( For students 14 years and up.)


         1. What is your name? ________________________ Date: ____/____/____
         2. How old are you? __________________________ Date of birth:____/____/____
         3. What do you like doing the most in the Family?

         4. If you could choose two ministries to specialize in, what would they be?
         5. If in one year you knew that you and three other young people were going to go out to pioneer a new Home on your own, what would you want to do or learn in order to get you better prepared for running your own Home?

         6. Do you feel your education so far in the Family has been sufficient?
         7. What areas would you like to improve in?
         8. What subjects, or areas of learning or study interest you the most?
         9. Do you feel comfortable or uncomfortable about your education when around non-Family young people?
         10. Do you think it is important to have a high school diploma? _______ What advantages do you think there are to having one?


Language Arts:
         11. How well can you read silently? ____________ How well can you read out loud?
         12. Have you ever taken a speed reading course?
         13. Do you understand what you read?
         14. How good is your vocabulary?
         15. How is your spelling?
         16. How hard or easy would it be for you to write a paragraph describing your day?
         17. How is your punctuation and grammar?
         18. Have you ever written a poem?
         19. Have you done any reading, language or writing tutorial program on computer?
         20. How is your spoken English?
         21. Are you able to start conversations with people quite easily?


         22. Do you know your addition and multiplication tables?
         23. Could you figure out the circumference of a circle if you knew its diameter?
         24. How good are your general math skills?
         25. Have you done a computer tutorial math program? ______________ If so, how did you do?
         26. Are there areas in math you would like to know more about? ______ Which ones?
         27. Describe how you would determine the net amount you received for a set of videos (donation minus costs). You should mention some of the hidden costs and expenses involved.


         28. What temperature does water boil at? _________ Freeze at?
         29. Why does ice float?
         30. Why does hot air rise?
         31. Can you see ultraviolet and infrared light? _______ Why or why not?
         32. Will a magnet pick up a piece of copper?
         33. Objects that rub together get hot. What do we say causes this?
         34. Would you say you have a good general knowledge of science?

Social Studies:

         35. Do you watch the TV news?____________ How often?
         36. Have you read the Currents?
         37. Do you read the WNDs?
         38. What countries or different places have you lived in or visited?
         39. What country have you stayed in longest?
         40. Do you know the basic facts about the country you live in (for example: size, population, type of government, political divisions or states, geographical points of interest, etc.)?
         41. Have you studied world history? ________________ What did you study?
         42. What is a deficit?
         43. What is a gross national product?
         44. What are stocks?
         45. Describe what would happen in a stock market crash.

Health and Personal Development:

         46. Why is it not very good to be overweight or underweight?
         47. How can tidiness and physical appearance affect your life?
         48. Give three examples of good health habits:
         49. What kinds of food are not very safe to eat?
         50. What kinds of foods do we need for a balanced diet?

Physical Education:
         51. Do you know how to swim? ___________________ How well?
         52. What group games or sports do you know how to play?


         53. How much Word time do you have each day?
         54. What ML Volumes have you read? _________________________________________________________ How much of the Bible have you read?
         55. Have you read any biographies of great Christians? _____________ Name a famous Christian (past or present) outside of the Family whom you admire.
         56. What pubs do you read regularly: GNs? _______ ML Vols.? ________ DBs? _________ FSMs?_______ Prayer Lists? _______ Hopes? ___________ Hope TKs? _______ WNDS? ________ Christian Digests? ________ FUNs? ________ FARs? _______ Kidz? _______ Raise 'em Right? _______ Childcare Handbooks? _______ Other?
         57. Have you read most of Good Thots 1 and 2?___________ Treasures? _________ Mops 1 and 2?
         58. What Family pubs have you
not read?

         59. How much witnessing experience have you had?
         60. What kind of leadership training or experience have you had?
         61. What is a "consider the poor" ministry?
         62. What would you say is the single biggest difficulty you have to face when you witness?
         63. Would you like to be a leader? ___________ Why or why not?
         64. What qualities and talents do you feel are most important for a leader in the Family to have?
         65. If a person that you met while out witnessing was dying from cancer, what sort of things might you talk to him or her about?
         66. List five milestones or turning points in the general history of the Family.
         67. List five things that a person who wants to be a full-time sold-out disciple for Jesus needs to know or do or be like.


         68. What have been your main ministries in the Family since you turned 14 (list year-by-year if you can)?
         69. Approximately how many weeks or months did you spend working in each area?
         70. What ministry do you think you would be happiest doing in the Family?

Child Care and Education:

         71. Have you ever worked with babies? _______ How long?__________ What responsibilities did you have?
         72. Do you know how to prepare a baby's bottles and other food? _______ Do you know how to keep baby happy, challenged and learning? _______ Do you know how to manage more than one baby at a time? ____________
         73. Since you turned 14, what child-care experience have you had? What experience have you had with each age group: babies: __________ toddlers: __________ school age children: ___________ teens:
         74. Have you taught children? _______ How often? _______ What?____________________ How long?
         75. Would you like to be a teacher? ___________________ What age group?
         76. Have you given any classes or Bible stories or flannelgraphs?

Industrial Arts:

         77. Have you done handyman work?______________________________ What are the main projects you have worked on and how long did you work on each one?
         78. Have you ever painted something? ______________ What? ______________________________ Have you ever put up wallpaper?
         79. What was the most difficult repair job you ever undertook? _____________ What did you learn in the process?
         80. Have you ever taken care of a swimming pool?
         81. Have you worked with electricity? ____________ How much do you know about it?
         82. Have you ever soldered something to fix it?
         83. Have you ever worked on building something very large? _______ What? _____________________________
         84. What tools do you know how to use?
         85. What do you know about cars?
         86. Can you drive? __________________ Would you like to learn?

Home Economics:

         87. Can you sew by hand? _______ With a machine? _______ Have you ever made your own clothes? _________ Sewn a costume? _______ Made puppet clothes? _________ Have you ever hung curtains? _________ What other sewing have you done?
         88. Do you know how to do your own laundry?
         89. Do you know how to iron?
         90. Have you done other people's laundry? ___________ For how many people? _________ How much time did you spend on laundry work?
         91. Can you cook?
         92. What is the largest group you have cooked for?
         93. What sort of things do you know how to cook?
         94. How much time do you think you have spent cooking since you turned 14?
         95. Would you like to learn more about special kinds of cooking? __________ What?

Secretarial and Business:
         96. Can you type? _____ How accurate are you? __________ How fast? ________ Do you touch type?
         97. Have you ever worked through a typing course, such as "Typing Tutor" on computer?
         98. Do you know any shorthand or speed writing?
         99. What computer skills do you have?
         100. Do you know any word processing programs like Word for Windows?
         101. What sort of office work have you done?
         102. What sort of financial budgeting or working with finances have you done? ____________________________ _______________________________________________________ Have you ever kept financial records?
         103. Do you know how to use any desktop publishing programs like Ventura Publisher (VP)?
         104. Do you know how to use any other computer programs?


         105. Have you ever written a story?
         106. How many letters have you written to non-Family people? ___________ To whom?
         107. Do you like writing?
         108. Do you know any other languages or have you started learning another language?
         109. Have you given a public speech to a largely non-Family group or gathering?
         110. Have you ever learned sign language?
         111. Have you ever made (filmed) a video?
         112. Have you recorded your singing? _______ Made a studio recording?
         113. Have you ever been involved in a printing ministry? ___________ What did you do?
         114. Have you ever taken a picture?___________________ Done your own developing of films?

Creative and Performing Arts:

         115. What sort of musical interest or talents do you have?
         116. Can you play a guitar?
         117. Do you play any other musical instrument? _______ What?
         118. Can you read music?
         119. Would you like to have more training in music? ________ What area?
         120. Do you sing? ____________ What is the largest audience you have sung for?
         121. How many public performances do you think you have done since you were 14? ____ Before 14?
         122. Have you acted or been in skits before? ________ How many times? _________ In what kinds of performances?
         123. Have you used puppets?
         124. What aspect of putting on a show or performance do you like the most?
         125. Have you ever been a clown or dressed in a costume to go out litnessing?
         126. Can you draw? _______ Have you used your art for witnessing such as drawing a picture for a thank you card, etc.?
         127. What is choreography?
         128. Have you danced in any public performances?

Survival Skills:

         129. Have you read "Survival Sam" in the Kidz mags or KTK5? __________What other survival articles or books have you read?
         130. What sort of survival skills do you know?
         131. Do you know what to do in a hotel fire? ______ What safety plan should you make in any new place you stay?
         132. Why would it be unwise to pour or attempt to throw any kind of combustible fluid (such as gasoline) onto a fire or even live coals?
         133. Why is it unwise to light a match if you have just wiped your hands with strong alcohol?
         134. Why is it unwise to touch anything electric if you are standing in water or have bare feet?
         135. What common garden plants and flowers can you name that are poisonous?
         136. What animals do you know how to take care of?
         137. Have you ever grown a garden?
         138. Have you ever kept a flower bed or looked after house plants?
         139. Have you picked fruit or harvested some form of crop? ________ Explain:
         140. Do you know how to correctly prune shrubs and trees?
         141. Have you planted a lawn, made a rock garden, or done some landscaping around the yard?


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