A. Members ages 14 through 20, who have been out of the Charter Family for less than six weeks, may rejoin the Charter Home they left from without losing their voting rights (for those 16 and older) or having to complete the Procedures for Accepting New Disciples into a Charter Home.

1. Special exemptions may be given by the continental or area office for the returnee to rejoin a different Home from the one they left, providing a two-thirds majority of the new Home has voted in favor of receiving the new returnee.

a) For those under 16, legal permission of at least one parent is required for the returnee to rejoin a different Home from the one they left.

B. Upon returning to the Charter Home, they must:

1. Read the first five sections of the Basic Letters for Babes.

2. Show a sincere interest in reading God's Word.

3. Have a sincere desire to engage in evangelism and dedicate their life to serving Jesus with the Family.

4. Give their material possessions to the Home they join, with the understanding that they will permanently relinquish them, with the exception of those things the Home decides the returnee needs to keep.

5. Be free from substance abuse and/or the use of illegal or illicit drugs.

6. Be free from contagious disease.

7. Test negative for the HIV virus before moving back into the Home, and again test negative after a six-month period.

8. Refrain from any sexual activity until they are deemed free of the HIV virus after their second AIDS test.

9. Take a test for sexually transmitted diseases (STD), and refrain from any sexual activity until they have tested free of any sexually transmitted diseases, other than herpes.

10. For those 16 and over: Forfeit their Right of Mobility until the second AIDS test at six months shows that they are clear of the HIV virus.

a) The area or continental office may authorize the young returnee member to move to another Home, providing the area office first notifies the member's receiving Home that he must refrain from any sexual activity until the second AIDS test, taken six months after his return, shows that returnee is clear of the HIV virus.

11. Have no debts. Any debts incurred while outside the Home must first be paid off before rejoining.

a) The Home may decide, by a two-thirds majority, to take in a returning member who has debts, with the understanding that the member would work on repaying their debts while in the Home.

12. Have no legal obligations, which would prevent them from being a full-time member of a Charter Home.
         In accordance with ML# 2942, "When Teens Leave the Family," teens or YAs who return to the Charter Family after having been out for no more than six weeks will need to fulfill the stipulations above.

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