A. No new Homes may be opened in cities which have been designated as closed by the continental office. Nor are members from outside of the closed city permitted to conduct outreach in the closed city.

1. Cities can only be classified as closed if the continental office writes a detailed explanation to WS leadership, giving the specific reasons why they wish to classify a certain city closed, and then receives authorization for the same from WS leadership.

2. All Homes in the country must be notified that the city is classified as closed.

3. Renewed approval for classifying a city as closed must be obtained annually from WS leadership.

4. The continental office can at any time change a city's closed status if they feel it is no longer warranted, and new Homes could then open in that city. The continental office must inform all the Homes in the country of this change, as well as WS leadership.
         CROs can recommend that cities which already have Charter Homes in them be "closed" if they deem the saturation point for Homes has been reached, or for other valid reasons. If approved as a closed city, it would mean that no new Homes could open in that city, but the Homes already there would be able to remain there.
         The CROs can also recommend that a city
without Charter Homes be classified as closed, if they are aware of particular circumstances, such as previous serious problems for the Family in that city, or other valid reasons. If approved as a closed city, no Homes may open in that city while the approval is in effect.
         If a city is closed, then members of Homes from outside that city are not permitted to conduct outreach there. Of course, if you had to go to that city for some business, you could
personally witness to someone, but you should not distribute tools without the permission of the Homes in the area.

B. Homes desiring to move to a city that already has a Charter Home must inform the appropriate area office of their request to open a Home in that city.

1. Within 10 days of receipt of the request, the area office must inform all the Homes in that city of the petition to open a new Home.

2. Upon receipt of the petition, each Home must vote and notify the area office, within 10 days, as to whether they agree to the new Home opening. The vote must be conducted as a Home referendum, in accordance with the Election Rules, D.

3. The area office must immediately inform the petitioning Home of the decision.

C. The decision of the voting Homes will prevail, providing the area office is in agreement with the decision.

1. If the area office disagrees with the vote of the Homes, or in the event of a tie vote, the area office must inform the continental office of the outcome of the vote, and in the case of disagreement, the reason(s) why they disagree. A copy of the letter must be sent to each of the voting Homes, and the petitioning Home.

a) Upon receipt of the area office's letter, the voting Homes have seven days to write the continental office regarding the matter. A copy of their letter must go to the area office.

b) Upon careful and prayerful consideration of the area office and the Homes' letters, the continental office must make the decision, and notify those concerned, within 30 days, as to whether a new Home can or cannot open in the city.

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