(This form is meant to be an easy-reference summary of the Charter, as well as a self-help voluntary checklist that you can avail yourselves of at any time. However, you must fill it out in a Home council meeting every six months, prior to your Home election by your February and August monthly report, and send the results to your continental office, no later than with your February and August monthly report.)

Home number: _________ Date completed: ___/___/___

A few guidelines in filling out this Checklist:
         * The goal of this Checklist is to cause you to evaluate the state of your Home, so you will pray together, discuss any weak areas, and find solutions. It is for your own self-evaluation, to see how you are doing in relation to the guidelines of the Charter.
         * If members have problems with any particular questions that are more subjective, or there is a "no" vote, you should go to the Word, discuss it, and come up with solutions. You should come to an agreement as to how to fix the problems, or come to an agreement as to what is an acceptable level for a "yes" vote. You set this standard yourselves, unless specified otherwise in the Checklist.
         * When voting, there should be a simple show of hands for either a "yes" or "no" vote without argument or discussion to try to change somebody's vote. A tie vote, or equal number of "yes" and "no" votes, would mean a "no" answer on the Checklist, as a simple majority must normally carry the vote as a "yes."
         * In answering these questions, we're not expecting perfection, so your answer for many of the questions could be along the lines of "In general, or most of the time, our Home. ..." However, there are some questions which can clearly only be answered by a "yes" or a "no," such as whether everyone's paperwork is in order, whether you've had the required number of Home meetings, whether your children are free from abuse, etc. This is not leeway to loosen up on the minimum Family standards as laid down in the Charter, but we pray it will free you from feeling bound to the letter of the law if, for instance, a child missed hour of sleep one week for some reason. We trust you will know the difference.
         * If a question does not apply to your Home--for example, the questions on parents or children, if your Home does not have children--put "N/A" (not applicable) in the "yes" box.
         * All voting members should try to attend the Home meetings when the Checklist is filled out. If anyone is unable to be present, they could fill out their own copy of the Checklist beforehand, and their vote could be added to the total.
         * This Checklist is to be filled out twice a year, prior to your Home teamwork elections in February and August.
         * The "Personal Questions" section, which is the last section of the Home Self-Evaluation Checklist, is optional and would only need to be filled out or answered if you feel it would be helpful.
         * If you have any questions about any points of the Checklist, please refer to the Charter itself for clarification.

* * * * * * *

         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 1. Endeavor to maintain a close connection with the Lord, through prayer and reading the Word (Bible, Letters and other Family pubs). (1.A; 1.D, E)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 2. Believe and teach the Family's fundamental beliefs. (1.B,C)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 3. Try to live by the Law of Love. (1.F)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 4. Engage in evangelism regularly (at least two hours/week). (1.G)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 5. Live according to Acts 2:44-45. (1.J)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 6. Endeavor to be good stewards of Family materials. (1.J)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 7. Bear our share of the Home responsibilities to the best of our ability. (1.K,L,O,Q)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 8. Participate in, abide by, cooperate with and support the Home decisions and live by the Home's agreed-upon regulations. (1.M,N,R)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 9. Endeavor to conduct ourselves as good Christians and Family members. (1.S)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 10. Refrain from activities or behavior that would be a reproach to the cause of Christ and/or reflect negatively on the Family. (1.T)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 11. Endeavor to gain any necessary personal victories. (1.U)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 12. Endeavor to keep clean, well groomed and presentable appearance. (1.V)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 13. Endeavor to stay healthy and physically fit. (1.V)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 14. Have a working knowledge of the Charter. (1.W)

         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 15. We feel free to exercise our rights of individual choice and self-determination, and to go according to our own faith in our service for the Lord. (2.A)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 16. We can freely voice our opinions and vote on Home and area decisions. (2.B)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 17. We feel we have the final say in medical matters concerning ourselves and our children. (2.C)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 18. We have the addresses of, and feel free to communicate with Mama, WS, and our area and continental offices. (2.D)

         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 19. We can freely exercise our right to regularly elect our Home's officers. (3.A)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 20. The details of the complete financial state of our Home are available to us and we are aware of the responsibilities thereof (N/A for those under 16). (3.B)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 21. We vote on our Home's financial matters (N/A for those under 18 or new disciples). (3.C)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 22. We have felt free to bring up any matter before the Home council, and it has been discussed and voted on within 15 days. (3.D)

         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 23. We are in this Home because we want to be, or we're being allowed to exercise our right to move on. (4.A)

         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 24. Our rights as Charter Members have not been infringed upon.
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 25. We have not observed the rights of other Charter Members being infringed upon.
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 26. If anyone's answer was "no" to either question 1 or 2 above, they have exercised their responsibility to bring the matter before the responsible parties. (5)

VI. RESPONSIBILITIES OF PARENTS (In our opinion, the parents in this Home:)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 27. Endeavor to raise their children in a Godly manner and give them a knowledge of God through His Word. (6.A)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 28. Love, care for, and to the best of their ability supply their children's physical, spiritual, emotional and disciplinary needs. (6.B)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 29. Protect their children from all forms of abuse. (6.C)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 30. Provide training and sufficient opportunity for their children to witness and share God's love and message of salvation. (6.D)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 31. See to it that their children are properly and sufficiently educated. (6.E)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 32. Ensure that sufficient academic records are kept of their children's educational progress. (6.F)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 33. Ensure that needed medical care, including regular eye and dental check-ups, are supplied for their children. (6.G)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 34. Discipline their children according to the standard agreed upon by the voting members of this Home. (6.H)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 35. Any of our children living apart from us have our current address or phone number. (6.I)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 36. Our children have been informed of their rights, and we ensure that these are not being infringed upon. (6.J)

         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 37. Parents/guardians get to spend regular personal time with their children who reside in this Home. (7.A)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 38. Parents/guardians are living in the same Home as all their children, except where they have mutually agreed otherwise. (7.B)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 39. Parents/guardians are kept informed of the location, mailing address and have contact with their non-resident children. (7.D)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 40. Parents/guardians are kept regularly informed of the well being of their children who reside in this Home. (7.E)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 41. Parents/guardians receive sufficient assistance with the care, parenting and education of their children. (7.F)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 42. Special attention is paid to the needs of our single parents and their children. (7.F.1)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 43. Parents/guardians have the final say on medical matters concerning their children. (7.G)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 44. Parents/guardians determine the amount of contact their children have with non-Charter relatives, and the Home members are in agreement. (7.H)

         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 45. Our children have their spiritual, physical and emotional needs met. (8.A)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 46. Our children are free from any kind of abuse. (One "no" vote on this question would mean a "no" answer to this point, and would justify further investigation and reporting.) (8.B)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 47. Our children can communicate freely, directly and privately with Mama and/or their continental office. (8.C)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 48. Our children have sufficient regular Word time. (8.D)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 49. Our children have sufficient opportunity for witnessing activities. (8.E)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 50. Our children and senior teens have sufficient time, opportunity and materials to receive an adequate education. (8.F)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 51. Our children and senior teens can seek to obtain official certification of their schooling, if they desire and the parents agree. (8.G)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 52. Our children have regular get-out. (8.H)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 53. Children in this Home have at least one parent--or a mutually agreed-upon guardian--living with them. (8.I)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 54. Each child in our Home has the address of non-resident parents, and if any don't, we have taken steps to rectify it. (8.J.1)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 55. Time is allotted on a regular basis for children to communicate with or visit their non-resident parents. (8.J.2)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 56. Children have regular parent time, at least one hour five times a week. (8.K; 57.G)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 57. Children have regular family days, at least two times per month. (8.K; 57.K)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 58. Children receive needed medical attention. (8.L)

         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 59. No non-Charter members have resided in our Home for over 30 days. (Unanimous) (9.C.2)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 60. Our Home has not resided with non-Charter members for longer than 30 days. (Unanimous) (9.C.1)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 61. Overnight non-Family Member minor visitors have had written permission from a parent/guardian or were accompanied by them. (9.C.2.b)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 62. Non-Family teens or YAs who have left the Family but are remaining in the Home for a transitional period of time, with permission from the CRO Office, are abiding by the minimum requirements set out for them. (9.C.3.)

         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 63. We endeavor, to the best of our ability, to live and operate in accordance with the Charter of Responsibilities and Rights, and to obey the Fundamental Family Rules. (10.A.)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 64. In addition to tithing 10%, our Home shares of its abundance with WS. (10.C)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 65. We endeavor to achieve the goals of the continental area, country and city in which we live. (10.E)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 66. Our Home regulations are voted in by a simple majority of Home members. (10.G)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 67. We work in harmony with other Homes in our continental area and country. (10.I)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 67a. We participate in at least one city council every two months. (10.J)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 68. Our Home refrains from engaging in activities that reflect negatively on other Homes or the Family in general. (10.K)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 69. We have first informed and sought counsel from our continental office before participating in any major media interviews, documentaries, etc.; or else we did not have any such activity this month. (10.L)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 70. We have not engaged in any verbal or written legal agreement in the name of the Family without obtaining written permission from our continental office. (10.M)

         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 71. We provide, by whatever means necessary, an adequate education for our children and senior teens, by allocating sufficient time, opportunity and scholastic materials for them to become competent in a manner appropriate to their age, ability and aptitude in basic curricular subjects. (11.B)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 72. We allocate sufficient time for the keeping of education records of the children in our Home. (11.C)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 73. Regardless of the residence of the parents, we keep them informed on a regular basis of the well being of their children under the age of 18 living in this Home. (11.D)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 74. Parents who have not received a regular evaluation of their non-resident children have taken steps to correct the situation. (11.D)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 75. We have agreed together upon a discipline standard for our resident children within the bounds of the Child Discipline Rules. (11.H)

         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 76. Our Home lives within its income and is not in debt. (12.A)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 77. Our Home operates within a monthly budget. (12.A)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 78. Our Home pays its bills on time and keeps current on its financial liabilities. (12.B)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 79. If one or all members decide to leave our Home, we abide by the procedures outlined in the Charter. (12.B.3; 4.A.4)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 80. Our Home determines all financial directions and decisions by a two-thirds majority. (12.C)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 81. Our Home discloses the financial standing of the Home on a regular basis to all voting members. (12.D)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 82. Our Home discloses to any voting member, 18 years of age or older, who is considering joining our Home, what the amount of his portion of the Home's debt and liabilities will be. (12.E)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 83. Each member has their $50 seed corn intact in either funds or tools. (55.C)

         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 84. Our Home meets not less than four times each week for united prayer and Word time. (13.A.1)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 85. Our Home allots its members time for Word, prayer or prophecy, whether private or united, not less than 10 hours per week. (13.A.2)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 86. Any new disciples in our Home under a year in the Family are allocated an additional 7 hours of Word time per week. (13.A.2.a.)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 87. Our Home supplies and maintains a well-organized Home library of Family pubs, in English and, if necessary, in our local language. (13.A.3)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 88. Our Home immediately posts a list of the contents of new WS mailings, and makes them available to Home members. (13.A.4)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 89. All pubs purges and BAR pub instructions have been explicitly followed. (13.A.3.a.)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 90. Our Home allots each member of voting age, and 14 and 15 year olds if actively involved in Home ministries, a regular day off, at least every 14 days. (13.A.5)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 91. Our Home maintains a good physical standard and a clean and safe environment. (13.A.6)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 92. Our Home supplies sufficient healthy food. (13.A.7)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 93. Our Home supplies prayer, care, support and medical attention to those who are in need. (13.A.8)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 94. Our Home ensures that its members have sufficient get-out. (13.A.9)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 95. Our Home allocates each member sufficient time for witnessing each week. (13.A.10.)

         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 96. Our Home has voted, by a two-thirds majority, to determine its basic nature, goals and operating procedures. (14.A)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 97. The personnel make-up of our Home has been agreed upon by a two-thirds majority. (14.E)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 98. We have not allowed any members to join our Home who we didn't verify were Charter Members (aside from new disciples or FMs changing to CM). (14.E.1.a)

XV. OBLIGATIONS OF ALL FAMILY OFFICERS (Voting for this section should be carried out by secret ballot in such a way that the voting members can't be recognized by their replies. Two non-teamwork members should tally the votes, which should then be made public and recorded here by a simple majority.)

(Our Home officers:)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 99. Endeavor to carry out the duties of their office in a loving, prayerful and competent manner, and to the best of their ability properly and lovingly shepherd those whom they are responsible for. (23.A)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 100. Operate within the authority of the "Charter of Responsibilities and Rights" and the "Fundamental Family Rules." (23.B)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 101. Encourage us to live in accordance with the "Charter of Responsibilities and Rights" and the "Fundamental Family Rules," and impose appropriate and proper disciplinary action if we don't. (23.C)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 102. Endeavor to answer questions and give counsel on how to solve problems by directing us to the appropriate Word, and offer prayerful Word-based advice, in counsel with others as needed. (23.D)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 103. Ensure, to the best of their ability, that our rights are upheld and are not being infringed upon. (23.E)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 104. Endeavor to live in accordance with the WS pubs on the subject of wise and loving leadership. (23.F)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 105. Bring up all matters submitted for discussion or vote in a Home council meeting within 15 days. (7.G.)

         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 106. We agree that any discipline we've received has been appropriate and proportionate, and if not, the matter has been brought before the Home officers and/or the Home council. (27.C)

         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 107. If anyone in our Home has been placed on Probationary Status, we have followed the procedures outlined in the Charter. (37)

         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 108. Any possible excommunicable offenses have been reported. (43)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 109. Members age 16 and above have witnessed outside of the Home a minimum of two hours per week or eight hours per month, health permitting. (44.A)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 110. Our Home gives our children ages 6 to 12 sufficient hours of scholastics for them to become competent according to their age and ability, not less than 12 hours per week. (45.A.1)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 111. Our Home gives our JETTs a minimum of eight hours of scholastics per week. (45.A.2)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 112. Our Home gives our junior teens a minimum of four hours of study time per week, or a minimum of eight hours of scholastics per week if they have not yet completed a junior high school curriculum. (45.A.3)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 113. Our Home gives our senior teens a minimum of four hours of study time per week, or a minimum of eight hours of scholastics per week if they have not yet completed a junior high school curriculum. (45.A.4)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 114. Our children ages 6 through 15 receive two hours a week of local language study as needed. (45.A.5)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 115. Our children are given sufficient Word time to study and make significant progress in the Word Curriculum Course for their age. (45.B)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 116. Our members have spent 1 hours per day or 10 hours per week in private and/or united reading of God's Word and other WS publications and/or time spent in personal prayer and hearing from the Lord. (50.A)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 117. Our disciples under one year in the Family have spent an additional 7 hours weekly in the Word in order to complete the reading & studying of the full foundation course for new disciples, as well as to complete their basic memory work. (50.A.1)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 118. Our Home keeps at least the minimum schedule requirements for children ages 6 through 15. (45.C)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 119. Any discipline administered to children has been in accordance with the Family Discipline Guidelines. (46.A.)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 120. We avoid eating Biblically unclean food. (47.A)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 121. We avoid eating foods and drinks with high sugar content, and "junk food" as much as possible. (47.B)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 122. In general, we do not exceed the weekly maximum alcohol limits. (47.C)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 123. We have not had more than two "special occasions" this month where extra alcohol was served; and have not exceeded the maximum alcohol limits on those occasions. (47.C.4)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 124. We do not exceed the daily maximum caffeine intake. (47.D)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 125. All our drivers have valid licenses for the class of vehicle being driven, and are familiar with and obey the driving regulations of our country. (49.A)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 126. All our vehicles are properly and legally registered and insured. (49.B)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 127. All our vehicles are safe, well maintained and in good running condition. (49.C)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 128. Only prayerful, careful and safe drivers are permitted to drive. (49.D)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 129. If any driver caused an accident, his or her driving privileges were suspended for an appropriate period of time. (49.D)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 130. Any new drivers have received a Family Driving Certificate and been voted as a Home driver by the Home before beginning to drive on their own without another experienced driver. (49.E)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 131. Any members turning 16 have read the required reading list in the Charter before becoming voting members or being allowed to have full sexual activity. (50.C,D)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 132. When going off the property, our members obey the two-by-two rule as much as possible. (51.A)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 133. Our Home takes precautions to keep our mailing and other address lists secure. (51.B)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 134. Our computer data files are kept encrypted, and are wiped after they have been erased. (51.C)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 135. We endeavor to protect the safety and security of our Home and other Homes. (51.D)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 136. Our selah trash is burned safely or shredded regularly. (51.E)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 137. All our members' personal legal papers are in order and up to date. (51.F)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 138. We use secure phone procedures, utilizing modems and secured e-mail transfers as much as possible. (51.G)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 139. [To be filled out only by Homes with four or less voting members:] We have fellowshipped with another nearby Home at least once a month, transport time permitting. (51.H)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 140. If any of our members have outside employment, it has been agreed upon by a two-thirds majority. (51.I)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 141. If any of our children, teens or adults attend outside school or engage in outside classes, we have agreed to it by a two-thirds majority. (51.J)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 142. As much as possible, we select the movies we view from the WS Movie Lists and are guided by the age group classifications. Any movies not on the list have been previewed before being shown to the Home or children. (51.K)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 143. We follow the counsel given in the pubs when selecting System music and books. (51.L,M)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 144. None of our members smoke. (52.A)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 145. We have informed other Homes about any sicknesses in our Home before contact with them. (52.B)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 146. All sexual activity in our Home is governed by the Law of Love. (53.B)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 147. Sex only occurs between consenting partners within the proper age limits and within the restrictions for each age group stated in the Charter. (53.D; 43.D)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 148. Any members who know they have sexual afflictions have informed their partners and have taken necessary precautions, and are taking necessary measures to be healed. (53.L)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 149. We refrain from viewing or reading pornographic movies, videos, magazines and books, or engaging in sexual perversions. (53:K,M)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 150. There are no homosexual or lesbian relationships in our Home. (43.B; 53.N)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 151. If a single woman became pregnant, the father is fulfilling his "minimum responsibility" as per the Charter, or else the woman has chosen to release him from this responsibility. (53.P)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 152. We conduct our Home elections according to the Home Election Rules. (54.B)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 153. We follow the rules pertaining to the HER funds. (55.B)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 154. Our Home has a day each month (or two half-days) devoted to prayer, praise and thanksgiving (monthly prayer day). (57.A)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 155. Our Home allocates time for daily prayer vigil. (57.B)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 156. Our Home has a minimum of two Home council meetings per month, at least one of which is financial. (57.C)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 157. Our Home has at least one Witnessing Meeting per month. (57.E)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 158. Our Home has at least one Childcare/Parenting Meeting per month. (57.F)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 159. All members age 9-17 have a minimum of one hour of personal time every two weeks, or a one-hour weekly open forum. (57.H)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 160. Members 18 and older have at least one hour per month of personal time. (57.J)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 161. Any Home members with intentions to marry are following the Marriage Rules. (59.A)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 162. Any underage members engaged to be married have parental permission as per the Marriage Rules. (59.E)
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 163. Any separations have followed the Permanent Marital Separation Rules. (60)

         164. (The following questions are of a more personal nature and are not mandatory, but rather are optional for your Home to answer. If your Home does choose to go over these questions, they could be a help to you in evaluating the fruits of the Charter in your Home. Some questions may not apply, especially the outreach-related questions, as they would be dependent on the nature and goals that you've established for your Home.)
         165. (The answers should reflect the sentiments of the majority of your Home's voting members.)

         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 166. Would you consider your Home a happy and inspired Home?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 167. Is there a good measure of unity and harmony?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 168. Is the inspiration level in your Home high?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 169. Are the teens getting good shepherding, oversight and training?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 170. Are the teens fulfilled and challenged in their ministries and outreach?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 171. Does your teamwork meet regularly for prayer and counsel?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 172. Is your teamwork working well together and with the Home?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 173. Is your Home's outreach fruitful and inspiring?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 174. Has your Home decided upon a main outreach ministry?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 175. Is your Home well located for your outreach ministry?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 176. Is your Home making progress towards its witnessing goals?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 177. Does your Home have regular visitors?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 178. Is your Home teaching and establishing a "church" of believers on different levels--Catacombers, live-outs, outside witnessers, potential disciples, parents, etc.?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 179. Is your Home making progress in its establishment of a lasting work in your city through faithful follow-up?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 180. Does your Home plan witnessing activities and teams well in advance?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 181. Does your Home have a program or plan to get out the message by distributing a fair amount of tools?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 182. Does your Home have a broader base of support than only tool distribution, such as mail ministry, provisioning, etc.?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 183. Does your Home have a variety of activities, which are a testimony to your neighborhood of your openness and community-service-mindedness, and which also serve as a united-team-effort outlet of initiative for your teens, such as snow shoveling, car washing, organizing "Christian birthday or holiday parties," shop window washing, helping the elderly, etc.?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 184. Did your Home have an "open house" and are you maintaining good public relations with your neighbors and community?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 185. Does your Home help the community in some way, such as having a singing group which sings for institutions, police and firemen, etc.?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 186. Does your Home take advantage of opportunities to witness and be a help and testimony in the community, such as holidays, community festivities or neighborhood needs, mishaps, etc.?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 187. Is your Home reaching the officials of your city?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 188. Do you have regular financial supporters who help cover your main monthly bills such as rent and utilities?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 189. Does your Home have a good provisioning ministry, sufficient for your own needs and with a plan to expand and help others?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 190. Does your Home take extra steps to make sure everyone feels comfortable, inspired and happy with their environment?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 191. Does your Home have an ongoing program of upgrading your schooling equipment and materials?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 192. Are all Home members' sex needs being met, within the proper age limits and restrictions for each age group?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 193. Are people happy and fulfilled in their ministries, and do they feel that they can exercise their gifts and talents to the fullest?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 194. Do you feel your Home officers are involved with the day-to-day Home activities and outreach?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 195. Do you feel that your shepherds have the proper balance, so that they are not overly involved with administration and details in the Home?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 196. Are your children in general happy, bright, spontaneous, outgoing and cheerful?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 197. Do your Home's teachers have time to plan their classes and curriculums, and do they have a schedule and plan for the children to go out witnessing?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 198. Does your Home have an ongoing program of austerity and stewardship training?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 199. Does your Home set financial goals that your Business teamworker helps to oversee?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 200. Is your Home teamwork united, prayerful, and in good counsel about Home goals and activities?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 201. Do your Home teamworkers manifest a love for the Word and desire to uphold it, have a good shepherding heart for people, and outgoing concern to see that people are happy and fulfilled?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 202. Does your Home have a love for the lost, love and concern for your friends and contacts, and pray for and minister to them sincerely?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 203. Does your Home enjoy and love and appreciate your children and time spent with them?
         [ ] Yes? [ ] No? 204. Do your Home officers set a good example of witnessing and love for the lost?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family