A. Due to the nature of sensitive countries, those volunteering to work in one must understand that they may need to relinquish specific rights granted by the "Charter of Responsibilities and Rights" if deemed necessary by the continental office. These specific rights are:

1. Determine by prayer, discussion, debate and voting the basic nature, goals, direction and activities of the Home.

2. Freely elect officers of the Home in which they reside.

3. Bring up any matter in the appropriate Home council meeting, and have the matter brought to a vote.

a) Nevertheless, members may bring up and vote on any matters that do not contravene the basic nature, goals, direction and activities established for a sensitive country.

4. Choose to move the Home to a new location.

5. Choose to disband the Home.

6. Determine the personnel make-up of the Home.

7. Revoke the Home membership of any person residing in it.

8. Points B., C. and D. of the Right of Mobility.

B. The continental office retains the right to remove personnel from sensitive countries at any time.
         Because of the nature of sensitive countries, the CRO is not required to give a member 30 days to leave the country.

         I don't really think that anybody ought to stay in some of those difficult foreign fields except the people who ... are a valuable asset to the work!... We don't have to leave it entirely up to the individuals whether or not they should stay (ML #2385:75,76).

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