There are many guidelines and much counsel given in the Letters and other WS publications regarding health and hygiene. Even though they are not listed
here as rules, this counsel is extremely beneficial and should be seriously considered and followed whenever applicable. All we have listed here are the basic health and hygiene rules, which include:

A. Smoking of any substance is forbidden.
         This covers smoking cigarettes, cigars, pipes or any other substance people can smoke.

         Smoking and drugs in the Family are against our laws and our rules and always have been (ML #856:92).

B. Any Home that has a member with a fever or contagious disease must inform other Homes before any personnel moves or visits take place between their Homes. Homes reserve the right to deny permission for visitation on the grounds of sickness.
         Please try to avoid spreading infectious diseases to other Homes. If members of your Home have a fever or a sickness that is infectious, it would be best to avoid visiting other Homes. Please be prayerful and understanding in these matters, and if a Home asks you not to visit, because either their Home or yours have sickness, please comply graciously.
         If any outsiders request to come to your Home when someone in the Home has an infectious illness, you should tell them that some members are ill and suggest that it might be wiser for them to postpone their visit. If they still want to come, you can accommodate their request, but at least you have informed them of the illness.

         Diseases are one thing we shouldn't share!--And of course, if you shouldn't spread it even within your own Home, for God's sake don't share it with others at a meeting of any kind. Sorry--stay home! (ML #1280:1.)

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