Before joining, in order to ensure that the prospective new disciple has a clear understanding of the Family's basic beliefs, he or she should have read through the publications listed in Procedures for Accepting New Disciples into a Charter Home, B. 3. (If exceptional circumstances necessitate that a new disciple move in before he or she finishes the above-mentioned list, this is permissible. In such a case, those publications should become an integral part of the new disciple's Babes Basic Course.)

Basic Books/Publications for New Disciples
         The following list contains additional publications, which have been specifically designed to feed new babes and introduce them to our basic Family beliefs. If a prospective new disciple has finished reading the publications listed in Procedures for Accepting New Disciples into a Charter Home, B.3. before being able to join a Family Home, it is suggested that he or she move on to these Basic Books/Publications below. All of these are classified GP or DFO, so copies may be given or loaned to the prospective new disciple to read and study together with Family members or on their own, in or outside the Home.
         If the new disciple has not yet read them
before moving into a Charter Home, these Basic Books/Publications should be read in conjunction with the Basic Letters for Babes, which are listed below.
         Because a number of these Basic Books/Publications are quite
lengthy, it is not mandatory that every chapter or section be thoroughly read by the new disciple before he or she is allowed to become a voting member once they've been in the Family for six months. (For example, there are sections of the "Basic MOP" which are not as relevant as others; some "Treasures" articles are not as pertinent as others; the "Bible Guidebook" section, part 2 of the "Book of the Future," which consists solely of Scriptures, is quite deep and would be difficult for new babes to grasp.)
         Here now is the listing of the Basic Books/Publications for New Disciples:

         "In Search of Truth!" (ML #2465) DB 8.
         "Who Is Jesus?" (ML #2466) DB 8.
         "The Memory Book"
         "The Basic MOP"
         "Word Basics"
         "The Book of the Future"

         The following official Family Statements:
                  Our Family's Origins
                  Quotations from Father David
                  The Heritage and Home Life of Our Children
                  Christ-Centered Bible-Based Education
                  Advantages of Our Family Education
                  Attitudes, Conduct, Current Beliefs and Teachings Regarding Sex
                  Our Response to Allegations of Mind Control and Brainwashing
                  Our Stance Against Physical Violence
                  A Biblical Perspective on the Jewish People

         Depending on the new disciple's age, background and circumstances, you may or may not also suggest that he or she read the following publications:
                  "The Combined Poster Book"
                  "Life with Grandpa" (Vol.1-4)

Memory Verses from the Memory Book for New Disciples:
         A new disciple should endeavor to memorize as many of the following verses as is possible before completing his first six months in the Family - after which they could continue to memorize the remainder of the verses in the Memory Book, or Key Bible Verses, or selected Bible chapters found in the Basic Mop.
         It's not that the verses not included are not important, but since there are 300 verses in the Memory Book, we've cut it down so the minimum amount that new disciples are encouraged to memorize will be attainable for all--given that some will be more gifted in this area than others.

         Salvation - 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 12, 15, 16
         Holy Spirit - 1, 4, 6
         Discipleship - 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11
         Relationship to the World - 1, 2, 3, 4
         Graduates--1, 2, 6, 7
         David - 1
         Our Job - 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 10, 16, 17
         The Word - 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10
         Love - 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 10, 14, 16, 17
         It's Only Jesus!--2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10
         Faith - 1 - 10, 14
         Prayer - 1-6, 8, 10, 11, 14, 15
         Healing - 1, 2, 6, 7, 10, 12, 13
         Freedom from Fear - 1-8, 15, 17
         Overcoming Attacks of the Enemy - 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9
         Trials & Tests - 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12
         Persecution - 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 9
         Faithfulness - 1,3
         Obedience - 4
         Yieldedness - 1
         Supply - 1, 2, 3
         Other Special Verses - 8

Basic Letters for Babes
         The following Letters should ideally be read by new disciples within three months of joining. If, due to exceptional circumstances (such as lack of translations in the local language or capable interpreters, for example), the new disciple is not able to complete the Babes Basic Course within three months of joining, he or she must do so before becoming a voting member at six months.
         Potential disciples or Catacombers who have
finished the reading list for prospective new disciples may read Letters from the Babes Basic Course before joining. Charter Letters must be read in the Home with a Charter Member.
         New disciples who finish the Babes Basic Course in
less than three months may proceed to read titles from the Priority Reading List for New Disciples' First Year in the Family, Appendix H.
         In cases where Daily Bread condensations of Letters exist, babes may read either the full version or DB condo, at their shepherds' discretion. In cases where the assigned Letter is in a volume or DB which contains Charter Letters, the babe's shepherd or teacher will need to either read the Letter with the new disciple, or photocopy it for the new disciple to read privately. ML Volumes, DBs, GNs, etc., which contain Charter material should not be in the babe's possession except during class time.
         The titles on this list are arranged under 12 general categories. In addition, Letters in the category "Your Spiritual Life and Walk with the Lord" which share the same central theme, such as prayer, have been grouped together. Within each of the 12 categories, the Letters have been arranged in a suggested reading order, progressing from "milkiest" to "meatiest." Please note, however, that the new disciple should ideally receive a
balanced diet of Letters from the different categories on this list. For example, one day they may read two or three short Letters from the sections "Your Spiritual Life and Walk with the Lord" and "Our Job." Another day they may read a portion of the "Bitterness" GN and a Letter from the "Discipleship" section, etc.
         Please note that some Letters, such as "Beauty for Ashes," are very short, whereas others, like the Self-righteousness GN, are quite long. Some days the new disciple may be able to read several short Letters; other titles may take them several days to read.
         The point of this Letters for New Disciples list (as well as the Basic Books/Publications for New Disciples and the Reading List for Prospective Disciples) is to help the new disciple develop a love for the Word and a solid foundation for their faith. How this can best be achieved will vary from disciple to disciple, so it is important to be Spirit-led and tailor the program to each new disciple's abilities and current needs. Here now is the list of Letters for New Disciples:

         "We Are It!" (ML #2222) Vol. 17, DB 8.
         "Mountain Men!" (ML #B) Vol. 1, DB 4.
         "Flesh or Spirit?" (ML #45) Vol. 1.
         "Did God Make a Mistake?" (ML #35), Vol. 1, DB 4.
         "God's Explosions I!" (ML #69), Vol. 1.
         "Whose Slave Are You?--God's or Mammon's?" (ML #1332) DB 1.
         "The Law of Love!" (ML #302C) Vol. 3, DB 1.
         "Living the Lord's Law of Love, Part 1" (ML #3201), GN 804, LL 25.
         "God's Guarantees!" (ML #1027) Vol. 9, DB 1.

         "The Word, the Word, the Word!" (ML #2484) DB 8.
         "The Memorization Revolution!" (ML #2467) DB 8.
         "What Is the Bible?" (ML #1470) BK5.
         "Interpreting Bible Prophecy!" (ML #2210) Vol. 16, DB 8.

         "Sex Works" (ML #306) Vol. 3, DB 6.
         "Diamonds of Dust!" (ML #3) Vol. 1, DB 7.
         "Glamour or Glory?" (ML #328) Vol. 3, DB 6.
         "Hallelujah for Happiness!" (ML #1393) DB 1.
         "Seven Ways to Know God's Will!" (ML #829) Vol. 7, DB 1.
         "Stop!--Look!--Listen!" (ML #74) Vol. 1, DB 4.
         "Faith!" (ML #73) Vol. 1, DB 4.
         "The Name of Jesus!" (ML #345) Vol. 3, DB 1.
         "Turn On and Tune In!" (ML #2087) Vol. 16, DB 3.
         "Temple Time!" (ML #191) Vol. 2, DB 5.
         "The Operator!" (ML #700) Vol. 5, DB 1.
         "Prayer Jewels!--Part 1" (ML #2623) LL 19, DB 10.
         "Prayer Jewels!--Part 2" (ML #2624) LL 19, DB 10.
         "`When Ye Pray, Use Not Vain Repetitions!'--Mat.6:7" (ML #2914) LL 21, DB 12.
         "Despise Not Prophesying!" (ML #244) Vol.2, DB 5.

         "Love Never Fails!" (ML #25) Vol. 1, DB 4.
         "Dumps!" (ML #33) Vol. 1, DB 4.
         "But If Not...!" (ML #313) Vol. 3, DB 6.
         "Attack!" (ML #171) Vol. 2, DB 5.
         "Count Your Blessings!" (ML #1259) Vol. 13, DB 1.
         "The Power of Positive Praise!" (ML #1375) BK18, DB 1.
         "Overcoming Negative Thinking!" (ML #2700) LL 19, DB 10.
         "The Handicap of Natural Ability!" (ML #1907) Vol. 15, DB 2.
         "Pride!--The Root of All Sin!" (ML #1929) Vol. 16, DB 2.
         "Bitterness!" (ML #2672) LL 19, DB 10.
         "Self-righteousness!" (ML #2140) Vol. 16, DB 8.

         "Temptation!--Guard Your Thoughts!" (ML #2423) Vol. 18.
         "Beauty for Ashes!" (ML #114) Vol. 1, DB 4.
         "Blessings from Battles!" (ML #2632) LL 19, DB 10.
         "Feeling Close to Jesus!" (ML #2746) LL 20, DB 11.
         "Feeling 'Inspired' to Do God's Will!" (ML #2747) LL 20, DB 11.
         "Obedience Comes First!" (ML #2748) LL 20, DB 11.
         "Feelings and Leadings from the Lord!" (ML #2749) LL 20, DB 11.
         "Communion!" (ML #337B) Vol. 3, DB 6.

4. OUR JOB--Mark 16:15
         "Witnessing!" (ML #344) Vol. 3, DB 8.
         "Reading, Pin-Ups, Mistakes and World Conquest!--Thru' Love!" (ML #151) Vol. 2 (para.44-56), DB 5 (para. 5-14).
         "For God's Sake, Follow God!" (ML #4) Vol. 1, DB 4
         "The Greatest of These Is Love!" (ML #1371) BK4, DB 1.
         "'God Is No Respecter of Persons!'--Acts 10:34." (ML #2909) LL 21, DB 12.
         "Keep It Simple!" (ML #2774) LL 20, DB 11.
         "Souls or Sales?" (ML #2787) LL 20, DB 11.
         "Personal Witnessing Made Simple!" (ML #2788) LL 20, DB 11.
         "You Don't Have to Know All the Answers!" (ML #2791) LL 20, DB 11.
         "Witnessing Is Never Wasted!" (ML #2793) LL 20, DB 11.
         "How to Answer Intellectual Questions!" (ML #2794) LL 20, DB 11.
         "Consider the Poor!"--Psa.41:1" (ML #2755) LL 20, DB 11.
         "Why Witness?" (ML #3132) LL 24.
         "Be a Missionary!" (ML #3135) LL 24.
         "Instant Witnessing!" (ML #3137) LL 24.

         "The Revolutionary Rules!" (ML #S) Vol. 1.
         "Yield and Obey!--Parts 1-3" (ML #s 2224, 2225, 2305) Vol. 17, DB 8.
         "Trust and Obey!--Parts 1-3" (ML #2416-2418) Vol. 18, DB 8.

         "There Are Absolutes!" (ML #376) Vol. 3, DB 1.
         "The Big Lie!--Exposed!" (ML #736) Vol. 6, DB 8.
         "Musical Key!" (ML #326) Vol. 3, DB 6.
         "Sequel to 'Musical Key'!" (ML #326A) Vol. 3, DB 6.
         "The Evils of Modern Entertainment!" (ML #2453) Vol. 18.
         "Are You a Good Sport?" (ML #179A) Vol. 2.

         "I Gotta Split!--Part 1" (ML #28) Vol. 1, DB 4.
         "I Gotta Split!--Part 2" (ML #29) Vol. 1, DB 4.
         "David!" (ML #77) Vol. 1, DB 4.
         "The Key of David!" (ML #78) Vol. 1, DB 4.
         "The David Prophecies of the Bible" (ML #1642) BK16, DB 2.
         "Dad's Glorious Graduation!--And How We'll Carry On!" (ML #2946) LL 21, DB 12.

         "Out of this World!" (ML #686) Vol.5, DB 8 (under the title "In Search of the Fifth Dimension!")
         "The Spiritual Warfare Depends on Us!" (ML #2327) Vol. 17, DB 7.
         "When Morning Dawns!" (ML #852) Vol. 7, DB 8.

         "Faith and Healing!" (ML #M) Vol. 1, DB 4.
         "Food or Poison?" (ML #609) Vol. 5.
         "Get Out!" (ML #805) Vol. 7, DB 1.
         "Cleanliness Is Godliness!" (ML #1031) Vol. 9, DB 1.
         "Fight for Your Healing!" (ML #2072) Vol. 16, DB 7.

         "Prayer for Love and Mercy!" (ML #75) Vol. 1, DB 4.
         "Love Is the Most Important Thing!" (ML #1793) Vol. 15, DB 2.
         "The Need for More Affection in Our Homes!" (ML #2857) LL 21, DB 11.
         "Misinterpretations and Misunderstandings!" (ML #2839) LL 20, DB 11.

         "What Is That in Thy Hand?" (ML #315) Vol. 3, DB 6.
         "Train Up a Child!" (ML #1142) Vol. 11, DB 8.
         "Family Discipline Guidelines" and "Confirmatory Verses and Quotes on Family Discipline Guidelines" (ML #s 2919, 2920) LL 21.

12. SEX
         "Revolutionary Sex!" (ML #258) Vol. 2, DB 5.
         "Sex for Babes?" (ML #1909) Vol. 15, DB 2.
         "Revolutionary Lovemaking" (ML #259) Vol. 2.
         "Questions & Answers on Sex, Freedoms and Relationships" DB 11, (ML #2718) LL 22.
         "Teen Sex Policies" (Peter #81 and Summit prophecies) LL 22.
         "Go For the Gold" (ML #2961) LL 22.
         "Mama's Memos!"--No. 4. A How-to of the Practical Application of "Going for the Gold"! (ML #3138) LL 24.

         "Moving Forward: The Need for Change!" (Peter #76) and "The Love Charter!" (ML #2963) LL 22, DB 12.
         "Understanding the Spirit of the Charter! (Peter #77) LL 22, DB 12.
         "Serve One Another in Love!--Mama's Epilogue to the Love Charter (ML #2978) LL 22, DB 12.
         "A New Day of Love!--April 1st Day of Pentecost Prophecies! (ML #3011) LL 22.
         "Charter of Responsibilities and Rights" (Sections read before joining may not require detailed rereading.)
         "Fundamental Family Rules" (Sections read before joining may not require detailed rereading.)

         "Getting God's Answers!" (ML #3014) LL 22.
         "Prophecy Questions You May Have Always Wanted to Ask" (Parts 1 - 3) (ML #3019, 3035, 3036) LL 22, 23.
         "Believing Prophecy!" (ML #3130) LL 24.
         "Seekman and the Treasures!"--A parable, told by Jesus (ML #3131) LL 24.
         "Endtime Prophecy Power" (ML #3140) LL 24.
         "Hearing from the Lord Step by Step"--By Peter (ML #3149) LL 24.
         "Affection Time with Jesus" (ML #3013) LL 22.
         "Loving Jesus!"--Part 1 (ML #3024) LL 22.
         "Loving Jesus!"--Part 2 (ML #3025) LL 22.
         "Loving Jesus Jewels" (ML #3045) LL 23.

         "The Wise and Unwise Leader!" (ML #263) Vol. 2, DB 5.
         "Share the Know!" (ML #301A) Vol. 3, DB 6.
         "Indigenous!" (ML #315C) Vol. 3, DB 6.
         "The Birds and the Seeds!" (ML #316A) Vol. 3, DB 6.
         "God First!" (ML #934) Vol. 8, DB 1.
         "Owe No Man" (ML #701) Vol. 6, DB 7.
         "Rags to Riches!" (ML #211) Vol. 2, DB 5.
         "From Poverty to Plenty!" (ML #2929) LL 21, DB 12.
         "Ask and It Shall Be Given!" (ML #2893) LL 21, DB 12.

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