1. The 132 Transcribed Meditation Moments

2. The 22 Meditation Moments Audio Tapes

(These lists are incomplete and the articles numbered "000" and "MED_???" need to be reconciled with the actual tapes, since some articles have the same titles as others. In some cases, the first line of an article is included.)


         No. Title        Tape
         000. All Things or One Thing     MED_22B
         000. Glorified Savior    MED_16B
         000. God's Cure for Loneliness   MED_15A
         000. God's Will  MED_07A
         000. Healing Glorifies God       MED_13B
         000. Hebrews 12--Healing         MED_13A
         000. Jesus Really Satisfies      MED_11A
         000. Meeting God's Conditions    MED_05A
         000. Open My Eyes That I May See         MED_22A
         000. Received    MED_12A
         000. Romans 8:28         MED_05A
         000. Yesterday   MED_11A
         001. Baca        MED_01A
         002. Boomerang   MED_01A
         003. Precious Promises   MED_01A
         004. Appropriating Faith         MED_01B
         005. Love for Others     MED_01B
         006. Stand Out for Jesus         MED_01B
         007. Be Still    MED_02A
         008. It's So Because God Said So         MED_02A
         009. Transformed by Beholding    MED_02A
         010. Hold On a Little Longer     MED_02B
         011. Standard, The       MED_02B
         012. Three Looks of Redemption   MED_02B
         013. Who Sinned: This Man or His Parents?        MED_02B
         014. Doubts and How to Get Rid of Them   MED_03A
         015. Secret Place--Temptation    MED_07A[The place where we find]
         016. Compromise and Conformity   MED_03A
         017. Will of God in Healing, The         MED_17B[God bless you! I can't begin to tell you ]
         018. Wait for the Lights to Come On      MED_03B
         019. God's Faithfulness  MED_03B
         020. Forgetting the Past         MED_04A
         021. Sense of Values     MED_04A
         022. Just a Closer Walk  MED_04A
         023. Bread of Life, The  MED_04B
         024. Transformed         MED_04B[Greetings in the name of our wonderful ]
         025. Dare to Stand Alone         MED_04B
         026. Man's Heart         MED_05A
         027. Victory from Seeming Defeat         MED_19A
         028. Whole Man, The      MED_???
         029. When God Speaks     MED_05B
         030. Tongue, The: Life and Death         MED_05B[This morning we're going ]
         031. Secret Place, The: Renewing Your Mind       MED_05B
         032. Ladder of Faith, The        MED_06A
         033. Moses Left Egypt Behind     MED_06A
         034. Beginning Again     MED_06A
         035. Daniel      MED_06B
         036. Your Conversation   MED_06B
         037. God's Intolerable Compliment        MED_06B
         038. Encouragement in Time of Trial      MED_07A
         039. Will of God Is Not Hard, The        MED_03B[God bless you indeed]
         040. Secret Place--Victory Over Temptation       MED_03A[To him that overcometh]
         041. Great Physician     MED_07B
         042. Your Spiritual Growth       MED_07B
         043. Faith to Claim Promises     MED_07B
         044. Put Up Thy Sword    MED_07B
         045. Broken Things       MED_08A
         046. Closer Walk         MED_08A
         047. Humility    MED_08A[We want to talk to you ]
         048. Confession  MED_08B
         049. Today       MED_08B
         050. Why Healing?        MED_08B
         051. Wings       MED_09A[These words of encouragement bring you ]
         052. Worthiness  MED_09A
         053. Renewal     MED_09A
         054. Self-Pity   MED_09B
         055. Praise and Thanksgiving     MED_09B
         056. Rock of Ages        MED_???[God bless you as we fellowship together!]
         057. Shut-Ins, The       MED_10A
         058. Power of Positive Speaking, The     MED_10A
         059. Measure of Faith, The       MED_10A
         060. Royal Road to Happiness, The        MED_10B
         061. Heavenly Citizenship        MED_10B
         062. Sin of Unbelief, The        MED_10B
         065. In the Garden       MED_11A
         066. Old Age and Victory         MED_11B
         067. Importunity         MED_11B
         068. Transformed         MED_???[Greetings and the dear Lord bless you and make you a blessing.]
         069. Divine Guidance     MED_12A
         070. Common Place, The   MED_12A
         071. Appropriating Faith         MED_???["Through faith we understand that the worlds ]
         072. Personal Conversations with Christ  MED_12B
         073. He Satisfies Completely     MED_12B
         075. Black Out   MED_13A
         076. Disappointments     MED_13A
         078. Miracle of Christianity, The        MED_13B
         079. Sweet Hour of Prayer        MED13[A or B?--Sweet hour of prayer ]
         080. Self-Life   MED_14A
         081. Christ in You       MED_14A
         082. Five Minutes        MED_14A
         083. Promises of God, The        MED_14B
         084. Strength in Weakness        MED_14B
         085. One Thing Before All Things         MED_14B
         086. Loneliness  MED_17B
         087. Reaping     MED_15A
         088. Wings       MED_15A[I've been thinking about the historic Wesley's Chapel ]
         089. Great Faith         MED_15B
         090. If I Gained the World       MED_15B
         091. Going about Doing Good      MED_15B
         092. Wings: Part 2       MED_22A[In the still of the night]
         093. Humility    MED_16A[There is a place of quiet rest ]
         094. Utterly Destroy     MED_16A
         095. Transformed         MED_11B
         096. Birthday Service    MED_16B
         097. True Christmas, The         MED_16B
         098. Divine Exchange, The        MED_17A
         099. Extra Allowance, The        MED_17A
         100. Dining Alone Tonight        MED_17A
         101. Loneliness  MED_???[In John Chapter 16, verse 27 ]
         102. Influence--Acts 5   MED_17B
         103. Will of God in Healing, The         MED_???
         104. Bringing Back the Ark       MED_18A
         105. Happiness   MED_18A
         106. Cleansing   MED_18A
         107. Strongbox, The      MED_18B
         108. Seat of the Scornful, The   MED_18B
         109. Fixed Determination         MED_18B
         110. Promises of God, The        MED_19A[Same as 003.]
Good People or Born-Again Christians        MED_19A
         112. Greatest Victories Out of Seeming Defeats   MED_05A
         113. Little People       MED_19B
         114. Unchanging Christ, The      MED_19B
         115. Thoughts    MED_20A
         116. Assurance of Things Hoped For       MED_20A
         117. Song in the Heart, A        MED_20A
         118. Judge Not (Critical Tongue)         MED_20B
         119. Weakness vs. Strength       MED_20B
         120. Miraculous, The     MED???[It took a miracle to put the stars in place."]
         121. Power in That Name  MED_21A
         122. Out of the Depths   MED_21A
         123. Tongue, The         MED_21A
         124. Our Personal Responsibilities       MED_21B
         125. Afterwards (Heb.12)         MED_21B
         126. Bitterness and Vengeance    MED_21B
         127. Wings (No.2)        MED_16A["Lord, how they are increased that trouble me.]
         128. Compose and Repose  MED_22A
         129. Perfect Love        MED_???["Open my eyes that I may see ]
         130. Uncontrolled Tongue, The    MED_22B
         131. But One Thing Is Needful    MED_???["Take time to be holy."]
         132. Mansions    MED_22B



MED 1: It's So Because God Said So
         A: Baca; Boomerang; Precious Promises
         B. Appropriating Faith; Love for Others; Stand Out for Jesus

MED 2: The Strength of Weakness
         A: Be Still; It's So Because God Said So; Transformed by Beholding
         B: Hold On a Little Longer; The Standard; Three Looks of Redemption; Who Sinned; This Man or His Parents?

MED 3: Doubts and How to Get Rid of Them
         A: Doubts and How to Get Rid of Them; Secret Place--Victory Over Temptation; Compromise and Conformity
         B: The Will of God Is Not Hard; Wait for the Lights to Come On; God's Faithfulness

MED 4: Just a Closer Walk
         A: Forgetting the Past; Sense of Values; Just a Closer Walk
         B: The Bread of Life; Transformed; Dare to Stand Alone

MED 5: Greater Victories Out of Seeming Defeats
         A: Meeting God's Conditions; Man's Heart; Greatest Victories Out of Seeming Defeats; Romans 8:28
         B: When God Speaks; The Tongue; The Secret Place

MED 6: The Ladder of Faith
         A: The Ladder of Faith; Moses Left Egypt Behind; Beginning Again
         B: Daniel; Your Conversation; God's Intolerable Compliment

MED 7: Encouragement in Time of Trial
         A: Encouragement in Time of Trial; God's Will; Secret Place--Temptation
         B: Great Physician; Your Spiritual Growth; Faith to Claim Promises; Put Up Thy Sword

MED 8: What Is Healing?
         A: Broken Things; Closer Walk; Humility
         B: Confession; Today; Why Healing?

MED 9: Praise and Thanksgiving
         A: Wings; Worthiness; Renewal
         B: Self-Pity; Praise and Thanksgiving

MED 10: The Power of Positive Speaking
         A: The Shut-Ins; The Power of Positive Speaking; The Measure of Faith
         B: The Royal Road to Happiness; Heavenly Citizenship; The Sin of Unbelief

MED 11: Take Jesus As Your Savior
         A: Jesus Really Satisfies; Yesterday; In the Garden
         B: Old Age and Victory; Importunity; Transformed

MED 12: Guidance
         A: Divine Guidance; The Common Place; Received
         B: Personal Conversations with Christ; He Satisfies Completely

MED 13: Sweet Hour of Prayer
         A: Hebrews 12--Healing; Black Out; Disappointments
         B: Healing Glorifies God; The Miracle of Christianity

MED 14: The Promises of God
         A: Self-Life; Christ in You; Five Minutes
         B: The Promises of God; Strength in Weakness; One Thing Before All Things

MED 15: Great faith
         A: God's Cure for Loneliness; Reaping; Wings
         B: Great faith; If I Gained the World; Going about Doing Good

MED 16: Glorified Savior
         A: Wings (No.2); Humility; Utterly Destroy
         B: Glorified Savior; Birthday Service; The True Christmas

MED 17: The Divine Exchange
         A: The Divine Exchange; The Extra Allowance; Dining Alone Tonight
         B: Loneliness; Influence--Acts 5; The Will of God in Healing

MED 18: Bringing Back the Ark
         A: Bringing Back the Ark; Happiness; Cleansing
         B: The Strongbox; The Seat of the Scornful; Fixed Determination

MED 19: The Promise
         A: The Promises of God; "Good People" or Born-Again Christians; Victory from Seeming Defeat
         B: Little People; The Unchanging Christ

MED 20: Thoughts
         A: Thoughts; Assurance of Things Hoped For; A Song in the Heart
         B: Judge Not (Critical Tongue); Weakness vs. Strength

MED 21: Power in That Name
         A: Power in That Name; Out of the Depths; The Tongue
         B: Our Personal Responsibilities; Afterwards (Heb.12); Bitterness and Vengeance

MED 22: Compose and Repose
         A: Wings; Compose and Repose; Open My Eyes That I May See
         B: The Uncontrolled Tongue; All Things or One Thing; Mansions

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