A. All Charter Members must tithe and appear on a Charter Home's TRF each month without exception.

B. Homes must have a post office box or a mail service, one which cannot be used for receiving GP mail, at which they receive their WS mailings. The Home's street address or a general delivery address (Poste Restante) is not acceptable. The continental office can grant exceptions.
         Homes must have a P.O. box or a mail service to receive their mailings, but in certain situations CROs can make exceptions. The P.O. box or mail service used for WS mailings
cannot be used for receiving GP mail.

C. Homes are responsible to send in their tithe, their 1% FAF contribution, their monthly report, and their semi-annual Home Self-Evaluation Checklist on the required dates set by their continental office.

1. In cases of no or low or late tithe or 1% FAF contribution, no or late Home monthly report, or no or late semi-annual Home Self-Evaluation Checklist, or being in debt for two consecutive months, a Home will automatically be placed on Probationary Notice.
         Homes must send in their TRF, tithe ($100 minimum, or $50 in poor mission fields as specified by WS), 1% FAF contribution and semi-annual Home Self-Evaluation Checklist (Appendix C) on time. Please be mindful to fill in all the designated spaces.

         To be a TRFer and receive the full magazine with the whole counsel of God in the MO and DO Letters, you must fill in your TRF Report in full!... If you want the mag from us, get your report and gift [tithe] in on time!!!--Or no mag! (ML #888:3; 886:PS.)

D. The continental office in consultation with WS leadership determines the methods, procedures and dates for sending the Homes' monthly report and tithe. The Home officers and/or those responsible for sending off the monthly report and tithe are the only members of the Home who should be privy to this information.

1. Homes may decide, by a majority vote, to permit voting members to read the monthly report before it is sent off.
         The CROs, in consultation with WS, decide on what day the Homes in their area must send in their TRFs. The CROs decide on the method of collecting the reports and tithes according to what is best and legal in their country. Information about the TRF address and tithe procedures is something that only the teamworkers or those involved needs to know.

E. The minimum monthly tithe is $100, unless specified otherwise by World Services.
         In light of the counsel the Lord gave Dad through a dream about finances and how He will bless if we all give (ML #2937, Lifelines 22), the minimum tithe is now $100 for most countries, and $50 for certain poor countries suffering economic hardship or currency devaluation. Exceptions for specific Homes due to extreme economic hardship may also be granted by WS upon request by the Home. (For more details on tithing, see FSM 331, "Answers to Your Tithing, FAF, HER, Pioneer Gift, & Home Loan Questions".)

         I think it's worth $100 a month to belong to the Family! Amen? And anybody who can't produce that much, or rather that little, just doesn't deserve it and is not worthy of it (ML #2527:32).

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