--Compiled by WS Staff

Dear Family,

         God bless you! As an aid for your witnessing and follow-up, we've compiled the following list of GP and DFO pubs which the Family has produced during recent years. Although you may no longer have copies of all of the following publications on hand in your Home library, we felt you would appreciate having a full listing of material that WS has produced under the GP and DFO classifications, including printed literature, Posters, Tapes and Videos.

         You will find a great variety of literature in the list below, hopefully something to fill every need. Please bear in mind that some pubs were classified DFO not so much because they were meant for follow-up but because they come from System sources, such as the WNDs, Outlooks, compilations such as "Surviving a Media Storm," etc. Others, such as the GNs and Hope Mags, are DFO primarily for the purpose of being sent to our TS Family, and also wouldn't normally be used for follow-up purposes. You may also have other GP/DFO "local pubs" produced in your local Area which are not included on this list.

         We pray this will be a blessing. God bless you and continue to make
you a blessing to many! We love you!

GP Pubs

Posters: All
         (97 posters. See Combined Poster Book for listing.)

Miracles of Love: All
         (5 issues)

Daily Foods: All
         (36 regular issues plus 4 special issues)

Treasure Hunts: All
         (17 issues, Question/Answer sheet, Memory Verses sheet)

Mountain Streams
         1. Mountain Men
         2. Change the World
         3. Diamonds of Dust/Beauty for Ashes
         4. Stop, Look, Listen
         5. But If Not...
         6. The Story of Tommy
         7. Did God Make a Mistake?
         8. The Holy War
         9. The Word
         10. Our Declaration of Love
         11. All Things Change, but Jesus Never/Flatlanders
         12. There Are Absolutes
         13. The Operator
         14. Freedom from Fear
         15. The Big Lie--Exposed
         16. Don Quixote
         17. Fighters
         18. When Morning Dawns
         19. Flesh or Spirit?/Love Never Fails
         20. Dumps
         21. Faith
         22. So You Want to Be a Leader?
         23. Squeeze, Don't Jerk
         24. Be So Happy
         25. Prayer Power
         Death?--Or Dawn (coming!)
         Healing in His Wings (coming!)
         Heavenly Communication (coming!)

Tracts and Other GP Pubs
         In Search of Truth (Lifelines 18)
         Who Is Jesus? (Lifelines 18)
         The Key to Happiness (FSM 140)
         Somebody Loves You (adult & teen versions)
         Know the Future
         Your New Life of Love
         The Story of Love
         Our Family Symbol
         Woe to America!
         What the Viewers Say about Kiddie Viddie (long booklet and flyer)
         International PR Brochure (coming!)

GP Testimony Tracts: All
         (39 tracts)

Love Is News: All
         (84 issues)

         The Touch of the Master's Hand
         Does Jesus Care?
         Turning Trials into Treasures
         Love Reaches Out
         To a Worldchanger...
         Love Is Giving Yourself Away
         Children Are Forever
         Be Content
         What Is Faith?
         Prayer Is So Simple...
         The Power of God's Word
         A Life Multiplied
         The Art of Being Positive...
         God's Creation
         Refuge from the Storm
         Family Activity Reports
         Healing Hearts in the War-Torn Former Yugoslavia (parts 1 and 1a)
         Healing Hearts in the War-Torn Former Yugoslavia (parts 2 and 2a)
         Healing Hearts in the War-Torn Former Yugoslavia (parts 3 and 3a) (coming!)

Living Waters (coming!)
         1. The Woman at the Well
         2. Salvation for a Swindler
         3. The Power of a Touch

         Combined Poster Book
         Word Basics
         Key Bible Verses
         GP Daily Might
         Streams that Never Run Dry/
         Hem of His Garment
         Kidz BOF (Picture Stories of the Future)
         Triumph in Tribulation!
         Meditation Moments (coming!)

Media-Related Pubs
         (All the following are GP.)

         Statement summaries (Summaries, milky cover letter & summary sheet, meaty cover letter)
         Quotations from Father David
         Our Stance Against Physical Violence
         Our Replies to Allegations of Child Abuse
         Our Statement of Faith
         The Heritage and Home Life of Our Children
         Christ-Centred Bible-Based Education
         The Advantages of Our Family Education
         Religious Persecution
         Attitudes, Conduct, Current Beliefs & Teachings Regarding Sex
         Our Response to Allegations of Mind Control & Brainwashing
         Our Support
         Our Family Origins
         A Biblical Perspective on the Jewish People
         The Family Vindicated--A Review of Legal Actions Taken Against the Family
         The Family Vindicated (updated 8/94) (coming!)

Persecution Endtime News
         1. Who Was Behind the Terror!
         2. Authorities Search for Christian Who Photographed Slain Co-Worker
         3. Falsely Accused and Jailed in Argentina! (Part 1)
         4. Falsely Accused and Jailed in Argentina! (Part 2)

Argentine Press Releases
         Missionaries Denounce Argentine Police Raids--International
Family Spokesman Denies Any Wrongdoing
         Family Members Freed in Argentina--Religious Group Denounces Police Brutality
         Religious Group Disclaims Reports of Child-Sex Videos
         No Traces of Sexual Abuse Found in Religious Group's Children--Ex-Members Blamed for Inciting Raids
         Noted Religious Scholar Denounces Raids in Argentina--Faults Anti-Cult Groups for Misleading Authorities
         "Charges of Prostitution Are Groundless," Church Spokesman Claims.
         Cult Awareness Network Official Concedes No Child Abuse in Family Communities
         Psychologists and Courts Find
Family's Children Psychologically Sound
         Religious Group Claims Testimony of Ex-Members Is Unreliable
         Expert Says
The Family Is the Object of a Relentless Misinformation Campaign
         Sociologist Reports
Family Youth Are Psychologically Healthy
         Charges of Kidnapping a Blatant Lie,
Family Spokeswoman Claims
         Diplomat Verifies
Family Children Not Abused
         The Family Rejects Judge's Accusations of Abuse
         Argentine Forensic Experts Dispute Judge's Claims
         Academic Insists Accusations Against
The Family Are False
         "Dungeon" Conditions Decried in Argentine Detention of Missionaries
         Church Fears State-Sponsored Deprogramming in Argentina
         Missionary Children Abused in Argentine Institutions
         Court of Appeals Frees Church Members, Declares Judge Incompetent
Family Members Denounce Smear Campaign

Other Press Releases
         A New Religious Movement's Response to the Waco Tragedy (3/93)
         Police Brutality Against
The Family in France (6/93)
         The Family Vindicated by Landmark Legal Victory in Barcelona (7/93)
         Police Raids Against
The Family Illegal, According to Police Minister (Sydney, 11/93)
         Investigation Exonerates Christian Sect (Peru, 12/93)
         Religious Group Claims Vindication in Child Protection Case (Melbourne, 4/94)

News Reprints
         Christ-Centered Education
         The Waco Shootout--Another Perspective
         ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Interview with Gordon Melton/
The Oakland Press: "Truth about Cults Should Ease Fears, End Unwarranted Attacks"/ The Oakland Press: "Expert: Cult Judged by Stereotypes"/      Toronto Star: "Sect Members Deny Abuse Stories"/ The Windsor Star: "Sect Draws Tenets from Christianity"
         Humor: "Kids, Sex & Religion--An Irresistible Cocktail"/ Pagina/12 news reprint (no title)/ Clarn: "My nine-year-old daughter has never been raped or abused!"/ Clarn: "Second-Class Citizens"
         Buenos Aires Herald: "The Other Side of the Story"/ The Advertiser (London): "Sect Denies Abuse Claims"/ Lutterworth Mail (England): "We've Nothing to Hide"--Sect/ Leicester Mercury (England): "New Focus on Group Living in Religious Cooperation"/ Leicester Mercury: "Cult in Child Abuse Protest"/ Whittier Daily News: "Life & Religion within The Family"/ Whittier Daily News: "Religious Group Marches Against Argentine Raids"/ Correio Da Bahia (Brazil) news reprint (no title)
         Humor: "Religious Freedom in Danger"
The Toronto Star: "We've Been Totally & Falsely Accused"/ The Toronto Star: "Inspectors Clear Religious Cult's North York Home"/ La Nacin: "Leaders of the Family Deny Accusations"
Pagina/12: "Conflicting Charges"--article by Isaac Berry/ Diario Popular: "Marquevich Questioned by Lawyers"
UPI: Lawyers Demand Release of "Children of God" [Family] Sect Members/ Lutterworth Mail: "Sect Claims No Problems after Social Services Call"
IHT: "Argentina's Rising Cloud of Threats"/ Letter to the Editor of the IHT/ The National Alliance: "The Family Under Attack in Argentina"
Rio Negro (Argentina): "Crime & Dissent"/ Pagina/12: "The Same Old Suspicions"/ Pagina/12: "A Family Impeachment: 50 Lawyers against Judge Roberto Marquevich"/ The National Alliance: "The Family Fears U.S. Complicity in Argentine Raids"
The Hindu: "Spreading a Lot of Love & Warmth"/ The Christian Daily (Denmark): "New Signals from the COG (The Family)"
Pagina/12: "The Day After for the Family" / Clarn: "Children of God: Released Members Accuse Judge Marquevich" / La Nacin: "Family Members Will Continue with Their Preaching."
La Nacin: "The Balance Tips in Favor of the Family." / Cronica: "Children of God: Indict Police Chief for the Nature of the Raids" / Cronica: "Houses Are Returned to the Children of God"
Clarn: "Children of God: The court finally returns 130 children to their parents"/Gente: "FREE! After the Scandal, the Judicial Process, and Prison, The Children of God [The Family] Returned to Their Homes" / Humor: "Judges Shouldn't Judge Sins" / Humor: "Argentina's Need for Self-criticism" / Nueva Sion: "Is Religious Freedom in Jeopardy in Our Country?" / Pagina/12: "Houses Ransacked, The Family Accuses Police"
Humor: "The Abused Children" / Humor: "Children of God vs. Human Justice" / Oakland Press: "Religious Cult Wrongly Perceived, Oakland University Professor Says" / Oakland Press: "Christian Group Again Innocent of Child Sexual Abuse Charges"
AP article of February 12, 1994 / Sunday Oakland Press: "Group Lives Quietly, Spreading Its Word" / Zsaru (Hungary): "Independent Christians; What Is the Truth?" / Pesti Report (Hungary): "Wonder Babies in Buda"
         "Anti-Religious Groups Trample Human Rights" (Mexico)
Melbourne Age: "Children of God May Sue" / Melbourne Age: "Spotlight Is Now on the Department" / Sunday Melbourne Age: "Sect Celebrates End of a Trying Time" / Excerpts of Radio interview with Alan Austin, Melbourne, Australia.

Media Advisories
         Statement from Dr. Susan Palmer
         Letter to the Editor of
TIME from John Francis
         Press Release from VOCAL of Texas on
Family's behalf
         "Open Letter from a Teenage Prisoner in Argentina"
         Letter from Prison from Rafael Martinez
         Open Letter to the Argentine Ministry of Justice, from Lilliston & Shepherd
         Northwestern University Law Professor Who Lived with COG Comments on Argentina Arrests
         "Please Keep Praying for Us!" A Canadian Missionary in
The Family Writes from Ezeiza Prison in Argentina
         Grandmother Appeals to U.S. Ambassador: "Protect Our Rights!"
         Letter from Dr. Harvey Cox to Argentinean Embassy
         Communiqu of the Argentine Ecumenical Movement for Human Rights (MEHD) on Legal Actions Taken Against the Religious Group known as
The Family
         An Open Letter to the Argentine Ministry of Justice from R. K. Karanjia (Indian MP)
         Sworn Testimonial from Lawyer Victor Per. Lazatin
         Statement to the Argentine Government by Sociologist Stuart Wright
         Stop State-Sponsored Religious Persecution
Now!--An Open Letter from The Family to Human Rights Organizations
         Letter from IKON to the Argentine Embassy to Denmark
         "I'm Eternally Grateful to
The Family!"--An Open Letter to the Editor of the New York Times
El Mercurio: "Judge Accuses Law Court of No Longer Being Independent"/ Hoy (Quito): "Controversies Involving Cults Still Surfacing"
         In the International Spotlight: Religious Freedom in Argentina in Jeopardy
         Interview with John Francis, Spokesperson for
The Family
         Resolution (excerpts from 200-page Lima DA's resolution)
         Article: Raids on Religious Communities Unwarranted, a "Fishing Expedition" (Melbourne)
         Letter to Ombudsman of Toronto Star from Lawyer Melvyn Green
         "An Illegal Investigation Violating the Clear Rules of Public Order...." (excerpts from Argentine court ruling)

Christian Leadership Training Program (CLTP) Specials
         Surviving a Media Storm (CLTP 10)
         Media Strategies! (CLTP 11)

Other Tracts and Media Pubs
         The Answers of the Children of God! (in FSM 59)
         Deborah & Bill Davis' Dirty Book (in FSM 195)
         In Defence of Our Daughter (in FSM 195)
         Who's the Kidnapper? (Rebuttal to ABC's 20/20 show.)
         Victory for the Family in Sydney (3/93)
         Statements from Gary Shepherd and Larry Lilliston (on France)
         Press Statement from Gordon Melton (on C.A.N.)
         "Stop Argentina's 'Dirty War' Against Religious Minorities!"
         The Dirty War Goes On (Argentina)
         The Family in Argentina, a Church under Siege! (includes: The Allegations of Abigail Berry, U.N. Declarations and Conventions Being Violated by Argentina)
         Imprisoned for Their Faith (Personal testimonies from jailed brethren in Argentina.)
         The Family Exonerated in Argentina (excerpts from court ruling)
         An Open Letter to the Producers of NBC's NOW Show
         Open Letter to Fellow Christians
         Stand Up for Religious Freedom!
         Stand Up for Religious Freedom! (Muslim version)

DFO Pubs

         (Most of these are edited DFO versions of DO GNs, in which case the DO GN # is indicated in parentheses. The DO versions of these GNs are
not to be shared with non-DO members.)
         (No DFO GN#). Self-Righteousness! (GN231--the original version is DFO)
         1. Bitterness!--The Deadly Root that Devours & Destroys! (GN461)
         2. A Prayer of Praise to God! (GN468)
         3. Coming of Age!--Be a Supporter!
         4. Bible for You (BFY) GN #1: Chapters 1-3 (GN467)
         5. BFY GN #2: Chapters 4-5 (GN469)
         6. BFY GN #3: Chapters 6-7 (GN471)
         7. BFY GN #4: Chapters 8-10 (GN472)
         8. BFY GN #5: Chapters 11-13 (GN487)
         9. BFY GN #6: Chapters 14-17 (GN489)
         10. BFY GN #7: Chapters 18-20 (GN490)
         11. BFY GN #8: Chapters 21-24 (GN502)
         12. BFY GN #9: Chapters 25-27 (GN508)
         13. BFY GN #10: Chapters 28-29 (GN509)
         14. BFY GN #11: Chapters 30-32 (GN511)
         15. BFY GN #12: Chapters 33-36 (GN521)
         16. BFY GN #13: Chapters 37-39 (GN522)
         17. BFY GN #14: Chapters 40-41 (GN523)
         18. It Could Happen This Year!
         19. Prayer for the Martyrs! (GN529)
         20. The Inauguration! (GN543)
         21. Another Sign of the End!--Clinton's Election! (GN535)
         22. Fear Thou Not, for I Am with Thee!
         23. David & Techi's Christmas Tape to Their Grandparents! (GN566)
         24. Persecution Jewels/Persecution Prophecies (GN568)
         25. God Is No Respecter of Persons! (GN583)
         26. Prayer Jewels!--Parts 1 & 2
         27. Rest for the Weary! (GN588)
         28. The Lord's Tribute to Dad & the Family! (GN589)
         29. Family Discipline Guidelines (GN591)
         30. Overcoming Negative Thinking! (GN473)
         31. Persecution Jewels!--No.14
         32. It Could Be the Crash! (GN595)

         (In the case of titles below that are DFO versions of DO FSMs, the DO versions are
not to be shared with non-DO members.)
         The Eastern European Witnessing
         Explosion (DFO version of DO FSM 176)
         Anti-Family Conspiracy Exposed! (DFO version of DO pub "Victory in Manila")
         Heaven's Special Child!--The Story of Gabriel part 1 (FSM 193--original version is DFO)
         Our Golden Butterfly!--The Story of Gabriel part 2 (FSM 194--original version is DFO)

DFO Hope Mags
         Special Christmas Issue (Hope 12)
         Small Places Aren't Small in God's Eyes (Hope 13)
         God Is a Very Present Help in Trouble (Hope 14)
         The Cobbler & His Guest (Hope 21)
         The Day I Saw Him--A Christmas Story (Hope 32)
         Our YA & Teen Experimental Home (PER Issue, Hope 39)
         Winning Witnessing: Road Team Triumphs (DFO version of DO Hope 25)
         Special Christmas Issue: Carol's Christmas Card (GP)
         Christmas Issue: Butter & Honey (DFO version of DO Hope 27)
         The George Mueller Story (DFO version of DO Hope 31)
         The Effects of System Music (DFO Version of DO Hope 42)
         Let's Talk Music (DFO Version of DO Hope 43)

The Family in Action! (All are DFO Hope Mags)
         1. Where Angels Fear to Tread
         2. The Day the Streets Exploded
         3. Comfort for the War-Weary
         4. More than Conquerors
         5. Family Children Are Not "Abused"
         6. The Family Fights for Brethren in Bonds
         7. Sydney Teens Go to Jail--To Witness

         June '94 issue
         July '94 issue

Power of Love: All

Christian Leadership Training Program (CLTP): All
         Power & Protection issues
         Power in Persecution issues (coming!)
         Power for Healing issues (coming!)

The Endtime Bible
         Daniel 2
         Daniel 7
         Daniel 8
         Daniel 9
         Matthew 24

         ML Volume 1
         ML Volume 2
         Basic 144 ML Volume
         Daily Bread 4
         Daily Bread 5
         Daily Bread 8
         Back to the Basics
         Basic MOP
         Daily Might 1
         Memory Book
         Good Thots Vol. 1
         Good Thots Vol. 2
         Raise 'em Right
         Marvellous Marriage
         Book of the Future
         Becoming God's Man
         Charity & Charm
         The BEST
         The Bible in Pictures
         Handyman Helper Series

         Combined Revised Movie List (No.3)
         Revised Movie List No.4

Current Events Pubs
         (All the following are DFO.)

Christian Digests
         1. Bitterness or Forgiveness?
         2. The Coming Persecution
         3. Persecution: It Will Never Happen Here?
         4. Is Life So Dear?
         5. The Coming Economic Earthquake
         6. Psychological Seduction: The Failure of Modern Psychology
         7. Homosexuality--The Biblical Viewpoint
         8. David Wilkerson: A Final Warning to America
         9. A Passion for Excellence--The Leadership Difference
         10. Affection
         11. The Ethics of Smuggling
         12. Hell's Bells
         13. Standing at Heaven's Gate
         14. Within the Gates
         15. A Jewish Conservative Looks at Pagan America
         16. Why Johnny Can't Tell Right from Wrong
         17. Reaching Muslims for Christ (coming!)
         18. Racing Towards the Mark of the Beast (coming!)
         Are We Living in the Endtime (in the works)
         The Right Not to Be Modern (in the works)
         Sex and Religion (in the works)

Home Educators
         1. Why Home Schooling?
         2. Home Schoolers' Forum
         3. The Child Abuse Controversy, Pt. 1
         4. The Child Abuse Controversy, Pt. 2
         5. Safe Children
         6. Immunization: What's Best for My Children?
         7. Television: Tool or Tyrant?

         1. What Your Doctor Won't Tell You about Modern Medicine
         2. Enemy No.1: FAT
         3. Battling the Forces of Darkness
         4. Does HIV Really Cause AIDS?
         5. Symptoms of Disorganisation
         6. Psychiatric Deprogramming & the Anti-religious Movement
         7. The Waco Tragedy
         8. The Art of Praise
         9. God's Incredible Creation

Book Summaries
         Surviving the Great Depression of 1990
         (in Lifelines 18)
         Secrets to Success with People!

WNDs & Illustrated WNDs: All

         1. Conspirator's Hierarchy: The Committee of 300!
         2. First They Came for the Fascists...
         3. Is the New Testament Anti-Semitic? (coming!)

Kids' Pubs
         (All the following are DFO.)

         God's Eyes

DFO Hope TKs
         1. Hold On/Young Prophet & Old Prophet/You Are Your Own Worst Enemy
         2. Love Is the Most Important Thing/Obedience in the Little Things/ Bigger Jobs/To Be Faithful unto Death
         3. You Can Too/The Real Victors of the Trib./We're More than Conquerers/ Millennial Prep/The Highest Bidder
         4. Letting Go and Letting God/Wonder Working Witg./Go to the High Schools...
         5. What Does It Mean to Be Truly Revolutionary?/What Did You Do to Save a Soul?/Fight Discouragement
         6. We Ought to Obey God Rather than Men
         7. God's Chess Game/Daydreaming
         8. God Hates Murmuring
         9. Get-Out/Whose Fool Are You?
         10. Jimmy's Christmas Homegoing
         11. Faithful Servants/We've Got a Lot to Learn
         12. How to Teach
         13. Don't Say "No" to God/The Doorknob's Too High
         14. Are You Willing to Sign a Blank Sheet of Paper?
         15. Don't Cram/Get It Right/Getting Reorganised
         16. Count Your Blessings/Little Things
         17. Conviction and Honesty/Teen Terrors
         18. Teaching Kids Consideration/Do unto Others
         19. Yield & Obey series
         20. You've Got the Victory/Sensitivity
         21. Bitterness
         22. Let Jesus Shine/Run the Race/On Guard
         23. The Word, the Word, the Word

DFO Kidz Mags
         Kidz 68DFO: Listen to the Voice of God
         Kidz 69DFO: A Surprise Breakfast
         Kidz 70DFO: Ice from Heaven
         Kidz 71DFO: Christmas Special (The Story of "Silent Night")
         Kidz 72DFO: The Little Loaf
         Kidz 73DFO: A Soft Answer
         Kidz 74DFO: I'm Here, Sir!
         Kidz 75DFO: Christmas Special (on giving)
         Kidz 76DFO: George Mueller: The Man of Faith
         Kidz 77DFO: A Little Slave Girl
         Kidz 78DFO: Family Christmas mag
         Kidz 79DFO: Prophecies of Victory in Persecution
         Kidz 80DFO: Betty and the Bugs
         Kidz 81DFO: Better than Hiding

Great Men & Women of God
         1. William Carey
         2. Adoniram Judson

         1. Indoor Games
         2. Travel Games

Kidz Activity Pages: All

         Quizorama Instruction Booklet
         Quizorama Bible Game Booklet No.1
         Quizorama Bible Game Booklet No.2
         Talk Time Booklet No. 1
         Talk Time Booklet No. 2
         Life with Grandpa Vol. 1
         (Note: In the case of books with pictures that have been noticeably touched up, if necessary you could explain to friends you are giving or lending these volumes to that some of the original pictures have been altered.)
         Life with Grandpa Vol. 2
         Life with Grandpa Vol. 3
         Life with Grandpa Vol. 4
         Life with Grandpa Vol. 5-14
         Kidz MOP Vol.1
         Kidz MOP Vol.2
         Activity Book 1
         Activity Book 2
         Activity Book 3
         Activity Book 4

         (All are GP unless otherwise indicated.)

DTD Song Tapes
         New Worlds to Conquer
         Heaven's Magic
         Come Fly with Me
         On Love We'll Sail
         Love's Answer
         Say "I Love You"
         Love Forever
         Touch of Love
         Calling You
         This Must Be Heaven
         Across the Sky
         With Love Forever
         He's Coming Soon (DFO)
         Climb that Mountain (DFO)
         Best Friends
         DTD Children's Song Tapes
         Time to Be Happy
         Magic of Love
         Little Things
         Sweet Dreams Tonight
         Great Adventures, Part 1
         Great Adventures, Part 2
         Colouring the World

Drama Tapes
         Child of Love (Christmas)
         Rock in the Road
         Christmas Song Tapes
         Christmas Love
         Sing a Song of Joy
         Song & Word Tapes
         Peace in the Midst of Storm
         Let Love Touch Your Life
         When the Impossible Becomes Possible, #1
         When the Impossible Becomes Possible, #2
         How to Win
         How to Be Happy Anyhow

Word Tapes
         Words of Love & Wisdom
         Winning Words 1
         Winning Words 2
         Winning Words 3

Scripture Song Tapes
         New Life
         Break Out
         Fear Not
         The Lion, the Dragon & the Beast (coming!)
         Scripture Songtape #7 (in the works)

Closer Walk Collection
         Walk, Talk, Sing!
         When You Need Him Most
         Onward & Upward
         My Heart...Your Home (coming!)

         (All are GP unless otherwise indicated.)

Kiddie Viddie shows
         Happy All the Time
         Growing Together
         Christmas Joy
         Let's Be Friends
         Wear a Great Big Smile
         The Magic Painter

Treasure Attic shows
         Let's Have Fun
         Christmas Friends
         Little Creatures
         Fun on the Farm
         A Smiling Face (coming!)
         We Can Get Along (coming!)
         T.A. show #7 (in the works)
         T.A. show #8 (in the works)

Fantastic Friends shows
         Be a Friend
         Never Out of Style (coming!)
         Fanstastic Friends show #3 (in the works)

Teen Videos
         20 Minutes to Go
         New Worlds to Discover
         Endtime Song Tape Music Video (in the works)

Family Outreach Videos
         The Family (#1)
         The Family (#2) (in the works)

DFO Japan Inspiration Shows
         Through the Storm
         Forever Young
         Going to the Promised Land

Family Documentary Videos
         Endtime Documentary (in the works)
         Family Education (in the works)


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family