Pubdex: KIDZ TK & PUBS INDEX--By Sara & Dora     pg.699
--For Children's Word Studies!

         The following TK Index is compiled of chosen TK titles for children of all ages, taken from the 9
TK Volumes, 4 Kidz True Komix Books (KTK Bks), The Story of Love TK Book (SOL), Kidz Mags, certain FN Mags, FN TK Mags, the Childcare Handbook 3, the 2 Family Care TK Volumes (FC TKS), and Life with Grandpa Volumes 1 & 2, (Life Vols.).

TKs are listed by themes or categories to help parents find the best TKs suited for children according to its lesson theme, to aid in their Word studies & schooltime or even trial & lesson time, etc. For example, if your child is learning to be more honest, the parents or older child could refer in this index to the theme "Honesty/Dishonesty" & there find the best TK titles & other pubbed material on the subject, plus where to find them in our Family pubs. The parents would be the best ones to decide what TKs are for your child's certain age or reading level.

         Furthermore, each theme heading or category has a
"See Also" listing for further reference to other feeding material on that same theme. The "See Also" listing contains material from the Kidz MOP, Back to the Basics blue condo booklet (BB), the Daily Bread condos (DB), the Daily Might (DM), Book of the Future (BOF), Growing in Love, Kidz Mags, MWM Songbooks 1 & 2, the Rhyme Book, Activity Books, Childcare Handbooks 1-3 (CCHBs), the Book of Remembrance Volumes 1 & 2 (BOR), Drama tapes, Family Care Flannelgraph Mags (FC FG Mags), Posters, MLs & Study Helps, & the MOP, plus offers some activity ideas, i.e., art or drama projects, to try with the children!

Bible chapters, stories or verses are also included under the theme listings for your help in incorporating more of God's Word into your TK/ML Studies with the children. We pray this compiled children's Pubs Index will be a blessing & source of real feeding for you all & that you find it very helpful in planning your Word-based school curriculum, devotions or reading projects with the children! GBY as you read, pray, study, live & give God's Word to others!
         Love, Sara & Dora

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family