(To be filled out and signed by new disciples after they have been accepted by a Charter Member Home after their six months of babes basic training.)
I, ________________________________________, born ____/____/___, citizen of __________________________, on this the _______(day) of ___________ (month) of ______ (year), being of legal age and sound mind, having received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, do hereby declare of my own free will my decision to devote my time, energies, talents and material resources to the furtherance of preaching the Gospel into all the world with the Fellowship of Independent Missionary Communities known as "The Family." I have prayerfully studied and accept the Biblical beliefs of The Family as outlined in their Statement of Faith. I have also thoroughly read the "Charter of Responsibilities and Rights" and understand and accept my rights and responsibilities as outlined therein. I acknowledge that the life and vocation of a missionary requires a great degree of dedication, sacrifice and the giving of oneself, and hereby do dedicate myself to work in unity and cooperation with my fellow laborers, to fulfill my responsibilities and to abide by the "Fundamental Family Rules" to the best of my ability in order to preach the Gospel to every creature and love the Lord with all my heart and my neighbor as myself (Mark 16:15; Matthew 22:37-40).

         In accordance with Acts 2:44-45 I declare that I will willingly give and share of my possessions with others as they have need, which is further outlined in the Statement of Commitment for New Disciples. Now that I have become a voting member of the Family, I will work out an agreement with my Home as to which of my personal possessions I would be permitted to take with me should I leave that Home.
         I realize that the Family is a voluntary fellowship, from which I am free to depart at any time. If at any time I fail to fulfil the requirements of a Family member, I will voluntarily relinquish my rights and responsibilities as a Charter Family member and return all necessary publications and Family property.

Signed: __________________________
Witness: __________________________

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family