REL BK-01 Understanding and Appreciating the Word
         Course Description: This is a survey course in general Bible appreciation, and helps students understand Bible contents, organization and history of English translations, etc.
         Credits: 2

         REL BK-02 Bible Reading: New Testament
         Course Description: Students must read the New Testament for credits.
         Credits: 3

         REL BK-03 Bible Reading: Old Testament
         Course Description: Students must read through key books of the Old Testament for credits.
         Credits: 3 (Plus additional 1 credit for reading Bible in Pictures)

         REL BK-04 Understanding Bible Prophecy
         Course Description: This course provides practical guidelines for evaluating prophecy.
         Credits: 3

         REL BK-05 Endtime Studies I (Eschatology I)
         Course Description: This is a full course in Endtime events. Students must read and study through The Book of the Future to get full credits.
         Credits: 3

         REL BK-06 Endtime Studies II (Eschatology II)
         Course Description: This is a further study of Endtime events, especially covering the signs of the End.
         Credits: 2

         REL BK-07 Daniel Studies (Eschatology III)
         Course Description: This course takes students through a study of prophecies of the Endtime as covered in the book of Daniel.
         Credits: 3

         REL BK-08 Revelation Studies (Eschatology IV)
         Course Description: This course takes students through a study of prophecies of the Endtime as covered in the book of Revelation.
         Credits: 3

         REL BK-09 Understanding Endtime Events
         Course Description: This course links details of Bible prophecy with Current Events, and helps students understand how political changes going on in the world today could be a fulfillment of Bible prophecy.
         Credits: 2

         REL BK-10 Scripture Memorization
Course Description: Students are required to memorize the majority of verses from the Memory Book and Key Bible Verses booklet (condensed Word Basics).
         Credits: 4

         REL BK-11 Advanced Scripture Memorization
         Course Description: Students are required to memorize 31 key Psalms and either entire or key portions from specified Bible chapters.
         Credits: 4

         REL BK-12 Word Basics
         Course Description: This is a senior level series of basic lessons from the Bible that covers topics including: Word of God; Prayer; Faith; Love and Forgiveness; Relationship with the Lord; Fellowship; Witnessing; Will of God; Obedience to God; Strength and Power; Trials and Temptations; Suffering; Comfort; Overcoming the Devil; Pride, Self-righteousness and Humility; Unity; Discipleship; The Christian's Relationship to Worldly Society; Persecution; Backsliding; Christianity in Crisis; The Law of Christ; Marriage and the Home; Children.
         Credits: 3

         REL BK-13 Word Treasures
         Course Description: A unique study of Bible stories, spiritual lessons and truths relevant to active Christian service.
         Credits: 3



         REL HH-01 Our Family Heritage
         Course Description: Students study the history and background of the Family (fellowship of Christian missionaries).
         Credits: 4

         REL HH-02 Our Basic Beliefs
         Course Description: The student explores studies covering the major principles of Christian faith and service in the Family.
Credits: 3

         REL HH-03 Principles We Live By
         Course Description: The student explores the rules and guiding principles governing our life of faith and service in the Family. Students complete a detailed study of the Love Charter which defines the rights and responsibilities of each member, sets down clear guidelines for how leadership is to be elected in the Homes, and outlines pertinent Family regulations, operational and disciplinary procedures.
         Credits: 3

         REL HH-04 Basic Letters of Father David
         Course Description: Students study through a selection of basic Letters by Father David.
         Credits: 8

         REL HH-05 Understanding Major World Religions
         Course Description: This course presents an overview study of the beliefs and customs of the world's major religions, both Christian and non-Christian, so that the student will be more knowledgeable when communicating with members of other denominations and religions.
         Credits: 2

         REL HH-06 Great Men and Women of God
         Course Description: A study of great missionaries, and men and women of God. Students should become knowledgeable of the famous characters included in this course.
         Credits: 2

         REL HH-07 Concerns in Contemporary Christian Literature
         Course Description: Students explore the writings of contemporary Christian authors, particularly those who address modern moral, social or spiritual concerns and issues.
         Credits: 3

         REL HH-08 Miracles
         Course Description: Students study about the miraculous power of God to solve problems and empower His people in time of need.
         Credits: 2

         REL HH-09 A Survey of Christian Literature
         Course Description: This course covers scores of topics of interest to those entering a career in Christian service. Students will explore a full range of Christian anecdotes, biographies, counseling topics, and famous quotations that will greatly enrich their personal life and service.
         Credits: 3



         REL CS-00 Discipleship Experience and Service
         Course Description: Persons having served at least 6 months in full-time Christian service are eligible for credits.
         Credits: 4

         REL CS-01 Salvation and God's Grace
         Course Description: Students study the various approaches in Christianity to Salvation, and study the Scriptural basis for the belief in Salvation totally by grace.
         Credits: 2

         REL CS-02 The Word and Our Relationship with the Lord
         Course Description: Students learn about the importance of the Word, deepening their loving relationship with Jesus, and finding the will of God in their lives, with increased faith and trust for His protection and provision.
         Credits: 3

         REL CS-03 Fruits of the Spirit
         Course Description: Students discover the wonderful fruits of God's Spirit, and how the Spirit can empower them to love others, witness boldly, be forgiving and merciful, show kindness, meekness, long-suffering, temperance; plus be more giving, free, happy, honest, wise, discerning and positive in all they do.
         Credits: 2

         REL CS-04 Discipleship
         Course Description: Students study the different aspects of discipleship such as, service, Family rules, forsaking all, obedience, yieldedness, relationship with the world, commitment, diligence, fruitfulness, vision, rewards, humor, redeeming the time, sample, etc.
         Credits: 3

         REL CS-05 Fighting the Good Fight of Faith
         Course Description: Students learn that to be a disciple of Jesus involves facing many tests, trials and temptations, resisting the Devil, walking by faith and not feelings, sticking to your job, not going by outward appearances of success or failure, drawing strength and power from God and not one's own resources, facing persecution courageously, etc.
         Credits: 2

         REL CS-06 The Power of Prayer
         Course Description: Students study about the power of prayer, discover different ways to pray, explore how thanksgiving and praise are related to prayer, plus consider the role of fasting in prayer.
         Credits: 2

         REL CS-07 Unity, Fellowship and Relations with People
         Course Description: Students learn why striving to keep the unity of the Spirit is so important, plus the importance of good communications and staying in fellowship.
         Credits: 2

         REL CS-08 Overcoming Personal Problems
         Course Description: Students have a look at God's solutions to some of our many weaknesses, sins and shortcomings. Students must do studies in at least 5 of the following topic areas or similar topics: pride, self-righteousness, criticalness, doubt, laziness, shyness, murmuring, rebelliousness, worldliness, worry, jealousy, fear, bitterness, discouragement, discontentment, not accepting correction, sensitivity, etc.
         Credits: 3

         REL CS-09 Health and Healing
         Course Description: Students study about the miraculous gift of healing and how it may be appropriated.
         Credits: 2

         REL CS-10 Spirit World
         Course Description: Students explore what Scriptures (and the Letters of Father David) have to say about that greater spiritual world just beyond this physical plane.
         Credits: 2

         REL CS-11 Priority Reading for New Disciples
         Course Description: This is a sample study based on selected discipleship themes from Letters by Father David, as presented in Appendix G, p.201 of the Love Charter.
         Credits: 8

         REL CS-12 Hearing from God Through Prophecy
         Course Description: Students open their hearts to hearing God's voice personally in prophecy, as they study this exciting and moving way that God speaks today.
         Credits: 2



         REL CO-00 Christian Outreach Experience
         Course Description: Students that have completed 240 hours of active Christian outreach are eligible for credits. Outreach activities include such things as learning how to witness, doing public performances with a Christian message, doing personal or group witnessing, teaching Bible classes or Sunday school, leading devotional services in the home or elsewhere, giving seminars, classes and lectures, distributing Christian materials, running information and distribution booths, participating in special humanitarian relief projects, etc. Students should demonstrate success in some aspect of outreach for full credits. For example, write up the testimony of some person they won to the Lord, giving some personal details and show they have followed up on the person. Students need to keep a personal or group log of souls won, addresses, phone numbers and special notes on follow up, such as what materials the person was given, or what classes they received, etc.
         Credits: 4

         REL CO-01 Outreach Fundamentals
         Course Description: This overview course helps students to understand the basic goals and approaches involved in ministering to the spiritual needs of others. This includes soul-winning, discipleship training, the importance of doing follow-up, ministering to others through the mail, etc.
Credits: 3

         REL CO-02 Distribution Tools and Methods
         Course Description: In this practical course students learn several different methods of disseminating God's printed message. For example, students will study various approaches to tract, poster, book, tape, and video distribution. Also they learn some basic business skills in budgeting, planning ahead, purchasing, selling, stocking and inventorying various distribution materials. To earn full credits a student must have kept a personal log of distribution statistics for one month and have at least 20 hours of distribution experience.
         Credits: 3

         REL CO-03 Outreach Projects and Ministries
         Course Description: Students explore a variety of ways to reach the public with the Gospel. For example, how to operate a Church in the Home, how to "Open the Door for the Children," give seminars and lectures, offer Christian counseling, etc. Students are eligible for full credits if they are active in an outreach ministry.
         Credits: 3

         REL CO-04 Special Outreach Projects and Ministries
         Course Description: This course provides training in how to launch a special outreach project or ministry such as ministering to the deaf, poor, blind, imprisoned, homeless, delinquent, unwed mothers, drug addicted, alcoholic, etc. Students should also take the opportunity to study the life and work of those who minister to people caught in a natural disaster, civil unrest or war. Full credits awarded if a student has been actively involved in some "consider the poor" type ministry for three months.
         Credits: 3

         REL CO-05 Public Performances and the Mass Media
         Course Description: Students study proven approaches to putting on public performances, TV and radio shows, etc. For full credit a student must also become involved in putting on public performances for a large group, such as singing or dance performance, choir or harmony singing, puppet shows, clowning, skits, street drama, busking, etc.
         Credits: 2

         REL CO-06 Outreach Ministry Fund Raising
         Course Description: Students learn the importance of building up a solid support base and how to obtain needed supplies, sponsorship and funding for their outreach project, performance or ongoing ministry through making personal and public appeals, writing newsletters, etc. To obtain full credits students must either write a funding appeal newsletter, or obtain support or sponsorship by personal or phone appeals for some special outreach project.
         Credits: 2

         REL CO-07 Christian Outreach Portfolio
         Course Description: Each student is required to prepare:

         1. A personal presentation photo album
                  2. Personal information and rsum
                  Write up a comprehensive summary (rsum) of any Christian outreach experiences they have had. Include the length of time involved, the date, the location. If possible, prepare a photo album or chronological record of events and experiences, making sure to label all photos and provide explanatory paragraph inserts. This portfolio could also include recommendations, any publications or video or audio recordings, etc., that confirm their experience as further evidence of their training and experience in Christian work.
         Credits: 3

         REL CO-08 Family Education Outreach
         Course Description: Students learn to express to others the advantages of the Family's practical home-based education and child-care methods. Students also learn about methods and materials to share with and help others in the field of child care and home life.
         Credits: 2



         REL CN-00 Christian Counseling Experience
         Course Description: Students are required to have been actively involved in at least 240 hours of personal or group counseling situations. This may be in the form of personal witnessing, or involvement in organized group discussions on topics relating to personal development and strengthening Christian values, or participating in question and answer sessions.
         Credits: 4

         REL CN-01 Christian Counseling I
         Course Description: In order to approach people in a counseling situation, a certain amount of know-how is essential to help people open up and respond. This course covers some basic tips and offers specific examples on how to have open and honest communication with people.
         Credits: 3

         REL CN-02 Christian Counseling II
         Course Description: This course helps students develop good communications, empathy and understanding for those going through times of difficulty. Students learn to offer Godly solutions.
         Credits: 3

         REL CN-03 Christian Counseling III
         Course Description: An in-depth look at scores of personal and spiritual topics of great interest to Christians in general, such as comfort in suffering and sickness, problems which Christians need to avoid or overcome, marriage and the home, children, old age, etc.
         Credits: 4

         REL CN-04 Planning Youth Meetings
         Course Description: As part of Christian leadership training, students learn to be concerned about the spiritual nourishment of those they care for. Students study reports and lessons gleaned from inspirational retreats held by experienced missionaries. To obtain credits, students must take part in the planning, organization and management of a youth meeting, activity or retreat.
         Credits: 2

         REL CN-05 Communicating with the Elderly
         Course Description: In preparation for Christian leadership, which involves caring for people of all ages, this course helps students become aware of the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of the elderly. The students become personally concerned as they share the Gospel during visits to senior citizens, homes for the elderly, etc. To obtain credits, students must visit and minister to the aged in a rest home, or in a personal situation.
         Credits: 1

         REL CN-06 Planning and Holding Seminars
         Course Description: Students learn how seminars can be used to further the Gospel and teach and train others to follow a Godly way of life. Specific seminars conducted by missionaries are studied, and students take part in planning and holding a seminar. To obtain credits, students must plan and hold a teaching seminar to a small group. This includes giving a Bible class, having an open discussion or giving a formal speech or presentation.
         Credits: 2

         REL CN-07 Personal Development and Communication Skills
         Course Description: This is principally a research and self improvement course to encourage students to search out Scriptural and practical counsel in order to better manage one's emotions and be more equipped to guide and counsel others. Students are required to write essays and develop Word studies in at least three of the following themes:
         Developing Good Personal Communications
         How to Effectively and Wisely Communicate Strong Emotions
         How to Manage Anger in Yourself and Others
         How to Maintain a Positive Outlook and Approach to Life
         How to Keep Stress Under Control
         How to Relax in Tense Times
         How to Overcome Shyness
         How to Build Up Godly Self Esteem
         How to Put Real Meaning into Your Life
         Abundance Through Giving
         The Art of Dealing with Difficult People
         Winning at Losing
         Enthusiasm and Motivation
         Overcoming Grief
         Life after Death
         Keys to Effective Prayer
         Getting Rid of Guilt
         How to Feel Great about Life
         The Power of Believing
         Credits: 3



         REL CL-00 Christian Leadership Experience
         Course Description: Students are required to put in 240 hours of active Christian service related to ministering to the spiritual needs of others in their community in order to qualify for credits.
         Credits: 4

         REL CL-01 Shepherding Fundamentals
         Course Description: Students are required to do Word studies in the following areas related to good shepherding, plus do one very extensive study in one area and give a 20-minute class on the topic:
         Applying God's Law of Love Wisely
         Communicating and Reporting
         Decision Making
         Maintaining Good Morale and Discipline
         Diligence and Redeeming the Time
         Good Stewardship
         Forgiveness and Mercy
         Relations with People
         Feeding the Flock
         Love for the Lost
         Credits: 4

         REL CL-02 Witnessing Fundamentals
         Course Description: Students study techniques of relating to and understanding people, their needs and longings, as well as their cultures, traditions and mores. Emphasis will be put on how to personally relate to people and lead them in understanding Christian values and truths.
         Credits: 3

         REL CL-03 Supervision of Missionary Outreaches
         Course Description: Emphasis is put on overseeing the spiritual needs of the individual missionaries, as well as tending to the physical needs and effectiveness of the outreach. Many aspects of oversight are examined, including the care and education of children. Students also learn to consider and evaluate the fruitfulness of a missionary outpost.
         Credits: 3

         REL CL-04 Missionary Teams
         Course Description: Students research reports and lessons from experienced missionaries who have pioneered foreign mission fields around the world. Many aspects of establishing a new outreach location are studied and, where possible, students will take part in a new missionary outreach.
         Credits: 2

         REL CL-05 How to Respond to Religious Persecution
         Course Description: A study is made of different ways to respond to religious persecution, and difficult questions and/or interviews by the media.
         Credits: 2

         REL CL-06 How to Support a Christian Work
         Course Description: Various methods of raising support for missionary outposts are covered.
         Credits: 2

         REL CL-07 Writing Promotional Material
         Course Description: Students pick a particular missionary project to support, and write a newsletter covering the different aspects of this project, including an appeal for help or support.
         Credits: 1

         REL CL-08 Teaching a Small Group
         Course Description: Students study teaching methods, and then each student takes a turn planning and leading two Bible studies and/or Word-based group discussions.
         Credits: 2

         REL CL-09 Youth Leadership I: Becoming a Christian Leader
         Course Description: A teach-by-example approach to developing character and Christian leadership skills in preteen and teen groups. Emphasis is placed on the personal development of those who will be working with this age group, helping them strengthen their sense of dedication, and become more loving and concerned in their involvement with young people. Those taking this course will be expected to learn how to search out help and information from various reference sources, as well as from other trained and experienced Christian leaders they encounter.
         Credits: 3

         REL CL-10 Youth Leadership II: Discipleship
         Course Description: This course provides practical instruction for those working with youths who have expressed a desire to enter full-time Christian service and who wish to know more about what is involved in becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ. The course also examines many of the pitfalls and dangers which young aspiring disciples face as they follow Jesus, lead others to the Lord and present a good example of true discipleship to others.
         Credits: 3

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