Ref Category UNI: Unity/Division; Cooperation/Discord

         See also CRI: Criticism & Gossip; Rumours, FAM: Family--Our (General), FAMG5: "David & Saul"; Mother Eve; Jeth; Deborah; The Old Chain, FEL: Fellowship
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UNI ML#C:5 FOR THIS DAY & AGE IN WHICH WE ARE NOW LIVING & this particular few years of the Endtime & the growing, worsening national, international situation, the Church is going to have to survive in the wilderness in unity & in closer, compact organizations--even underground if necessary.

UNI ML#C:12 WE ARE ABSOLUTELY GOING TO HAVE TO GO OUT THIS WAY--ALMOST LIKE COLONISING NEW TERRITORY. Like colonising a new world. And just like they founded America here: they didn't just dump a bunch of colonist on the shore, & say, "All right now, go out & try to win the Indians' territory. Everybody go out & do his own thing. And we hope you take over the country." Because it they had, the Indians would still be in control; they would have picked them off, one by one. And they wouldn't have known what they were doing. But they built fortresses; they built colonies. They stuck together. They worked together. They fought together. And they survived together. If they'd tried to go out & build their cabins in the wilds, all alone, the guy who tried that got massacred & murdered. And let me tell you, in the hostile territory that we're going into--in this day & age--throughout the world, that if we don't stick together, we're apt to get the same. I believe it. I believe it's God's Plan.

UNI ML#C:18 ANY GENERAL IN HIS RIGHT MIND, IF HE'S GOT TO DIVIDE HIS ARMY TO MEET AN ATTACK, OR TO MAKE AN ATTACK ON SEVERAL DIFFERENT FRONTS; he doesn't just tell every little Tom, Dick & Harry individual soldier to just scatter & go his way & do his thing. But he will divide his forces in major divisions & major forces. And on this front, & on that front, & not too many fronts at once. Until he is positive--dividing his forces only in such a way that he is positive--that he is going to win the battle, & win the war. (Luke 14:31)

UNI ML#C:24 THIS WAS JESUS' LAST PRAYER: "That they may be one, even as we are one." (Jn.17:21-23)

UNI ML#C:25 GOD BLESSED THE ISRAELITES WHEN THEY STUCK TOGETHER, WORKED TOGETHER, COOPERATED TOGETHER, & He blessed, strengthened them, made them mighty, made them rich, made them powerful & made them a testimony to the world that in spite of being nobody they had become somebody through the power of God in obeying Him & loving each other, working together, cooperating & protecting each other in a sense, & having that tremendous unity of the spirit. But the minute, like in times past, that the Israelites got the idea that "mine own arm hath saved me, (Jud.7:2) here I am, I have arrived, & we are great & we can save ourselves", the minute they got to that point--Whamee! God gave it to them, & scattered them again to the four winds. Every time! Every time they got the idea they were great & unified & powerful because they themselves had made themselves so (1Sam. 15:17, 28).

UNI ML#C:28 THE STRENGTH OF A CHURCH HAS ALWAYS BEEN ITS UNITY IN THE LORD. It's unity in fellowship, the secret that you study in t he first chapter of Acts (Verse 14).

UNI ML#C:29 THERE WERE TWO THINGS THAT BROUGHT DOWN THE BLESSING & POWER OF GOD: Number one there was obedience & number two there was unity (Acts 1:4,12, Acts 1:14). Now if we are going to obey in unity, we are not everybody going to go off & do his own thing (Judges 21:25; Jer.16:12; 18:12). But we are going to stick together & do God's thing & the way that God intended for it to be done. God's way, & not some stupid man's way to get out of the responsibility of taking care of each other & dump everybody.

UNI ML#C:32 WE'RE NOT TALKING ABOUT GOING OUT & GUERILLA WARFARING FOR THE REST OF THE TIME UNTIL JESUS COMES, throughout the world, & just being scattered out behind all the trees, hit & miss, do the best we can, do your own thing. "Everybody do your own thing now. Goodbye. And do the best you can on your own." If we said that, it would have been the end & nobody would have heard of anything else, from then on. Right? But instead of that, we spent 14 hours in one prayer session, & God knows how many in others in which God specifically showed us through direct revelation, envisioning exactly what we were supposed to do. And that was that we were to continue to be united, & stick together.


UNI ML#C:39 THE ONLY CHURCH THAT IS GOING TO SURVIVE IS THAT WHICH IS GOING TO SURVIVE AS A UNIT, AS A COMMUNE, AS AN ENTITY, AS A UNITED FRONT, AS A COLONY, as a body, together. The body ministry has been emphasised spiritually, but they have no idea what it means physically, financially & materially. The body is not just a spiritual body; it is also a physical material body (Col.2:29; Eph.4:11-16; 1Cor.12). We have to stick together.

UNI ML#U:7 THERE IS NOTHING THE SYSTEM LOVES BETTER THAN A CHURCH FIGHT because it means divide & conquer, & they know that it destroys the religious people & the testimony & gives them an excuse to attack.

UNI ML#28:18 Even so with these epistles from me: If you are reading them, studying them, sharing them, praying over them, & following the light of their truth, you will be melted together in His Love, blended together in His truth, joined together as one body, fitly joined together according to His Word.

UNI ML#37:9 AND I SAY AGAIN, THAT MUTUAL LOVE, RESPECT, FRANKNESS, COMMUNICATION, & THE LORD HAVE DONE IT, BECAUSE IT WAS ORDAINED OF GOD FOR THE SAKE OF HIS KINGDOM. God loves us, we love Him, & we both love His Work, & each other, & as a result of this partnership in the Lord's ministry, we have both accomplished some tremendous miracles of the Gospel.

UNI ML#37:12 "ONE CAN CHASE A THOUSAND--TWO CAN CHASE TEN THOUSAND TO FLIGHT!" There is tremendous strength in unity!

UNI ML#37:13 HE HAS DONE WHAT I COULD NOT BEGIN TO DO, & I have done that which it was impossible for him to do! We've made a good combination, thank the Lord!

UNI ML#37:16 IF WE'VE HAD ANY MISUNDERSTANDINGS, THEY'VE BEEN OF THE MIND & NOT OF THE HEART. If there have been any differences, they have been of opinion or degree, & not of the Spirit. You know that we both love souls with a passion & will make any sacrifice to see them saved, but you must remember that each has his own unique ministry in this field, each is dependent on the other, each has to rely upon the other to get the job done! We need each other! We are all a part of His Body, & no member can say to the other, "I will have no need of thee."--2Cor.12:21.

UNI ML#37:17 GOD HAS DESIGNED EACH OF US FOR OUR PARTICULAR JOB! We each are a part of God's Plan, each is a thread in the tapestry, a cog in the machinery, a piece in the jigsaw puzzle of God's great work of art, His Church, without any one of which, something would be missing, but, "God having provided some better thing for us, that they without us should not be made perfect." Hallelujah!

UNI ML#37:18 WHEN THERE WAS A DIFFERENCE, I HAVE NEVER FORGOTTEN THAT HE WAS THE KING & I HIS WARRIOR, & THAT IF THE DIFFERENCE COULD NOT BE RECONCILED, it was my duty to obey, & his the responsibility, & God's to judge--no other!

UNI ML#37:19 ONLY THE ENEMY TRIES TO DIVIDE & CONQUER! United we stand & can win the world--divided we could fall apart, or be seriously handicapped, to say the least!


UNI ML#38:22 IT SEEMS TO BE YOUR CARNAL NATURE TO DOUBT, QUESTION, ARGUE & EVEN CRITICISE! The next steps follow, as the night the day: Disagreement, disunity, disloyalty, condemnation & division--if you don't look out! Such cannot be tolerated in any man's army--right or wrong!

UNI ML#38:24 AS YOU CAN SEE, A CHAIN IS ONLY AS STRONG as its weakest link!

UNI ML#38:28 YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LEAVE THE SHIP TO BE IN MUTINY AGAINST THE CAPTAIN! All you have to do is interfere with his control!

UNI ML#49:28 GOD NEEDS EVERY OUNCE OF TALENT THAT BOTH OF YOU HAVE! Don't either hinder the other! Obey God! Work together! Know your limitations! Use all your talents!

UNI ML#52:45 TO HAVE A FEW OCCASIONAL PERSONALITY CLASHES IS UNDERSTANDABLE, but love never fails, & these should be healed through humility, love, & the oil of His Spirit--for he that is greatest among you must be servant of all, (Mt.23:11) not lording it over God's heritage, (IPet.5:3) as some kind of little Hitler, who can do no wrong. If the machinery is well-oiled with the Love of the Holy Spirit, it will operate smoothly & quietly without squeaking & screeching, run faster & more efficiently, wear well & last longer, & not wear out, burn up, get hot, or explode with internal friction, which causes many breakdowns! Love, humility & prayer solve all problems! It never fails!

UNI ML#58:3 IF WE'RE GOING TO CONTINUE TO WORK TOGETHER AS A TEAM, we must keep in touch with each other as well as the Lord!

UNI ML#59:57 MOST OF YOU TOP LEADERS WHO HAVE WORKED WITH ME FOR YEARS KNOW THAT WHEN IT CAME TO MAKING ANY MAJOR DECISION, I HAVE NEARLY ALWAYS CALLED YOU IN, TRIED TO PRESENT ALL SIDES OF THE SITUATION, described the conditions, possible alternatives, probable results of each, & asked for your suggestions & comments, and what you thought we ought to do about it. Even though the Lord has usually already revealed to me the answer, I like to have the confirmation of two or three more witnesses & your agreement! This encourages my own faith, & helps me to know that it's the Lord!

UNI ML#61:42 IT SEEMS THAT MOST KINGDOMS NEED SOME CENTRALISED LEADERSHIP, SUPERVISION & UNIFYING ADMINISTRATION to keep them together & in fellowship, of one mind, one heart & all speaking the same thing, as well as coordinating the operation & effective maneuvering of their forces in correlation with each other--all members of the same body, working together in perfect coordination, although in many different places & of very different kinds & types of operations or members. This seems usually the necessary case!


UNI ML#70:27 THAT COLD WIND WAS COMING FROM ABOVE--JUST SUDDENLY MADE THE FIRE GO OUT like that! In other words, the people themselves couldn't put it out. It was a terrible fire, the flames were like little wriggling serpents with vipers' heads. They were trying to stomp it out & swat it out with blankets, but to no avail. The Lord had to put it out. Then the people could help fight the enemy.

UNI ML#70:35 HERE'S WHERE THE DANGER IS: THE FIRST THING TO DO WAS TO REPAIR THE WALL, THE GAP, & show the enemy that they were prepared to fight them, & not let them in! And immediately when he summoned the people to face the real enemy, the fire went out just like that, they didn't have to put it out! God put it out! And the minute they dropped all their fleshly attempts to try to put out the fire themselves, & obeyed his call & turned to repair the breach & fight the enemy, God put out the fire!

UNI ML#70:38 IT WAS JUST AS THOUGH THE PEOPLE WERE SO BUSY FIGHTING THE FIRE OF THEIR OWN TROUBLES WITHIN that they didn't notice that the enemy was there about to enter through the breach.

UNI ML#70:39 THE DANGER OF THE FIRES FROM WITHIN WAS THAT THEY DISTRACTED THE PEOPLE FROM THE GREATER DANGER WITHOUT. The danger from within is serious in that it weakens your defenses against the outer danger & distracts from the main job!

UNI ML#70:40 "AND I SOUGHT FOR A MAN AMONG THEM, THAT SHOULD MAKE UP THE HEDGE & STAND IN THE GAP BEFORE ME, for the land, that I should not destroy it!"--Eze.22:30.

UNI ML#70:42 OUR SPIRITUAL ENEMY IS ALWAYS LOOKING FOR A WEAKNESS, a way to enter our defenses, & is casting fiery darts into the city of our fellowship trying to sow dissension, jealousy, covetousness, bickering, selfishness & internal discord so we'll get so busy fighting amongst ourselves we won't even notice our walls of spiritual strength from the Lord are crumbling from neglect or smoldering with sin, giving a place for the Enemy to enter in & destroy us & God's work.

UNI ML#71:23 SOMETIMES JESUS' DISCIPLES ARGUED WITH HIM, OR QUESTIONED HIM ABOUT SOMETHING THEY DIDN'T UNDERSTAND--but which of them do you ever recall making outright criticisms of Him & His policies in such a way that it could have brought division? In the 12th Chapter of John, for example, we find Judas questioning Jesus' permitting Mary to pour the pound of costly ointment on His feet, & saying, "Why was not this ointment sold for three hundred pence, & given to the poor?" Wasn't that a rather stinging criticism of Jesus?--And His policies, that Jesus was rather wasteful? Wasn't this something that could have brought division? Why did he say it unless he was trying to bring division?

UNI ML#71:41 ANYBODY WHO WILL SERIOUSLY QUESTION IS A DOUBTER: Questions are the result of doubts, doubts are the voice of unbelief, unbelief gives rise to doubts. Doubts voice questions, & the questions become criticisms. Criticism is disloyalty, & it brings division. And anyone trying to divide us will take advantage of it.


UNI ML#75A:70 EVERYBODY HAS TO BE UNITED & PULLING TOGETHER! Really be turned on & tuned in! The Lord said they had to all be there on Pentecost! There is just something about unity!

UNI ML#75A:77 IF ONLY ONE PERSON IS OUT OF TUNE, IT SEEMS TO CREATE STATIC & A POSSIBLE CHANNEL FOR THE ENEMY. And this creates interference! It's almost like static on a radio!

UNI ML#107:8 I'VE ALWAYS BEEN STRICTLY FOR VOLUNTEERS. Our whole work is built on this concept. We have no forced labour enslavery!--Only willing & cheerfully given volunteer labour!--"The love of Christ constraineth me!" (II Cor.5:14) We all work together out of love for Him & each other, in loving & voluntary cooperation.

UNI ML#112:37 WHEN ARE YOU KIDS EVER GONNA LEARN THAT YOU'VE GOT TO CONSULT WITH THE LORD & HIS ANOINTED before you make a move on anything major--that is, if you wanna succeed & do things God's way, which is always the best way.

UNI ML#112:39 WE LIVE & LEARN!--BUT DOES IT ALWAYS HAVE TO BE THE HARD WAY? Please don't any of you be so damn cocky that you think you don't have to consult with others, or ask for counsel & advice especially from the Lord & the local leaders who are familiar with the situation & the business & the laws!

UNI ML#122:54 OUR PRINCIPLE UNITY AS STATED BEFORE, must be that of the Spirit in fellowship & counsel & sharing, not organizational nor financial!

UNI ML#123:3 IF YOUR COMMUNICATION WITH GOD IS GOOD, YOU WILL HAVE EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR HUSBAND, because God is the central exchange that makes the connection. Without good communication with your Lord there cannot be much good communication between you. Because without good communication with God, you will be a God-damn, self-righteous, stuck-on-yourself, critical pig!



UNI ML#129:12 HOWEVER, THEY ARE NOT TO INTERFERE WITH EACH OTHER IN THEIR PARTICULAR SPHERE OF RESPONSIBILITIES & INFLUENCES but rather to work together in cooperation & assisting each other in these various ministrations & needs.


UNI ML#156C:19 A WORLDWIDE FELLOWSHIP, bound together only by a common doctrine, vision, message & method, history & the Lord's Leadership.

UNI ML#157:27 MORE FELLOWSHIP & BETTER COMMUNICATION often act as solutions in themselves & certainly bring better coordination of any cooperative effort of the whole body!

UNI ML#168:2 THIS IS ONE OF THE ENEMY'S STOCK TACTICS TO KEEP YOU FROM GETTING GOD'S WORK DONE, to cause trouble where he can do the most damage through inside turmoil, dissension, contention, & division. "Divide & conquer!" is the Devil's own slogan!


UNI ML#175:59 MOST OF YOU WILL NEED SOME HELP, GUIDANCE & FELLOWSHIP TO GET ADJUSTED & BECOME EFFECTIVE. So try not to stray too far from the fold away from the guidance of your shepherds & their tender loving care, lest you get caught in the brambles & have to be rescued on some rocky height, some stormy night! It's always better for the sheep to stick together & close to their shepherds & not too far afield from their folds for protection against the wolves! Amen?

UNI ML#176:29 IT'S STILL A REVOLUTION & WE'RE STILL ONE BODY! Please don't neglect to communicate! No army can operate without communication! No body can move without coordination!

UNI ML#176:84 LET'S HOPE IT WORKS, & I BELIEVE IT WILL if we all work together & each do his part & carry his share of the load, as well as receiving his share of the benefits!--Like those who solicit donations in return for our literature, "Muzzle not the ox that treadeth out the corn", & "The labourer is worthy of his hire", & "They that preach the Gospel shall live of the Gospel"! From each according to his ability--unto each according to his need, according to Acts 2 & 4!

UNI ML#176:86 "I, JESUS, AM THE KING & I have come that I might bring peace to your hearts & a sword unto others; but within, thou shalt have unity & thou shalt have peace rather then confusion.

UNI ML#189:14 YOUR CENTRAL OFFICES, SUCH AS YOUR INTERNATIONAL OFFICES, CARRY ON MANY MAJOR MINISTRIES which could not be handled any other way, & without which you could not operate efficiently in the field or coordinate your efforts, message, personnel, direction, & operation in unity & cooperation with all other Colonies as one great united front & one massive, magnificent & mighty Army of God on the move!--God's great Giant on the move!--God's glorious Kingdom on Earth!--His huge Heavenly Hurricane! Otherwise, each of you could be nothing but one little gentle Breeze, constantly blowing it, or one little one soldier trying to fight a whole War alone on your own!

UNI ML#189:15 THE WORLD HAS HEARD ABOUT YOU, BELOVED CHILDREN OF GOD, BUT WHO THE HELL HAS HEARD ABOUT THE REST OF THEM? We're the only ones who make the news by name, & our tiny band of only two or three thousand forsake-all, totally dedicated & whole-heartedly marching together soldiers has made more world news, evengelised more Nations, distributed more Gospel literature, gotten out more message, won more souls, recruited more fulltime disciples, & is having a greater impact on the whole world than all the other hundreds of thousands of Jesus People put together!

UNI ML#189:16 WE CHILDREN OF GOD HAVE MADE MORE NEWS, been on more TV shows & radio & in more newspapers & magazines & gotten greater publicity for God's message & have had more influence on modern world history than all the other Jesus People & churches put together in modern times!--In fact, we have probably had more effect on the world than any other Christian movement since the first one of Jesus' first disciples & the Early Church!--Why?

UNI ML#189:17 BECAUSE GOD GAVE YOU THE LEADERSHIP who were the original founders & pioneers of this great earth-shaking Jesus Revolution which had made world news!--Because God gave us you, the totally dedicated followership of all-out, forsake-all, do-or-die disciples who are willing to obey God & follow His God-given leadership anywhere, anyhow, anytime in anything to the very end of the earth--with anybody in order to reach everybody! Hallelujah! Are you still with us?

UNI ML#189:18 OUR ENEMIES EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE THAT WE ARE THE BEST LED, best organised, best trained, best equipped & most unified Jesus People Army in the entire world of today! They also say that we will probably, therefore, continue on as the most lasting & permanent body of the Jesus Movement, long after the others have faded away or melted back into their churches! Amen?

UNI ML#189:19 WE DIDN'T GET THAT WAY BY EVERY MAN DOING HIS OWN LITTLE THING in his own little way in his own little tent with only me, thee, thou & no other, & to hell with the rest! We became the founders & remain the leaders & the only growing & lasting body of the Jesus Movement with any semblance of permanency & solid, faithful following that gives any indication of having a lasting effect on the world by continuing as an organised group till the end!

UNI ML#189:20 WHY? WHY HAVEN'T THE OTHERS WHO FAR OUTNUMBER US & have the favour & finances of the System, the cooperation of the System's churches, & the patronisation of the System's Governments--why haven't they accomplished as much as we have? Why hasn't the world heard as much about them as they have about us? Why are they fading away & melting back into the churches? Why aren't they lasting & forging ahead & conquering the world with love, like us? Why?

UNI ML#189:21 DON'T THEY HAVE THE SAME GOD, the same Jesus, the same Salvation, the same power of the Spirit, & do the same witnessing? What makes the huge difference?

UNI ML#189:22 I'LL TELL YOU BROTHERS & SISTERS WHAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE--this huge, vast, insurmountable, incontrovertable, undeniable difference!--It's our unified leadership & total unity! It's our unified message & total cooperation! It's our unified organisation & total coordination! We are one Family, one Nation, one Kingdom, one Fold, with one Shepherd! That's why! We are God's one Answer to the total Hell on Earth of today! We have done the one thing which Jesus told His disciples to do to get the job done: Forsake all & follow Me!--Without which the rest of them will never get far. But by means of obedience to which we are conquering the world & shall continue to do so till Jesus comes, according to His own promises! Hallelujah! Are you with me?

UNI ML#189:23 BECAUSE YOU ARE WITH ME, WE'RE GOING PLACES & doing things for Jesus by the power of God more than the Church has seen for nearly 2000 years! But the only way to stay with me is through your continued following, cooperation, communication, coordination & unified action & obedience to the will of God! And the only way to do this is to follow your leaders & work together for Jesus in helping the millions who yet need our help! Do you follow me?

UNI ML#189:26 LOOK AT WORLD HISTORY: The most powerful, the most far-reaching, the most effective & the longest lasting empires of this World were those with unified leadership & a unified people working in tremendous cooperation together toward a unified goal.

UNI ML#189:27 THIS COULD ALSO BE SAID TO BE TRUE OF THE GREATEST ARMIES the World has ever known, following in total unity its greatest single conquerors, whether good or bad, from Moses to Alexander, from Caesar to Napoleon, or Lenin to Mao & beyond. Their great conquests were only possible through unified cooperation with unified leadership.

UNI ML#189:28 EVEN THE WORLD'S GREATEST BUSINESS CORPORATIONS, THE NEW MULTI-NATIONAL ONES, which are even more powerful than governments, would never have been so successful without united leadership & the loyalty & cooperation of their employees! They are all imitating God's own plan of unified leadership of a cooperative following: one Head--one Body!

UNI ML#189:28 THE SAME COULD BE SAID EVEN OF THE CHURCH, & OTHER RELIGIONS: nearly all were founded by either one man or woman, a single prophet of God or the Devil, who demanded total obedience, total unity & total cooperation, whether it be Judaism under Moses, Islam under Mohammed, Roman Catholicism under its Popes, or the Revolution for Jesus! Amen? Even the World's greatest business corporations, the new multi-national which are even more powerful than governments, would never have been so successful without unified leadership & the loyalty & cooperation of their employees! They are all imitating God's own plan of unified leadership of a cooperative following: one Head--one Body!

UNI ML#190:43 AND FOR YOU WHO WANT DIVISION, WE WILL GLADLY GIVE IT TO YOU--DIVISION FROM US! You can go back to the churches who specialise in this sort of thing: Feuding!

UNI ML#193:17 ALTHOUGH I BELIEVE IN UNITY & loyal & faithful obedience to leadership in the Lord, I still do not believe that these are total absolutes which must be put above reason, right, Scriptural & personal conviction of God's Truth! It is true that murmuring & discord are great sins which can destroy if not stopped, but no disciplinary action can be justified on the grounds that the end always justifies the means!

UNI ML#210:2 THAT WE MAY BE OF ONE MIND, ONE HEART, ONE BODY, IN THE UNITY OF HIS SPIRIT & with only one Head, our Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ. Praise God!

UNI ML#210:54 WE ARE ALL TO BE ONE IN CHRIST JESUS, ONE BODY, with only one Head: Jesus!

UNI ML#214:35 THE WHITE LIGHT TO THE DARKNESS IS LIKE A WHITE HEAT! It absolutely melts the Darkness, & the Crystals are melted into the Column (become one with their Father), & they glow, & they love it! They like to be melted into the Column & each other, & they're glad!--They're happy!

UNI ML#263:63 IF YOU GET ANY ONE OF TWO OR THREE BRANCHES OF ANY GOVERNMENT, pitting themselves against the other branches of government instead of working together, you're bound to have trouble.

UNI ML#263:64 IF THE BRAIN OF THE HEAD REFUSES TO LISTEN TO GOD, OR THE HAND REFUSES TO LISTEN TO THE HEAD, or the handle refuses to respond to the hand or the handle refuses to work with the pump, or the pump refuses to react to the handle or pump the water, or the earth refuses to give it and yield her store, or the rain refuses to fall & the well runs dry, or the buckets refuse to receive it, you're going to have a famine for water & the Word of life!

UNI ML#263:65 THE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO GO HUNGRY & STARVE & THAT KINGDOM WILL DIE because of a lack of cooperation between its heads of government & between its government & the people!

UNI ML#263:66 IT WORKS BOTH WAYS: THE GOVERNMENT MUST COOPERATE WITH THE PEOPLE, & THE PEOPLE MUST COOPERATE WITH THE GOVERNMENT. The king must listen to God, & the king must listen to the people, who are also inspired by God! The King must listen to his counsellors, & they must listen to the people, & the people must listen to the counsellors.

UNI ML#263:76 SO WE ALL NEED TO WORK TOGETHER, we need to listen to each other, counsel together, agree together, decide together & then work it out together, If we're going to be an effective body, every member must work together with all the other members--not just one, not just a few, not even the majority, but with all working together as a body, which Christ described as His Body, the Church, & with Himself as the Head.

UNI ML#263:77 WE CANNOT EVEN SAY THAT WE HAVE NO NEED OF ONE LITTLE MEMBER! You even need every fingernail, every cell as well as every organ & every limb, & you need to all work together for the glory of God!

UNI ML#263:78 SO PLEASE, FOR GOD'S SAKE YOU LEADERS LISTEN TO YOUR PEOPLE, AS WELL AS TO THE LORD & TO ME, & let's try to do what we all think is best together, & let no member try to declare himself so independent that he has no need of another member!

UNI ML#263:79 FOR EVERY MEMBER IS NEEDED & EVERYONE IS IMPORTANT, from the lowliest to the mightiest, from the most insignificant to the most seemingly important, from the most obscure to the most obvious, behind the scenes in the kitchen or on a throne behind an executive desk, everyone is essential, everyone is important, everyone has his job, everyone is needed, & all must work together in unity & harmony & cooperation with agreement.

UNI ML#263:80 OH, THAT IT MIGHT "SEEM GOOD TO ALL OF THEM" & THAT WE MIGHT AGREE & WORK TOGETHER as the Spirit leads, if we're going to get the job done, & get it done right & get it done soon, & when & where it is most needed, & if the vessels are going to receive the water of life & carry it where it is the most needed to all the parts & places of the Earth, that it may water the ground & bring forth fruit for God's glory & the good of the land & the earth & its people!

UNI ML#263:81 SO AGAIN, WE SAY UNTO YOU, GET IT TOGETHER! For God's sake, & your sake, let's get it together!--Talk together, discuss together, counsel together, agree together, love together, go together, do together, bear together, care together, grow together, work together, & enjoy the fruits of our labours together!

UNI ML#263:83 GOD BLESS YOU & KEEP YOU TOGETHER--even when you're apart! Never get so far apart you can't stay together in spirit. The only way we're going to win this war is to fight it together, & not against each other, but together with each other against the enemy!

UNI ML#290:71 ARE YOU HAVING PROBLEMS IN YOUR PART OF THE FATHER'S ESTATE? Has the Evil Sorcerer sown the evil seeds of jealousy or contention in your Garden?--Are they growing into bitter nagging gnawing choking weeds of discontent, dissension, bitterness & strife? Are they making a way for the wicked giants of discouragement, doubt, fear, despair & even thoughts of self-destruction to enter in?

UNI ML#290:73 BUT YOU MUST FORGIVE THOSE WHO'VE WRONGED YOU, & seek forgiveness of those you have wronged, & take them by the hand back into your circle of love & fellowship in happy joyful labours & pleasures together, especially your own brothers & sisters & fathers & mothers & children & loving companions!

UNI ML#312B:24 UNDERMINING CONFIDENCE IN OTHERS' LEADERSHIP BEFORE THEIR OWN FOLLOWERS IS ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN in this outfit & almost the unpardonable sin, unless absolutely necessary in the most extreme of emergency situations where the leaders are totally out of line & their followers need to know it, as Paul did to Peter when he got off the beam doctrinally publicly concerning grace & works!

UNI ML#319:55 WHATEVER YOUR PLACE IS, YOU'RE ALL A VERY NECESSARY PART OF GOD'S KINGDOM, & we'd be damaged without you & handicapped without your help! We're all needed & none can really do without the other!

UNI ML#330A:5 EVEN AS MASS PRODUCTION LOWERS COSTS, SO COOPERATIVE COLONY LIVING LOWERS EXPENSES. It also greatly increases fellowship, strength, efficiency & the general happiness & well being of the participants & their accomplishments. "One can chase a thousand, but two can put ten thousand to flight!"--"In unity there is strength!"--Amen!

UNI ML#331B:76 THE CHILDREN OF GOD ARE STILL MARCHING ON because we stick together: Sticking together in doctrine & fellowship & communication, which is extremely important.

UNI ML#332A:94 "BLEST BE THE TIE THAT BINDS Our hearts in Christian love! The fellowship of kindred minds Is like to that above." --In other words this is like a little bit of Heaven on Earth, this sweet fellowship we have in love one for another right here.

UNI ML#332A:94 LORD HELP THEM TO GO IN PEACE--peace with each other, peace with Thee & peace of mind!--Amen. God bless you all & make you a blessing!

UNI ML#335C:46 WE SHOULD BE ALL CHILDREN OF GOD & MEMBERS OF HIS KINGDOM, citizens of His New Nation, where "ye are all the Children of God by faith in Christ Jesus" & "there is neither Jew nor Greek, bond nor free, male nor female, for ye are all one in Christ Jesus".

UNI ML#335C:47 LET'S KEEP IT THAT WAY & HAVE NO MORE OF THIS WORLDLY, FLESHLY, SATANIC NATIONALISTIC DIVISIVE SPIRIT which has nearly destroyed the Earth with its division & wars! May God rebuke the guilty ones!

UNI ML#336B:4 GOD BLESS EVERY ONE OF YOU as you do your best to oil the wheels with the Spirit of the Lord & His Love to work together in cooperation toward a great new nation, a great new World!

UNI ML#337B:53 WE LOVE THE LORD & WE'RE TRYING TO WORK TOGETHER for the best of His Kingdom, are we not?--Not in competition with each other, but yoked together in love, pulling the load together.

UNI ML#341:73 If you stay close to Him & each other you will! If you stay in His will & obey, you'll have a strong clear channel & really get the picture tuned in loud & clear!--Amen? God bless & keep you in good spiritual communication with Him & us!--Don't get excommunicated!

UNI ML#530:28 YOU GUYS NEED TO LEARN, LIKE I HAVE LEARNED THROUGH THE YEARS, to take some people where they're at!: You know their strong points & you use them. You know their weaknesses & you watch out for them. But don't keep trompin' on'm instead of strengthening them. Accept them as they are, & keep working together whether you like each other or not!

UNI ML#530:29 YOU'VE STILL GOT TO LOVE EACH OTHER EVEN IF YOU DON'T LIKE EACH OTHER! We all work together in spite of our weaknesses, because of our strengths & the Lord! So praise God! Don't anybody worry too much, for the Lord is in control, amen? "When we are weak, then we're strong, for His strength is made perfect in our weakness!" (2Cor.12:9,10) And if any of you lack anything the Lord will make it up in some way, praise the Lord? So please try to make it work & do your best to do what's right & fair, amen?

UNI ML#530:43 GOD ALWAYS SEEMS TO BLESS HARMONY, people living at peace with each other & loving each other & helping each other & showing a large measure of love.

UNI ML#536:38 OTHER MOVEMENTS DIDN'T HAVE THE RIGHT CEMENT. In the first place, with ours God had to create a close-knit family for the hierarchy so the leaders wouldn't get out of hand. Then our kids are so cemented in the spirit personally & doctrinally. When the leader's gone, if their cement was only his personality the thing falls apart. But if the cement was strong teaching & doctrine to perpetuate the message & the method, then the work carries on pretty much as he founded it & led it.

UNI ML#671:17 THERE'S SUPPOSED TO BE UNITY IN OUR HOMES. We're not supposed to have some stubborn little idiot who's contrary on every little thing. Some people just want to know what side you're on so they can take the other side!--Or just to show how powerful they are with their one vote veto!

UNI ML#678:52 WATCH OUT FOR THESE EVIL MAGICIANS WHO SOW EVIL SEEDS OF DISCORD & DISTORTIONS in your Magic Garden! There may be some "Bewitcher" who's working on you too right now, trying to lure you away from the truth!

UNI ML#715:34 THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT OF TWO PEOPLE. God's dynamics of the spirit really operate amazingly. The Lord says, "When one can chase a thousand, two can put ten thousand to flight." (Deut.32:30) In other words, it doesn't just double your power, but quintuples it! I believe it, especially with a child.

UNI ML#781:85 "WE ARE NOT DIVIDED!--ALL ONE BODY WE!--One in hope, in doctrine, one in charity (love!) Onward Christian soldiers!"

UNI ML#783:43 WLY! AND WE ARE PRAYING YOU'LL MAKE IT!--You can with His help!--And ours!

UNI ML#783:44 STAY CLOSE TO HIM & US, your Family in the Lord, & we'll all work hard together to pull you through! Stay in tune!

UNI ML#813:23 ...GUARDING THEM FROM THE WOLVES & the Devil who goeth about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, & who stands day & night accusing Thy saints & trying to divide, trying to subvert & propagandizing & lying & causing doubts & fears.

UNI ML#848- 2:96 BUT YOU NEED FELLOWSHIP--you definitely need fellowship! It was our communal living which first appealed to you, our togetherness. There was strength in unity.


UNI ML#949:4 EVERYBODY HAS THEIR MINISTRY. (Maria: Well, it must be his ministry!) It says, "Let every man abide in the calling wherein he is called." (I Cor.7:20) Not everybody is going to have every ministry. (Maria: And it says that all members of the body are needed).

UNI ML#950:105 WE HAVE REALLY BEEN NEGLECTING THE FELLOWSHIP SINCE WE BROKE UP THE BLOBS, & THAT WAS ONE GOOD THING ABOUT BLOBS. In unity there's strength, & there's sweet fellowship, & we had good inspiration & entertainment & testimonies & united prayer & all of these things.

UNI ML#952-02:57 That was a big mistake, but it should have taught you a lesson to learn how to counsel & follow & obey & do what we tell you to do, & not just go off on a tangent on a wild-goose-chase on your own.

UNI ML#952-15:8 BE SURE THAT YOU DON'T GET SO KNOW-IT-ALL OR INDEPENDENT that you don't keep constantly in touch & getting our consultation & agreement on everything!

UNI ML#962:56 WE'VE HAD QUITE A FEW PEOPLE IN THE PAST--Jeth & Deb are some prime examples--that we've been forced to work with in spite of some pretty serious problems they had.

UNI ML#962:57 BUT IN THE MEANTIME WE HAD TO PUT UP WITH THEM, just like God put up with Saul for many years until David was ready to take his place. So you had better learn to put up with people that sometimes you're stuck with because you've got nobody else. You're going to have to make'm happy & appease'm & take good care of them & be extra nice to them & especially good to them in order to keep them for God's service & keep them in His will & useful to Him until such time as either they get the victory or you find somebody to replace them.

UNI ML#962:67 LEAD THEM SPIRITUALLY & KNOCK THEIR HEADS TOGETHER IN THE SPIRIT & THE LORD & keep them united in heart & mind & faith & purpose!

UNI ML#980:69 I HAD TO GET UP REAL CLOSE TO YOU TO FIGHT! Remember, I mean, I really clung to you, I really hold on & depend on your prayers. We really fought together! Amen? (Maria: Amen.) TYJ! We really need to fight together on those things, "If two of you shall agree...for where two or three of you are gathered together". (Mat.18:19,20) We really need help sometimes from our brother or sister to fight the battle together against the Enemy. "One shall chase a thousand, but two shall put ten thousand to flight!" (Deut.32:30)

UNI ML#1001:33 IN UNITY THERE IS STRENGTH, & THIS WAS ONE OF THE STRENGTHS OF OUR EARLY PIONEERING DAYS was our cooperative Colonies in which we had a number of families living together & working together in one Home, one Colony. Some of them were too big, they were blobs & we had to break them up to try to get them scattered & go into all the World & preach the Gospel unto every creature, but sometimes a certain amount of blobism is necessary for cooperation & united action, & unity & strength in the power of the Spirit, in a get-together fellowship.

UNI ML#1001:52 IT WAS WITH THE TREMENDOUS IMPETUS OF THIS TERRIFIC UNITED PRAYER & PRAISE & FELLOWSHIP MEETING that they were having there in Jerusalem for ten long days until they were so full of the Holy Ghost that they absolutely exploded! It was not until then that they really got rolling there after Jesus' crucifixion, resurrection & ascension.

UNI ML#1001:92 THE FURTHERANCE OF THE WORK OF GOD IN EVANGELISING VARIOUS AREAS, CITIES & COUNTRIES HAS SUFFERED THROUGH LACK OF FELLOWSHIP, lack of cooperation, lack of united action, lack of support, lack of planning, lack of working together, lack of any form of unity, everybody going off to his own tent in his own direction doing what was right in his own eyes & following nothing but the Letters.

UNI ML#1001:107 SO I THINK WE NEED TO GET BACK TO THE NEW TESTAMENT PLAN AGAIN & NOT BE SO COMPLETELY OUT OF FELLOWSHIP, out of leadership & out of organisation that we're just like a bunch of dumb sheep drifting around the World hardly knowing where we're going, just as the wind bloweth where it listeth, being led of the Spirit & the Letters as best we can, with very little synchronisation or very little cooperation or very little organisation of our moves or plans or projects or printing or pioneering or anything!

UNI ML#1001:112 I MAY BE LEAVING PRETTY SOON & I'm going to only be able to lead you by my spirit, the Spirit of the Lord & the Letters, & you are going to have to get together in a tremendous effort & move toward united fellowship of one mind, one heart, one spirit, one body in one place of fellowship to get organised & get it together, a new Pentecost!

UNI ML#1001:114 A UNITED CHURCH, a united disciples, a united Family, a strong united unified organised cooperative fellowshipping, working together, fighting together Family!

UNI ML#1001:116 WE ASK THEE TO LEAD & GUIDE US & HELP OUR FAMILIES TO GET IT TOGETHER & to learn how to fellowship & learn how to strengthen each other, strengthen the brethren, hold each other up so that if one stumbles the other will lift him up. Help us now to feed each other & bear one another's burdens & share one another's cares & share each other's ideas & projects & promotions & printing & pioneering & cooperative efforts of all kinds & self-help of the needy & all the things that need to be done in cooperation & done together in unanimity by unanimous consent & cooperation & united effort & fellowship etc.

UNI ML#1001:202 A VERY WONDERFUL THING TO BE ABLE TO GET OUR HEADS & HEARTS TOGETHER IN ONE PLACE WITH ONE SPIRIT, ONE MIND, ONE HEART & ONE MEETING OR MORE & be able to discuss & share & pray & praise & plan for our Worldwide Work for the distribution of the Wonder Working Words! The Worldwide Work for distributing the Wonder Working Words. That'll be the WWWWWW!


UNI ML#1001:212 WORLDWIDE FELLOWSHIP WHICH IS CLOSER & TIGHTER & WITH MORE COMMUNICATION & COOPERATION & UNIFIED EFFORT, synchronisation & a fighting front that will be strong & unified & working together, fighting together & planning together to reach the whole World with Thy precious Gospel of Love as quickly as we can before it's too late.

UNI ML#1001:216 GET OUT THERE NOW & GET IT TOGETHER & go to work for Jesus unitedly!--In Jesus' name, amen!

UNI ML#1056:86 Now why does it seem to be such an enjoyable occasion when we eat dinner together? Not just because we eat & because the food is good, the girls cook & we're satisfied physically in the flesh. But it's the fellowship. It's just like love & sex & marriage etc. I mean the flesh satisfies your flesh you might say momentarily or at least for a little while but what's the most satisfying part? Is it just the flesh? No, it's the fellowship we have in the Spirit. That's the kind of a fellowship & love & spiritual communion you could even say intercourse in the Spirit & I can even have it with you boys. That's outside of the flesh that has nothing to do with the flesh. It's in the Spirit in which there's no male nor female, no sex.

UNI ML#1056:86 SO GOD BLESS YOU & HELP YOU TO GET IT TOGETHER IN REAL UNITY--of one mind, one heart, one spirit, one body, one wife, a real cooperative Home with two or three loving couples together--working together, travelling together, serving together, sharing together, helping together, litnessing & witnessing together & really organised together in unity serving the Lord, helping each other. There's strength in unity!--Such a strength, such a bond, such a wonderful fellowship when you're all really one in the Lord & one in His fellowship & one in His service, one in His Word! Praise God!

UNI ML#1090:1 The Lord likes unity & sometimes I think that's why He lets these things happen, to make us get together & pray together & believe Him together for their solution & their cure.

UNI ML#1200:129 The idea of the Fellowship is working & helping & they're cooperating & it's unity. In unity there's power & strength & fellowship & wisdom & cooperative effort & all the rest. It's working & we need to do everything we can to encourage it, PTL? That's what we're aiming at in these fellowships & these organisations & these officers.

UNI ML#1209:54 A COOPERATION IS A CO-OPERATION! You are to work together.

UNI ML#1209:61 THAT'S OUR JOB: TRYING TO GET YOU TOGETHER, keep you together & help you to work together in the big job that we have to do of preaching the Gospel to every creature in all the World! Our job is to try to help you do your job & to help you to fellowship together, unite together in various activities, work together for the evangelisation of each individual area as well as the entire World.

UNI ML#1209:62 WE ARE NOT TO WORK AGAINST EACH OTHER BUT WE ARE TO WORK TOGETHER AGAINST THE ENEMY!--Not to be fighting & bickering amongst ourselves but to be standing together, fighting together against the Enemy. This is often the problem in so many denominations on their various fields. It was the major problem in my old denomination from which I came.

UNI ML#1209:63 THEIR MAJOR PROBLEMS ON THE MISSION FIELD WERE NOT IN THE BATTLE WITH THE ENEMY & were not the problems of evangelising the heathen, but fights amongst the Christians & differences of opinions & arguments & controversies between the missionaries themselves rather than between the missionaries & their enemies.

UNI ML#1209:64 THE DEVIL ENDEAVOURED TO ENTER IN & CREATE DIVISION, controversy, schisms, arguments & differences of opinion so that their usefulness & their efficiency & efficacy & unity & therefore their united efforts to convert the heathen were in some areas almost virtually destroyed by their own disunity & lack of cooperation & lack of working together.

UNI ML#1209:66 Working together hand-in-hand & hand-in-glove & side-by-side, working & fighting together in the service & the Army of the Lord against the common Enemy of the Devil & his dirty tricks & dirty people to endeavour to rescue the masses from the morasses of Satanic power & the grip of the Devil on their souls!

UNI ML#1209:67 WE ARE SENT TO LIBERATE & FREE THEM THROUGH THE WORD! "And ye shall know the Truth & the Truth shall make you free!" (Jn.8:32.) But this only comes through living in the Word, knowing the Word & following the Lord & the Letters, all of you, whether it be Visiting Servants, World leadership, Local Area Shepherds, National Area Shepherds, both leadership & people in all spheres. We must all work together with the Lord & with each other in one great united effort to win as many as we can to the Lord before He comes. Amen? Win as many to the Lord as we can, working together before His soon coming.

UNI ML#1209:68 WE HAVEN'T GOT VERY MUCH TIME LEFT! Things are getting worse before they're gonna get better. Times shall wax worse & worse until the End comes, so we'll need to work more & more together in greater strength & unity & power & fellowship & leadership in order to fight these battles in united strength together to overcome the Enemy & rescue the people from his fiendish grip!

UNI ML#1209:70 SO FOR GOD'S SAKE, FOLKS, LET'S WORK TOGETHER & NOT WORK AGAINST EACH OTHER! Let's work in cooperation, cow-operation, helping each other & not hurting each other. Let's work together in hurdling some of these problems & situations & not hurting & hindering each other in their difficulties.

UNI ML#1209:71 FOR GOD'S SAKE & YOUR OWN SAKE & YOUR LEADERS' SAKE, GET TOGETHER FIRST OF ALL IN PRAYER in every meeting that you have & praise the Lord & get in the Spirit & pray desperately that God will use you! Get down on your hands & knees, old-fashioned prayer-meeting style, & beg the Lord & cry out to the Lord like the Prophets & the Apostles & the men of God of old & plead with God to help you be melted together in Love!

UNI ML#1209:72 NOT MERELY FROZEN TOGETHER IN FORMALITY & ORGANISATION BUT TO BE MELTED TOGETHER IN THE WHITE-HOT LOVE OF HIS SPIRIT just as two uniting bodies in the sexual union are melted together in the heat of loving sex & becoming one with both the positive of the male & you might say comparatively the negative of the female, the leadership of Christ & the Body of Christ, Jesus as our Head & we as His body. We are to become one, even as He said, "I & the Father are one." (Jn.17:22.) We are to unite with Him in loving fellowship & loving spiritual sex, completely united!--One body, all one body we, under the headship of Jesus Christ Himself!

UNI ML#1209:73 SO FOR GOD'S SAKE, LET'S WORK TOGETHER & NOT WORK AGAINST EACH OTHER, not interfere with each other but work together in unity, in cooperation of one mind, one heart, one soul, one effort & one body so that we might accomplish the purpose whereunto He hath sent us. Amen?!--And that's the evangelisation of the whole World that they might all hear the Gospel & everyone have their opportunity & their chance to know His Love & to receive it before He comes, or even reject it if they must.

UNI ML#1209:76 We should work together, both head & body, both male & female becoming one Body under the Headship of Jesus Christ Himself! Amen? PTL!

UNI ML#1209:77 Can't we work together? Or are we going to work apart & fall apart? Are we going to work together & stick together & unite together & win together?--Or allow the Devil to divide us & conquer us instead of us conquering him & his forces?

UNI ML#1209:78 PLEASE, FOR GOD'S SAKE & YOUR OWN SAKE, DON'T ALLOW SUCH DIVISION TO COME AMONG YOU! "Brethren, such things ought not so to be!" as the Apostle told his people. (Ja.3:10.) But you should be loving & working & playing & walking together in beautiful harmony & cooperation & unity & love, His Love, under His guidance. Amen?

UNI ML#1209:88 FOR GOD'S SAKE & YOUR OWN SAKE & HIS WORK'S SAKE & EVEN THE WORLD'S SAKE, PLEASE WORK TOGETHER so that you may be found worthy of those greater responsibilities of His coming Kingdom on Earth & that you may learn the lessons now that you will need to know in the days to come when you will be needed to rule the whole World. And you will only learn those lessons by working together, melting together, uniting together in His Love & His Word & His Work. Amen?

UNI ML#1209:89 SO GOD BLESS YOU ALL! WLY & ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO GREAT DAYS AHEAD as we unite more & more in fellowship & unity, the power of His Spirit & the Work of the Lord!

UNI ML#1209:93 Really it should be a dictatorship of the Spirit through both leadership & people & they need to learn how to work together.

UNI ML#1209:98 THAT'S THE PROBLEM IN ANY KIND OF ORGANISATION, GOVERNMENT OR COOPERATION, you have to be able to work together like a machine, all parts fitting. You have to fit together like the body, our body, & to work together & not work apart. If you work apart you'll soon fall apart! If parts of a machine don't work together, they'll go to pieces, right? Yet in order to be a machine, in order to be an organisation or to be a body it's got to be put together somehow!

UNI ML#1209:118 (TOASTS:) TO THE LORD & HIS LOVE & MAY WE ALL WORK TOGETHER FOR HIS GLORY IN JESUS' NAME! PTL! It's the Lord, the Lord! "And I, if I be lifted up I will draw all men unto Me." (Jn.12:32.) So see, we lift up our glasses like the Lord! Bless it & make it a blessing like the Lord is when He's lifted up.

UNI ML#1211:148 LET'S ALL WORK TOGETHER IN FULL COOPERATION & LOVE & kindness & patience & faith & wisdom & all that you're going to need for a tremendous, monumental, stupendous, gigantic job that God has cut out for you to do.

UNI ML#1222:135 I DON'T THINK IN ANY GROUP IN THE WORLD YOU'LL FIND SO MANY DIFFERENT KINDS OF PEOPLE getting along so well together as we do! In fact, better than most families & blood brothers do, because we all have the same Father, God, & we all have the same Brother--Jesus! TTL?

UNI ML#1222:136 AND WE ALL HAVE THE SAME MOTHER, the Holy Spirit!

UNI ML#1239:57 IT'S BETTER TO REPORT IT & BE WRONG THAN NOT TO REPORT & BE RIGHT! It is everybody's business, every soldier's business, every employee's business to report anything he sees that looks like it isn't right, even if he's wrong & he thinks he's out of line. (1239:57.)

UNI ML#1305:27 ALL OF US ARE ONE, ALL BELIEVERS AROUND THE WORLD ARE ONE, WE'RE ONE BRIDE, YET WE'RE NOT ONE PERSON, RIGHT? We're one, how?--In Spirit, in unity, in love, in faith, as the old song says, "We're not divided, all one body we, one in hope & doctrine, one in charity!

UNI ML#1316:76 THEY WERE UNITED, THEY KNEW WHAT THEY WERE AFTER, THEY KNEW WHAT THEY WERE DOING! They didn't know what was going to happen, but God knew what was going to happen! They knew they were obeying & being where God told them to be, doing what God told them to do, & the results were up to God. Did He get results? He did! He poured out the Spirit, Power, Love & a tremendous harvest of conversions!

UNI ML#1317:165 THANK THE LORD WE HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFUL IN SPARING OUR FAMILY & ITS PURITY & ITS UNITY THUS FAR by purging it from these evil poisonous influences.

UNI ML#1322:4 PLEASE, FOR YOUR OWN GOOD & FELLOWSHIP & UNITY, WORK TOGETHER!--And we'll help you all we can!--GBY!

UNI ML#1361:385 I'M NOT THE ONE OUT OF STEP, THEY'RE THE ONES OUT OF STEP! Like the old lady watching her boy march off to WW1 in the parade: "Look everybody's out of step but my Johnny!" Actually Johnny was out of step with the rest of them! Ha!

UNI ML#1383:14 "WHEN THE DAY OF PENTECOST WAS FULLY COME, THEY WERE ALL WITH ONE ACCORD IN ONE PLACE." They were united in mind & heart & spirit! If we're not going to be united in mind & heart & spirit, we'll miss the blessing!

UNI ML#1383:48 "NOW PETER & JOHN WENT UP"--separately? In their own separate ways, whenever they felt like it? How did they go? "Together!" (3:1.) How did Jesus send them out? Two by two! Why? "One can chase a thousand, two can put ten thousand to flight." "If one fails", the Scriptures say, "the other will lift him up." "How can two walk together, except they be agreed?" "And if any two of you shall agree on Earth as touching anything they shall ask of the Father, it shall be done." "Where two or more are gathered together in My Name, there am I in the midst of them." (Deut.32:30; Ecc.4:10; Amos 3:3; Mt.18:19,20.)

UNI ML#1383:49 GOD ISN'T PARTIAL TO NUMBERS, BUT HE LIKES CO-OPERATION! HE LIKES YOU TO WORK TOGETHER! "Let brotherly love continue." "Above all have fervent love one toward another." "Love thy neighbour as thyself." (Heb.13:1; 1Pe.4:8; Mt.22:39.) Some people just want to serve God; forget about the neighbours, "I'm not going to take orders from anybody but the Lord! I'm not going to work with anybody but God!"--And even God leaves them, because they can't work with anybody else! People that can't work with anybody else, usually can't work with God either!


UNI ML#1391:16 BUT HE CALLED THEM "MANSIONS", WHICH SOUNDS RATHER ROOMY! We've always lived in mansions here, haven't we? It's wonderful what you can do if you live together & cooperate & share what you can afford to enjoy.

UNI ML#1395:6 WE'RE ONE FAMILY.--WE ARE ONE! There are so many verses on this, it's almost unbelievable. (Ga.3:28.) Jesus prayed, "I pray that they may be one". (Jn.17:21.) He wasn't just talking about two of you, He was talking about all of you.

UNI ML#1395:15 MOST OF THE TIME WE MAKE DECISIONS TOGETHER, WE TALK TOGETHER, WE PRAY TOGETHER, WE LOVE TOGETHER, WE DISCUSS TOGETHER & THEN WE DECIDE TOGETHER & agree together. Sometimes we cuss & discuss, but we always wind up agreeing somehow.

UNI ML#1398:88 WE ALL NEED TO BELONG TO SOMETHING, TO FEEL LIKE WE'RE PART OF SOMETHING. God put that in our hearts, to be a team, to belong to each other, to be a Family, to be related, to have fellowship, communication, communion, right?

UNI ML#1415:82 Beloved, what a team can do! I told you the other day, one can chase a thousand, two can put ten thousand to flight! (Deut.32:30.) Well, what do you think our ten or a dozen are doing?

UNI ML#1436:81 He's given us a little ability at trying to help you manage one another & stick together--so well that our enemies even accuse us of being the best organised, the storm troopers of the Jesus Revolution! So thank God, He had to give us a little cohesiveness to make us stick together & keep in communication, some kind of organisation to keep working together.

UNI ML#1436:82 EVERY ARMY'S GOT TO HAVE SOME KIND OF ORGANISATION TO BE COHERENT & COORDINATED & WORK TOGETHER. Because if everybody's going his own direction & back to his own tent, they won't ever know anything about you! But we have stuck together as an army & kept in good close communication! God's coordinated our efforts through the Letters & good organisation & we're still here, thank the Lord! Praise God! Amen?


UNI ML#1470:106 IT PAYS TO STICK TOGETHER, HUH? In unity there is power! PTL! "One can chase a thousand, two can put ten thousand to f light!" (Deut.32:30)

UNI ML#1474:33 WE DON'T ALL WANT TO BE INDEPENDENT, IT'S BEST TO BE INTERDEPENDENT & TO WORK COOPERATIVELY WHEN WE CAN, BUT IT'S GOOD TO BE ABLE TO BE INDEPENDENT WHEN YOU HAVE TO. Interdependent means to be free & govern ourselves, but at the same time dependent on each other. So I'd like to have each nation be as independent as possible to be able to take care of themselves, just like a mature grown child, & not have to be completely dependent on us any more. But at the same time it's better that parents & children still can work together & cooperate & accomplish a lot more that way. Amen? Brothers & sisters in the family as well.

UNI ML#1536:1 MARIA & I SELDOM EVER DISAGREE ABOUT ANYTHING, IN FACT, WE HARDLY EVER EVEN HAVE A DIFFERENCE OF OPINION! Usually we are two hearts that beat as one & two minds with but a single thought, almost like mental telepathy! She often takes the Words right out of my mouth, so to speak, or says just what I'm about to say, or is following my thoughts so closely that she goes ahead & says what I'm thinking about, just as though she were reading my mind!

UNI ML#1536:2 WE ARE IN SUCH PERFECT HARMONY THAT IT'S ALMOST UNBELIEVABLE, & ALWAYS HAVE BEEN, WITH A FEW VERY VERY RARE EXCEPTIONS!--And these have never been on any basic fundamentals such as Salvation or serving the Lord or forsaking-all or obeying the Lord or putting His Work first & His Word, which she loves above all else, even as His Word says, "putting His Word above His Name" (Ps.138:2) & even before me, whom she loves very dearly.

UNI ML#1536:4 WE DON'T DISAGREE ON ANY OF THE BASICS & FUNDAMENTALS, NOT EVEN IN DOCTRINE OR THEOLOGY OR PRACTICE OR METHODS! We are usually almost entirely in total agreement on everything, & our minds & hearts work together as one--which is as it should be in any team, particularly mates. "These two shall become one!" (Gen.2:24.) And if you've ever noticed some elderly couples that have been married or lived together a long time, they even begin to look alike!

UNI ML#1586:9 EVEN IF YOU'RE JUST LITTLE FROGS, you can triumph if you all get together & sing together & really belt it out for the Lord! Hallelujah! TYL! Nobody can conquer you!

UNI ML#1586:11 EVEN IF YOU'RE A FROG you can make a joyful noise unto the Lord if you sing together & cooperate & follow the leader.

UNI ML#1586:17 WHAT'S THAT SCRIPTURE, "HE CAUSES THE FOOLISH THINGS TO CONFOUND THE WISE, & THINGS THAT ARE NOT AS THOUGH THEY ARE!" (1Co.1:27,28.) In this case He even makes the ugly to be beautiful! Even the ugly can be beautiful when they all get together & praise the Lord! Like us, you know? PTL! If you think you're ugly & insignificant, if you get together & praise the Lord you can conquer all, drown out man & all of his noises made by hands.

UNI ML#1586:22 WE MAY NOT BE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BIRDS NOR SING THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SONGS, BUT AT LEAST WE SING TOGETHER, & if we sing loud enough, we can drown everyone else out, overcome everything!

UNI ML#1588:23 I'M SURE GLAD YOU AGREE, because that's the way it's going to be! It's wonderful when we can be in agreement like that. I go my way & you go my way!--Ha!

UNI ML#1643:13 QUESTION: WHEN WE CALL FOR UNITED PRAYER IS IT ONLY AN OUTWARD CEREMONY TO SHOW OUR UNITY & BE A TESTIMONY, or is there actual power in united prayer, in others' faith? --THE FAITH OF ALL PLEASES THE LORD, SO THE MORE THE MERRIER! Besides, unity demonstrates faith by obedience.

UNI ML#1650:19 THAT'S THE ATTITUDE OF THE WORLD & THAT'S THE ATTITUDE OF A LOT OF INDEPENDENT CHRISTIANS, THEY WANT TO DO IT THEIR WAY! They'd rather be out, independent & alone & doing their own thing than working together as a team in some more seemingly humble capacity but as an integral part of a team, which is far more important than any other job they could possibly do, working with the Commander-In-Chief in the war room running the war, making decisions, helping carry them out, having revolutions & all the rest, instead of just merely out there fighting their own battle doing their own thing, which may not even be the right thing, or even the wrong thing, but just not the thing that God wants done the most.


UNI ML#1677:19 AND IN ORDER TO HAVE SUCH GOOD ORGANISATION, WE MUST HAVE GOOD COMMUNICATION first of all with our Commander-in-Chief, Jesus Christ, the Head of our Army. We must have this communication personally, each one individually, directly with Him to know that we are aware of His Word & pleasing & obeying Him & following His directions & His orders.

UNI ML#1677:22 BUT WITHOUT PERSONAL, IMMEDIATE, DAY-TO-DAY, MOMENT-BY-MOMENT DIRECTION FROM ABOVE, WHAT KIND OF AN ARMY ARE WE GOING TO HAVE?--What kind of a mess with every man doing as he pleases & what he thinks should be done & going his own way with no coordination, no organisation, no central leadership, no plan, no counsel, no communication & no specific direction? And of course for this kind of communication as I say, we need prayer & the Word, & we're getting the Word from the Bible & from the Letters & our modern literature & publications, communications, as well as in local fellowship & an interchange of Worldwide Family News! We are endeavouring our best to stay in excellent communication with each other & with the Lord! PTL? Amen!



UNI ML#1765:43,44: [Councils in Heaven! (1Kings 22:19-22)]

UNI ML#1768:121 "BLEST BE THE TIE THAT BINDS"--ALL OF US, MILLIONS--"OUR HEARTS IN CHRISTIAN LOVE! The fellowship of kindred mind, is like to that above." And as I've often said, I think it is the same. "Blest be the tie that binds, our hearts in Christian love, the fellowship of kindred mind, is the same as that above!" Amen? I don't think it's just like it, I think it's the same! PTL? I talking about the fellowship & the spirit & kindred mind, it's all the same, but of course, they've got supernatural, miraculous bodies & a much better place to live. But as far as the spirit & the fellowship & the kindred minds, we have the same, the same with each other & the same with them. "Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love. The fellowship of kindred mind is the same as that above!" We always have to be a little revolutionary, you know, & do things a little bit different! Well, after all, if it's the Truth, why not? Amen?

UNI ML#1794:5 I THINK TO BE ONE FAMILY & ONE IN THE LORD, WE NEED TO SHARE A LITTLE MORE TOGETHER THAN WE DO. And besides promoting sympathy, compassion & prayer, you benefit from it as well, because they are giving you something that you need too! They're sharing & teaching you from what they've learned.

UNI ML#1794:7 We would get together sometimes & share the things the Lord was teaching us, & it was so beneficial! It brought a real unity, it brought a real sweetness & a real closeness, because when you get together & really pour out your heart to the Lord together & you share your burdens & your lessons & everything, it really draws you close together.

UNI ML#1794:17 IT REALLY IS IMPORTANT THAT OUR HOMES TAKE A LITTLE TIME TO SHARE THEIR LESSONS, because what affects one of us affects all of us. It's not like we're all in little ones or twos or threes, little cliques--the office team or the childcare team, or the administrative team or something! We all affect each other! "No man liveth unto himself!" (Rom.14:7) We can all learn from each other!

UNI ML#1796:15 I REALLY THINK WE NEED TO LEARN SOMETHING ABOUT COMMUNICATION MORE & BEING MORE HONEST WITH ONE ANOTHER & being more open about ourselves. There would be far fewer misunderstandings if people would just honestly & openly communicate with one another. It may be a little difficult at the beginning, but if you work at it, it becomes much easier. The Lord always seems to bless honesty & good communication.

UNI ML#1806:10 A POLICY WE USED TO HAVE WITH PEOPLE WHO HAD PERSONALITY CLASHES & couldn't stand each other was to make them work together, sleep together, live together, eat together until they finally just learned to get along with each other.

UNI ML#1822:8 WICKED MAN CANNOT BE TRUSTED WITH THE TYRANNICAL STRENGTH OF UNITY or he always uses it against God & His people as he will again at the End of the Millennium under Satan in the Battle of Gog & Magog!

UNI ML#1879:15 WE CAN DISAGREE ABOUT SOME FINE POINTS & OPENLY DISCUSS IT LIKE WE DO WITH OUR BUSINESS & OTHER THINGS SOMETIMES, & THAT'S ANOTHER STORY. But somebody who has a griping, murmuring nature that's always going around murmuring about everything & is willing to come out flat-footed & insult me & slap me in the face with cracks like that, that's a different story! That's not a mere little kind & loving disagreement of brothers & sisters trying to come to some understanding & being open about it!

UNI ML#1879:24 IT'S BEEN THE DEVIL'S TACTIC FROM THE BEGINNING TO DIVIDE & CONQUER! Beginning in the Garden of Eden & all through the Bible, Lord, it happened to Thy leaders. There were always these malcontents & discontents & murmurers & troublemakers that threatened to poison the whole lump!

UNI ML#1884:11 (MARIA: IF YOU DON'T MIND. I HOPE THIS ISN'T ARGUING!) No, not a bit! Differences of opinion & differences of operation don't always necessarily mean arguing! Most of her suggestions are very good improvements.

UNI ML#1891:72 I DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING, YOU DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING, BUT THE FAMILY ALTOGETHER KNOWS JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING! We know a little bit of everything, every one of us, & if you put all those little bits together, you've got a whole lot that we know! PTL?

UNI ML#1891:72 THESE PRESIDENTS & GOVERNORS & MAYORS, THEY'RE NOT ALL THAT SMART, they don't know everything, they just have the people who do know everything! Not anybody knows everything, so they've got thousands of people & everybody knows a little bit of this & a little bit of that & a little bit of the other so everybody put together can do it!--The same in the Family!

UNI ML#1901:50 "JACK SPRATT COULD EAT NO FAT, HIS WIFE COULD EAT NO LEAN. AND SO BETWEEN THE TWO OF THEM, THEY LICKED THE PLATTER CLEAN!" One of'm just ate fat & the other one just ate lean. That's why Jack Spratt was so skinny & Mrs. Spratt was so fat! Now isn't that a marvellous piece of knowledge you just learned?--From the University of Empty Blab & the World of useless knowledge! But it has a moral, a sort of a lesson to it, that even though maybe one thing isn't enough, the other thing may be more than enough, & between the two of you, one can chase a thousand but two can put ten thousand to flight! (Deut.32:30) It may not be fat & lean, but at least it means cooperation. So that's a funny little poem about cooperation! I think it's a Mother Goose rhyme or something.

UNI ML#1945:31 I DON'T KNOW WHETHER YOU REALISE IT OR NOT, BUT WE'VE SAID IT BEFORE & IT'S BEEN MENTIONED MANY TIMES, that the spirit of the Body, of the Class or of the Home is made up of a combination, a mixture of all of your spirits! You cooks ought to know what I'm talking about, all the ingredients! You each contribute some kind of spirit to this Class, either good or bad!-- Either you lift it up with your spirit or drag it down. Your spirit is real, your aura is real!--Forget your aura, your spirit extends much further than your aura, & your spirit can drag the whole Class down, or it can lift the whole Class up!

UNI ML#1945:32 THE SPIRIT OF A WHOLE CLASS OR A HOME OR A CONGREGATION OR THE CHURCH IS THE COMBINED INDIVIDUAL SPIRITS OF EACH ONE OF YOU, all of you put together, & if even one of you is out of the victory, out of sorts, out of it & down, if the person beside you can't feel it, let me tell you, all I have to do is look in your face, look in your eyes & I can feel it!

UNI ML#2037:1 LEAD US & GUIDE US IN THESE DELIBERATIONS IN JESUS' NAME. Help us to agree together on what will seem good to all of us as led by Thy unifying Holy Spirit. Help us, Lord, to know what to do, what to say, what decisions to make & how to plan for what we know is coming.

UNI ML#2039:61 WORK TOGETHER! BE A TEAM! And if you'll do the job & be a good team, I believe maybe you're going to have this job forever, at least till the Lord comes, & boy, what about the Millennium?


UNI ML#2067:70 IT'S ONE OF THE DEVIL'S DOCTRINES TO DIVIDE & CONQUER! If he can divide the wives from the husbands, he can tear down the mates & the World. Divide the mates that are childless & kill the babies of those who aren't, that's his strategy for destroying man!

UNI ML#2103:57 BUT SATAN, HAVING FOUND THAT HE COULD NOT KILL US NOR STOP US NOR DESTROY OUR GROWING WORK FOR THE LORD, TRIED THE SAME TACTICS THAT HE HAD ATTEMPTED ON THE EARLY CHURCH, TO DIVIDE our Family, & thereby conquer it by having my wilful, disobedient daughter Deborah along with her husband, turn against me & backslide.

UNI ML#2234:26 BLESSED ARE THEY, THE BRETHREN WHO DWELL TOGETHER IN HARMONY & PEACE & AGREE TOGETHER. It's a lot easier to work together when you agree, right?

UNI ML#2340:14 IF TRYING TO MAKE CERTAIN PEOPLE COOPERATE & WORK TOGETHER IS GOING TO BE THE MAJOR BATTLE, our major work & take most of our time, then we're not going to get the Lord's Work done!

UNI ML#2340:16 OF COURSE WE SHOULD TRY TO GET ALONG, & WE DO TRY TO WORK ON OUR PROBLEMS. But people that have just too big a problem along that line, & constantly wind up in contention with others & fighting each other, let's not let that go on for too long! Let's just let them get out, be on their own & be their own leadership, if that's what they want. As long as they're doing the Lord's Work, winning souls & getting out the Message, why not?

UNI ML#2340:18 THE BE-ALL & END-ALL ISN'T JUST TO HAVE EVERYBODY JOIN UP & LIVE COMMUNALLY with 30 or 40 people in one Home! If they can do it, of course it certainly has its advantages for the people who are willing to work in cooperation & harmony together.--Living together has lots & lots of advantages, & that's why we do it. But if some people simply can't work that way, then let's not make that our major work to overcome their problems of not getting along with others! Let's just let them go on their own, & not condemn them. Let's be thankful that they want to serve the Lord & preach the Gospel!

UNI ML#2340:26 SO IF THEY WANT TO LEAVE, LET'M! If they're friendly & want to keep preaching the Gospel, winning souls & serving the Lord, but they just don't find themselves compatible with certain personalities, why should we condemn them? God bless them!--Amen?

UNI ML#2455:17 We certainly have found out in the Family and in the Lord's Work that teamwork is so much more important than individual leadership.

UNI ML#2489:7 One-World government, that's the best government the World could ever have, right?--Instead of a bunch of nations fighting with each other & causing horrible wars & killing millions & everything else!

UNI ML#2504:12 We're just trying to strengthen the already existing relationships that are pretty much permanent, our mommies & daddies together with children that are supposed to stay together. We're just trying to give them some suggestions & things to help them to stay together a little better & in a little greater harmony & a little more happily.

UNI ML#2504:14 Certainly this book should be helpful for our teens if they're planning to go into any kind of serious relationship, which they will eventually do, & which Dad has given them the approval to. So it's good for them to know how to do it so they'll be able to live harmoniously & in unity together. But I certainly don't want the teens to feel that it's some kind of big new push. I don't really think relationships should have any more place now than they've always had, except that we should perhaps try to have better ones.

UNI ML#2504:15 All the energy expended by a lot of couples in fighting with each other, all that conflict & the resultant tensions it brings, the pain & suffering of not being able to get along together, not being able to live harmoniously together, that sort of thing already takes a lot of their time & their emotions!--Just worrying about their fights & their conflicts & their inability to get along with each other!

UNI ML#2504:16 In other words, they're not going to be spending any more time if they start putting their time into getting along a little better. If they're going to spend time fighting, why not spend time learning to get along instead? It's better that they spend happy time than fighting time with all the pain & emotional stress & problems that such conflict brings.

UNI ML#2504:17 You know, it takes a little time to construct a good marriage, a happy marriage, but it's going to have its rewards in a lot more peace, a lot more harmony, a lot less worry, a lot less emotional stress, a lot less problems--even a lot less health problems! So people who spend a bit of time improving their marriages aren't really going to be taking any more time.--In the long run they'll probably spend much less time on their marriage! I think they're just going to be doing so on the positive side instead of the negative.

UNI ML#2504:18 In the case of mates who know they need to be together for their kids' sake, even though maybe they don't even want to be, marital strife & conflict can take an awful lot out of them. It's a lot of pain & it's a lot of worry & a terrible sample to others as well. It's been scientifically proven that fights & contention take a terrible amount out of you, they're a terrible drain on your entire body & nervous system. I once read that you need extra vitamin C in your diet not only when your resistance is down because you've gotten chilled or you feel a little sick or you've been exposed to chemicals in the air or whatever, but also when you've been under a lot of emotional stress or been in an argument or fight.

UNI ML#2504:19 Fighting, arguing & contention take a lot out of you, it's a very big emotional stress & strain. Even if it's not an all-out, knock-down drag-out fight, still, that tension & opposition can really worry you & take its toll.

UNI ML#2522:3 What do you folks believe that we are? Are we just some kind of a social club? What are we? (Fam: An army.) We are an Army of the Lord! And what does an army have to have? (Fam: Discipline.) Yes, which means what? (Fam: Rules.) Rules to ensure that everybody can work together in harmony, cooperation & safety. Does the Lord have an Army? Does He have rules? (Fam: Amen.) Does He tolerate disobedience? Does He excuse & forgive you just because you forget the rules? He will eventually, yes, if you're sorry & repentant.

UNI ML#2522:43 Is that clear to you that those rules are still in effect now as much as when you joined?--And that you cannot disobey those rules just because you've now been in the Family for ten years? Because those rules are good & necessary safety & organisational rules. If we need you suddenly & nobody knows where you're at, & there's nobody with you, is that very good organisation? I'll tell you, in the Army they knew where you were at every moment of every day because you were exactly where they expected you to be & where you were supposed to be!--And if you weren't, you were in deep trouble!

UNI ML#2527:15 Some poor little widows with children complain that they just haven't got it & are living on welfare. Why don't they get out & earn it? Good night, even in a small Home, if they were really determined, a couple of adults could get out & leave the rest at home to take care of the kids, & if they really applied themselves, they could easily earn that much in a week of distributing.

UNI ML#2532:2 Now this was at the height of the Jewish persecution of Christians when Jesus had been murdered & several others besides.--John the Baptist & all. And the Jews were just rampant trying to kill the Christians! But if we had not had that upper room occasion in which hundreds of Christians & disciples, hundreds of men with their wives & children met together & prayed for 10 days--ten days!--we would not have had the Day of Pentecost!--That must have been a Heaven-of-a-lot of racket--10 days of prayer until the Holy Spirit fell on them!--Acts 2:1-4.

UNI ML#2532:10 The Devil would love to destroy our Fellowship!

UNI ML#2532:11 To summarise: "Forsake not the assembling of yourselves together!"--The forsaking of which is contrary to all Scripture!--This was the whole idea of the Fellowships!--To keep us together & of one mind & heart!--The Fellowships are a great blessing & inspiration!--And can be held in many secure, cheap & easy places under any other names, if necessary. But we must have fellowship to strengthen each other & monitor each others' spiritual state.--Letters & Supervisors alone can't do it! Even in the Early Churches, under great persecutions by Jews & AC Romans, they did not forsake their Fellowship!--Though it be hundreds in the Upper Room commanded by Jesus, or later in Jerusalem, Antioch, synagogues, the Catacombs etc.!--We must fellowship!--To be strong & united!--Else how are we gonna "strengthen the Brethren"?

UNI ML#2533:7 In our Family Homes, everyone can help in the decision-making, but usually the Lord's Work dictates the decision, so that everyone more or less just has to roll with it. Most decisions are more or less made for you. As a body, you don't operate independently, & no one has the luxury of consistently making their own decisions-especially the children.

UNI ML#2534:23 We've got to stick together! We're all members of one body, including our kids. Everybody's a member of the same body, & the individual members can't get too independent, otherwise you're not going to be able to work in harmony, in a coordinated fashion. (See 1Cor. 12:12-27.)

UNI ML#2544:18 You'll notice one of the first things dictators do or martial law does, is prohibit the meeting of more than three people in one place at one time & that sort of thing. They're afraid of people getting together & organising & becoming of one mind. They're afraid they might challenge the System & the authorities.

UNI ML#2549:54 It almost always happens when Christians disagree. But thank God, usually the disagreers are the come-outers, & usually with something that's right & true! So the more the big formal denominations kick'm out, the more that gets'm together!

UNI ML#2552:20 There's not one worldly Communist organisation or country that has worked ! The only kind of Communism that will ever work where people get together & cooperate in a cooperative or in a colony or in their homes is that which works by love, sharing with each other because of love for each other. And that kind of love only comes from the Lord. That's the only place you get it! The only other kind of love that gets results is love of self, but it causes all kinds of trouble.

UNI ML#2553:6 In other words, they'll know that in spite of your weaknesses, you have a strong link with the Lord, & then they can see & relate to what they need to do too--look to the Lord! They can then feel, "Together we're going to look to the Lord & He's going to lead us!"--Instead of, "He's such a strong leader, maybe he'll be able to pull us through." If they think you're so strong they will end up looking more to you than the Lord!

UNI ML#2589:18 First of all, are they going to make a good team for the Lord's Work? Is this match going to be good for the Family? Do they have enough maturity, love, obedience & yieldedness to work well together in their jobs for the Lord? Are they qualified for them?

UNI ML#2589:20 (Maria: Yes, & no matter how strong one of the team is, if the other isn't strong, they'll drag the stronger one down.) Yes, they'll just drag them down every time! (Maria: Then they won't be able to accomplish anything.) They'll just be a burden instead of a blessing. Even if just one of the team is unyielded, they'll be having constant problems all of the time, problems, problems, problems, having to be dealt with & having to be helped & having to be counselled.

UNI ML#2589:30 That was a Family rule long, long ago, clear back at TSC! We made it clear to our adults interested in marriage that they were not to even sleep together or have sex together until they had worked & lived together in the same Home. Then after 6 months, if they had worked closely together & it had worked out well, they got along together well & they'd worked together well & they still even loved each other after all that, okay, they could get married.

UNI ML#2590:43 After your Home unitedly reads this Letter, any adults or teens (male or female) who have specific weaknesses, temptations or trials along these lines, should ask for united prayer. While you're all together & united in spirit with this counsel fresh in your minds is the ideal time to "confess your faults one to another, & pray one for another that ye may be healed!"--Jam. 5:16. If any of you teens are involved in or even tempted with any kind of unedifying romantic or sexual "love" relationship with an adult, or if any of you adults have or are tempted with any such relationship with a teen, for God's sake, for the Family's sake & for your own sake, ask for prayer & overcome it now!--Amen? GBY!--WLY!

UNI ML#2616:55 It looks like the Devil's forces are all joining together, but thank God, so are the Christians! It is forcing the Christians to do the same.

UNI ML#2618:13 (Maria: It's also sort of like when two people start to live together. They may start out just living together, & then they stay together. They haven't had a marriage ceremony yet or made any formal vows, but they've been united & they're married. Maybe sometime later they may have the ceremony, but they've already been married physically & in the Spirit before they ever formally say the words. Jesus said, "I & My Father are One" (Jn.10:30), so even if you call on God, you get Jesus as well!)

UNI ML#2618:45 Because look how many other folds there are now all over the World! There are millions of folds! If you want to put it in the term of churches, missions, congregations, the called-out ones, the ecclesia, there are millions of folds today. But He prophesied that some day we'd all be in one fold with one Shepherd.--Jn.10:16. Well, it doesn't look to me like that has happened yet. I think that's going to be in the Millennium when everyone will recognise who's who & who is really saved & who isn't, & all acknowledge Jesus as our Shepherd.

UNI ML#2618:85 Jesus is a many-splendoured Person! He has many splendours, many sides, many facets. He sparkles in many ways. He has all these characteristics, all these faces, but they're all One in Jesus!

UNI ML#2620:5 Your fighting the battles of the Lord side-by-side proved to the other leaders that it could be done, & that the Lord could effect a great change in your lives almost instantaneously!--That it didn't have to take months & months & years & years, but when the situation demanded it, He could do the miracle & help you to unite together & fight the battles & win great victories! You were a wonderful sample, a truly united sample, & I'm sure that sample is going to carry very far in its influence.

UNI ML#2620:6 I think that's what we prayed for the most, that you would be united & in harmony, & that there would be no divisions among you, that the Lord would break down any walls of partition & help you to operate as one.--And He did! Thank You Jesus! (1Cor.1:10; Eph.2:14.)

UNI ML#2620:54 The key to relationships or teamworks or any group of people working together is communication.

UNI ML#2620:84 We're so encouraged to hear how well your working relationship has been going. I know it's a constant battle since the Enemy is really going to fight to try & divide you. But I want to just encourage you to keep going & keep talking & keep praying together. And keep open!

UNI ML#2621:9 We pray that all three of you will learn to love each other very much & will become a tight united team for Jesus.--Each of you working together as one & learning & growing together in open communication & sharing, & that there will not be any divisions among you or walls between you, & that you will never in any way pit one against the other.--But that you will fight to build a very strong team & unit that the Enemy will not be able to prevail against. The more all three of you share your hearts together openly, the more closely you will be drawn together & the more you'll understand each other & be able to work together more harmoniously & unitedly.

UNI ML#2621:14 Do your best & the Lord's best to be fitly joined with them, & do all you can to work together smoothly, openly & honestly, & as a good sample of what genuine teamwork should be.--Always immediately going on the attack against any frictions or divisions among you, getting them out in the open & talking all together about them & praying for a solution.

UNI ML#2621:18 Comparatively speaking, your drinking itself wasn't that serious a problem, it was what it led to--your letting the Enemy talk through you to your wife about other leaders' weaknesses.--Leaders that continue to be her overseers.--Criticisms you would never have yielded to if you hadn't been drinking.

UNI ML#2621:76 I'm glad to hear that you love each other & appreciate each other, & in spite of the rough spots, you are still fighting for the unity that you must have, & that you're trying to stay positive & striving to work closely together in spite of the Enemy's attempts to divide you.

UNI ML#2621:77 You need to hit head-on anyone who criticises & who would attempt to divide you & Juan, or leadership in general, or sow dissension within the ranks. Some people seem to have a very bad problem with their mouth, & it's very bad for them to be vocal with their criticisms. Some would use the excuse that they need to get it off their chest to be able to get on with the Lord's Work. Usually, however, such people have already done too much of that, & it's just become a very bad habit. In such cases, they need to be shut up when they criticise & told how very bad it is, & that they must not do it!

UNI ML#2621:78 They can pass on constructive criticism, yes, but when most of what they share is rather destructive, that's a big difference!

UNI ML#2621:79 But we cannot tolerate destructive criticism that's designed to divide & sow discord among brethren & cause disunity, disharmony, dissension & has as its motivation jealousy, envy, revenge etc.! If people have bitternesses they have to get out, they should tell you, as their top leaders, & get it off their heart & ask you to pray with them, asking the Lord to rid them of that poisonous attitude. And then they should shut up about it. It should be stopped immediately! You have to look at the motivation & the fruit, & judge accordingly.

UNI ML#2622:52 If you all make an agreement that you won't mind what the other says in his communications to us, it may help in your relationship, & as a result help the Work, plus you may be able to get some good counsel on these smaller issues that will prevent your having more serious misunderstandings. Of course, the ideal is to discuss such matters openly together without needing us to mediate, & we believe that, in time, you'll be able to do this.

UNI ML#2622:73 Continu(e) to fight in spite of the discouragements & disappointments & obstacles. The more you fight, the stronger you become! Just make sure you're fighting the Devil & not each other!

UNI ML#2623:39 Instead of just one person praying a long prayer, let's have lots of people praying short prayers. They're just as good as the long prayers, & what you don't have time to say publicly, you can say to the Lord later privately. Or maybe one of the next people to pray will say it. We need to try to break that long prayer habit, & have more people praying shorter prayers. Then everyone's going to be concentrating more & everyone will contribute more & feel more a part. PTL!

UNI ML#2632:20 So another definite Romans 8:28 "good" from the seeming "bad" of all these battles is that she has learned to truly appreciate the Family, & has realised what a tremendous help & support the prayers & counsel of others can be. The Family has become more real to her, & she's seen how much we need each other. She has gotten a better understanding of the importance & value of our loving Family fellowship & unity, & how much more effectively we can fight our battles when we're fighting together. She now realises how much more power we have against the Enemy when we present a united front against him.

UNI ML#2637:4 Now can you imagine such a thing?--Two armies fighting against one country & not in any kind of cohesive force or unified command? Can you imagine such confusion? I mean that's impossible!

UNI ML#2639:1 Techi, Honey, each day that you contradict & argue & are disrespectful or disobedient, those things become more & more of a habit, & you realise less & less that you're being that way. Anything that becomes a habit, you do automatically, & that's why you realise it less & less, because you just do it without thinking.

UNI ML#2639:2 I once got in a habit of arguing with Grandpa a long time ago, & it was really hard to break. I had to ask Peter & others to have prayer for me. So they prayed for me, but even afterwards, it was still hard. I even had to tell Peter, "When we're in meetings with Grandpa, if I start arguing or contradicting him, which I sometimes do almost automatically, would you please kick me under the table?--Or if you're sitting next to me, nudge me or something! I need help to break this bad habit!"

UNI ML#2639:3 Arguing & contradicting can become habits really fast!

UNI ML#2710:19 And Ho, you'd better let that be a warning to you, too! You'd better not try to get away with defiance of your father & just total contempt for Family rules & causing division between Family Members. You had better behave or I'll cut your stipend off too!

UNI ML#2710:31 We won't tolerate any more speaking against Family leadership & causing division. That's one of the deadly sins that the Lord hates!--Pro.6:16-19. You'd better not do it again or you're going to get it from me too! Stop speaking against Family leaders, Ho, & complaining against your treatment or whatever! We've been extremely good to you & merciful to you, to let you have your farm back & your own job again--and your WS gift! But if I hear of any more complaints about you that are serious enough, I'm going to rebuke you for them & warn you that if you don't stop it, you're going to be fired & excommunicated!

UNI ML#2714:6 To remain in the Family you would have to forsake your presently distorted & off-track ways of looking at things & doing things, as well as your serious sins of harbouring doubts & "oughts" in your heart & openly murmuring & expressing your disgruntled, dissatisfied & doubtful attitude to others! As long as you continue to be so divisive & out-of-unity with the others, you are doing much more damage than good, & for the sake of the Lord's Work it would be better that you did not remain with us.

UNI ML#2714:47 You have persisted in your disobedience & your breaking of God's laws by continually listening to the Enemy's lies & critical thoughts! The Lord commands us to think positively & talk positively & be positive (Phil. 4:8), but your criticalness & negative outlook have been destroying you until the Devil almost has you completely in his pocket now.

UNI ML#2714:48 Sad to say, your attitude & outlook seem to indicate that you have chosen to have closer fellowship with the Devil than with the Lord! You have chosen to listen to the Enemy's doubts instead of God's faith, & you have chosen to accept his lies instead of the Lord's Truth. You have chosen to criticise & tear others down instead of lifting them up. You have chosen to continually murmur instead of constantly praise. You have chosen to have "fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness" (Eph.5:11) instead of submitting & yielding yourself to God, & resisting & rebuking the Enemy so he will flee from you! (Jam.4:7.) You have chosen to "lean to your own understanding" instead of "trusting in the Lord with all your heart." (Pro.3:5)

UNI ML#2714:49 You have chosen to "speak evil against dignitaries & authorities" (your Shepherds) instead of praying for & honouring them as the Lord commands. (2Pet.2:10; 1Th.5:12,13.) You have chosen to continually see the weaknesses & sins & faults & failings of others instead of covering their sins with love. (1Pet.4:8.) You have chosen to sow discord & doubt in your wife (Pro.6:19), as well as many others, instead of "endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace." (Eph.4:3.) You have chosen to allow a "root of bitterness to spring up" & thrive (Heb.12:15), instead of "putting all bitterness & wrath & anger & evil speaking away from you" as God's Word commands! (Eph.4:31.)

UNI ML#2714:64 In short, it's being in an Army. It's being disciplined, united, regimented, working very hard together for the same goals. It's subordinating our own desires to the desires of God's Work & His Family. It's suffering for Jesus' sake. And if we're yielded to all of that & putting Jesus first, He then often gives us the kind of fun that will be good for us & in accord with our work for Him.

UNI ML#2715:11 Unless you start voicing your questions or problems to your peers & thus start to contaminate them & cause doubt, confusion, division & dissension within the ranks! This is where your Shepherds would have to really draw the line fast & stop it. You see, there is a delicate balance in this, because murmuring & complaining is like "sowing discord among brethren" (Pro.6:19), which is an abomination to God & can have very poisonous effects & therefore cannot be tolerated.

UNI ML#2715:16 We may not always know all the answers immediately, but we do know the Answer-Man!--Jesus! And if we sincerely hunger for the Truth & seek it unitedly in love, we will find it! (Mat.7:7) PTL! ILY!

UNI ML#2716:12 (Mama: I was still very merciful & gentle!--Ha!) Well, I'm not!--Not with grumblers! Not with critics of leadership & subverters! They're great big time-wasters! They're always big time-wasters. They want to voice their grumblings & their criticisms & their gripes & their bellyaches to everybody, especially to weaker brethren.

UNI ML#2716:18 I can't get rid of those guys who sow discord fast enough! What the Hell is the matter with our people that they would put up with a guy like that for so long? It didn't take me five minutes to get rid of'm! Our leaders at the Ranch would deal with them for hours & days, & sometimes it ran into weeks. When I finally heard about it I'd say, "You just send them to me! It won't take me five minutes to take care of them!"--And I'd send'm down the road!

UNI ML#2716:51 That's one way these backsliders can be what they want to be. They want to hurt what they couldn't control & rule, so they try to give us all kinds of trouble. But I've gotten used to it, I just expect it. When we kick people out, I expect them to try to cause trouble. But we're always better off getting them out than having them right in our midst causing trouble in the Family. I'd lots rather have them an enemy outside the Family trying to cause us trouble, than allowing them to stay inside & putting up with them & giving us trouble inside. They're much more dangerous inside the Family. They always try to split & defeat & draw people away, & they have a better opportunity to do that inside. They can cause more trouble inside than outside. They're a greater security threat on the inside than on the outside. No matter how much they join our enemies & fight against us, they can't do as much damage outside as inside.

UNI ML#2717:3 The sins of murmuring & sowing discord amongst brethren are so corruptive & can so easily spread to & infect others, that it is necessary to deal with them swiftly & severely for the sake of the rest of the flock. (See Pro.6:16,19; Ecc.8:11.)

UNI ML#2717:17 The main problem that Dad is dealing with & attacking is the problem of murmuring & criticising & complaining.--Which is so deadly because it so easily causes so much damage to others & implants so much poison in their minds & hearts!--Poisonous doubts & disunity & discord! Dad has clearly brought this out before in many other Letters such as "God Hates Murmuring!" (ML #1879.)

UNI ML#2717:18 If you have any difficulty believing that a person like Tony could do such serious damage to others spiritually, read the following testimony from no less than one of our main time-tested & spiritually strong Teen Shepherds in Japan, John PI:
         "I'm the one who forwarded Tony's OHR to Josiah.--Because after hearing those things from Tony for
so long, & all of his complaints, I guess I was actually beginning to even wonder, 'Are we really doing something wrong? Are we quenching the Teens & the JETTs like Tony keeps insisting? Maybe Tony has something here!' So that's why I sent it on to Josiah. All of this shows me that continually hearing these kinds of things & that constant criticism & complaints & negativeness can eventually wear away on you, like a 'continual dropping' (Pro. 19:13; 27:15), even on people who have real conviction & really believe in something.--Not that I'm saying I have so much conviction or am so strong. But I know that it had a definite effect on me after such a long time. And I'm sure it must have really had a big effect on many of our younger people too."

UNI ML#2719:12 When you're not keeping close to the Lord & are out of the Spirit, it's almost always easier to criticise, & to murmur & complain than it is to be thanking & praising God for all your blessings! And if you do that, you'll always get a lot of sympathy from all the rest of the murmurers & complainers & critics & people who don't like the way things are run or the way things are done.

UNI MOM#50:10 TO DO YOUR OWN THING IS NEVER GOOD FOR THE LORD, OR FOR HIS WORK, OR FOR ANYONE! We're supposed to be an army, a team, working together with one goal & one mind & one spirit. We've got to work together unitedly & wholeheartedly & with our whole minds, therefore, our minds need to be disciplined. Not only our bodies & our spirits, but our minds need to be trained too! We have to be taught to work together the right way. Look at the trouble Snowflake brought to his whole flock of sheep, his whole team, just because he wanted to do his own thing! Look at the loss of time & the great concern he caused to others & how he stopped the whole work & affected the whole flock by doing his own thing & wandering off & not heeding his mother's correction & discipline. Snowflake had to learn the hard way!


UNI PTR#36:37 THE OLD PROBLEM THAT MANY MARRIED COUPLES HAVE, & THAT IS THE BEHIND-THE-CLOSED-DOOR SYNDROME! Everything can be hunky-dory, but when you get behind your doors your true feelings come out to your roommate about situations & you end up talking about, "Well so-&-so did this to me, or that situation didn't work out" or "I had a trial today with so-&-so!" It's really like murmuring.


UNI PTR#36:39 IT'S ONE THING TO COME & TELL YOUR SHEPHERD THAT YOU'RE HAVING A TRIAL WITH SO-&-SO. That's not going to stumble her about the other person, because she knows the overall situation. But in your case, it could affect the way you think about somebody or question the way things are done here.

UNI PTR#36:40 UNWITTINGLY & UNKNOWINGLY YOU CAN CAUSE SOMEONE'S FAITH OR TRUST OR SPIRIT TO CRUMBLE LITTLE BY LITTLE. You don't mean to, but that's the danger of being in your room together so much & being so wrapped up with each other, that you can talk & talk about others!--Which we just don't allow for that reason, because it's like a breach in the wall!

UNI PTR#36:49 IT'S NOT GOOD TO BE CHATTERING ABOUT PEOPLE'S WEAKNESSES & PROBLEMS because that's sowing discord amongst the brethren, which is an abomination to God, it's bad! (Pro. 6:16,19)

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