Date: ___/___/___
Dear _________________ Home,
         Concerning your request for a Home loan for ______, we are happy to grant you the following amount: _______.
         We presume you are aware that with the Home loan comes a necessary commitment from all members of your Home ages 18 and up to pay back a minimum of 10% of the total loan on a monthly basis, beginning the month after receipt of your loan. Therefore, in your case, your Home loan monthly payment should be a minimum of ______ per month, with payment beginning on your report date ______.
         In each case in which a Home loan is granted, we state the terms of the loan to be read and agreed upon by all members of the Home ages 18 and up, so that they are fully aware of the commitment which comes with receiving the Home loan. The basic terms of the Home loan program are as follows:
         1) A two-thirds majority of your Home's voting members, 18 and up, have agreed to the taking out of a Home loan, and are thus responsible for the loan. The Home loan is hence allotted to the whole Home, not to just the Home teamwork.
         2) An average monthly repayment of 10% of the original total loan amount is the minimum expected from Home loan recipients. The repayment is to be initiated the month after the loan is received. Your Home should therefore start setting aside that 10% minimum so you can begin making payments the month after the loan is made.
         3) Homes that are delinquent in keeping up with their monthly loan payments are subject to a penalty which can result in a Home's mailings being withheld until the agreed-upon loan payments are resumed.
         Please remember, your diligence with these monthly payments makes it possible for the Home loan fund, which was so graciously made available to the Family by Dad and Mama because of their love and concern for each of you, to
continue to be a future blessing to you and other Family missionaries in your and their time of need. "Seest thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men" (Proverbs 22:29).
         If your Home has any questions in regards to your Home loan, please feel free to ask us. We pray the Home loan your Home is about to receive will be a blessing and help to you, and that it will serve to fill your Home's need. We know your faithfulness to put God's bills first will result in His continued faithful supply of your every need.

With much love and prayers,
Your Continental Officers

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family