A. Due to the political, religious or otherwise sensitive nature of some countries, opening and operating Homes in these countries can be potentially dangerous or problematic. With WS leadership's agreement, the continental office may designate such countries as sensitive.
         There are a few countries throughout the World that would be considered sensitive, in that it would not be wise to allow just anyone to open Homes in any city of that country and conduct just any ministry without working closely with the CROs or area officers.--For example, most Mid-eastern Muslim countries, or the former Yugoslavia, which is certainly a very dangerous situation to be in. In these types of situations, the Homes and their personnel will need to relinquish some specific rights. As with Service Homes, the Homes in sensitive countries don't automatically relinquish their rights, but the continental office does have the right to revoke specific rights according to the situation.
         A country can only be classified as a sensitive country through the
Procedures for Designating or Revoking Sensitive Country Status.
         Relinquished rights for personnel in sensitive countries are much the same as for Service Homes, with the exception of the
Right of Mobility. Therefore most of the same stipulations would apply.

         I would certainly advise you to be very cautious in your missionary work and witnessing and litnessing and distribution of literature in any such areas which have strong dictatorial governments lacking in personal freedom and are virtually closed countries to the Gospel, and particularly those of another predominant religion (ML #1004:71).

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