[Explanation of the Categorical MO Letter List] (p.84)

         The following Categorical ML List will provide you with an excellent study help, as it provides a comprehensive cataloguing of
all the MLs, & arranges these by the same 150 Categories that you'll find in your MOP. (Added to these are 3 additional Categories: "Current Events", "Good & Evil"& "Handicapped".)
         This Categorical List will be a great help in enabling you to really zero in on a particular subject or problem, thereby helping you to have a more in-depth understanding of the subject or to be able to get at the root of a problem.
         For instance, if the Lord had been giving you some checks about the security of your Home you could look under the section "Security" & do a complete study of all that Dad has said about security & all its aspects. On the other hand, if you were having a problem with jealousy, you would be able to research it, having its causes exposed & solutions outlined, giving you the power of the Word to overcome it!
         Also this list will be a valuable tool in grounding our new disciples in the Word & doctrine, & helping them to grow to be fruitful and productive members of the Family.

How To Use the ML Categorical List

         As the categories are arranged in alphabetical order, simply go through the listing until you find the desired category. (Your Table of Subjects in the
MOP can direct you to the Category you're looking for.) The title of the category is in bold print & underneath it you have a listing of:

         a. The
Volume or Book the ML is in.
         b. The
Number of the ML.
         c. The
Title of the ML.

         In some cases you will notice there is a number between the ML number & ML title. This number indicates the beginning paragraph number in that Letter where you can find an excerpt pertaining to that particular category. If, for example, there is a number 20, this indicates that the excerpt on the subject that you are looking for starts with paragraph 20. This is to enable you to find quickly the excerpt you are looking for, without having to read the full Letter.

Codes Used _in ML Categorical List:

         Due to lack of space, the names of the Pubs in the left hand columns have been abbreviated as follows:

         GN = Good News
         BK =GN Book
         VOL =Volume
         DB = Daily Bread
         BOR =Book of Remembrance
         BOF = Book of the Future
         BIPS = Bible in Pictures
         HTL = How To Love
         FN = Family News
         GIL = Growing in Love
         GIF = Growing in Faith
         PSF = Thrilling Pictures of the Future
         PSSS = Picture Story of a Space Ship

         We pray that God will bless & make this list a great blessing to you & help you to know & live the Letters better. "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth." (2Tim.2:15) GBY! WLY!

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