A. The continental office may initiate the opening of a Service Home in their continental area providing:

1. They obtain the approval of WS leadership.

2. All members invited to live in a Service Home are notified in advance that the Home is a Service Home, and informed of the basic nature of the Home and the service it will provide.

3. All members of the proposed Service Home have agreed to relinquish the rights outlined in the Rights of Personnel in a Service Home, for as long as they remain in the Service Home.

B. The continental office may grant permission for an existing Home in their continental area to become a Service Home providing:

1. They obtain the approval of WS leadership.

2. The Home agrees, by a two-thirds majority, to become a Service Home.

a) If the Home votes against the proposal, the continental office may, only with WS leadership's approval, assign the service to another Home, or open a Home to provide the service. If the Home is already providing a service, it must relinquish the service, the related contacts and other pertinent materials.
         If a Charter Home in the course of its activities develops a major service that affects the whole country or the international work, the CRO can propose that it become a Service Home. In such a case the CRO must first receive WS approval, and then the agreement of the Home.
         An example of an existing Home that might be a candidate for becoming a Service Home would be the LAMB Home, which began as a normal Home but eventually developed a service to North America, which then carried over internationally. This particular Home, in the course of their outreach activities, began ministering to various academics and lawyers in California, as well as starting a GP contact phone ministry via a toll-free number for the whole U.S., and also became heavily involved in the Ministry of Reconciliation.
         Much of the work that they did affected not only the work in their local area but soon all of the United States and beyond. Because the Home's ministries have a significant impact on the work in the U.S. and internationally, the CRO could propose that it become a Service Home. However, before it could officially become a Service Home, WS leadership would have to first agree. The Home would also need to agree by a two-thirds majority to the proposal for them to become a Service Home.
         In the event that a Home, which has a specific service, does not want to become a Service Home, but the CRO feels that by not doing so it would greatly hinder the work, then the CRO must bring the matter to WS leadership. If WS leadership is in agreement with the CRO, the CRO may instruct the Home to turn the service and all pertinent material, such as contacts, files, etc., over to the CRO, who will pass the service on to another Home that agrees to become a Service Home. Or the CRO may initiate the opening of another Service Home for this purpose.

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