A. If a non-Family person (or former Family member) wishes to become a Fellow Member they must apply to the continental office stating their desire to do so. In their letter, they should explain their circumstances and why they wish to become a Family member. At this time they should also request a copy of the Statement on Fellow Members.

B. If, after reading this Statement and prayerful consideration they determine that they would like to attempt to meet the Fellow Member standard, they should notify the continental office that they have read the Statement on Fellow Members and agree to abide by it.

C. Once the application to become a Fellow Member has been approved by the continental office, the continental office will notify the new member and supply the applicant with the necessary monthly report forms and reporting instructions.

1. The new Fellow Member may begin reporting immediately. They will begin receiving CM/FM and FM mailings as soon as their first tithe and report are received.

2. If the applicant is deemed ineligible for Fellow Member status, the continental office will inform them of the reasons why their application has been denied within 45 days.

D. During the first six months of being a Fellow Member, the new member should read through the Babes Basic Course, Appendix F. The Letters in this course can be requested from the continental office.

1. If the new member was a Charter Member, Fellow Member, catacomber or live-out member in the year prior to applying for Fellow membership, they are not required to read the Babes Basic Course. Instead, they should read the Reading List for Fellow Members Changing to CM or those on Partial Excommunication (Appendix G.).

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