A Service Home provides a service that benefits the Family nationally or internationally, and as such is accountable to more than just itself for its activities. It therefore operates under the auspices of the continental office. The continental office will have the ultimate responsibility in determining a Service Home's basic nature, goals, direction, activities and personnel.
         A Service Center could fall under this category, as could other specialized Homes such as a VS or Media Home, or any other Home set up for the specific purpose of supplying a service to the area. The CRO may designate certain Homes as Service Homes, according to the
Procedures for Becoming a Service Home.

4. In the case of Service Homes that are fully supported by WS, WS reserves the right, when deemed necessary, to overrule decisions affecting the basic nature and goals, and finances or personnel of the Home.
         The LIM translation centers and the IVM/JAS are WS-sponsored Service Homes.

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