Notes on the ARC Version of the Charter -- November 1998

         This version of the Charter incorporates all amendments up to and including Amendment 99. It contains all of the text of the printed Charter. It does not retain all the detailed formatting of the printed Charter (such as exact layout, page numbers, etc.). If you need these attributes, please refer to a printed or PDF (Adobe Acrobat) version of the Charter. The PDF version is found on the latest HomeARC Library Text CD and on the Members' Only web site. The free Adobe Acrobat Reader program (you may install this program from the HomeARC Text Library CD) will allow you to view PDF files.

         The main feature of the ARC version of the Charter is that you can do keyword searches--and, if you prefer, you can search several other Groups at the same time.

         The black "button" symbols (with black background featuring a white letter "N", standing for "new")--which denote changes since the first edition of the Charter--have been replaced in the ARC Charter with this marker:


         Any amendments or revised versions (electronic or printed) of the Charter issued after November 1998 take precedence over this ARC version of the Charter.


Copyright 1998 by The Family