The continental office is authorized to:

A. Appoint officers above the Home officer level, only at levels established by WS leadership.
         The CROs have the authority to appoint the shepherds above the Home officer level. This means they do
not have the right to appoint Home shepherds (other than in Service Homes, or Homes in sensitive countries).
         CROs can only appoint area officers at leadership levels set by World Services, which at present are the Visiting Servants (VSs).

1. The continental office must inform WS leadership of all area officer appointments.

2. Officers appointed by the continental office must have their appointment confirmed by a simple majority of the Homes, in a vote of confirmation by Home referendum to be held on specified dates in accordance with the Election Rules.
         CROs are responsible to inform WS leadership of all appointments of area officers. And although we feel it would be rare, WS leadership reserves the right to annul any area officer appointment.
         These area officers (VSs) must undergo a vote of confirmation twice a year on the dates specified in the
Election Rules in the "Fundamental Family Rules." The voting procedures for such a vote of confirmation are handled as a Home referendum, which is specifically laid out in the "Fundamental Family Rules." VSs that the Homes confirm on these semi-annual confirmation dates may continue in their position; those who are not confirmed must be removed from office.

B. Replace area officers, provided they first receive approval from WS leadership.
         The continental officers have the right to replace any of the area officers but they first must receive WS leadership approval. And when seeking approval, the CROs will be expected to explain why they wish to replace them. Of course, if the Homes do not confirm the area officer then the continental office must replace them, and in such a case would not need prior WS approval.

C. Appoint Area Business Managers (ABMs) to help supply administrative services for the continental area.

         CROs are responsible to appoint ABMs to help coordinate communications and other administrative services for the Homes in the continental area. An ABM is not an area officer, unless also specifically appointed as a VS.. Nevertheless, their responsibilities will be determined by the CROs and will vary from area to area depending on the help needed by the continental office and the needs of the field.

D. Communicate with the officers and Homes within their continental area.

E. Convene, or approve the convening of, meetings and seminars to which delegates are invited.
         CROs have the authority to convene meetings such as JETT and teen camps, delegates meetings, childcare seminars, etc., and to invite delegates to attend such meetings. Delegates would include: JETTs, JETT shepherds and others who would attend a JETT camp; Home representatives who attend a delegates meeting; Teachers who attend a seminar for teachers, etc.
         Meetings such as JETT camps, seminars, and delegates meetings can be offered as a service to the Homes by the CROs and VSs. Attending such meetings can involve considerable expense for travel and other costs, plus the added factor of having personnel away from the Home. It is therefore up to the Homes to consider these factors and decide if they wish to send delegates to attend such meetings. Attendance at meetings and seminars convened by the CROs and/or VSs is not mandatory, but voluntary, though recommended when possible.
         Area officers may also convene meetings and seminars, but only with CRO approval.

F. Make disbursals from WS finances held by them, only for the specified purposes for which the finances have been allocated by World Services.
         CROs sometimes receive from World Services funds allocated for various purposes, and once received are authorized to disburse them. Authorization is only for those purposes for which the funds have been allotted.

G. Decide, in counsel with WS leadership, all matters regarding registration of any form of organization or association, whether in the name of the Family or as an affiliate of the Family, of Family Homes or individuals.

H. Establish area goals within the continental area, in accordance with the Basic Responsibilities of the Charter Home, E. and the Election Rules, D. 2.

I. Open, operate or close Service Homes, in accordance with the Procedures for Becoming a Service Home.

J. Decide if a Home may be opened in a city that already has a Charter Home if there is disagreement between the Homes in the city and the area office, in accordance with Procedures for Opening a Home in a City that Already Has a Charter Home, C. 1.

K. Grant or deny clearance to members requesting to move to any country within their continental area, in accordance with Responsibilities of Continental Officers, J.

L. Temporarily suspend a member's Right of Mobility, with WS leadership approval, if the member had a major responsibility in getting the Home placed on Probationary Notice, and turns in his 30-day notice prior to the Home being put on Probationary Notice.

M. Designate cities as "closed" cities, providing they have obtained authorization from WS leadership, in accordance with Procedures for Opening a Home in a City that Already Has a Charter Home, A.

N. Recommend the designating or revoking of sensitive country status, in accordance with the Procedures for Designating or Revoking Sensitive Country Status.

O. Withdraw a member's permission to remain in any country within their continental area, in accordance with the Procedures for Withdrawing Permission to Remain in a Country unless:

1. The voting member is a national or holds a passport of the country.

2. The member is a spouse or child of a national or a passport holder of the country.

P. Recommend personnel for Fellow Member status, in accordance with the Procedure for Moving a Charter Member to Fellow Member Status.

Q. Put Homes on Probationary Notice, in accordance with the Procedures for Placing a Home on Probationary Notice.

R. Judge all matters concerning excommunication and partial excommunication.

S. Due to worldwide currency fluctuations, the continental office will decide the exchange rate for local currencies in each continental area.

         The continental officers will determine and notify the Homes of the exchange rate for the local currency for the minimum tithe, FAF, HER, pioneer, passed on and Tool fund gifts, baby bonuses, etc. They will also pay special gifts received for Homes in their area based on the exchange rate they have set. This exchange rate may change from time to time, based on currency fluctuations. If the rate changes the Homes will be notified of such by their continental office. For example, if the exchange rate for Japanese yen is presently set by the continental office at 140 to one U.S. dollar, but the yen over a period of time changes to 130 to the dollar, the continental office is authorized to adjust the rate used for Family financial transactions in their area accordingly.

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