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Copyright July 1996, The Family, Zurich, Switzerland

Dear Family,
         We love you and pray for you, especially for the big job you have in teaching and training our new generation!
         We are starting a new numbering system for childcare-related pubs, to help you keep track of these pubs more easily. Most pubs that come out already have their own logo and numbering system; for example, Kidz Mags, Hope TKs, CLTP issues, etc. However, over the last few years a number of childcare-related pubs have been published
without any specific designation or sequential numbering, so its easy to lose track of them or forget that they even came out.
         So, from now on, any miscellaneous childcare or Family care/educational pubs that are not included in our various series of pubs, such as activity sheets, readers, games, teaching guides, and instructional pubs, etc., will have a new FC logo along with an FC Pub number.--Beginning with this list, FC Pub #1!
         The FC Pub designation does not mean that every pub with that logo was produced by Family Care, but rather that it is a family care/childcare-oriented pub which is not included in any of our established series.
         For your reference, we are listing on the following pages the various loose childcare material that has been published over the last few years. This is not a comprehensive listing of
all childcare material, but only that which has been published outside of one of the already established series.
         You will notice below a listing for a number of MLKs (MO Letters for Kids). MLKs do not fall under the category of FC Pubs, as they have their own logo, and will from this point on be assigned their own numbers just like Hope TKs or Kidz Mags. Here we are assigning numbers to the nine MLKs that were published without numbers. You may find it helpful to gather up your copies of these, and write these numbers on them for future reference.

         Title                                                          Pubbed   Pages
         MLK 1: Persecution!--As God Sees It!     Jan.93  4 pages, A5
         MLK 2: Gods Eyes!       Jun.93  4 pages, A5
         MLK 3: Calling Out to God!       Apr.95  8 pages, A5
         MLK 4: Love Doves!       Sep.95  8 pages, A5
         MLK 5: The Love Story!   Jan.96  8 pages, A5
         MLK5a: Poster: Queen Maria and King Peter        Jan.96  1 page, A4
         MLK5b: Poster: New Heart of Love         Jan.96  1 page, A4
         (Also Hope TK 24a: Poster: Feeding the Sheep)    Jan.96  1 page, A4
         MLK 6: Praise Time!      Jan.96  8 pages, A5
         MLK6a: Poster: Praise Is the Victory!    Jan.96  1 page, A4
         MLK 7: Loving Jesus!     Jan.96  16 pages, A5
         MLK 8: What Is Prophecy?         Jan.96  8 pages, A5
         MLK 9: I Love You!--Just You!    Jan.96  20 pages, A5
         MLK9a: Poster: I Love YouJust You!     Jan.96  1 page, A4
         MLK9b: Poster: My special creation       Jan.96  1 page, A4
         MLK9c: Poster: Gods garden      Jan.96  1 page, A4
         MLK9d: Poster: Ponder at night   Jan.96  1 page, A4

         Following is a list of family care/childcare-oriented pubs that have been published without any series designation over the past few years.

FC Pubs
         Title                                                                   Date Pubbed      Pages
         7000 Years of World History TK Booklet   Nov.89  96 pages, A5
         All About Growing Up--Questions and Answers for Preteen Boys and Girls   28 pages, A5
         Answers--How to Respond to Your Childs Sexual Curiosity--Sex Education for Parents with Kids 47        20 pages, A5
         CLE Monthly Report       Oct.95  1 page, A4
         CLE Order Summary        Oct.95  1 page, A4
         CLEs Ordering Instructions for the Family       Oct.95  2 pages, A4
         Contending for the Faith         Jul.91  48 pages, A5
         GAP Video Handbook       60 pages, A5
         Home Schooling Program, The (Advisory)   Oct.89  12 pages, A5
         Junior Fun #1    1993     4 pages, A4
         Junior Fun #2    Nov.93  8 pages, A4
         Quizorama!--A Fun Family Time Game (Instruction Booklet)         Apr.92  16 pages, A5
         Quizorama!--Bible Game Booklet No.1      Apr.92  32 pages, A5
         Quizorama!--Bible Game Booklet No.2      Dec.92  32 pages, A5
         RPM Booklet--No.1 Outdoor Games  Aug.91  28 pages, A5
         RPM Booklet--No.2 Travel Games   Oct.92  12 pages, A5
         RPM Booklet--No.3 Indoor Games for Children      Apr.96  12 pages, A5
         Talk Time 1--Conversation Starters for Communicating with Kids   Aug.91  55 pages, A7
         Talk Time 2--Conversation Starters for Communicating with Kids   Aug.91  51 pages, A7
         Teachers Planner, The   Nov.92  158 pages, A4
         Victory in Babylon, Parts 18    Series completed Nov.94         216 pages, A5
         What to Expect from the System!  May 90   20 pages, A5
         Wise Witnessing Replies  Apr.92  56 pages, A5

         Following now is a list of all the IMM (International MOM Mailing) Pubs which you may have been receiving over the past few years. These IMM Pubs were not official WS mailings, but rather publications sent out by FC to the NPCs to publish at their convenience, when local area finances permitted. (This may explain why you may not have received some of them, or may have received them at a different time than the date listed.)

         Baby and Toddler Verses and Quotes       Sep.94  48 pages, A4
         Bedside Jesus Pictures   Oct.93  1 page, A4
         Bible for You Activity Sheets # 13    Apr.95  16 pages, A4
         Book of Acts Game        Dec.93  Board Game
         Busy Family Cookbooks    1995     6 booklets, A5
         Childrens Prayer Vigil Promises         Jan.94  28 pages, A6
         Color-by-Number Activity Pages   Jan.94  5 pages, A4
         Comments and Suggestions #1      Sep.94  4 pages, A5
         Domino Game      Dec.93  3 pages, A4
         Early Reader--Book 1, Jesus loves me     May 93   12 pages, A6
         Early Reader--Book 2, Jesus loves you    May 93   12 pages, A6
         Early Reader--Book 3, I am happy         May 93   20 pages, A6
         Early Reader--Book 4, God loves me       May 93   16 pages, A6
         Early Readers Flash Card Booklet         May 93   16 pages, A6
         Food for Fighters        Jan.95  48 pages, A5
         Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge    Feb.94  8 pages, A5
         Goodnight Prayers Poster         Oct.93  1 page, A3
         Life of Grandpa Activity Pages--Set One        Oct.93  10 pages, A4
         Life of Grandpa Activity Pages--Set Two        Feb.95  11 pages, A4
         Mountain Man Chart       Oct.93  1 page, A3
         Our Symbol Activity Page       Jan.94  1 page, A4
         Praymore Vigil Activity  Jan.95  Board Game
         Progress Charts  Dec.93  28 pages, A4
         Salvation for Home Libraries     Feb.94  4 pages, A5
         Snowflake Reader       Feb.94  20 pages, A5
         Student Progress Charts  Dec.93  8 pages, A4
         Visits by Home School Authorities        Mar.94  12 pages, A5


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