LC: <<[New]>> 50. WORD RULES

         One of the prime ingredients for success in our service for the Lord is His Word. We are adding a Word Rules section to the "Fundamental Family Rules" so that each Family member will be aware of the Word requirements for all Charter Members.

Charter Members must:

A. Spend a minimum of 1 hour daily (or 10 hours weekly) in communion with the Lord through the reading of His Word and other WS publications (privately or unitedly), personal prayer or hearing from the Lord in prophecy.
         Family members should have 1 hour daily, or 10 hours weekly, of Word, prayer and hearing from the Lord, as outlined in "The Spiritual Health Revolution" GN 789, ML #3184.--This is not the recommended amount of personal time with the Lord, it is the

1. Disciples under one year in the Family must be allocated an additional 7 hours per week, or a total of 17 per week, in order to complete their study of the full foundation course for new disciples in one year, as well as to complete their basic memory work.
         New disciples need to get their grounding in the Word before they get embroiled full-time in other ministries. In order to make it possible for them to complete the reading and studying of the foundation Letters listed in Appendix F: Babes Basic Course
and Appendix H: Priority Reading for New Disciples' First Year in the Family, an additional 7 hours per week must be allotted by the Home for this specific purpose. It's preferable that this additional Word time be on a daily basis, or at least spread throughout several time slots during the week, but not less than 7 additional hours of Word time per week. It is estimated that these reading courses can be completed within one year of a new disciple joining if this minimum time is allotted for it.
         An exception to this rule would be for live-outs, catacombers or Fellow Members changing to CM who may already have this foundation from years of reading the Word before joining the Family, who may not need a full year to finish the course. But they should be given this additional time for up to one year to complete this course according to what the Home teamwork deems to be necessary. (See also Responsibilities of the Charter Home Regarding the Welfare of Its Members, A. 2. a.)

B. Live in accordance with the Word by endeavoring to apply the spiritual and practical counsel given in the Letters to their daily lives. (See also Responsibilities of Individual Members, D.)

C. During the year preceding their 16th birthday, members must read the following publications in preparation for becoming a voting member.
"The Love Charter" ("Charter of Responsibilities and Rights" and "Fundamental Family Rules")
         To prepare teens for becoming voting members of their Homes, they need to read through the Love Charter during the year preceding their 16th birthday. It is a vitally important document, so reading through it should help them to grasp the general policies by which the Family is governed, so as to be prepared for making responsible decisions when they become voting members. To break this hefty project into smaller chunks, we suggest the reading of it be divided into quarters as follows:
         First quarter: From Dad's Introduction, to the end of the Rights and Responsibilities of Charter Members.
         Second quarter: Responsibilities and Rights of the Charter Home and Responsibilities and Authority of Charter leadership.
         Third quarter: Procedures and "Fundamental Family Rules," up to and including the Health and Hygiene Rules.
         Last quarter: "Fundamental Family Rules," from Sex and Affection Rules to the end of the rules section, plus Home Election Guidelines and the Family Discipline Guidelines Summary.

"Moving Forward--The Need for Change" (Peter 76, GN 615, Lifelines 22)
         "Understanding the Spirit of the Charter" (Peter 77, GN 621, Lifelines 22)
         "Serve One Another in Love!--Mama's Epilogue to the Love Charter" (ML #2978, GN 623, Lifelines 22)
         "Loving Shepherding and Interaction Charter Style" (ML #3018, GN 661, Lifelines 22)

D. During the last three months before turning 16, members must read the following publications, together with a parent or shepherd, before they will permitted to have sexual contact (within the Charter-specified age guidelines) once they turn 16:
"Revolutionary Lovemaking" (ML #259, Vol. 2)
         "Questions & Answers on Sex, Freedoms and Relationships" (DB 11, ML #2718, Lifelines 22)
         "Teen Sex Policies" (Peter #81 and Summit prophecies, Lifelines 22)
         "Go for the Gold" (ML #2961, Lifelines 22)
         "Mama's Memos!--No. 4. A How-to of the Practical Application of `Going for the Gold'!" (ML #3138, Lifelines 24)

E. Also, 16 year olds are required to read the following with their parents or shepherds before they begin having any sexual contact with others in their age group.
"Living the Lord's Law of Love" series (in full, starting with ML #3201, GN 804, Lifelines 25.)

F. In addition to the above Letters, we recommend that the following pubs be read by teens before they turn 16. These could be read on their own or with a parent or shepherd.

1. "All About Growing Up" (in Childcare Reference Handbook)

2. "Mama's Love Story! Parts 5 and 6" (ML #2996, ML #3001, both in Lifelines 22)

G. Once they turn 16, members should be given the opportunity to read the full version of the following publications found in Lifelines 25, which they were unable to read previously:
"Loving Jesus!--Part 3" (ML #3029, GN 662)
         "Loving Jesus!--Part 4" (ML #3030, GN 662)
         "Loving Jesus!--Part 5" (ML #3031, GN 663)
         "Loving Jesus!--Part 6" (ML #3032, GN 664)
         "Loving Jesus!--Part 7" (ML #3033, GN 665)
         "What a Husband and Lover," (ML #3098, GN 719, Lifelines 25)
         "Golden Victories" (ML #3162, GN 768)

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