Of planets (discovery of planets outside solar system)
         WND190   08       Philadelphia makes recycling mandatory
         WND190   08       Princess Diana says she's not becoming alcoholic
         WND190   08       Sharks chew on fiber optic cable underseas
         WND190   08       Southwest allergies: Grass-roots problem
         WND190   08       Texas boot makers make jewel-encrusted boots for Pope
         WND190   08       US tax collectors seize girl's piggybank savings
         WND191   01       The cat--our most misunderstood pet
         WND191   02       At current levels, the dollar can't do the trick on trade
         WND191   02       Dow signposts--an eventual crash?
         WND191   02       Israel's total external debt reaches $25 billion
         WND191   02       The not so sound U.S. Dollar
         WND191   03       Negotiating (US has no understanding of Iran)
         WND191   03       Tiny Gulf emirates fear the war's spread
         WND191   04       At seaside, China plots future
         WND191   04       Jellyfish hurt 1,500 at Beidaihe resort (China)
         WND191   04       Macau as spy center (for North Koreans)
         WND191   04       Poison pens spell death for roaches in China
         WND191   05       Bhutto agrees to accept an arranged marriage
         WND191   05       Devastating India drought
         WND191   05       Hanoi army may stay put in Cambodia
         WND191   05       The realm of progress (aluminum bullock cart)
         WND191   05       When rains fail (drought & famine predicted)
         WND191   06       Embassies (in Tokyo forced to co-op because of prices)
         WND191   06       Japanese consider $7 trillion advance in quality of life
         WND191   06       Life sans frills (Japanese economy, lifestyle)
         WND191   07       A coming together in Asia (people power effects)
         WND191   07       A question of language (in Malaysia)
         WND191   07       Philippine rebels (NPA winning over army)
         WND191   07       Stepping out (P.M. Mahathir concentrates on foreign affairs)
         WND191   08       400 friends celebrate Armand Hammer's 89th
         WND191   08       Computer taking place of cars in US affections
         WND191   08       Entertainer comes to defense of Prince Charles vs. media
         WND191   08       Fancy fall (Eiffel Tower plunge with elastic rope)
         WND191   08       Frank Capra turns 90
         WND191   08       New ailment: Briefcase elbow from heavy satchels
         WND191   08       Oldest human turns 114
         WND191   08       Oldest man turns 110
         WND191   08       Oliver Stone phasing out violence in his movies
         WND192   01       A frog's healing powers
         WND192   01       Biological fertilisers (algae can double crop output)
         WND192   01       Designer cows (smaller, give more milk)
         WND192   01       Drinking water from sea (new method of desalination)
         WND192   01       Limited concentration (man with excess sex hormones)
         WND192   01       Peeling away potato myths (peels not healthy in excess)
         WND192   01       Pesticide-free farming
         WND192   01       Tennis, anyone? (value as exercise may be overrated)
         WND192   01       Tight collars--poor vision (can cause eye problems)
         WND192   01       Vegetable factories (hydroponics)
         WND192   02       Dollar drops sharply
         WND192   02       Dollar slides
         WND192   02       The looming crash of 1988 (Third World debts & defaults)
         WND192   02       U.S. trade gap reached record ($39.5 billion in quarter)
         WND192   03       Amy Carter dismissed from university after protests
         WND192   03       Evil man (Khomeini foretold by Nostradamus?)
         WND192   03       Israeli technician (Vanunu on trial)
         WND192   03       Jewish Defense League admit bombings
         WND192   03       Soviet jets (can reach Gulf quickly from Afghanistan)
         WND192   04       A miserable decade for the hungry
         WND192   04       Acute shortage of water in India
         WND192   04       Nile drought means 7 lean years for Egypt
         WND192   05       Archbishop of Canterbury gives honor to England's chief rabbi
         WND192   05       Families in a democracy (Role of religion in schools)
         WND192   05       Orthodox patriarch (visits Moscow)
         WND192   05       Waiting for the beginning of the end
         WND192   06       Aquino authority (eroding)
         WND192   06       Cambodia allows money transfers (from abroad)
         WND192   06       Police raid Muslim nudist sect on Java (mentions COG)
         WND192   06       Soviet intrusion is cited in Manila (submarines)
         WND192   06       Sydney--sun, sea & snakes (lethal creatures)
         WND192   07       AIDS: Good news & bad
         WND192   07       Brazil swamped by AIDS cases
         WND192   07       Drive against AIDS (why should AIDS be privileged disease?)
         WND192   07       Napoleon Bonaparte on Jesus Christ
         WND192   07       U.S. experts play down AIDS peril to heterosexuals
         WND192   08       $800 plywood shelter for homeless
         WND192   08       Problems of cities getting worse
         WND192   08       Switzerland gives Sheikh Yamani residence permit
         WND192   08       Tour of Geneva, Rome, London...all in Ohio
         WND192   08       Typical household earned $22,646 after taxes in 1985 (U.S.)
         WND193   01       Breast feeding straightens teeth (of babies)
         WND193   01       Chocolate linked to heartburn
         WND193   01       Inhaling cigars is bad--no kidding
         WND193   01       Non-cavity natural sweetener found
         WND193   01       Running into obsession (long running can cause depression?)
         WND193   01       Secrets of Japanese who live 100 years
         WND193   01       U.S. scientist's discovery raises yields
         WND193   02       A swing to loss (West European steel producer)
         WND193   02       Bundesbank approves ECUs for private use
         WND193   02       Changing US attitudes from 1970s to 1980s
         WND193   02       Economic book ('Great Depression of 1990')
         WND193   02       Exxon's net slides 37%, falls at other oil firms
         WND193   02       GATT future? (Is GATT dead?)
         WND193   02       GM expects $1 billion loss in auto parts
         WND193   02       If you can't beat'm, quit (how Americans go out of business)
         WND193   02       U.S. gap in trade widens (in June of 1987)
         WND193   02       Volcker a tightwad (former Fed chairman a penny-pincher)
         WND193   03       6 dots in Europe (smallest European nations)
         WND193   03       Greece allows Orthodox church to keep properties
         WND193   03       Swiss allow French fugitive to leave
         WND193   03       Switzerland allows easier U.S. access to information
         WND193   03       West Germany tries to warn citizens about spies
         WND193   03       West Germany: Younger East German visitors
         WND193   04       10 years of war (Iran-Iraq war)
         WND193   04       Chad hits air base in Libya
         WND193   04       Lloyd's raises war rates by 50% for Gulf shipping
         WND193   04       Mecca (battle for influence between Saudis, Iranians)
         WND193   04       Mecca riot breeds a propaganda war
         WND193   04       Netherlands will send ships to Gulf
         WND193   04       Scholars get UN files on Nazis (mostly allegations)
         WND193   05       Anglicans disparage Freemasonry
         WND193   05       Baptist-Jew controversy (leader says no salvation without Jesus)
         WND193   05       Catholics (in U.S.) giving less
         WND193   05       Conciliation to Jews (by Pope)
         WND193   05       Oral Roberts talks about raising the dead
         WND193   05       Playboy expose on fallen minister (Jessica Hahn on Bakker)
         WND193   05       Pope receives Jews
         WND193   05       Religious visions cited (in survey)
         WND193   06       AIDS cases jump 36% worldwide
         WND193   06       AIDS in China (spreading)
         WND193   06       AIDS is changing Hollywood scripts
         WND193   06       African epidemic (AIDS)
         WND193   06       Asians to forego tourist travel tests
         WND193   06       Bremen will let addicts get syringes by machine
         WND193   06       British tycoon launches cut-rate condom
         WND193   06       French AIDS pamphlet
         WND193   06       New strains of AIDS
         WND193   06       Zambian tribal customs add to AIDS epidemic
         WND193   07       Aquino land reform (her most crucial test)
         WND193   07       Manila coup a close call
         WND193   07       Philippine coup leader (Honasan)
         WND193   07       Thai resist copyrights
         WND193   08       Aretha Franklin records Gospel album
         WND193   08       Billy Graham breaks rib, cancels trip to China
         WND193   08       Blind organist gets big hand
         WND193   08       Bob Dylan snubs Peres, angers fans in Israel
         WND193   08       Dream of big money leads to Reno jackpot
         WND193   08       French border police stop van, find 16 Turks
         WND193   08       Jeffersonian Bordeaux auctioned for $29,500
         WND193   08       Power to the parents in Scottish schools
         WND194   01       Around the World, media-wise, PR-prone (Voyager, non-stop flight)
         WND194   01       Measles proves to be a stubborn foe
         WND194   01       No sign of Planet X, but theory lives (10th planet)
         WND194   01       Portable DAT recorder (now on market in Japan)
         WND194   01       Studies find no coffee-heart risk
         WND194   01       UN groups find World hunger rising
         WND194   02       A steel mini-mill (Nucor, in US)
         WND194   02       Brazil proposes discount (on foreign debt)
         WND194   02       In Peru, right over bank plan (nationalising banks)
         WND194   02       Japanese investors learn to love foreign shares (invest in US)
         WND194   02       Recession? Predict the path (how it could start)
         WND194   03       Cost of Arafat survival clouds future of PLO
         WND194   03       Moscow welcomes Iran's moves (friendlier relations)
         WND194   04       Guzzling (natural) gas (new cars in Indonesia)
         WND194   04       Suddenly, a call for change (Ne Win calls for change)
         WND194   04       The fauna of India (crows)
         WND194   04       The phoenix rises (again) (Enrile elected senator)
         WND194   05       A short course in lying (Iran-Contra coverups)
         WND194   05       Capone (his generosity, good qualities)
         WND194   05       City wants liquor sales for first time in decades
         WND194   05       NY industry said to accept payoffs as necessary evil
         WND194   05       Scandals (corruption in New York)
         WND194   05       Women in US shrink the (wage) gap
         WND194   06       Air service to link Nepal & Tibet
         WND194   06       China fining foreigners in morals drive
         WND194   06       China's spoiled brats (only children)
         WND194   06       Hong Kong 'colonizes' Chinese belt
         WND194   07       Economic tensions between Japan & US threaten security accord
         WND194   07       Japan fascinated by Jews (books on Jews)
         WND194   07       Moral superiority of Japan (over US)
         WND194   07       Sumitomo & IBM to start 'smart building'
         WND194   07       The two Kims (opposition leaders)
         WND194   08       Fastest chip developed
         WND194   08       Nestle unit (sells phony baby food)
         WND195   01       Boost employee energy (through proper diet)
         WND195   01       Leaving the office behind helps people work harder (work at home)
         WND195   01       Must one be so polite? (foreign customs, courtesy)
         WND195   01       Work is a laughing matter (sense of humor an asset)
         WND195   02       Fed seeks route to check inflation, defend the dollar
         WND195   02       Gold, the ultimate currency (short history of Gold)
         WND195   02       Lockheed expecting fall (consolidating)
         WND195   02       Profit rose 79% (Swire Pacific, Hong Kong)
         WND195   02       Yen's surge alters face of Asia
         WND195   03       'A little' invasion of Nicaragua (quip by US senator)
         WND195   03       Costa Rican gets the word, finally (Oscar Arias)
         WND195   03       Hedonistic Rio (at carnival time)
         WND195   03       Ruin in Amazon (deforestation, logging)
         WND195   03       U.S. in Latin America (policy towards Nicaragua)
         WND195   04       AIDS update (of all Asian nations, Japan hardest hit)
         WND195   04       Baby's crooked teeth (from bottle feeding)
         WND195   04       China's abortion pills (RU-486 drug)
         WND195   04       Coconut with fizz (new coconut drink from PI)
         WND195   04       Computerised meals (nutrition programs)
         WND195   04       Fungus meat (for vegetarians)
         WND195   04       Industrial food processors (for meat)
         WND195   04       New seedless grape
         WND195   04       Safe sweetener (from liquorice plant)
         WND195   04       The Supercarrot (an ounce satisfies vitamin A requirements)
         WND195   05       1937: Trade & war (the link, historical tidbit)
         WND195   05       Aquino's failure (blast from Enrile)
         WND195   05       Chinese TV to show 52 Hollywood oldies
         WND195   05       Confucius says (influence in Far East)
         WND195   05       France may give Fiji $10 million to build naval base
         WND195   05       In Cambodia (life in Phnom Penh under Vietnamese)
         WND195   05       Laurel, Aquino cut ties
         WND195   05       Marcos granted one more year in U.S.
         WND195   05       Trafficker to hang in Malaysia
         WND195   06       Army training (to kill the enemy)
         WND195   06       Drugs (use in the US, amount spent on)
         WND195   06       Peking or American duck (history of Chinese in U.S.)
         WND195   06       U.S. women's groups struggle (losing defining issues)
         WND195   06       US records historic growth in Hispanic population
         WND195   06       US school survey finds startling gaps in knowledge (history, liter
         WND195   07       After Honecker's visit, raised hopes in Bonn
         WND195   07       Commune's violence, drugs (Christiana)
         WND195   07       East German brothers paddle to West
         WND195   07       France lists new requirements for visa
         WND195   07       France reports weakness in tourism
         WND195   07       Le Pen Holocaust view (gas chambers a minor point)
         WND195   07       Vital French statistic: 779,000 babies in 1986
         WND195   08       Amy Carter devotes herself to political causes
         WND195   08       Bette Davis awarded French Legion of Honour
         WND195   08       Fred Rogers goes to Moscow for filming
         WND195   08       Gina Lollobrigida turns 60
         WND195   08       New York pressured to stop dumping waste at sea
         WND195   08       Social dancing is dead or dying
         WND195   08       Soviet rock star records album in US
         WND196   01       An old lady calls (departed psychic appears to child)
         WND196   01       Life in Heaven (described by departed psychic)
         WND196   01       What it's really like in Heaven (Near-death experiences)
         WND196   02       A not-so-happy 50th for Toyota (decline in profits)
         WND196   02       Advice from the IMF (which US would do well to heed)
         WND196   02       Danger, red ink (US trade deficit may trigger retaliation)
         WND196   02       Dollar's domino effect (on Japanese industry)
         WND196   02       ECU widens appeal
         WND196   02       Fed warns on US debt
         WND196   02       The deficit: Fuel for the soothsayers
         WND196   03       False 'yellow rain' (anti-Soviet propaganda)
         WND196   03       Full text of 'agreement in principle' (between US, USSR)
         WND196   03       Harold Stassen runs for president for 8th time
         WND196   03       Raisa Gorbachev gets fashion award
         WND196   03       Soviet space photos (much better than US)
         WND196   03       US missiles to be junked cost $9 billion to deploy
         WND196   03       US senator to quit (important work not done in Senate)
         WND196   04       A world community (Pope calls for unselfishness)
         WND196   04       An early example of Robertson's faith
         WND196   04       Falwell fell well (water slide)
         WND196   04       Jessica Hahn tells all about Bakker to Playboy
         WND196   04       Pope meets Jews, backs Palestinian right to homeland
         WND196   04       Rituals introduced to go with divorce
         WND196   05       A time before conquest (history of Palestine)
         WND196   05       Habash (interview)
         WND196   05       In a shuttered Basra, future is full of uncertainty
         WND196   05       Libya's triumph in Chad ends doubt on Gadhafi
         WND196   05       Middle East (US acknowledges Syria, USSR have to be dealt with)
         WND196   05       Suez Canal raises rates on warships
         WND196   05       US imports Iran's oil
         WND196   06       A global garbage heap (pollution & recycling)
         WND196   06       Beeping the waiter
         WND196   06       Calling without coins (phone cards)
         WND196   06       Je translate (translation machine being developed)
         WND196   06       Life from memory (human memory)
         WND196   06       PC secretary (speech recognition by computer)
         WND196   06       Portable fax
         WND196   06       Speech scrambler (developed by Swiss)
         WND196   06       Trial by satellite (telecommunications)
         WND196   07       AIDS update (70-74)
         WND196   07       AIDS update (foreign regulations for tourists)
         WND196   07       Hope for children (child mortality in developing world)
         WND196   07       MSG: How safe? (monosodium glutomate)
         WND196   07       Protecting baby's ears
         WND196   08       African guerrilla hid in cave for 8 years
         WND196   08       Case dismissed against man who waited 3 years for trial
         WND196   08       Jewelry seized from Rajneesh auctioned off
         WND196   08       Lack of supervision after school causes children difficulty
         WND196   08       Nixon can't say he was stupid, but Reagan can
         WND196   08       They don't all flaunt it, but they've got it (world's richest)
         WND196   08       Woman in Argentina gives birth to 32nd baby
         WND197   01       How to escape a fire (drills, safety tips, alarms)
         WND197   01       Virtues of the rickshaw (19th century account)
         WND197   02       A new kind of car export (US-made Jap. cars to Japan)
         WND197   02       Bank closings set record
         WND197   02       China's trade with ASEAN
         WND197   02       Dow plunges 91 points, biggest one-day fall
         WND197   02       IMF panel sees long crisis (in Third World debt)
         WND197   02       India's growing ties to the West
         WND197   02       Part-time workers in US (chart)
         WND197   02       People not even looking for jobs in US (chart)
         WND197   02       The drought tax (for wealthy in India)
         WND197   02       Tokyo Yen trade tops $1 trillion
         WND197   02       Unemployment in US (chart)
         WND197   03       3 Killed as quake hits Los Angeles
         WND197   03       Los Angeles waits for the big one (earthquake)
         WND197   03       Quake challenges detection methods
         WND197   03       Robertson quits his ministry to further presidential bid
         WND197   04       Christian-Moslem tensions (in Malaysia)
         WND197   04       Doubts in Aquino (whether she'll last her term)
         WND197   04       Guerrillas now hold edge in war
         WND197   04       Judges in Fiji reject colonel, back the Queen
         WND197   04       Liz Taylor in Passion perfume business
         WND197   05       Heavy weather (El Nino returns, lashes Asia)
         WND197   05       The Child's tantrum (El Nino & how it works)
         WND197   05       The great dry
         WND197   05       They may starve in the dark this time (African famine)
         WND197   06       An 'honoured guest' (Japanese courtesy)
         WND197   06       And now, Jetrodollars (Jap. Trade Organisation)
         WND197   06       Crossed words (Japanese learn English, but few speak it)
         WND197   06       High-rising prices (for homes in Tokyo)
         WND197   06       Smoother transmission (for cars, from Japan)
         WND197   06       The mating game (dating agency for Japanese abroad)
         WND197   07       A new deal for 'Treasure Island' (Hainan Island)
         WND197   07       China's king of the road (motorcycle)
         WND197   07       Taipei's gambit (opens some relations with China)
         WND197   08       Chicago is haunted by ghost of Capone
         WND197   08       Child wins $1.7 million suit against parents
         WND197   08       Christina Onassis divorces fourth husband
         WND197   08       Livingstone's rifle auctioned off
         WND198   01       New skills for talking--& listening--to the man you love
         WND198   02       Dow plunges 95 points as U.S. trade gap remains near record
         WND198   02       NYSE free-fall
         WND198   02       Stock prices tumble again
         WND198   02       U.S. a bargain basement (for foreign investors)
         WND198   02       US banks loss, first since 30's
         WND198   03       Escort fees (proposed for tanker escorts in Gulf)
         WND198   03       Moslems in Jerusalem (Temple mount conflict)
         WND198   03       Mubarak is sworn in (second 6-year term)
         WND198   03       Mubarak marks war anniversary after re-election
         WND198   03       Radio wars in Gulf
         WND198   03       The irony (of defending Arabs we won't sell arms to)
         WND198   03       U.S. base floats in (Persian) Gulf
         WND198   03       U.S. fleet (U.S. presence still unconvincing)
         WND198   04       Bush apologises for a joke about Detroit
         WND198   04       Diplomatic immunity (for embassy personnel in Washington)
         WND198   04       Foreign news agency for TV (proposed)
         WND198   04       Jackson formally enters '88 race
         WND198   04       Lenient Florida gun law
         WND198   04       Pray tell, Mr. Robertson (about premarital sex)
         WND198   04       Reagan gives Irish blessing at speech
         WND198   05       50% of rural households in China without electricity
         WND198   05       Assets of the ace of clubs (hi-tech girl club in HK)
         WND198   05       By the million (tourists & spending in HK)
         WND198   05       The Hong Kong gospel (PR campaign in U.S.)
         WND198   06       In Japan, worldliness counts (English language craze)
         WND198   06       Japan (refuses to trade with Israel, recognise Israel)
         WND198   06       Japan's Crown Prince patiently awaits throne (Akihito)
         WND198   06       Japanese military build-up?
         WND198   07       A very special twang (superconductors)
         WND198   07       Fuel-efficient engines (for automobiles)
         WND198   07       The race for super power (superconductivity)
         WND198   08       Greece sends art treasures on tour
         WND198   08       Ida Nudel, Soviet Jew, gets visa for Israel
         WND198   08       In boy's plan, cycling turns TV on
         WND198   08       Michael Jackson takes pet chimp to city hall
         WND198   08       Princess becomes Miss Italy
         WND198   08       Thatcher the most important woman, says survey
         WND199   01       Beware of Time Traps! (Efficiency, redeeming the time)
         WND199   02       Losers (Advice from Reagan on crash)
         WND199   02       New York stocks take historic one-day plunge (Oct. '87)
         WND199   02       On billionaires' row, 'It's only paper.'
         WND199   02       Recession is now top concern of G-7, aide says
         WND199   03       Broker is slain in Miami (by suffering investor)
         WND199   03       Computer trading: One culprit? (in crash)
         WND199   03       Hong Kong index plunges 33%
         WND199   03       Losses deepen in Tokyo & London
         WND199   04       'Pigs gorging at the trough' (Wall Street traders)
         WND199   04       American wins Nobel in economics (& blasts Reagan)
         WND199   04       Leading banks call in loans to stockbrokers
         WND199   04       Risk of recession (after stock plunge)
         WND199   04       Shares plummet in Asia
         WND199   05       Angst is constant (depression is sure)
         WND199   05       Dow falls sharply again as Wall Street rally falters
         WND199   05       Public officials seeking advice usually seeking accomplices
         WND199   05       Reaganomics (confidence of investors shaken, end of era)
         WND199   05       Tokyo analysts fear another fall
         WND199   06       10 biggest stock market drops since World War 2 (chart)
         WND199   06       How a long market collapse could affect jobs, pensions
         WND199   06       In that crash, the age of Reagan ended
         WND199   06       The meaning of the market (gambling casino)
         WND199   06       U.S. policy seen adrift, many in Europe say
         WND199   07       A week like no other (small investor after the crash)
         WND199   07       After Black Monday (possibility of recession)
         WND199   07       Battered brokers, traders frenzied
         WND199   07       London (destructive storm, followed by crash)
         WND199   07       Shares fall in Europe
         WND199   08       Amsterdam decides on psychological tests for taxi drivers
         WND199   08       Audrey Hepburn honoured
         WND199   08       Elizabeth Taylor names most beautiful younger actresses
         WND199   08       King Juan Carlos gets medal for helping refugees
         WND199   08       Los Angeles skyscrapers made to be earthquake-proof
         WND199   08       Man married on TV charged with bigamy
         WND199   08       Mannequin impersonating police officer stolen
         WND199   08       Producer of James Bond series on his way to China
         WND199   08       Rotterdam to buy building to house prostitutes
         WND199   08       Uri Geller says giving up meat helped in bending spoons
         WND200   01       First aid for bad back (therapies, exercises)
         WND200   02       '29 behaviour (Parallels to 1929 Crash)
         WND200   02       New York index slides 157 points
         WND200   02       Stocks renew fall, with 2nd biggest drop in Dow
         WND200   03       Dollar continues slide
         WND200   03       Falling Dollar unsettles World stock prices
         WND200   03       Stocks slide in Europe, battered by Dollar
         WND200   03       The choice (weak dollar vs. recession)
         WND200   03       West rebukes Delors (for statement about Dollar)
         WND200   04       Asian markets tumble along with the Dollar
         WND200   04       Gold coin (American Eagle) outselling Krugerrand
         WND200   04       Hawke appeals for calm as stock losses pass 40%
         WND200   04       Hong Kong (Party's over, market falls 33%)
         WND200   04       Hong Kong rally ends
         WND200   04       Only 5 of 105 investment newsletters called crash accurately
         WND200   04       Tokyo (market) suffers 3rd largest fall
         WND200   04       Tokyo shares decline
         WND200   04       UK stocks fall 6.2%
         WND200   05       Margin calls (buying stocks on credit)
         WND200   05       Slowdown (coming in U.S. economy)
         WND200   05       Stock fall (ends faith in U.S.)
         WND200   05       The technology of the (stock) exchange
         WND200   05       U.S. Market is learning to dance to foreign tunes
         WND200   06       1099 new AIDS cases in 2 weeks
         WND200   06       AIDS update (75)
         WND200   06       AIDS update (75-79)
         WND200   06       Locking up AIDS (in South Korea)
         WND200   06       NY lists AIDS as leading killer of young women
         WND200   06       Study finds AIDS virus can be hidden for a year
         WND200   06       Zaire joins data bank on AIDS cases
         WND200   07       Bangladesh report cites 'slave trade' (in women)
         WND200   07       China arming Iran
         WND200   07       Senate paper sees defeat of Iraq as possibility
         WND200   07       U.S. manipulated (by Iraq into attacking Iran)
         WND200   07       Why Tehran risked a bloody nose (in attack on tanker)
         WND200   08       Civil rights worker never leaves home without toothbrush
         WND200   08       Eldridge Cleaver sign: If we all work together, disrupt the system
         WND200   08       Elizabeth Taylor tells of addiction problems
         WND200   08       Israelis drop the curtain on Cicciolina's show
         WND200   08       Michael Jackson to visit China
         WND200   08       President often gets poor medical treatment
         WND200   08       Sir Richard Attenborough becomes UNICEF ambassador
         WND200   08       Taping family lore & how to do it
         WND201   01       Ancient secrets of modern Nutrition (how to avoid cancer)
         WND201   02       2nd investor kills himself after losses
         WND201   02       5th broker shuts down after plunge
         WND201   02       Dow loses 50.56 points
         WND201   02       Futures traders in Hong Kong appeal for help
         WND201   02       Mondale was saying it in 1984 (raise taxes)
         WND201   02       Sucker rally (another crash just around the corner?)
         WND201   02       Vertigo in Hong Kong
         WND201   03       A new & different morning in America (false financial structure)
         WND201   03       Dollar extends its decline (7-year low)
         WND201   03       Dollar slides to postwar low
         WND201   03       Financial world looking to US for reassurance
         WND201   03       NY tightens belt after stocks fall
         WND201   03       Spending falls .5% (lower consumer confidence after crash)
         WND201   03       Stable dollar no answer (didn't prevent crash)
         WND201   03       Wall streeters find the humor (crash jokes)
         WND201   04       Brazil poses a dilemma (not paying debt)
         WND201   04       Go into debt & you lose autonomy
         WND201   04       Pickens a loser in Market crash
         WND201   04       Scenario (US leading debtor nation)
         WND201   04       Taking stock of Reagan (no grasp of economic reality)
         WND201   05       Gorbachev assails past (injustices by past leaders)
         WND201   05       It's the 70th anniversary of a radical coup (Bolsheviks)
         WND201   05       Some famous nonpersons from Soviet Union's past
         WND201   05       Soviet releases detailed crime data
         WND201   05       Soviets confront history
         WND201   05       Ten days to remember (in history of USSR)
         WND201   06       China to boycott affair in Moscow
         WND201   06       Comrade Zhao (background)
         WND201   06       Deng, Allies oust (central committee) veterans
         WND201   06       Exports (by Asia to USSR, E. Europe, restricted)
         WND201   06       Gorbachev vigor
         WND201   06       Indian losses (in Sri Lanka campaign)
         WND201   06       Younger Politburo (in China)
         WND201   07       For Malaysia, an image sullied by a crackdown
         WND201   07       Philippine gunmen hit American GIs
         WND201   07       Rising Philippine nationalism
         WND201   07       The danger grows in the Philippines (of Communist takeover)
         WND201   08       Aggressive begging outlawed in Seattle
         WND201   08       Beatles, Bob Dylan in Rock n' roll Hall of Fame
         WND201   08       How to spend lottery winnings: Avoid stock market
         WND201   08       Jokes from Kissinger
         WND201   08       Phyllis Schlafly gives award to Mrs. North
         WND201   08       Pregnancy in US teens high
         WND201   08       Reagan actually least popular of newly elected presidents
         WND202   01       Everyone should know 'The Heimlich' (choking, first aid)
         WND202   02       A crash is a fall is a drop (how to rename a crash)
         WND202   02       After crash, eyes are on Volcker
         WND202   02       Crash spotlights West's empty stage (lack of leadership)
         WND202   03       Asian stocks fall with dollar
         WND202   03       Dollar in uncharted land (keeping track of record lows)
         WND202   03       Dollar tumbles (record lows in Europe)
         WND202   03       Dow falls 58 points
         WND202   03       European, Asian markets slump on dollar fears
         WND202   03       Gallows humor (jokes about the Crash)
         WND202   03       NFL pension fund wiped out (after October Crash)
         WND202   03       Shares drop in Europe & Tokyo
         WND202   03       Spending fall (recession hurts consumer confidence)
         WND202   03       Stocks hit as dollar weakens
         WND202   04       Anecdote from Nixon
         WND202   04       British weary of US blaming others for trade deficit
         WND202   04       Financial 'whiz' proves to be just a kid
         WND202   04       Nice day in Washington (Reagan out of touch on crash)
         WND202   04       Portents of an economic doomsayer (Stephen Marris, UK)
         WND202   05       Angola (South Africans battle Cubans)
         WND202   05       Arab League ends Camp David boycott
         WND202   05       For Arabs, a new focus (on Iran, away from Israel)
         WND202   05       Gadhafi boycott (of Arab summit meeting)
         WND202   05       In the Gulf (Soviet policies)
         WND202   05       Scientist doubts an ID card in Demjanjuk trial
         WND202   05       South Africa neighbours (good neighbour policy of SA)
         WND202   06       Albania eases travel for some nationalities
         WND202   06       Assembly (French) boycotted by Le Pen
         WND202   06       Election climate: French seem worried
         WND202   06       Movie 'Wedding in Galilee' wins film award
         WND202   06       The short, unhappy tenure of an envoy to Vienna (Lauder)
         WND202   06       UK Police test genes (to track down criminal)
         WND202   07       China's tragic legacy (unwanted baby girls)
         WND202   07       Choosing to have a girl (sex selection by Japanese)
         WND202   07       Getting rid of girls (Muslims care for unwanted girls)
         WND202   07       Study finds women aren't satisfied (by men, relationships)
         WND202   08       26% of Finnish men say they're sexually harassed by women
         WND202   08       Buddhists to serve as military chaplains
         WND202   08       Dolly Parton gives up cheeseburgers, trims 50 pounds
         WND202   08       Herbert von Karajan gets food poisoning
         WND202   08       Margaret Thatcher admonishes tourist for curtsy to her
         WND202   08       Mary Beth Whitehead gets divorce, of Baby M fame
         WND202   08       Most West Germans regard politicians as ingrained liars
         WND202   08       Proxmire will continue 'Golden Fleece' awards
         WND202   08       Yakutat, Alaska--rain capital of the US
         WND203   01       New conquests for the ancient abacus (role in learning)
         WND203   02       Central banks on dollar (no dramatic moves)
         WND203   02       Foreigners now own half of office space in Los Angeles
         WND203   02       Gold stability linked to sales
         WND203   02       Market collapse shakes computer makers
         WND203   02       Most Americans oblivious (to value of dollar)
         WND203   02       Paris & Bonn join (coordinate economic policies)
         WND203   02       Shearson posts $70 million loss (after October crash)
         WND203   02       US trade deficit swells to record $39.83 billion (3rd quarter)
         WND203   02       YE$ (new world monetary order urged)
         WND203   02       Yugoslavia repayments (of debt being limited)
         WND203   03       Conservationists trying to drive away sea lions
         WND203   03       Iran-Contra report: Reagan criticised
         WND203   03       Marijuana (use) accepted (in US poll)
         WND203   03       Mastectomy (Nancy Reagan fights breast cancer)
         WND203   03       US embassy (in Moscow)
         WND203   03       What the panel found (Iran-Contra hearings)
         WND203   04       A war on Manila's doorstep (Bulacan province)
         WND203   04       Asia population
         WND203   04       Ex-Thai Aide jailed for Lese Majeste (defaming king)
         WND203   04       GIs (in Philippines) fearful
         WND203   04       Hair dryers can kill even when turned off
         WND203   04       Pacific rim (Japan outstripping competitors)
         WND203   04       Two pastors jailed in Vietnam for anti-government activity
         WND203   05       Carlucci's successor (Colin Powell biography)
         WND203   05       Peccadilloes (private lives of public figures)
         WND203   05       The Reagan they wanted (America's power diminishing)
         WND203   05       US homosexuals (growing militancy)
         WND203   06       AIDS is killing women faster
         WND203   06       Asia blessed--low AIDS
         WND203   06       Drug-resistant gonorrhea emerging
         WND203   06       For Thais, AIDS (spreading in sex trade)
         WND203   06       Kaunda's son dies of AIDS
         WND203   06       Pregnancy may produce painkiller (in human body)
         WND203   06       Uncircumcised men found to face greater AIDS risk
         WND203   06       Urge to spread AIDS (among those afflicted)
         WND203   07       Arias: Peacemaker (Costa Rican president)
         WND203   07       Brazil erosion of power (Sarney's government in trouble)
         WND203   07       Contras religion (many are Christians)
         WND203   07       Disenchanted with Garcia
         WND203   07       Grenada (prospering after US invasion)
         WND203   08       Amsterdam to tax cafes selling drugs
         WND203   08       Maureen Dean writes book on sex in Washington
         WND203   08       New York to test cameras that photograph license plates
         WND203   08       Only 26% of US adults smoking last year, declining
         WND203   08       Playboy photographer says he's never met a '10'
         WND203   08       Public schools in Chicago the worst in US
         WND203   08       Row to church (Pitcairn island & religious islanders)
         WND203   08       Working men also do housework, not just women
         WND204   01       Color-blind counterfeiter arrested
         WND204   01       Pro-smoking drive gains force (in Third World)
         WND204   01       Stomachaches: As common as the many misconceptions about them
         WND204   02       A bare farm cupboard (poverty among US farmers)
         WND204   02       A historic shift of control (to America's creditors)
         WND204   02       America's farms (failing, would crash without subsidies)
         WND204   02       Construction in US slid (biggest decline in 3 years)
         WND204   02       Moon shots fell (another boom?)
         WND204   02       Suicide stats in the Great Depression vs. now
         WND204   03       Baby food charges (bogus juice by Beechnut)
         WND204   03       Beware of micky (crime, horror stories from California)
         WND204   03       Catch'm young (cigarette advertising geared for young)
         WND204   03       Claiming millions in paper losses, developer paid no taxes
         WND204   03       Splatball (stalking each other with paint guns)
         WND204   03       The trouble at NASA is incurable (NASA doing less)
         WND204   04       Babushka's message (Soviet economist)
         WND204   04       Soviet Riviera (Sochi)
         WND204   04       Soviet mental wards (many innocent confined)
         WND204   04       Soviet, in shift, backs a more powerful UN
         WND204   05       For Africa, low-tech solutions (aid programs)
         WND204   05       For South Africa, a golden cushion (role of gold)
         WND204   05       The new Bwana (role of whites in Black governments)
         WND204   05       US troops train with Zaire forces
         WND204   05       Winnie Mandela refuses to watch film about her
         WND204   05       Yearn for colonialism (Uganda worse off after independence)
         WND204   06       Apeman can be created (genetic engineering)
         WND204   06       Artificial life (new challenge for scientists)
         WND204   06       Goat? Sheep? No, it's a geep (genetic engineering)
         WND204   06       Mt. Everest not World's tallest?
         WND204   07       A pocketful of video (watchman)
         WND204   07       DAT: Because of price, new recorders selling slowly
         WND204   07       Flying light (miniature plane for commuting)
         WND204   07       Future (new superconductor for improved communications)
         WND204   07       Making bricks on site (portable brickmaker)
         WND204   07       Thwarting cyanide gas (new drug for firefighters)
         WND204   08       Airlines stressing teamwork to overcome accidents
         WND204   08       On school upkeep (sad state of Washington D.C. schoolroom)
         WND204   08       Sexual habits of teenagers, women surveyed in 2 nations
         WND204   08       US nursing shortage appears permanent
         WND205   01       'Men have forgotten God!'--Solzhenitsyn
         WND205   01       Solzhenitsyn (prophetic stance turns westerners off)
         WND205   02       Avert market shocks (Volcker calls for concerted action)
         WND205   02       Dow losses ($1 trillion since October crash)
         WND205   02       IMF cites Mexico in Third World borrowings (banks unwilling lender
         WND205   02       Kidder's cuts (Wall Street firm cuts 1,000 jobs)
         WND205   02       Sony expects 30% rise in net for the year
         WND205   02       Stock markets drop as dollar hits lows
         WND205   02       US Dollar intervention is dismissed as peanuts
         WND205   02       US economy (based on consumer confidence)
         WND205   03       Destroying the missiles (US, Soviet weaponry)
         WND205   03       Gorbachev (most popular leader in US since WW2)
         WND205   03       Great American hero 1987: Gorbachev
         WND205   03       Only 1 person comes forward to testify at stabbing trial
         WND205   03       Pact for peace (Gorbachev talks to Thatcher on way to INF signing)
         WND205   03       Raisa Gorbachev's visibility (controversial in USSR)
         WND205   04       Complex series of steps is under way to destroy nukes
         WND205   04       Reagan assailed by right (for INF treaty)
         WND205   04       US, Soviet Union sign (INF missile) pact
         WND205   05       Accused spy (Vanunu) testifies at trial in Israel
         WND205   05       Nonviolence is unwelcome as a Palestinian weapon
         WND205   05       Protocols of Zion ghost haunts Jews
         WND205   05       Saudis remove Pakistani troops
         WND205   05       US battleship heads for Gulf (USS Iowa)
         WND205   05       West is confident on oil (has huge reserves)
         WND205   06       Indonesian forests (disappearing quickly)
         WND205   06       Philippine rebels killed Americans (military men)
         WND205   06       Raising some sensitive issues (race discrimination)
         WND205   06       Rebel colonel (Honasan) captured
         WND205   06       Sydney communications still chaotic (saboteur)
         WND205   06       Talent drain in Asia (moving to the west)
         WND205   07       Afghans: Fighting as a way of life
         WND205   07       Nepal's slippery slope (poverty, inflation, little democracy)
         WND205   07       Politics of culture: Soviets upstage US in India
         WND205   07       Unusual bank elevates the poor in Bangladesh
         WND205   08       India gives Gorbachev Indira Gandhi award
         WND205   08       Madonna files for divorce from Sean Penn
         WND205   08       Many Americans getting morning caffeine from soft drinks
         WND205   08       One-armed bandit pays Californian $2 million
         WND205   08       Organic farming helps slow erosion
         WND205   08       Prince Charles attacks London architects
         WND205   08       Spain says Ilona Staller not welcome on visit
         WND205   08       Widow leaves $1,000 each to police force
         WND206   01       Eating with olive oil (health benefits)
         WND206   01       Long life linked to calcium in water?
         WND206   01       When you just can't wake up (how to get going)
         WND206   02       Base your investment strategy on the solid security of gold
         WND206   02       Ever more global markets (national economies linked)
         WND206   02       Gotabanken (Sweden) hit with substantial trading losses
         WND206   02       Stocks, dollar retreat on October data
         WND206   02       US trade deficit hits $17.6 billion, a monthly record
         WND206   03       Germans (being wooed by Soviets)
         WND206   03       Gorbachev's PR (a masterful job)
         WND206   03       INF treaty (first reduction of nuclear arms)
         WND206   03       Nixon legacy (re-examined)
         WND206   03       Russia (Gorbachev a good salesman)
         WND206   03       UN insolvency (US refuses to pay part of bills)
         WND206   03       UN war crimes archives (opened to scholars)
         WND206   03       United Nations hurts (financial problems, wastefulness)
         WND206   04       Consensus king (Takeshita Noburu, biography)
         WND206   04       Nakasone sayonara (bows out as Prime Minister)
         WND206   04       Tokyo land prices: A dizzying climb (chart)
         WND206   04       Tokyo's prices (houses only for the rich)
         WND206   05       Cabbies (in France) come up with shocking idea
         WND206   05       Germany's speeders (no limit on the autobahns)
         WND206   05       Storm zone (Britain, France) counts loss
         WND206   05       Waldheim reportedly backed Arabs (while at UN)
         WND206   06       American airliner made in China
         WND206   06       Bible plant opens in China
         WND206   06       China & Vatican move on ties (after visit by Cardinal Sin)
         WND206   06       China says limit on births ignored
         WND206   06       Chinese authorities burn reactionary tapes & videos
         WND206   06       Fingerlickin' in China? (Col. Sanders makes Debut)
         WND206   06       No China trip planned, Vatican says
         WND206   06       Persecution has brought out the best in China's churches
         WND206   06       Time limit placed on banquets
         WND206   07       Among Burma's head hunters (Christian Nagas)
         WND206   07       Doukhobors always win their protests
         WND206   07       Filipinos (individualism the national ethic)
         WND206   07       Why the overseas Chinese succeed in business
         WND206   08       At Northwest, a foot is as good as a mile
         WND206   08       History texts (in US) called big, bland, skewed
         WND206   08       Lloyd's to redesign its new London building
         WND206   08       Miss Austria crowned Miss World of 1987
         WND206   08       Priest says Santa Claus dead
         WND206   08       US fast-food firms to stop using polluting containers
         WND207   01       Americans (esp. teens) found careless about sun
         WND207   01       Intimacy: More people seeking emotional bonds (love)
         WND207   01       Johns Hopkins to form Mind-Brain Institute
         WND207   01       Occupational disease: A contentious issue
         WND207   01       Should a child sleep with you? (benefits)
         WND207   01       Study questions low-sodium diets (blood pressure)
         WND207   02       Bottom seen for dollar
         WND207   02       ECU stirs some enthusiasm as Dollar & US falter
         WND207   02       Facing up to the reality of the record trade gap (dollar down)
         WND207   02       New lows (for US Dollar)
         WND207   02       Recession can't fix trade gap
         WND207   02       The end of the second Jazz Age (US economic turndown)
         WND207   03       Hart (not a 'cold & timid soul')
         WND207   03       Hart (re-enters campaign, says he's paid for mistakes)
         WND207   03       INF offspring: Ronald, Mikhail (twins given names)
         WND207   03       In Reagan view, 2-term limit (for president) is a bad idea
         WND207   04       Gaza (Islam spurs on unrest)
         WND207   04       Gaza: Israelis have failed even to look for a solution
         WND207   04       Israel sold arms to Iran, papers show
         WND207   04       Rioting in Jerusalem (worst violence in a decade)
         WND207   04       Sharon defies criticism, will reside in Moslem Jerusalem
         WND207   04       U.S. Israel accord (arms agreement)
         WND207   04       Unrest in Gaza
         WND207   04       Vote on PLO mission (to UN)
         WND207   05       ASEAN looks toward Japan (for investment)
         WND207   05       At the Manila summit (ASEAN leaders wary of PI Communists)
         WND207   05       Cam Ranh (Soviet base in Vietnam)
         WND207   05       Japan promises ASEAN (economic development)
         WND207   05       Japan's new leader (Takeshita)
         WND207   05       Malaysia tightening press laws
         WND207   06       10 inmates with AIDS released early in NY
         WND207   06       AMA duty to AIDS (to treat those with AIDS)
         WND207   06       Bishops (Catholic) clarify stance on condoms
         WND207   06       Euthanasia plea for AIDS cases
         WND207   06       Experts doubt that Asia can escape AIDS spread
         WND207   06       NY diocese bars condoms
         WND207   06       Rise expected in child AIDS (in US)
         WND207   06       Risk of AIDS is reported high for US teenagers
         WND207   07       Cold comfort for summer skiers (indoor slope in Japan)
         WND207   07       Hold down air fares (tips for ticket discounts)
         WND207   07       The eternal visa game (passport & visa tips for travelers)
         WND207   08       Charles Schulz, creator of Peanuts, draws his own strips
         WND207   08       Chicken soup lives up to reputation as Jewish penicillin
         WND207   08       Geldof warns of another famine in Ethiopia
         WND207   08       Juliet Prowse bitten by leopard twice
         WND207   08       North named most 'dubious man of the year'
         WND207   08       Only heads of government get motorcades in Paris
         WND207   08       Rent-a-demonstration in West Germany
         WND207   08       State militia commander had two wives, led two lives
         WND207   08       Swedish politicians roam streets to give AIDS warnings
         WND207   08       US Navy men may now carry black umbrellas
         WND207   08       US doctors' income now almost $120,000 annually
         WND207   08       US has lowest voter turnout rate in 28 nations
         WND208   01       The curtain goes up on Europe's new currency (ECU)
         WND208   02       A lone voice of warning (on coming crash)
         WND208   02       Gold (keeps its value)
         WND208   02       Gold coin sales soar
         WND208   02       How pure is pure (gold)
         WND208   02       In Market crash, Prince Charles lost 7 million pounds
         WND208   02       Pop goes the psychology (psychology of investors)
         WND208   03       Ancient ceremony (Torah read at Wailing Wall)
         WND208   03       For Palestinians, changing of the guard (youth taking over)
         WND208   03       The angry young men of Gaza (Palestinian youth)
         WND208   03       Zealots battle for sacred site (Temple mount)
         WND208   04       Deepening shadows in Israel (Jews holding to status quo)
         WND208   04       Egypt expands its role in Gulf
         WND208   04       King Hussein is welcomed in the Soviet Union
         WND208   04       Moslems riot in Egypt
         WND208   04       Palestinians in Gaza (unwanted people)
         WND208   04       Reports anger Israel (Western media coverage in Israel)
         WND208   04       Tunisia & Libya are to restore ties
         WND208   04       West Bank uprising
         WND208   05       Boesky sentenced (for Wall Street crime)
         WND208   05       Church & state (Americans uneasy about Christian politicians)
         WND208   05       Deaver (convicted of lying under oath)
         WND208   05       Futurologists (Predictions for the future)
         WND208   05       Robertson reprise (Christian campaign statements)
         WND208   05       The 1988 race (campaign analysis)
         WND208   06       Cory's kin (millionaires)
         WND208   06       In India, happy synchronicity (royal wedding)
         WND208   06       India (Indian personality)
         WND208   06       Philippine disaster (ship collision)
         WND208   06       Sea disasters this century
         WND208   06       Singapore limits Far Eastern Review (had anti-government statement
         WND208   07       Austrian anti-Semitism (resurgent)
         WND208   07       Interpol (Moves office; how it works)
         WND208   07       Mafia a major force (in Italy)
         WND208   07       UK hid details of nuclear fire in 1950s
         WND208   07       Waldheim (attacked at home & abroad)
         WND208   08       $20 million complex dedicated to Bob Hope
         WND208   08       Chief English rabbi now in House of Lords
         WND208   08       Duchess of York gets helicopter pilot's wings
         WND208   08       Frankfurt court backs center on surrogacy
         WND208   08       Hero gets award, splits it with policeman
         WND208   08       Hotel recovers $300,000 in jewelry thrown out
         WND208   08       Italy clears way for former queen to return
         WND208   08       Jane Fonda turns 50
         WND208   08       Pope eats with homeless in shelter
         WND209   01       Contact lens care (cleaning, health tips)
         WND209   01       Dare to be vulnerable (openness & honesty, human relations)
         WND209   02       Banker urges stronger role for ECU, Yen
         WND209   02       Big loss (Mellon Bank)
         WND209   02       FDIC faces first loss in 54 years
         WND209   02       Missing dog named 'lucky'
         WND209   02       Tax pact (between European nations, IRS)
         WND209   02       The World turns (power of Japanese economy)
         WND209   02       World ranking--by assets--of banks (chart)
         WND209   03       America's logjam (US military spending)
         WND209   03       Bad Loans (Bank of Boston writes off Latin loans)
         WND209   03       Intervention (Bank of Japan buying Dollars) put at $37 billion
         WND209   03       Pay up & pay again (Third World debt repayment)
         WND209   03       Prosecutors find rampant crime on Wall Street
         WND209   03       UCLA economists say US has already begun recession
         WND209   04       A year of scandals (Reagan & his administration)
         WND209   04       For Reagan, it's uphill (Economic problems need action)
         WND209   04       Problema? (Gorby's Russian reply to Reagan not so nice)
         WND209   04       Refugee aid to France? (schools for African Jews)
         WND209   04       Terrorism rise against US
         WND209   04       The 21st Century is near
         WND209   04       US shuttle launchings (more delay)
         WND209   05       Bhutto setback (in local elections)
         WND209   05       Fundamentalists accused of banditry & murder (Afghanistan)
         WND209   05       Immigration to Israel is up (but not as many Sov. Jews)
         WND209   05       Iran's bloody rhetoric... (Iran & Islam in the Mideast)
         WND209   05       Libya-Malaysia agreement
         WND209   06       Americans who clean up in Japan (gomi collectors)
         WND209   06       Caller ID device approved in New Jersey
         WND209   06       Embassies ask Tokyo for help on rising rents
         WND209   06       Kim Young Sam joins in blaming himself in defeat
         WND209   06       Loser offers apologies to Korean voters
         WND209   06       The craziest inch (value of Japanese real estate)
         WND209   07       Chemoprevention (vitamin therapy against cancer)
         WND209   07       Childish migraines
         WND209   07       Disease of the century (AIDS in Africa)
         WND209   07       Exercise for over-55's
         WND209   07       Hazards of smoking (on pregnant women)
         WND209   07       Inheriting alcoholism
         WND209   07       Reducing blood pressure (exercise)
         WND209   07       Salt's cancer link (stomach cancer)
         WND209   07       Spotting breast cancer
         WND209   07       Way envisaged to keep herpes inert
         WND209   08       'White Christmas' is all-time best seller
         WND209   08       Anti-smoking campaign, but US gives away matches?
         WND209   08       Hotel withdraws order for maids to clean on hands & knees
         WND209   08       Man arrested after picture taken in front of marijuana plants
         WND209   08       Man owes restaurant $5,000 after Christmas party
         WND209   08       Man who suffers from claustrophobia caught in elevator
         WND209   08       Mo Udall on humor: Be shameless, claim jokes as your own
         WND209   08       The changing face of Catholic schools (more secular enrollment)
         WND211   01       Christmas card: 'Christmas is weird'
         WND211   01       Developing a style of their own (children & learning)
         WND211   01       When humor can be healthy (benefits at the hospital)
         WND211   02       Anecdote: Only those picking roses feel the thorns
         WND211   02       Brazil unable to pay (principal on debt)
         WND211   02       China textile exports up 30%
         WND211   02       Crash (resemblances between 1930s crash & today)
         WND211   02       Global finance (will there be another crash?)
         WND211   02       Gold quoted above $500 for first time since 1983
         WND211   02       Manufacturers Hanover to retrench 2,500
         WND211   02       Semiconductors: (Japanese) grab bigger share of market
         WND211   02       Sony energytec develops new battery (smaller, more powerful)
         WND211   02       US bank failures highest since 1930s
         WND211   03       Class of 1991 wants money (most important goal)
         WND211   03       Scientists say US hid 117 nuclear tests
         WND211   03       US teens gaining power of the purse
         WND211   03       US won't bar entry to visitors because of their political beliefs
         WND211   03       Wayward words award (doublespeak by govt., military)
         WND211   04       Gorbachev is 'unique': Carter
         WND211   04       Gorbachev tells views in new book
         WND211   04       Pravda shows SS-20 for first time
         WND211   05       75 Nobel Laureates gather in Paris
         WND211   05       A right to exist? (controversy of Thatcher's poll tax)
         WND211   05       French TV embraces sexy programs
         WND211   05       Thatcher (called ruthless, unreasonable)
         WND211   05       US jets to leave Spain
         WND211   05       West Germans for detente (with USSR)
         WND211   06       Beatings in Gaza (Israeli troops)
         WND211   06       Clash in Jerusalem (on Temple Mount)
         WND211   06       Emigration by Soviet Jews increases
         WND211   06       Israel calls psychologists (to help troops who beat Arabs)
         WND211   06       Israel deports 4 (while snubbing UN delegation)
         WND211   06       Israeli curfew (on West Bank, Gaza)
         WND211   06       Palestinians (their repression by Israel)
         WND211   06       Palestinians (winning war of attrition)
         WND211   06       Two leaders (Shamir, Arafat)
         WND211   07       AIDS may damage the mind (impairs thinking)
         WND211   07       China orders draconian measures (against AIDS)
         WND211   07       Fear of AIDS on campus
         WND211   07       Form of wider disease (AIDS a symptom of wider disease)
         WND211   07       World AIDS cases: 150,000 more in 1988?
         WND211   08       1 in 5 adult Americans has sought help for drinking problems
         WND211   08       Gunman calls, says false alarm, while robbing bank
         WND211   08       New test for drunken drivers in use by police
         WND211   08       Reagan talks about married life with Nancy
         WND211   08       Residents near golf course sue to have hole shortened
         WND211   08       What to say when he wants to know what the call's about
         WND212   01       Japan's bilingual youngsters (a benefit, not a burden)
         WND212   01       The bilingual family (over half the world's population bilingual)
         WND212   02       1988 UN forecast warns of recession
         WND212   02       Debt crisis: Gloomy report worsening
         WND212   02       Dollars fall threat to international economy
         WND212   02       Farming to be issue (at GATT meetings on world trade)
         WND212   02       Firms importing from US (Japanese firms manufacturing there)
         WND212   02       Gloom (decline of America as a superpower)
         WND212   02       The market (US stock market controlled by big investors)
         WND212   02       Third world debts rise by $70 billion
         WND212   03       A lie is shot down (US blast at Soviets for KAL 007 incident)
         WND212   03       Censorship in US schools is upheld
         WND212   03       Irish MacBride dead (founded Amnesty Intl., helped IRA)
         WND212   03       Job crunch (for Americans who don't go on to college)
         WND212   03       Pisa tower tilts a little more
         WND212   03       Survey reveals frustrated Congress
         WND212   03       The Thatcher phenomenon (her influence on England)
         WND212   04       Breaking bones to halt a protest
         WND212   04       Israel ('We cannot forgive the Arabs for forcing our children to s
         WND212   04       Khomeini makes appearance
         WND212   04       Occupation economics (Israelis forcing Palestinians into debt)
         WND212   04       South Africa parallel (Israel compared to S.A.)
         WND212   04       Soviet calls Khomeini a 'ruthless dictator'
         WND212   05       Chiang took cautious steps toward democracy (in Taiwan)
         WND212   05       Edward Teller marks 80th birthday lobbying for star wars program
         WND212   05       Fleeing in droves (from Hong Kong)
         WND212   05       Hong Kong's brain drain turns into a flood
         WND212   05       Out of Afghanistan (Russians preparing to leave)
         WND212   05       Soviets adapt law to end psychiatry abuses
         WND212   06       73,747 AIDS cases listed
         WND212   06       A variant AIDS virus reaches US
         WND212   06       El Nino phenomenon appears to be abating
         WND212   06       Fear of general AIDS epidemic in US waning
         WND212   06       Myths of the misunderstood infection (urinary tract infection)
         WND212   06       Sex & exercise (those who exercise more have more sex)
         WND212   06       Singapore kidney law (on donors)
         WND212   06       Study says aspirin cuts heart attacks
         WND212   07       Aquino's popularity declines sharply: Survey
         WND212   07       Dumb move by desperate Aquino (Cory a disappointment)
         WND212   07       Manila aid (held up because PI officials don't know how to spend)
         WND212   07       Year of the dragon is here but origin of symbol still in doubt
         WND212   08       A program to rescue the future at birth (education of mothers)
         WND212   08       Bob Barker resigns as pageant host over animal rights issue
         WND212   08       George Burns at 92
         WND212   08       Journey of pilot of ultralight plane
         WND212   08       Poet Allen Ginsberg mugged in Jerusalem
         WND212   08       Robert Redford to hold film festival in Moscow
         WND212   08       Story that bald eagle flew across Atlantic a hoax
         WND213   01       The rhetoric of sounds & silences (quotes)
         WND213   01       Time-saving tips for the lazy perfectionist (home care)
         WND213   02       Fresh plunge possible (of stock market)
         WND213   02       Japan asking US to issue Yen bonds
         WND213   02       Leading indicators off 1.7% in month
         WND213   02       October's plunge (of stock market)
         WND213   02       Quote: 'Nine years at ticker, 3 years in breadline' (Depression)
         WND213   02       Recession inevitable (say prominent economist)
         WND213   02       Stocks plummet (on bad economic news in US)
         WND213   02       Wall Street awaits recession
         WND213   03       'Just not credible' (that Demjanjuk a Nazi)
         WND213   03       300 Palestinians hospitalised by Israeli beatings
         WND213   03       As an American Jew (Israeli hypocrisy)
         WND213   03       Israel denies beatings (of Palestinians)
         WND213   03       Israeli terrorists vs. Palestinian terrorists
         WND213   03       Nazi guard's death (Demjanjuk case)
         WND213   03       Shultz assures Israel (of US support)
         WND213   03       There's no peace to revisit (in Israel)
         WND213   03       Under Israel's hand (Israeli atrocities)
         WND213   04       7 in 10 Americans say they go to church or synagogue
         WND213   04       Anti-abortion plan (in US)
         WND213   04       Boy stabs baby, inspired by (horror) films
         WND213   04       Child abuse in Europe (on the rise)
         WND213   04       Prince of darkness (new Satanic movie)
         WND213   04       The advantages of golfing left-handed
         WND213   04       UK banning late abortions
         WND213   04       Violence on tape (videos) worrying parents
         WND213   05       50 years of peace predicted by Deng
         WND213   05       China announcer's Mao suit stuns foreign audience
         WND213   05       China, US allies supply weapons to Iran
         WND213   05       Experts in Taiwan expect reserves to hit $90 billion
         WND213   05       In China try guanxi (connections)
         WND213   05       Madame Chiang (tries to influence Taiwan politics)
         WND213   06       A worsening crisis in Africa (debt, war, poverty & AIDS)
         WND213   06       Bavarian premier (after trip to South Africa)
         WND213   06       South African recession ending
         WND213   06       Spain says adios to US base (near Madrid)
         WND213   06       Switzerland reports foreign residents at 13-year high
         WND213   07       Latin debt crisis worsens
         WND213   07       Latin future grim (debtors on the brink)
         WND213   07       Mexico's recession
         WND213   07       Peace (process in Central America not being helped by US)
         WND213   07       US charges Noriega (indicted on drug charges)
         WND213   07       World jobless figures are staggering
         WND213   08       Bartender buys winning lottery ticket by mistake
         WND213   08       Drunk driving on bike a growing offense
         WND213   08       IRS working to find non-filing Americans living abroad
         WND213   08       Jim Bakker wants to open theme park near Coachella
         WND213   08       Mennonites block construction of road through their lands
         WND213   08       Pope Pius XII wrote letter of resignation during WW2
         WND213   08       Protestor sues for severed legs, train crew sues back
         WND213   08       Some scaffold humor from Charlton Heston
         WND213   08       Trevor Howard dies (British actor)
         WND214   01       A niche for the leech (proving helpful after surgery)
         WND214   01       A yes is not a yes (in Japan)
         WND214   01       Chopstick routines (etiquette in Asia)
         WND214   01       Divided by tongues (American problems because of their language)
         WND214   01       Insurance salesman: Few men die after 92
         WND214   01       MacArthur's method of counselling, leadership
         WND214   01       Office exercises
         WND214   01       Pollution fighter: Spider plants in the office
         WND214   01       Time stretch (management consultant in Heaven)
         WND214   01       Walkavision (new Sony portable TV)
         WND214   02       American spending (far beyond its means)
         WND214   02       Cops won't hook Olympic hookers
         WND214   02       Dole & his temper
         WND214   02       Golden Age of military spending may be levelling off
         WND214   02       Los Angeles gang wars
         WND214   02       Noriega (honored by US Drug Enforcement Administration)
         WND214   03       10% of babies born in US have foreign-born mothers
         WND214   03       Baron Rothschild dead
         WND214   03       Bishop of Shanghai released (after 30 years)
         WND214   03       Gorbachev's popularity rising: US poll
         WND214   03       Inter Khrushchev in Kremlin Wall: Moscow Weekly
         WND214   03       MX problem very serious (still an unguided missile)
         WND214   03       Moon eyes influence (over Reagan administration)
         WND214   03       Soviet vets bewildered (after return to USSR)
         WND214   04       A-bomb spy for Soviets dies at 76 (Klaus Fuchs)
         WND214   04       New versions of Boeing jumbo jets rolled out
         WND214   04       US inflation running at 4.4%
         WND214   04       Western studies alone aren't enough (US ignorance of foreigners)
         WND214   05       Beef 'n orange time again (US trade conflicts)
         WND214   05       Growing 'Me Generation' (in Japan)
         WND214   05       No longer sacrosanct (Japanese farmer, rice)
         WND214   05       The shrinking inch (cost of a square inch in Tokyo)
         WND214   06       Crackdown on Christian churches (in Asia)
         WND214   06       Flame of love flames again (90-year-old man weds)
         WND214   06       Invest in RP, US envoy says
         WND214   06       Japan largest borrower
         WND214   06       Japan's women (still occupy low place)
         WND214   06       Several gamblers fall on hard times (arrested in China)
         WND214   06       Sonia Gandhi (Italian background disliked by Indians)
         WND214   06       Thais to bar all Indochina refugees
         WND214   07       Brazil, Norway lead in renewable energy trend
         WND214   07       Helium, once wasted, is gone forever
         WND214   07       Japanese train takes lead (magnetic levitation)
         WND214   07       Magneto-optical disk to be marketed by Sharp
         WND214   07       Superconductivity at room temperature
         WND214   08       'Did you ask a good question today?'
         WND214   08       Big Band vocalists of the 30s & 40s honoured
         WND214   08       Dolls that prayerfully clasp hands now available
         WND214   08       Egg consumption dropping in US
         WND214   08       Emergency locksmith charges $75
         WND214   08       Michigan drops idea of 'kiddie tax'
         WND214   08       Police ordered to stop saying 'Have a nice day'
         WND214   08       Proposal for permanent White House staff for president
         WND214   08       Women can cut heart attack risk by taking aspirin
         WND215   01       Forget the marines--send in the mammals (military training dolphin
         WND215   01       Study shows how cats always land on their feet
         WND215   02       Gold hits the spot (more investment advisers recommend)
         WND215   02       Japan trading house sets up food barter with Soviets, S. Pacific
         WND215   02       Japan's banks dominate World
         WND215   02       Japan's economy expanding
         WND215   02       Japan's gross product fourth largest (1986)
         WND215   02       The clothes (Businessmen try to put crash behind them)
         WND215   02       World economic forum (Davos, Switzerland)
         WND215   03       Division of Jerusalem (coexistence collapsing)
         WND215   03       Israeli beatings (Israeli violence against PLO)
         WND215   03       Israelis can't pick Palestinians' agents (to talks)
         WND215   03       Libya vows to restrain US abroad (tit for tat)
         WND215   03       Occupied lands (Israeli justice in occupied territories)
         WND215   03       Panel Jewish (that investigated Waldheim)
         WND215   03       South Yemen restores ties to Egypt
         WND215   04       1938: A wasteful race (wastefulness of war)
         WND215   04       Internationalising from the inside out
         WND215   04       Japan will become power by 2000 (remarks by Kissinger)
         WND215   04       Most elderly Japanese prefer to live with children
         WND215   04       Working couples posing challenges (don't want children)
         WND215   05       5,000 Soviet Jews to settle in Austria
         WND215   05       A year of dragon babies (birth rates to climb in China)
         WND215   05       Collision of warships (in Black Sea, US & USSR)
         WND215   05       Demon conference (in Turin, Italy)
         WND215   05       How to decline for weary America (growth rate lagging)
         WND215   05       Topless club covers up bosoms
         WND215   05       World Jewry down by 1 million
         WND215   06       AIDS in 1 out of 61 babies born in New York City
         WND215   06       AIDS: Not the Black Plague (no explosion in general public expecte
         WND215   06       Sperm bank a growing business
         WND215   06       Stop AIDS (approaches tried around the world)
         WND215   06       Women fear AIDS (steer towards celibacy, condoms)
         WND215   07       Young girls believe in 'omajinai' to make dreams come true
         WND215   07       Zen (Buddhism) & its aspects
         WND215   08       Fewer math doctorates to US citizens
         WND215   08       Geese guards (more effective than dogs)
         WND215   08       Reagan likes jellybeans, Joint Chiefs go for candy
         WND215   08       The most populous US states
         WND216   01       Ant juice a cure for maladies, Chinese say
         WND216   01       Cat takes a 500-km. trek to return to former house
         WND216   01       Smelling your way to effective mood control (fragrances)
         WND216   01       The joy of sleep (health benefits)
         WND216   02       (Japan) reduces barriers (to trade)
         WND216   02       Asia-Pacific leads growth (in 1987, but slowing)
         WND216   02       China slashes trade deficit by two-thirds
         WND216   02       Chinese enterprise law set
         WND216   02       Extra heat from subway used to heat, cool offices
         WND216   02       HK exports keep breakneck pace
         WND216   02       Japanese firms put down roots in Dallas
         WND216   02       Malaysia profits from AIDS epidemic (rubber exports for condoms)
         WND216   02       Mitsubishi buys rights to 'key' (car doors)
         WND216   02       The changing yen (appreciation against dollar)
         WND216   03       New age sweeps America, channeling
         WND216   03       The Reagan legacy (debt, greed, low morality)
         WND216   04       Agricultural policy changes (in Japan)
         WND216   04       Japanese art of giving (outlook on charity)
         WND216   04       Settling differences (between US & Japan)
         WND216   04       Speaking of change (Japanese GNP, riches)
         WND216   04       US industry fears Japan
         WND216   04       Workaholism a problem in Japan
         WND216   05       'The Last Emperor': Movie review
         WND216   05       China made 40 million bikes in 1987
         WND216   05       Common Bible in Japanese coming
         WND216   05       Japanese kids value video games over parents
         WND216   05       Prince Edward starts stage career running errands
         WND216   05       Turning back to the religion of childhood (in Japan)
         WND216   06       Computer giants support research for 'X Windows'
         WND216   06       Fat pills, plastic autos coming in 90s, futurists say (predictions
         WND216   06       Relation of personality to heart attacks
         WND216   06       Sabotaged computers (viruses & their effects)
         WND216   07       Digital cassettes (DAT system, use growing)
         WND216   07       He won the battle of the bottle with refusal to swear off
         WND216   07       Limits of exercise (impairs fertility in women)
         WND216   07       New animal forms (can be patented, royalties charged)
         WND216   07       Some cities using curfews to control teens
         WND216   07       Wimp? Wunderkind? Image is all (image enhancement programs)
         WND216   08       'Eliza' recalls her own poverty in appeal for UNICEF
         WND217   01       Home safe home (safety tips, accident prevention, etc.)
         WND217   02       Family first aid (for minor & major injuries)
         WND217   03       'Thou shalt not criticise Israel' has been 11th commandment for Je
         WND217   03       Envoy regrets comparison of Israel to Nazis (good quote!)
         WND217   03       Israel peace rallies
         WND217   03       Jordanian accuses Israel (of tear gassing Temple mount)
         WND217   03       Middle East mission (by Shultz, but not to West Bank or Gaza)
         WND217   03       PLO veterans (rejuvenated by intifada)
         WND217   03       Pro-US Bahrain
         WND217   03       Unrest hurts Israeli sales to Denmark
         WND217   04       'Confucian' democracy (differences in Eastern applications)
         WND217   04       40% in poll say Japanese goods better than US products
         WND217   04       COCOM bad for business (between Europe & USSR)
         WND217   04       Cola fizzle (drop in profits for Coca-Cola)
         WND217   04       Debtors pay back $5.9 billion more in '87 than they borrowed from
         WND217   04       Japanese takeover (of US companies proceeding slowly)
         WND217   04       On Japan (mounting trade conflicts with US)
         WND217   04       Reagan leaves legacy of debt
         WND217   04       Recession due in 18 months (early 1989 predicted)
         WND217   05       (B)link to the brain (correlation between brain & eye)
         WND217   05       Chinese to welcome year of the Dragon
         WND217   05       Egypt's 4,600-year-old Sphinx suffers damage after sandstorm
         WND217   05       US office romance on rise with influx of women
         WND217   06       Electronic wind (instruments--EWI)
         WND217   06       Elvis not as rich as he could have been
         WND217   06       Joan Baez (making comeback in age of Heavy Metal)
         WND217   06       The computer as co-composer (MIDI devices)
         WND217   07       Falwell vs. Flynt (media 'freedom of speech' upheld)
         WND217   07       Passion of preachers (fundamentalists)
         WND217   07       Robertson support to Swaggart
         WND217   07       Saints & sinners (Buchwald sends Swaggart a check)
         WND217   07       Soviet film crew making documentary to honor Armand Hammer
         WND217   07       Swaggart 'rehabilitation' (terms)
         WND217   07       Swaggart (delivers tearful confession)
         WND217   07       US court overturns libel award to Falwell
         WND217   08       Caspar Weinberger gets honorary knighthood
         WND217   08       Jimmy Stewart honored by Nancy Reagan
         WND217   08       Lawyers waking up to need for clarity
         WND217   08       Sarah, Prince Andrew get in a few quips
         WND217   08       Supposed Kennedy mistress describes Mafia link
         WND218   01       Profiting with help from above (Christian businessmen)
         WND218   02       Overconsumption (in US has brought on massive deficit)
         WND218   02       Vatican reports deficit (for 1986)
         WND218   03       76 quakes struck worldwide in 1987
         WND218   03       A racial chasm (segregation still exists in US)
         WND218   03       Anti-nuke lasers still 10 years away, govt. report says
         WND218   03       Mojave war games (Soviets always win)
         WND218   03       Nastier TV spots (being used in US politics)
         WND218   03       US navy christens giant aircraft carrier
         WND218   04       A call for leadership (in business world)
         WND218   04       Anti-Americanism in Seoul (growing)
         WND218   04       Foreign investors (growing in US, financing debt)
         WND218   05       'Success' in war on drugs (but not according to facts)
         WND218   05       Colombia deal (government willing to talk to traffickers)
         WND218   05       Latin drug cartel (spreading power)
         WND218   05       Panama crisis (going broke because of sanctions)
         WND218   05       UN contribution (US seeks reduction)
         WND218   05       UN cuts (due to reduction in US support)
         WND218   06       An invasion by locusts threatens North Africa
         WND218   06       Chinese halve rat population
         WND218   06       Gabon: Still French (former French colony in Africa)
         WND218   06       Kenya ballots (voters not turning out for new system)
         WND218   06       R.P. offers investment amnesty (for illegal aliens)
         WND218   06       Schweitzer's loyal patients (in Gabon)
         WND218   06       Sudan depends on Libya for arms
         WND218   06       Taiwan (new president moving towards more democracy)
         WND218   07       A chronic poverty
         WND218   07       Brezhnev (statues being torn down, name erased)
         WND218   07       Expert finds Waldheim related to British royalty
         WND218   07       Liberalisation (not happening in China, says dissident)
         WND218   07       Soviet 'psychiatry' (& its many abuses)
         WND218   07       Soviet schooling (Gorbachev urges improvements)
         WND218   08       British rabbi appointed to House of Lords
         WND218   08       Italian husbands don't live up to image of Latin lover
         WND218   08       Knights of Malta to elect new leader
         WND218   08       Pornography rising in Italy, report says
         WND218   08       Prince Charles bans use of aerosols in his house
         WND218   08       West German wives not thrilled about their husbands
         WND218   08       Working wife still has to toil in the house
         WND219   01       Antarctica's late thaw (major climactic change, due to pollution?)
         WND219   01       Iceberg breaks off from Antarctica (so big it alters maps)
         WND219   01       US Earthquake (next big one could strike in Eastern US)
         WND219   02       Audrey Hepburn in Ethiopian tour as UN ambassador
         WND219   02       Food 30% costlier in Tokyo than other cities: Survey
         WND219   02       Foreign labor (in Japan)
         WND219   02       Japan biggest reserves (of any nation in the world)
         WND219   02       Japan's GNP tops US
         WND219   02       Japanese workers' living standard far below the US
         WND219   02       Queen Elizabeth gets pay increase, Britain's richest woman
         WND219   02       Rise in food imports (in Japan) rejected by most: Poll
         WND219   02       Tokyo home hopeless dream (too expensive)
         WND219   02       Verity blasts Japan for dodging responsibilities
         WND219   03       Big business of drugs (beyond control of any government)
         WND219   03       GOP candidate (Bush in the lead)
         WND219   03       In a drug war, US may hold passports (of travelers with drugs)
         WND219   03       Miss Texas wins Miss USA pageant
         WND219   03       New Thai pot (more lethal)
         WND219   03       Panamanian democracy isn't the concern (of US)
         WND219   03       Report says street gang levels in US are growing (stats)
         WND219   03       Spock (Benjamin) comes under fire
         WND219   04       A lifetime of service (Roh Tae Woo biography)
         WND219   04       Cultural gap with Japan (between Japan & US)
         WND219   04       Japanese military budget becoming third largest
         WND219   04       Soviet soldiers serenade Pope
         WND219   04       Taiwan's new leader has more style (liberating Taiwan)
         WND219   05       Christian Korea (influence of Christianity)
         WND219   05       Conversions in Latin America skyrocketing (to Protestantism)
         WND219   05       Satanic cults (murders by Satanists)
         WND219   06       'Jesus is Alive' postmark blasted
         WND219   06       Anglican bishops warn of breakup (if women bishops allowed)
         WND219   06       Pope criticises superpowers
         WND219   06       Robertson ads play down religion
         WND219   06       Swaggart ministries lay off 100 workers
         WND219   06       Teen pregnancy (panel promotes rather than prevents)
         WND219   06       Templeton award (may go to Muslim who's Anti-Semitic)
         WND219   06       Will Britain stamp out postmark? (Jesus is Alive!)
         WND219   07       Ban on 'obscene' Bible called for
         WND219   07       Ex-pretender to throne stages return to Austria
         WND219   07       Hero throws clothes, caution to the wind (to save girl)
         WND219   07       Missing historian halts Waldheim probe
         WND219   07       Move to take God out of courts (in UK)
         WND219   07       Report says UK computers didn't detect storm
         WND219   07       Subway train 'hijacked' (by passengers who refuse to leave)
         WND219   08       Astronaut James Irwin looking for chariots in Red Sea
         WND219   08       Largest cruise ship (size of Noah's Ark)
         WND219   08       Satellite photos on sale
         WND219   08       Two handcuffed prisoners struck down by lamp post
         WND220   01       International schools--facing tomorrow today (in Japan)
         WND220   02       Japan (needs an open-door policy, international schools)
         WND220   03       China can't afford beef
         WND220   03       Japanese eating gold (flakes in food)
         WND220   03       No to isolation (of Japan)
         WND220   04       'Barefoot revolution' can undo disasters (of foreign aid)
         WND220   04       American decline & Japan (effects of military spending)
         WND220   04       Expatriate Americans may lose tax break
         WND220   04       Many US banks now vulnerable to takeovers
         WND220   04       Money supply collapse could lead to recession
         WND220   04       US must stop borrowing (according to Volcker)
         WND220   05       In Japan, low-cost phones for export only
         WND220   05       Inventions (more patents to Japanese now)
         WND220   05       Japanese invest billions in Hawaii
         WND220   05       Obsession (of Japanese with pachinko)
         WND220   05       Visitors to Japan won't be 'Aliens'
         WND220   06       'Self-lobotomy' with bullet cures young man's ills
         WND220   06       AIDS rampant in US
         WND220   06       Blood not AIDS-free
         WND220   06       Experts predict decline in global birthrate
         WND220   06       New 'female condom' will be tested in US
         WND220   06       US agency reports on condom failure
         WND220   07       Gadhafi bulldozes prison's gate (frees prisoners)
         WND220   07       Kill in the name of God (wars waged by religionists)
         WND220   07       Kissinger urged Israel to restrict reporters (in territories)
         WND220   07       Palestinians (the wrong done in Palestine never recognised)
         WND220   07       War of populations (Israel-Palestinians)
         WND220   08       Billy Graham hoping to make it to China
         WND220   08       Campaign to save comfortable call box
         WND220   08       Catholics have $2.6 million debt after Papal visit to US
         WND220   08       Jimmy Stewart tries to halt colorizing of black & white films
         WND220   08       Police arrest author for theft of over 10,000 library books
         WND220   08       Prince Charles attends funeral of friend killed on ski slopes
         WND220   08       Satellite tracking of trucks offered
         WND221   01       How to stay alert (when driving at night)
         WND221   01       Lightning: Nature's terrible swift sword
         WND221   01       Sudden death--at night (night time driving)
         WND221   02       Campaign basics: Jesse L. Jackson (quotes, beliefs)
         WND221   02       Governor knocks himself out walking into closed glass door
         WND221   02       IRS target abroad (looking for non-taxpayers abroad)
         WND221   02       International law (now often flouted by US)
         WND221   03       Community of interest (European Community)
         WND221   03       Stakes rise as barriers fall (European Community)
         WND221   03       The countdown (toward European integration)
         WND221   04       Bonn may wipe off repayments (for poor nations)
         WND221   04       Disarmament to cause layoffs
         WND221   04       Japan can't forget MacArthur
         WND221   04       Japanese words (saying maybe & meaning no)
         WND221   04       Taiwan reserves (questions raised about whereabouts)
         WND221   05       Giscard (writing book about problems of leadership)
         WND221   05       Knights (of Malta) keep up an ancient order
         WND221   05       Lloyd's of London celebrates 300th year
         WND221   06       'The name of the Rose' (war between good & evil)
         WND221   06       New optical computer can program itself
         WND221   06       Rio hit by deadly disease spread by rats
         WND221   06       Writer-director of 'Hellraiser' horrors
         WND221   07       Asia population will pass 3 billion (in mid-1988)
         WND221   07       Burma is made up of many diverse cultures, religions
         WND221   07       Burma! (geography, climate, characteristics etc.)
         WND221   07       Indonesia said to have 250,000 lepers
         WND221   07       Philippines will require AIDS test of all foreign sailors
         WND221   08       $90 billion needed to repair US highway system
         WND221   08       Child flying kite caught by plane
         WND221   08       More judges ordering convicted dealers not to carry pagers
         WND221   08       New York City garbage collectors can earn $40,000 per year
         WND221   08       New products (of Japanese technology)
         WND222   01       Anxiety linked to computer delays
         WND222   01       Exercise the key (to losing weight)
         WND222   01       Feeling sick? Watch Laurel & Hardy (healing powers of laughter)
         WND222   01       Walking the perfect way to keep fit
         WND222   02       Defrocked, Swaggart leaves church
         WND222   02       Honasan (promises to stage new attacks on government)
         WND222   02       IRS puts tax bills in overseas mail
         WND222   02       Nostradamus quake (panicking Californians)
         WND222   02       Relative costs of Catholic priests, Protestant clergy
         WND222   02       The next crash you hear may be the US economy
         WND222   03       Dow plunges
         WND222   03       Fall to 100 Yen (predicted for Dollar)
         WND222   03       First loss in history (for FDIC fund)
         WND222   03       New Asian monetary system (proposed)
         WND222   03       Singapore launches NASDAQ linkup (stock market)
         WND222   03       Stocks fall sharply
         WND222   03       Taiwan major gold buyer
         WND222   03       US could cut fuel bill (by conservation)
         WND222   03       US factory orders fell .8% in Feb.
         WND222   03       US orders down (for durable goods)
         WND222   04       Prostitute to bare Swaggart details (in Penthouse spread)
         WND222   04       Swaggart book decries own sex impulses
         WND222   04       Women's fashion accessories that conceal firearms
         WND222   05       American woman becomes Buddhist nun
         WND222   05       French frenetic over hamburgers (fast food)
         WND222   05       Japan's infant mortality rate lowest in the World
         WND222   05       Japanese anti-Semitism
         WND222   06       400 women for kamikaze (terrorists trained in Iran)
         WND222   06       Israel bomb (& US role in overlooking it)
         WND222   06       Israel legalises homosexuality
         WND222   06       Israeli court gives Vanunu 18-year-term (revealed nuclear secrets)
         WND222   06       UN votes on PLO office (which US wants to close)
         WND222   07       Broken homes (effects of divorce on children)
         WND222   07       How to tape family (videoing old folks for posterity)
         WND222   07       Mixing child & codger care makes sense
         WND222   08       Camels--the most appropriate technology for Africa
         WND222   08       Former wife of Pierre Trudeau charged with possession of drugs
         WND222   08       Sophia Loren earthy
         WND223   01       The delicious, delectable pineapple
         WND223   01       We learned it all in kindergarten (human relations tips)
         WND223   02       Holmes' death linked to AIDS (porn star)
         WND223   02       Japan is opening (examples of how closed Japan is)
         WND223   02       Japanese videotape on imported foods causes stir in US Congress
         WND223   02       OK, Japan, it's time to pay (for US bases there)
         WND223   02       Society (analysis of Japanese society)
         WND223   03       'Dead' Belgian is alive, recuperating in hospital
         WND223   03       Aussie Labor defeated
         WND223   03       Australia to set up military base in Northern Territory
         WND223   03       Foreign developers snap up Shanghai property bid forms
         WND223   03       Land rights sold in south China
         WND223   03       Reagan quote refuting atheism
         WND223   03       Strippers tease unionists in UK
         WND223   03       USSR, Philippines agree to annual talks
         WND223   04       Israel (move to militarism since independence)
         WND223   04       Israelis, Americans must die, says Gadhafi
         WND223   04       James Webb, former Navy secretary: 'Lemmings great team players'
         WND223   04       Missile mania (in Mideast)
         WND223   04       Shultz quest (for Mideast peace)
         WND223   04       Soviets launch Indian satellite
         WND223   04       Syria (now a major power in the region)
         WND223   04       US widens support of Israel
         WND223   05       Drug pilot (on smuggling into US)
         WND223   05       Fund raiser lands on Earth after 517 days atop a pole
         WND223   05       It's thumbs down on hitchhiking
         WND223   05       Man who tried to halt Challenger is honored
         WND223   05       Teen pop (songs for teens by teens)
         WND223   05       Women's Lib gets a big 'no' in poll
         WND223   06       Britain war criminals (search for ex-Nazis)
         WND223   06       Briton says Waldheim saved his life
         WND223   06       Doubts on Waldheim saving lives (by Jewish Congress)
         WND223   06       In Brazil, the Caesarean way (highest rate in the World)
         WND223   06       Panama ruined (banking industry devastated after sanctions)
         WND223   06       Story of German war reparations to Israel
         WND223   06       US policy on Panama worries Latin America
         WND223   07       'Earth Mother' wants women to give birth amid joy & understanding
         WND223   07       AIDS downs 'Mile of Sin' (in West Germany)
         WND223   07       Jamaican tourist industry advertises climate
         WND223   07       Minor problem (hair care tips)
         WND223   07       Too much exercise reduces longevity
         WND223   08       The words (humorous slips by Bush)
         WND224   01       Jet lag (how to avoid, overcome it)
         WND224   01       Thriving on Chaos (the need for change)
         WND224   02       American tax money at work (what your tax dollars buy)
         WND224   02       Creditworthy (US slips to 4th place as a nation)
         WND224   02       Time is running out (to escape recession)
         WND224   02       W. Europe low-growth (growth slowing down)
         WND224   02       What's next? (Erdman book on predicted crash of 1989)
         WND224   03       Dreams of Palestine (state of Palestinians in Jordan)
         WND224   03       Israel turns 40
         WND224   03       Israel with China (arms deals made in secret)
         WND224   03       Moscow in Middle East (claiming peacemaker role)
         WND224   03       Palestinians are waiting (Israeli atrocities on Palestinians)
         WND224   03       Tear gas (UN accuses Israel of uses toxic gases on PLO)
         WND224   04       Israel (examples of hardline sentiments, actions)
         WND224   04       Zionism: Failed ideology (by one of founders of Israel)
         WND224   05       Japan, China to dominate Pacific, symposium says
         WND224   05       Soothe grieving pet owners (funerals, cremation for pets)
         WND224   05       Takeshi Umehara on (Japanese) religion
         WND224   05       US will lose leadership, but when? (claims author)
         WND224   06       Honduran bitterness (at US policy in Honduras)
         WND224   06       The ministry of morality (parody of US policy towards Panama)
         WND224   06       The unhappy hour (grim occurrences on nightly news)
         WND224   06       Tide of graft in US (drug dealers buy off US police)
         WND224   06       Younger Kennedy embroiled in shouting match with UK soldier
         WND224   07       Aquino rejects Marcos return offer
         WND224   07       Feudal Philippines
         WND224   07       Mother Teresa finds an ally: Mrs. Thatcher
         WND224   07       New Delhi police on pervert alert (towards mashers)
         WND224   07       Philippines, Vietnam reach accord (on foreign bases)
         WND224   07       Singapore (Lee Kuan Yew discusses American politics, apathy)
         WND224   08       Oscars (the 1987 winners)
         WND224   08       Spain to remember 1492 purge of Jews
         WND225   01       Television pitches violence as the key to success
         WND225   02       Amex warns of another crash
         WND225   02       Drain on FDIC (Texas bank failures)
         WND225   02       IRS sharing tax data (between nations)
         WND225   02       Latin America sinks (under weight of foreign debt)
         WND225   02       Reserves of Yen held abroad grow
         WND225   02       The Dow is misunderstood (what it is, how calculated)
         WND225   02       US funnels $1 billion (federal bank bailouts)
         WND225   03       Belly-button banking (Japanese spending, banking habits)
         WND225   03       Meanings of various English expressions
         WND225   04       Demjanjuk (found guilty by Israeli court)
         WND225   04       Gulf war (becoming more difficult to limit to Gulf)
         WND225   04       Iranians ready to declare victory in Gulf War & just quit
         WND225   04       Israel tightens curbs on Palestinians
         WND225   04       Le Pen (an anti-Semite, says former wife)
         WND225   04       Letters to the Editor on Mideast developments
         WND225   04       New US envoy arrives in Austria
         WND225   04       Religious, armed & dug in (Jewish settlers)
         WND225   04       Settler justice (Jewish settlers on West Bank)
         WND225   05       In Japan, twilight of the foreign executive
         WND225   05       Overseas Chinese (smart & prospering)
         WND225   06       Brainy folks use less brain energy
         WND225   06       Clone your own (advances in genetic engineering)
         WND225   06       Electronic cameras expected to spread (still video cameras)
         WND225   06       New communication machine for those with paralysis (pic)
         WND225   06       New firm to research computer language (ESP)
         WND225   06       Self-navigating cars no longer merely a concept for show vehicles
         WND225   06       Smaller & lighter: shirt-pocket copy machine
         WND225   07       Flowers you can eat
         WND225   07       Lions don't jog (jogging can be harmful, has little effect)
         WND225   07       Nader boycotts Lilly (English drug firm)
         WND225   07       Pregnancy doctor plans egg bank (in Singapore)
         WND225   07       Small snails learn at snail's pace
         WND225   07       Thai AIDS (15% of intravenous drug users infected)
         WND225   07       US records 90 million households (result of census)
         WND225   08       Pacific Southwest Airlines bought by USAir
         WND225   08       Reagan to construct chapel at Camp David
         WND225   08       Soviets have logged more time in space than Americans
         WND225   08       Veteran advertiser says radio more effective than video
         WND226   01       Jack Lemmon: Failure doesn't hurt--fear of failure does.
         WND226   01       Luggage lore (best types of baggage, packing tips)
         WND226   01       Misc. jokes & anecdotes
         WND226   02       Howard Ruff on the Japanese economy
         WND226   02       Japan-style management pay for Japan-style production
         WND226   02       Trade bill signals (protectionism growing in US)
         WND226   03       Committing the troubled child (teens in mental hospitals)
         WND226   03       How TV glamorises alcohol
         WND226   03       Why some children thrive (in midst of problems)
         WND226   04       Castro on religion (opening country up more)
         WND226   04       Co-ops to take laid-off workers
         WND226   04       Gorbachev tolerance of religion
         WND226   04       Soviets can now borrow to build house
         WND226   05       'Positive thinking' Peale still thinking positive
         WND226   05       Pimen (Russian primate) steers Russian church
         WND226   05       Templeton prize (controversy over award to supposed anti-Semite)
         WND226   06       In rural Japan, 'race' & 'sex' merge into controversy
         WND226   06       Little monsters (effect of Japanese TV on kids)
         WND226   07       Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia join together to fight locusts
         WND226   07       Data links obesity to use of energy
         WND226   07       Greenhouse effect ('80's temperatures highest in 130 years)
         WND226   07       Mubarak says Aswan dam may shut (due to drought)
         WND226   07       New Delhi drought
         WND226   07       Queen bees & chemical charisma (queen controls colony through scen
         WND226   07       San Francisco begins rationing of water
         WND226   07       Swarms of locusts threaten North Africa
         WND226   08       Billy Graham visits Great Wall of China
         WND226   08       British vicar wants to replace pews with chairs
         WND226   08       Driven to distraction (accident report excuses--auto)
         WND226   08       Fluoride cuts down on American cavities
         WND226   08       Judge rules school can have graduation on Jewish Sabbath
         WND227   01       Why smart people fail (Failure, relations with people)
         WND227   02       Black Monday (Trilateral Commission urges study as a warning)
         WND227   02       FSLIC overseer assures depositors
         WND227   02       George Burns honored with honorary doctorate
         WND227   02       Lotus chairman tops best-paid list (of CEO's)
         WND227   02       Stronger GATT, IMF (Trilateral Commission urges)
         WND227   02       Trade between US, HK escalates in 1987
         WND227   02       Trilateral Commission (to hold annual meeting in Japan)
         WND227   02       Vietnam bares new economy rules
         WND227   02       Wall Street slowdown (as result of Oct. 1987 crash)
         WND227   03       Abortion (Husband sues wife who has abortion without consent)
         WND227   03       American corruption (in government, city hall)
         WND227   03       Drug war (US efforts to stop drugs abroad, while US addicts abound
         WND227   03       Thai marijuana (funded by US drug dealers)
         WND227   03       Violent crime wanes in US (but still higher than Europe)
         WND227   04       A political time bomb (drugs, Iran-Contra affair)
         WND227   04       American standards (debt, crime, education in US)
         WND227   04       CIA brushing up on Bush's resume
         WND227   04       Churchill's 1941 ploy with astrologer told
         WND227   04       Fiascoes (by US in Central America, Panama)
         WND227   04       History 101 (schools studying decade of the 60's)
         WND227   04       PTL ministry loses tax exemption (from IRS)
         WND227   04       Reagan on Larry Speakes' unauthorised quotes
         WND227   05       Computerised altar
         WND227   05       Japanese in Sao Paulo
         WND227   05       Low crime (in Japan)
         WND227   05       Schoolgirl leaps to death because of study pressures (Japan)
         WND227   05       Sesame Street in Japan (Japanese studying English)
         WND227   06       Fund-raiser to restore synagogue in Hungary
         WND227   06       Israel's nuclear program
         WND227   06       New ID in Gaza (by Israelis, for Palestinians)
         WND227   06       Shamir says Palestinian rioters should be crushed
         WND227   06       Terrorist today, statesman tomorrow (Shamir)
         WND227   07       Belfast shipyard to build World's largest liner
         WND227   07       Dish dangers (formaldehyde released from melamine dishes)
         WND227   07       Erasable CD (announced by Tandy)
         WND227   07       Scientists define the 'danger hours' (accidents from lack of sleep
         WND227   07       Scientists in US develop pill-like thermometer
         WND227   08       Asking for 1935 video makes me feel my age
         WND227   08       Court rules parents not paying child support can be jailed
         WND227   08       Modest proposal (Beaver at Hoover Dam)
         WND227   08       US Military use of German cars stirs controversy
         WND228   01       Don't overmanage (office, working atmosphere)
         WND228   01       Stress: Techonstress; Not all Bad
         WND228   02       'And now, on TV live from Mt. Everest...'
         WND228   02       Chernobyl (is now safe)
         WND228   02       Chief investigator of Chernobyl accident dies
         WND228   02       Hungary's open door (one of freest East Bloc nations)
         WND228   02       Mysticism in Moscow (astrology, faith healers)
         WND228   02       Soviets said to cut Pacific forces
         WND228   02       The 'Big Mac' hits Belgrade
         WND228   03       Australia mulls Soviet plea on fishing fleet
         WND228   03       Getting things done: Bend with the bureaucracy
         WND228   03       Japan failing to fulfill international role: US poll
         WND228   03       S.Koreans confront new political landscape
         WND228   03       Soviet envoy assumes US houses nuclear arms in Philippines
         WND228   04       A sea of red tape clogs Bangladesh
         WND228   04       Fast food boom is slowing down
         WND228   04       Heroin crop thrives on Afghan border
         WND228   04       Philippine bases (negotiating new treaty)
         WND228   04       Philippine slums
         WND228   04       Singapore court turns down paper (Asian Wall Street Journal)
         WND228   04       US seeks alternative bases in Asia
         WND228   05       Japan on war (official says Japan not aggressor in WW2)
         WND228   05       Japanese doctor to head World Health agency
         WND228   05       Misunderstandings (Essay on Japan, int'l relations, AC reign!)
         WND228   06       Christian Network (CBN, of Pat Robertson)
         WND228   06       Religion is thriving in Mozambique
         WND228   06       River Phoenix (his rise to stardom)
         WND228   06       US Methodists back abortion right
         WND228   07       Drug in Japan inhibits HIV
         WND228   07       Legalised narcotics (the possibilities of legalising in US)
         WND228   07       Liberal comeback (in US, after Reagan years)
         WND228   08       'Der Himmel Uber Berlin' (The Lord over Berlin--Angels)
         WND228   08       Danish women allowed in combat units this year
         WND228   08       Teenagers taking on more kitchen chores with parents gone
         WND229   01       Fat Busters (chart of lower-calorie foods for losing weight)
         WND229   01       The sensational soybean (inc. health benefits)
         WND229   02       Businessmen favor 'China-type' zone (in USSR)
         WND229   02       Changes in US (over next 20 years will be massive)
         WND229   02       Japan paying the most for goods, services
         WND229   02       Japanese invest heavily at US Treasury auction
         WND229   02       Plan for recession (conference delegates pessimistic)
         WND229   02       ROK won (currency appreciating in value)
         WND229   02       Recession (West trying measures to prevent it)
         WND229   02       US-Europe farm flap (Conflict over European subsidies)
         WND229   02       Wall Street's deep credibility crisis (loss of faith)
         WND229   03       Americans soften views of Soviet Union: Survey
         WND229   03       Give Jaruzelski a chance (to reform Poland slowly)
         WND229   03       Iran's leaders wishes death for Reagan, Iraq's Hussein
         WND229   03       Khomeini, masses, turn out to vote in runoff elections
         WND229   03       Moslems naming child Ayatollah worries Soviet officials
         WND229   04       Afghan toll (Death toll of Soviet soldiers)
         WND229   04       Afghan war (Things worse once Soviets leave)
         WND229   04       Afghans give Soviets lessons (in battlefield tactics)
         WND229   04       Defeat for the Soviets (in Afghanistan)
         WND229   04       Gorbachev forcing turnover in Soviet leadership
         WND229   04       Prince's bodyguard: 'Don't have to be a sissy to love Jesus'
         WND229   04       Soviet policy on cost basis (lessons of Afghanistan)
         WND229   05       Israel braces for locust onslaught
         WND229   05       Israel reprimands soldier (for murder of Palestinian)
         WND229   05       Israeli Army cancels live broadcast of Joan Baez
         WND229   05       Joan Baez in Israel to give concert
         WND229   05       Justice in Israel (detention of Palestinians without trial)
         WND229   05       Palestinian uprising causing massive losses for Israel
         WND229   06       AIDS not a divine curse, according to Methodists
         WND229   06       Jackson (Jesse) a winner already (in changing attitudes)
         WND229   06       Kitty Dukakis (excitable, once dependent on diet pills)
         WND229   06       New chocolate that won't melt in hot weather
         WND229   06       Senate police get their man: Oliver North (serve subpoena)
         WND229   06       Thatcher's Bible-quoting (to defend policies)
         WND229   07       For the future express (magnetically levitating trains)
         WND229   07       High-tech service for fashion (computerised mirror)
         WND229   07       Microtools: Small things (possible uses in medicine)
         WND229   07       Scientists try to halt deterioration of the Sphinx
         WND229   08       Bar soap: A health hazard (liquid soap better)
         WND229   08       Drought in US continues
         WND229   08       FBI kept file on teen who wrote other countries
         WND229   08       Michael Jackson opens 'Bad' Tour in Rome
         WND229   08       Michael Jackson to buy $28 million ranch in California
         WND229   08       Potato farmer digs up $2 million diamond in back yard
         WND229   08       Substitute ballerina wins London ovation
         WND230   01       Preventing electrical accidents (inc. safety tips for children)
         WND230   02       Some basic principles of electrical safety
         WND230   02       Summer health & safety hazards (esp. for children)
         WND230   03       A Jew's misdeed (embezzling Holocaust funds)
         WND230   03       Israel authorizes Mormon Institute
         WND230   03       Manila graft (at Immigrations)
         WND230   03       Tehran threatens to stop flow of oil (through Gulf)
         WND230   03       The State of Palestine
         WND230   04       'White collar criminals often find God when convicted'
         WND230   04       Drug issue in US (exploited by press, politicians)
         WND230   04       Gay groups support Jackson over Dukakis
         WND230   04       Jerusalem is Israel's, Dukakis says
         WND230   04       Reagan doesn't repudiate astrology
         WND230   04       Rights risk cited in US drug powers
         WND230   04       US High Court decides police can search trash
         WND230   05       Border checkpoints on ACA watch list
         WND230   05       Fire guts RP's Shoemart store
         WND230   05       Laurel for vote on bases
         WND230   05       Phuket, where you play
         WND230   05       Tokyo Toe (Order & precision in Tokyo)
         WND230   05       US university campus opened (in Japan)
         WND230   06       Benazir Bhutto expecting baby at end of year
         WND230   06       Church pedophilia (esp. among Catholics)
         WND230   06       Mother Teresa opens mission in San Francisco
         WND230   06       Penthouse to do pix of Swaggart's prostitute
         WND230   06       Religious publisher drops book on homosexuality
         WND230   06       Swaggart back (in pulpit after scandal)
         WND230   06       The eternal science of yoga (demon possession)
         WND230   07       Boxer shorts reverse infertility
         WND230   07       Census taker knocking on backwoods shack
         WND230   07       Drug seen to curb craving for cigarettes
         WND230   07       Gamblers cured at Swedish center
         WND230   07       Sahara once tropical, heavily populated
         WND230   07       Taking care of stress & nails (Japanese vibrator)
         WND230   07       World population seen to hit 6 billion by 1998
         WND230   08       'Hair' makes comeback rewritten for the 1980's
         WND230   08       Armand Hammer celebrates 90th birthday
         WND230   08       Ballet dancer accidentally stabbed in production
         WND230   08       Gorbachev's prose wins a Swiss literary prize
         WND230   08       Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey circus tours Japan
         WND230   08       Service Academies (Military schools) get more applicants
         WND231   01       The near-death experience (testimonies)
         WND231   02       Christian Scientists plead innocent (faith-healing case)
         WND231   02       Fred Jordan, founder of missions, dies
         WND231   02       Hahn (Jessica) offers to save TV ministry
         WND231   02       Methodists ban gay clergy
         WND231   02       Religion laws on the way (in China)
         WND231   02       Soviet Union has to reckon with its Christian believers
         WND231   02       Swaggart makes fiery sermon
         WND231   02       Wilberforce dies, cat of British prime minister
         WND231   03       273 CEO's in US had at least $1 million paychecks
         WND231   03       Decamillionaires multiplying fast
         WND231   03       Decriminalise drugs (being urged in US)
         WND231   03       Jewish leader in Moscow (Bronfman)
         WND231   03       Survey shows most US teachers not high on reforms
         WND231   03       U.S. graduates march to 'The Internationale'
         WND231   03       U.S. strategists look to options for bases
         WND231   04       Kadar exit may boost E. Europe reform
         WND231   04       Kadar's departure (as leader of Hungary)
         WND231   04       Lenin under criticism (in Soviet Union)
         WND231   05       Gorbachev holds press conference (first by leader in USSR)
         WND231   05       Gorbachev's big problem (inertia of Soviet people)
         WND231   06       Gadhafi (eyed as suspect in terrorist incidents)
         WND231   06       In Korea, anti-Americanism (spreading to mainstream)
         WND231   06       Japan is warming up to Israel (increased trade, relations)
         WND231   06       Kim Jong Il a capable leader, ROK actress says
         WND231   06       Philippine nuclear curb (may affect US bases)
         WND231   06       U.S. military near Manila threatened
         WND231   07       Abortions improve performance (of female athletes)
         WND231   07       First Disney monkey begins training to help disabled
         WND231   07       Genetic engineering: Playing God
         WND231   08       'Kiss & tell' books on Reagan White House usually lose money
         WND231   08       England imports fresh yak hair for ceremonial plumes
         WND231   08       Fun & foraging for the animals at the zoo
         WND231   08       Growing number of air force members wearing earrings
         WND232   01       Let me give you some advice...
         WND232   01       On leadership (advice)
         WND232   01       On morale (between bosses, employees)
         WND232   01       The coconut cure (for kidney stones)
         WND232   02       As thrifts buckle in the US, repairs fall to taxpayers
         WND232   02       Farm subsidies increasing: report
         WND232   02       Gold boom will continue this year (1988: Gold as investment)
         WND232   02       Gold rush (US gold sales to Taiwan booming)
         WND232   02       Honolulu homes costliest in US
         WND232   02       Playboy favors leaner frame, broader interests
         WND232   02       Thrift closing: $1.35 billion (paid to debtors)
         WND232   03       A holier Russia may not be good news
         WND232   03       East Germany to aid survivors of the Holocaust
         WND232   03       Gorbachev agrees on East Sea-rim meet for peace
         WND232   03       Kremlin losing faith in atheism
         WND232   03       Politburo grants Estonia greater autonomy in 7 key economic sector
         WND232   03       Pravda touts success of Chinese economic zones
         WND232   03       Russian 'priest' turns out to be vagrant
         WND232   03       Soviet Jewish emigration doubles
         WND232   03       Soviet illegal grog shops booming
         WND232   04       A primer on Panama (Buchwald)
         WND232   04       Central America: A Washington fiasco (US policy failures)
         WND232   04       Duarte has cancer
         WND232   04       Looking foolish (Reagan policy in Panama)
         WND232   04       Those who didn't know (US training od torture teams in Honduras)
         WND232   05       Aquino's land reform 'sham' (pro-landowner)
         WND232   05       Gadhafi invites peers to go to Hell (at Arab meeting)
         WND232   05       Malaysian women campaign for release of 4 held by government
         WND232   05       State-recognised homosexual organisation opened in Hungary
         WND232   05       US drought (effects on Great Plains, agriculture)
         WND232   06       Accepting true internationalism (Japanese prejudice)
         WND232   06       Day care 'American Village School' caters to kids in English
         WND232   06       New rich, new poor (widening gap in Japan)
         WND232   06       Princess Diana's mother separates
         WND232   07       100th Jarvik heart implanted
         WND232   07       Micromachines may be the wave of the future
         WND232   07       New solution to put a damper on snorers
         WND232   07       Parents encouraged to help kids build healthy attitude about games
         WND232   07       Tomatoes that glow in the dark (genetically engineered)
         WND232   08       Landon's 'Highway to Heaven'
         WND232   08       New York charity group distributes free food
         WND233   01       Do it yourself eye test (chart)
         WND233   01       Frank Sinatra to resume smoking, 'to hell with quitting'
         WND233   01       Most powerful computer (new small supercomputer)
         WND233   01       The eye is a camera (how the eye works)
         WND233   01       The three O's (types of eye doctors)
         WND233   01       Truck driver wins 2nd lottery, spends $45/week on tickets
         WND233   02       Astrology vital in Thai politics
         WND233   02       Deng (wants more modernisation in China)
         WND233   02       Election result, big crash loss unnerve French
         WND233   02       Mitterrand (Future of France under Mitterrand)
         WND233   02       Noah's Ark is model for office complex in (Tokyo) bay
         WND233   02       Supersonic business (day trips NY-London on Concorde)
         WND233   02       Yeutter says majority of Japanese want beef imports
         WND233   03       Latin church seen heading for 21st century leadership role
         WND233   03       Noriega holds grip on Panama despite economic ruin
         WND233   03       Ricardo Montalban to appear in new film
         WND233   03       Satan's smurfs to be torched by Assembly of God
         WND233   03       Shining Path's No. 2 leader captured in Lima
         WND233   04       Momentous information (network of early Japanese Christians)
         WND233   05       American Express to open cash machines in USSR
         WND233   05       Miss Moscow (beauty pageant)
         WND233   05       Of God & Gorbachev (baptised as a child)
         WND233   05       Oliver Stone to direct 'Born on the 4th of July'
         WND233   05       Phone directory typo results in $10 million suit
         WND233   05       Religious leaders in Moscow (1,000 years of Russ. Orthodoxy)
         WND233   06       'Jewish conspiracy' book sales soar (in Japan)
         WND233   06       Arab leaders rally behind PLO
         WND233   06       Heroin candies new trend in drug smuggling
         WND233   06       TV mock trial finds Waldheim may not be guilty of Nazi war crimes
         WND233   07       Still hanging in at 133 & 114
         WND233   07       When half the World lives in cities (pop. growth)
         WND233   07       World said capable of feeding 10 billion people
         WND233   08       10 agree on 8-mm VCR format
         WND233   08       5 firms to sell videophones based on common format
         WND233   08       7 killed, 39 injured by toppling soda machines
         WND233   08       Car-top satellite receiver developed
         WND233   08       Soviet-Canadian team completes 91-day Polar trip
         WND233   08       Video walkman makes the scene
         WND234   01       Excuse abuse: Are you guilty? (justifying)
         WND234   02       Biggest-ever Sino-US business meet to begin
         WND234   02       Federated (Stores) sacks hundreds in drive
         WND234   02       Foreign investment USA (Japan extending itself, US backlash)
         WND234   02       Largest depositor payout set (S&L bankruptcy)
         WND234   02       Princess Diana wins parents day race at school
         WND234   02       Volkswagen hangs on to top spot (European car maker)
         WND234   02       Zhao tees off at Chinese golf course
         WND234   03       Greenhouse effect is here (temperatures going up)
         WND234   03       Pentagon bribery (military suppliers)
         WND234   03       Pentagon scandal (fraud with military suppliers)
         WND234   03       Tanned, rested & ready for '88
         WND234   03       US drought could be disastrous
         WND234   04       Pacific Basin Anti-American (trade disputes kindle ill will)
         WND234   04       Philippines: Father America (US influence in PI)
         WND234   05       Japanese economy (brilliant performance cited)
         WND234   05       Japanese workers said to top Americans in training, work ethic
         WND234   05       Report cites high costs in Japan (price comparison chart)
         WND234   05       Tokyo beef price (8.9 times higher than New York)
         WND234   06       Banishing bad habits through TV screen (subliminal education)
         WND234   06       Giant ants help behaviour study
         WND234   06       Seismic forecast on Greek island found very accurate
         WND234   06       Synthetic seeds yield lettuce, celery (genetic engineering)
         WND234   06       US Dept. of Agriculture growing coca to test eradication methods
         WND234   07       AIDS conference (mostly bad news, no cure predicted)
         WND234   07       Costs for brain-dead patients vary immensely
         WND234   07       From fingers to forks (manners)
         WND234   07       Tobacco company hit for damages (in smoking death)
         WND234   08       Bangladeshi students demonstrate over failure to allow cheating
         WND234   08       Jimmy Carter hard at work on urban slum
         WND234   08       Malaysian Prime Minister takes officials to fitness camp
         WND234   08       Mickey Mouse 'best ambassador to China'
         WND234   08       On astrology (born under hospital zone)
         WND234   08       Pat Robertson returns to CBN work
         WND234   08       Swaggart copyrights confession, upset at commercial use
         WND234   08       Sylvester Stallone denied entrance to East Germany
         WND235   01       Great business quotations (entire page)
         WND235   02       Gorbachev calls for new political system
         WND235   02       Gorbachev's role (as president of new Soviet govt.)
         WND235   02       Main points of speech (To Communist Party Conference)
         WND235   02       Soviet Jewish exodus rises
         WND235   03       Gorbachev enlists Russian Orthodox (for support)
         WND235   03       Jimmy Bakker says he has funds to buy back PTL ministry
         WND235   03       Just sign here... (Fundamentalists say Gorbachev AC)
         WND235   03       Prelate defies Vatican (Lefebvre excommunicated)
         WND235   03       USSR reforms bring religious revival, says Billy Graham
         WND235   04       Edwina Currie (Secretary of Health, stirs controversy)
         WND235   04       Holocaust revisionism (Jews studying 'no Holocaust' theory)
         WND235   04       Pope tells Austrian Jews Palestinians need home
         WND235   04       Waldheim to drop Bronfman suit (head of Jewish Congress)
         WND235   05       Exit Reagan, enter Takeshita (shifting World balance)
         WND235   05       Japanese anti-Semitism: A mystery
         WND235   05       Japanese women suffer from inequality in education, jobs
         WND235   05       Paying Mammon's price (Materialism guiding principle in Japan)
         WND235   05       Tokyo, Osaka-Kobe still costliest cities
         WND235   06       1 million Chinese kids are 'nonentities'
         WND235   06       200 million births prevented in China (family planning)
         WND235   06       China installs 1st bishops in 30 years
         WND235   06       China puts bite on pornography
         WND235   06       Chinese VTR production not enough
         WND235   06       Taipei permits showing of 'Last Emperor' film
         WND235   07       Improving on the diamond (diamondising glass)
         WND235   07       Memory chip shortage will worsen, firm says
         WND235   07       New Ariane 4 rocket debuts
         WND235   07       US company to debut new winged rocket
         WND235   08       Andy Wilson (kung fu expert) imitates policeman
         WND235   08       Caroline Kennedy has 1st child
         WND235   08       Hal Roach on Reagan
         WND235   08       Head street cleaner objects to littering in play
         WND235   08       Montana detective gets training in Los Angeles
         WND235   08       No smoking rule on planes make safety checks harder
         WND235   08       Novelist charged for book theft
         WND235   08       Origin of ferris wheels
         WND235   08       Reagan asks why anyone would want to go to Mars
         WND235   08       Tony Curtis launches campaign to restore Hungarian synagogues
         WND235   08       Traffic accidents drop 43% after speeders photographed
         WND236   01       Five rules of professional behaviour
         WND236   01       How to make your secretary really work for you
         WND236   02       British travelers allowed to use expired passports for short time
         WND236   02       Nearing the top as an aid donor
         WND236   02       Security (Japan's spending on US military products, armaments)
         WND236   02       Surplus into US (Japanese appetite for US assets)
         WND236   02       The Toronto Summit (Japan emerging as new power)
         WND236   02       Tokyo to create high-rise graves
         WND236   03       Homeless (their plight in New York)
         WND236   03       Reagan's aides 'bunch of stooges' (Iacocca)
         WND236   03       The summer war over nudity in US
         WND236   04       A Japanese 'Horatio Alger' (Matsushita)
         WND236   04       First Black twins to become Catholic priests
         WND236   04       Masters of mass (idol-making)
         WND236   04       The secret of our (Japanese) success
         WND236   05       Face-shaped Martian rock
         WND236   05       Manufacturers struggle to produce a machine translation system
         WND236   05       The eight great inventions (which made city life possible)
         WND236   06       'Mad, bad & dangerous to know': Lord Byron
         WND236   06       British Army traditions (unity)
         WND236   06       Britons may visit US without visa
         WND236   06       Centuries of rifts mark history of Catholic Church
         WND236   06       Harrods women on the carpet (for selling sex?)
         WND236   07       Agricultural running out
         WND236   07       Amazon attracts lumberers
         WND236   07       Present energy use 'unsustainable'
         WND236   08       Dutch bird hospital treats many patients
         WND236   08       Nippon Airways cuts collisions with birds, paints eye on engine
         WND236   08       Pandas may be loved to death (too many in zoos now)
         WND236   08       Pasta to have boomerang trip
         WND236   08       Project to issue complete Li'l Abner
         WND237   01       Elbows: A gauge for dieting
         WND237   01       For fat, villain's role again (need to cut from diet)
         WND237   01       Metropolitan height & weight tables
         WND237   01       Swiss cheesemakers have to sell cheese at bargain price
         WND237   01       True or false? Anatomy of a smile
         WND237   02       Feldstein calls dollar likely to drop to 100 Yen
         WND237   02       Jobless rate rises to 5.6%
         WND237   02       Merrill Lynch plunge 37% (in earnings)
         WND237   02       Philips laying off 900
         WND237   02       Reduce labor costs (US most effective in holding down)
         WND237   02       Thrift crisis: Taxpayers may have to bail out Texas firms
         WND237   02       Time to stop kowtowing to farmers (tariffs, subsidies)
         WND237   03       'Wrong way' Corrigan heads back west
         WND237   03       Agent Orange victims get payments approved
         WND237   03       Crime hits 1 in 4 US homes
         WND237   03       Foreign nurses needed to ease crisis
         WND237   03       Jackson dream come true? (excerpts from speech)
         WND237   03       Quake fears spur S. Calif. exodus (of Cambodians)
         WND237   03       Society's sex attitude
         WND237   03       US airports nearing gridlock: FAA
         WND237   03       US faces dearth of skilled workers
         WND237   04       'The trouble with American television...'
         WND237   04       Drinking age in US is now a uniform 21
         WND237   04       Pentagon dilemma (stopping graft vs. reduced flow of arms)
         WND237   04       Too long at the trough (Republicans in trouble at polls)
         WND237   04       Up in arms over arms (arms dealers)
         WND237   05       Bush: The royalty factor (related to English kings)
         WND237   05       Drought (affecting US agriculture)
         WND237   05       US industry rethinks water use
         WND237   05       Women win (in trade negotiations)
         WND237   06       Checklist can help identify skin cancers
         WND237   06       Skin cancer risk rises in US (avoid sun)
         WND237   06       The sun source of skin damage
         WND237   07       'Let's take the kids to the zoo!'
         WND237   07       Answers on drunkenness (responses to alcohol)
         WND237   07       Cancer warning signs (chart)
         WND237   07       Freeing the young from violence
         WND237   07       Most children don't need supplementary vitamins
         WND237   07       Ohio boy trapped in freezer dies
         WND237   08       40 people injured at rock concert in US
         WND237   08       A home computer: Fantasy & reality (have clear purpose in buying)
         WND237   08       Blasphemous 'Hail Mary' airing withdrawn
         WND237   08       Cat Stevens gives concert at Islamic festival in Israel
         WND237   08       Champion of UK belly dancing contest
         WND237   08       Elvis' empire continues to grow
         WND237   08       Population of Asia to reach 3 billion
         WND237   08       Queen Elizabeth drops in for beer at local pub
         WND237   08       Susan Sarandon on being feminist & sexy too
         WND238   01       40 winks (a nap) can help when under stress
         WND238   01       How much exercise is enough?
         WND238   01       Keep food poisoning away from the menu
         WND238   02       Cease-fire acceptance like drinking poison: Khomeini
         WND238   02       El Al rejects fat cargo offer (transporting pigs)
         WND238   02       Iran will open an embassy in New Zealand
         WND238   02       Israelis fly to Moscow (diplomatic mission)
         WND238   02       Liver cancer killing Khomeini
         WND238   02       Mubarak (picture)
         WND238   02       U.S. can't close PLO (mission to UN)
         WND238   03       Airlines skirting Iran
         WND238   03       Dilemma in Gulf (ships distinguishing types of planes)
         WND238   03       Fail-safe precautions inexplicably failed (in Iranian plane downed
         WND238   04       Hussein (King) yields to PLO
         WND238   04       Islamic comeback (in Muslim countries)
         WND238   04       Possible truce in Gulf: Israeli fears are raised
         WND238   04       Saudis will look to all for arms (not just to US)
         WND238   04       US Marine units dock in Israel (closer military ties forged)
         WND238   04       US embassy in Jerusalem (Senate proposes move)
         WND238   05       Australia is ablaze for bicentennial
         WND238   05       Beijing (Historical novel of China & religion)
         WND238   05       Chinese corruption
         WND238   05       Heat wave kills 83 in China
         WND238   05       Taiwan's Nationalist Party selects Lee as new chairman
         WND238   05       US pop hits China's air
         WND238   06       Drought tests Nation's dream (Egypt, the Nile)
         WND238   06       Fragile & defenseless earth (Demands of rich nations on Earth)
         WND238   06       Your dog howled all night--sure sign of death!
         WND238   07       Japan's choosy (expect perfection in products)
         WND238   07       Japanese anti-Semitism? (a Jewish viewpoint)
         WND238   07       Japanese taste grandiose (luxury products & prices)
         WND238   07       Man with paralyzed leg swims to South Korea
         WND238   07       Official requirements for permanent residence (in Japan)
         WND238   07       School's over, Japan (role of women in Japan)
         WND238   08       Matsushita's new compact laser said to produce ultrathin beam
         WND238   08       Outdoor video (new 8mm video recorder)
         WND238   08       Seat-back video (in planes)
         WND238   08       Tidbit: Another justice for the No. 3 club
         WND238   08       Video telephone
         WND239   01       Far-infrared rays (new commercial uses)
         WND239   01       That's kiss in the car, ride on the train (kiss & ride car park)
         WND239   01       UK to end funding for space plane
         WND239   02       Chicago's black leaders 'ignoring anti-Semitism'
         WND239   02       Jesse Jackson's long march (towards Pres. nomination)
         WND239   02       With the dumb democrats (satire on national convention)
         WND239   03       1938: A British pledge (historical tidbit)
         WND239   03       Dukakis (Arabs support Bush because of Kitty's Jewishness)
         WND239   03       English: The game (communicating between nationalities)
         WND239   03       Just how wealthy is Dukakis?
         WND239   03       Spending on US (presidential) race
         WND239   03       Sunlight may trigger AIDS reproduction
         WND239   03       US allies to take 'positive action' on int'l defense burden
         WND239   04       Akhromeyev says he gained fresh insight into US on tour
         WND239   04       Hungary (moving to free market system)
         WND239   04       Soviet Jewish exodus rises
         WND239   04       Soviets warming up to Japan
         WND239   05       Gorbachev warns (against European integration)
         WND239   05       McCartney USSR (coming musical tour)
         WND239   05       Pop's Prince reigns
         WND239   05       Soviet nuclear satellite to plunge to Earth
         WND239   05       US smuggling (of anti-govt. material into Poland)
         WND239   06       Aborigines seek support in Libya
         WND239   06       Israelis see no end soon to uprising
         WND239   06       Palestinian plank (removed from Democratic platform)
         WND239   06       Soviet Jews (must travel directly to Israel)
         WND239   06       West Bank uprising (cost to Palestinians)
         WND239   06       Worst outbreak in over 2 months on the West Bank
         WND239   07       Children (Jewish) blamed for fires (in Israel)
         WND239   07       Copt revival (in Egypt)
         WND239   07       PLO aide says Reagan sought hostage stall
         WND239   07       The birth of Israel (Jews not as altruistic as they pretend)
         WND239   07       Time running out (Israelis, intifada hardening positions)
         WND239   08       Charitable contributions a record in 1987
         WND239   08       Coney Island roller coaster made a landmark
         WND239   08       East Germany launches campaign to restore synagogue
         WND239   08       Italy's industry of crime: 1 million involved
         WND239   08       Mighty Mouse edited for 'cocaine' scene
         WND239   08       Public comment banned by town council
         WND239   08       Singer Sarah Vaughan robbed in Sicily
         WND239   08       Trump displays new yacht with marble bathrooms
         WND239   08       US president has a food taster
         WND240   01       Parents urged to understand effect of genetics on child's behaviou
         WND240   01       Science, politics & fads guide changes in child-rearing
         WND240   02       '89 US deficit put at $140.1 billion
         WND240   02       Computer virus destroys US data
         WND240   02       Geographic poll puts America's young on map
         WND240   02       Lost in the wide World (US weak on geography)
         WND240   02       More & more grown children living at home, marrying later
         WND240   02       Report revises odds of a major quake
         WND240   02       Teen survives Golden Gate leap
         WND240   02       Tidbit: Bring back KP for troops
         WND240   02       US juice fraud brings jail terms
         WND240   03       Convicts hear (Export criminals to Brazil)
         WND240   03       Mike Royko (Oddities of modern rock music)
         WND240   03       Mike Royko (Wyoming least populated in US, compared to Chicago)
         WND240   03       Oldster boom (US growing older rapidly)
         WND240   03       Reagan's mailbox (666 St. Cloud Road)
         WND240   03       States take up (Take more initiative as Fed. Govt. takes less)
         WND240   03       US Television (TV on average of 7 hours daily)
         WND240   04       Reflection on the Nakaya case (freedom of religion in Japan)
         WND240   04       The Nihongo boom (Japanese language study)
         WND240   05       AIDS scare: Japan to cut plasma
         WND240   05       Automated dry cleaning machine in NY works on credit cards
         WND240   05       Minister offers strict policy as father (of the year)
         WND240   05       Wedded bliss not so blissful, survey finds
         WND240   05       Why no organ transplants (in Japan)
         WND240   06       Blind teacher develops voice-braille data base
         WND240   06       Pic of how air bags work
         WND240   06       Pic--robot car in W. Germany
         WND240   06       Space advances for peaceful purposes
         WND240   06       Spider prompts aural surgery
         WND240   07       Hospitals cater to people dying for a Big Mac
         WND240   07       Liver cancer among men is increasing (Japan)
         WND240   07       Mental illness tops list for civil servants in 30's, 40's (Japan)
         WND240   07       Survey finds 80& have dental problems (Japan)
         WND240   07       Who gets jet lag (& how to avoid it)
         WND240   07       Woman's babies born month apart
         WND240   08       A politician's guide to Italy's discos
         WND240   08       Chinese turning to coffee in growing numbers
         WND240   08       Coca Cola contained cocaine at turn of century
         WND240   08       NY considering use of metal detectors in schools
         WND240   08       Singapore trying to stop urinating in elevators
         WND240   08       Yellow no longer Cory's favorite color
         WND241   01       Alive & well (customer service in Japan)
         WND241   01       Chart: Average hourly wage: 1956 vs. 1986 (& what it buys)
         WND241   01       Chart: Work hours to buy necessities in various countries
         WND241   01       Coat of many colors (changes color with temperature)
         WND241   01       Eye directions & thought processes (chart of correlation)
         WND241   01       Joe Girard (Use of mail min. thank-you cards)
         WND241   02       Economic boom (of Japanese economy)
         WND241   02       Electricity swap predicted by 2030 (in Asia)
         WND241   02       European-style value added tax (chart of how computed)
         WND241   02       Japan's tourist spending far exceeds America's
         WND241   02       Keidanren seeks abolition of food control system
         WND241   02       Reactions of Japanese returning from abroad
         WND241   02       Seoul-bound thumb debuts
         WND241   03       Atheist Alcoholic (protests religion in AA meetings)
         WND241   03       Catholic church denounces SDI
         WND241   03       L.A. suburb Buddhist temple
         WND241   03       Ordination of women (Anglican church)
         WND241   03       Pope takes a hike (poor security)
         WND241   03       Zia imposes Islamic Law
         WND241   04       Growing up & up & up (Japanese growing taller)
         WND241   04       Lost boy found in rugged Australian bush
         WND241   04       Natural beauty secrets East & West
         WND241   04       Return of the leech? (in medical use)
         WND241   05       Jessica Hahn offers to raise funds for PTL
         WND241   05       Pic: Norwegian royalty
         WND241   05       Swiss entry winds song contest
         WND241   05       Waldheim gets warm welcome in Jiddah
         WND241   05       Where holidays are a lasting pleasure (Portugal)
         WND241   06       AIDS virus may turn itself off
         WND241   06       All with AIDS virus almost certain to die
         WND241   06       Bonn reports AIDS deaths
         WND241   06       Herpes raises AIDS risk
         WND241   06       India to enforce visitor AIDS test
         WND241   06       Odds on AIDS (of catching it)
         WND241   06       Reagan orders end to AIDS bias
         WND241   07       Ballet of a secret Christian girl in Buddhist society
         WND241   07       Intrepid woman challenges submarine tradition (in Japan)
         WND241   07       Man puts bite on old theories in molar manual (grows new teeth)
         WND241   07       Man tells police not to hurry finding his wife
         WND241   07       Party press prints porn for Poles
         WND241   07       Process makes plastic decompose
         WND241   07       Stockholm rats hit 3 million mark
         WND241   08       Babysitting service provided by supermarkets now
         WND241   08       Beginning school teachers average $18,000 per year now
         WND241   08       Little 'swinging' in Britain's sixties
         WND241   08       Proxmire says better to lose election, depression coming
         WND241   08       Taiwan's divorce rate triples in 20 years
         WND241   08       Volcanoes in Japan could erupt any time
         WND242   01       It's, it's superbug! (beware of fleas)
         WND242   01       Lightning & life (effect of lightning on soil)
         WND242   02       Chronology of major events in conflict between Iran, Iraq
         WND242   02       Letter in Pravda hits working status of women
         WND242   02       Serious crime rate soars in China
         WND242   02       Soviet commission appeals for religious amnesty
         WND242   03       Japanese sense of uniqueness is viewed by many as barrier to busin
         WND242   03       Spurning refugees (US warship investigated for this)
         WND242   03       To question resurrection (job application form)
         WND242   04       Americans look into Japanese mirror (US Japan-bashing)
         WND242   04       Japan going from strength to strength
         WND242   05       Japan can be lighthouse (works religion of rich)
         WND242   05       Letter to the Editor (Japanese free to believe religion, not pract
         WND242   05       Reservoir holds floods at bay (huge drain pipe)
         WND242   05       Scorsese defends film on Jesus as prayer (Last Temptation)
         WND242   05       Weather in a box (forecaster)
         WND242   06       Japanese school in Tennessee
         WND242   06       Last US Playboy Club closes doors
         WND242   06       The glad reality of middle-school motherhood
         WND242   07       2 stern dads produce would-be leaders
         WND242   07       Dukakis the athlete rates W--for weird
         WND242   07       Giant pearl on exhibition (pic)
         WND242   07       I write down everything I want to remember...
         WND242   07       Teen-age years health risks (injury, violence, suicide etc.)
         WND242   08       A third eye (portable video with color display)
         WND242   08       International mango festival in India
         WND242   08       King of Thailand pardons minister for insulting monarchy
         WND242   08       Sony Corp to start selling World's lightest 8mm VTR
         WND242   08       The Lord's Bar
         WND242   08       US judge apologises to woman attorney
         WND243   01       Bouncing buildings (making earthquake-proof)
         WND243   01       By the light of plastic (plastic batteries)
         WND243   01       Digital paper
         WND243   01       Forward to the past (gramophone)
         WND243   01       How to make compost
         WND243   01       Inventors on invention (anecdotes)
         WND243   01       Porcine (pig) power (biogas)
         WND243   01       TV: The sharper image (new technologies)
         WND243   01       The view from back then ('No market for computers')
         WND243   01       Tracking long distance calls (computerised tracker)
         WND243   02       32.5 million Americans are poor
         WND243   02       Housing collapse (prices too high; rush of sales predicted)
         WND243   02       RJR plans to test-market novel smokeless cigarette
         WND243   02       US incomes shrinking, poverty rising
         WND243   02       US is losing high-tech war (with Japan)
         WND243   03       Agent Orange did not expose troops to excessive levels of dioxin
         WND243   03       Early Americans 'lusty realists' (liked sex)
         WND243   03       Florida hunters set to resume gator chase
         WND243   03       GOP's deputy chairman quits over Post article
         WND243   03       High-prices list has Denmark, not Japan, on top
         WND243   03       The known is better than the unknown (Dukakis/Bush)
         WND243   03       US to review 7 nations' special trade treatment
         WND243   04       EC with Soviet (trade negotiations)
         WND243   04       Miss Moscow goes public
         WND243   04       Soviet students prepare for US university life
         WND243   04       Soviets prepare legislation covering freedom of conscience, religi
         WND243   04       Tolstoy biographies differ in approach
         WND243   05       (Prince) Charles hits TV violence
         WND243   05       Anti-child pornography laws urged (by UN)
         WND243   05       Bible digest (verses)
         WND243   05       Summer: Trauma season for children
         WND243   05       Women, alcohol (drawbacks & benefits)
         WND243   06       Greenhouse effect (causes, effects, dangers)
         WND243   06       Scientists alert to greenhouse effect
         WND243   06       The greenhouse feedback syndrome
         WND243   07       Buddhist violence seen as problem in many Asian nations
         WND243   07       Friction seen in Thailand (anti-Japanese sentiment)
         WND243   07       New way to store solar energy
         WND243   07       White Australia (racism)
         WND243   08       British censor Rambo III
         WND243   08       Florida battles to save its imperiled manatees
         WND243   08       Jimmy Swaggart on pilgrimage to Israel
         WND243   08       Joan Kennedy placed on probation for drunken driving
         WND243   08       Princess robbed of $130,000 in jewelry
         WND243   08       Secret service men guarding Dukakis get robbed
         WND244   01       Grrr--anger a key to survival for ancestors, but suicidal today
         WND244   01       Solution of herbs found effective against painful fish-borne paras
         WND244   02       JAL jet ice (refreezable ice)
         WND244   02       La Paz is now a paradise for travelers
         WND244   02       You will read this... (self-hypnosis by tape)
         WND244   03       American workers (employed by Japanese companies)
         WND244   03       Dress codes (in Japanese schools)
         WND244   03       Japanese anti-Semitism
         WND244   04       Drought depletes rice (in Asia)
         WND244   04       Scientists warn that World is getting warmer
         WND244   04       Tanning services don't desist at tan lines
         WND244   04       The nature of the brain (wonders of creation)
         WND244   05       Hawaii's top hotels Japanese
         WND244   05       Western work ethic now on trial (US workers, Jap. bosses)
         WND244   05       transplants (Japanese view on)
         WND244   06       Faulty fasteners (nuts, bolts & screws)
         WND244   06       Is the weather trying to tell us something?
         WND244   06       US drought: Taxpayers lucky, may deplete grain stocks
         WND244   06       Warning signs (fitness nuts)
         WND244   07       Ecuador (reopens ties) with Nicaragua
         WND244   07       Ecuador enchanting
         WND244   07       South American gang sold 100 babies abroad: Judge
         WND244   08       Busiest superhighway interchanges in California
         WND244   08       Misc. short jokes
         WND244   08       Panama takes US pressure on Noriega seriously
         WND244   08       Special treats for dogs on French Riviera
         WND244   08       Teacher files for sick leave after golf game
         WND245   01       History didn't credit women, academics say
         WND245   01       How air conditioning changed our lives
         WND245   02       15,900 fired (in last 6 months, inc. Oct. 87 Crash)
         WND245   02       Luxury-car sales sliding in US
         WND245   02       Mitsubishi ships station wagons from Australia
         WND245   02       OAS cutbacks are foreseen
         WND245   02       Texas' biggest bank in government bailout
         WND245   02       US drop (in business productivity)
         WND245   03       55 countries to face basic grain shortage
         WND245   03       Nicotine a drug (Surgeon General declares nicotine addictive)
         WND245   03       Pregnant drug addict to have baby in jail
         WND245   03       Study links VD, lack of circumcision to AIDS
         WND245   03       US admiral's son succumbs to Agent Orange
         WND245   04       30 million Chinese face losing jobs (business overstaffed)
         WND245   04       Hong Kong merchandise trade up
         WND245   04       Sexual revolution stirs in Communist China
         WND245   05       Demos staged against Jesus movie ('Last Temptation')
         WND245   05       Picasso's hatred of God & women described in brutal detail
         WND245   05       Scorsese film prompts reaction from Zeffirelli
         WND245   05       Sun Ra: Musician or magician?
         WND245   05       Zeffirelli to show film at Venice festival after all
         WND245   06       A changing relationship (Japan & Australia)
         WND245   07       Church influence weakens in R.P.
         WND245   07       Facts about Singapore
         WND245   07       Japan is Singapore's second largest trading partner
         WND245   08       Car faxes now available
         WND245   08       Driving the nail home (janitor uses nail to win lottery)
         WND245   08       Her name is Beatrice (new baby for Duke of York)
         WND245   08       Jet engine project to seek 3-hour NY-Tokyo link
         WND245   08       New Air Force 1 for President
         WND245   08       New tomatoes most impressive, as well as tasteless
         WND246   01       Executive snooze good
         WND246   01       Neural computer research (Japan studying)
         WND246   01       Overseas experience (helpful in business world)
         WND246   02       Asylum in birth policy (In US for Chinese couples)
         WND246   02       Beijing site of first Chinese job fair
         WND246   02       Chinese second jobs
         WND246   02       Heat wave kills 38 (in Wuhan, China)
         WND246   02       Hungary Disneyland
         WND246   02       Taiwan No. 2 importer of gold
         WND246   02       Texas has record bank failures
         WND246   03       'Anguish': New film that claims to hypnotise
         WND246   03       1888: Foreign missions (anecdote)
         WND246   03       Airliner badly damaged in India accident
         WND246   03       Donald (Duck--racist & sexist)
         WND246   03       Peace is breaking out all over
         WND246   04       Doing away with borders
         WND246   04       Magnesium inhibits cancer
         WND246   04       Permission to cut salads granted (on manners)
         WND246   04       Top 10 business groups in South Korea (chart)
         WND246   05       (Garlic) shouldn't smell at all
         WND246   05       Chiyono Terada's business success serves to inspire career women
         WND246   05       Switzerland & Japan (address by new Swiss ambassador)
         WND246   06       'Largest experiment' about radiation (Hiroshima & Nagasaki)
         WND246   06       American Indian here (in Japan) to share Hopi prophecies
         WND246   06       Cervical cancer risk double in women smokers
         WND246   06       Development plans laid for speedy cargo ship
         WND246   06       France plans to give Japan a monument (symbolising communications)
         WND246   06       Massive layoffs (in Japan coal industry)
         WND246   06       Prince Aya goes to England
         WND246   07       Cuba's bid to lure Western tourists
         WND246   07       High-tech treasure tracer (for archeology)
         WND246   07       Human barcode implants made possible
         WND246   07       Two computer addicts married via network
         WND246   08       A warning to travellers (Crime aboard European trains)
         WND246   08       Curfew on motorcyclists in Moscow
         WND246   08       US firm recalls outlet adapters
         WND247   01       Famous wrong guesses (anecdotes from history)
         WND247   01       Problems into profits (anecdotes: People whom difficulty made grea
         WND247   01       The great dictation (Advantages of dictation, how to)
         WND247   02       Auction of Elvis costume, M. Jackson shoes
         WND247   02       Brandt (Willy) pleads for Third World debt
         WND247   02       FAO head warns of threat to many nations via
         WND247   02       FAO head warns of threat to many nations via debt
         WND247   02       Foreign investment in US hit
         WND247   02       Forgive Third World debt: RP
         WND247   02       US scholar denounces Third World aid
         WND247   02       World Bank hit by ecology group
         WND247   03       "20/20" seething (In a state of crisis)
         WND247   03       Alpharetta Mom working to rescue children from sex cult in Thailan
         WND247   03       Korean exam (military-style "cram school")
         WND247   04       'Old Stoneface' Gromyko (retires)
         WND247   04       Gorbachev named President
         WND247   04       Kremlin policymaker (Vadim Medvedev)
         WND247   04       Kremlin shake-up seen as display of Gorbachev's clout
         WND247   05       500 pay last respects to Billy Carter
         WND247   05       Better questions for the candidates (at Pres. debate)
         WND247   05       Izvestia pans debate
         WND247   05       Japanese-Canadians (apology from Canada)
         WND247   05       US Supreme Court shift on civil rights (& abortion)
         WND247   05       US students lagging in sciences
         WND247   06       Bangladesh can expect flood disaster to become recurring nightmare
         WND247   06       Haiti (Govt. not rushing into elections)
         WND247   06       Machete strike kills 5 in church (in Haiti)
         WND247   06       Technocrats at cocaine
         WND247   07       More foreigners working illegally in Japan this year
         WND247   07       Nation debates role of the Emperor (Hirohito)
         WND247   07       US wins few friends in Seoul, while Soviets prove popular
         WND247   08       6.06-kilo boy born to Florida couple
         WND247   08       Giant turtle (found in Wales)
         WND247   08       Noriega invites Michigan girl, 10, for Panama visit
         WND247   08       Prison officials get to bottom of sensitive issue (underwear)
         WND247   08       UFO sighted over Chile on eve of the plebiscite
         WND248   01       Phone home to your cooker: That's the newest in dial-up electronic
         WND248   01       Revolutionary new World map revealed (Robinson map)
         WND248   01       Scientists create wire-thin ceramic superconductors
         WND248   01       Stargazers beaming at strange cosmic ray
         WND248   02       Buzz, tilt & fly (new VTOL plane)
         WND248   02       Lake plan could transform deserts
         WND248   02       Pentagon decides not to admit to Stealth fighter
         WND248   02       Schoolboy, 14, will tell experts new way to fight colon cancer
         WND248   02       Warm sooner than expected (Greenhouse effect on Earth)
         WND248   03       Asia: Shifting (Balance of power shifting there)
         WND248   03       Australian poll indicates women dislike TV image
         WND248   03       Auto-free Albania (also free of pollution)
         WND248   03       Castro sees prospect of Latin revolution
         WND248   03       Secret weapon for Seoul swimming (new swimsuit)
         WND248   03       Show & tell (computer for the blind)
         WND248   03       Soviet irrigation endangers future of Aral Sea region
         WND248   04       Crazy Wear!
         WND248   04       Flower power (display in Belgium)
         WND248   04       Japan expensive, dirty, noisy & puzzling, tourists say
         WND248   04       Politico peppers "problem" prince
         WND248   04       Returning Filipino slips $2 tip to immigrations commissioner at ai
         WND248   04       Royal flush (pic of members of British royal family)
         WND248   05       At Ben Gurion airport, security is tight & rude
         WND248   05       Gadhafi to restore ties with Chad
         WND248   05       Israel, Poland start official ties
         WND248   05       Shamir blasts idea of Palestinian state
         WND248   05       Son to compile Khomeini's writings
         WND248   06       Japanese comic book hypes up trade fashion issue
         WND248   06       Punishing school grind (in Japan)
         WND248   06       September (1988) foreign exchange reserves soar to record of $91.5
         WND248   07       Games help South Korea bury age-old prejudices
         WND248   07       Garlic: The sweet smell of success (in South Korea)
         WND248   07       John 3:16 hits Seoul games
         WND248   07       ROK to be advanced industrial nation by 1992
         WND248   08       Guinness Book of World Records makes record
         WND248   08       Pumpkin earns ex-teacher $2,000
         WND248   08       Sao Paulo bans skimpy bikinis
         WND249   01       "Talking" grocery carts target impulsive shoppers, couch potatoes
         WND249   01       6-year-old boy drives Chrysler 10 miles
         WND249   01       Brain-like computers (neural network technology)
         WND249   01       Disney movies go to USSR for first time
         WND249   01       Presley's daughter marries a musician
         WND249   02       Crash (of 1987) humbling stockbrokers
         WND249   02       EC slaps anti-dumping duty on China brushes
         WND249   02       Mexican inflation rate hits 12-year low
         WND249   02       Recession this year (1988)
         WND249   02       Richest Americans
         WND249   02       Taiwan trade mission leaves for Moscow
         WND249   02       US biz leaders hit measures (int'l trade measures, US education)
         WND249   02       World food shortages likely
         WND249   03       9,000 students, supporters join Burmese rebel groups
         WND249   03       Drawbacks of bachelorhood
         WND249   03       Korea celebrates 4,321st National Foundation Day
         WND249   03       RP adoption laws may restrict orphans' chances to find homes
         WND249   03       Women (Problems which women face)
         WND249   03       Women have no right to whine
         WND249   04       Deadly new plastic bullet (pic)
         WND249   04       East Bloc warms to Israel
         WND249   04       English still Cuba's top foreign language after 27 years of isolat
         WND249   04       Sacrifice religion (Santeria)
         WND249   04       Singapore Methodist church leaves CCA
         WND249   04       Star of "Suzie Wong" writes own biography
         WND249   05       Moscow showing sex film
         WND249   05       Opening of Vladivostok
         WND249   05       Poet as anti-Semite (T.S. Eliot)
         WND249   05       Previously banned books go on display in Moscow
         WND249   05       Soviets to export impotence cure
         WND249   06       PTL buyer is interested mainly in its property
         WND249   06       Paisley's shouts of "Antichrist"
         WND249   06       Pope rules against women as priests; cites apostles
         WND249   06       Shroud of Turin is still shrouded in ancient mystique
         WND249   07       "Dear Abby" letter from adopted child
         WND249   07       Asia fights AIDS
         WND249   07       No Wheaties for '88 Olympic athletes
         WND249   07       Reader finds medicine instructions confusing
         WND249   07       Soviet Union reports first AIDS death
         WND249   07       US AIDS increase rate not higher among heterosexuals
         WND249   08       Extended-definition television
         WND249   08       Life's sweet again for Roony, 67
         WND249   08       Shoelaces? (Andy, the footless goose)
         WND250   01       Battery developed for electric cars
         WND250   01       Insert card & go (Reva, the new electric car)
         WND250   01       Walk 'n talk in Hong Kong (portable telephones)
         WND250   02       Bank failures (In US in 1987-1988)
         WND250   02       Brazil to sign debt package with banks
         WND250   02       Tough economic decisions said necessary for the US
         WND250   02       Wages below poverty level (in US)
         WND250   02       Yugoslavians become slaves to horrendous inflation rate
         WND250   03       Comedians gearing up for new administration
         WND250   03       Dukakis aide out after questioning Bush's fidelity
         WND250   03       Elite rivalry (Bush/Yale vs. Dukakis/Harvard)
         WND250   03       US Jews doubt Kitty's devoutness
         WND250   04       Death of Strauss (leader of Bavaria)
         WND250   04       Gorbachev faces opposition
         WND250   04       Kremlin almost sparked World War 3
         WND250   04       Physicist Sakharov elected to Presidium of Soviet Academy of Scien
         WND250   04       Satellite (Russian) burns up
         WND250   04       Soviet Moslems back Gorbachev
         WND250   04       Soviets may join UN peacekeeping forces
         WND250   05       Bhutto's child arrives
         WND250   05       Gandhi plans historic trip to China
         WND250   05       God choosey whose building He destroys (Pic, Nepal)
         WND250   05       Inflation, labor shortages Hong Kong's top problems
         WND250   05       Investigators say Zia's plane crash was sabotage
         WND250   05       Nicaraguan govt. bans US aid to church, groups
         WND250   06       Ex-Pinochet allies favor changes to Constitution
         WND250   06       Huge cocaine lab busted in Bolivia jungle
         WND250   06       New constitution in Brazil
         WND250   06       Uruguayan boy receives invitation from Gorbachev to see USSR
         WND250   07       1 in 10 Chinese suffers from malnutrition
         WND250   07       50 nations backing Palestinian state
         WND250   07       Criticism on US bases accord
         WND250   07       Cult of sun worshippers in Sabah
         WND250   07       Hard to open umbrellas on rainy days
         WND250   07       Immigrations (in Malaysia) to go on-line
         WND250   07       Tourist hordes now romp where Red Guard spilt blood (Inner Mongoli
         WND250   08       Amish & Mennonites build bridge cheaper & quicker
         WND250   08       Fitness center for New York City Police
         WND250   08       Lufthansa's Noah's ark service
         WND250   08       Pic of Elvis with Nixon popular
         WND250   08       Russian probe accidentally switched off by computer error
         WND251   01       Americans don't shine in solar system test
         WND251   01       Cancer surgery nets diamond
         WND251   01       Expert predicts major temblor in Eastern US
         WND251   01       Laughter is good medicine (pic)
         WND251   01       Spinster sisters bequeath $1 million to town
         WND251   01       UN has new Security Council
         WND251   01       US doctors reverse stance on Caesarean section births
         WND251   02       Bush overcame "wimp factor" in 10-year drive for presidency
         WND251   02       Israel lobby (in US Congress)
         WND251   02       Military's pessimism brought Iran to peace table, radical group sa
         WND251   02       Winning Orthodox groups press for Sabbath reform
         WND251   03       Anne Frank letters sold by pen pals
         WND251   03       Holocaust museum (dedicated by Reagan)
         WND251   03       Little done to prevent another crash
         WND251   03       Polls show lower US business confidence
         WND251   03       Soviets to permit foreign majority in joint ventures
         WND251   03       To survive in America, learn how to make sushi
         WND251   04       Japan's shinjinrui carry the nation's future
         WND251   05       French pharmaceutical co. to resume selling abortion pill
         WND251   05       Hope for AIDS vaccine is wishful thinking: Koop
         WND251   05       Japan's shinjinrui carry the nation's future (cont.)
         WND251   06       Japan & US will drop visas for 90-day visits
         WND251   06       Japan's invisible invasion (service industries in US)
         WND251   06       Japanese dictionaries encourage anti-Semitism
         WND251   06       More foreigners living in Japan
         WND251   06       Tokyo Toe: Vagueness as a virtue
         WND251   07       ABM treaty threatened
         WND251   07       How the Jews invented Hollywood
         WND251   07       Oswald's widow says assassin didn't act alone
         WND251   07       Sweeping drug bill (in US)
         WND251   07       Texas boy saves playmate after gasoline explosion
         WND251   07       US to roll out Stealth bomber
         WND251   08       BBC revamp
         WND251   08       Buskers accept credit cards
         WND251   08       Unconscious skydiver saved from death
         WND252   01       "War of the Worlds" causes panic
         WND252   01       African locusts found for first time in Caribbean after crossing A
         WND252   01       Computer system recognises voices
         WND252   01       Pain: A nervous condition
         WND252   02       Computer "virus" (attacks military research network)
         WND252   02       Justice Dept. says 2% of US adults are under correctional supervis
         WND252   02       US had better watch it: Dollar may soon have to make way for Yen
         WND252   03       Cultural center for Soviet Jews to be built in Moscow
         WND252   03       Dobrynin new policy adviser
         WND252   03       Jewish leader in GDR (E. Germany)
         WND252   03       Soviet theater director optimistic about revival of Jewish culture
         WND252   03       Speech on Nazism's appeal (in W. German Parliament)
         WND252   04       European Parliament wants more power
         WND252   04       Hacker breaks into secret computer files of Belgium's Prime Minist
         WND252   04       If ignorance is bliss, the British are happy
         WND252   04       Soviet arms negotiator promoted
         WND252   04       With their "metal mules", Swiss don't need missiles (bicycles)
         WND252   05       Britons condemn gay relations
         WND252   05       Costume condoms (worn as jewelry)
         WND252   05       It's an icosahedron (Pic of AIDS virus)
         WND252   05       Jordan featured on Wheaties box
         WND252   05       Report claims 150,000 new AIDS cases expected in 1988
         WND252   05       US survey finds many men promiscuous
         WND252   06       Bhutan king weds 4 sisters for second time
         WND252   06       Galtieri, 2 others sentenced to 12 years
         WND252   06       King to wed 5th wife after Pope's one-spouse sermon
         WND252   06       Nicaragua storm losses rival seven years of war
         WND252   06       Pik Botha picks on alien media members
         WND252   06       RP rebel leader escapes during ex-warden's party
         WND252   07       "Smokeless" cigarettes need regulation: Health official
         WND252   07       Jury finds drug maker liable in AIDS case
         WND252   07       New "hot lab" for studying World's deadliest viruses
         WND252   07       New foot for amputees
         WND252   07       Pediatricians in US sing the blues over rock videos
         WND252   07       Quayle tough on abortion
         WND252   07       Tissue of aborted fetus used to treat brain disorder
         WND252   08       Microchip Bible
         WND252   08       Time travel: No kidding (with use of gyroscope)
         WND253   01       Oldest living person dies at 117
         WND253   01       The importance of drinking water in winter
         WND253   01       Training tots to sleep like babies
         WND253   02       America's homeless trapped on streets
         WND253   02       Pentagon budget (the need to reduce)
         WND253   02       Third World debt (crisis continues)
         WND253   02       Value of money in Peru halved
         WND253   03       "Wishing away" PLO declaration
         WND253   03       Ravens "terrorise" Israeli villagers
         WND253   03       There will be no peace (Israel's intransigence)
         WND253   04       Chun apology
         WND253   04       Crisis (in South Korea)
         WND253   04       Precedents offer Chun no comfort
         WND253   05       51 Scientology chiefs face criminal charges
         WND253   05       Child who dies for 7 minutes describes visit to Heaven
         WND253   05       Exploring the ACLU's goal
         WND253   06       Fast paced Hong Kong high on urban stress list
         WND253   06       Zhou Enlai revival
         WND253   07       "Lager louts"
         WND253   07       "More N-plants needed" (in England)
         WND253   07       30,000 British phones said to be tapped
         WND253   07       Book heralds rise in counter-terrorism weaponry
         WND253   07       Chernenko's name taken from ship
         WND253   07       First American woman to climb Mt. Everest
         WND253   07       Police emergency sparked by boy's random phone call
         WND253   07       Thatcher on EC
         WND253   07       USSR to rejoin int'l psychiatric association
         WND253   08       "Thief's museum" to open in Madrid
         WND253   08       2 men caught dismantling Brooklyn Bridge
         WND253   08       4,000 attend concert in Israel at Masada
         WND253   08       Goldwater would like to shake Gorbachev's hand
         WND253   08       Mr. Spock again
         WND253   08       Scotish "Camelot" castle
         WND253   08       The origin of species ("bugs" in computer)
         WND254   01       Being loved anyway (Marriage & relationships)
         WND254   01       Coping with six common car emergencies
         WND254   02       American competitiveness (continuing to deteriorate)
         WND254   02       Incredible inflation rate brings Brazilians to their knees
         WND254   02       New president of Swissair
         WND254   02       Tandy set to scale down its presence in S. Korea
         WND254   02       The gaps grow bigger (chart of GDP around the World)
         WND254   03       Deficit (Bush must move quickly to deal with it)
         WND254   03       Economists say Bush must cut budget deficit in 1989
         WND254   03       Effects of century's worst drought in US could plague farmers for
         WND254   03       US hostage dunned by IRS
         WND254   04       Christina Onassis, Heiress, dies at 37
         WND254   04       Greene, Galbraith get Soviet honors
         WND254   04       If Swiss don't want nuclear energy, they'll have to boil eggs the
         WND254   04       Jean Monnet (dedicated to European integration)
         WND254   04       Soviets make movie about Stalin era prison camp
         WND254   05       2,000 die in Bangladesh, India cyclone
         WND254   05       Bhutto announces amnesty for all political prisoners
         WND254   05       Chile fragments (opposition to Pinochet)
         WND254   05       Exile to power: Bhutto's journey
         WND254   05       Gandhi woos Pakistan
         WND254   06       Case for a little frivolity in life
         WND254   06       Couples still healthier than singles
         WND254   06       Infants learn from television
         WND254   06       No-wait pregnancy test
         WND254   06       Spray can make homes allergy free
         WND254   06       US advises against cholera shots
         WND254   07       "$5 million for a 1-way ticket for John Denver"
         WND254   07       Anglican church not yet ready for women clergy
         WND254   07       Clampdown on missionaries (Indonesia)
         WND254   07       Dating of Shroud was wrong: Expert
         WND254   07       Do some songs kill? (heavy metal music)
         WND254   07       Hippy Daze is here
         WND254   07       Major Canada church OKs gay ministers
         WND254   08       Higher proportion of births are twins today
         WND254   08       Reagan a secretary's dream, corrects typos
         WND254   08       Soviet inspectors in US very popular
         WND255   01       Getting along with your boss
         WND255   01       Many tongues (pocket-sized translator)
         WND255   02       High interest rates (impact on Third World)
         WND255   02       Latin America cheapest for foreigners (list of most expensive citi
         WND255   02       Morgan shuts (Morgan Grenfell of London)
         WND255   02       New currency hits snag
         WND255   02       US economic problems
         WND255   03       (Death) toll blamed on poor construction (in Armenia)
         WND255   03       Cost of a quake in Tokyo
         WND255   03       Earthquake toll will rise (worldwide)
         WND255   03       Reports... (impact of earthquake on Japan)
         WND255   03       USSR quake (in Armenia)
         WND255   04       Israeli (settler convicted of killing Arab)
         WND255   04       Rabbi has power (more seats for Religious Party in Israel)
         WND255   04       Shamir deception
         WND255   04       US, PLO to talk
         WND255   05       Free Trade? (Subsidies, restrictions on Third World)
         WND255   05       Gorbachev's peace offensive (Effect on Europe)
         WND255   05       Justice Dept. to buid more prisons from drug funds
         WND255   05       Laws of gravity
         WND255   05       New undersea fiber-optic line
         WND255   05       Nuclear accident withheld (in W. Germany)
         WND255   05       Revolving encyclopedia (Britannica on CD-ROM)
         WND255   06       "Church of Love" front for mail-order fraud
         WND255   06       Denial of Holocaust results in conviction
         WND255   06       Deprogrammers acquitted
         WND255   06       Heavyweight champ baptized (Mike Tyson)
         WND255   06       Islamic jurists give birth control OK
         WND255   06       Jim Bakker indicted
         WND255   06       Religious recital in schools outlawed (Canada)
         WND255   06       Scientology (president released on bond, in Spain)
         WND255   06       Woman priest gives communion (Anglicans)
         WND255   07       66% of boys in US have had sex by 15
         WND255   07       English teachers cite descriptive verbiage
         WND255   07       Inaugural to cost $20 million (for Bush)
         WND255   07       NY City schools ban "beepers" in battle on drugs
         WND255   07       No change seen in US abortion rate
         WND255   07       US schooling trend: No place like home
         WND255   08       Encyclopedia on a pinhead (Tiny electron beam)
         WND255   08       Icelander wins 1988 Miss World contest
         WND255   08       Soviet leader baptised (Gorbachev)
         WND256   01       "Life could not have created itself"
         WND256   01       On the track of the elusive flu virus
         WND256   02       Is American money financing Israeli land purchases in the Moslem Q
         WND256   02       Israeli tradition of cruelties (Background of Haganah, Stern, Irgu
         WND256   03       Family Posters reprinted in Zurich magazine (3 pgs.)
         WND256   04       Family Posters reprinted in Zurich magazine (cont.)
         WND256   05       Family Posters reprinted in Zurich magazine (cont.)
         WND256   05       This Passover there's a $50 million price on your head (Jews for J
         WND256   05       Why can't Christmas be a Jewish Holiday? (Jews for Jesus)
         WND256   06       Another side to child abduction
         WND256   06       Thousands of kids have been taken abroad in custody fights
         WND256   07       Animal "clock" altered
         WND256   07       Nothing to sneeze at (computer virus)
         WND256   07       Revolution for radio with digital tuning
         WND256   07       Super-spy satellite (Launched by US shuttle)
         WND256   08       Children's video picture books
         WND256   08       Movie "Great Balls of Fire" , about Jerry Lee Lewis
         WND256   08       Philippine fishing methods for tropical fish involve cyanide
         WND256   08       Quote from Darwin on absurdity of evolution
         WND257   01       Emergency action--keep calm (what to do if poison swallowed)
         WND257   01       Poison alert! (Safety tips)
         WND257   01       Welcome to the real world!
         WND257   02       Manufacturers removing tropical oils from products
         WND257   02       Pan Am Crash
         WND257   02       The worst air disasters
         WND257   02       US Loan programs (Hidden losses have reached startling levels)
         WND257   02       World debt crisis remains
         WND257   03       "What are they doing here?"--Congress
         WND257   03       A Soviet tragedy opens a closed society (Armenian earthquake)
         WND257   03       Cosmonauts return with space feat
         WND257   03       Israelis in Armenia
         WND257   03       Soviet official urges wider religious rights
         WND257   03       Swords to plowshares: It's not that easy
         WND257   04       Algiers becomes 12th nation to restore ties with Egypt
         WND257   04       Arafat (on recognition of Israel)
         WND257   04       Israeli coalition never to negotiate
         WND257   04       Pope & Arafat hold Vatican talks
         WND257   04       Risky path to peace
         WND257   05       Japan's sweatshop schools
         WND257   05       The scandal shaking Japan (Recruit scandal)
         WND257   06       Colombia drug lords
         WND257   06       The lost pride of Japan's middle class
         WND257   07       "Endangered Earth" is Time's choice for "Planet of the Year"
         WND257   07       China drought
         WND257   07       China's Christmas
         WND257   07       Philippines tops persecution list (human rights violations)
         WND257   07       Soviet "charm offensive" in Manila
         WND257   07       Taiwan trade with China said OK
         WND257   08       E.T. videos
         WND257   08       Salvation Army left out in cold by malls
         WND257   08       Snorer breaks sound record
         WND258   01       Hazards of home-made toys, toy chest safety
         WND258   01       Hectic eating = Overeating
         WND258   01       Meetings (How to, things to avoid)
         WND258   02       FDIC reserves (Could be wiped out)
         WND258   02       Global economy in 1988
         WND258   02       US rescues 6 thrifts with $6.8 billion aid
         WND258   03       Year's top international news stories (1988)
         WND258   04       Major events of 1988
         WND258   04       Year's top international news stories (1988) (continued)
         WND258   05       Has Israel forgotten the golden rule?
         WND258   05       Israel attacked Pan Am jet
         WND258   05       Why US saw Arafat as worm in the big apple
         WND258   05       Yasser Arafat (biographical info)
         WND258   06       British (ask for constitution)
         WND258   06       Gorbachev (Quotes from Bush, Kissinger)
         WND258   06       Isolated Albanians squeeze nourishment
         WND258   06       Points from Gorbachev's speech to the UN
         WND258   06       Quake forecasts ignored (in Armenia)
         WND258   06       UK egg controversy
         WND258   07       Australians to prosecute alleged Nazis
         WND258   07       Nepal charges Canadian missionary with causing disturbance to Hind
         WND258   07       Palestine & Israel
         WND258   07       Staying sober without God
         WND258   07       US, PLO hold first talks
         WND258   08       Country & western songs encourage fast drinking & bar fights
         WND258   08       New public school dress code in Baltimore
         WND258   08       Pay-by-bag disposal cuts volume of trash
         WND258   08       Reagan: "Hard work never hurt anyone, but why take the chance?"
         WND258   08       Sausalito a "cholosterol-free" zone
         WND258   08       Shortage of low-cost housing in LA
         WND258   08       World's only underwater hotel in Key Largo
         WND259   01       Mapmakers getting closer to reality
         WND259   02       1988: Warning delivered to Mankind
         WND259   02       Year's top Asia-Pacific news (1988)
         WND259   03       Year of increased hopes for new age of peace (1988)
         WND259   03       Year of the peacemaker (1988)
         WND259   04       Dawning of a new era (in Pakistan)
         WND259   04       Gandhi urges end to border row with China
         WND259   04       Militants vow to continue uprising
         WND259   04       Morocco suffers by comparison (at Melilla)
         WND259   04       Winner of Sri Lankan presidency hails vote as "triumph over bullet
         WND259   05       "So many computers. Why don't you use them in the search for love?
         WND259   05       Canadian businessman buys PTL with increased bid of $65 million
         WND259   05       God still male in Church of England
         WND259   05       Space probe records God's voice
         WND259   05       TV ministries being probed (by IRS)
         WND259   05       The shoes set on a path to salvation (Salvation Army)
         WND259   06       Blackboard jungle
         WND259   06       Dallas judge defends lenient term for man who murdered gays
         WND259   06       End of Soviet Communist Party
         WND259   06       Hardly a laughing matter (Garbage Pail Kids)
         WND259   06       More Jews leaving under Soviet policy
         WND259   06       Style means a lot in populist leaders
         WND259   06       US president upbeat reviewing past 4 years
         WND259   07       Court told corruption flourished under Brezhnev
         WND259   07       Mosque a costly but unifying symbol
         WND259   07       Rabbis castigate Jewish feminists for praying at segregated holy s
         WND259   07       Who is a Jew? (Orthodox vs. Conservative & Reform)
         WND259   08       Armchair war (Books on war flourishing)
         WND260   01       London hotel just for women
         WND260   01       Microwaves (New uses in industry)
         WND260   01       Sam, you made the trance too long (hypnotism)
         WND260   01       Sober reflections on merrymaking, or how to minimise the hangover
         WND260   01       The ins, out of heating with waves (microwave cooking)
         WND260   02       Israel stands alone
         WND260   02       The Evolution of Palestine (Good history)
         WND260   03       A split among the Jews (Over "Who is a Jew?")
         WND260   03       Middle East events leading to Algiers declaration
         WND260   03       UN cites abuse
         WND260   03       Zaire to expel Amin to Saudi Arabia
         WND260   04       Modern life for Saharan nomads offers Land Rovers, but not rain
         WND260   04       Plague of locusts in Africa, Mideast, worst in 30 years
         WND260   04       Shamir's past (as a terrorist)
         WND260   05       Bolivia seeks end to ban on cultivating coca leaf
         WND260   05       Group seeks to postpone probe of teacher's writings (anti-Semitism
         WND260   05       New church-state talks unprecedented change in the history of Mexi
         WND260   05       Peruvian leader offers to quit
         WND260   05       Sino-Soviet ties
         WND260   05       Take off mini-skirts, Zairean women told
         WND260   05       Will she be a bird in a gilded cage?
         WND260   06       Prince Charles at 40: Man with a mission
         WND260   07       Emperor Akihito known for flexible approach to imperial traditions
         WND260   07       Emperor, his times (about Hirohito)
         WND260   08       Jackson video due out in January
         WND260   08       Settlers who stay get 40 acres, free (in northern Minnesota)
         WND260   1 Lo
         WND261   01       African bees move north
         WND261   01       Care & cleanliness crucial (in food prep, storage)
         WND261   01       Mexican quest for firewood threatens monarchs' kingdom
         WND261   01       What keeps a climbing tree snake from fainting?
         WND261   02       A reason for hope (Joint effort on aid to Armenia after quake)
         WND261   02       Brezhnev, Chernenko signs must be taken down
         WND261   02       Last political prisoner freed, Solidarity says
         WND261   02       Media responses to Gorbachev UN speech
         WND261   02       Military cuts revealed in rare disclosure
         WND261   02       Shuttles costly mistake
         WND261   02       Soviet Union decides to retain death penalty
         WND261   02       Soviet Union to allow geography poll by Gallup
         WND261   02       Soviets celebrate launch of reusable spacecraft
         WND261   02       Soviets make concessions on (human) rights
         WND261   03       China's "savages" remain outsiders (the Yi tribe)
         WND261   03       Khmer Rouge using web of coercion
         WND261   03       Nude models subject of unwelcome exposure
         WND261   04       Hearst (Patty) hoping to get full Presidential pardon
         WND261   04       Science before high school
         WND261   04       Sexual harassment hurting firms
         WND261   04       US extends limit of territorial waters
         WND261   04       US prison has tight rules (Ft. Leavenworth)
         WND261   04       Where in the World are we?
         WND261   05       Doctor issues warning about sexual diseases
         WND261   05       Pushing pills
         WND261   05       Right treatment for impotence should depend on the cause
         WND261   05       Teens: Endangered species?
         WND261   05       Warning labels proposed for aspirin, acetaminophen
         WND261   05       Worth framing (quote about TV viewing)
         WND261   06       AIDS regarded as "God's vengeance" (China)
         WND261   06       Citizenship rules for kids draw fire
         WND261   06       De-personaliser Ted Patrick fined $184,900
         WND261   06       Military (fort near Salt Lake City closing)
         WND261   06       Study warns of AIDS risk from "passionate kissing"
         WND261   06       Sweden to extend paternal leave after birth
         WND261   07       Patriarch of acting family (John Carradine)
         WND261   07       Phone call from beyond the grave
         WND261   07       Sent back from eternity (child after visit to Heaven)
         WND261   08       Cocker spaniels now used as drug sniffer dogs
         WND261   08       Frank Rizzo starts radio talk show in Philadelphia
         WND261   08       Preview of film written by Pope
         WND261   08       The science-fiction gospel according to St. Spielberg (E.T.)
         WND262   01       Drew Barrymore darnk to imitate relatives
         WND262   01       Drew Barrymore drank to imitate relatives
         WND262   01       Firms bring on the clowns to act out their problems
         WND262   01       Inept criticism can harm work as well as morale
         WND262   01       Johnny Cash to produce record of Bible readings to thank God for h
         WND262   01       Time: Why, with more of it, does there seem to be less?
         WND262   02       Computer stuns chess world
         WND262   02       Prosperity has undermined West German zest for work
         WND262   02       Tiny computer's more versatile
         WND262   02       Today's print shop
         WND262   02       Town in Netherlands bans blasphemy
         WND262   03       Caring voice in the President's ear (Barbara Bush)
         WND262   03       Excerpts from President Bush's address
         WND262   03       Latest US military craft: A blimp
         WND262   04       Cocoon: The Return (Movie review)
         WND262   04       River Kwai Bridge
         WND262   04       Strongmen fight the good fight (Evangelist John Jacobs)
         WND262   05       Israel joins US firm to build missiles
         WND262   05       UN role in peace talks (Mideast)
         WND262   05       What is Israel so worried about?--Abba Eban
         WND262   05       Year of changes in post-Bourguiba Tunisia
         WND262   06       A healthy heart "dances"
         WND262   06       Little girls deliver their baby sister!
         WND262   06       Planning to do something creative? Sleep on it
         WND262   07       An exotic family tree (John Sununu)
         WND262   07       Covert aid for Contras called error
         WND262   07       Donating own blood for use in the future
         WND262   07       Former patient returns to US mental hospital as an administrator
         WND262   07       Romanian leader defends plan to raze 7,000 villages
         WND262   07       Soviet economy
         WND262   08       Aussie program wins Emmy award
         WND262   08       Autry
         WND262   08       Autry opens Western musuem
         WND262   08       Mother Teresa tops poll (of most-admired women)
         WND263   01       Against greenhouse effect
         WND263   01       Earth facing violent solar storms
         WND263   01       Michael Jackson's "Bad" album
         WND263   01       US drought stretches
         WND263   02       America's budget deficit
         WND263   02       Bush calls abortion "tragedy"
         WND263   02       Gun laws in America
         WND263   02       Meeting on Clean Air Act held in unventilated room
         WND263   02       New era in growth
         WND263   02       Reagan to leave as most popular postwar leader
         WND263   03       Acupuncture gave HIV virus to French boy
         WND263   03       Affirmative action
         WND263   03       Africa-America (New term for Blacks)
         WND263   03       African-American (New term for Blacks)
         WND263   03       Cable television (White supremacist shows)
         WND263   03       Cain is cleared of premeditation in Abel's murder
         WND263   03       Hotels may soon stock safe-sex kits
         WND263   03       Man received AIDS virus via oral sex with prostitute
         WND263   03       Number of reported AIDS cases doubles in 1988
         WND263   04       Aquino to Moscow
         WND263   04       Chinese population exceeding govt. goals, paper warns
         WND263   04       Japan uneasy with its role as World's largest aid donor
         WND263   04       Prince wed Michiko in fairy tale romance
         WND263   04       The yen to go shopping (cash more popular than cards in Japan)
         WND263   05       Aerial sex "not kosher"
         WND263   05       Chart: Christian world in the year 2000
         WND263   05       Gospel onstage in the Soviet Union
         WND263   05       The reason for the cult (worship of Mary)
         WND263   06       ANP's followers love guns, poppies
         WND263   06       Benazir reworks her father's image
         WND263   06       India badly beaten in race with China
         WND263   07       The revolution at 30
         WND263   07       War on drug barons fades
         WND263   08       Beatles never to be revived
         WND263   08       Daughter of centerfold star makes it too
         WND263   08       Ilona Staller convicted of public obscenity
         WND263   08       Jim & Tammy return to the air after 2-year absence
         WND263   08       Mountaineering expeditions dump garbage on Mt. Everest
         WND264   01       "Cot death" (Common cold the cause?)
         WND264   01       Pampering feet may have its rewards
         WND264   01       Study sees hostility as root of toxic personality
         WND264   02       ACLU having membership surge
         WND264   02       Abortions (on basis of sex)
         WND264   02       Child mortality linked to nations' debts
         WND264   02       LaRouche is sentenced to 15 years
         WND264   02       Lesbian baby boom (artificial insemination)
         WND264   02       Majority of US Jews keep liberal outlook
         WND264   02       Poverty: In US, the poor get poorer
         WND264   03       90% of Soviet first pregnancies aborted
         WND264   03       A glasnost statistic: 20% live in poverty
         WND264   03       Child abuse hotline in France
         WND264   03       From Darkie to Darlie (Colgate toothpaste)
         WND264   03       Perstroika (liberalising religion in USSR)
         WND264   03       Police criticised as crime spirals in Soviet Union
         WND264   03       Soviets in Afghanistan: Accepting the inevitable
         WND264   04       45% of adult smokers have quit
         WND264   04       Ban on crib toys sought
         WND264   04       Childhood size previewed in birth weight, study finds
         WND264   04       Primrose oil a treatment for eczema
         WND264   04       Raise high the cup that cheers: It could be good for your heart
         WND264   04       The risk of sports: Injuries
         WND264   04       Woman without ovaries has baby from own egg
         WND264   05       A year of mourning a nation's lost ideals
         WND264   05       Bitter conflict on West Bank (Jewish woman married to Arab man)
         WND264   06       Can you cry out joyfully?
         WND264   06       Moorish Spain: A remarkable legacy
         WND264   06       The Arabs--A bridge between East & West
         WND264   07       New Swaggart sex tale
         WND264   07       River Phoenix: The actor
         WND264   07       Seattle commune (Rajneesh followers)
         WND264   08       Asia is ushering in Year of the Snake
         WND264   08       Bear outfoxes cops
         WND264   08       Dutch town with "German" sign
         WND264   08       Spain's Guardia Civil replacing hats
         WND265   01       Don't worry about mistakes
         WND265   01       Fear weakens immune system, study shows
         WND265   01       Isolation raises health risk
         WND265   01       Smokers burn 20 years from their lives, study says
         WND265   01       Study shows vitamins prevent birth defects
         WND265   01       US study links IQ to genes
         WND265   02       A British bank ads to image of Oliver North
         WND265   02       From bad to worse
         WND265   02       Marilyn Greene, specialises in finding missing persons
         WND265   02       Tax law hits non-US spouses of Americans
         WND265   02       US teens are behind (in math, science)
         WND265   03       Bolivia drug war (with help of US military)
         WND265   03       India restoring its forests
         WND265   03       Infighting could lead to bloodbath
         WND265   03       Paraguay at a glance
         WND265   03       Salvador (US concern about human rights abuses)
         WND265   03       Stroessner is ousted
         WND265   04       Alcoholism in the USSR
         WND265   04       Hungarians given right to form political parties
         WND265   04       Lunar craters have magnetic appeal
         WND265   04       Nations evasive about own (chemical weapons)
         WND265   04       Overall crime drops, violence rises in Britain
         WND265   04       Queen should retire, Britons say in poll
         WND265   04       Soviet Union prepares for nation-wide elections
         WND265   04       UK spy agency (MI5)
         WND265   05       Church can be sued (Case involving Moonies)
         WND265   05       Conducting cult witch hunt
         WND265   05       Cult facts
         WND265   05       Jonestown tragedy
         WND265   05       Small miracle--entire Bible on a card
         WND265   06       End signalled for Morse on ships
         WND265   06       Exhibition of nudes proves hottest ticket in Chinese capital
         WND265   06       Fatherhood "a bit bizarre" (Yves Montand, 67)
         WND265   06       God saved us! (In airline disaster)
         WND265   06       Rotary clubs to open their doors to women
         WND265   07       Marcoses (best president PI ever had)
         WND265   07       Philippine city is thriving on child prostitution
         WND265   07       The butchers of Cambodia (Khmer Rouge)
         WND265   07       Year of the Snake
         WND265   08       Babies born drunk (in Ireland)
         WND265   08       Fighting back (Scorpion plague in Mexico)
         WND265   08       New biodegradable diaper
         WND265   08       Passport pictures as unflattering as ever
         WND265   08       Pope bemoans lack of faith (in Austria)
         WND265   08       Simon & Schuster to publish Reagan's memoirs & speeches
         WND265   08       Sylvester Stallone doesn't feel satisfied
         WND265   08       World's oldest population
         WND265   08       Youth shows up for driving test in stolen car
         WND266   01       Exercise on flights, doctors advise
         WND266   01       The school of the future? (The "Small School" in Devon)
         WND266   02       Warning: The real crash is yet to come
         WND266   03       Arafat optimistic on state
         WND266   03       Israeli agency in Pan Am bombing
         WND266   03       Israeli aid
         WND266   03       Israeli settlements soar on West Bank
         WND266   03       Mideast Powder keg (Presence of missiles, chemical weapons)
         WND266   03       US poll finds majority backs talks with PLO
         WND266   04       Israel says UNIFIL officer must go for remark about Nazi-like tact
         WND266   04       Israel: "The status quo is a no-exit road"
         WND266   04       Israeli army is stymied by the uprising
         WND266   04       US cites Israel for violations (of human rights)
         WND266   05       After 34 years, not guilty
         WND266   05       Hirohito program on TV stirs protest
         WND266   05       Japan's clout in US business
         WND266   05       Japan-US (commercial ties)
         WND266   05       Not an affluent life (for Japanese at home)
         WND266   06       Afghan lesson (What both US & Soviets learned in Afghanistan)
         WND266   06       French reconsider their bloody revolution
         WND266   06       The Soviet pullout: End of Expansion?
         WND266   07       Bad choice in Iran: It's 50 lashes
         WND266   07       In Africa, the biggest church
         WND266   07       Only 50.2% of Americans voted in 1988 Pres. elections
         WND266   07       Real estate terms & what they mean
         WND266   07       South Africa surviving
         WND266   08       "Chat lines" (being discontinued in England)
         WND266   08       Billy Graham not planning to retire
         WND266   08       Glasses (Origin, manufacture in Italy)
         WND267   01       Guide to getting the facts together (note taking)
         WND267   01       Understanding those complicated airline codes
         WND267   02       "Roe vs. Wade" two ways to cross Potomac?
         WND267   02       Adultery law may be killed (in New Hampshire)
         WND267   02       FDIC losses in 1988
         WND267   02       Net withdrawals at US thrifts reach record
         WND267   02       Pentagon Papers (Not a security breach after all)
         WND267   02       US aide warns of terror attacks on civilian targets
         WND267   02       US education gap
         WND267   02       US will now alert public to threats of airline bombs
         WND267   03       As Israeli economy flags, talk turns to peace
         WND267   03       Israeli crisis (Debts & devaluations)
         WND267   03       Martyrs (PLO deaths in "intifada")
         WND267   04       A booming Asia
         WND267   04       Japan's other face: At home, an inefficient economy
         WND267   04       New fines in South Korea
         WND267   04       Taiwan (No longer wants to recover mainland--too poor)
         WND267   04       Taiwan stakes claims in Asia
         WND267   05       Cathedral in Lithuania
         WND267   05       Judean jug (found with 2,000-year-old oil)
         WND267   05       Open book (Serialistaion of Book of Matthew)
         WND267   05       Soviets permit Bible-study classes (Latvia)
         WND267   05       The Bible that banished men (feminist version)
         WND267   05       Top Soviet official denies USSR is atheist state
         WND267   06       Monarchies enduring institution
         WND267   06       Oil crises (US now more dependent on oil)
         WND267   07       "We've always had sushi. Used to call it bait."
         WND267   07       10 years of Thatcher
         WND267   07       An EC police force when frontiers fall
         WND267   07       It rains sardines
         WND267   07       Money & success is hell, according to singer Bono
         WND267   07       Prince busts sculptor's heart
         WND267   07       West German family (family life deteriorating)
         WND267   08       Former govt. people learning to cope without privileges
         WND267   08       Guardian Angels in England
         WND267   08       Homeless sleep in library during day
         WND267   08       New "Bugvac" to suck up pests
         WND267   08       Origin of St. Valentine
         WND267   08       Riverside church names first black head pastor
         WND267   08       Swiss vote on abolishing army
         WND268   01       Camcorder (VHS vs. Beta)
         WND268   01       High-definition television
         WND268   02       Bloody but unbowed: The US (The decline & the fall)
         WND268   02       Keep laughing (funny foreword by IRS commissioner)
         WND268   02       S&L rescue (Could be up to $230 billion)
         WND268   02       US Budget Deficit: Even worse than it looks
         WND268   03       Hacker, 18, gets prison & fine
         WND268   03       Hunt for 75 cents uncovers spy ring
         WND268   03       Nike shoe ad from Kenya
         WND268   03       The war in the streets of Washington
         WND268   03       US urban violence (hospitals like war zone hospitals)
         WND268   04       Hoo nose, mebbe itz sensibbl (Spelling by US students)
         WND268   04       Teens & sex (new freedom in US)
         WND268   04       Working hard & working smart 2 different things
         WND268   05       BBC acts to limit amount of sex, violence on air
         WND268   05       Reward offered to "civilise" Khomeini
         WND268   05       Westerners are ignorant of Islamic faith
         WND268   06       Earthquake death toll in 1988 triples average
         WND268   06       First Bible printed in US fetches $330,000
         WND268   06       Human cost over 20 years (from earthquakes)
         WND268   06       In L.A., taking stock of the quake of quakes
         WND268   06       New faults increase risk of L.A. quake
         WND268   06       Obscure fault may trigger California's killer quake
         WND268   07       "The devil exists, & one can encounter him"
         WND268   07       Bundy steak final meal (death for serial killer)
         WND268   07       Dali: An artist engulfed by his own dark
         WND268   07       Madonna video offends Pepsi, Italy church group
         WND268   07       Soviet pilgrims march in Calcutta (Krishnas)
         WND268   08       70-year-old Saudi marries girl, 12
         WND268   08       Dutch military to allow earrings & long hair
         WND268   08       King Arthur's round table located in Scotland
         WND269   01       Fix-up tips (Household maintenance)
         WND269   02       American Jews are misrepresented
         WND269   02       Japan cuts oil from Iran
         WND269   02       Rushdie (repents, but not forgiven by Khomeini)
         WND269   02       Support for Rushdie developing cracks
         WND269   02       US sets new terms for PLO
         WND269   03       800 candles (anniversary of mayor of London)
         WND269   03       A third of Americans suffer mental or drug-related disorders
         WND269   03       Britain jungle of garbage, report says
         WND269   03       Israeli activists campaign for peace in Palestinian village hit by
         WND269   03       Liberal reformer from Croatia new Yugoslav PM
         WND269   03       Life thriving inside floes of sea ice
         WND269   03       Mild winter brings flowers & records (drought?)
         WND269   03       Sailing ship equipped for disabled travellers
         WND269   03       Suited to the Bakkers (replica of Crystal Palace)
         WND269   04       Everyone loves Barbara Bush
         WND269   04       MTV (Music Television)
         WND269   04       The technology race (America ahead now, but Japanese coming up)
         WND269   05       Esther Williams designs swimsuit line
         WND269   05       Fax machines open world
         WND269   05       Saving face (ImAger face-recreating program)
         WND269   05       Sony launches new video format (Hi-Band)
         WND269   06       For Japan, no sign of a new era (Recruit scandal)
         WND269   06       Funeral diplomacy
         WND269   06       Japan main power
         WND269   06       Protocol changed (At Hirohito's funeral)
         WND269   06       Slowing down Japan--Buchwald
         WND269   07       Cockroaches exposed as a mobile menace
         WND269   07       Gadhafi likeness can't eat in peace
         WND269   07       New study finds allergies trigger all asthma attacks
         WND269   07       Study finds that laughter is good medicine
         WND269   08       "Mr. & Mrs. Staff"
         WND269   08       "Trespassers prosecuted."--Sisters of Mercy
         WND269   08       Barbara Bush doesn't have good credit in Tokyo
         WND269   08       Bennett (Drug czar) gives up smoking
         WND269   08       Cost of cleanup at nuclear plants could be $200 billion
         WND269   08       Jennifer Leigh's hair falling out after dye attempt
         WND269   08       New York schoolchildren being taught to speak properly
         WND269   08       Washington murder beats Dodge City by far
         WND270   01       The body in question: How to stay healthy at the PC
         WND270   02       Computer chips help lost pets
         WND270   02       Keyboard fatigue
         WND270   02       The body in question: How to stay healthy at the PC (cont.)
         WND270   03       "Bottoms up" (Americans drinking less in 1980's)
         WND270   03       Americans abroad (1989 tax regulations)
         WND270   03       Bill would aid Americans abroad
         WND270   03       Drunk drivers face up to victim panels in US
         WND270   03       Gun sales boom
         WND270   04       Deficit
         WND270   04       Inflation gathering force
         WND270   04       Inflation surge
         WND270   04       The bill is coming due (For US inflation, debt)
         WND270   04       We're borrowing our way to disaster
         WND270   05       Israel (American Jewish attitude toward Israel)
         WND270   05       Israel's Divorce laws
         WND270   05       Israel: Does aid really promote compromise?
         WND270   06       Airport security improves in US
         WND270   06       Atlantic air ravel rose 9.3% in 1988
         WND270   06       Average age of planes, by airline
         WND270   06       British Airways widens inspection
         WND270   06       Canada jet lands in Paris after fire
         WND270   06       FAA plan to speed evacuation of passengers from planes
         WND270   06       Tips for packing electronice goods
         WND270   06       UK urges smoke hoods on planes
         WND270   06       US airlines tighten checks of travellers' electronic items
         WND270   06       United will avoid passenger queries
         WND270   07       Earthweek: A diary of the planet
         WND270   07       What on Earth's going on? (Greenhouse effect)
         WND270   08       "Children our first priority, not weapons"
         WND270   08       "Who's buried in General Grant's tomb?"
         WND270   08       Celebrities join protest to back French singer (song: "Allah")
         WND270   08       Facing facts: Michael Jackson's face deteriorating
         WND270   08       First beauty contest in Vietnam in years
         WND270   08       New ice cream for dogs
         WND270   08       Pope John Paul II goes skiing
         WND270   08       Roger Moore gives up singing role
         WND270   08       Royal pay raises
         WND270   08       Swedish Lutheran clergymen demonstrate for raise
         WND270   08       Value of homework in education
         WND271   01       Elusive nature of sleep
         WND271   01       Guide to fast food "gloom points"
         WND271   01       Thatcher becomes grandmother
         WND271   02       Brain now focus of crib death studies
         WND271   02       Curling irons called eye hazard
         WND271   02       Malaria remedy losing effectiveness (chloroquine)
         WND271   02       US panels act against measles
         WND271   03       Arafat's plan
         WND271   03       Probation jumper arrested working in probation office
         WND271   03       West Bank bitterness (Beit Sahur rebellion)
         WND271   04       Gipsy Kings (Gypsy singing group)
         WND271   04       Malaysia's new king
         WND271   04       Southeast Asia's surge of sects
         WND271   04       Thais fine temple desecrators
         WND271   05       Albania journal
         WND271   05       Bomb alert after tragedy (Lockerbie)
         WND271   05       British press (sensationalism)
         WND271   05       Copying is legal on Gorky Street
         WND271   05       Pizza cook not crippled after all
         WND271   06       Miami is out of this world--for real
         WND271   06       National debt (Debt clock)
         WND271   06       Quicker world
         WND271   06       Talk show power
         WND271   06       Where America can learn (Japanese business practices)
         WND271   07       An emerging taste for power
         WND271   07       Is studying Japanese a waste of time?
         WND271   07       Japan's fortune tellers
         WND271   07       New phone boots emit the scent of flowers
         WND271   07       Teen alcoholism
         WND271   08       Flyaway toddler (3-year-old boards flight from Israel to England)
         WND272   01       Bottom line on vitamin supplements
         WND272   01       Learning to cue in stress management
         WND272   02       Japan-US trade: A gathering storm?
         WND272   02       Losses of US thrifts $12.1 billion in 1988
         WND272   02       Luxembourg boosts bank secrecy law
         WND272   02       Rise of interdependence between US & Japan
         WND272   02       US ready to end visas for French
         WND272   03       Babies sorted out after mix-up
         WND272   03       Off Valdez, a black sea of doom
         WND272   03       The next riots will be worse (worsening food situation)
         WND272   03       Venezuela: Suddenly the debt crisis was real
         WND272   03       When profit remakes the nation-state (global corporations)
         WND272   04       An ungentler Japan
         WND272   04       Overwork killing middle-aged men
         WND272   04       Wife's religion hurt union, judge says in divorce ruling
         WND272   05       Gorbachev gets a hand from a maverick
         WND272   05       In desperation, East Bloc takes the cue
         WND272   05       Israeli embassy in Moscow
         WND272   05       Television takes on Europe (satellite technology)
         WND272   06       "Smokeless cigarette" snuffed out
         WND272   06       Desirable qualities in mate universal
         WND272   06       Heart disease is No. 1 killer in US
         WND272   06       Raw eggs help hatch epidemics of salmonella
         WND272   06       Sleeping position seen as cue to cot death
         WND272   06       US women happy with their sex lives: Poll
         WND272   07       50% of Los Angeles residents have unlisted phones
         WND272   07       Assad role: The power
         WND272   07       Begin, in a rare radio interview, says he is "all right"
         WND272   07       Israel will ban "Press" ruse
         WND272   07       Palestinian diaspora (from Mideast to other areas)
         WND272   07       Palestinian uprising cost Israel $666 million in 1988
         WND272   07       Soviet Mideast diplomacy linked to missile fears
         WND272   08       Cyclists account for 10% of traffic deaths
         WND272   08       DriverGuide gives instructions on how to get from here to there
         WND272   08       Driving with headlights during day causes less accidents
         WND272   08       Joe Clark suspended because of strippers
         WND272   08       LA county jails heavily overcrowded
         WND272   08       Liv Ullmann resting after appendectomy
         WND272   08       Marine Corps recruiters looking too hard
         WND272   08       New scratch & sniff patch for rockets
         WND272   08       Owls being used to control rats in Central Park
         WND272   08       Papandreou describes girlfriend
         WND272   08       Soviet actress Natalya Negoda
         WND273   01       Here's why time seems to fly when you're having fun (body clocks)
         WND273   01       Origin of the word "secretary"
         WND273   01       Sleep patterns for baby
         WND273   02       Florida driver sues over "distraction"
         WND273   02       Greenhouse effect is slowly pushing World toward state of "grain s
         WND273   02       Video moves nearer to compatibility (for NTSC/PAL)
         WND273   03       Air pollution in Mexico City "irreversible"
         WND273   03       Bhopal verdict
         WND273   03       Foreigners allowed to buy citizenship in Marshall Islands
         WND273   03       Latin Elections
         WND273   03       Nepal to try 2 Western Proselytizers
         WND273   04       Calls for ID cards (in England)
         WND273   04       Future security: It's all in the veins
         WND273   04       Thinking computer (to solve medical problems)
         WND273   05       Air travel in Asia
         WND273   05       Bangkok mayor
         WND273   05       Congressman is slain in Philippines
         WND273   05       Direct line to State Dept. (Travel advisories)
         WND273   05       Taiwan influence to expand
         WND273   06       Church backs sex tour plan
         WND273   06       Ministry near collapse, Swaggart calls for cash
         WND273   06       Moslem population fastest growing, US report says
         WND273   06       New study shows prayed-for heart patients had easier time
         WND273   06       Portugal 26 years later (Jehovah's Witnesses)
         WND273   07       Heart treatment
         WND273   07       Japan's uneasy
         WND273   07       One way to fight hypertension: "When I saws, I just saws"
         WND273   07       Swimmer's ear
         WND273   07       Walking could be the perfect exercise
         WND274   01       Intercollegiate Rube Goldberg contest
         WND274   01       Laughing increases creativity
         WND274   01       Walk tall for a better workout
         WND274   02       "Debt Clock" rising $8,000 per second
         WND274   02       IRS says it loses 2 million tax returns annually
         WND274   02       Los Angeles Fed Bank surplus due to drug trade
         WND274   02       Read Fed lips & worry
         WND274   03       The foreign "Je ne sais quoi" that spices American speech
         WND274   03       The statistics about being American
         WND274   03       The television fare is sickening
         WND274   04       A trip through squalor not for the squeamish
         WND274   04       Poll shows rich "can't live without" VCRs
         WND274   04       RFK assassination
         WND274   04       Survey cites rise in US crime by 1.8% in 1988
         WND274   04       Ways to get smart & make money (children give up TV)
         WND274   05       "Little Black Sambo" no longer pubbed in Japan
         WND274   05       A foreign scribbler breaks Japan taboo
         WND274   05       Affluence (Prices in Japan vs. prices abroad)
         WND274   05       Japan acts to bolster patriotism in schools
         WND274   05       Japan raids beef importers
         WND274   06       "This does not exist. Pls. destroy your copy."
         WND274   06       African reform (Socialism out, capitalism in--but biz difficult)
         WND274   06       Debt almost equals income in Africa
         WND274   06       P.W. Botha to step down by end of year
         WND274   06       Starvation threatens Africa
         WND274   07       Eat less salt & fat
         WND274   07       N-fusion report has scientists re-examining laws of physics
         WND274   07       Solar power outlook dims in US
         WND274   08       Material girls name price
         WND274   08       Mobsters fascinated with film portrayals
         WND274   08       New York City's first mosque being built
         WND274   08       Religion in schools: Now it's a study topic
         WND274   08       Video conferences hitting its stride
         WND275   01       "Old-fashioned" microbes in food: Greater threat than pesticides?
         WND275   01       Diet's link to immune system: Doctors refine nutrient use
         WND275   01       Garlic, onions may cut cancer risk
         WND275   01       Too-secret weapon against tooth decay
         WND275   02       Advertisers spend heavily to lure fickle teenagers
         WND275   02       Baseball anecdotes
         WND275   02       Don't keep your will in your lawyer's vault
         WND275   02       IRS extends surveillance (on Americans overseas)
         WND275   02       Microprocessors vs. the dinosaurs
         WND275   02       Tax time again: Having Your faculties assessed
         WND275   02       Wyman (52) of Rolling Stones marrying 19-year-old
         WND275   03       "Any employee wishing to miss work because of death..."
         WND275   03       Last Hapsburg Empress (funeral in Vienna)
         WND275   03       Romania (nuclear capability, has paid foreign debt)
         WND275   03       Soviet Union lifts ban on religious activity
         WND275   03       Soviet star (Natalya Negoda, of 1st Soviet sex film)
         WND275   03       West mesmerised by Gorbachev: Kissinger
         WND275   04       Drug abuse (spread of in US, statistics)
         WND275   04       In US schools, a move to soften accent on Europe
         WND275   04       Milken (indictment of, amazement about salary)
         WND275   04       Pro-abortion rally
         WND275   05       Canadian religious sect considers returning home to Soviet Union (
         WND275   05       In Christianity, Chinese party sees a rival among the young
         WND275   05       Power of church seen waning in Europe, N. America
         WND275   06       Afghan arms
         WND275   06       Afghanistan: What now?
         WND275   06       Brazil's rain forest
         WND275   06       Pakistan ordered rebel attack
         WND275   07       Crying on TV, Hawke admits to past adultery
         WND275   07       Hu Yaobang dies
         WND275   07       Imelda Marcos says she will take her husband home come what may
         WND275   07       Marcos could die any time: Preacher
         WND275   07       More attacks on Americans in RP seen
         WND275   07       RP rebels claim killing colonel
         WND275   07       Sydney's famous beaches becoming source of shame
         WND275   08       Academy award winners
         WND275   08       Classics Illustrated comics making a comeback
         WND275   08       Duchess of York responds to criticism
         WND275   08       Funeral for Abbie Hoffman
         WND275   08       Pepsico cancelling support for Madonna tour
         WND275   08       Vending machines for suntan lotion
         WND276   01       The cook's tour: Shortcuts through the kitchen
         WND276   02       Congress's scam (Authorising funds, but not appropriating them)
         WND276   02       Drug courier profile at airports is upheld
         WND276   02       Odds favor another shuttle accident
         WND276   02       Our daily hazards (in food, driving to work etc.)
         WND276   03       California may legalise gay marriages
         WND276   03       Daley wins Chicago's mayoral poll
         WND276   03       Doctors in US support right to die
         WND276   03       Lee Atwater prefers rock n roll to Muzak
         WND276   03       New LA law makes gang membership illegal
         WND276   03       New York gang rape (of jogger in Central Park)
         WND276   03       The country doc: Harlem version
         WND276   04       "Darkest part" of Japan system (Recruit scandal)
         WND276   04       American colleges (est. branches in Japan)
         WND276   04       Guns kill 33,000 Americans each year
         WND276   04       Japan: A new dawn (for Japanese business)
         WND276   04       Runaway rats ground flight out of Tokyo
         WND276   04       Suicide of Takeshita's aide
         WND276   05       Black Sea seen hazardous to nearby resorts
         WND276   05       Party purge (Gorb. purging old-timers, enemies)
         WND276   05       Poland begins debating bill to legalise Catholic Church
         WND276   05       Yeltsin struck a chord
         WND276   06       1919 movement for democracy inspires Chinese students
         WND276   06       Manila killing (of US colonel)
         WND276   06       Pop-Rock in China
         WND276   07       In Jerusalem, at the Holiest of Holies, an ageless struggle is rep
         WND276   07       Iran hard-liners support Rafsanjani
         WND276   07       Iran rebuilding military
         WND276   07       Israeli Vote plan
         WND276   07       Khomeini's son to succeed him
         WND276   07       Lebanon (senseless killing continues)
         WND276   08       "Would you like a psychic reading?"
         WND276   08       Alabama House to leave Confederate flag flying
         WND276   08       Criticism of Prince Charles by English media
         WND276   08       New Hampshire keeps adultery illegal
         WND276   08       New York's taxi commissioner
         WND276   08       The Who reuniting for US tour
         WND277   01       Cold fusion may be the answer to energy woes
         WND277   01       Helping your child's speech development
         WND277   01       Virgin's flying saucer causes flap near London
         WND277   02       AIDS among NY underestimated
         WND277   02       AIDS virus carriers can be quarantined (Edmonton)
         WND277   02       Bitter end (effects of anger)
         WND277   02       Creeping sushi (worms in uncooked food)
         WND277   02       Global threat (Global warming)
         WND277   02       Greed, fear stress Hong Kong
         WND277   02       Hair raising (new hair styles)
         WND277   02       Illegitimicy in vogue (statistics)
         WND277   02       Slump in 1990s
         WND277   03       Foreign capital flight bothers Bentsen
         WND277   03       Former teen millionaire is sentenced to 25 years
         WND277   03       Japan was biggest investor in US in fiscal year 1988
         WND277   03       Third World Aid programs
         WND277   03       Time-Warner merger shakes up a worried business
         WND277   03       Trade & debt (international debt crisis)
         WND277   04       Advantages to circumcision cited
         WND277   04       Arthritis boon called stomach bane
         WND277   04       Drug use may stunt a baby's growth
         WND277   04       Gallstone smashers found painful
         WND277   04       Odd is good. British eccentrics found to be healthy
         WND277   04       Study links fatty diet to cancer risk
         WND277   04       Sunlight exposure link to cataracts
         WND277   05       Khashoggi Arrested
         WND277   05       Legalising drugs: Listen to the logic
         WND277   05       Panama coup plan
         WND277   05       Worsening starvation (in Third World)
         WND277   06       Bible set for the big sell in Britain
         WND277   06       Catholics split (over Neo-Catechumenate cult)
         WND277   06       Lucille Ball dies
         WND277   06       Salvation Army erred in discriminating against witch
         WND277   06       World's biggest dog (mastiff)
         WND277   07       British govt. warns press to "clean up its act"
         WND277   07       Chirac, all-American boy
         WND277   07       Experts recommend more sex
         WND277   07       Moscow deputies said to present alternative candidate to Gorbachev
         WND277   07       Prince Charles slams Romanian leader
         WND277   07       Soviet realism (in foreign policy)
         WND277   08       82-year-old bank robber suspect
         WND277   08       Diners paying more to live dangerously (blowfish hazards)
         WND277   08       Minneapolis to ban most plastic food packaging
         WND277   08       No new pit bull terriers in New York
         WND277   08       Skills learned to school realted to success in life?
         WND278   01       Father has shock for cockroaches
         WND278   01       Series of complex steps lead to creation of a human being
         WND278   01       What to do if you're at a loss about hair loss
         WND278   02       American teens tops on abortion
         WND278   02       Compassion fatigue (for refugees)
         WND278   02       Homeless rural Americans
         WND278   02       Man who fails to support wife has no rights in adoption
         WND278   02       Titles have a way of sticking
         WND278   02       Trade War (Could lead to recession)
         WND278   02       US budget desperation
         WND278   02       US education at a standstill
         WND278   03       Hungary takes down fence on Austrian border
         WND278   03       Polls show most Britons would like Thatcher out
         WND278   03       Russian imperial family's remains found in 1979
         WND278   04       "Dissin" (disrespect) is deadly on Capital's streets
         WND278   04       NATO (& the problems it faces)
         WND278   04       Our national slaughterhouse (US auto accidents)
         WND278   04       When ill workmen sue the tools (liability suits in US)
         WND278   05       Archaeologist unearths mummy, gold death mask
         WND278   05       Babylon, rise again! (Hussein rebuilding ancient city)
         WND278   05       Beirut's rumbling storm
         WND278   05       France receives Arafat
         WND278   05       Israelis compare Arafat to the Nazis
         WND278   05       Saudi Women (pushing for more rights)
         WND278   06       Chinese students call for halt to protests for Gorbachev visit
         WND278   06       Earth's warming poses threat to Australians
         WND278   06       Filipino language replacing English
         WND278   06       Phnom Penh changes nation's name
         WND278   06       RP Communists (growing force)
         WND278   06       Singapore warns Christians (on evangelisation)
         WND278   07       High prices turning Japanese into "individual importers"
         WND278   07       Matsushita is dead
         WND278   07       Number turned away at border rises
         WND278   07       Why many Koreans hate Americans
         WND278   08       50 Years ago: 1939 an ominous year
         WND278   08       Amy Carter's political activism
         WND278   08       Businessmen now consulting with consumers more
         WND278   08       Easy credit has led to default on auto loans
         WND278   08       Michael Jackson arrested for "casing" a jewelry store
         WND278   08       Prison mugshots of Khashoggi circulating
         WND278   08       Some accountants are gang busters
         WND279   01       Another Meeting? Here's why it may not work
         WND279   01       Computers humanlike
         WND279   01       South Korea buries last royal remnant
         WND279   02       California blocking dial-a-porn for children
         WND279   02       Caribbean cave paintings could alter US history
         WND279   02       Drought takes toll on US wheat farmers
         WND279   02       Los Angeles schools report 140 gun attacks
         WND279   02       US toxic pollution alarmingly high: EPA
         WND279   02       World refugee figure hits 14.4 million
         WND279   03       Britain one of the cheap countries
         WND279   03       Bulgaria to begin AIDS test
         WND279   03       FRG sees talks as "peace bridge"
         WND279   03       Might Germany
         WND279   03       NATO (An alliance in disarray)
         WND279   04       13-year-old girl tries to buy friends with cash
         WND279   04       Those who fail to face evil doomed to fear it
         WND279   04       US court on sex bias
         WND279   05       Spy tech (spy devices, invasion of privacy)
         WND279   06       Afghan air force beats stingers
         WND279   06       Afghan troubles
         WND279   06       Afghans say Pakistan is aggressor
         WND279   06       Rio de Janeiro has record 37 murders in a day
         WND279   06       Trillion-dollar military (Military spending worldwide)
         WND279   06       US concedes anti-drug effort in Peru is making little impact
         WND279   07       Kampuchea gets ready (for Viet withdrawal)
         WND279   07       Laos welcoming tourists
         WND279   07       RP Press irresponsible
         WND279   08       Age of Aquarius
         WND279   08       Americans like hot foods
         WND279   08       World's richest men Japanese
         WND280   01       Coming clean (Washday wisdom)
         WND280   02       Arms Talks
         WND280   02       Caveat on voiding treaties
         WND280   02       Danielle Mitterrand receives Jewish human rights award
         WND280   02       Noriega foe thrust out of obscurity (Endara)
         WND280   02       North found guilty on three charges
         WND280   03       Aye, old-fashioned piracy's still afloat
         WND280   03       Satellite discovers unknown quake faults in California
         WND280   03       The World's Wars (Chart, map)
         WND280   04       A matter of life & debt (Debt crisis & its history)
         WND280   05       Bankspeak glossary
         WND280   05       Debt burden (chart)
         WND280   05       Fattening the fattest of cats mocks economic laws
         WND280   06       Bonn: Undermining NATO?
         WND280   06       Britain (Sports disasters, compared to France)
         WND280   06       Japan's scandal (Recruit scandal)
         WND280   06       Price a poor indicator of wear in clothing
         WND280   06       Rafsanjani retract (terrorism)
         WND280   07       A job for the Peace Corps (in US)
         WND280   07       Bronx police station "little house on the prairie"
         WND280   07       Culture of violence infects life in US (charts)
         WND280   08       "When I was your age..."
         WND280   08       Best driver in Southern California
         WND280   08       Britain will tag suspects electronically
         WND280   08       US bankruptcies doubling
         WND281   01       Aspirin's danger to children shown
         WND281   01       Don't shake the baby!
         WND281   01       Food enhancer can kill: Consumer group
         WND281   01       German measles reach low in U.S.
         WND281   01       Light drinking can hurt fetus
         WND281   01       Replacing toothbrushes
         WND281   02       Earth week: A diary of the planet
         WND281   02       From bad to worse in Iowa
         WND281   02       Prince Philip
         WND281   02       from bad to worse in Iowa
         WND281   03       Mass famine predicted as earth warms
         WND281   03       Ralph Nader
         WND281   03       Sting's Australia angle
         WND281   03       asteroid just missed earth--by 800,000km
         WND281   03       environment
         WND281   03       world food conference
         WND281   03       world's weather
         WND281   04       Hope of change dims in Japan
         WND281   04       Ito refuses office
         WND281   04       Japan invested $85 billion in bonds in 1988
         WND281   04       Suicide in Japan's politics
         WND281   04       Uno's miserliness with his mistress
         WND281   04       ito refuses office
         WND281   04       japan invested $85 billion in bonds in 1988
         WND281   04       nakasone
         WND281   05       china and the soviet union
         WND281   05       china summit
         WND281   05       chinese-soviet relations--a chronology
         WND281   05       in today's Beijing, bikes can't be beat
         WND281   05       in today's beijing, bikes can't be beat
         WND281   06       Israel scores zero by staying aloof
         WND281   06       Palestinian state is a sensible as an Israeli one
         WND281   06       israel scores zero by staying aloof
         WND281   06       palestinian state is a sensible as an israeli one
         WND281   06       peace call
         WND281   07       Gorbachev's adroitness irritates Bush
         WND281   07       fear of german-soviet alliance
         WND281   07       german reunification
         WND281   07       gorbachev's adroitness irritates bush
         WND281   08       First Japanese high school in the US
         WND281   08       first japanese high school in the us
         WND281   08       gasoline retailers converted to self-service
         WND281   08       give teachers more time with parents
         WND281   08       highway signs warn of drug checks ahead
         WND281   08       medicare benefits end at the us border
         WND281   08       service-sector growth in US economy
         WND281   08       the pressure cooker
         WND281   08       top roller coaster turns to the 1920's
         WND282   01       How to stop Summer getting under your skin
         WND282   01       No such thing as a healthy tan
         WND282   02       Britain at war over prospect of living with EEC superstate
         WND282   02       Gorbachev's policies helping turn West German Eyes toward the West
         WND282   02       Heathrow security lapses alleged
         WND282   02       New intelligent burglar alarm
         WND282   03       Communist world is in turmoil
         WND282   03       German rightist stirs up protest (about Jews)
         WND282   03       Soviets question divided Germany
         WND282   03       The cold war is over?
         WND282   03       Trend in Europe: Germany up, Soviet in, America out
         WND282   03       Visit hailed (of Gorbachev to W.Germany)
         WND282   03       synthetic veins & blood vessels available soon
         WND282   04       Events in Beijing
         WND282   04       Friendship between Jiangsu province & NY State
         WND282   04       Stolen time
         WND282   04       another generation firmly alienated
         WND282   05       Citizenship (British, for HK nationals)
         WND282   05       Exchange in Hong Kong exhibits China Syndrome
         WND282   05       Japanese solution to drug menace
         WND282   05       Major points of communique (Gorb-China summit)
         WND282   05       Students help isolate Zhao
         WND282   05       Vietnam Boat People
         WND282   06       Argentina economy
         WND282   06       Looters in cities (Argentina)
         WND282   06       Menem: A rebel
         WND282   06       New Evita longs to be like Linda
         WND282   07       Aid to Honduras
         WND282   07       Bush's scenario for Panama
         WND282   07       Panama: Central American farce
         WND282   07       Panamanian politics
         WND282   07       The Shy Rebel (Ortega)
         WND283   01       "Children of the ruling class..."
         WND283   01       Near-death experiences
         WND283   01       Thought: The fool thinketh himself wise...
         WND283   02       Analysts try editing "Crash" out of history
         WND283   02       Dollar shrinks
         WND283   02       Why the rich get richer & the poor get poorer
         WND283   02       recession
         WND283   03       Buchwald: A member of the establishment
         WND283   03       Energy efficiency flat in U.S.
         WND283   03       Global market quest (Global corporations)
         WND283   03       Invitation to homeless panics posh Malibu
         WND283   03       Recession is nigh
         WND283   03       Sakharov warns of an economic catastrophe
         WND283   04       Bible-based education in the Home
         WND283   04       Child Abuse evidence debated
         WND283   04       Fish friar & chip monk
         WND283   04       Religion becoming less traditional
         WND283   04       Setting a smart example
         WND283   05       Islam the fastest growing religion in the U.S.
         WND283   05       State backs "Ape" theory
         WND283   05       T-shirt with black stripe to mimic seatbelts
         WND283   05       Teens practicing Devil worship in the U.S.
         WND283   06       EEC alien control
         WND283   06       Is Gorbachev a Christian?
         WND283   06       The strength of cheerfulness
         WND283   07       Melting Pot down under
         WND283   07       Wiser Tokyo waits for the Great Quake
         WND284   01       Paper clip a dangerous instrument
         WND284   01       Ralph Nader & wrong phone number
         WND284   01       What a difference a nap makes!
         WND284   02       Forests (Deforestation in U.S.)
         WND284   02       Ideas (quotes)
         WND284   02       The Greed Decade
         WND284   02       Waste (Trash in U.S.)
         WND284   02       White House (Joke about Japan taking over)
         WND284   03       Halloween in America
         WND284   03       Moon has power to stop cars
         WND284   03       Only person who listens to both sides of argument
         WND284   03       US relents & allows Happy Hooker's return
         WND284   03       Woodstock: Just another chance to make some money
         WND284   04       Japan South Africa trade
         WND284   04       Japan-Zion Tie
         WND284   04       Seoul's Boom (& its drawbacks)
         WND284   04       US Planned to poison rice crops
         WND284   05       America Plus Japan
         WND284   05       Hiroshima preserving symbol of atomic attack
         WND284   05       Japan reserves set record for foreign money
         WND284   05       Japan's growth in 1988 rose to 15-year high
         WND284   05       Japan: A Taste for the West
         WND284   05       Montana's Selling, & Japan's buying
         WND284   05       New Info order backed (By UN General Assembly)
         WND284   05       US & Japan Aid
         WND284   06       "Religious Tax"
         WND284   06       Belgium jails 14 (sentenced in soccer riot)
         WND284   06       Europe in 1992 open for Mafia
         WND284   06       Ex-Fleetwood Mac star hopeless case
         WND284   06       France to write off $2.6 billion owed by poor countries
         WND284   06       Gorbachev private life
         WND284   06       Proposed names of international football teams
         WND284   07       Answer to traffic chaos (computerised toll booths)
         WND284   07       Ideas (quotes)
         WND284   07       Implant may help find missing pets (chip)
         WND284   07       Putting bars (bar codes) on your mail
         WND284   07       Stolen lorry tracked by electronic device
         WND284   07       Trace that Gizmo! (Phone which displays number of caller)
         WND284   07       X-raying Letters with Spray
         WND285   01       Big Bird (Drawbacks of Sesame St.)
         WND285   01       Concerns about fat & health
         WND285   01       Expert: Latest laundry is lousy
         WND285   01       Kansas Pupil wins first Geography Bee
         WND285   01       Microwaves & breast milk don't mix
         WND285   01       Tooth care tips
         WND285   02       500,000 women in poor countries die in childbirth yearly
         WND285   02       Asia gets a warning on disasters
         WND285   02       Bishops say Hanoi eases on religion
         WND285   02       Burma to allow 14-day tourist visas
         WND285   02       For South Asians, a breakdown is "no problem"
         WND285   02       HK's residents leaving or planning to
         WND285   02       Ho Chi Minh Trail
         WND285   02       Lange considers quitting ANZUS
         WND285   02       Laos bans Christians
         WND285   02       World is home to 100 million street children
         WND285   03       How to be Japanese
         WND285   03       Japan tops in longevity study
         WND285   03       Life in Japan
         WND285   04       American sailor slain in Philippines
         WND285   04       Jews end 40-year Shanghai absence
         WND285   04       PI-Soviet trade protocol signed
         WND285   04       Police say Guerrillas killed 2 Aquino guards
         WND285   04       Rebels warn Americans
         WND285   04       Thailand negotiates surrender of Communist rebels on border
         WND285   04       Turmoil in every decade
         WND285   04       US Immigrations officials pray for Marcos to be able to return
         WND285   05       "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" one of Reagan's favorite movies
         WND285   05       Another exodus for Israelites (leaving Israel)
         WND285   05       Growing number of Blacks in the US
         WND285   05       Israeli General (Peled, in favor of talking to PLO)
         WND285   05       Jewish zealots hope to raise old Temple
         WND285   05       Kibbutz debt
         WND285   05       Sharon: Kill Arafat, then destroy the PLO
         WND285   05       Syria withdraws its ban on Egypt
         WND285   05       You can't have freedom without some insecurity
         WND285   06       "She" generation on its way
         WND285   06       Abortion the ultimate form of child abuse
         WND285   06       Going Home to Smug, Scared US
         WND285   06       Survey finds US children overly troubled by stress
         WND285   07       Black on Black (discrimination on shade of black)
         WND285   07       Bug invasion (Lyme disease jitters)
         WND285   07       California may lower blood-alcohol limit
         WND285   07       Definition of an optimist
         WND285   07       Ideas (quotes)
         WND285   07       Kissinger returning
         WND285   07       To see ourselves as others see us (quotes about US)
         WND285   08       "Bad to pay too much, but worse to pay too little"
         WND285   08       Brewery to limit consumption on the job
         WND285   08       Cliches (sayings) & where they came from
         WND285   08       Husband just slid under the table
         WND286   01       Accidental poisonings rise in US (inc. drug overdoses)
         WND286   01       Ear infections resist penicillin
         WND286   01       Holiday heart tied to firecrackers
         WND286   01       Jet Lag: Physical activity could help
         WND286   01       Potassium: Lower blood pressure (fights hypertension)
         WND286   01       Researchers link pill to breast cancer incidence
         WND286   01       Risk seen in ultrasound therapy
         WND286   01       US shoots down an anti-wrinkler
         WND286   01       Unseen risks of traffic congestion (pollution)
         WND286   01       Virus-watchers see new epidemic
         WND286   01       Walking: Good for everyone!
         WND286   02       Aquino says corruption back, vows to fight it
         WND286   02       Asian trade bloc?
         WND286   02       Elderly croc sought (in Philippines, killer)
         WND286   02       Marcoses named in rackets suit
         WND286   02       Rise of Filipino fundamentalism triggers new religious tug of war
         WND286   03       Asians distrust Soviet Union (according to Baker)
         WND286   03       Cambodia: A disastrous mismatch (US policy on Khmer Rouge)
         WND286   03       Chinese exiles get funds for struggle (from HK)
         WND286   03       Singapore may gag preachers (worried by evangelism)
         WND286   03       Thailand bans all logging in forests
         WND286   04       Bulgaria sends its Turks home
         WND286   04       Gor-bi mania strikes (in West Germany)
         WND286   04       KGB salutes glasnost
         WND286   04       Management of World Order (super power cooperation)
         WND286   04       Paris bordello (staffed by bored housewives)
         WND286   04       Researcher tracks oil spills with cards that float
         WND286   04       Scientists fear they've opened Gates of Hell!
         WND286   04       Soviet condom shortage
         WND286   05       'Terrorist' at the helm
         WND286   05       Afrikaner brothers (de Klerks)
         WND286   05       Hebrew version of Mein Kampf (can't find publisher)
         WND286   05       The Legacy (of P.W. Botha's years as president of S.Afr.)
         WND286   06       Abortion debate threatens parties in US
         WND286   06       California's beguiling excess
         WND286   06       Catholic celibacy
         WND286   06       Falwell abolishes Moral Majority
         WND286   06       Greenhouse effect cited in warming seas
         WND286   06       Moderate quake shakes N. California
         WND286   06       Top Court bans creche (but permits menorah)
         WND286   07       Mexican opposition wins governorship (Baja California)
         WND286   07       Painful physic in store for Argentina
         WND286   07       Star considered ready to explode (Supernova)
         WND286   07       Struggle to tap dwindling fuel leads to desperate risks
         WND286   07       Sunspot-weather link
         WND286   08       Gift giving in foreign countries (manners)
         WND286   08       Goldwater on semiautomatics
         WND286   08       Health properties of ginger confirmed
         WND286   08       Hungarian Gypsies establish federation
         WND286   08       New air-conditioned shoes for smelly feet
         WND286   08       New light meter determines ripeness of melons
         WND286   08       Origin of term 'fifth column'
         WND286   08       RCMP to carry teddy bears to comfort children
         WND286   08       Scientists seeking N.Z. meteor fragments
         WND286   08       Spielberg to divorce
         WND286   08       Two inch worm found after eating sushi
         WND286   08       Women get the vote in Swiss canton
         WND287   01       Faxed food
         WND287   01       Faxed food (McDonalds taking orders by fax)
         WND287   01       Massage for mind as well as muscles (benefits of massage)
         WND287   01       Smile! It Could Just Make You Happy!
         WND287   02       Cartoon: An eye for an eye, a life for a rock
         WND287   02       Cartoon: Don't refer to 'Great Satan'
         WND287   02       Cartoon: Power struggle in hell
         WND287   02       Cartoon: Staying longer than 444 days
         WND287   02       Israel and the PLO (The need to talk to the PLO)
         WND287   02       Israeli arms sales total $1.47 billion (in 1988)
         WND287   02       Khomeini had advanced cancer
         WND287   02       Late Ayatollah's Estate Didn't Include Furniture
         WND287   02       Shamir says violence will be met with iron fist
         WND287   03       Argentina: Famine hits hard in Juan Peron's land of plenty
         WND287   03       Cartoon: Rafsanjani--the fox
         WND287   03       Iranian leader called the fox (Rafsanjani)
         WND287   04       Cartoon: Tough facade
         WND287   04       Former Greek PM weds longtime sweetheart
         WND287   04       France's population has doubled since the revolution 200 years ago
         WND287   04       Gorbachev's Europe: A Fuzzy Blueprint
         WND287   04       Sir Lawrence Olivier Dies
         WND287   04       Thatcher: A Global Phenomenon (Her impact at home & in the World)
         WND287   04       USSR: 1957 nuclear inferno admitted
         WND287   05       Burning of U.S. Flag not illegal, Court Rules
         WND287   05       Cartoon: Bush--make a home in stars--homeless
         WND287   05       More Than a Whiff of Fraud (in S&L mess)
         WND287   05       Poverty now means homelessness, unlike 1930s
         WND287   05       The population of East St. Louis, Illinois
         WND287   05       Thousands of American Children Homeless
         WND287   05       U.S. poor getting poorer
         WND287   05       U.S. poor getting poorer (while rich get richer)
         WND287   05       in 3 Pupils Mulled Suicide, U.S. Study Says
         WND287   06       AIDS Virus Hits Victim Every Minute worldwide
         WND287   06       Chemicals in Food
         WND287   06       Poor in U.S. Become Primary AIDS Victims
         WND287   06       Tobacco now leading killer
         WND287   06       Tourists with AIDS (impact on Greek gigolos)
         WND287   07       Aquino Hit by Ex-Cabinet Aide
         WND287   07       Caged refugees: Untapped riches (In HK)
         WND287   07       Caged refugees: Untapped riches (in HK)
         WND287   07       Hong Kong investors reported eyeing Philippines as alternative to
         WND287   07       Hong Kong investors reported eying Philippines as alternative to C
         WND287   07       Saving Hong Kong May Be U.S. Duty
         WND287   07       Saving Hong Kong May Be U.S. Duty (Thatcher abandoning)
         WND287   08       An optical system that concentrates sunlight
         WND287   08       Cartoon: Misc Cartoons
         WND287   08       Dental science has progressed
         WND288   01       How natural live yoghurt can knock germs dead
         WND288   01       John D. Rockefeller believed in chewing his food 32 times
         WND288   01       Junk Food, Soft Drinks to Blame for Teens' Bad Behavior
         WND288   01       Lighting Your Home (Proper lighting for safety)
         WND288   01       Lighting Your Home (proper lighting for safety)
         WND288   01       Religion can help women have healthier babies
         WND288   02       Interview: Russia's Prophet In Exile--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
         WND288   02       Soviets report steep rise in crime this year (early 1989)
         WND288   03       A Hole in the Wall (East Germans flee through Hungary)
         WND288   03       Cartoon: Tank pulling plow
         WND288   03       East Germans flood refugee camp via new escape route (Hungary)
         WND288   03       Europe Without Frontiers (Vision of Jacques Delors)
         WND288   03       Map: East German escape route
         WND288   03       Map: East Germans escape route
         WND288   04       Cartoon: Thatcher out of tune
         WND288   04       Jailed Khashoggi
         WND288   04       New British Foreign Minister (John Major)
         WND288   04       Rothschilds (Returning to Frankfurt)
         WND288   04       Sightings (UFOs) over London
         WND288   04       Turk Planted Bomb, Paper Says (Pan Am flight 103)
         WND288   05       Actresses Leading Activism Revival
         WND288   05       America goes slow (US inefficiency, waste)
         WND288   05       Jewish Pupils Not Left Out (of Christmas)
         WND288   05       Los Angeles Jews Gain Clout
         WND288   06       Climate in Rebellion (Effect of pollution)
         WND288   06       Climate in Rebellion (Effect on food production)
         WND288   06       Climate in Rebellion (Volcanic activity)
         WND288   07       Cartoon: Feel free to express yourself
         WND288   07       Cartoon: We all lived happily ever after
         WND288   07       Is it Leaner Times Ahead for Wealthy Guangdong?
         WND288   07       Swallowing an Official Line on Tiananmen
         WND288   08       Cartoon: Misc Cartoons
         WND288   08       The meat of the future (water buffalo)
         WND288   08       Yulia Sukhanova, a 17-year-old student, became first Miss U.S.S.R.
         WND289   01       Do-it-Yourself Video Maintenance
         WND289   01       Hints on Storing Video Tapes
         WND289   02       Bulldozers threaten air, climate, health (Destruction of Amazon)
         WND289   02       Earthweek: A diary of the planet
         WND289   02       Ruin of Rain forests Blamed for Bringing More Silent Spring
         WND289   02       Sodium Sulphate Loses Label as Toxic
         WND289   03       Cartoon: Credit cards only
         WND289   03       Cash may become illegal
         WND289   03       Electronic Money
         WND289   03       Electronic Money (in Australia)
         WND289   03       Smart Cards: Pocket power
         WND289   04       Cartoon: Chinese hardliners
         WND289   04       Cartoon: Clamping down on corruption
         WND289   04       Chinese dissidents say terror worse now than during Mao's Cultural
         WND289   04       Hong Kong easier on expat wallets
         WND289   04       Hong Kong easier on expatriate wallets
         WND289   04       Piracy Rife in Southeast Asia
         WND289   05       Adopt-a-Cop Plan Started for Teenagers in Boston
         WND289   05       Committed Youth: Why teens are being locked up
         WND289   06       Afghanistan: No end of lessons
         WND289   06       Cartoon: Islamic fundamentalist vultures
         WND289   06       Cartoon: Israel--right, right, right...
         WND289   06       Despised Kabul army learning how to win
         WND289   06       Revolt Pinches Israeli Economy
         WND289   06       To Attract Tourists, India Eases Policies
         WND289   07       Baptists fan out on Las Vegas Strip
         WND289   07       Baptists fan out on Las Vegas Strip (led by Arthur Blessitt)
         WND289   07       Man has carried cross for 15 years (Arthur Blessitt)
         WND289   07       Safehouse For Brainwashed Cult Victims
         WND289   07       Satanists plan to wipe out Christians
         WND289   07       U.S. evangelist (B. Graham) draws 90,000 to Budapest sermon
         WND289   07       U.S. evangelist draws 90,000 to Budapest sermon
         WND289   07       U.S. witches: A religion
         WND289   08       A Saudi Arabian civil servant with three wives & 34 children
         WND289   08       A gas station is a dangerous place (explosive power of gasoline)
         WND289   08       Cartoon: Misc Cartoons
         WND289   08       Not all the cultured pearls in the world are grown in Japan
         WND290   01       "Ohio," not "Idaho"
         WND290   01       Overcome Information Anxiety (How to focus on what you need to kno
         WND290   02       Africans call for write-off of debt
         WND290   02       Black Tyranny--A Deafening Silence (Africa compared to S. Africa)
         WND290   02       Dismal Picture Painted for 'Wretched' Africa
         WND290   02       Nimeiri trial planned (if he returns to Sudan)
         WND290   02       Sudan's union with Egypt, Libya
         WND290   03       EEC Immigration Data
         WND290   03       Hungary grants religious freedom to members of Communist Party
         WND290   03       Major Financial Center Poised to Grow in 1990s
         WND290   03       Major Financial Center Poised to Grow in 1990s (Luxembourg)
         WND290   03       Map: Europe & Luxembourg
         WND290   03       Small but Beautiful Haven for Banks
         WND290   04       'Unreal McCoys' are close to $ notes thanks to copier (counterfeit
         WND290   04       Agreement on DAT machines (may be on the market soon)
         WND290   04       CD Has Turned the Tables on Vinyl (Outselling records)
         WND290   04       When the Voice Fits: Beware (Dubbing techniques)
         WND290   05       Allergy drug (phenergan) linked to infant death syndrome
         WND290   05       Dangers of Anemia
         WND290   05       Liver's Ability to Renew
         WND290   05       Painful Headaches More than Just a Nuisance
         WND290   06       In U.S., Food Fears
         WND290   06       In U.S., Food Fears (of pesticides, chemicals)
         WND290   06       Modern Women Losing All that Hair Over Liberation
         WND290   06       Rise in Salmonella Poisoning Baffles USA Health Officials
         WND290   07       Arctic Also Losing Ozone
         WND290   07       Cartoon: Duck in oil...You're next!
         WND290   07       Conservation tips
         WND290   07       Creative responses to water shortage
         WND290   07       I'm Sick of the F Word
         WND290   07       Odds 'n Ends ("God Willing")
         WND290   07       Odds 'n Ends (porcelain veneer for teeth)
         WND290   08       A mid-afternoon snack may not be the best thing for your body
         WND290   08       After hearing me talk about my job
         WND290   08       Cartoon: Misc Cartoons
         WND290   08       The colonel's wife was walking her dog past some friends
         WND290   08       The minister was sick, and a pastor noted for his never-ending ser
         WND290   08       While I was in the U.S. Air Force in Vietnam
         WND291   01       A man was standing at a corner, with a hat in each hand
         WND291   01       At a summer wedding, the tiny church was exceptionally hot
         WND291   01       From a condominium newsletter: Please remove your clothes
         WND291   01       Grandpa will be back in style one of these days
         WND291   01       Keep Fit--For Life (benefits of exercise)
         WND291   01       Man to co-worker: I don't know what makes the boss tick...
         WND291   01       One woman confiding to another: I don't want a perfect man. Just o
         WND291   02       WHO murdered Africa
         WND291   03       Izvestia Reports AIDS Is Spreading
         WND291   03       Izvestia Reports AIDS is spreading
         WND291   03       Risk Levels for AIDS (choice of partner best protection)
         WND291   04       Banned Book Says Churchill Failed To Warn U.S. Of Pearl Harbor
         WND291   04       Banned Book Says Churchill Failed To Warn U.S. Of Pearl Harbour At
         WND291   04       KAL guilty for 1983 disaster: U.S. court
         WND291   05       1992: Europe Comes Together (What to expect)
         WND291   05       Suicidal Germans (statistics on suicide)
         WND291   06       A new electronic toll system reads a special automobile tag
         WND291   06       Beeper Watch
         WND291   06       Complex Chips (nonsilicon chips)
         WND291   06       Digitised Signatures
         WND291   06       Hive-Tech (bar codes on bees)
         WND291   06       Mass Communication--Danger (lack of privacy)
         WND291   07       High anxiety (among infants)
         WND291   07       Older U.S. Women Have More, Healthier Babies
         WND291   07       Young genius had inside help (prenatal training)
         WND291   08       Asian Management Wisdom (misc. anecdotes)
         WND291   08       Cartoon: Force of habit most powerful force
         WND291   08       Cartoon: Learning from mistakes
         WND292   01       Handwriting analysis: An ethical hiring practice?
         WND292   01       Saving film from X-rays at airports
         WND292   01       Threat to Nonsmokers (from smoke of smokers)
         WND292   02       Investment guru (Leon Richardson predicts Crash)
         WND292   03       Did Benjamin Franklin Know Whereof He Spoke? (about Jews)
         WND292   03       Every Day In America (Statistics on American life)
         WND292   03       Garbage Pail Kids! (Schools trying to ban)
         WND292   03       Metal Mecca (dominance of heavy metal music)
         WND292   03       Seeing Stars Is Creative (Reagan's astrologer)
         WND292   03       US youngsters hooked on compulsive gambling
         WND292   04       Catholic nuns to stay in convent at Auschwitz
         WND292   04       Georgians are Lifting Their Eyes to God
         WND292   04       Gorbachev Trusted (in Norway)
         WND292   04       Gorbachev Wins Favour (in Australia)
         WND292   04       Poles kick protesting Jews at Auschwitz
         WND292   04       Possible Soviet Coup (Parallels of Gorby, Khrushchev)
         WND292   04       Soviets Shift to Hydroelectric Power
         WND292   05       Cartoon: Not heaven & not America
         WND292   05       Israeli Court Restricts Army's Right to Demolish (houses)
         WND292   05       Israeli Rabbis Form Plan to Rebuild Ancient Temple on Disputed Mou
         WND292   05       Nuclear Pakistan
         WND292   05       Pakistan to rejoin Commonwealth
         WND292   05       Selassie's Son, 73, Ascends To Dad's Throne In Exile
         WND292   06       Beijing Turmoil Shakes Macau's Faith in future
         WND292   06       New H.K. planned off Australia
         WND292   06       Newsman Dies In Mishap (Nonoy Rosales)
         WND292   06       The Geisha Who Rocked a Tottering Government
         WND292   07       Cartoon: Hate it when workers unite
         WND292   07       Ideology Lessons Lost on Chinese Students
         WND292   07       Snoop Network Of Old Ladies Serves Beijing
         WND292   07       Taipei Model Strips for Votes
         WND292   08       About 35,000 Americans are 100 years old or older
         WND292   08       Anyone who thinks the art of conversation is dead ought to tell a
         WND292   08       Daddy had a strange woman in his apartment over the weekend
         WND292   08       I believe in God and I hope I am going to him when I do get killed
         WND292   08       I believe in the imagination.
         WND292   08       I don't want ham on wheat, he said wryly
         WND292   08       I was talking to a new acquaintance at a dinner party
         WND292   08       Most Americans can think of themselves as environmentalists
         WND292   08       My boss, research chief of our small enterprise
         WND292   08       My new employer was showing me around her lovely home
         WND292   08       Praise, if you don't swallow it, can't hurt you
         WND292   08       SDI: "Brilliant pebbles" or "Genius gravel"?
         WND292   08       Sign in store window: Any faulty merchandise will be cheerfully re
         WND292   08       The husband who can't understand why his wife can find nothing to
         WND292   08       To speak of mere words is much like speaking of mere dynamite
         WND292   08       Two important things are to have a genuine interest in people & be
         WND293   01       6 Health Problems You Can Leave in the Dust (by walking)
         WND293   01       Garlic & Vinegar Cocktail (health benefits)
         WND293   01       Garlic Soup
         WND293   01       Garlic Soup (inc. recipe)
         WND293   01       drawing of vinegar and garlic
         WND293   01       drawing of vinegar and garlic.
         WND293   02       6 Health Problems You Can Leave in the Dust (by walking)
         WND293   03       Ambassador 'Shirleyka' (Shirley Temple Black)
         WND293   03       Cartoon: Exodus out of East Germany
         WND293   03       East Germans Go Home
         WND293   03       Jubilation at the Border
         WND293   03       Sheep take to the road for trip through traffic
         WND293   04       Cartoon: Communist Dinosaur
         WND293   04       Cartoon: Communist Dinosaur.
         WND293   04       Gorbachev: The Tests to Come
         WND293   04       Pessimism Increases in U.S. (over Gorbachev's survival)
         WND293   05       Cartoon: Poland's turn to capitalism
         WND293   05       Cartoon: Taking controls out of cockpit
         WND293   05       Gorbachev's Future Is Dim
         WND293   05       Soviet Goal In Kabul
         WND293   05       Ukraine (rise of nationalism)
         WND293   05       Yeltsin Says Gorbachev May Face a 'Revolution'
         WND293   06       Auschwitz: More Than Convent at Stake
         WND293   06       Bakker competent, U.S. judge rules
         WND293   06       Bible Printing in USSR
         WND293   06       Court Widens Religious Belief Protection
         WND293   06       Pope Backs Jews (in Auschwitz controversy)
         WND293   07       CNN Ratings High With Bush
         WND293   07       Cartoon: Bush's drug war euphoria
         WND293   07       Colombia Assails U.S. Coffee Policy
         WND293   07       U.S. Aid of Little Help in Drug War
         WND293   07       U.S. Aid of Little Help in Drug War (Colombia)
         WND293   08       Cartoon: Misc Cartoon strip
         WND293   08       Dennis: Fixing TV
         WND293   08       Eternity Magazine will cease publishing
         WND293   08       Family Circus: Mommy's toys--vacuum cleaner
         WND293   08       Prospectors find $178 million chunk of beryl
         WND293   08       Soviet holograms of priceless museum artifacts reported stolen
         WND294   01       Boosting Enjoyment--Ingredients of a good time
         WND294   01       Eyeing New Sunglasses? Consider Three Types
         WND294   01       How to Find Time
         WND294   01       Staying Put (only 17% of Americans exercise)
         WND294   01       Tune Up Your Own VCR to Keep Things in Focus
         WND294   02       Hussein (his role in Mideast)
         WND294   02       India has nervous neighbors
         WND294   02       Mother Teresa in intensive care
         WND294   02       caricature: Hussein.
         WND294   03       Argentine Hyperinflation
         WND294   03       Cartoon: Latin American debt
         WND294   03       Cartoon: Latin American debt.
         WND294   03       Debtors told to get tough with bankers
         WND294   03       Menem critical of price hikes
         WND294   03       Peru Asks For Foreign Aid To Fight Rebels
         WND294   03       Peru denies IMF plan for expulsion
         WND294   04       Australian foreign debt jumps 20 percent
         WND294   04       Authorities Seize Foreign Literature
         WND294   04       Examination Hell in Singapore
         WND294   04       Local Talent Gains Value Among Companies in Asia
         WND294   04       Philippine Soldiers Receive Scriptures
         WND294   04       Radical Appeal Fades For Japan Students
         WND294   04       Zhao Emerges a Popular Hero (in China)
         WND294   05       FBI investigation of Felix Bloch has gone nowhere
         WND294   05       Feeding That Ravenous News Goat
         WND294   05       SDI Delayed (by Bush for more study)
         WND294   05       Tax Resistance is as American as Apple Pie
         WND294   06       Britain Dubbed Most Secretive Democracy
         WND294   06       Costly ad for dream woman
         WND294   06       Package Holidays on Road to Downfall in U.K.
         WND294   06       Prince Charles Slams English Teaching in U.K.
         WND294   06       Swallow Troubles (clogging Venice airport)
         WND294   07       'Evidence' On Herpes Cited
         WND294   07       1 in 5 Americans Had Herpes 10 Years Ago
         WND294   07       12% of (American) kids mentally ill
         WND294   07       12% of kids mentally ill
         WND294   07       Allergies 'trigger' asthma
         WND294   07       Down But Not Out, Measles Still Threat
         WND294   07       Sex Difference In Brain
         WND294   07       Trouble on the boil
         WND294   08       Bee Facts
         WND294   08       Cartoon: Misc.
         WND294   08       Dennis: Railroads
         WND294   08       Family Circus
         WND294   08       Wrong All Along? (Many popular myths wrong)
         WND295   01       I'd rather be laughing (value of laughter)
         WND295   02       Damage Put at $1 Billion in Charleston
         WND295   02       In Charleston, Anxiety Rose With Wind
         WND295   02       Map: Hurricane Hugo's path
         WND295   02       Virgin Islands: Hurricane Lawlessness
         WND295   03       Cartoon: My wife went out for pizza 3 days ago
         WND295   03       Cartoon: Twins--people jumping the wall
         WND295   03       Despite Solidarity, Poles Keep Leaving
         WND295   03       European Arms Summit Proposed by Soviets
         WND295   03       Yugoslav Inflation Reaches 1,200%
         WND295   04       Cartoon: Perestroika around the corner
         WND295   04       Gorbachev Will Fail in the Trials Ahead
         WND295   04       Kremlin Economy Near Collapse
         WND295   05       Cartoon: Gorby on trapeze, US not helping
         WND295   05       Cartoon: Trapeze, US not helping.
         WND295   05       Foreign Debt of U.S. Grew 41 Percent in '88
         WND295   05       Growing Gap in Worker Skills
         WND295   05       Growing Gap in Worker Skills (in US)
         WND295   05       Helping Gorbachev: What is Bush Waiting For?
         WND295   05       President Bush's newly declared war on drugs
         WND295   06       2 Americans Are Killed as Quayle Visits Manila
         WND295   06       Aquino Bars Philippines Burial
         WND295   06       Aquino Faces Growing Sentiment to Allow Burial of Marcos
         WND295   06       Aquino on Leases (of military bases)
         WND295   06       Ferdinand Marcos Dies
         WND295   06       Woman 'sang while dying' in hostage drama
         WND295   07       A nightmare in land of siestas (poverty, pollution, debt)
         WND295   07       Cartoon: Latin house collapses from debt
         WND295   07       In Peru, Crisis of Confidence and Capital Flight
         WND295   07       In Peru, Crisis of Confidence and Capital Flight (to Chile)
         WND295   07       Mexican prostitutes threaten nude protest
         WND295   08       Blacks constitute 12 percent of the U.S. population
         WND295   08       Congress develops new currency unit: Stealth bomber
         WND295   08       Engagement of Prince Aya approved
         WND295   08       In San Francisco, campaign to save rain forests
         WND295   08       Paul McCartney has started his first world tour in 13 years
         WND295   08       Prince Andrew and his wife, Sarah, are expecting their second baby
         WND295   08       The first murder conviction in the United States based on DNA fing
         WND295   08       United Jewish Appeal asks for Social Security donations
         WND295   08       Yellow jackets, aggressive wasps with a painful and potentially fa
         WND296   01       Anyone Can Be a Leader (?)
         WND296   01       Dangers of eye injuries (safety tips)
         WND296   02       26 Journalists Died (in line of duty in 1988)
         WND296   02       China: 40th Birthday
         WND296   02       Philippines (Cory compares Marcos to Napoleon)
         WND296   03       Cartoon: Japan trying to be one of Europe
         WND296   03       Denmark Okays Marriages For Gays
         WND296   03       Eastern Europe (on verge of collapse)
         WND296   03       Europeans Defy U.S. on TV
         WND296   03       Hungary Revives Full Diplomatic Links with Israel
         WND296   03       Migrants Work Hard
         WND296   03       Migrants Work Hard (in W. Germany)
         WND296   04       Cartoon: Disunity of republics
         WND296   04       Lithuania Declares Annexation Invalid
         WND296   04       Soviet Rockers Close Heavy Metal Concert
         WND296   04       Stalin's Darkness (prison camps, repression)
         WND296   05       Brazil Misses Payment of $1.6 Billion
         WND296   05       For Washington, Enemy No. 1
         WND296   05       Ortega agrees to open talks with adversaries
         WND296   05       Panama Gets U.S. Warning
         WND296   06       A Tax Siege Tests the Intifada
         WND296   06       Beirut's Dazed Refugees
         WND296   06       Cartoon: Found a big piece of city
         WND296   07       Almost 1900 murders/year in New York
         WND296   07       Cartoon: Call in an air strike?
         WND296   07       Crack Versus America
         WND296   07       Judgement Day for Bakker
         WND296   07       Poor 'Pay' $50 Billion to Rich
         WND296   08       An Australian company has developed the World's first electronic b
         WND296   08       Australia produces new $10 note
         WND296   08       Pink frogs found in England
         WND297   01       Bad mood on the job unhealthy
         WND297   01       Do Yourself a Favor (nap at mid-day)
         WND297   01       No Man Is an Island: Learn to Delegate
         WND297   02       Forecast of Chaos Comes True (in S.F. earthquake)
         WND297   02       It Was Big, but Not THE Big One (S.F. earthquake)
         WND297   02       Major Earthquakes in the Past Five Years
         WND297   02       Map: San Francisco earthquake. (fnm 297-01)
         WND297   03       Cartoon: Airplane crashing
         WND297   03       Dow Average Falls 190 Points
         WND297   03       U.S. Deficit (record deficit for 2nd month in a row)
         WND297   03       Wall Street Joins Victims of Ominous October Bug
         WND297   03       What the Heavens Say: Sell By Mid-July (1989)
         WND297   04       Anne Droid's Eyeing Shoppers
         WND297   04       Anne Droid's Eyeing Shoppers (shoplifters)
         WND297   04       Satellite age transforms face of television news
         WND297   05       Violent Kids (stats on teens in US)
         WND297   06       Prisoners: In America
         WND297   06       drawing: Stats of problems w/teens
         WND297   07       Honecker's Downfall: A Signature in Hungary
         WND297   07       In Krenz, a Honecker Hard-Liner
         WND297   07       Krenz, 52, Takes Power in East Germany
         WND297   07       Refugees (E. German flood to West)
         WND297   08       Chimps get key of door
         WND297   08       Learn the lingo
         WND297   08       Powerboat driver sets record crossing Atlantic
         WND297   08       Puzzle of Watering Gardens of Babylon
         WND297   08       TV poisoning
         WND298   01       Breast Still Best (for nurturing babies)
         WND298   01       Carrying the Blues in a Mobile Home
         WND298   01       Children at risk from milk formulas
         WND298   01       The World of Walkman, a Decade Later
         WND298   02       China Quakes Kill 29
         WND298   02       Is it the land of the setting sun?
         WND298   02       South Korean Consumerism
         WND298   02       Temporary Entombment for Marcos
         WND298   02       U.S. Is Relocating Forces as End of Manila Pact Nears
         WND298   03       Catholic Church Boycott Urged Over Auschwitz Issue
         WND298   03       More countries limit missionaries' entry
         WND298   03       Non-church religious beliefs are protected
         WND298   03       Polish cardinal angers Jews (Auschwitz controversy)
         WND298   03       Roberts set to shut hospital
         WND298   04       Cartoon: Hugo and SF Earthquake mugging Uncle Sam
         WND298   04       FBI Gets Leeway to Arrest Abroad
         WND298   04       IRS Sleuths Use Passport Applications
         WND298   04       Manure pit claims 5 as rescue bids fail
         WND298   04       U.S. to Regulate Bank Transfers
         WND298   05       Economic Powerhouse of the Subcontinent
         WND298   05       Economic Sanctions: Two Sides of the Coin
         WND298   05       UN's Main Problems
         WND298   06       Big Brother
         WND298   06       Big Brother (in Australia)
         WND298   06       Boston Police Take Mug Books Electronic
         WND298   06       Computer 'Virus' Infects Network in Scandinavia
         WND298   06       Friday 13th 'Virus' Strikes
         WND298   06       Your Number's Up--For Just $20 (illegal information available)
         WND298   07       Buenos Aires Blossoms Under New Administration
         WND298   07       Colombia Issues Order for Arrest of 2 Israelis
         WND298   07       Contras Go Home
         WND298   07       Green Areas of Buenos Aires Hit by Financial Crisis
         WND298   08       Bicycles outnumber automobiles 2-to-1 in the world
         WND298   08       Hispanic population of US growing 5 times faster than rest
         WND298   08       Justice Thurgood Marshall of the U.S. Supreme Court used the word
         WND298   08       The Salvation Army honored the preacher and television evangelist
         WND298   08       Three Irish roof thatchers
         WND299   01       Even light exercise yields big gains
         WND299   01       For Better Health, Be Water-born
         WND299   01       On the Road to Higher Creativity
         WND299   01       On the Road to Higher Creativity (through exercise)
         WND299   02       Japan Readies for Next Great Quake
         WND299   02       Japanese banking institutions said to hold over a quarter of Calif
         WND299   02       Rapid 'Graying' of the Population Is Alarming Japan's Government
         WND299   02       World's 10 biggest banks are all Japanese
         WND299   03       ... and on the 8th Day, Man Ran Amok
         WND299   03       A Global Plague
         WND299   03       Cartoon: World becoming garbage can
         WND299   03       Destruction of Brazilian rain forests
         WND299   03       El Nino returning
         WND299   03       Greenpeace launches a new Rainbow Warrior
         WND299   03       Haiti to become a desert in 20 years
         WND299   03       Israel's worst fire in 25 years raged across more than 800 hectare
         WND299   03       Kenya sets fire to 12 tons of ivory
         WND299   03       Los Angeles is so polluted that ...
         WND299   03       Mild earthquake rocks No. Italy
         WND299   03       Monkeys raid Saudi restaurant
         WND299   03       Rash of UFO sightings in USSR
         WND299   03       Tanzanian government killing crocodiles
         WND299   04       African Music
         WND299   04       Foes of the Draft
         WND299   04       In Spain, Glitter and Poverty
         WND299   04       U.K. Clears Waldheim
         WND299   05       How the Media Distort Foreign News
         WND299   05       Seeing is no longer believing
         WND299   05       Tape for Two (2-deck VCR)
         WND299   06       Coffee intake not linked to diseases of heart
         WND299   06       Heavy Viewing (TV fattening)
         WND299   06       Killer Disease Stalks Kids in the USA
         WND299   06       Study: Sex alive and well in older women
         WND299   06       This Cholesterol Business
         WND299   06       U.S. Women Fatter
         WND299   07       Cartoon: Bush pulling Deficit Queen
         WND299   07       Ho-Ho-Ho's Without End
         WND299   07       The Shadow Bankers (Currency traders)
         WND299   07       The Shadow Bankers (currency traders)
         WND299   08       "God has two dwellings--one in heaven and the other in a thankful
         WND299   08       American feet are getting bigger
         WND299   08       Daffynition
         WND299   08       Day of Plenty
         WND299   08       Dennis--How long is a Jiffy
         WND299   08       Dennis--Something rotten in Denmark
         WND299   08       Eccentrics 'make the world happier'
         WND299   08       For the man who has everything: Zipper alarm
         WND299   08       The kids consider it a blast
         WND300   01       Better Than Brushing? (use of salt & peroxide)
         WND300   01       Exercise During Pregnancy: Is It Safe?
         WND300   01       How to Handle Criticism
         WND300   02       Lost for Words (Americans worst spellers)
         WND300   02       Schools Get Bad Grades (Joe Clark speaks out)
         WND300   02       Shoot-Outs In The Schools
         WND300   03       The Sex-Abuse Puzzle (Doubts about child witnesses)
         WND300   04       Cartoon: Kids waiting for violence on TV
         WND300   04       Does Television Set the Killers Loose?
         WND300   04       LA Tackles Pollution
         WND300   04       Television Leads Back to the Dark Ages
         WND300   05       Check on Occult Crimes
         WND300   05       Christian Police Sergeant Sees Satan as an Adversary in Crime
         WND300   05       Cult Busting Aid (Rehab centre in London)
         WND300   05       Renaissance in Witchcraft
         WND300   05       Two Jehovah's Witnesses jailed in Indonesia
         WND300   06       America Loves Hard-Drinking Cheeky Soviet
         WND300   06       Cartoon: Yeltsin not helping matters
         WND300   06       Kremlin Strips Brezhnev of Military Award
         WND300   06       Moscow's Breakfast Mystic
         WND300   06       Soviet Civil War
         WND300   07       Euro-Babel or One Language for All?
         WND300   07       Euro-Babel or One Language for All? (trend toward English)
         WND300   07       Japanese Settle In Britain
         WND300   07       Pound's Fall (British economic crisis)
         WND300   08       Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 are lost, geographically
         WND300   08       Being Queen even for a day is no royal picnic
         WND301   01       And the little one said 'move closer' (children sleeping w/parents
         WND301   01       Naphthalene: Deadly danger for babies
         WND301   02       2 Million Visit West
         WND301   02       At Potsdamer Platz
         WND301   02       Cartoon: Hugging at Berlin wall
         WND301   02       Checkpoint Charlie: Gateway for Shoppers
         WND301   02       East Germany Opens the Berlin Wall
         WND301   02       Moscow Is Reeling
         WND301   03       After the Wall
         WND301   03       Gorbachev Did It
         WND301   03       How Chinese Solution was Averted (in E. Germany)
         WND301   03       How Chinese Solution was Averted (in East Germany)
         WND301   03       Map of Berlin
         WND301   03       Precarious Europe
         WND301   03       The People Are Winning
         WND301   04       7.7 Million Get German Visas
         WND301   04       Cartoon: Temple of Deception, Gorby as Samson
         WND301   04       East Germans Find Red Has Dual Meaning (Red light district)
         WND301   04       East Germans reject reunification
         WND301   04       Israel Wary About a New Germany
         WND301   04       Kissinger Sees One Germany Within Years
         WND301   04       Mitterrand Not Afraid of a United Germany
         WND301   04       Tiny East German cars a hazard on Autobahn
         WND301   05       Bulgaria's Zhivkov Out After 35 Years
         WND301   05       Cartoon: Glasnost--freedom tailgating gorby
         WND301   05       East German Gets Rich on His Trip to West
         WND301   05       Prague Eases Rules for Travel to West
         WND301   05       Re-elected hard-liner lauds Romania's 'socialist victory'
         WND301   05       Reform? No, Revolution
         WND301   05       The Glasnost Effect: Communism In Retreat
         WND301   06       A New Era and a New Germany
         WND301   06       Cartoon: Uncle Sam hosting poor party for East Bloc
         WND301   06       Next Six Months are Critical
         WND301   06       The Next Six Months are Critical
         WND301   06       The Next Six Months are Critical (in E. Europe)
         WND301   06       U.S. Is Ready to Help Bonn Cope With Refugees
         WND301   07       A Fortune in the Star?
         WND301   07       A Fortune in the Stars?
         WND301   07       Gorbachev Gamble
         WND301   07       Gorbachev to Mazowiecki: Unity despite differences
         WND301   07       Housing Shortage in West Germany
         WND301   08       I would rather have a little rose from the garden of a friend
         WND301   08       Language (Holier than thou)
         WND301   08       Longfellow, on old age
         WND301   08       My Aunt deals with customer complaints at a retail store
         WND301   08       My brother, a strict vegetarian...
         WND301   08       Robert, my muscular friend, applied for a job with a moving compan
         WND302   01       Thank Heavens for Complaints
         WND302   01       That's a good idea! (Encouraging creativity)
         WND302   02       Rabbis form plan to rebuild Temple
         WND302   02       Temple rebuilding opposed by many
         WND302   02       Time for a new Temple?
         WND302   03       4 Million Need Aid in Ethiopia
         WND302   03       Cartoon: Shamir "no one to negotiate with
         WND302   03       Cuba announces pullout of troops in Ethiopia
         WND302   03       Fundamentalists in Jordan Elections
         WND302   03       Israeli army gets OK to destroy houses of Palestinians
         WND302   03       Lebanese lawmakers elect new president
         WND302   03       Lebanese lawmakers elect new president (Herawi)
         WND302   03       Motorcade Bomb Attack Kills Lebanese President
         WND302   04       Bankers and Brokers (Nervous days on Wall Street)
         WND302   04       Cartoon: Abortion clinic as polling place
         WND302   04       Prejudice widening against fundamentalists
         WND302   04       The Losses Keep Mounting
         WND302   04       The Losses Keep Mounting (Dukakis, a year later)
         WND302   05       "Until justice rolls down like waters..."
         WND302   05       3 U.S. Catholic Bishops Call for a Palestinian State
         WND302   05       America, 1989: Brain-Dead (US politics)
         WND302   05       Cartoon: Education--Dere Prezident
         WND302   05       Midwest Warned of Quake Danger
         WND302   05       U.S. Shift in Arms
         WND302   06       Bulgaria (hard to break old patterns)
         WND302   06       Cars abandoned in E.B. exodus
         WND302   06       Cartoon: East Bloc news flashes coming in
         WND302   06       Superpower Status for Bonn?
         WND302   07       (Church) Service in Kremlin
         WND302   07       Cartoon: If it's Tuesday, must be freeing ...
         WND302   07       Ceausescu Is Adamant: He'll Resist
         WND302   07       Just In via Glasnost: UFOs
         WND302   07       Risk for Gorbachev: A Contagious Virus
         WND302   07       Risk for Gorbachev: Freedom A Contagious Virus
         WND302   07       Troops Yanking Czechoslovakia's 'Iron Curtain'
         WND302   08       Bible now in 1907 languages
         WND302   08       Cartoon: Blondie--plumbing
         WND302   08       Cartoon: Deja-Flu
         WND302   08       Cartoon: Dennis--bus driver, good driver
         WND302   08       Cartoon: Dennis--something on tip of tongue
         WND302   08       So. Korea World's largest Bible exporter
         WND302   08       When Secretary of State James Baker is ready to fly, he flies
         WND302   ??       Cartoon: In the name of religion:
         WND303   01       Keeping Cold Air Inside the Refrigerator
         WND303   01       Pic of curtain for fridge
         WND303   01       The Neurotic New World (Coping books for kids)
         WND303   02       Aquino says she did not compromise U.S. bases issue
         WND303   02       Bush's Risk in the Philippines
         WND303   02       Fiber-Optic Cable Links Japan & U.S.
         WND303   02       Hong Kong English Seeps Into Cantonese
         WND303   02       Marcos son backs Philippine rebel demands for reform
         WND303   02       Philippine Airlines Is Labeled Risky
         WND303   03       4 Asian Nations Move To Block Entry of AIDS
         WND303   03       Cartoon: Skulls talking about return of Pol Pot
         WND303   03       Deng Is Said to Warn Against Gorbachev
         WND303   03       Not all cultured pearls in the world are grown in Japan
         WND303   03       Routine Practice Rejected by China
         WND303   03       Tea & knockout drops on Indian trains
         WND303   03       Will Bush Kowtow?
         WND303   03       Will Bush Kowtow? (to China)
         WND303   04       4 Asian Nations Move To Block Entry of AIDS
         WND303   04       A Warning on Youth Violence
         WND303   04       High rate of child killings linked to guns
         WND303   04       Massachusetts Approves Gay-Rights Bill
         WND303   04       Putting Army Medics in City's Combat Zone
         WND303   04       Record Abortion Rate in U.S.
         WND303   04       Toughest abortion legislation approved (in Pennsylvania)
         WND303   05       Academic Performance Declining, U.S. Profs Say
         WND303   05       Catholics Who Stray (on abortion stance)
         WND303   05       Failing Its Children, California Gets a 'D'
         WND303   05       Judge Awards Woman Her Embryos
         WND303   05       Marathon molestation trial nearing an end
         WND303   05       Mayor defies foes of town's Nativity scene
         WND303   05       Raped N.Y. Jogger Makes Amazing Recovery
         WND303   05       U.S. Colleges: Plea for Basics
         WND303   06       4 Top Soviet Lawmakers Assail Prague Invasion
         WND303   06       A Soviet View: No charity please
         WND303   06       Cartoon: History accidentally hit fast forward
         WND303   06       Hard-Line Opponents Surprise Kremlin
         WND303   06       Khrushchev's Fall: Lesson for Gorbachev
         WND303   07       100,000 Soviet Jews to Israel
         WND303   07       Election Setback for Hussein
         WND303   07       Ethiopia Quietly Allows Jews to Move to Israel
         WND303   07       Jammu and Kashmir: U.S. Warning
         WND303   07       Why Gandhi Lost
         WND303   08       Bigger plates at banquets
         WND303   08       Entertainer Bill Cosby used the tough love approach
         WND303   08       I don't have any regrets about my life, Eileen O'Casey
         WND303   08       It's heads-up time when the lemons hit the fan:
         WND304   01       Home Fire Protection (smoke detectors)
         WND304   02       Fossilisation of Darwin's Pet (Scientists critical of Evolution)
         WND304   02       Throwing America's future away
         WND304   03       A Political Scenario
         WND304   03       Aquino Should Resign
         WND304   03       Manila Rebellion Clouds Economy
         WND304   03       Manila a 'Beirut'
         WND304   03       Mutineers Have Already Damaged Aquino
         WND304   03       State of Emergency Declared in Philippines
         WND304   04       Aquino's Aid agenda stalls
         WND304   04       Aquino's aid agenda stalls
         WND304   04       Philippines: Now People Say 'Anybody but Cory'
         WND304   04       U.S. Says It Rebuffed Aquino
         WND304   04       U.S. Says It Rebuffed Aquino (on air strike)
         WND304   05       Bush and Gorbachev Declare Start of a New Era
         WND304   05       Cartoon: Air East Europe--throwing communist out
         WND304   05       Krenz Quits Top Post
         WND304   05       Politburo Resigns, Honecker Punished
         WND304   05       Soviets Wrote Off the East
         WND304   05       The Summit at Sea: The Key Points
         WND304   05       The U.S. and Europe: From Bush's remarks in Brussels
         WND304   06       Britannica picks Eastern Europe as top 1989 story
         WND304   06       Cartoon: E.Germans burying west
         WND304   06       Cartoon: Moscow just kidding about communism
         WND304   06       Peres visit could restore Polish-Israeli ties
         WND304   06       Years of Hardship and Risk
         WND304   07       Best use for credit cards is as guitar picks
         WND304   07       Cartoon: Deficit is child-abuse
         WND304   07       Debt Demons Rack Australia's Outlook
         WND304   07       Despite late summer rains, a dry fall threatens Grain Belt
         WND304   07       GATT predicts slower economic growth for 1990
         WND304   07       No sign of US drug funds (in Peru)
         WND304   07       Toward a Global Market
         WND304   07       Women: Not the Safer Sex in the U.S.
         WND304   08       Crime California-Style
         WND304   08       Crime California-Style:
         WND304   08       Ever wonder how slot machines keep swallowing coins indefinitely?
         WND304   08       Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden announce their separation
         WND304   08       The struggling young artist...
         WND305   01       Major events of 1989
         WND305   02       Deaths in 1989
         WND305   02       Earthquakes of 1989
         WND305   03       1980-89: 10 Years of Tumult, Disaster and Accomplishment
         WND305   04       AIDS in the '80s
         WND305   04       Disasters of the '80s
         WND305   05       In Retrospect: The 1980s
         WND305   05       Scientific Advances of the '80s
         WND305   05       Wars and Rumours of Wars...
         WND305   06       Asia comes to the fore
         WND305   06       Latin America: The 1980s--A Lost Decade
         WND305   06       Personal Computers: A Phenomenon of the 80s
         WND305   07       American Spending Binge of the 80s
         WND305   07       Buzzwords of the 80s
         WND305   07       Quotes from famous figures of the 80s
         WND307   01       'Ritual' Physicals (virtually useless)
         WND307   01       Sex OK, but Wait 10 Hours to Play
         WND307   01       Street-smart winter driving
         WND307   01       U.S. official has plan to curb drunk driving
         WND307   02       Big Brother is already spying on you!
         WND307   04       AT&T and the FBI. Two of the World's largest
         WND307   05       The IRS
         WND307   06       The National Security Agency
         WND307   07       AT&T versus the FBI
         WND307   08       The Future?
         WND308   01       How a little care can keep your air-conditioner cool
         WND308   01       Score of teenage wives keeps him ticking at 86
         WND308   01       Swimming pool safety
         WND308   02       Excerpts from 'Predictions for the 1990's'
         WND308   02       Predictions for the 1990's (What the World expects)
         WND308   03       'Stand Up for What You Believe in,' he said (Bush on China)
         WND308   03       Australia raises its requirements for Immigration
         WND308   03       Excerpts from 'Predictions for the 1990's'
         WND308   04       Hong Kong (Chinese see danger in HK's democracy after Beijing mass
         WND308   04       Philippine politician 'sexy' (Miriam Santiago)
         WND308   04       Singapore hopes for a prolific Year of the Horse
         WND308   04       The blame is shared (Boat people turned back from HK)
         WND308   04       Tourists cancel trips (After failed coup attempt)
         WND308   05       Dubcek elected in Prague (Chairman of Federal Assembly)
         WND308   05       Gorbachev: 1989 was toughest year
         WND308   05       Hungarian (foreign minister) visits Israel
         WND308   05       Israel's view of Romania
         WND308   05       Roman, a Party aristocrat (PM of Romania)
         WND308   05       Romanian Jews are wary of a backlash
         WND308   05       South Africa seeks skilled East Germans
         WND308   05       Soviet-EC pact
         WND308   06       Brazil's new chief (Fernando Collor de Mello)
         WND308   06       Foolishness in Panama (US break-in to Nicaraguan Embassy)
         WND308   06       It's only rock 'n war (Music barrage of Vatican Embassy)
         WND308   06       Legal argument called weak (for US invasion of Panama)
         WND308   06       Panama ('When the gringos leave, I will remain behind.')
         WND308   06       Panama's economy (Banking system in chaos)
         WND308   06       Third World Debt aid falters
         WND308   07       A decade of failure (for S&L's)
         WND308   07       Black mayor for New York (David Dinkins)
         WND308   07       Gang killings break city, county record (Los Angeles)
         WND308   07       Property woes hit US banks (defaults on real estate loans)
         WND308   07       Trial lawyers say heat tapes deadly
         WND308   07       Watch what kids watch (Children's TV shows)
         WND308   08       'Has someone been looking after you?'
         WND308   08       I'll protect you...if you can keep up!
         WND308   08       Platter of the Last Supper
         WND309   01       Are you drinking enough water?
         WND309   01       Chemotherapy drugs may have done as much harm as good
         WND309   02       A "Revolution without shots" no longer
         WND309   02       Defying Gorbachev
         WND309   02       For US, a stake in Gorbachev
         WND309   02       Lithuania at a glance
         WND309   03       Central Europe tinderboxes
         WND309   03       Follies of Freedom (Racial conflict in E. Europe)
         WND309   03       Havel now president (of Czechoslovakia)
         WND309   03       Honecker cited as traitor
         WND309   03       Religious TV makes Polish debut
         WND309   03       Romania (abolishes death penalty)
         WND309   04       Argentina hints at Falklands talks
         WND309   04       El Salvador (Re-examining US aid)
         WND309   04       Foreigners leaving Peru
         WND309   04       Peruvians learn to live under a siege mentality (Map of Peru)
         WND309   05       Noriega's trial
         WND309   05       Panama: A troubling, radical new rationale (for invasion)
         WND309   05       The Panama operation
         WND309   06       Church council objects to Bakker's sentence
         WND309   06       Court approves menorah display
         WND309   06       Court rules states can tax religious material
         WND309   06       Parents plead guilty in deprogramming case
         WND309   06       TV towers of station which attacked us wrecked by storm
         WND309   06       Tammy Faye (says Devil destroyed her husband's ministry)
         WND309   06       Teacher suspended for reading Bible
         WND309   07       American Jewish Congress backs censoring of valedictory speech
         WND309   07       Australian Anglicans reject ordaining women
         WND309   07       Donna Rice now a born-again Christian
         WND309   07       Fine-tuning the place of the Bible in school
         WND309   07       Pope slams failed Communist regimes as "tragic utopias"
         WND309   07       Priests & jokes
         WND309   07       Rafsanjani sends greetings to Christians
         WND309   07       Vatican warns against non-Christian meditation
         WND309   08       3 jokes
         WND310   01       "All-natural" baby food fined for unnatural chemical additives
         WND310   01       Aspirin birth defect link disputed
         WND310   01       Auto pollution blamed for up to 120,000 "excess deaths"
         WND310   01       Grandfather of five, to grandfather of nine
         WND310   01       Mascara can cause eye infection
         WND310   01       Overlapping signals turn baby monitors into party line
         WND310   01       Percolated java tied to cholesterol
         WND310   02       Big Brother is good for you (implanting of microchips)
         WND310   02       Phone-tapping powers to be widened (in Australia)
         WND310   02       Plastic money (new uses in 1990's)
         WND310   03       High-Tech's new toys for the '90's
         WND310   03       Ringing (portable telephones)
         WND310   03       Stamping out food stamp stigma (new debit cards)
         WND310   04       Confusing (Russians aren't enemies any more)
         WND310   04       Mayor (of New York) probed as Big Apple rots
         WND310   04       Meaner, tougher Sununu
         WND310   04       Nevada test (US underground nuclear test)
         WND310   04       New York wall hawkers net $3,000 in 2 hours
         WND310   04       Redgrave beats political bogy
         WND310   04       US to move MX missiles
         WND310   05       Dow plunging (71-point decline)
         WND310   05       Eddie Murphy's "Harlem Nights" foul-mouthed
         WND310   05       Hot Wheels: John DeLorean starts auto comeback in toys
         WND310   05       In US high schools, innovative security to keep gangs at bay
         WND310   05       US assets: Fast flow away
         WND310   05       US gets a lesson in doing business
         WND310   06       Hussein warns Israel on territories
         WND310   06       Israel-Ethiopia arms deal reported
         WND310   06       Man-made famine stalks Sudan
         WND310   06       Nazi hunter expelled from Syria
         WND310   06       Shamir a former Nazi
         WND310   06       Uprising costs Israel $1 billion
         WND310   07       Atmosphere at Clark (US base in Philippines)
         WND310   07       Cabinet reshuffle in Philippines
         WND310   07       Captured Communist document reveals anti-US sabotage plan
         WND310   07       It's official: Schools in Japan are too rigid
         WND310   07       Manila sees Enrile role in coup bid
         WND310   07       Martial law in Tibet reduces tourism
         WND310   07       S.E. Asia set to surpass the "Dragons" again
         WND310   07       Soviets cutting Vietnam force
         WND310   08       3 jokes: Post office/ "Let's"/ Parachutist
         WND311   01       New knot helps men's ties take a turn for the better
         WND311   01       Slimming down on dietary myths
         WND311   02       A Trojan Horse (program) stalks computers in 4 countries
         WND311   02       Chips (4-megabit) may revolutionise field, Toshiba claims
         WND311   02       Man guilty of creating 'worm' (virus) in computers
         WND311   02       Someone's got a file on you! (Databases kept on Americans)
         WND311   03       5,000 protest for change in Mongolia
         WND311   03       Israel & Czechoslovakia to establish air links
         WND311   03       Israel & Moscow to open air links
         WND311   03       Kasparov describes narrow escape from Baku
         WND311   03       Modrow wants Israel ties
         WND311   03       Soviet Muslims are moving
         WND311   03       Soviet oil: A global problem (effect of Azerbaijan strife)
         WND311   04       Azerbaijan: Map for ethnic strife
         WND311   04       Soviet Savoy (Luxury hotel in Moscow)
         WND311   04       Television was key in Romanian revolution
         WND311   04       US says Soviet advisers remain in Afghanistan
         WND311   05       Disarray marks Noriega prosecution
         WND311   05       Latin American woes in 1989 (inflation & foreign debt)
         WND311   05       New World civilisation (excavation of ruins)
         WND311   05       Quayle's Latin trip: What was gained?
         WND311   06       A one-party state appeals to Nujoma (Namibian leader)
         WND311   06       How to beat a dictator, Ike style (ouster of Guatemalan strongman)
         WND311   06       Soviet refugees get warm welcome in Israel
         WND311   06       Zaire warms up to Pretoria
         WND311   07       A plea from an Israeli prison (from peace activist)
         WND311   07       Cactus rustlers (valuable cactus worth $15,000 each!)
         WND311   07       Christian Scientists die earlier, study says
         WND311   07       Extra sleep touted for job performance
         WND311   07       First freeze (in memory for So. Yugoslavia)
         WND311   07       Fungus thought failure checks gypsy moth spread
         WND311   07       Girl born to Bhutto, a World political first
         WND311   07       Life in hiding causes wife to leave Rushdie
         WND311   07       Man attacks (bites) passengers aboard jet bound for Rio
         WND311   07       Man survives nail in brain
         WND311   07       Marcos' mother laid to rest 20 months late
         WND311   07       Minnesota experiment allows students to choose schools
         WND311   07       Ozone hole exceeds forecast, scientist says
         WND311   07       Record cave dweller commits suicide in Paris (overdose)
         WND311   07       Reluctant students get toll-free hotline in US
         WND311   07       Striptease makes return in freer Czechoslovakia
         WND311   07       Study finds pit bull most frequent killer (among dogs)
         WND311   07       Warmest decade (1980's warmest on record)
         WND311   08       The difference between manipulating & motivating
         WND311   08       Various short anecdotes
         WND312   01       How to be a leader
         WND312   01       Ways to ensure work gets done at meetings
         WND312   02       Japan rapidly taking over Hawaii
         WND312   02       Japan warily wields (financial) clout
         WND312   02       Japan's 'Rust Belt' has a gleam again
         WND312   02       Japanese lobby (in Washington)
         WND312   03       3 parties to merge in Seoul
         WND312   03       Drug explosion (of heroin from SEA)
         WND312   03       Kashmir unrest
         WND312   03       Moscow aims at Asia markets
         WND312   03       Scars of war (Vietnam) in Laos
         WND312   03       Thais (resolve to crack down on drug shipments)
         WND312   04       ACLU displays anti-Christian bigotry
         WND312   04       Ava Gardner, 67, dies
         WND312   04       Mayors see rise in hunger, homelessness
         WND312   04       The Barry trap (entrapment of Marion Barry)
         WND312   04       The US budget: Toothless (to little to effect change)
         WND312   05       3,000 tons of leftovers (newspaper waste)
         WND312   05       Caller ID service: A hang-up for some
         WND312   05       Sony ready to market digital tape products
         WND312   05       Sony's new data discman: The size of things to come
         WND312   05       The 'Midlife Crisis' may be just a myth
         WND312   05       US scientists transplant genetically altered cells into human for
         WND312   05       Watch what you say--it may be tapped
         WND312   06       Codes & wiretapping
         WND312   06       Don't tread on my data (protecting individual privacy)
         WND312   06       Iranscam raises thorny issues about privacy
         WND312   06       National Security Agency (functions of)
         WND312   06       Taking on the dossier society (computer matching)
         WND312   07       'Little errors' led to detectives' deaths
         WND312   07       2/3's of all marriages in US likely to end in divorce or sep.
         WND312   07       Bat Attacks (rabid bats in Peru)
         WND312   07       Claims (travel allotment) by Beethoven
         WND312   07       Contrast between wealth & poverty in NY
         WND312   07       Digitalis is still a good heart drug
         WND312   07       Don't just sit there! (advantages of exercise)
         WND312   07       Forest saved by Butterfly News
         WND312   07       Incarceration bill signed (for mentally ill prisoners)
         WND312   07       Love extract (from tree in Malaysia)
         WND312   07       Moscow snow (first of season)
         WND312   07       Most US citizens think WW 3 will occur
         WND312   07       Pediatricians starting to keep night hours
         WND312   07       Rogue kangaroos (in Australia)
         WND312   07       Survey suggests limit on air safety
         WND312   07       Tip: Lose weight to music
         WND312   07       Tourism in South Africa increasing
         WND312   07       Upswing in teen suicides feared in US in 1990's
         WND312   07       Where is winter (effect on Eur. clothing companies)
         WND312   08       'Lost $35 on weight-reduction tape'
         WND312   08       'Nudge me when I've said enough'
         WND312   08       A sportsman's prayer
         WND312   08       Deliver us from sour-faced saints
         WND312   08       Mark Twain on how to write
         WND312   08       Success (advice for children on success & failure)
         WND312   08       TTL for instant coffee
         WND312   08       Thought for today from Einstein
         WND313   01       Antibiotics: Widely different approaches (In Europe & US)
         WND313   01       Vaccination?--Doctors disagree (in Europe & US)
         WND313   02       'The Craftsman Gang' paid dues on Pyramid
         WND313   02       5 told to pay for supping on pup (eating dog)
         WND313   02       A 'Samurai President'?
         WND313   02       Bad news for Barney (Barney Frank, homosexual politician)
         WND313   02       CBS suspends Rooney in wake of interview
         WND313   02       Churchman compares Marcos to Jesus Christ
         WND313   02       Development is failing in Africa
         WND313   02       Lottery winner loses (loses friends because they want more money)
         WND313   02       Monument to International Brigades erected in Barcelona
         WND313   02       Research in Sweden links smoking, SIDS
         WND313   02       Singapore increases car fees 500%
         WND313   02       Soviet religious revival (Bible in very short supply)
         WND313   02       The Birds (Ravens attack Israeli town)
         WND313   02       Unwanted coin (US penny)
         WND313   02       War toll (Casualties in 1988)
         WND313   03       Banks in Panama resist US over drug profits
         WND313   03       Castro: Nothing can turn Cuba from Socialism
         WND313   03       Israel boosts Ethiopia ties
         WND313   03       Noriega's private stash: Tamales, not cocaine
         WND313   03       Panama's crime wave
         WND313   03       The politics of water (Turkish dam on Euphrates)
         WND313   04       Anyone can emigrate, Soviets insist
         WND313   04       Soviet Communist Party relinquishes its monopoly
         WND313   04       Swiss voters reject proposal to abolish army
         WND313   04       The reliance of Soviets on Germany
         WND313   04       Tragedy of 1932 (Ukrainian famine, 5 million deaths)
         WND313   05       Austria to pay Holocaust reparations
         WND313   05       EC monetary union
         WND313   05       East Germany wants to drop visas
         WND313   05       Fourth Reich (fears unfounded, says Kohl)
         WND313   05       German money union
         WND313   05       Germans move on currency (for united Germany)
         WND313   05       Israel hails Modrow reparations stance
         WND313   06       The secret life of Lawrence Lorence (invasion of privacy)
         WND313   07       An electronic assault on privacy: Computer blacklists
         WND313   08       Four short anecdotes
         WND314   01       Bosses face difficult decade as role alters
         WND314   01       Manners for Managers (working relationships)
         WND314   01       Worrying about health can make a society sick
         WND314   02       5 out of 6 12-year-olds in US will be victims of violent crime
         WND314   02       Bennyfits (of laughter in healing)
         WND314   02       Body packing of drugs on rise
         WND314   02       British judge links sedative (valium) to fantasies
         WND314   02       Congressman sees CIA link to bomb (Pan Am flight 103)
         WND314   02       How best to enjoy a trip (tidbit)
         WND314   02       Knuckle cracking is bad for health
         WND314   02       L.A. police wall off a drug-ridden area
         WND314   02       Labor-shy Singapore suffers a brain drain
         WND314   02       NY to fight rats with barn owls
         WND314   02       New York City is 4 for 10 on high rent list
         WND314   02       No right to privacy for cordless phones
         WND314   02       Queen Elizabeth II the wealthiest woman in Europe
         WND314   02       Squatting seen as easing childbirth
         WND314   02       Study shows president's sons have problems
         WND314   02       UFOs spotted in Hungary
         WND314   03       Japan pursues a new destiny
         WND314   03       Tokyo funding (for US forces in Japan)
         WND314   03       Washington & Tokyo at loggerheads (trade friction)
         WND314   04       Dud coins were traded by Swiss bank
         WND314   04       East-West detente haunts poor states
         WND314   04       Manila hits US inaction on loan by World Bank
         WND314   04       Manila readies tax increases to reduce inflation
         WND314   05       A new set of rules in game of nations (Soviet-German relations)
         WND314   05       Bracing for the carpetbagger (in East Bloc)
         WND314   05       The preachers are coming (to Russia & E. Bloc)
         WND314   06       America a 'failure' in caring for its children
         WND314   06       America's economic drift (indifference to problems)
         WND314   06       Economic scene (heading for hard times in US)
         WND314   07       Blacks in South Africa (now able to dictate change)
         WND314   07       Japan 'bent on running the US economy.'--US automaker
         WND314   07       Mugabe reaffirms Socialism, moves to one-party state
         WND314   07       Shamir is firm on territories
         WND314   07       Soviets let PLO mission upgrade to embassy
         WND314   07       Tel Aviv mayor calls for PLO talks
         WND314   07       US youths on the run
         WND314   08       Miscellaneous short anecdotes & jokes
         WND315   01       Economy in the Kitchen (Refrigerator, freezer, cooking tips)
         WND315   02       Abortion pill gets subsidy (in France)
         WND315   02       Beatles not anti-materialistic, says McCartney
         WND315   02       Bedeviled lives force end to 666 license plates
         WND315   02       Birth control called urgent to avert population disaster
         WND315   02       Blazing Comet Austin could eclipse Halley's
         WND315   02       Fewer young people using drugs, study says
         WND315   02       Homosexuals plan to develop island (Key West)
         WND315   02       Moscow's first Macs served after long wait (Mac Donalds in USSR)
         WND315   02       Pitt-bull owner goes to prison after boy killed
         WND315   02       President considers use of cocaine caterpillars
         WND315   02       Tycoon Trump intends to end 12-year marriage
         WND315   02       William Shakespeare: Will plays face scrutiny? (Censorship of rock
         WND315   03       Bonn says rapid economic unity essential
         WND315   03       Germany: Why do we all accept the rush (for unification)
         WND315   03       Gorbachev: United Germany cannot be in NATO
         WND315   03       Unease on German unity (By French neighbours)
         WND315   04       Aquino strikes against Enrile (arrested for rebellion)
         WND315   04       Doubts about Aquino (US ready to relocate troops there)
         WND315   04       Enrile is freed temporarily
         WND315   04       Japan says no (controversy over nationalistic book)
         WND315   04       Japan tax incentive (for giving to US charities)
         WND315   04       Korea sells more to Asia (than to US)
         WND315   04       Manila cites plot to slay Mrs. Aquino (by Marcoses)
         WND315   05       Argentina drifts toward chaos
         WND315   05       Money is scarce for Argentines
         WND315   05       Sandinistas ousted (in election)
         WND315   06       Anti-tax protesters riot; market affected (poll tax)
         WND315   06       China policy (of Bush administration blasted by Congress)
         WND315   06       Time is now 10 minutes to Doomsday
         WND315   06       US urged (by Havel) to keep Soviets on reform path
         WND315   07       Bitter US custody fight (over Hilary Morgan, New Zealand)
         WND315   07       Bombarded by brutality (children's viewing of horror videos)
         WND315   07       High Court upholds Mother's jailing (for failure to disclose where
         WND315   07       Parents ordered jailed because of truant son
         WND315   07       Scientific illiteracy (US ignorance of science)
         WND315   08       Misc. short anecdotes & jokes
         WND316   01       Aspirin: Its effects & components
         WND316   01       Children listen to tapes on schoolbus, helps discipline
         WND316   01       Diets losing popularity (healthy eating habits in)
         WND316   01       People aged 30 through 49 best problem solvers
         WND316   01       Physician learns lesson of faith from dying children
         WND316   01       Priest's prayer revives dying dancer
         WND316   01       The greatest suffering is being lonely
         WND316   02       Atomic City (for Chernobyl workers)
         WND316   02       Crab scraps recycled as compost in Florida
         WND316   02       Deaths from Alzheimer's disease
         WND316   02       Did you know that...? (Deaths from tobacco)
         WND316   02       Exercise addicts
         WND316   02       Gina (Lollobrigida) & Mother (Teresa)
         WND316   02       Gorbachev's popularity at 43%, poll indicates
         WND316   02       Hungary, the Vatican restore diplomatic ties
         WND316   02       Iranian capital tops list of expensive cities
         WND316   02       Meteor (in Northeastern US)
         WND316   02       Moose dilemma (In Alaska)
         WND316   02       Olive oil tied to lower blood sugar
         WND316   02       Rare snows (In Japan, S. Korea, N. Africa)
         WND316   02       Stingray rescue (of Vanuatu youth at sea)
         WND316   02       Study discounts fibre's role in healthy hearts
         WND316   02       The bottom line (Pear-shaped people better off than the potbellied
         WND316   02       The search for Adam & Eve (Geneticists starting to believe in crea
         WND316   02       The valuable ostrich (commercial value)
         WND316   03       'Heathen' message to schools criticised
         WND316   03       Evolution standard adopted (in California textbooks)
         WND316   03       Monogamy criticism shelves gay priest
         WND316   03       Scriptures in 1,928 languages
         WND316   03       Sex report warns of church rift (Gay marriage in Church of England
         WND316   04       Germany's shrewd dummkopf (Chancellor Kohl)
         WND316   04       Jews shiver (over rise of German nationalism)
         WND316   04       The new superpower (combined economic stats of Germany)
         WND316   05       Austria to pay Jews $200 million
         WND316   05       Gorbachev tells French scribes he was baptized
         WND316   05       Move out of dachas, Politburo rulers told
         WND316   05       Poland & Israel to renew relations
         WND316   05       What Europe needs is a whole new Marshall Plan
         WND316   06       Gadhafi cautions East Bloc (against democracy)
         WND316   06       Global intifada (Outbreaks of Muslim fundamentalism)
         WND316   06       Iranian paper seeks release of hostages
         WND316   06       Neighbours still wary (of Iran)
         WND316   06       Nelson Mandela--Timeline
         WND316   07       Social Security Numbers & other telling information
         WND316   08       Misc. short anecdotes & jokes
         WND317   01       Children's video market comes into focus
         WND317   01       Drowsy drivers dangerous
         WND317   01       Play some memory games to remember new names
         WND317   02       Bio-plastic made from starch challenges degradable products
         WND317   02       Diet risks natural, scientist warns (natural carcinogens in food)
         WND317   02       Ex-neo-Nazi skinhead reveals poison gas plot
         WND317   02       Girls to be welcome if Scout groups approve
         WND317   02       Gravity clue precedes eruption (of volcano)
         WND317   02       Healthful sunshine (sun reduces breast cancer risk)
         WND317   02       Indian tribe in Peru combatting drug dealers
         WND317   02       Men found to be all wet face golf-ball theft rap
         WND317   02       Missing whales (may have died from pollution)
         WND317   02       Pig talk fascinates researchers
         WND317   02       Reagan denies okaying Contra deal, paper says
         WND317   02       Teed off (Japanese golf courses threat to environment)
         WND317   02       Three of five sex disease goals unmet
         WND317   02       Turkey: Noah's Ark claimed to be found
         WND317   02       U.S. leads world in abortions
         WND317   02       Wolf attacks (in Northern Turkey)
         WND317   03       12 bishops arrested in new campaign against (Catholic) church
         WND317   03       Aylwin wins Chile election
         WND317   03       From Brazil to Japan (Going to Japan to work & earn money)
         WND317   03       Noriega defends actions in letter to US students
         WND317   03       The Devil they know (Japanese LDP Party wins re-election)
         WND317   03       The bums rush? (Rio bans nude dance in carnival)
         WND317   03       Tokyo due for 'major crash'
         WND317   04       (Mt.) Etna may be ready to erupt
         WND317   04       A Romanian Rabbi
         WND317   04       Average Soviet woman has 9 abortions
         WND317   04       Commons backs war crimes trials (in England)
         WND317   04       The Cohen Survey (of Judaism in France)
         WND317   05       Alarms for sleepy jet pilots
         WND317   05       Can we trust our software?
         WND317   05       Fast neurocomputer (being developed by Japan)
         WND317   05       International council proposes automation of worldwide customs pro
         WND317   05       Neural nets create 'brains' in computer
         WND317   06       $22 million awarded to families in vaccine compensation program
         WND317   06       AIDS update (infection from transfusions after surgery)
         WND317   06       AIDS virus can hide in body for years
         WND317   06       Doctors in US kill thousands, study finds (malpractice)
         WND317   06       Lethality of AIDS virus
         WND317   06       Oil causes condom failure
         WND317   06       US panel votes to approve 'pill' implant
         WND317   07       Computer monitoring: Is it 'big brother' watching?
         WND317   07       High-tech big brother
         WND317   07       How your privacy is being stripped away
         WND317   07       The no-man's land of high tech; new devices aid police, but threat
         WND317   08       A Merry heart doeth good like a medicine (short jokes)
         WND317   08       They said it (Quotes by Florence Nightingale & others)
         WND318   01       Chinese mushrooms banned by US (food poisoning)
         WND318   01       Contraceptive pills increase cancer risk
         WND318   01       Dental care (what to do when not near dentist)
         WND318   01       Dogs in US cuisine: Is the taboo fading?
         WND318   01       Hospitals use seaweed to heal stubborn sores
         WND318   01       Risk of cancer from undisturbed asbestos is negligible
         WND318   01       Safer cough medicine passes animal tests
         WND318   01       Salmonella, cheese linked, report says
         WND318   01       Solar epidemic (flu associated with sunspots?)
         WND318   01       Stay on your toes (standing improves reaction time)
         WND318   01       Study finds attitudes unlikely to change
         WND318   01       Traffic department enlists psychiatrist (USA)
         WND318   01       US consumption of alcohol dropping
         WND318   01       Wild mint contains strong insect repellent
         WND318   02       A cold victory (Cold research center closing)
         WND318   02       A health change (changing toothbrushes)
         WND318   02       Active sex life staves off years
         WND318   02       Birth control pills recalled (in US)
         WND318   02       Children at risk? (from TV commercials)
         WND318   02       Dieters better off going it alone (eat more with others)
         WND318   02       Man killed by fumes from barbecue
         WND318   02       Nicotine fills nonsmoking sections (of planes)
         WND318   02       Self-medication dangerous
         WND318   02       Smooth, round & deadly (small balls & children)
         WND318   02       Snacks through day may be good for heart
         WND318   02       US is checking a medicine (L-tryptophan)
         WND318   02       Update on choking treatment
         WND318   03       Artificial tears can hurt eyes, institute reports
         WND318   03       Baby-proofed houses on sale
         WND318   03       Breakfast of little champions (best to start day with good meal)
         WND318   03       Disastrous flu season kills thousands in US
         WND318   03       Effects of loud music
         WND318   03       Fast-food chicken: Nuggets of fat
         WND318   03       French candles recalled because they blow up
         WND318   03       Hepatitis B danger is emphasised
         WND318   03       Italy to introduce compulsory vaccination for hepatitis
         WND318   03       Measles makes big comeback (in US)
         WND318   03       Norwegian study links coffee, heart disease
         WND318   03       Researchers question conclusion of AIDS study
         WND318   03       Smokers face bad news (sense of smell damaged)
         WND318   03       Studies suggest sleep holds key to depression
         WND318   03       Walking may be more comfortable during labor
         WND318   03       Women face greater risk of gaining extra pounds
         WND318   04       AIDS stats in Chiang Mai, Thailand
         WND318   04       Babies born in gunfight, named Bazooka & Armalite
         WND318   04       In a mere millennium, no more Japanese
         WND318   04       Japan passes new immigration law
         WND318   04       Japan-US (trade) crisis
         WND318   04       Monkey raids in central Japan
         WND318   04       Singapore seeks religious harmony
         WND318   04       Stand-only Tokyo trains still crowded
         WND318   04       Tiananmen no tragedy, Jiang says
         WND318   04       Tipping now OK in China
         WND318   04       UN told aid is used to help Pol Pot
         WND318   04       US ultimatum for Manila on bases
         WND318   04       Vietnam outlaws private newspapers
         WND318   04       Words never heard ('I love you') by Japanese wives
         WND318   05       10.7 million Japanese to travel overseas this year
         WND318   05       A faith nurtured on suffering (Christian activist in China)
         WND318   05       Giant Buddha (on HK island)
         WND318   05       Guam abortion law (strict)
         WND318   05       Japanese retailer buys 7-Eleven
         WND318   05       Japanese return after fighting 44 years
         WND318   05       Korean unification (SK declares 'era of exchange')
         WND318   05       New king of Malaysia is installed
         WND318   05       Pet cemeteries
         WND318   05       Police in Japan charge moonlighting gangsters
         WND318   05       Population of Tokyo falls slightly
         WND318   05       Taiwan warned against promoting independence
         WND318   06       'Let the buyer beware' applies to haunted houses too
         WND318   06       'Quiet time' rule in treasurer's office
         WND318   06       19 US states now ban corporal punishment for schoolkids
         WND318   06       2 Cambodian sisters reunited by chance
         WND318   06       Americans the worst spellers in English-speaking world
         WND318   06       Blacks in Harlem have smaller lifespan than Bangladeshis
         WND318   06       CNN bans the word 'foreign' on telecast
         WND318   06       Congressman calls US Congress 'school of wet-finger politics'
         WND318   06       Drug output soaring
         WND318   06       Frequent quizzes help college studies
         WND318   06       IRS seizes Red Foxx's goods; only leaves him with bed
         WND318   06       Jane Fonda's daughter to do community service
         WND318   06       Miss Oklahoma dislikes Miss America pageant
         WND318   06       People who write bad checks have to take 'how to' course
         WND318   06       Police in S. California using radar guns on speeders
         WND318   06       Population milestone gets scant attention (US at 250 million)
         WND318   06       Reagan on Japan trip: Acting would pay more
         WND318   06       Robbers run off with adding machine instead of cash register
         WND318   06       Screaming won't help (Noise levels in US)
         WND318   06       TV ads & your kids (effect of commercials)
         WND318   07       Bush's bland speeches no accident
         WND318   07       Cardinal blames heavy metal after 2 exorcisms
         WND318   07       Former Bakker mansion destroyed by fire
         WND318   07       Grasping how much $3 trillion is (US national debt)
         WND318   07       Listening to the lyrics (of heavy metal)
         WND318   07       Nearly half women surveyed (in NY) have been attacked
         WND318   07       O'Connor: Parents agree with stand on rock music
         WND318   07       Oops: Students get sex instructions by mistake
         WND318   07       Slur radio (Reagan's son makes anti-Semitic remarks)
         WND318   07       Strange sightings (UFOs in US Midwest)
         WND318   08       'A Merry heart doeth good...' (anecdotes)
         WND319   01       Atmospheric ozone (increasing in lower atmosphere)
         WND319   01       Drought fears (worldwide)
         WND319   01       Drought in Greece
         WND319   01       Drought in Singapore
         WND319   01       Droughts: New Zealand, Florida
         WND319   01       Earthquakes (in recent months)
         WND319   01       El Nino (may be returning)
         WND319   01       Estrogen pollution (from use of pill)
         WND319   01       Global warming (in US, New Zealand)
         WND319   01       Global warming variation forecast (slower in the south)
         WND319   01       Last decade a scorcher, study finds
         WND319   01       Lightning (kills 6 SWAPO members)
         WND319   01       New locust season (in Senegal)
         WND319   01       Ocean depths can take our waste, biologist says
         WND319   01       Soviet sightings (of UFOs)
         WND319   01       William Reilly, head of EPA, uses recycled paper for biz cards
         WND319   02       100 Years of Germany (maps of past German empires)
         WND319   02       8 in 10 Swedish women would pick same husband again
         WND319   02       British press publishes conduct code
         WND319   02       Chernobyl radiation still affecting Norway
         WND319   02       Drug deaths (increasing in West Germany)
         WND319   02       Industrious Swiss (refuse to cut back work week)
         WND319   02       Mobile phone calls for motorists in Madrid traffic jams
         WND319   02       Mont Blanc is 3.2 meters lower
         WND319   02       Nude UK model fights poll tax
         WND319   02       Second daughter born to Duchess of York, 30
         WND319   02       Snoopy steals show as Paris honors Schultz
         WND319   02       Spanish schoolchildren to be fined for missing school
         WND319   02       Sweden to jail radio official for Hitler excerpts
         WND319   02       Zurich police combatting beggars, panhandlers
         WND319   03       German skinheads on prowl (in Leipzig)
         WND319   03       Mormon church recognised in Czechoslovakia
         WND319   03       State Dept. issues warning on travel to USSR
         WND319   03       Yeltsin (suggests Soviet Union may break up)
         WND319   04       Costly calls (Party lines for talking prospering)
         WND319   04       Drug testing method (hair analysis) gets mixed review
         WND319   04       Help is just a phone call away (emergency dialing system)
         WND319   04       Human power keeps helicopter up 7 seconds
         WND319   04       Isolation subject found mice nice
         WND319   04       Japan to join with US in moon base project
         WND319   04       Japanese engineers plan desert lakes
         WND319   04       Love song (musical condoms)
         WND319   04       New British license plates to have coded hologram
         WND319   04       New US currency being considered to halt counterfeiting
         WND319   04       New aphrodisiacs: Vanilla, cod liver oil, lemon juice
         WND319   04       New genetically engineered tomato doesn't get mushy
         WND319   04       New pad to allow computers to recognise handwriting
         WND319   04       New vibrating alarm clock
         WND319   04       Talk about fine print! (Britannica on head of a pin)
         WND319   04       The party is ending for party-line callers
         WND319   04       Two 61-year-old bulbs still burning in Norway
         WND319   05       Arab League moving to Cairo
         WND319   05       Buddhist leader in seclusion amid reports he has AIDS
         WND319   05       Carter cites abuses of Palestinians
         WND319   05       Catholics in Rome feel church very distant
         WND319   05       Gadhafi named supreme ruler
         WND319   05       Iran arranged airliner crash (Lockerbie), ABC reports
         WND319   05       Jesus popular (choice to spend a day with)
         WND319   05       Jews can receive organs from pigs, rabbi says
         WND319   05       Koran vs. Bible (being shipped to USSR)
         WND319   05       Prayer heals, study shows
         WND319   05       Priests lose holy spirit (communion wine)
         WND319   05       Spiritually dead (Italian lakeside town)
         WND319   05       Vatican renewing Moscow ties
         WND319   05       Women's work (World a better place if more women in charge)
         WND319   06       Ancient farming secrets (from Peru)
         WND319   06       Brazilians support war on inflation
         WND319   06       Civilian toll in Panama invasion
         WND319   06       Explorer finds tablets containing hieroglyphs
         WND319   06       Guerrillas (Peruvian) attack Mormon churches
         WND319   06       Ortega cites US bullying
         WND319   06       Panama: Lack of aid (economy still in ruins)
         WND319   06       Soccer voodoo (in Brasil)
         WND319   06       Two US Army sergeants indicted on drug charges
         WND319   07       Civilised but depressed (depression rates soaring)
         WND319   07       Harrison nixes Beatles reunion
         WND319   07       Hope still active in show biz at 86
         WND319   07       Ian Charleson, British actor, dies of AIDS
         WND319   07       Lange leaves wife for speech writer
         WND319   07       Lucie Arnaz talks about show biz parents
         WND319   07       Megacities (in Third World)
         WND319   07       Onassis heir to be guarded by extensive security system
         WND319   07       One billion people can't read or write, UN says
         WND319   07       Population exploding, UN reports
         WND319   07       Thots (short anecdotes)
         WND319   07       UN proclaims the rights of children
         WND319   07       UN to play a central role in future
         WND319   07       Wars of 1988
         WND319   08       A merry heart doeth good like a medicine
         WND320   01       Adaptability makes for a happier man
         WND320   01       Dolly Parton's Faith
         WND320   02       'Lady Chatterley's Lover' aired on BBC
         WND320   02       Arizona court ruling cools steamy teenagers
         WND320   02       Child abuse on rise
         WND320   02       Commons backs war crimes trial
         WND320   02       Epic flight (US pigeon found in Russia)
         WND320   02       Gadhafi urges Muslims to set hostages free
         WND320   02       Heart disease rate of death on the decline
         WND320   02       People stave off death for key events, study suggests
         WND320   02       Pesticides around the home now in focus as new danger
         WND320   02       Senior Chinese leader meets charter framers (HK)
         WND320   02       Soft contact lens users told of eye disease risk
         WND320   02       Toughest stories (for Dan Rather)
         WND320   02       UFO fever (in USSR)
         WND320   02       UK witches try to put Prince Charles under their influence
         WND320   02       US official has plan to curb drunk driving
         WND320   02       US scientists worry new El Nino forming
         WND320   02       World terrorism drops but Shiite attacks rise
         WND320   02       Worldwatch calls for a sustainable society
         WND320   03       Lenin's ailing doctrine excised as Soviet Union grasps new reality
         WND320   03       Soviets removing photocopier curbs
         WND320   04       Eastern Europe free (economic conference)
         WND320   04       Paradox ('You help us by helping USSR')
         WND320   04       Soviets accused of shooting lasers
         WND320   04       Soviets dropped A-bomb near soldiers, paper says
         WND320   04       Yeltsin (pic) 'A king of fierce countenance?'
         WND320   05       Chile's new leader (Aylwin) asks end to hate
         WND320   05       Daring economics: Brazil reacts to life without money
         WND320   05       Hair-raising problem (child's hair sticks straight out)
         WND320   05       Moscow to trim aid to Cubans
         WND320   06       Interview with the President of the Ivory Coast
         WND320   06       South Africa: Has 2 to 3 years
         WND320   06       South African leader sees inter-racial alliances
         WND320   07       Cat acted strangely before earthquake
         WND320   07       Fire ants clog traffic signals
         WND320   07       Gas additive fuels roosters
         WND320   07       Hungry gator not good for business
         WND320   07       Jet lag blamed for giant jumping frogs' flop
         WND320   07       Killer flies (threatening Libya)
         WND320   07       Libidinous drakes
         WND320   07       Mussel migration (hits US Great Lakes)
         WND320   07       Plants will respond to different strokes
         WND320   07       Predators make snails grow larger, live longer
         WND320   07       Python coughs up a live puppy
         WND320   07       Rabid bats (in Peru)
         WND320   07       Truffle-flavored rations to bring home the bacon
         WND320   08       Miscellaneous jokes
         WND321   01       Big drop in heart disease baffles MDs
         WND321   01       Bringing life's feelings to the surface (effects of flooring)
         WND321   01       Older mother myths denied (Still safe to have babies)
         WND321   01       Sweet smell (natural body fragrances & effect of food)
         WND321   01       U.S. alcohol labels ordered
         WND321   02       AIDS risk through transfusions
         WND321   02       AIDS tatoos (to identify carriers)
         WND321   02       AIDS virus blocks visa for bridge championship (Australia)
         WND321   02       Bavaria gets tough (on AIDS)
         WND321   02       Doctor who campaigned to help AIDS sufferers dies
         WND321   02       Health care workers infected with AIDS
         WND321   02       More on AIDS as a kissing disease
         WND321   02       Physicians refuse to operate on American diplomat carrying AIDS
         WND321   02       South Korea prepares for AIDS
         WND321   02       Soviets plan AIDS screening, testing of long-term residents, visit
         WND321   02       Sweden & AIDS (Addicts with AIDS put on island)
         WND321   02       The AIDS threat to teenagers
         WND321   02       The doctor who's afraid of blood
         WND321   03       'EEC the most major economic alliance...'--Quote
         WND321   03       Church of England synod on ordination of women
         WND321   03       English (language) winning war of words
         WND321   03       Public apologies (from Portugal to Jews)
         WND321   03       Return of the mind benders (English cults, deprogrammers)
         WND321   03       The truth about Glasnost
         WND321   04       Brooklyn rabbi, 88, said responsible for Peres' failure to form go
         WND321   04       Study backs Bible story (Fall of Jericho)
         WND321   04       Unholy struggle over the Holy City (Jerusalem)
         WND321   05       Ex-US President (Carter) praises Arafat
         WND321   05       Suppression can't wipe clean Armenians' memories
         WND321   06       Bible series to follow Hindu epic
         WND321   06       Capital punishment of the US
         WND321   06       China deports 'missionary' businessman
         WND321   06       Democracy on tap for Nepalese
         WND321   07       'Pagan' bunnies get Easter grill
         WND321   07       Aid group assists ex-fundamentalist (Fund. Anonymous)
         WND321   07       Court rules for care, not prayer, in illness
         WND321   07       Manson disciple surfaces in pollution fight
         WND321   07       US cultists eternally prepared for the apocalypse (Montana sect)
         WND321   07       When a pastor turns seducer (clerics & sex)
         WND321   08       A word to the wise (poem on auto safety)
         WND322   01       How to make smart choices (decision-making)
         WND322   01       Olive oil tied to lower blood sugar
         WND322   02       'Dead baby' saved by cry
         WND322   02       'Smokeless' cigarette ads
         WND322   02       Audrey Hepburn on mercy mission to Sudan
         WND322   02       Challenge to parents' right to hit (spank) children
         WND322   02       FDA bans refrigerated garlic-oil products
         WND322   02       Go with the flow (toxic shock syndrome still a danger)
         WND322   02       Heart disease rate of death on the decline
         WND322   02       Jailed gangsters reject monthly sex offer
         WND322   02       Jesus popular (in US Gallup poll)
         WND322   02       Polite police (Japanese police being taught politeness)
         WND322   02       Sexy seniors don't need coffee
         WND322   02       TV ads & your kids
         WND322   02       Toward perfect popcorn technology
         WND322   03       Anyone can listen (with wiretaps or concealed mikes)
         WND322   03       France's new train hits the fast track
         WND322   03       French improve astronaut fare
         WND322   03       Gadget helps poor postman (defends against dogs)
         WND322   03       Halley's comet (travels wrong way around sun)
         WND322   03       Naughty nylon too hot for hi-tech
         WND322   03       New device warns pet away from furniture
         WND322   03       Nuclear batteries (for consumer use)
         WND322   03       Science fiction to teach the facts
         WND322   04       'Nuclear winter' forecast still valid, scientists say
         WND322   04       Forecaster calls for 'smart toilets' in 1990's
         WND322   04       Pesticides abound (in food)--& they're 99% natural
         WND322   05       Eat less, live longer
         WND322   05       Technology involved in new high-speed trains
         WND322   06       Key Mormons rap TV
         WND322   06       Onslaught against the church
         WND322   07       The surf culture comes to an end (Huntington Beach)
         WND322   07       The swallows who snub Capistrano
         WND322   07       Toccoa teacher fired for reading Bible in classroom
         WND322   07       Yom Kippur (history & observances)
         WND322   08       'A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.'
         WND323   01       How to make a good impression
         WND323   01       Plants make air
         WND323   02       Air terrorism tip reward bolstered
         WND323   02       Aquino confirms UK troops' role (training presidential guard)
         WND323   02       Carolinas rebuilding on the beachfronts
         WND323   02       Crime prevention (83% of US to be victimised)
         WND323   02       Gadhafi suggests Jews go to Alaska
         WND323   02       Havel, in a first, visits Jerusalem
         WND323   02       IRS gets award for 'most incomprehensible govt. regulation'
         WND323   02       Implant embryos chosen for sex
         WND323   02       Infant homicide (murder leading cause of death of infants in US)
         WND323   02       Landmark UN pact aids poor
         WND323   02       London's homeless (130,000 homeless estimated)
         WND323   02       Nixon's tips on ways to handle the press
         WND323   02       Not a missing link (coelacanth not extinct after all)
         WND323   02       Suit seeks to allow man to have his head frozen
         WND323   03       $400 million hid in US banks, probe finds
         WND323   03       'Every defendant has an emotional problem...'
         WND323   03       Albania plans reforms on human rights
         WND323   03       Broadcaster Turner defends Beijing action
         WND323   03       Death doesn't end suit for keeping man alive
         WND323   03       Doomsday cult members told to stop digging (Montana cult)
         WND323   03       EC? What's that?
         WND323   03       Frenchman jailed for anti-Semitism
         WND323   03       IMF told to sell gold to aid poor
         WND323   03       Miss America told to halt Christian rap
         WND323   03       Popeye's plug for cereal upsets religious Quakers
         WND323   03       Sex-church defence rejected in US court
         WND323   03       Top cleric in Philippines urges rebel hunting (Cardinal Sin)
         WND323   03       US illegal child labor reported on the rise
         WND323   03       US priest to start African-Catholic church
         WND323   03       Watch called way to choose gender (of child)
         WND323   03       Yeutter criticises food barriers in developed world
         WND323   04       Gorbachev's power: Success not certain
         WND323   04       Gorbachev: The first 5 years
         WND323   04       Prague's second Spring (Russian tanks leaving)
         WND323   04       Shopper's shelves are empty (in USSR)
         WND323   04       Soviet upheaval? (gloomy forecast by NATO)
         WND323   04       The Soviet military (facing internal crisis)
         WND323   05       In Central Europe, a poisoned heartland
         WND323   05       Moscow interested (in S. Korean goods, system)
         WND323   05       Offer a Commonwealth (to breakaway USSR republics)
         WND323   05       Wolves circling Soviet leader
         WND323   06       A power shift in the Mideast (away from Israel)
         WND323   06       Another worry for Israel (possibility of earthquake)
         WND323   06       Iraq's resurging belligerence (towards Israel)
         WND323   06       Kill Arafat, Sharon urges
         WND323   07       Breeders strain to keep up (insect breeders)
         WND323   07       NASA turns to assembly-line production (of space vehicles)
         WND323   07       Scientists hit 'bitter harvest' (genetic supercrops)
         WND323   07       Scientists using plants to grow human proteins
         WND323   07       Small but significant clues (DNA fingerprinting)
         WND323   08       Short anecdotes
         WND324   01       Kidvid: Getting ready for the 90's
         WND324   01       Makers recall 600,000 infant pillow linked to baby deaths
         WND324   02       Anecdote on old age, by Longfellow
         WND324   02       Billy Graham injured in fall, part of rib removed
         WND324   02       Duke & Duchess of York name new baby Eugenie
         WND324   02       Eric Clapton often leads prayer before going on stage
         WND324   02       Hefner not present at son's birth
         WND324   02       Kohl loses 16 pounds in Austrian spa
         WND324   02       LBJ lashes out at Kennedy, Roosevelt in interview
         WND324   02       Mick Fleetwood, Stevie Nicks talk about addiction
         WND324   02       Mitch Snyder to take leave in Trappist monastery
         WND324   02       Mother Teresa resigns as head of Missionaries of Charity
         WND324   02       Norman Vincent Peale starts search for unsung heroes
         WND324   02       Playboy head Hugh Hefner a new father
         WND324   02       President of Brasil takes a spin in jet fighter
         WND324   02       Prince Aya to marry graduate student
         WND324   02       Prostitute who publicised Swaggart affair makes $210,000
         WND324   02       Reagan prays for Hinckley, would-be assassin
         WND324   02       Stillman Rockefeller attacked by shark off Fiji
         WND324   02       Walesa becomes most powerful man in Poland
         WND324   02       Walesa hard to get along with, says wife
         WND324   02       Yoko Ono says son pulled her through after Lennon's death
         WND324   02       Zsa Zsa rebuked, told to serve her time in community service
         WND324   03       Gorbachev: Influences (by the women in his life)
         WND324   03       Honnecker finds refuge with pastor's family
         WND324   04       Bareback poll tax demo of the new Lady Godiva
         WND324   04       Britain's deficit widens
         WND324   04       Thatcher is slipping (poll tax a mistake)
         WND324   04       Thatcher vs. Heseltine
         WND324   04       Tories grow mutinous (poll tax unpopular)
         WND324   05       Are Chinese businessmen propelled by insecurity?
         WND324   05       Can too much work be fatal? (overwork in Japan)
         WND324   05       In Japan a rebel retailer offers prices, not politesse
         WND324   05       Sony 'Palmtop' will read (handwriting)
         WND324   06       China's 'minders' are 9 million strong
         WND324   06       China's explosive instability
         WND324   06       Lee's religious speech provokes criticism from other politicians
         WND324   06       Pirate radio ship wary of threat
         WND324   06       Power cut to offices in Manila
         WND324   06       Sony's net profit jumps 45%
         WND324   06       The leadership of God (George Washington, Sun Yat-Sen)
         WND324   07       'Inside out' surgical machine developed
         WND324   07       A quick shoosh, & they survive (air bags)
         WND324   07       Cockroach zapper
         WND324   07       Japanese electric cars
         WND324   07       New VCR for people who only want to play, not record
         WND324   07       Shell tries low-pollution gasoline to improve air
         WND324   07       Sunspots in the spotlight (sun entering hyperactivity)
         WND324   08       Short anecdotes, jokes
         WND325   01       A grim smoking forecast: Tenth of Mankind will die
         WND325   01       Doctors careless
         WND325   01       Fast loss claims unrealistic, weight-control industry says
         WND325   01       Health cost of smoking cigarettes is $52 billion a year
         WND325   01       Less poking around, more counseling (by doctors)
         WND325   01       Seizure Drug (phenobarbital harmful or ineffective)
         WND325   01       Smokers cough up money for anti-smoking ads
         WND325   02       4 dead in motorhome; gas fumes blamed
         WND325   02       AIDS research raises lab fears (of mutated virus)
         WND325   02       Anti-abortion quote from Pat Robertson
         WND325   02       Apocalypse now? (If no change in pollution policies)
         WND325   02       Bug devours sewage to produce natural gas
         WND325   02       Cloth diaper industry reviving; disposables declining
         WND325   02       Condoms found not foolproof
         WND325   02       Dalkon case (Birth control product injuries)
         WND325   02       Desert plague (Mormon cricket threatens Nevada)
         WND325   02       Hugging the secret to a long & happy marriage
         WND325   02       Kentucky Fried Chicken going to chicken with less cholesterol
         WND325   02       Kids cough up visions (hallucinogenic cough medicine)
         WND325   02       Natural disasters (among NZ wildlife)
         WND325   02       PMS-caffeine link?
         WND325   02       Snake shooter (killed after viper coils around trigger)
         WND325   02       Study suggests couples live longer than singles
         WND325   02       Survey shows sex partners will lie about AIDS risk
         WND325   03       Donor (of excess skin) was no skinflint
         WND325   03       Fetal 'soap' addiction (to soap operas)
         WND325   03       Frozen squirrel gives survival clue
         WND325   03       Greater use of retreaded tires could slow rising tide of old tires
         WND325   03       Hundreds view UFOs over Rome
         WND325   03       Killer tomatoes ward off insects
         WND325   03       Rice the most important crop in developing world
         WND325   03       Spider's silk may beat the bullet
         WND325   03       Stomach bug, not stress, suspected ulcer cause
         WND325   03       Study shows AIDS threat to teens
         WND325   03       Voodoo lily puts hoodoo on weeds
         WND325   04       Present shock (in East Bloc over changes)
         WND325   04       Sects flood over the old Wall (to East Germany)
         WND325   04       Soviets admit ugly truth (about Katyn forest massacre)
         WND325   05       Kids & guns (accidents & misuse of)
         WND325   05       Look out for the drug police (when travelling)
         WND325   05       New flirtation for some well-off US teenagers: A gang
         WND325   05       US gets worst rating for welfare of children
         WND325   06       An ex-lender's advice to Latin debtors: Default
         WND325   06       Panama arms seized by US (Panama wants reimbursement)
         WND325   06       Salvadoran killings (continue)
         WND325   06       US military cited in deaths (in Panama invasion)
         WND325   06       WHO study: 200 million people may die prematurely in 1990s
         WND325   07       Biological filters (mussels that eat pollution)
         WND325   07       Corvettes have highest death rate, Volvos the lowest
         WND325   07       High-flying geese
         WND325   07       Orbiting hotel being planned by Japanese
         WND325   07       Responses to anonymous phone calls
         WND325   07       Thief sentenced to healthy diet
         WND325   07       US races to get space plane into orbit
         WND325   07       White House called a top environmental offender
         WND325   07       Youths & credit cards (new trend, along with bankruptcy)
         WND325   08       Misc. short jokes
         WND326   01       Many quit fast track for garden path
         WND326   01       Poor Teens: Better off pregnant?
         WND326   01       Wine held as the key to attain great age
         WND326   02       Astronomy: The oldest science? (history of astronomy)
         WND326   02       Developer of abortion drug wins Lasker Award
         WND326   02       Space telescope (Hubble): A look at the unknown
         WND326   03       Here come Soviet Jews (emigrating to Israel)
         WND326   03       Report on PLO assailed (by US Congress)
         WND326   03       US doubts on East Jerusalem's status
         WND326   03       Zaire gives Mobutu far from flattering portrait of himself
         WND326   04       Asian tourism (Vietnam)
         WND326   04       Cambodian tourism
         WND326   04       Communism digs into Asia
         WND326   04       It never rains but... (problems in the Philippines)
         WND326   04       WHO puts Thai AIDS carriers at 50,000
         WND326   05       Child pornography (new Supreme Court ruling)
         WND326   05       Exit Communism (It had pros as well as cons)
         WND326   05       Former spies come in from the Cold War
         WND326   06       A $30 billion stockpile of unneeded material
         WND326   06       Air Force errors in Billions (of dollars)
         WND326   06       Milken admits to felonies
         WND326   06       Superpower arms cuts
         WND326   07       Americans don't face the music (their problems)
         WND326   07       Bush getting record level of Black support, poll says
         WND326   07       The Politics of America (avoidance of problems)
         WND326   07       The glamour of Reagan is vanishing
         WND326   08       A merry heart doeth good like a medicine (jokes)
         WND327   01       'Truth' in movies as history
         WND327   01       Joan Baez at 49: A romantic
         WND327   02       100-year-old running for Congress in US
         WND327   02       90 liberal Iranians demand freedoms
         WND327   02       ANC dissidents assail leadership
         WND327   02       Baudouin (King of Belgium) ends his break as a commoner
         WND327   02       Irish Anglican leaders vote to ordain women
         WND327   02       Japanese parents fighting short hair for school children
         WND327   02       Jim Bakker learning ceramics in prison
         WND327   02       Krishna protest (over court ruling)
         WND327   02       Man-eating tigers kill 10 in South Bangladesh
         WND327   02       Nixon says he paid a heavy price for Watergate
         WND327   02       Paris judge OKs advertisement of sexually aroused angel
         WND327   02       Paris rebukes the mayor of Nice (over anti-Semitism)
         WND327   02       Policewomen in India switch to khaki
         WND327   02       Station loses $1 million client (Procter & Gamble)
         WND327   02       Study says television makes people moody
         WND327   02       US raises minimum wage to $3.80
         WND327   03       Aquino nominee is blocked (for agrarian reform)
         WND327   03       Astronomers name asteroids after Beatles
         WND327   03       Congressman votes against missile program that would've created jo
         WND327   03       Elderly suicides in Japan reach record high in 1989
         WND327   03       Female mid-shipman resigns from US Naval Academy
         WND327   03       Italian TV urges viewers to inform on neighbours & friends
         WND327   03       Joan of Arc's visions reappraised by 2 US scholars
         WND327   03       Liv Ullmann campaigns for children on behalf of UNICEF
         WND327   03       Mubarak in Syria (1st Egyptian visit in 12 years)
         WND327   03       Ozone hole could repair itself, scientists say
         WND327   03       Pelican peril (in Australia)
         WND327   03       Plants will respond to different strokes
         WND327   03       Red Tide (in China--caused by pollution)
         WND327   03       Season of drought (in Africa, India, Thailand, California)
         WND327   03       What is Planned Parenthood teaching children? (abortion)
         WND327   03       Wildfires (in Pennsylvania, France, Canada)
         WND327   04       Germany cornerstone of united Europe
         WND327   04       Gorbachev rival (Yeltsin) wins presidency of Russia
         WND327   04       May Day crowd jeers Gorbachev
         WND327   04       May Day slogans 1990
         WND327   05       East Germans ask Jews' forgiveness
         WND327   05       Germanys torn apart on issue (abortion)
         WND327   05       Reunion (of Germany), 45 years on: So simple, so complex
         WND327   05       Window of opportunity to evangelise Eastern Europe
         WND327   06       Catholic tax break (tax exemption upheld)
         WND327   06       Embittered Britons (mainly youth, angry over poll tax)
         WND327   06       S&L crashes (losses of $19.2 billion in 1989)
         WND327   06       The upheaval of the '90's & your money
         WND327   06       US Thrift bailout
         WND327   07       A city of insults (New York)
         WND327   07       California faces another drought
         WND327   07       Earthquakes east of the Rockies
         WND327   07       Freedom of choice has US bewildered
         WND327   07       Why they (JDL) want to destroy Vanessa Redgrave
         WND327   08       'A merry heart doeth good...'
         WND328   01       Even plumpness is heart risk
         WND328   01       Exercise controls blood pressure
         WND328   01       Some advice on staying alert (get more sleep)
         WND328   01       WHO reports a surge in tropical diseases
         WND328   02       Family Feuds (The Simpsons--new cartoon series)
         WND328   02       Uncivil liberties? (Debate over drug war tactics)
         WND328   03       Christian leaders warn against the New Age
         WND328   03       Mount Sinai (being developed for tourism)
         WND328   03       Our turn again to get religion (Africa more Christian than Europe)
         WND328   04       Islamic impact (Pakistan moving toward law of Koran)
         WND328   04       Israeli voters (not satisfied with election process)
         WND328   04       Rights violations blamed on Israel
         WND328   04       US backing for Afghan rebels wanes
         WND328   05       History not kind to trading cities, says Dr. Doom (Marc Faber)
         WND328   05       Mugabe & his party win by large margins
         WND328   05       New tyranny due 'freed' South Africa (democracy not best for SA)
         WND328   05       US still hostile to Hanoi
         WND328   06       Cheating by the millions (on US income taxes)
         WND328   06       Decoding the Social Security Number
         WND328   06       More AC privacy invasion! (computer databases)
         WND328   07       A whole new tax life (tax breaks overseas)
         WND328   07       Fault in a $12 circuit board delays deployment of newest US missil
         WND328   07       Headsets for kids strike a sour note (noise levels damage hearing)
         WND328   07       How to stay out of trouble (tax fraud & the IRS)
         WND328   07       Next in computers: Photo-sharp images
         WND328   08       Good Thots--Relations with people
         WND329   01       3 more people each second
         WND329   01       Greenhouse Effect (dumping iron in ocean to combat it)
         WND329   01       The Flight of the Bee Wolf (God's creation compared to computer)
         WND329   02       British slobs of European continent, women's magazine complains
         WND329   02       Church reform (Church of Scotland omits ref to virgin birth)
         WND329   02       Cocaine trade whittling away at individual rights
         WND329   02       Death toll from heat wave in Mexico climbs to 380
         WND329   02       G-horse ran too well for FBI's purposes
         WND329   02       General strike grips West Bank, Gaza Strip
         WND329   02       Managua won't get loan, Bush says
         WND329   02       Manila tightens US flight security (after rebel threats)
         WND329   02       Michael Jackson suffers chest pains (w/pic)
         WND329   02       More crime against Moscow visitors
         WND329   02       Peru Earthquake
         WND329   02       Pope warns on consumerism in East
         WND329   02       Sharansky sees mass Soviet exodus (to Israel)
         WND329   02       US jury acquits Panamanian's son (of threat to kill Bush)
         WND329   02       Waldheim denies apology to Israel
         WND329   03       Archeologist hails disposable diapers
         WND329   03       Bear behind bars (in India)
         WND329   03       Cricket siege (in Nevada)
         WND329   03       Earthquakes (recent quakes & tremors)
         WND329   03       Farmers cutting back on use of chemicals
         WND329   03       Flood season
         WND329   03       Lightning kill (of cattle in Virginia)
         WND329   03       Nuclear news (China test; Mururoa atoll)
         WND329   03       Pigeon poachers
         WND329   03       Rat ranching (raising rats for food)
         WND329   03       Windy City (Chicago) waits for attack of the cicadas
         WND329   04       A pregnant pause in Hong Kong as mothers-to-be go (abroad)
         WND329   04       Japan in East Asia: A boom pays off
         WND329   04       Philippine rebels say next coup will succeed
         WND329   05       African aid (Africa needs democracy more; less graft)
         WND329   05       Distressed Africa (aid not working, people losing hope)
         WND329   05       Winnie Mandela's guard convicted (of murder)
         WND329   05       Yemens end 3 centuries of separation
         WND329   06       Soviet equality in poverty
         WND329   06       The Ballad of Mikhail Gorbachev
         WND329   07       Lithuania's betrayal (how it became part of USSR)
         WND329   07       The Soviet Humpty Dumpty (decaying Soviet economy, effect on EB)
         WND329   08       Dolly Parton's faith
         WND329   08       How Weight Watchers began
         WND329   08       Richard Feynman: 'Love is the most important thing.'
         WND330   01       Amniocentesis appears to lead to ear infections
         WND330   01       Beef sales plummeting in England
         WND330   01       Blood pressure reduced in study of Vitamin C
         WND330   01       California county copes with drought by removing lawns
         WND330   01       Helmets for bicyclists decreed in US county
         WND330   01       New York considers putting inmates to work
         WND330   01       Quick tips from diet doctors (on food, exercise etc.)
         WND330   02       200 US products being boycotted now (with little effect)
         WND330   02       45% of Americans don't have personal heroes
         WND330   02       59-year-old astronaut to go into space
         WND330   02       AIDS activist Turner loses fight with disease
         WND330   02       Coffee fat is cholesterol booster, researchers say
         WND330   02       Doctor prescribes laughter as best medicine
         WND330   02       Glider pilot dead after collision with US jet
         WND330   02       Grandparents' rights to visit grandchildren
         WND330   02       House approves Jerusalem resolution
         WND330   02       Italy wins 35th Eurovision song contest with 1992 song
         WND330   02       Lawyers frequently cheat their clients
         WND330   02       New computer targets uninsured drivers
         WND330   02       New device that warns pilots when planes too close
         WND330   02       Peru opens ties with North Korea
         WND330   02       State judge dismisses 180 tax fraud counts against Helmsley
         WND330   02       Teaching policemen 'verbal judo' skills
         WND330   02       Test track a mite small for these fitness tests
         WND330   02       Use clear lightbulbs in frosted fixtures
         WND330   02       WHO says US will cut off funds if PLO admitted
         WND330   03       Anti-Semitism revives (in Europe, East Bloc)
         WND330   03       Religion's influence can be clearly seen (in Europe)
         WND330   04       Defining the new Europe (states agree on goal but not process)
         WND330   04       Thatcher (new biography, personal insights)
         WND330   05       Panama needs help now (People cannot eat democracy)
         WND330   05       US & Noriega make deal on defense
         WND330   05       What did US pay Noriega (lawyers subpoena US agencies)
         WND330   06       Censoring US history (over US role in Iran)
         WND330   06       Central Park rape victim back at job
         WND330   06       Fiction from the State Department (over US role in Iran)
         WND330   06       Savings & Loan rescue cost doubles
         WND330   06       The Arms race is continuing (US pushing it, despite USSR changes)
         WND330   07       'Killer micros' (may outperform supercomputers)
         WND330   07       Cellular spies (monitoring cellular phones)
         WND330   07       Computer hackers (3 Australians tamper with US computers)
         WND330   08       'Deputies are tied up right now'
         WND330   08       'Puff the Magic Dragon' about loss of ideals
         WND330   08       Elijah making gravy?
         WND330   08       Faced with drought, Californian spraypaints lawn
         WND330   08       Misc. anecdotes
         WND330   08       Prince Charles appeals for help to clean up EB pollution
         WND330   08       Schools use gambling to steer teens away from drugs
         WND330   08       Weight a Minute
         WND330   08       instant credit really instant debt
         WND331   01       Crossover culture (Blacks becoming white & vice versa)
         WND331   01       Dutch report AZT didn't stop AIDS
         WND331   01       Hints for writing the dreaded memos
         WND331   01       Timesaving tips
         WND331   01       US exhausts funds to fight measles
         WND331   02       A 'peace dividend' primer (spending not dropping after end of cold
         WND331   02       Democracy & 'why bother' Americans
         WND331   02       Film actor (George Hamilton) claims Marcos as friend
         WND331   02       How to recognise a dope house...in your neighborhood
         WND331   03       After 10 years, Sony's Walkman has changed lifestyles, industry
         WND331   03       Silent symphony (the life of a leaf)
         WND331   03       Still stuck with a pen? (new pen computers recognise handwriting)
         WND331   03       UN warning on warming
         WND331   04       'Suffering' leads to growth in churches
         WND331   04       Fundamentalists hailing US school prayer decision
         WND331   04       More baby boomers returning to religion
         WND331   04       Mormon women get fairer shake (in church rituals)
         WND331   05       It's nature vs. nurture in puzzle of gender gap
         WND331   05       The Jesuits at 450: Still on the cutting edge
         WND331   06       The new US currency
         WND331   06       Try to profile a family from its trash
         WND331   07       Court affirms case on police power to demand ID
         WND331   07       Exxon spill deadliest for wildlife, recovery may take 70 years
         WND331   07       Fellow inmate denies Baker suffering from hallucinations
         WND331   07       Scientists find source of hair growth higher up
         WND331   07       Summertime's sperm looks down for the count
         WND331   07       World disasters: The rising toll (chart)
         WND331   08       The importance of being a father (poem by Edgar Guest)
         WND332   01       Caffeine--America's greatest addiction
         WND332   01       Fast-food chicken & fish loaded with fat, report says
         WND332   01       Hunger amid plenty (millions hungry, although plenty of food in wo
         WND332   01       It's official--marriage makes for longer life
         WND332   02       AIDS spreads in China
         WND332   02       Bible ruling (Bible study clubs allowed in highschools)
         WND332   02       Britain & East Germany to drop visa requirements
         WND332   02       Cheney warns of increasing Korean threat
         WND332   02       Cleveland boy, 5, to sue doctor (for putting him in custody)
         WND332   02       Frank Sinatra celebrates among old foes
         WND332   02       Good scout (Michael Jackson honored by Scouts)
         WND332   02       HK visas extended
         WND332   02       Hong Kong tries to lure tourists
         WND332   02       Hungary experiences tourist boom
         WND332   02       Pat Robertson begins a crusade on the arts
         WND332   02       Reform rabbis approve homosexuals as leaders
         WND332   02       Rex Harrison is dead at 82
         WND332   02       Swiss seek IMF status
         WND332   02       Warnings on Nepal & Philippines
         WND332   03       Abortion clinic head excommunicated by Catholic bishop
         WND332   03       Activist fights FBI film snooping
         WND332   03       Visit by Michael Jackson upstages White House Summit announcement
         WND332   04       The holdouts club (Last Communist nations in the World)
         WND332   05       Comparing the two Germanies (chart)
         WND332   05       No Europe without Germany
         WND332   05       No Europe without Germany (France's influence in EEC)
         WND332   05       One army for a new Europe
         WND332   06       Bush: Panama invasion ranks with Gettysburg
         WND332   06       Marcos case worries Noriega's prosecutors
         WND332   06       Panama: Overkill plus a weak case
         WND332   06       Protestant leaders angered that US 'ignored' Panama deaths
         WND332   07       Catholic church scam (relief supplies in India)
         WND332   07       Further shocks add to misery in Iran's quake
         WND332   07       In Iran's post-quake agony, a test for Rafsanjani
         WND332   08       Anecdotes & jokes
         WND333   01       Business etiquette: 5 bloopers that can cost you a lot
         WND333   01       How NOT to give criticism
         WND333   02       Around asia (Bumper opium crop expected this year)
         WND333   02       Bison empire (restoring buffalo to great plains)
         WND333   02       Bullet proof vests in Taiwan come with underpants
         WND333   02       Forest depletion in the Philippines
         WND333   02       Global increase in smoking sets off alarm
         WND333   02       HK sets up Triad Renunciation Tribunal
         WND333   02       How to unlock a door at the touch of a finger (ID system)
         WND333   02       JAL offering in-flight food on the ground
         WND333   02       JAL sets up giant aircraft washing machine
         WND333   02       Japanese take big step in war against smelly feet
         WND333   02       Manila's polluted air one of the World's worst
         WND333   02       Mosquito flood (nudists take precautions)
         WND333   02       Ted Turner looks forward to dying, Hell
         WND333   02       Vietnam struggles to welcome tourists
         WND333   02       Vinyl recordings play a swan song
         WND333   02       Wildfires in Finland, Michigan & Florida
         WND333   02       Winner in bad-bosses contest
         WND333   03       Cartoon: Debt to Bush, 'Read MY lips.'
         WND333   03       Lack of self-esteem called major reason why youth join cults
         WND333   03       Travelers irked by surprise tax on foreign buys
         WND333   03       Where a life is worth the price of sneakers
         WND333   04       Bitter History (comparison of USSR to post-WW1 Germany)
         WND333   04       Soviet women yearn for a man in the West
         WND333   05       East Bloc language campaign
         WND333   05       Thatcher looks at Europe through rosier glasses
         WND333   05       UK anthem a hymn to the bellicose?
         WND333   06       The old warrior (Shamir's life & background)
         WND333   07       Afro-pessimism (turmoil & deprivation spreading in Africa)
         WND333   07       For one of Africa's worst tyrants (the end for Doe)
         WND333   07       Southern Africa's economies (chart of GNPs)
         WND333   08       Good Thots (anecdotes)
         WND334   01       Dishwashing & health (benefits of dishwashing)
         WND334   01       Grandmother had a word for what's stressing you (That's life!)
         WND334   01       Melanoma: The darker side of suntans (skin cancer on the rise)
         WND334   02       'Honey' the most common American term of endearment
         WND334   02       3-year-old charged with criminal mischief
         WND334   02       5,500 year old mummy to be checked for AIDS
         WND334   02       Eight lives (cat dragged 5 km by truck, survives)
         WND334   02       Electricity costs more depending on time of day
         WND334   02       Global warming (Arctic ice cap thinning)
         WND334   02       Killing heat (11 deaths in Ariz. & L.A.)
         WND334   02       Ku Klux Klan charge they are a persecuted group
         WND334   02       Loose lizard (devouring cats, bunnies)
         WND334   02       Love moans keep the neighbors awake
         WND334   02       Lyme disease spreading to much of US, Japan & Europe
         WND334   02       Marine life kill (starfish dying in USSR of radiation)
         WND334   02       Marion Rice Hart dies
         WND334   02       Phone companies disconnecting pay phones used by dealers
         WND334   02       Pig craze (Pigs as pets spreading to UK)
         WND334   02       Rat population in Central Park at record high
         WND334   02       Six-legged robot built to roam rocky Mars
         WND334   02       Struck twice (by lightning)
         WND334   03       American souls lack depth, pollster says
         WND334   03       New long-term estimate on thrifts: $1 trillion
         WND334   03       Ruling spurs US war on drunk drivers
         WND334   04       Georgian President warns of anarchy
         WND334   04       KGB general enlists in 'Army of Freedom' (Oleg Kalugin)
         WND334   04       No alternative to Gorbachev, & he is to blame for that too
         WND334   04       Russia publishes church stats
         WND334   05       Gas chamber claim angers French Jews
         WND334   05       Le Pen comment gets 1 Franc fine
         WND334   06       From Turkey to Nile, region turning water into a weapon
         WND334   06       Mideast tremors (over new hardline Israeli Cabinet)
         WND334   07       Chip prototype (new high-capacity chip developed in Japan)
         WND334   07       Gloom over tropical forests (deforestation in Third World)
         WND334   07       Hardest code cracked (factoring numbers by computer)
         WND334   07       Holographics (being studied for video conferences)
         WND334   08       Misc. short jokes
         WND335   01       'Passive' smoking (inhalation) a risk (of cancer)
         WND335   01       Good Habits for a better back
         WND335   01       Natural relief for headaches
         WND335   01       Ouch! Back pain strikes 4 of 5 Americans
         WND335   01       TB re-emerges (growing health risk in US)
         WND335   02       A dog's place (pampering of pets in US)
         WND335   02       At 12, a US Pre-Med Prodigy
         WND335   02       Bo knows the 'Big Picture' (One-World govt, Mark)
         WND335   02       California earthquakes & intensity, map
         WND335   03       Japan looms as villain (in recent books)
         WND335   03       Poor little souls? (killing ticks in Japan)
         WND335   03       Priest-Barman spreads Gospel (in Japan)
         WND335   04       China losing faith in Mao & Marx
         WND335   04       Mushrooming crime (in Taiwan)
         WND335   04       Where children miss out on the lessons of life
         WND335   05       Afrikaner see signs of doom
         WND335   06       Creepy crawly year (pests & pestilences in US)
         WND335   07       Biological plastics (grown on plants)
         WND335   07       DAT lawsuit (publishers seeking to halt DAT in US)
         WND335   07       Looking for ways to protect privacy (caller ID)
         WND335   07       Machine readable passports (for New Zealand)
         WND335   07       Midget mice might mean a budget-sized barnyard
         WND335   07       Service would keep ID of caller confidential
         WND335   08       Misc. short anecdotes
         WND336   01       10 tips for stress-free work
         WND336   01       For a successful meeting, the key is preparation
         WND336   01       How not to bore your audience at a meeting
         WND336   02       Iraq Iran peace
         WND336   02       Iraq overruns Kuwait, Emir flees
         WND336   02       Iraq, Iran & the Palestinians join to subdue Gulf Emirates
         WND336   02       Turkey stops Iraqi oil flow, other nations join embargo
         WND336   03       Big Brother (Saddam a hero to many Arabs)
         WND336   03       Hussein: Canny & ruthless (Saddam)
         WND336   03       The Making of a monster (how World contributed to Saddam's power)
         WND336   04       Chart of where Iraq's oil goes
         WND336   04       Chart of where Kuwait's oil goes
         WND336   04       Iraq announces Kuwait 'merger'
         WND336   04       Kuwait: Poor little unloved rich kid
         WND336   04       Map of Iraqi conflicts with neighbors
         WND336   05       'This is not 1987--this is a change of economic direction'
         WND336   05       Era of cheap oil may be over
         WND336   05       Gun crusade (US crusade in the Gulf)
         WND336   05       Hot air aside, this fight is for cheap oil
         WND336   05       Japan's strengths (in face of Gulf crisis)
         WND336   05       No growth expected (in US during late 1990, early 1991)
         WND336   05       U.S. Recession (after sudden rise in oil prices)
         WND336   06       Behind Hussein hard-liners (potential successors tougher)
         WND336   06       Chart: Military powers of the Middle East
         WND336   06       Hussein believed capable of destroying oil fields
         WND336   06       Invading Iraqi forces took billions from Kuwait
         WND336   06       Jordan's anger towards Kuwait
         WND336   07       A colossus is formed in Europe (United Germany)
         WND336   07       Germany's decisive step toward unity
         WND336   07       Gorbachev agrees to united Germany in NATO
         WND336   07       Russia declares itself sovereign within union
         WND336   07       Yeltsin walks out of Soviet Party
         WND336   08       Good Thots (misc. anecdotes)
         WND337   01       Alcohol use during pregnancy (dangerous)
         WND337   01       Bananas (health benefits, tennis stars use of)
         WND337   01       Even margarine found risky (coronary risk)
         WND337   01       Risk in contact lens wear (infections after extended use)
         WND337   01       Scientists are excited by progress on herpes
         WND337   01       Water beats health drinks
         WND337   02       America is doubly a hostage (both to oil & deficit)
         WND337   02       Calculating the cost (of Gulf war to US)
         WND337   02       Caution is in order (in dealing with Hussein)
         WND337   02       Middle East (Analysis by Jimmy Carter)
         WND337   02       Saddam or his army must be gone
         WND337   03       Conflict good sign, Rabbi says (sign of the end)
         WND337   03       Crisis? Bush fishes
         WND337   03       Desert fighting has particular horrors
         WND337   03       Israel denies any role in US plan (in Gulf)
         WND337   03       Mubarak's gamble (in supporting US in Gulf)
         WND337   03       Poison gas (Iraq's production, past use of)
         WND337   03       Syria takes a turn (in condemning Iraq)
         WND337   04       'Bear' (Schwarzkopf) leads biggest operation since Vietnam
         WND337   04       Eavesdropping from heaven (US spy satellites)
         WND337   04       Letters (from IHT, views on Gulf crisis)
         WND337   04       Oil shock (effect on World economy)
         WND337   04       Soviet windfall (rise in oil prices)
         WND337   05       Bush calls for tax rises to cut deficit
         WND337   05       Recession (has hit 16 US states now)
         WND337   05       US gap in incomes (rich getting richer)
         WND337   06       Arch of gold (making $500 billion S&l bailout real)
         WND337   06       OECD aid to poor countries drops
         WND337   06       S&L bailout to exceed $500 billion
         WND337   06       US deposit insurance is at a low
         WND337   06       When they knew (When govt. knew about S&L problem)
         WND337   07       Color of (US) money could change
         WND337   07       Tide of debt (Problems of US deficit)
         WND337   07       US foreign debt load surged 25% last year (in 1989)
         WND337   08       Thots (misc. anecdotes)
         WND338   01       Lazy summer days: Deadly on the road
         WND338   02       'Sly fox' assigned to defend Saddam (Aziz, foreign minister)
         WND338   02       Faced with unified opposition, Iraqi president seeks new bloc
         WND338   02       Holy war, a new cry for Iraq
         WND338   03       Chart: How goods could reach Iraq despite the blockade
         WND338   03       Desert takes toll on US gear
         WND338   03       Pay own defence costs, Washington tells Japan
         WND338   03       Waldheim (Flies home with Austrian hostages, meets criticism)
         WND338   04       A heritage of humiliation & defeat (Arabs in Mideast)
         WND338   04       Israeli government alarmed by chance of a deal in the Gulf
         WND338   04       Mr. Bush, your wager is my son
         WND338   05       Bhutto in defeat
         WND338   05       China & Indonesia agree to restore ties
         WND338   05       Key dates in Benazir Bhutto's career
         WND338   05       Trade war looming, Pacific nations warn
         WND338   05       US to block Khmer Rouge (from regaining power)
         WND338   06       Hawaii to begin screening parents (to prevent potential CA)
         WND338   06       Panel calls for steps to fight child abuse (in US)
         WND338   06       The indifferent US generation of the 90s
         WND338   07       4 Powers would end rights in Germany by end of year
         WND338   07       5 EC nations to open borders before 1993
         WND338   07       Common Eurocurrency is plastic cash
         WND338   07       The graying of Europa (birth rates plummeting)
         WND338   08       Thots (misc. anecdotes)
         WND339   01       House plants can reduce air pollution caused by poor ventilation
         WND339   01       Science awakes to the afternoon nap
         WND339   01       Video games, ailments linked
         WND339   02       Ayatollah urges holy war
         WND339   02       Baghdad forces (deployment after invasion of Kuwait)
         WND339   02       Media guru called in to fight Saddam
         WND339   03       Roots of conflict: Where Britain drew line in 1922
         WND339   03       What Iraq really wants (access to Gulf)
         WND339   04       Chart: Iraqi forces vs. Multinational forces
         WND339   04       Hussein: Some forecasts (what he might do)
         WND339   04       Sarajevo in the Middle East? (WW1 repeating itself)
         WND339   04       Talk about Jordan (Israeli eagerness to invade)
         WND339   05       Anti-apartheid cleric (Boesak) resigns over adultery
         WND339   05       Communism back in South Africa after 40-year ban
         WND339   05       Kuwaiti exiles: An embarrassment of riches
         WND339   05       Mandela mania ('necklace deaths' in S. Africa)
         WND339   05       PLO chief is called 'Comrade in Arms' (by Mandela)
         WND339   05       Zulu chief (Buthelezi) forms party in challenge to ANC
         WND339   06       Cuba will never change
         WND339   06       Japan puts off its favorite son in Peru
         WND339   06       Kidnappings worry Rio
         WND339   06       Noriega capture a bust, CIA says
         WND339   06       Panamanians sue US on invasion
         WND339   06       Pedal-power for Cuba in light of fuel shortages
         WND339   06       US case on Noriega: No evidence
         WND339   07       A sharp cutback in Hubble program
         WND339   07       CNN: Adding viewpoints (European, Asian, Latin etc.)
         WND339   07       Small US firm has big video plan (dual VCR for duping)
         WND339   08       German pastor who baptised cats suspended
         WND339   08       God portrayed in London theatre by Black American
         WND339   08       Jeb Magruder chosen as Presbyterian pastor
         WND340   01       Reality reels as photo tricks are refined (computer alterations)
         WND340   02       Arab streets (public opinion towards Iraq divided)
         WND340   02       Bush has crossed a Rubicon (point of no return)
         WND340   02       We drove ourselves into this corner (US love of big cars)
         WND340   03       Another side to the dictator: Flexibility
         WND340   03       Pay the leader (US soliciting funds for its Gulf war)
         WND340   03       Saudi sheikh loses $16 million gambling
         WND340   03       Saudis force US women into subservient role
         WND340   04       Costs for Brazil (of oil price rise, Iraqi embargo)
         WND340   04       For Third World, oil shock means still more hardship
         WND340   04       Iraq coup unlikely, dissidents contend
         WND340   04       Making money out of crisis (US firms selling to military)
         WND340   04       Saddam's other side (family suffered from love affair)
         WND340   04       Wall Street (new era of stagnation coming)
         WND340   05       Jordan's fragile economy left teetering in Gulf crisis
         WND340   05       Kuwaitis (and their BMWs) (wealthy refugees)
         WND340   05       UN chief warns of threat of global war
         WND340   06       For Israel, crisis confirms its views
         WND340   06       Pick your prophet--a doomsayer for every taste
         WND340   07       For America's poor, it's been a bad year
         WND340   07       Increased spending in wartime stimulates economy
         WND340   07       Real wages fell in US (10% during last decade)
         WND340   07       Taking their money home (Japanese selling dollar securities)
         WND340   07       US inflation surges
         WND340   08       Out of the mouths of babes (anecdotes)
         WND340   08       Ronald Reagan honored with positive thinking award
         WND341   01       Cultivate safe driving habits
         WND341   01       Driven to distraction (distractions while driving)
         WND341   01       Is your vehicle roadworthy?
         WND341   01       Read the road (road safety)
         WND341   01       Tips from the experts (on safe driving)
         WND341   02       A dark side of Kuwait (injustice towards poor)
         WND341   02       Airlines turning to Djibouti airport to avoid stopovers near Gulf
         WND341   02       American Queen (Noor of Jordan)
         WND341   02       Arab League to move headquarters to Cairo
         WND341   02       Bob Hope not planning on trip to Saudi Arabia
         WND341   02       Former PM of Israel released from hospital
         WND341   02       Increase of 2 million in Israeli population seen
         WND341   02       Israelis find far-right arms cache
         WND341   02       Israelis teargas UN clinic in Gaza
         WND341   02       Plan for US Negev station revived
         WND341   02       Rabin ordered beating (of Palestinians), colonel says
         WND341   02       Saudi Sheikh loses $16 million gambling
         WND341   02       Who are Western powers trying to protect in Gulf?
         WND341   02       Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) denied entrance to Israel
         WND341   03       Animal-lover Bardot assails Muslim practice
         WND341   03       Berlin Wall falls again at Pink Floyd concert
         WND341   03       Defending Europe (NATO's flexible response now obsolete)
         WND341   03       How's the weather (Charles & Diana)
         WND341   03       Israelis & fundamentalists beating war drums.--Buchanan
         WND341   03       King Juan Carlos rescues capsized girls
         WND341   03       Madonna quotes Bible to detractors
         WND341   03       Prince Charles in high spirits despite broken arm
         WND341   03       Princess Anne nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
         WND341   03       Queen Elizabeth: Star of TV documentary
         WND341   03       Rolling Stones welcomed in Czechoslovakia
         WND341   03       Saddam Hussein Rag: A message in the music
         WND341   03       Spain third most dangerous place to drive in EEC)
         WND341   03       Taiwan gold imports soar amid Gulf fears
         WND341   03       Thatcher compared to Queen Elizabeth 1
         WND341   03       Woman sails Atlantic solo to set new record
         WND341   03       Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) goes to Baghdad with British Muslims
         WND341   04       AIDS-infected drug user convicted in robbery bid
         WND341   04       Big Ben stops ticking under 37-degree licking
         WND341   04       Chuck Berry convicted of child abuse, drug possession
         WND341   04       Criminals rounded up in fake lottery
         WND341   04       Goose step out of step in East German Army
         WND341   04       Happy campers (at Michael Jackson's ranch)
         WND341   04       Head of Japan's Nissan to be knighted in UK
         WND341   04       Joseph Kennedy rescues capsized fishermen
         WND341   04       Nelson Bunker Hunt's possessions on sale to pay IRS
         WND341   04       Prince Charles insists on being treated under National Health Syst
         WND341   04       Ralph Branca: World won't let him forget bad pitch
         WND341   04       Roger & me II (Fancy retirement dinner for GM chairman)
         WND341   04       Roman Polanski sends lawyer to fight charge of sex with minor
         WND341   04       Snacking burglar apprehended by dental records
         WND341   04       Spike responds (to charges of Anti-Semitism)
         WND341   04       Thatcher says toughness not admired in women
         WND341   04       Timber rustlers scorching Spain (arsonists)
         WND341   04       UK gays hug & kiss to back rights demand
         WND341   04       UN admits tiny state (Liechtenstein) as its 160th member
         WND341   04       Write approach (new book by William Shatner)
         WND341   05       3 doctors charged for overprescribing pills to Liz Taylor
         WND341   05       6 hour parking really only 5 & 1/2
         WND341   05       Bank is open, but nobody is there
         WND341   05       Bulletproof back to school clothes on sale in New York
         WND341   05       City allows lawn watering to keep down fire hazard
         WND341   05       Cool reception (birthday party for Marcos, in coffin)
         WND341   05       Diver keeps head, fights off shark with spear gun
         WND341   05       Gene Kelly, 77, weds 36-year-old
         WND341   05       Heavy metal music on trial in suicides
         WND341   05       Imelda invites her 12 jurors for lunch
         WND341   05       Kids get credit card to buy school meals
         WND341   05       Kitty Dukakis says she wouldn't have lasted long in White House
         WND341   05       Michael Jackson shoes selling poorly
         WND341   05       Mouth wash (TVs trend toward stronger language)
         WND341   05       New York names street corner after IRA terrorist
         WND341   05       Rose Kennedy takes walk through Central Park
         WND341   05       The last word (Bush donates organs to science)
         WND341   05       US insurer to raise bank premiums 30%
         WND341   05       US syphilis rate said at highest level in 40 years
         WND341   06       A modest proposal for the Great Plains
         WND341   06       Charlie Sheen checks into rehabilitation centre
         WND341   06       Graveyard strike (by lightning in New Orleans)
         WND341   06       Hiroshima mementoes: Two points of view
         WND341   06       Infant mortality in America
         WND341   06       Japan backs down on threat seen from Soviets
         WND341   06       Modern teenagers: An ailing generation
         WND341   06       Mother Teresa is hailed on her 80th birthday
         WND341   06       Mother Teresa resigns after 40 years
         WND341   06       National Guard overflights can be hazardous
         WND341   06       Nine Love Canal houses draw prospective buyers
         WND341   06       Quarter of US babies had unmarried mother
         WND341   06       Rebels urge soldiers to rise up against president (Cory)
         WND341   06       White people 'the colorless people'?
         WND341   06       Women's office woes blamed on computers
         WND341   06       Yeti Trek (Soviets in search of elusive Yeti)
         WND341   07       Airport dust busters to seek out explosives
         WND341   07       Children of the World: The sad numbers
         WND341   07       China bares larger deficit
         WND341   07       China reissuing Mao's Little Red Books
         WND341   07       Death threat to Americans in Manila
         WND341   07       English becoming the World's universal language
         WND341   07       Fantasy Figures (Montalban sues for share of profits)
         WND341   07       Hong Kong brain drain figures revised upward
         WND341   07       In Japan, doctors will make ambulance calls
         WND341   07       In Singapore, only passengers may use car phones
         WND341   07       Indonesia waives some visa requirements
         WND341   07       Japan passes US as largest donor of aid
         WND341   07       Japanese living longer
         WND341   07       Mandela is no Martin Luther King
         WND341   07       Menem's daughter punched in robbery attempt
         WND341   07       Nepal to release jailed Christians
         WND341   07       Pope John Paul restates position on birth control
         WND341   07       Soviets asking to launch rockets from Florida
         WND341   07       Taipei cuts diplomatic tie to Riyadh
         WND341   07       Two found alive in quake ruins
         WND341   08       Satellite to tell troops exactly where they are
         WND341   08       Slugs seldom slip in for a sip of alcohol
         WND341   08       Vegetable machine designed for Astronauts
         WND342   01       Artfully dealt criticism & its office hallmark
         WND342   01       Benefits in quitting smoking
         WND342   01       Employee rule-making can cut rule-breaking
         WND342   02       'If America spent as much on research as it did on Gulf crisis...'
         WND342   02       'Why doesn't the World applaud me?' Waldheim wonders
         WND342   02       A city full of hostages (New York)
         WND342   02       Aussies give Hawke something to cry about
         WND342   02       France charges 6 Scientologists
         WND342   02       Guillermo Endara marries 23-year-old
         WND342   02       Kangaroo on the menu might leave some jumpy
         WND342   02       Leading Burma warlord called top drug dealer
         WND342   02       Moon's church forms ballet school in the US
         WND342   02       New drunk driving laws in Sweden
         WND342   02       Panama says it will let Iraqi vessels use the Canal
         WND342   02       Philippines bans ads for brides by mail
         WND342   02       Rev. Sun Myung Moon declares himself Messiah
         WND342   02       Shining Path suspects captured
         WND342   02       Tammy Faye Bakker holds her first service
         WND342   02       Wisconsin marchers seek erotic play zone
         WND342   03       After a slow build-up, the logic of war looks inexorable
         WND342   03       Arabs know there is no going back
         WND342   03       Military must be used (by US in Gulf)
         WND342   03       What if the Iraqi played for a draw?
         WND342   04       A nation of oil addicts (the US)
         WND342   04       PLO sees an opening to press its case
         WND342   04       The staggering cost of a Gulf war
         WND342   05       Devastated Faw (Iraq)
         WND342   05       Gulf crisis could savage the market
         WND342   05       Israel seeks $1 billion rise in US military aid
         WND342   06       EEC merges with Soviets
         WND342   06       Germany is one again
         WND342   06       Make dinner, not war (Kohl's Germanness, appetite)
         WND342   06       Next target for unification: Europe
         WND342   06       Ukraine seeks gold from UK
         WND342   06       Waldheim anti-Nazi, Jewish magazine says
         WND342   07       Japan's plunging market
         WND342   07       On Wall Street, the bear is back
         WND342   07       Weak dollar may signal new international order
         WND342   08       Misc. anecdotes
         WND342   08       Which language is spoken most? (Mandarin Chinese)
         WND343   01       Guide to better dictation
         WND343   02       After the butter mountain, the used-tire mountain
         WND343   02       California studying desalinated water projects
         WND343   02       Deeper (World's deepest hole being drilled to study thermal energy
         WND343   02       Drought & famine in Angola
         WND343   02       Drought in France
         WND343   02       Drought in Mexico
         WND343   02       Drought refugees (in Sudan)
         WND343   02       Ground to hold heat from solar collectors
         WND343   02       Heat & drought (Europe baking)
         WND343   02       High Tide (Greenhouse effect causing seas to rise)
         WND343   02       Leaks in Pacific (from French nuclear blasts)
         WND343   02       Lorikeet lushes (drinking parrots)
         WND343   02       No rain for second year in Ethiopia
         WND343   02       Polluted Taiwan
         WND343   02       Researchers find trees key to city cooling
         WND343   02       Safe water discussed by experts at meeting
         WND343   02       Toast the upper crust with Charles' bread
         WND343   02       Trees seen as ally in controlling smog
         WND343   02       Turtle hospital (in Florida Keys)
         WND343   02       Typhoon Vernon brings rain to drought-stricken Japan
         WND343   02       Western wildfires (Yosemite national park)
         WND343   02       Wildfires (in France, Corsica)
         WND343   03       Dream (of Saddam, inspired by Mohammed)
         WND343   03       Iraqis have a new superbomb
         WND343   03       Mistakes in war-making
         WND343   03       Waiting game aids Iraq
         WND343   04       British life might never be the same (after EEC union)
         WND343   04       Bruno Kreisky dies
         WND343   04       Europe is moving toward common currency & central bank
         WND343   04       For Germans, morals & cheap gas are poor mix
         WND343   04       New European Community (why Europeans support it)
         WND343   05       After the waltz is over (US debt)
         WND343   05       Children's crusade (worldwide children's problems)
         WND343   05       Fall from grace (Cory in PI)
         WND343   05       Portfolios of US banks are shakiest in 15 years
         WND343   05       Real estate slump is global
         WND343   05       Rough days for the rich in the US, Forbes says
         WND343   05       The real deficit ($305 billion for 1991)
         WND343   06       Disaster haunts Aquino (continual crisis in PI)
         WND343   06       Hopes raised by Cory evaporate
         WND343   07       Collapse of the Soviet Union
         WND343   07       Gorbachev is awarded Peace Prize
         WND343   07       Soviets filled with fear of cold winter
         WND343   08       Misc. anecdotes
         WND344   01       Stop! Read all this! Clip it neatly! File it carefully! Do it now!
         WND344   01       The field & the dreamers
         WND344   02       4 African nations cited for Cholera
         WND344   02       AIDS cases in West Pacific up 46%
         WND344   02       Black death (bubonic plague alert)
         WND344   02       Children, smoking peril linked
         WND344   02       Coffee-drinking women, beware a pregnant pause
         WND344   02       Doctor cites first hint of communicable cancer
         WND344   02       Glaring solution greets late sleepers
         WND344   02       Humble weed hailed for resisting AIDS virus
         WND344   02       Listing of 6,892 questionable doctors available
         WND344   02       Malaria parasite stages a comeback
         WND344   02       Polio taking a beating in Western hemisphere
         WND344   02       Researchers claim cure for chronic hepatitis B
         WND344   02       Study links stress to preterm birth
         WND344   02       Tanning pills linked to woman's death
         WND344   02       Two patients of dentist who died of AIDS infected
         WND344   03       Babylon, Iraq & Oil
         WND344   04       62,000 to leave Hong Kong (during 1990)
         WND344   04       Cubans munch on McCastro's
         WND344   04       Emperor's rite stirs Christians
         WND344   04       Japanese Cabinet official criticised for likening prostitutes & bl
         WND344   04       Japanese outcasts riot in streets
         WND344   04       Post-Noriega Panama
         WND344   05       Official atheism abandoned (in USSR)
         WND344   05       Seeds of change (sad state of farming in USSR)
         WND344   06       Homicide rate soaring (in US)
         WND344   06       Troubled teens (psychiatric care)
         WND344   07       Privacy in a computer age
         WND344   07       Sex trigger gene believed found
         WND344   07       Test-tube babies: Some statistics
         WND344   07       US schooling: 20 years of mediocrity
         WND344   08       Misc. anecdotes & jokes
         WND345   01       How to survive a hotel fire
         WND345   02       A. Schwarzenegger on the joys of fatherhood
         WND345   02       Boy defeats chess master
         WND345   02       Business as usual? (individual companies closing)
         WND345   02       EC investments (by South Korea)
         WND345   02       Elephant blockade (in India)
         WND345   02       Failing math (Americans do the worst)
         WND345   02       First half of 1990 most violent weather in US for 40 years
         WND345   02       Gorbachev can get job at Stanford if ousted
         WND345   02       Hot spot (US troops in Saudi Arabia must drink a quart an hour)
         WND345   02       Iacocca blames himself for fifth rate showing
         WND345   02       Last hand-cranked party line phone in US replaced
         WND345   02       Lima suffering from worst drought this century
         WND345   02       Liz Taylor learns how precious life is through sickness
         WND345   02       Many not celibate, priest study says
         WND345   02       Pentagon finds a sense of humor, honors Beetle Bailey
         WND345   02       Poltergeist (Ghost in Russia)
         WND345   02       Reformed (Church) say Gay lifestyle against Bible
         WND345   02       Road emission tests snag polluting cars
         WND345   02       Rocky divorce (Stallone talks about life)
         WND345   02       Severe drought in Europe worsens
         WND345   02       Snake charmer in Bangladesh rids home of 86 cobras
         WND345   02       Some plant species can communicate with each other
         WND345   02       Tokyo cuts water supply 10% to combat drought
         WND345   02       Tom Selleck: Just a bashful schoolboy
         WND345   02       Winged menace (clouds of mosquitoes in Canada)
         WND345   03       Perverted evil poses a threat to the children (phony social worker
         WND345   03       Sex abuse studies put child testimony on the stand
         WND345   03       Since when are children just a busy parent's pets?
         WND345   04       American Adventists lose vote (to non-Americans)
         WND345   04       American teenagers (repelled by mood music)
         WND345   04       Bible drops masculine terms except 'Our Father'
         WND345   04       Billy Graham's methods queried (fund-raising)
         WND345   04       L.A. police chief urges shooting casual users
         WND345   04       Life magazine unveils list of most influential citizens
         WND345   05       Cashless society nearer in Europe
         WND345   05       Overhearing cordless & cellular phones: What's the difference?
         WND345   05       Sheep-shearing robots (in Australia)
         WND345   05       The not-so-secret code (bar codes)
         WND345   05       When the sun shines (solar-powered car)
         WND345   06       Alternatives to oil
         WND345   06       Designing new fuels & new cars to use them
         WND345   06       Japanese chart fantastic voyage of microrobots
         WND345   07       Most expensive aircraft (Air Force One)
         WND345   07       Plastic batteries
         WND345   07       Rhode Island considers biometric ID card as driver's license
         WND345   07       Space debris (7,184 pieces remaining)
         WND345   07       Using ingenuity to kill (wedge-shaped nuclear missile)
         WND345   07       Voice-activated computer unveiled
         WND345   07       Within sight (testing phosphene vision to help the blind see)
         WND345   08       Misc. anecdotes
         WND346   01       The disease doctors don't talk about (death through medical errors
         WND346   02       A global language? (English)
         WND346   02       A new SOS (Morse code going out of date for shipping)
         WND346   02       Bible addicts (prisoners using Bibles for cigarette papers)
         WND346   02       Children's greatest fears (parental death, nuclear war)
         WND346   02       Dolphins to the rescue
         WND346   02       Hooked on Bach (dolphins love his music)
         WND346   02       Lack of white babies for adoption
         WND346   02       Making decisions (easier while standing)
         WND346   02       New Bible translations (21 new translations in 1989)
         WND346   02       New Zealand crime rate spiraling
         WND346   02       Scared sober (visits to morgue for convicted drunk drivers)
         WND346   02       Stamp mania (Stamps a lucrative national export)
         WND346   02       Throwaway society (American rates of divorce, abortion)
         WND346   02       Time study (short time-saving tips; how Americans spend time)
         WND346   02       Universal concert hall (computer simulated acoustics)
         WND346   02       Violent entertainment (670 TV murders weekly in France)
         WND346   02       World's longest train
         WND346   03       Arab nationalism has role (Arabs resent pro-Western regimes)
         WND346   03       Gulf conflict predicted 4 centuries ago (by Nostradamus)
         WND346   03       Saddam's letter: 'Retarded Emirs' will never return
         WND346   04       Albania at a glance (map & stats)
         WND346   04       EC monetary union: German example
         WND346   04       Hate for Communists grows in Albania
         WND346   04       Howe (Sir Geoffrey) quits (as deputy PM)
         WND346   04       Hungary elects writer, translator as president
         WND346   04       Old hatreds bloom (nationalism in Eastern Europe)
         WND346   04       Spain's gambling addiction
         WND346   04       Thousands join protest in Romania
         WND346   05       Army to save union (Russian military warns it will act)
         WND346   05       Big Macs hiked to $13.20 in Moscow
         WND346   05       Lenin blamed for Czar's death
         WND346   05       Moscow OKs Western TV, radio station for Christians
         WND346   05       Soviet Union (Economy disintegrating)
         WND346   05       Strong-arm solution (Russia fertile ground for new strong man)
         WND346   06       Author (Nien Cheng) sees grim future for Hong Kong
         WND346   06       Computerised 'Lord of Hades' (in temple to scare children)
         WND346   06       Downfall of HK would trigger worldwide chaos
         WND346   06       Jakarta: Between Iraq & a hard place
         WND346   06       Singapore passes religion measure (restricts freedom)
         WND346   07       Akihito accedes to Japan's throne
         WND346   07       An imperial progression (history of Japan's rulers)
         WND346   07       Burma is now Myanmar
         WND346   07       Cane toad menace (in Australia)
         WND346   07       Changing values (youth more materialistic)
         WND346   07       Concrete protection of rights (southernmost islands)
         WND346   07       Grisly corpse removal (India to stock Ganges with crocodiles)
         WND346   07       Prison suites (high cost of jails in Australia)
         WND346   08       Misc. anecdotes
         WND347   01       A skeptic goes to Bethlehem--& discovers the promise
         WND347   01       Couch potatoes need all eyes on health
         WND347   02       Car hijackings (on the rise in South Africa)
         WND347   02       Cats' lives (despite falls from heights)
         WND347   02       Children at risk (from viewing TV violence)
         WND347   02       Choosing a good lawyer
         WND347   02       Distinctive cries (of children recognisable)
         WND347   02       Global war machine (military statistics)
         WND347   02       Go to the ant (for mining tips, health tonics)
         WND347   02       Happiness--Single or married (unmarried 'happier' now)
         WND347   02       Killer soda machines (when tip over)
         WND347   02       Nothing but the truth (oath on the Bible no longer as good)
         WND347   02       Office slang traced to wartime jargon
         WND347   02       Sick videos (of death; very popular)
         WND347   02       Singapore offers tour of city to travellers with layover
         WND347   02       Things left unsaid (least-reported news stories)
         WND347   02       Video pets (for those who don't want living pets)
         WND347   02       Where the bicycle reigns (in China)
         WND347   03       Americans ask, is war worth it?
         WND347   03       Saudis fear chaos in Mideast if Iraq is annihilated
         WND347   03       Sloppy language (Blame Saddam for US recession)
         WND347   03       Syrian terrorism is ignored
         WND347   03       The real reason to fight (oil)
         WND347   04       34 States sign Charter of Paris
         WND347   04       Blueprint for the new Europe
         WND347   04       Charter on New Europe (summary of main points)
         WND347   05       Why are today's young adults so skeptical?
         WND347   06       Cambodia: A secret US war
         WND347   06       Hong Kong gays (move to decriminalise homosexuality)
         WND347   06       The off-color side of Japan (film pornography)
         WND347   06       Toll put at 208 in typhoon
         WND347   07       Laughing at the Yankee Dollar (Dollar worth less in LA)
         WND347   07       Peru's combative new leader (Fujimori)
         WND347   08       Misc. anecdotes & jokes
         WND348   01       Depression relief (aerobic exercise)
         WND348   01       Greens that stem cancer
         WND348   01       Secrets of the sea can save your life (benefits of eating fish)
         WND348   01       Tranquilizer addicts (French consumption of pills)
         WND348   02       'Ice' threat
         WND348   02       A violent decade (US murder rate on the rise)
         WND348   02       Accidents (US death rates from accidents)
         WND348   02       Americans overseas (heavily taxed, few benefits)
         WND348   02       Anti-Christian trends in US education
         WND348   02       Crime costs ($12-24,000 per year for jail)
         WND348   02       Disturbing trends (Rock groups getting more shocking)
         WND348   02       Police seals (being trained for harbor work)
         WND348   02       School dress codes (to prevent murder for clothes)
         WND348   02       Should TV be censored (results of US poll)
         WND348   02       Teens at work (what they spend their money on)
         WND348   02       The security bush (with 4-inch thorns)
         WND348   02       The victims of violence (women, in US)
         WND348   02       What children know (about alcohol)
         WND348   02       Young rapists (many teens)
         WND348   03       A Europe of regions (which want more EEC power)
         WND348   03       Big mistake (to go Communist, Zhivkov says)
         WND348   03       Britain's new Prime Minister (John Major)
         WND348   03       Conventional weapons: The new limits in Europe (Map)
         WND348   03       Europe told to expect Soviet influx
         WND348   03       Italian Communists opt for new party name, logo
         WND348   04       It's really about jobs? (Iraq war)
         WND348   04       No plans for draft, US says
         WND348   04       Water war feared in California drought (city vs. country)
         WND348   04       Why the US is losing a big competitive edge
         WND348   05       A much riskier passage (to adulthood for teens)
         WND348   05       Teen sex (more promiscuity)
         WND348   06       In Israel, separation (of Jews, Palestinians)
         WND348   06       Israel & Iraq (Israel has as much obligation to obey UN as Iraq)
         WND348   06       Israel's war on Palestinian innocents: Little children
         WND348   06       Jews say crisis heralds coming of Messiah
         WND348   07       Civil war (predicted in USSR)
         WND348   07       Gorbachev to make amends for horrors of the Soviet past
         WND348   07       Soviet unity more borderline than ever
         WND348   07       Starving Moscow
         WND348   07       The withering of Yugoslavia--breakup predicted
         WND348   08       Good Thots (misc. anecdotes)
         WND349   01       Aerobics may damage inner ear
         WND349   01       Study links sugar, child anxiety
         WND349   01       What about 'fake fat' (food substitute)
         WND349   01       Yogurt's healthful, but not calorie free
         WND349   02       A current cause (cancer more likely by high power lines)
         WND349   02       Benefits (of not receiving transfusions) acknowledged
         WND349   02       Increasing antibiotic resistance (of germs)
         WND349   02       Lethal toothpicks (beware of swallowing)
         WND349   02       Madonna strikes again ('Justify My Love')
         WND349   02       Malaria that travels (mosquitoes at airports)
         WND349   02       Microwaving milk (bad for babies)
         WND349   02       Rude awakening (snorer's leg hurts)
         WND349   02       Water is best (for quenching thirst)
         WND349   03       Christians into Saudi Arabia (US military men)
         WND349   03       French Foreign Legion (revived in Saudi Arabia)
         WND349   04       After Chad: Fears rise of Libyan ambitions
         WND349   04       In Israel, a 'peace problem' (Israelis want US war)
         WND349   04       Syrians seek new weapons (after Kuwait invasion)
         WND349   05       Allende's widow (back in Chile)
         WND349   05       Argentine troops (mutiny in BA)
         WND349   05       Bogota assails US & Israel (lack of help/aid to drug lords)
         WND349   05       Peru's cambistas (money-changers)
         WND349   06       A decade of flawed leaders (brought on S&L crisis)
         WND349   06       BIS says Gulf imperils World finance system
         WND349   06       Recession (More US indicators down)
         WND349   06       The Nightmare scenarios (how the crash could happen)
         WND349   07       A wave of anti-Americanism is sweeping Japan
         WND349   07       Americans warned of danger areas (Salvador, Bangladesh, Thailand)
         WND349   07       Aquino under pressure (price rises, strikes)
         WND349   07       Bar Town (near US base in PI)
         WND349   07       Filipinos are losing faith (in Cory's govt.)
         WND349   07       Goh is sworn in as Singapore leader
         WND349   07       Philippine bases (needed for Iraq operation)
         WND349   07       Trade gap for Manila grows 50%
         WND349   08       C. Everett Koop's faith, prays with patients
         WND349   08       NY D.A. couldn't prosecute Lenny Bruce for laughing
         WND349   08       Saddle up (Roy Rogers recovering from heart surgery)
         WND349   08       Sean Connery awarded (British acting award)
         WND349   08       Secret no more (Turner's engagement to Jane Fonda)
         WND349   08       Solzhenitsyn's conversion
         WND349   08       View restored (Madonna ordered to cut hedges for neighbor's sake)
         WND349   08       World champion safecracker
         WND350   01       Hope can make you well (health, healing)
         WND350   01       Say Yes to yourself (negativity, positive thinking)
         WND350   02       A complex universe
         WND350   02       Additional threat (rain forests destroyed by drug growers)
         WND350   02       Deep-sea weathermen (whales)
         WND350   02       Dogs, cats give quake warnings
         WND350   02       Drawing the line (fishing line scares away birds)
         WND350   02       Global wilderness inventory
         WND350   02       Hunger amid plenty (half a billion people hungry)
         WND350   02       Light snow (very little in North this year)
         WND350   02       Missing whales (in Prince William Sound)
         WND350   02       Most forested (nation in the world)
         WND350   02       Mushrooms (can be deadly)
         WND350   02       New planetarium show looks at Earth's changes
         WND350   02       Researchers bug megamouth shark
         WND350   02       Threatening clutter in space
         WND350   02       Tiny tools (use of bacteria in science, industry)
         WND350   03       Big decisions (on Iraq, Israel, for US)
         WND350   03       Famine menaces Sudan, FAO says
         WND350   03       Of war & compromise
         WND350   03       Sanctions can work
         WND350   03       US won't act at cost to Israel (in Iraq)
         WND350   04       'Big Man' (portrait of typical African leader)
         WND350   04       India patrols Hyderabad after 52 die
         WND350   04       Japan support (for US Gulf policy) ebbing
         WND350   04       Libyan says US is holding captives
         WND350   04       OPEC (on verge of collapse)
         WND350   04       US confirms airlifting Libyan POWs from Chad
         WND350   05       A time to seek (young Americans go back to church)
         WND350   06       EC security plan (common military policy)
         WND350   06       Failure of talks threatens world trade
         WND350   06       Latin debt, continued
         WND350   06       US plans overhaul of banking system
         WND350   07       Armand Hammer dies at 92
         WND350   07       Right to own land (for Soviets)
         WND350   07       Soviet glut of smut
         WND350   08       Good Thots (misc. jokes & anecdotes)
         WND351   01       Baby caffeine addicts
         WND351   01       Breast feeding protects
         WND351   01       Fast news for breakfast (effects of CNN)
         WND351   01       Man's amazing memory is subject of a federal study
         WND351   01       New cold cure (ingredients of Norwegian wood smoke)
         WND351   01       Stroke protection (from fruits & vegetables)
         WND351   01       Tips for insomniacs
         WND351   01       U.K. links vitamin A to fetal defects, PGs should avoid
         WND351   02       Key events of 1990--Jan. 1st to Oct. 14th
         WND351   05       Deaths in 1990
         WND351   06       'Within a year we will have a dictator'
         WND351   06       Shevardnadze walks out, 'Dictatorship is coming'
         WND351   06       Soviet's most popular, irreverent TV show cancelled
         WND351   07       Americans killing one another in record numbers
         WND351   07       Gulf: Awaiting the day (for Palestinian freedom)
         WND351   07       Iraqi war machine must not survive Gulf crisis, Israel tells US
         WND351   07       Provocation at home (US poverty)
         WND351   07       Saddam Hussein BBC's Man of the Year
         WND351   07       Split personality (two faces of George Bush Man of Year)
         WND351   07       Withdrawal (from Gulf) is urged by US group of churches
         WND351   07       Worse than Vietnam (US homicide rate)
         WND351   08       Singulars & plurals (oddities of English language)
         WND352   01       How to deal with difficult people
         WND352   01       Why be polite? (Purpose & past of manners)
         WND352   02       5 airlines plan in-air office services
         WND352   02       A puzzle for India: Huge food surplus
         WND352   02       Activists (pro-life) justified
         WND352   02       An overdue reform (freedom of religion in USSR)
         WND352   02       British furs torn, buried (by animal rights activists)
         WND352   02       California most populous, new US census figures say
         WND352   02       Carnival of crime (Crimes in Sao Paulo carnival)
         WND352   02       Civilised but depressed (price of civilisation)
         WND352   02       Metal mania (Americans stealing aluminum to sell)
         WND352   02       Rolex registering proposed to halt rash of thefts
         WND352   02       That splendid November (best month for pregnancy)
         WND352   02       US farms starting to grow canola grain for veg. oil
         WND352   02       US poverty rate was 12.8% in 1989
         WND352   02       US tests overseas passport checks (between US & England)
         WND352   02       World's most familiar brand names
         WND352   03       Japan broadcaster seeking to challenge CNN globally
         WND352   03       Spirit of high-tech devices (tribute to technology in Japan)
         WND352   03       US advertisers zeroing in on Japan
         WND352   03       Youth (in Australia) useless--expert
         WND352   04       A test ban (US still testing new nukes)
         WND352   04       Human link is often the weakest (in air accidents)
         WND352   04       Jobless rate hits 3-year high in US
         WND352   04       Schoolchildren decipher media's message
         WND352   05       5 workers to change a light bulb
         WND352   05       Balloons used for unblocking Fallopian tubes
         WND352   05       Breakthrough in holographic memory could transform data access
         WND352   05       Dog's urge to bark stifled by new collar, vet claims
         WND352   05       English to Japanese electronic translator
         WND352   05       Largest telescope nearing completion
         WND352   05       Psychic: Jan. 15 worst time to attack Saddam
         WND352   05       The spaceship Moon (the moon hollow?)
         WND352   05       Towards perfect popcorn technology
         WND352   06       'Can't compete' (many Baptist preachers dismissed, not like Hollyw
         WND352   06       A bad year for religion (Americans losing respect for religion)
         WND352   06       All-Australian Bible
         WND352   06       Evolution to be taught as theory
         WND352   06       Gallup finds gap in religious beliefs, American lifestyles
         WND352   06       Moses an Egyptian pharaoh?
         WND352   06       Priestless church services (shortage of priests)
         WND352   06       Reformed say gay lifestyle against Bible
         WND352   06       Satanism mania (Revealing Satanic theme popular)
         WND352   06       Scrolls editor critical of Jews
         WND352   06       Where there's hope, there's life
         WND352   07       Crime explosion sours Prague's Brave New World
         WND352   07       German speed limit (autobahn the only place for freedom)
         WND352   08       Word for word (origins of common words)
         WND353   01       How to become patient
         WND353   01       Interpreting (for diplomats, dif. between translating)
         WND353   02       A drinking problem (many wells in Germany polluted)
         WND353   02       A high price for war (blood too high to pay for oil)
         WND353   02       AIDS in India (called a ticking time bomb)
         WND353   02       AT&T ends free call offer to US troops in Gulf
         WND353   02       Attached to arm, foot now back at end of man's leg
         WND353   02       Beatings ordered (of Palestinians by Israelis), soldier says
         WND353   02       Cockroaches: They're enough to make you sick (allergies)
         WND353   02       Foetal effects (dangers of toxoplasmosis)
         WND353   02       Generic is cheaper (no-name drugs cheaper, work the same)
         WND353   02       Look-alike spouses (couples eventually look alike)
         WND353   02       Second thought on transfusions (dangers of AIDS)
         WND353   02       Tiny mother seeks top billing (in Book of Records)
         WND353   02       U.S. warns of likely attacks abroad (due to Gulf War)
         WND353   03       Dear Diary: Here's 1990 (humorous look at year)
         WND353   03       War being waged to save old order
         WND353   03       Who's in charge of the 1991 New World Order?
         WND353   04       A pro-Saddam Hussein vision
         WND353   05       Information among the Gulf casualties (military censorship)
         WND353   05       Just one local thug? (Walter Lippmann on war)
         WND353   06       America doesn't know what it's doing in the Gulf--Schlesinger
         WND353   06       Lessons of another crisis when brink loomed (Cuban missile crisis)
         WND353   06       US ammo bill put at $500 million a day (in Gulf War)
         WND353   07       13 die in Lithuania (crackdown by Soviets)
         WND353   07       5,000 march in Panama to protest 1989 US invasion
         WND353   07       G-strings pulled for US forces (strippers to Gulf)
         WND353   07       Gulf pigeons (Switzerland to send carrier pigeons)
         WND353   07       Letter to editor: Gulf war vital to Bush's re-election
         WND353   07       Orthodox believers celebrate Christmas (in USSR)
         WND353   07       War warnings (effects of oil well fires on atmosphere)
         WND353   08       'You'd better be wet!'
         WND353   08       Diamond is hardest naturally occurring substance
         WND353   08       Jury of 12 originally based on zodiac
         WND353   08       When travelling, drink more water to fight dehydration
         WND354   01       Lee Atwater's Last Campaign (Battles brain tumor)
         WND354   02       Body counts (Gulf war comparisons to Vietnam)
         WND354   02       Rules for the press (in covering Gulf conflict)
         WND354   02       Saddam admired by many in the Mideast
         WND354   02       Saddam not a modern Hitler--Brzezinski
         WND354   02       Turkey very vulnerable to Iraq sanctions
         WND354   03       Shaw, Holliman report on Baghdad
         WND354   03       The latest addition to the hate list: Iraq
         WND354   03       Why we can't seem to understand the Arabs
         WND354   04       More than a Madman (Saddam Hussein's background)
         WND354   05       How we appeased a tyrant (Saddam Hussein)
         WND354   06       Ex-officials predict long occupation in Gulf
         WND354   06       Welcome to the first faceless war (military censorship)
         WND354   07       'I counsel patience' (in Iraq crisis)--Adm. Crowe
         WND354   07       Bush adviser declares conflict about oil (tidbit)
         WND354   07       Shamir stunned (that Colin Powell speaks Yiddish)
         WND354   07       Who lost Kuwait? (US pre-invasion statements)
         WND354   08       Greek government plans to peddle Onassis yacht
         WND354   08       Sylvester Stallone buys Beverly Hills house
         WND355   01       An alert for news addicts: Beware of 'CNN complex'
         WND355   01       Everything you never thought you could do with vinegar
         WND355   02       Quote on the new World order by Bush
         WND355   02       Refugees of the invasion (homeless in Panama)
         WND355   02       Who wants another Panama? (in Iraq)
         WND355   03       Bombing as fine arts (US bomb suppliers in Saudi Arabia)
         WND355   03       Gadhafi & the Gulf war (interview)
         WND355   03       Israel seen as winning war (by sitting on sidelines)
         WND355   04       Heavy metal music popular with pilots (in Gulf)
         WND355   04       Outbreak of war brings cacophony of musical views
         WND355   04       The one true hawk (Bush's outlook & upbringing)
         WND355   05       Bush as warrior
         WND355   05       Castro provide better analogy for Saddam
         WND355   05       Knowing when to duck (Baker not eager to take blame)
         WND355   05       The code of the WASP warrior (Bush's upbringing)
         WND355   06       Anti-war resurgence (in Germany)
         WND355   06       As the bombing started (non-violent perspective)
         WND355   06       Bonn-Washington Gulf (over Gulf crisis)
         WND355   06       Carter not willing to die for foreign land
         WND355   06       Journalists are resentful (of military censorship)
         WND355   07       Elite Republican Guards (composition & military strength)
         WND355   07       Southern Asia: An anti-West Muslim powder keg
         WND355   07       Why the Japanese don't think this is their war
         WND355   08       A Las Vegas date (Zsa Zsa Gabor returns to Las Vegas)
         WND355   08       Scent settlement (result of Taylor perfume suit)
         WND355   08       Scent suit (Liz Taylor sues boyfriend over perfume profits)
         WND356   01       Why Hollywood hates religion
         WND356   02       Beware of giardiasis (diarrhea) from contaminated water
         WND356   02       Billion-dollar loss looms for gas-hungry airlines
         WND356   02       Child stress (in 1 in 5 in Western World)
         WND356   02       El Nino (may be returning)
         WND356   02       Expensive waste (cost of forms, direct mail advertisements)
         WND356   02       Mafia refuge (in Italy to be converted to park)
         WND356   02       Maritime migrations (pollution of waterways by ballast tanks)
         WND356   02       Orbit junk is threat to research in space
         WND356   02       Philips to cut 45,000 positions
         WND356   02       Poor lifestyle ailments spread to Third World
         WND356   02       Sale of Berlin Wall adds $1.4 million for charities
         WND356   02       Sports padding touted to protect fragile hips
         WND356   02       The best milk (benefits of breastfeeding)
         WND356   02       Vanuatu--troubled paradise (economy, hurricanes)
         WND356   02       Watchdog group calls gum chewing dangerous
         WND356   03       Credibility (U.S. military) at stake
         WND356   03       Peter Arnett (profile of Baghdad newsman)
         WND356   03       The Nintendo issue (Gulf war portrayed as electronic game)
         WND356   04       Strategic view from the Saddam bunker
         WND356   04       West Bank cheers Hussein's salvos
         WND356   04       When Arafat kisses Saddam, Arabs look to see what it means
         WND356   05       Baby Saddams abound in Jordan
         WND356   05       Bush silent on US oil dependence
         WND356   05       In Egypt, pro-Iraq trend (among common people)
         WND356   05       Legal dilemma (of war crimes trials)
         WND356   06       Japan tourism hurt by war
         WND356   06       Psychological casualties of war
         WND356   06       War's economic tentacles squeezing Brazil's economy
         WND356   07       UN being made a tool of US foreign policy
         WND356   08       Ever wonder why...
         WND357   01       Bagsnatchers can be beaten (luggage thieves)
         WND357   01       Hints for the Homemaker (compilation of short tips)
         WND357   01       Professor finds perverse world in the land of double talk
         WND357   02       'Dead' baby saved by cry
         WND357   02       Americans will look back on 90's as era we denied anything wrong
         WND357   02       Authoritative parents best
         WND357   02       Ball lightning (passes through Russian airliner)
         WND357   02       Bear trade (Bears perform, are eaten in China)
         WND357   02       Blind aerospace engineer honoured
         WND357   02       Bumper crop (of opium in Burma)
         WND357   02       Castro secrets hit Moscow news
         WND357   02       Junkies (raccoons addicted to same junk food as humans)
         WND357   02       Never too old (language learning ability increases with age)
         WND357   02       Nuremberg parallel? (US as guilty of war crimes as Iraq)
         WND357   02       Perfectionism can be a thief of vital time
         WND357   02       Pigeons prove faster than fax machine in race
         WND357   02       Still alive (Manchurian tigers spotted in Chinese wild)
         WND357   02       Supremacist must pay over killing (of Black man)
         WND357   02       Texas man gored to death in second attack by deer
         WND357   03       British bombing (of Iraq) when the natives were restless
         WND357   03       Flawed vision (Bush's new world order dependent on force)
         WND357   03       Pilot's exodus (of fighters from Iraq to Iran)
         WND357   03       Truth first casualty in the war of words
         WND357   04       Bush says he sleeps at night; no loneliness at the top
         WND357   04       Egyptian opposition calls war on Iraq brutal
         WND357   04       Leaders (US) turn to history for speech material
         WND357   04       Use & abuse of the Geneva Conventions (US hypocrisy)
         WND357   04       Vietnam attacks US role in Gulf War
         WND357   05       A duel between two men (Bush & Saddam)
         WND357   05       Air officers in dispute over Baghdad raids
         WND357   05       Arafat (says PLO will rise like the phoenix from ashes of war)
         WND357   05       Is Saddam a madman? (psychological analysis)
         WND357   05       Turkey warns Arab-Israeli issue must be solved after war
         WND357   05       View of civilian casualties injects reality into 'video game' war
         WND357   06       Mad dogs & Englishmen (media descriptions of Allies, Iraqis)
         WND357   06       Saddam could be defeated & still win
         WND357   07       Brazil's religious communities call for peace (in Gulf)
         WND357   07       Communist Party says Soviet Union at danger limit
         WND357   07       Quaker leader: No such thing as a 'just war'
         WND357   07       Red Cross warns Gulf war's horror is yet to be revealed
         WND357   07       Scuds & the Palestinians (Israeli/World hypocrisy)
         WND357   07       Vanessa Redgrave explains it in an ad (views on Gulf War)
         WND357   08       Book 'Little Engine That Could' has sold 8 million copies
         WND357   08       George Burns celebrates 95th birthday
         WND357   08       Michael Jackson shoes a flop
         WND357   08       Shirley MacLaine on her brother, Warren Beatty
         WND357   08       Sophia Loren wins honorary Oscar
         WND358   01       Instructions! (How to use simple instructions)
         WND358   02       Why we are stuck in the sand (background on Gulf war)
         WND358   04       The Saddam voodoo doll, & other war toys
         WND358   04       War toy sales surge (during Gulf war)
         WND358   05       Networks accused of one-sided coverage of Gulf conflict
         WND358   05       Shortwave radios see growth (during Gulf war)
         WND358   05       The colonists never give up (West vs. Third World)
         WND358   05       Third World casts allies as bully boys (in Gulf)
         WND358   06       Bush lauds US as top nation (State of the Union address)
         WND358   06       Democracy a hard nut for emir to swallow
         WND358   07       'Like shooting fish in a barrel' (fleeing Iraqis)
         WND358   07       Four million Bibles for Soviet Union
         WND358   07       Surge of American patriotism (after Gulf war)
         WND358   08       Christian Brando turns to God in time of crisis
         WND358   08       Cybill Shepherd bitter over network's lack of concern when pregnan
         WND358   08       January Playmate of the month going out for Mrs. America
         WND358   08       Marriage of Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz reputed to have bene stormy
         WND358   08       McCartney comes out with anti-Thatcher song
         WND358   08       Richard Harris goes all out to capture film role
         WND358   08       Shirley MacLaine on her brother, Warren Beatty
         WND358   08       Woman alleges Armand Hammer had affair
         WND359   01       The Home Security Test
         WND359   02       The information brokers (data banks on American consumers)
         WND359   02       The jokers who run our schools (sad state of NY school system)
         WND359   03       Gorbachev warns opposition could lead to civil war
         WND359   03       Rebel Russian tells Gorbachev, 'Resign' (Yeltsin)
         WND359   03       Warsaw Pact dissolves military framework
         WND359   04       How doctors have ruined health care (errors of medical profession)
         WND359   04       Is it genocide? (AIDS conceived to wipe out Blacks?)
         WND359   05       Electromagnetic eavesdropping (on computers, screens)
         WND359   05       What about those oil-well fires in Kuwait?
         WND359   06       Attacks on Gypsies blamed on worsening economy (Czech)
         WND359   06       British MPs up in arms about Rolling Stones' war song
         WND359   06       Caution urged on Gulf weapons, post-war politics
         WND359   06       Fed president says Gulf war effects could come later
         WND359   06       UN resolutions (dealing with Iraqi invasion of Kuwait)
         WND359   07       Deep recession would cause 440 more bank failures
         WND359   07       Fugitive coup leader justifies military intervention (Honasan)
         WND359   07       GM Chairman says recession may last until 1992
         WND359   07       Health minister: Cholera epidemic may infect 200,000 people
         WND359   07       Health minister: Cholera epidemic may infect 200,000 people (Peru)
         WND359   08       Book 'Little Engine that Could' has sold 8 million copies
         WND359   08       British adventurer crosses Pacific in Balloon
         WND359   08       George Burns celebrates 85th birthday with 8-foot cake
         WND359   08       Gorbachev makes appearance in Japanese TV ad
         WND359   08       Michael Jackson a bust at promoting footwear
         WND359   08       Michael Jackson making lucrative deal with CBS Records
         WND359   08       Queen Elizabeth II still World's richest woman
         WND359   08       Sophia Loren awarded honorary Oscar
         WND360   01       How to take a pulse
         WND360   01       Know your gadgetry: Questions will be asked (by airport security)
         WND360   01       Study: Mercury fillings do not harm immune system
         WND360   02       Arafat welcome's Bush's Gulf plans
         WND360   02       Gulf war divisions in Arab world will take time to heal
         WND360   02       Middle East much as it was before
         WND360   02       PLO welcomes cease-fire but says Israel must obey UN
         WND360   02       Palestinians affirm allegiance to PLO (in wake of Gulf War)
         WND360   03       Crimes of war (letters to the editor)
         WND360   03       Diplomats fear UN unleashed war it could not control (in Iraq)
         WND360   03       Victory (Can the US demand reparations from Iraq?)
         WND360   04       A New World Order (imposed on Arabs by US)
         WND360   04       Allies drop napalm (on positions in Kuwait)
         WND360   04       Bush says Gulf veterans deserve to come home to safe streets
         WND360   04       Poll: US should not be global policeman
         WND360   04       Return is somber for Army reservists
         WND360   05       Consumer confidence (in US) tumbles to 10-year low
         WND360   05       Religious leaders challenge Bush's Just War concept
         WND360   05       US deficit: Recession will add $50 billion
         WND360   05       US fiscal crunch (city & state governments stricken by crisis)
         WND360   06       40% of white-collar workers in Japan afraid of death from overwork
         WND360   06       Apathy wins Hong Kong (voter) campaign
         WND360   06       British doctors predict start of AIDS sickness
         WND360   06       Desert sand, salt water yield protein-rich seeds
         WND360   06       Drought (California's worst since 1930's)
         WND360   06       Drug Czar: It's time for tougher virtues
         WND360   06       Halley's comet flares now, shows cloud of dust
         WND360   06       Lech Walesa going suburban
         WND360   06       Litterers in Singapore get lecture, fine
         WND360   06       Magellan a top gatherer of data, scientists report
         WND360   06       Meteor (in northeast US)
         WND360   06       More on the ways of Alexander (the Great)
         WND360   06       Rabies-fighter found in moth by researchers
         WND360   06       Scorched earth (polluted after-effects of Gulf war)
         WND360   06       South Korea winding down on overseas infants for adoption
         WND360   06       Study attributes loss of memory to AIDS
         WND360   06       Terrorism will now increase in Mideast, expert says
         WND360   06       Tremor kills 22 in southern Iran
         WND360   06       US warnings about Iraqi nuclear capability called propaganda
         WND360   07       BBC to launch TV World Service
         WND360   07       Being rich no longer helps you beat the rap
         WND360   07       Bush 66, but hyperactive, acts like child
         WND360   07       Coffee & blood pressure linked
         WND360   07       Computer printouts: Mankind returns to the scroll
         WND360   07       Creator of Dennis the Menace recalls beginning
         WND360   07       Dick Clark retains youthfulness through sex
         WND360   07       Foundation set up for Chariots of Fire hero
         WND360   07       Government spending $11 million to fight zebra mussel
         WND360   07       Hong Kong has caught up to US cholesterol levels
         WND360   07       IRS seizes Willy Nelson's property to satisfy claims
         WND360   07       Migratory disruptions (pollution in Gulf reroutes birds)
         WND360   07       Miss United States wins 1991 Miss World
         WND360   07       Mother Teresa honoured by Albania
         WND360   07       Rabies (claims 11 in Peru)
         WND360   07       Record heat (in Kenya)
         WND360   07       Ribbon revival (sequel to Tie a Yellow Ribbon...)
         WND360   07       Sex among teen girls way up
         WND360   07       Walter Cronkite often asked to run for office
         WND360   07       Youthful TV watchers suffer higher cholesterol
         WND360   08       Misc. anecdotes & jokes
         WND361   01       Australia gets giant cleanup (nation picks up trash)
         WND361   01       Bird sweater (to protect from oil slicks)
         WND361   01       Global warming (1990 hottest on record)
         WND361   01       No link reportedly found between fluoride, cancer
         WND361   01       Sleep best unencumbered by undies
         WND361   01       Study finds 'video kids' think differently (effect of video games)
         WND361   01       The world's most livable cities
         WND361   01       Thermal sounding (to study effects of global warming)
         WND361   01       World health (Yanomani tribe in Brazil, leprosy)
         WND361   02       Cholera latest threat to South American poor
         WND361   02       Honecker spirited from Berlin hospital to Moscow
         WND361   02       Peter Ustinov (with picture)
         WND361   02       Ramos joins ruling party in bid for presidency
         WND361   02       Thai coup leaders name legislature
         WND361   02       US warns of Yugoslav travel
         WND361   03       About 22,500 Colombians killed in 1990
         WND361   03       Baby formula at bombed Iraqi plant
         WND361   03       UN mission (to Iraq) finds near-apocalyptic results
         WND361   03       What does Bush mean? (quote about fighting)
         WND361   04       Doctor reports deteriorating conditions in Iraq
         WND361   04       France will show different approach to Mideast problems
         WND361   04       Jingoism, etc. (Justifications for war, new world order)
         WND361   04       Springtime of despair looms for Persian Gulf (pollution)
         WND361   04       US delegation (to Kuwait) see destruction first hand
         WND361   05       11-year-old Sri Lankan youngest student at British university
         WND361   05       Airports no safer than 2 years ago, agents report
         WND361   05       For Michael Dukakis, a final humiliation
         WND361   05       Hospitals in US faulted on AIDS
         WND361   05       Jordan's position misunderstood (on Gulf war)
         WND361   05       Older blue eyes (Frank Sinatra turns 75)
         WND361   05       Singapore plan to aid drivers (less taxes for less driving)
         WND361   05       Soviets want no permanent US military presence in Gulf
         WND361   05       US soldier files suit against government for experimental drugs
         WND361   06