(This form is to be filled out when requesting clearance. Your shepherd should send this form to your CRO. You may use the back of this form or attach extra paper if you need more space.)

Note to CRO: This form must be answered within 30 days of its receipt, or clearance is automatically granted to the applicant.

1. Date of request: __/__/__

2. Home number:

3. Bible Name
Legal Name
Country of Passport
Passport Expiration
Marital Status

4. Country for which clearance is requested: _______________________________________

5. Have you researched the visa requirements for your nationality? Do you feel you can fulfil these requirements, and do you have the faith to obtain some type of permanent visa or the faith/support for any possible visa trips?

6. Financial information (in U.S. dollars):
         a) Amount of landing funds: $ ___________________
         b) Other support (child benefits/pensions, etc.): $ _________________________________________________________
         c) Expected home support (monthly): $_______________________

7. Do you have any legal obligations? (If so, please explain:) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

8. Do you, or any member of your family, have any particular ailment that requires special medical or dietary care? (If so, please explain:) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

9. Do you plan to open your own Home or have you been invited to an existing Home? Please explain:

10. Please give a brief general rsum of countries where you have been, ministries, talents, languages you speak, present burdens, etc. Also include a little run-down on what you consider your main strengths and weaknesses. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Signature of applicant (and mate, if applicable)

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