Ref Category TAK: Take Action; Laziness

         See also DIL: Diligence in Business, FAIT: Faithfulness, RED: Redeem the Time
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TAK ML#L:43 YOU SEE IF THE DEVIL CAN JUST SCARE YOU OUT before you begin then you'll never get started & you'll never accomplish what God wants you to do. So for God's sake & the sake of others & your own sake, don't let the Devil frighten you or bluff you out of what the Lord wants you to do before you even get started. That's when he attacks you the worst & that's when the Lord allows him to attack you the worst because the Lord is testing you to see if you really mean business & to see if you're really willing to even die trying.

TAK ML#M:36 BUT IF SOMEONE DOES NOT TAKE ACTION ON IT & MAKE A DECISION, EVEN BE WILLING TO STAND ALONE IN A STAND OF FAITH--if we are not willing to act by faith on what God has shown us--it could never happen.

TAK ML#M:38 "PROVE ME NOW HEREWITH, SAITH THE LORD, & SEE IF I WILL NOT POUR OUT SUCH A BLESSING THAT THERE WILL NOT BE ROOM ENOUGH TO HOLD IT." You don't see the blessing yet. How do you know He's going it pour it out? You've only got His Word for it-- you've got to prove Him! You've got to try, you have to literally test it, you have to challenge God. You have to take a step in the direction He said to go, to find out what He's going to do. Because if you don't go, He can't show! If you don't obey, He can't make a way! If by faith you don't "be", you'll never "see"! For believing if seeing, in this business--in God's business!

TAK ML#1:64 IF YOU CAN GET STARTED THAT'S WHAT THE DEVIL ATTACKS THE MOST, if you get over that hump, then thank the Lord you can usually make the rest of the journey!


TAK ML#4:93 YES, GOD DOES HELP THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES, but He also helps those who can't help themselves!

TAK ML#4:94 HE HELPS YOU IF YOU DO YOUR PART & OBEY & help yourself as much as you can. Do what you know you can do, & then stop worrying about the rest that you can't do: God will take care of that part. God will do what you can't do. You do what you can, & God will do what you can't!

TAK ML#4:95 DO WHAT YOU CAN, & GOD WILL DO WHAT YOU CAN'T. Now that is the way it's always been. Like when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead: The people couldn't raise him from the dead, but they could roll the stone away from the door. So what did Jesus do? Did He roll away the stone?--No, He said, "Roll ye away the stone," & they did it. That was something they could do, so why not let them? Their obedience in rolling away the stone also was a manifestation of their faith that God was going to do what they couldn't do. Do you get it?

TAK ML#4:116 WE CAN DO THE "WENTING". As my Mother used to quote, "As they went they were healed." God told them, "Go thou. Go thou & do this! Go thou & do that! Go wash at the Pool of Siloam. Go home & tell your loved ones." And "As they went, God healed," or "as they went, God gave them the power." We have to do the "wenting".

TAK ML#4:133 YOU'D BETTER OBEY GOD IN THE SPLIT SECOND OF THAT GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY! If you miss God's timetable, you're going to not only miss the train but you'll also miss the boat, & you'll get left behind & things will never be the same again!

TAK ML#4:138 WHEN GOD SAYS, "NOW! RIGHT NOW!", LET ME TELL YOU, YOU HAD BETTER DO IT NOW, or you are going to miss the boat & suffer for it!

TAK ML#4:158 WHEN YOU MISS GOD'S TIMETABLE YOU HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE NEXT TRAIN, & IT'S A LONG, HARD WAIT SOMETIMES! When you miss God 's schedule, you've got to wait for the next boat, & let me tell you, things can get tough & rough!

TAK ML#22:4 MANY THINGS NEVER GET DONE BECAUSE NOBODY TAKES THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR DOING THEM. Everyone thinks someone else is doing the job--&, as a result, it never gets done.

TAK ML#33:17 THAT'S THE WAY SOME PEOPLE LIKE TO SHARE--dump all the work on somebody else & then sit down & enjoy all the benefits! "Bear ye one another's burdens & so fulfill the law of Christ," means to help lift, not hinder--to ease the load--somebody else's load--not your own!

TAK ML#47:28 A TINY INFECTION CAN GROW TO A MAJOR DISEASE IF WE DON'T ATTEND TO IT QUICKLY & EFFECTIVELY, & NOW! How much more so the multiplied opportunities of the future! If we neglect them, they may not knock again!

TAK ML#48:12 I GUESS I LIKE THE SHOCK TREATMENT! I like to shock people, challenge them, stir them up, arouse them, awaken them out of their lethargy, even cause them to explode over something I've said, at least get them to do something to spur them into action one way or the other.

TAK ML#49:40 WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH US, THAT WE'RE SO BOGGED DOWN WITH SO MUCH PROGRAMME, & SO MANY MEETINGS & CLASSES, JUST LIKE THE CHURCHES, THAT WE CAN NO LONGER GET OUT & GET THE JOB DONE? What's happened to our old pioneer spirit--The High Ways & Hedges Commission?--the compulsion to get out, to compel them to come in? Are we so hung up on fellowship, like the early Church in Jerusalem, that we just can't stand to leave our little earthly Heaven to get out & bring Heaven on Earth to others?

TAK ML#49:42 LET'S TAKE THE WHOLE NATION--TOMORROW THE WORLD! You can do it--for God is with you, & no man can stand against you, or you'll roll right over him!

TAK ML#66:30 YOU CAN'T FACE A SITUATION WITHOUT DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT, IF YOU'RE CONSCIENTIOUS! You can't just pass by the poor man on the road to Jericho! You take action like the Samaritan did! We're activists! The church is saying, "Oh, I'm sorry, how sad!" But we put our compassion into action! That's the difference between pity & compassion! Pity just feels sorry! Compassion does something about it! Jesus had compassion upon the multitudes & healed all who were sick! You have to have conviction, or you can't live, & then you have to do something about your conviction, or you can't stand to live with yourself! You'll hate yourself, or you'll silence the voice of conviction & lie to yourself, & become totally deaf, dumb, & blind, so you don't feel anymore!

TAK ML#66:41-43: BUT HOW LONG DO WE HALT BETWEEN TWO OPINIONS? (1Kgs.18:21) A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. Think not that that man shall receive anything from the Lord. (Jam.1:6-8) There's nothing that tears you apart, & tears you down quicker than indecision--the most uncomfortable place in the World is on the fence, torn between the two. You even feel better after making a decision--even if it's the wrong one! The longer you put it off, the harder it gets, & the more confused you become, & the more the Devil lies to you, because you're disobedient.

TAK ML#67:18 WE'RE IN A BATTLE, & WHEN THERE'S A SUDDEN OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF A BREAKTHROUGH, an open door in a certain direction where God is leading, we have to seize the opportunity quickly, even if it means some serious sacrifices on the part of some of you.

TAK ML#68:34 Are you ready? Are you able? God is waiting for you, & more willing to give than we are to receive. I know He'll provide, & make a way, even if we only start with a toenail hold over here. Little is much if God is in it, & our Almighty God is not limited by few or by many.

TAK ML#69A:55 "IF YOU HAVE EVEN ONE TALENT & GOD CALLS ON YOU to do something with it, don't be afraid of what people will think or whether you'll succeed: Just obey! Don't just sit there & do nothing: stand up & be counted, & let God be the judge!"

TAK ML#88:39 TO GET EXTREME RESULTS, YOU MUST USE EXTREME MEASURES!--And it takes the impossible to create a miracle! We are the extremists of today--but we're extremely successful where the System has failed! We're the impossible people of today, but we're working miracles in the lives of youth, in the face of the System's flat failures! Hallelujah! Let's not be ashamed of it! Sock it to 'em on every count!

TAK ML#106:4 WILLING-SPIRITED WERE ALWAYS VOLUNTEERING, WHEREAS THE SLOTHFUL WERE ALWAYS WILLING TO LOAF!--So we found we had to schedule it to be fair to all & to give all their proper training & experience so necessary for all!

TAK ML#110:20 THIS IS MARCHING TIME! NO MORE SITTING ON THE NEST! Spread your wings & fly to the fray! Hallelujah! Now's the time for Mighty Men! "Now's the Time.--For the Harvest is Here!" Hallelujah! Amen?

TAK ML#127:5 THAT'S WHY SOME OF YOU ARE SO BOGGED DOWN! You don't know how to make the smallest decision on your own!

TAK ML#129:38 SINCE WHEN ARE WE SUPPOSED TO WAIT UNTIL ALL THE CONDITIONS ARE JUST RIGHT before we have enough faith to obey! Since when do we think we have to wait until our leaders have years of training & our babes months & months of coddling before we can send them out! Since when do we have to have just the right kind of an open door, just the right kind of a house or building in just the right section or city with all the best provisioning conditions, plenty of money & the best weather, before we can leave!



TAK ML#147:44 GOD'S NOT ALWAYS GOING TO DO IT FOR YOU WHEN YOU CAN DO IT FOR YOURSELF! He said to Moses, "What is that in thy hand?" & he found he had a nice big rod there, & eventually had to use it! Praise God!

TAK ML#155:21 I KNEW THE LORD WOULD DO IT IF WE'D JUST OBEY & GET OUT & GO--& now He's doing it, because we're doing it!

TAK ML#161:21 SOMETIMES OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS BUT ONCE, & if we do not strike while the iron is hot, the door closes & the reception cools & the Summer passes, & they are not saved!

TAK ML#171:36 YOU GET WEAK FROM SITTING STILL! YOU GET WEAK FROM DOING NOTHING! You become totally incapable of even defending yourself, much less launching an attack, while the enemy gets stronger & stronger from one attack after another--from action, aggression, movement, invasion!

TAK ML#175:42 YOU MUST URGENTLY PRAY THAT GOD WILL HELP YOU KNOW WHEN TO MOVE, when not to move--& to know the difference!

TAK ML#182:12 A YOUNG REPORTER ASKED THE LEADER OF A WELL-KNOWN EASTERN RELIGION ABOUT HIS YOUNG FOLLOWERS & IF HE THOUGHT THEY WERE OLD ENOUGH to understand what it was all about. He wisely answered, "We're all old. You're old. You may die tomorrow! They're old because their lives may be over tomorrow! So today we're all old." In other words, they've got to be old enough! Their lives may be over tomorrow!

TAK ML#182:13 BOAST NOT THYSELF OF TOMORROW! It may not only be later than you think, but you may be older than you think! You're counting on doing the job some day soon, but we'd better do it quick & now!--Or we may never get it done!



TAK ML#242:21 THAT WOULD BE MY IDEA OF DEATH!--Total inactivity, cessation of movement, total rest is total death!

TAK ML#302:1 The Lord leaves a lot up to us: If we stir ourselves then God will stir Himself. An awful lot depends on us, our faith & our prayers & what we want done. A lot of people have sort of a lazy attitude & seem to think the Lord will do it no matter what.--But the truth of the matter is, a lot depends on us.

TAK ML#303A:72 LIKE HO SAID WHEN HE WAS A CHILD, "I KNOW I DON'T LIKE IT BECAUSE I NEVER HAD ANY". Some of you leaders are saying, "I never tried it, so I know I can't do it.

TAK ML#304:46 WE MUST USUALLY DEMONSTRATE OUR FAITH BY OUR WORKS, & love can seldom be proven without tangible manifestation in action.

TAK ML#309:16 EVEN THE LITTLE THINGS YOU CAN DO MEAN A LOT: A little bit of love goes such a long way.

TAK ML#316A:39 MANAGEMENT & MACHINERY ARE NOTHING WITHOUT LABOURERS! Though the harvest truly is plenteous, the labourers are always too few!




TAK ML#325C:61 HE ALWAYS BLESSES OBEDIENCE! Let's obey!--Whaddayasay?--Are you ready? OK! Let's go now! Tomorrow may be too late!

TAK ML#326:45 ANOTHER KIND OF EVIL THAT IS JUST AS BAD: Does it lull you to sleep, indifference, inaction, carelessness, indolence, negligence & zombic stupor? If the Devil can't inspire you to take actual negative action & do his violent will, he'll try to put you to sleep & put you out of action like he has the church, so you at least won't get in his way!

TAK ML#334A:164 WE'RE NOT GOING TO HAVE ANYTHING LEFT BY THIRD-CLASS passengers, real pushers! The only ones left'll be the guys on the bottom that are really willing to push their way up & push that bus to the top of the mountain! So you first & second class passengers better beware, because if we come to some hill & we can't make it with you in the bus, we're going to get rid of you, dump you, leave you somewhere behind!

TAK ML#334A:165 WE'RE NOT GOING PUSH YOU UP THE HILL OR JUST LET YOU WALK ALONG & DO NOTHING! Either you get out & push, brother, or you're no longer a passenger at all, amen?

TAK ML#399:100 HALLELUJAH, IF THEY ONLY WOULD, HUH? Then they'd have something to rejoice about! But they sit down there on their god-damned fannies & don't do a damn thing about it.

TAK ML#533:33 DELAYED OBEDIENCE CAN BECOME TOTAL DISOBEDIENCE IF PROLONGED TOO LONG, & you can make up your mind too late if you flounder around too long!

TAK ML#539:5 The Christian spiritual life is divided primarily into three spheres: Praise, Prayer & Performance!

TAK ML#539:48 WE DON'T SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS BY RUNNING AWAY FROM THEM. Blessings are sort of like healing: Healings are not necessarily permanent unless you obey. It's almost like a reward for obeying. If we don't obey, God is likely to take away our blessings & privileges.

TAK ML#584:39 IF YOU WANT TO BE LOVED, love someone today! Love never fails!

TAK ML#590:38 IF LOVE IS WITHOUT PHYSICAL APPLICATION then it's like " faith without works, which is dead!" To say that you love someone & yet not try to help them physically in whatever way they need, food, clothing, shelter, & so on, this is not love!

TAK ML#606:101 GOD EXPECTS YOU TO DO WHAT YOU CAN DO. When Jesus went to raise Lazarus from the dead, which was something nobody else could do, what did He say?--"Roll ye away the stone!" (Jn.11:39) He could have made Lazarus walk right through the stone, why didn't He do that? Well, if He had, you know what some people would have said? "Ah, he wasn't dead at all. He was just hiding there all the time! It's just a phoney trick, mesmerism, witchcraft! He's a magician!"

TAK ML#606:102 WHY DID THEY HAVE TO ROLL AWAY THE STONE? They said, "He's been dead four days, he stinks by this time!" Well, some of them had to show their faith for one thing, but they also had to show that he was actually dead & they could smell that he was stinking. How could they prove that he was raised from the dead if they didn't even know that he was dead? So sometimes if you don't try all the possibilities you won't know what the conditions are.


TAK ML#606:108 "SEEK & YE SHALL FIND, KNOCK & IT SHALL BE OPENED UNTO YOU, ASK & YE SHALL RECEIVE" (Mt.7:7,8). If you don't go around looking you're not going to find, maybe all nine doors are shut & you're only going to find one open, but are you just going to sit there & say, "Lord, reveal to me", like we've really been doing a good deal of the time?

TAK ML#606:109 I'VE LEARNED GOD EXPECTS YOU TO PUT FEET TO YOUR PRAYERS, get out & do a little hoofing & look, & I believe that's one reason for it. God has to show you the conditions & the circumstances so that when you do get the answer, when you find the right one, the right place, you'll know it's God & you know it's a miracle & you know it's the best. Otherwise you wouldn't know it if you just sat there saying, "Lord give me a revelation! I'm a prophet, Lord, show me a vision!"

TAK ML#631:104 WHAT IS COMPASSION?--IT IS LOVING TO THE POINT OF REALLY HELPING. To be compassionate means to really care & truly be concerned, not to just say "I love you" & then walk off & forget it, not saying "be thou warmed & fed, when thou hast it beside thee" (James 2:16). But the compassionate are those who try to put feet to their prayers & kind deeds to their kind words & try to do good as well as speak good, right?

TAK ML#631:105 THERE WAS A TIME WHEN JESUS WAS VERY, VERY TIRED & He tried to escape the multitude & retire from the scene for a little rest but the people practically besieged the house, & when He looked on them He just couldn't rest, it says, "Because He had compassion upon the multitude, & so He healed all that came unto Him." (Mt.14:14) Even though He was exhausted & worn out, Jesus ministered, as we often do.

TAK ML#631:109 SO SHOW LOVE & COMPASSION BY PUTTING KIND DEEDS TO YOUR KIND WORDS. In other words, your actions speak louder than your words & what we show is better than just what we say. So God help us to show love, which is going to be in some ways difficult sometimes & sometimes not easy.

TAK ML#671:67 BUT IF THEY'RE NOT EVEN TRYING TO HELP THEMSELVES, neither is God going to help them! Why should He?--If you're disobeying every rule in the book, you're lazy, you're dirty, you're not working, you're not trying!

TAK ML#675:40 PLEASE PRAY FOR LEADERS! "The harvest truly is plenteous but the labourers are few."--That means people who really want to work. The loafers, there's never a shortage of loafers, but the labourers are few. So pray for the labourers, amen? (Mt.9:27)

TAK ML#721:8 "DON'T TELL ME YOU BELIEVE IN SOMETHING IF YOU'RE NOT DOING IT! You believe in prayer as much as you pray & you believe in witnessing as much as you witness!"


TAK ML#791:23 SO, LET'S GET BUSY IF YOU WANT TO KEEP HEARING FROM THE LORD! For what's the use of hearing if you are not doing? He said, "Be ye doers of the Word & not hearers only" (Ja.1:22), & He gives a sad illustration of the difference between the man who builds his house upon the Rock of the Word, Christ Jesus, & that can stand the storm, & the one who builds his house on the sand of disobedience, & "Great was the fall thereof"! (Mt.7:24:27) Some of you old bottles had better watch out!--These new IRFers are going to steal your crown!

TAK ML#793:28 WELL, YOU'VE GOT TO WATCH OUT FOR SOME OF THESE LAZY AMERICAN GIRLS!--Reared in luxury, never washed a dish, never cooked a meal, never swept a floor, never knew how to do any kind of work, but sit around & watch television & read magazines! I don't know how they ever got in the Family, but anyhow, we probably have a few of them.

TAK ML#805:61 JUST BECAUSE YOU DON'T OBEY! You don't think it is necessary. You put it off. You are always saying, "Well, I've got too much work today, I'll do it tomorrow." Then you'll never do it because tomorrow never comes!

TAK ML#813:7 You said when the Enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God will raise a standard against him (Isa.59:19). But also You said that we should do our part. You said, "Resist the Enemy & he shall flee from thee" (Ja.4:7). We can't just be passive & expect You to do it all--we have to resist & be good fighters, Lord, to resist the Enemy, & to rely on Thy Words & Thy Truth & Thy love, to know that we are going to be the victors, come what may.

TAK ML#829:8 DON'T SIT AROUND ON YOUR FAT FANNY EXPECTING GOD TO DO IT FOR YOU--when you're not willing to work for Him! Some people think that living by faith is not working--is doing nothing, just sitting around..."I'm waiting on the Lord to tell me what to do."

TAK ML#829:9 GOD ALREADY TOLD YOU WHAT TO DO! "Go ye into all the world, & preach the Gospel to every creature!" (Mk.16:15)

TAK ML#829:10 IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE TO GO OR HOW TO DO IT, just get out & start, & He'll lead you! The boat has to be in motion before the rudder can take effect. Don't sit around on your southwest hemisphere & tell me that you're working for God & God's going to take care of the bills, when all you're doing is mooching off of somebody else!

TAK ML#829:15 SO DOING GOD'S WILL, finding God's will is not just sitting around doing nothing!--Keep busy, keep active!

TAK ML#829:16 IF GOD FINDS YOU WILL OBEY WHEN HE TELLS YOU TO WASH THE DISHES or wash the clothes or vacuum the floor, & you keep busy doing something, then He knows He can trust you to tell you what's next! But if you're not willing to keep busy just picking up papers in the yard or whatever else it might be, He's not going to tell you anything else!

TAK ML#880:20 Gideon also sent home those who really didn't have their mind & whole heart on the battle & weren't really rarin' to go, but were slow & slothful & lazy & just flopped down on their bellies to suck water out of the river, he sent them home too because he saw they didn't really have their heart in the battle. They were just indulging & pampering the flesh, & the battle wasn't their primary concern.


TAK ML#930:19 I'M NOT INTERESTED IN PUTTING THEM TO SLEEP! I want to wake them up for the Lord & get them busy getting out the Gospel!

TAK ML#930:36 MWM IS TO SHAKE THEM UP & WAKE THEM UP & get them out preaching God's Love to the lost!

TAK ML#951:21 GOD HAS HIS TIMES, HE HAS HIS HARVEST TIMES, & they don't always last, because as He said, "The harvest truly is plenteous but the labourers are few. The field is already white unto harvest." (Mt.9:37; Jn.4:35) Well, why is He in such a hurry? Why does He want to get so many labourers into the harvest quickly?--Because the harvest won't last if it's not reaped immediately when it's ripe, & then you'll be sorry.

TAK ML#952-01:53 HOW WONDERFUL IT IS WHEN PEOPLE DO WHAT THE LORD TELLS THEM TO DO & what He designed them to do! You never could have dreamed in this whole world that you were going to do what you're doing today, & neither could I! But just when the time came & God said, "Do it!"--we did it, & that's all! We didn't even know what we were going to do, & even when we started doing it we didn't know what we were doing! I mean it! But we just did what the Lord told us to do, & look what happened!

TAK ML#952-02:59 So God bless you all & help you to come to your senses & get back to work for the Lord & the Family & with the things that we have asked you to do which you have sadly, woefully, horribly neglected.

TAK ML#952-08:60 I hope God doesn't have to spank you this hard for getting out of His will & neglecting His work! Get right with Him today! Get back on the wall & fight!--Or you'll be sorry & ashamed forever! (Heb.11, Dan.12, etc.) God bless & help you to get back on the ball for the Lord!

TAK ML#953- 2:138 Or have you too let the Enemy in through some stubborn resistance to truth or disobedience such as he did with his drunkenness, evil music, slothful laziness & bitter jealousy? He probably never dreamed it would come to this!--Rebelliousness, defiance, defection, desertion, backsliding, forsaking his wife, God & Family--& even kidnapping! GHU!

TAK ML#953- 3:81 IF YOU DON'T OBEY THE LORD & TAKE THE HINT, & then hint after hint & direction after direction & revelation after revelation & dreams & visions & everything that you ought to get out & go, or go someplace or do something or do whatever you're supposed to do,

TAK ML#953- 3:82 IF YOU DON'T, & YOU KEEP DRAGGING YOUR FEET & hanging back because you don't want to leave tropical-paradise Miami or Heaven-On-Earth Tenerife, then pretty soon God has to give you a little encouragement--BOOM!--a swift kick in the pants to get you out! And you can be thankful he gets you out before it costs you your life!

TAK ML#957:154 "KEEP BUSY FOR JESUS & He fills all the empties!"

TAK ML#957:231 HELP US TO REACH AS MANY SOULS AS WE CAN BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! Help us, Lord, to reach many many in so many countries that are going to be destroyed in the coming war.

TAK ML#972:281 FORGIVE US FOR ALL OF OUR SINS, FORGIVE US FOR OUR CONSTANT MISTAKES, LORD. We're never perfect, from day to day we make mistakes, commit sins, we're not always pleasing to Thee, forgive us, Lord. Help us to do better, be more loving, more kind, more helpful, more patient, more faithful.

TAK ML#997:3 JESUS DOESN'T DO IT ALL, WE DO PART OF IT, & He helps us do it.

TAK ML#1000:46 "I SHALL NOT PASS THIS WAY AGAIN". It was a good poem because it was about doing good & being good to others at the moment that it happens & you see the need, because you might not pass that way again, that opportunity may not present itself again. I often think of that. I think that poem really made an impression on me because as Maria knows, I'll often say, "No, I want to do it right now!" whatever it is, because who knows? A lot of times I've said, "Oh well, next time", & they weren't there next time! It didn't happen again that way. So you better do it when it happens & that moment, or that moment is gone forever & you may not pass that way again.

TAK ML#1000:47 I KNOW I'VE MISSED A WHOLE LOT OF MOMENTS IN MY LIFE, but thank God, we're to forget the things that are behind. A lot of times I missed the boat, but thank God there are more times when I've caught it!


TAK ML#1002:25 WHEN YOU'RE IN THAT KIND OF WORK you've got to be pushy & nervy or you won't survive!

TAK ML#1002:25 You can't lead without drive!

TAK ML#1028:5 GOD REWARDS HARD WORK & MERIT & THE DESERVING, but He doesn't reward the lazy who bury what little talent they've got.

TAK ML#1028:17 DAVID SAID, "I WAS YOUNG & NOW I AM OLD, YET HAVE I NEVER SEEN THE RIGHTEOUS FORSAKEN NOR HIS SEED BEGGING BREAD!" (Ps.37:25.) That's a pretty strong statement! David didn't have much patience or compassion for the failures & the lazy, & neither has God, & neither have I!

TAK ML#1028:20 GOD & I BOTH SEEM TO HAVE THE SAME IDEA, & that is that people who are not willing to work for it & diligently trust God, claim His promises & obey Him & get results & invest well & bear fruit, they don't deserve it!

TAK ML#1028:22 I BELIEVE IN HELPING SUCCESSFUL MISSIONARIES, fruitful soul-winners, prosperous witnessers, because God blesses those who really get results & who work at it & obey & trust & therefore get it.

TAK ML#1028:24 I BELIEVE THAT THE LORD REWARDS FAITHFUL HARD LABOUR, faithful trusting, diligent obedience & not laziness, sitting around expecting God or others to do it all for'm. God says He'll cut'm off if they don't prosper & bear fruit!

TAK ML#1049:40 YOU WEREN'T WILLING TO REALLY WORK FOR IT & SEARCH FOR IT & seek it & find it & get the answers & really depend on God by faith & follow Him closely & live by faith & seek God with all your heart & mind & soul constantly in order to get the answers & get support & get fruit & win souls & really witness!

TAK ML#1049:41 YOU JUST KIND OF DRIFTED AWAY FROM THE LORD. You thought it was a little too hard work to pray, it was too difficult to keep asking God for answers & for things, so you just sort of drifted away. You quit asking, you lost interest in the answers, didn't even want the answers.

TAK ML#1049:43 YOU LOST INTEREST IN THE GAME. You're tired of playing games. You're tired of playing God's game. You're tired of working for it & having to pray for it & trust God & have faith for it & search for it & seek & find & knock & ask & really go after it! You've lost sight of the goal, you've lost even a desire for the goal. You're even interested in the answer any more, you don't even want to solve the mystery.

TAK ML#1049:68 YOU'VE JUST FROZEN RIGHT BACK INTO THE SYSTEM, ALIENATED FROM THE LIFE OF GOD, darkened in your understanding, past feeling, & you've gone to sleep & your engine is just even barely running. You're in a rut, you're frozen. You went back to where you don't even have to think any more, you don't have to pray any more, you don't have to make decisions any more, you don't have to have any more mysteries. You know exactly what you're going to do every day, you think, & you have the same old job, the same old schedule.

TAK ML#1057:26 YOU KNOW, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS STRIKE OUT, HIT THE STREETS & FIND ONE PERSON THE LORD SENDS, usually one person that the Lord sends like an angel to be your program advance man, & then they start phoning everyone they know to get you bookings in churches, homes, & schools, etc. It just never fails. The Lord never fails!

TAK ML#1066:64 JUST BECAUSE YOU MAKE A MISTAKE ONCE IN AWHILE, you don't have to be afraid to try again!

TAK ML#1105:3 THE LORD DOESN'T REWARD US FOR LOAFING, the Lord rewards us for faithful good work, amen?

TAK ML#1121:71 THE ANTICHRIST IS NEAR, PERHAPS EVEN AT HAND AS FAR AS WE KNOW! So hurry up, let's get as much done as we can before he arises & tries to stop us! But thank God he never will, "They Can't Stop Our Rain!" (No.128), especially if we rain hard enough! They'll never be able to catch up with all of you & never be able to stop all those refreshing little droplets that we have scattered by the millions in millions of hearts around the World, & they'll never be able to quench all that seed in all those hearts before the End comes!

TAK ML#1141:266-271: [Dad's idea of Heaven as a busy place--so different from churchy concept.]

TAK ML#1141:267 FROM MANY SCRIPTURES I'VE GIVEN, IT'S OBVIOUS THAT THERE'S STILL GOING TO BE SOMETHING TO DO IN THE WAY OF WORK FOR CHRISTIANS, for the saints, for the saved, to still be helping the World, even in the New Heaven & the New Earth, those outside in need of healing. I guess the Lord never can trust the church or Christians, our Family or anybody, without something to do. But some people's idea of Heaven is nothing to do, just to be lazy & rest & sleep & never do anything, that's their idea of Heaven!

TAK ML#1195:33 LIKE THE OLD COLOURED BOY WHO DIDN'T HAVE HIS TURKEY FOR THANKSGIVING YET! He prayed & prayed for a turkey & it didn't come! So he said, "You knows, boss, what I did finally? I prayed & prayed for that dere turkey & I didn't git him! So one night when it was dark I prayed the dear Lord would send me out to get that turkey, & I got him the first night!" In other words, he got him out of somebody else's yard!

TAK ML#1195:34 WELL, I USED THAT TO SAY THAT'S HOW TO PUT FEET TO YOUR PRAYERS! Sometimes you do a lot of praying but you need to cooperate with the Lord & do a lot of walking too, & talking & working & doing something to help the Lord answer your prayers! Well, I wouldn't suggest you do it that way, to try to keep the chickens in your yard when they belong to another yard, or go out & get the turkey in the dark of the night from somebody else's yard.

TAK ML#1203:112 IT CAN HAPPEN TO CHRISTIANS, TOO! Not that you're going to be lost, but the Work that God's been trying to get you to do for years, you backsliders, you disobedient, you rebellious, you selfish & wayward who have gone your own way for years now. You went back from the field, you went back from the plow, you went back from His Work, & you go on in your selfish easy living. Well, it doesn't always become easy because the way of the transgressor is hard. (Pr.13:15.)

TAK ML#1203:115 YOU WEREN'T WILLING TO REALLY WORK & REALLY BE DILIGENT, WELL-SERVING SERVANTS OF THE LORD, so God could never have said to you, "Well done thou good & faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord!" All He can say to you is, "You poor & unfaithful servant, you never did get it done & you're going to enter into everlasting shame & contempt even though saved!"--Because of your failure & your disobedience, your rebelliousness, your laziness, your waywardness & your backsliding!

TAK ML#1203:117 YOU JUST WENT HOME & LAZILY LOAFED OFF THE JOB THAT GOD GAVE YOU & got yourself some other kind of a job thinking it was going to be easier. You're gonna find out it's gonna be harder, things are going to be tougher & get tougher & tougher! "For the way of the transgressor is hard", let me tell ya, & you will find it harder & harder & your heart harder & harder, your conscience harder & harder & your neck stiffer & harder until there is nothing left for you but to be suddenly destroyed & that without remedy!

TAK ML#1211:2 AS THE OLD SAYING GOES, "WELL BEGUN IS HALF DONE" & I wish that were possible. But it certainly is good to be off to a good start.

TAK ML#1212:59 WE'LL NEVER MAKE ANY PROGRESS, WE'LL NEVER IMPROVE ANYTHING IF WE DON'T TRY, IF WE DON'T EXPERIMENT! I've wound up taking a lot of wrong turns & short cuts I didn't have time for by trying, but once in awhile I hit the right combination, the right formula, & it works! And I would say most of the change I have suggested for the Family, most of the Revolutions, most of the changes in everything have been an improvement in the long run & have saved time, saved trouble, saved personnel!


TAK ML#1224:0 331 KEEP BUSY FOR JESUS & you'll be one of His stars!

TAK ML#1230:31 ...TYPICAL OF THE CHURCH PEOPLE OF TODAY, usually most of them are pretty lazy & half asleep & seeking comfort, rather than actively wooing & winning the Lost!

TAK ML#1251:45 HE REQUIRES YOUR COOPERATION IN ALMOST EVERYTHING. You have to do something in order to fulfill your part of the bargain & to be worthy of His promises.

TAK ML#1259:58 OR YOU CAN GET BUSY, YOU CAN GO ABOUT YOUR WORK THAT YOU HAVE TO DO. Get busy with your body, your hands, your eyes, your ears, whatever you've got to do--& you can sing! The first & best thing to do is quote Scriptures. One of the best things is to praise the Lord & thank Him for all His goodness. Sing songs, that's praise too!

TAK ML#1259:67 IDLENESS IS THE DEVIL'S WORKSHOP! If your mouth is idle, he'll use it. If your mind is idle, he'll use it. If your imagination is idle, he'll use it. If your hands are idle, he'll use them. So if your tongue is idle, he'll use it, or try to. Get'm busy for the Lord: Sing, pray, praise the Lord, quote Scripture, or at least think about it if you can't do it out loud wherever you are, or get busy with the work you have to do.

TAK ML#1259:68 DO SOMETHING POSITIVE! Attack the Enemy & his territory by doing something good, & that way chase the bad away! "Chase away the bears", praise the Lord, by going into action! Go on the attack & think positively, talk positively, sing positively, quote positively, pray positively, act positively!


TAK ML#1268:51 SOMETIMES WE CAN SEE THE WILL OF GOD & WE CAN SEE HIS HAND READY TO HELP, & yet we can't catch on soon enough, we're not prayerful enough, we don't have enough faith.

TAK ML#1268:56 YOU CAN MISS YOUR GOLDEN OPPORTUNITIES OF SERVICE BY NOT HAVING THE FAITH YOU SHOULD HAVE TO ACT QUICKLY IN TIME OF OPPORTUNITY to run & seize the golden opportunity of the open doors that He gives you, waiting too long, hesitating until it's lost, standing there debating between yourselves as to whether that really was the right thing to do & whether that was the right direction & whether you should act on it & run & seize the opportunity & climb aboard & go in that direction.

TAK ML#1268:57 OUR EXAMINING THE BUS & ITS SIGN TO SEE FOR SURE whether that was the destination we wanted to go to was doubt, & I'll tell you, out there where there was so little & so few, it seemed like we should have been willing to grab any bus that came along.

TAK ML#1268:58 SO SOMETIMES WHEN YOU SEE ANY OPPORTUNITY AT ALL, YOU HAD BETTER SEIZE IT, run & grab it if it's the only one that shows up, because you may not get a second chance! There may not be another bus coming along that line. You may have missed the last bus & you'll sink down in weariness, despair & discouragement at having missed such a golden opportunity of God's easy way of the center of His will & power of His Spirit which could have wafted you along on the wonderful Heavenly transportation of His leading & power, with Him carrying you along to where He wants you to go.

TAK ML#1268:59 INSTEAD OF HESITATING & WAITING & EXAMINING & DEBATING & DOUBTING, YOU SHOULD HAVE HAD MORE FAITH! You should have had faith that that was His will & you should have recognised the opportunity.

TAK ML#1268:61 LIFT AN EAR TO THOSE HEAVENLY VOICES that are singing to you to encourage you that all hope is not gone! There's still hope! There's still opportunity! Maybe God's going to send along another bus & maybe you can still catch one that's coming on a little later schedule.

TAK ML#1268:62 MAYBE YOU MISSED THE FIRST ONE & DIDN'T GET THERE AS SOON AS YOU SHOULD HAVE, but maybe you haven't missed the last one, thank God! He's still going to be merciful to you & send along another one so that you can get back in His service & you can find His highest & best.


TAK ML#1286:21 PROCRASTINATION IS PUTTING THINGS OFF: MANANA, MANANA! Don't do anything today you can put off till tomorrow & postponing what you're supposed to do. And of course if you never do anything today that can possibly be put off till tomorrow, you'll probably never do it! It's one of the Devil's favourite weapons besides discouragement. If he can't discourage you from doing it at all, he just gets you to postpone it & put it off: "Do it some other time! Do it later! You've got more important things to do right now, do them first & do that later!"

TAK ML#1309:88 NOTICE THE SPIRIT OF GOD WAS IN MOTION? She's never still, She's always moving! PTL! God believes in movements, motion, emotion! "Go ye into all the World & preach the Gospel to every creature!" (Mk.16:15) Get somewhere & do something, say something, sing something! In a way, God is all action! Some people seem to think He's not going anything, but His Spirit is in constant motion!

TAK ML#1313:26 WHEN YOU LIVE IT UP IN A HURRY & BURN THE CANDLE AT BOTH ENDS, IT ONLY BURNS HALF THE TIME, but it gives a glorious twice as much light!


TAK ML#1330:71 I CRIED A CHALLENGE TO THOSE WHO PASSED BY, AS THE GREAT PROPHET JEREMIAH DID OF OLD: "IS IT NOTHING TO YOU, ALL YE THAT PASS BY?" (La.1:12.) Is it nothing to you that these suffer? Is it nothing to you that these are lost? Is it nothing to you that these are in torment & imprisonment & in sickness & in sadness? Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by? What have you done with your life? In other words, what have you done to try to help them? What have you done to try to save them? What have you done with your life?

TAK ML#1364:70 I FELT A TERRIFIC OBLIGATION TO WRITE LETTERS to friends & other people, but I dreaded to write'm & I'd put'm off as long as I could. I would always be condemning myself & chiding myself for failing to write such-&-such a letter to my brother or somebody & always putting it off, postponing it. Procrastination was my practice! If there was anything I could possibly put off until tomorrow, I wouldn't do it today! And I really hated to write! Can you imagine? Ha!

TAK ML#1364:97 NOW'S OUR HOUR!--Believe it?--Then do it! Keep'm rollin' till Jesus comes! GBAKYAMYAB, IJNA!

TAK ML#1374:19 AFTER LAYING ASIDE ALL THESE WEIGHTS & DISTRACTIONS & SINS, what are we supposed to do? Sit down & relax? "Now we have made it. We have gotten rid of our weights, we have gotten rid of our sins & we have become perfect & we are saints & behold, how righteous I am. Look at me, how good I am. I'm a nice church person sitting here on the front bench, at least the back bench, every Sunday morning. See how good I am? I got rid of all those weights & I don't have any sins & so I come here & sit in church every Sunday morning to show you how good I am."

TAK ML#1374:20 "LET US RUN WITH PATIENCE", let us run--first of all, we gotta run, in other words, you've gotta do God's will, do God's work. Paul often likens it to a race, like we're in a race, it's nevertheless, a good illustration. He's simply illustrating it with man's own activities, very familiar activities. That sort of thing is something which has endured down through the ages. They have been running races, so the Lord knew that everybody would know what He was talking about. People still run races today. They were running races then. They had been running races for hundreds of years before that. So, it is a good illustration that would last for hundreds of years, thousands of years, & people would know what he was talking about, amen?

TAK ML#1374:21 NOW YOU'RE NOT REALLY COMPETING WITH EACH OTHER BUT I TELL YOU WHAT, WHO ARE YOU RUNNING AGAINST? The World, the flesh & the Devil, & you better keep a few steps ahead of them or he'll catch up with you. Well, maybe that's not a very nice picture to have you on the run from the Devil, but sometimes it's true, you better keep on the run or he is going to jump you for sure. As long as you are running for the Lord & doing His job & doing His will, run with patience, it's work, & you're running. Run with patience.

TAK ML#1392:2 IT'S KIND OF LIKE THAT GUY WHO WANTED TO PLAY THE ACCORDION WHO SAID, "THE LORD'S GOING TO TEACH ME HOW TO PLAY THE ACCORDION."--And he didn't even get a book or study or anything! He said, "The Lord's just going to make me play it." I was kind of like him, I guess. I just wanted to have a flash of revelation rather than have to go to all the hard work of studying it--where we're going to go, what we're going to do, what's the best way & place & method & blah blah blah.

TAK ML#1392:3 I WAS JUST SAYING, "WELL, LORD, WHY CAN'T YOU JUST SHOW ME ALL THESE THINGS WITHOUT ME HAVING TO WORK FOR IT & STUDY?" And immediately I got the Scripture, "Roll ye away the stone!" (Jn.11:39.)--From when the Lord went to raise Lazarus from the dead, remember?

TAK ML#1392:4 THE LORD NEVER SEEMS TO DO ANYTHING FOR ANYBODY THAT THEY CAN DO FOR THEMSELVES. He expects them to work at it!--And work for it. But He did the thing they couldn't do--raise Lazarus from the dead!--But He expected them to do what they could do. Isn't that amazing? (Maria: But it's so difficult & takes so much time!)

TAK ML#1392:5 EVEN THOUGH IT WAS HARD WORK FOR THEM TO ROLL AWAY THE STONE, He wasn't going to do it for them.--They could do that! It was hard work & a hot country & they had to huff & puff & heave & it probably took a bunch of them to roll away that huge stone that was in front of the sepulchre. He didn't just raise His finger & roll it away for them! He said, "Roll ye away the stone!"--That's something they could do. And then He did what they couldn't do--raise Lazarus from the dead!

TAK ML#1392:7 WE HAVE TO WORK AT THESE THINGS OURSELVES & WEARY OURSELVES OF THEM. These are things we can do, & when the time comes, the Lord will do the miracle! We do the possible & He does the impossible! PTL! TYL! It seems like the Lord is always having us do it like that--causing us to try to reason things out & go through a process of elimination, shopping or trying, testing, probing, whatever it is, to see. And in this process you don't always find out what the Lord's Will is, but you sure find out what it ain't!

TAK ML#1392:11 GOD WANTS TO SEE YOU OBEY FIRST! Obedience comes before the blessing, obedience comes before the reward, obedience comes before the anointing! The test is to see whether you're going to obey or not. And the minute you start obeying & working, God will do His part without fail! He will bless!--"Roll ye away the stone!"--Amen?

TAK ML#1425:66 "GOLDEN OPPORTUNITIES SADLY LOST", & "The clock of time is wound but once!"

TAK ML#1469:43 MOST OF US DON'T DO OUR BEST UNLESS IT'S UNDER PRESSURE! Let's face it, nobody does anything they don't have to. If I didn't feel like I had to, I wouldn't be sitting up all night doing these things now, but I do because I think the hour's so late!

TAK ML#1511:80 WHAT DOES GOD HAVE TO DO TO US TO SOBER US UP & GET US SERIOUS WITH THE KIND OF FAITH & THE KIND OF FIRE & FERVOUR & POWER OF DO-OR-DIE TO GET US BACK ON THE WALL? What's He got to do to us to make us sober up & get down to business & get serious about what we're doing?

TAK ML#1525:14 ALL THESE THINGS MAKE YOUR FIRE GO OUT: Laziness, failure to refuel or shelter from the storm, not giving constant attention.

TAK ML#1626:23 I'M A MAN OF ACTION, I LIKE TO STEAM AHEAD! I'm impatient, I can't wait! I want to do it yesterday!

TAK ML#1667:51 IF WE STOPPED BEING RISKY WE'D HAVE TO GO OUT OF BUSINESS! There's an element of so-called risk in everything in this World except for the Lord. (10/83)


TAK ML#1708:31 I WOULD DARE SAY WE WOULD PROBABLY BE RIGHT 99 TIMES OUT OF 100 TO SAY THE UNDISCIPLINED KIDS RESULTING FROM DELINQUENT PARENTS IS BECAUSE THE PARENTS ARE GOD-DAMN LAZY!--Just plain lazy & don't want to go to the trouble of disciplining their children or lecturing them or talking to them or cajoling them or pleading with them or praying with them or whatever, just let them run riot! "A child left to his own devices bringeth his parents to shame!" (Pro.29:15)


TAK ML#1737:60 THIS DAMN WORLD'S HAD ENOUGH TALK, we need a little action!

TAK ML#1768:20 WHEN HE SAYS, "JUMP!"--I JUMP! When He snaps His fingers I say, "Yes, Sir!" And when He tells me to do something, I do it! That's the best talent that a prophet has, to obey instantly & do what God tells him to do no matter what!--Whatever the circumstances over which he has no control.

TAK ML#1772:41 WORK HARD & SHOW THEM THAT A CHRISTIAN IS BETTER THAN THEIR PEOPLE!--RIGHT? Be a testimony! Be a witness just by your life & the way you live & the way you do your work, that you're better than their cantankerous, selfish, obstreperous people that they have so much trouble with, even their own!

TAK ML#1779:88 Think how many centuries & millenniums the church has heard of the Millennium, but how often did you hear the church teaching what was going to happen in the Millennium or what we were going to be doing? How much did you ever really hear about the Millennium other than floating around on a cloud & playing harps? (Maria: That was in Heaven. I don't know, they never said what you were going to do in the Millennium!) They kind of skipped over that, didn't they? They couldn't figure out what it was for in the first place! I don't think they liked the idea of ruling & reigning over the Earth, it sounded too much like work! They don't want to do it now, so why should they do it then? (Maria: Christians are really rather lazy people, most of them.) Yes, even the Christians in Russia! It takes some a little persecution to get them off their butts & busy & get them to move along, or get them to move at all!

TAK ML#1817:48 YOU SAID, "BE THOU FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH & I WILL GIVE THEE A CROWN OF LIFE!" (Rev.2:10)--And we know that those who are faithful will be faithful all the way, even to death, Lord, & therefore You'll give them a glowing, glittering, shining crown of light & life as a reward for their loyalty & their faithfulness, their diligence, their obedience, their hard work, their self-sacrifice & the good work they've done for Thee & for others, the souls they've won, Lord, & the souls they've saved from perdition & Hell, the precious souls that they've saved for Heaven, Lord! It'll be eternally worthwhile, eternally nothing but joy & happiness in the future to see our reward for being faithful to the End & receiving that great crown of life so that we shine as the stars! "He that winneth souls is wise & they that turn many to righteousness shall shine as the stars," & surely our children have, Lord! (Pro.11:30, Dan.12:3)

TAK ML#1852:26 As my Mother used to say about indifference, indifference is one of the greatest dangers of the church!--That if indifference would show its hooves & horns, people would be afraid of it! But because they lapse into kind of a coma of indifference where they don't really care & are not much concerned about certain things that they should be interested in, it does just as much damage as the active opposition of enemies!


TAK ML#1852:27 JUST BEING UNCONCERNED & INDIFFERENT IS IN A SENSE MORE DANGEROUS BECAUSE IT'S DECEPTIVE & PEOPLE AREN'T AFRAID OF IT! People are afraid, in a sense, of demons & devils & monsters & ghouls & vampires & zombies & all that sort of spiritual manifestation, but they don't realise that the Devil takes all kinds of forms, that he can be sweet & charming & virtually hypnotic in his manifestations in some areas. Look at all the various lovely, charming people of the World who are not at all Christians! Look at some of these smart Jews & their charm & their wittiness & their intelligence & cleverness! In fact, nowadays almost all of the great actors & actresses & comedians & entertainers are Jews & as anti-Christ as they can be!

TAK ML#1857:26 "AND HE (THE OLD PROPHET) SAID UNTO HIS SONS, SADDLE ME THE ASS. So they saddled him the ass: And he rode thereon, & went after the man of God, & found him sitting under an oak." Oh, oh, that's where he made his first mistake!: Idleness is the Devil's workshop! He stopped to catch his breath, he stopped to rest, he was idle!

TAK ML#1857:50 FIRST OF ALL HE SAT DOWN, HE WASN'T BUSY DOING WHAT GOD WANTED HIM TO DO, & THEN HE LISTENED! He listened to the wrong voices! Then he obeyed the wrong people, & he went back!

TAK ML#1857:77 NOW BLESS US AS WE GO TO SERVE THEE, TO OBEY, & TO DO THIS THY WILL. Be not only hearers of Thy Word, praying or speaking, but doers also. Help us not to be guilty of the very things which we are ashamed of in others!

TAK ML#1903:8 NOTHING VENTURED, NOTHING GAINED! Better to have loved & lost than never to have loved at all! So try it!

TAK ML#1903:30 WHAT IS IT REALLY TO DO THE WILL OF GOD? (FAM: RIGHT NOW!) What is it to do the will of your parents & caretakers when they tell you to do something? (Fam: Right now!) If you don't do it right now then you're not obeying, even if you plan to do it later. Mama & Daddy want it done right now! Your teachers & nurses want it done now, not later, or you're apt to run off & play & forget about doing it later. Do it now! The best time to do it is to do it right now while we're thinking about it! That's the best time to do it--now! Do it now! That's a good motto, do it now! Don't put it off.


TAK ML#1906:45 I COULD ALMOST SAY THAT ONCE YOU'RE HEALED YOU'VE ALMOST GOTTA EARN YOUR HEALTH FROM THERE ON! You've got to give it to God completely or you'll lose it! God will judge you from then on by your works, & He will reward you according to your works & every deed done in the flesh & every word you speak, & His Word says so! (Mat.12:36,37, 16:27, Rom.2:6) Did you get it? You'll be held responsible for every idle word & every idle deed! He'll judge you according to your works!

TAK ML#1906:65 I THINK A LOT OF US ARE GOING TO BE SORRY WHEN WE SEE JESUS & REALISE HOW UNRIGHTEOUS WE ARE & HOW BAD WE WERE & WHAT MISERABLE FAILURES WE WERE COMPARED TO THE LORD & HIS LOVE & HIS GREAT HEART! Amen? I tell my wife almost every day what a mess I am, what a failure I am! I'm not near what I maybe might have been if I'd have done everything to please the Lord & done everything right. I'm sure I could have been better. But nobody's perfect, not even me. I'm probably the most imperfect of all! But at least I'm trying, & I'm trying to get you to try, amen? We may not be the Christian Endeavour Union, but we're the Christian Tryers Union anyhow. We're not trying to get saved, we're just trying to serve the Lord!--So keep it up! Praise God?

TAK ML#1910:31 DO IT NOW & NOW IS THE BEST TIME TO DO IT & not wait till the last minute!

TAK ML#1927:7 SOMETIMES WHEN YOU ARE TRYING TO MAKE A DECISION, THE DEVIL FIGHTS EXTRA HARD & THE LORD ALLOWS HIM TO MAKE IT THAT WAY TO TEST YOU, TO SEE IF YOU'RE GOING TO GIVE UP EVEN BEFORE YOU GET STARTED! Sometimes we think something the Lord may be asking of us is going to be completely Hell & that we're not going to be able to take it. It may seem like that to us at the time, but it's not always going to be that way!


TAK ML#2039:24 COME ON, LET'S HAVE SOME IMPOSSIBLE GOALS TO ATTAIN! Dream the impossible dream! Where's your vision & your faith for the impossible?

TAK ML#2039:26 SO HAVE A LITTLE FAITH! I'm not asking you to promise, but to try!

TAK ML#2054:128 --LIKE THAT GUY WHO WAS TRYING TO PLAY THE ACCORDION OUT BY OUR TENT! Oh, he was making the most awful racket you ever heard! He didn't know the first thing about music or chords or anything! It was just dissonant, discordant, horrible! I wanted to be kind, but I felt like telling him to shut up & stop it! So I was trying to work up to telling him that it was a little noisy & it was bothering people. I said, "Oh, I see you've got a new accordion!" And he said, "Yes, God's going to teach me how to play it! He's going to give me the gift!"

TAK ML#2054:129 HE'D BEEN OUT THERE FOR ABOUT AN HOUR DOING IT, & I SAID, "HOW LONG DO YOU THINK IT WILL TAKE HIM TO GIVE IT TO YOU?" He said, "I don't know, but I know He's going to do it! He's going to do it!" I said, "While you're waiting for Him to do it, wouldn't it be a good idea to buy yourself a little book & learn a little something about it, while you're waiting for the gift?"

TAK ML#2054:131 GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES! --OF COURSE, HE ALSO HELPS THOSE WHO CAN'T HELP THEMSELVES, HE DOES BOTH! He helps you if you can't help yourself, & He helps you learn, but He helps you learn to help yourself! He raised Lazarus from the dead, but He made the people roll away the stone! He could have just, whsst, gone like that, & the stone would have rolled away!--Or He could have zapped it & it could have dissolved, but He didn't. He let them do what they could & He was teaching them a lesson. He said, "Roll ye away the stone! You do what you can do & I'll do what you can't do."--Get it? (Jn.11:39)

TAK ML#2072:64 WE CAN'T BE LETHARGIC & LAZY! That's my tendency! It's a natural tendency to be lazy & lethargic & to do sort of the minimum that you have to do. I dare say that most of us are like that, it's sort of human nature. So we just sort of sit back & say a little prayer & let things go on until they get so desperate that we've gotta fight & there's nothing else to do!

TAK ML#2072:76 SO WE REALLY NEED TO GO ON THE ATTACK & REMEMBER, THAT ESPECIALLY NOWADAYS WHEN THE ENEMY IS REALLY FIGHTING US HARD, WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO REALLY FIGHT BACK & REALLY STIR OURSELVES UP TO REALLY WANT THE VICTORY! It's not just a matter of saying a little prayer, but it's stirring up our spirits, stirring up ourselves, asking the Lord to make us desperate to get the victory, to want to fight! You can say the words, but with spiritual problems and spiritual battles you have to continually have that attitude of desperation, of a stirred-up spirit on the attack. We have to have that attitude in our heart!--Not just come here and shout at the Enemy, which is a good thing to do and we'd better do that, but we've got to really feel it and continually be on the attack against our lethargy. (Jer.29:13; Isa.64:7)

TAK ML#2072:84 ALEXANDER THE GREAT SAID WHEN THEY ASKED HIM HOW HE HAD CONQUERED THE WORLD IN SUCH A SHORT TIME, HE REPLIED, "By not delaying!" So that goes with fighting & with changing things, doing it now. Otherwise, if you put it off you'll probably never do it.

TAK ML#2072:88 YOU CAN'T JUST SIT AROUND & REST ON YOUR PAST ACCOMPLISHMENTS, you have to really put forth effort & really do something, even though it takes a lot of effort. It really takes a lot of change & a lot of discomfort. You're a lot more comfortable just sitting around doing whatever you like to do. It takes real sacrifice & real unselfishness to launch out & tackle a new job, but that's what the Lord requires of us.

TAK ML#2072:90 IT'S HARD FOR MOST OF US, IT TAKES A LOT OF EFFORT! For some people it isn't so hard, like Dad, because that's the way the Lord made him & he wants change, he wants to fight. But most of us don't like to change & we're stuck in a rut most of the time. It's difficult for us & we don't like it & we resist it. Nevertheless the Lord will give you even more credit if you don't like it but you do it anyway & you overcome that natural tendency to be lazy & to be stuck in a rut.

TAK ML#2072:96 WE JUST NEED SOME MORE UMPH, WE NEED MORE ATTITUDE OF FIGHT! We're not so afraid, we just need to stir ourselves up & get on the attack--in everything! I don't just mean healing or spiritual battles, but in our everyday life & in everything we do we need to have enthusiasm & inspiration & put effort into it, be aggressive!

TAK ML#2072:114 WE REALLY NEED TO FIGHT & WE REALLY NEED TO STIR OURSELVES UP, not only with healing but in everything else. Of course, then you have more battles, but you get stronger every time you fight them!


TAK ML#2095:31 SO THE BRITISH ARE GETTING POORER & POORER WITH ONE ECONOMIC TRAGEDY & CATASTROPHE AFTER ANOTHER! Because of their industrial unrest, strikes, lazy workers who don't want to work & people who just want to live off the dole & not work for their food. God's Word says, "He that shall not work shall not eat!"--And the British have violated that law of God! (2Th.3:10)

TAK ML#2111:46 WE ARE HIS MOON, REFLECTING HIS LIGHT, & WE'RE TO SHINE AS BRIGHT AS WE CAN & AS LONG AS WE CAN, as the Soul Harvest is ending & the return of our Landlord is coming soon to collect His harvest--you & the souls that we have won for Jesus! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Amen! Thank God for the Moon!--Are you working hard to harvest souls under His last Harvest Moon? (ML #307; Mat.5:16; Joh.8:12, 4:35; Rev.14:14-16)

TAK ML#2112:35 SO GET BUSY! HURRY UP & WITNESS & WIN MORE SOULS & SAVE MORE PEOPLE & HAVE MORE BABIES! We need a lot more settlers up Here to populate this huge City!

TAK ML#2115:56 SO DO YOUR JOB & DO A GOOD JOB OF IT WHILE YOU CAN, BECAUSE YOU'LL BE VERY GLAD YOU DID WHEN YOU SEE YOUR REWARDS IN HEAVEN!--Especially those wonderful eternal souls you have saved forever! You'll see their happy, shining faces Up Here & hear their praise & thanksgiving for your love & sacrifice & hard work in winning them to Jesus & the Kingdom of God, & saving them for this wonderful Home in Heaven forever more!

TAK ML#2115:57 YOU'LL NEVER BE SORRY, IF YOU'LL KEEP YOUR MIND & HEART & EYES & SPIRIT STAYED ON THE LORD & on this Heavenly Kingdom that you're coming to so soon! So keep going for Jesus & souls! Keep working hard to win them, so that you can save more millions of them for this marvellous Heavenly City that they can enjoy with us forever! (Rev.22:14; Acts 5:42)

TAK ML#2141:4 I'VE SHOWED YOU ABOUT INVENTING THINGS & ENGINEERING THINGS & to try to improve things & not just keep fighting with the same old problem every single time.

TAK ML#2141:30 DRUGS ARE AN ESCAPISM FROM A REALITY, THEY'RE LAZINESS! You took drugs really because you didn't want to work & you didn't want to think & you wanted to escape from this World! Well, I don't blame you much, considering what a Hellish World some have made of it, but on the other hand, that wasn't the solution to your problems.

TAK ML#2141:31 THIS GENERATION IS SO GOD-DAMNED LAZY, IT DOESN'T WANT TO WORK, IT DOESN'T WANT TO THINK! It doesn't want to do any thing but lie around & have everything handed to'm on a silver platter & be fed with a silver spoon! I'm not talking about the poor Third World nations where from the time they're small the kids have to work or the family starves, I'm talking about the rich North American, European, Westernised, luxury-laden spoiled brats of the Western Capitalist System who have always had everything handed to them on a silver platter & fed with a silver spoon & never had to do anything for themselves until they got married.

TAK ML#2320:29 ALL OF A SUDDEN THE WOMAN SAYS, "MY GOD! YOU MEAN I'VE GOT TO DO ALL THIS WORK? You mean I've got to cook & clean house & take care of babies? I've got to have labour pains? My God! Give me anything! Give me drugs! Give me anything to help me escape all this!--Including a divorce!" They never did anything but sit around at home, the parents couldn't get'm to do a lick of work & apparently didn't even try to teach them, a lot of you. Certainly your fathers could have taught you boys something about maintenance work and repairs and fixing the simplest little things, toilets and whatnot! But maybe he was just as dumb. Maybe he was one of that generation that didn't know how to do anything.

TAK ML#2320:30 IT WAS NOT SO WITH YOUR PIONEER FOREFATHERS WHO PIONEERED & EXPLORED & DISCOVERED & SETTLED THAT GREAT NEW CONTINENT OF NORTH AMERICA! They had to think about everything, they had to do everything, they had to fix everything! They not only had to fix it, they had to make it! They had to know everything! That's why I say farmers are the smartest people in the World. To be a farmer you've got to just about know everything, not only about farming & planting & growing crops & fertilising & watering & debugging & deweeding & all the rest, but you've got to know about mechanics & plumbing & all kinds of engineering & improvising & investing! You had to think, & you still have to think to be a farmer.


TAK ML#2158:17 THERE'S ONLY ONE THAT CAN SAVE YOU & THAT'S JESUS CHRIST, JESUS! His grace plus faith plus nothing, absolutely nothing, saves you.--And keeps you saved forever!

TAK ML#2158:18 IF YOU KNOW & LOVE HIM, TO HAVE THAT KIND OF GRACE YOU'RE NOT JUST GOING TO SIT AROUND & TWIDDLE YOUR THUMBS LIKE MOST CHURCH PEOPLE, you're going to get out & get busy for the Lord & go into all the World & preach the Gospel to every creature, hoping as many will get saved as possible & will be up there in Heaven with you! Boy, I'll tell you, stars like that in your crown will give you a crown of glory! "He that winneth souls is wise, & they that turn many to righteousness shall shine as the stars!" (Dan.12:3.) God's got His stars! The World's got their stars, but God's stars are really going to out-shine anything that's ever been before! If you are a great soul-winner, a great witness, you really serve the Lord well, you're going to shine in Heaven!

TAK ML#2169:3 WHEN THEY WERE PRAYING THE LORD'S PRAYER, "THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN", THE LITTLE GIRL ASKED THE LITTLE BOY, "HOW'S THAT?"--And what did the little boy say? Do you remember? He said, "Right now!" That's how God's will is done in Heaven, & that's the way He wants it done on Earth.


TAK ML#2211-4:205 ONE OF THE DEVIL'S BEST TOOLS IS THAT WORD "wait", not now, procrastination! Procrastination means putting it off.

TAK ML#2211-4:218 HAVE YOU DONE YOUR BEST FOR JESUS? Are you doing your best for Jesus? If this is really it, if this is near the End, have you really accomplished all you should accomplish? Are you really doing your best now? Are you going to have any regrets when He comes? Are you going to be sorry about all the things you intended to do & you wanted to do & you were going to do sometime but you put them off & you didn't get them done?

TAK ML#2211-4:219 WHEN JESUS COMES, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO BE SORRY FOR? How many things are you going to be sorry that you didn't get done that you should have done, that you could have done! "Dr. Brandt, that's not the worst of it, I'm not the man that I could have been!" How many things are you going to be sorry for? Why is He going to have to wipe away the tears? (Rev.21:4) Because we're going to be sorry for a lot of things, a lot of things we could have done, we should have done but we didn't get done!

TAK ML#2211-4:221 IS THERE ANYTHING WE'RE DOING THAT'S NOT NECESSARY? Is there anything we're doing we're wasting time on? Is there anything that we could be doing that we're not doing? If this is it, this is the end, we're almost there! That's one of the saddest words in the English language, almost! "If I only had! I almost did!" The guy who almost made it, didn't make it! A miss is as good as a mile! He could be a fraction of an inch behind the line of the other guy, but he didn't win.

TAK ML#2211-4:222 ARE WE GOING TO MAKE IT? DO YOU THINK WE'RE GOING TO MAKE IT? Are we doing our best? Are we doing all we can? Are we doing it as fast as we can to get it done while they need it now & not after the Lord comes?

TAK ML#2211-4:223 IF YOU'RE GOING TO DO IT, NOW'S YOUR LAST CHANCE, go & get it done!

TAK ML#2211-4:226 SO LET'S GET BUSY, SHALL WE? LET'S WORK HARDER THAN WE EVER WORKED BEFORE, FASTER THAN WE EVER WORKED BEFORE, TO GET MORE DONE THAN WE EVER DID BEFORE, TO FEED THESE SHEEP EVERYTHING THEY NEED TO KNOW NOW, RIGHT NOW!--To get them on the ball, to get them moving, to win more souls than they ever won before!--To witness more than they ever witnessed before! There's no time to fiddle around any more, we've gotta get it done! We've got to get the job done or we'll be too late & we're going to be going Home & almost ashamed to face the Lord! "I'm sorry, Lord, I'm not the man that I could have been. I didn't accomplish all I could have accomplished. Forgive me, I'm sorry!"

TAK ML#2211-4:227 THERE ARE GOING TO BE TEARS IN HEAVEN, BECAUSE HE'S GOING TO HAVE TO WIPE THEM AWAY! "God shall wipe away all tears!" (Rev.21:4) There will be tears there about all the things we wished we'd done, or some of the things we wish we hadn't done! Right?

TAK ML#2239:74 SOME OF YOU GUYS ARE LIKE MY DADDY USED TO SAY ABOUT ME, "SON, I THINK YOU WERE BORN TIRED!" He got sick of hearing me say, "Oh, Dad, I'm too tired to do that! I'm too tired to do that right now!" He'd say, "Mow the lawn, boy, clean up the yard, empty the trash!" "Oh Dad, I'm too tired!" He'd say, "I think you were born tired!" Well, it's paid off! Because I'm so lazy I keep trying to find shorter, easier ways of doing things and trying to keep these guys from working too hard. I wouldn't want to do it, so why should I let them do it that way? So we do the shortcuts! It may not look pretty, it may not look like a work of art.

TAK ML#2254:10 THE STORY IS TOLD THAT ONCE WHILE PRAYING THAT VERY PRAYER, a little girl stopped at this point & asked her bigger brother, "What does that mean, 'Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven'?" And the little boy is said to have immediately replied without hesitation, "Right now!"

TAK ML#2286:7 THE MORE WORK THE HUMANS HAVE TO DO, THE LESS TROUBLE THEY'LL GET INTO! That's why bad people were so good in the days when everybody lived on a farm, there was so much work to do, they could hardly get into any trouble! They didn't have time to get into mischief! As Grandmother used to say whenever she'd see us kids idle & not working, "Idleness is the Devil's workshop!"

TAK ML#2318:33 They're hardened in their hearts, darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life of God & past feeling!--Eph.4:18, 19a. If you ask me, that is the average condition of the average church member that I have seen all my life, with the exception of a few who were on fire for God, & usually they got to the mission field or somewhere to serve the Lord. The rest are sitting there on their comfortable pews like dummies, like zombies, like the dead!--Paralysed, blind leaders of the blind leading into God's ditch of judgement before long!--Mat. 15:14. Just like dummies, bumps on those polished logs doing nothing.

TAK ML#2318:58 He's got millions of sheep out there that He wants to know the Gospel & wants to be saved & wants us to do something about it.

TAK ML#2318:60 Well, at least I delivered my soul! I was just thinking about some of those disasters & how some of them definitely are judgements, not only on the wicked, but quite often on God's Own people for their sins of lethargy & uselessness & slothfulness & doing nothing about the main job that God has given the church to do, & that's to evangelise the World, go into all the World & preach the Gospel to every creature! And most of them, those church people sitting in their churches on Sunday morning, aren't even preaching the Gospel to their next-door neighbours!

TAK ML#2320:26 All that this generation wants to do is get stoned on drugs or hard rock and now the noise videos and they don't want to think, they don't want to have to think. They've got to make subjects in school so palatable and so enjoyable and so entertaining and amusing that schools have turned into entertainment palaces instead of educational institutions, trying to entertain and amuse the students, hoping they might learn a little something in the process. They don't want to work, they're lazy, with lazy minds. They don't even want to know, they're on drugs.

TAK ML#2320:27 Drugs are an escapism from reality, they're laziness! Before you joined the Family, you took drugs because you didn't want to work and you didn't want to think and you wanted to escape from this World! Well, I don't blame you much, considering what a Hellish World some have made of it, but on the other hand, that wasn't the solution to your problems. That's escapism, escape from thinking, away from thinking, amusement. That's what the Latin word for amusement means, "away from thinking"!--Entertainment, drugs to deaden your brain so it won't even think, and take enough of them where you can't think. Then you did badly in school after you took drugs, your mind began to wander and you couldn't think clearly and you were befuddled. I think some of you had permanent damage to your memories and your thinking processes. It's pitiful!

TAK ML#2320:28 This generation is so God-damned lazy, it doesn't want to work, it doesn't want to think! It doesn't want to do anything but lie around and have everything handed to'm on a silver platter and be fed with a silver spoon! I'm not talking about the poor Third World nations where from the time they're small the kids have to work or the family starves, I'm talking about the rich North American, European, Westernised, luxury-laden spoiled brats of the Western Capitalist System who have always had everything handed to them on a silver platter and fed with a silver spoon and never had to do anything for themselves until they got married!

TAK ML#2320:37 See, I don't just rock along, business as usual, status quo--practically every time you come to my room you'll find things all changed around again! I keep trying to improve things and change things! I'm a World-changer, I'm not satisfied with the way things are! I'm always trying to think of some better way to do it, some easier way, some cheaper way, some faster way, some safer way!

TAK ML#2342:2-4: [HISTORY OF VALLEY FARMS SOCIALIST FARMING EXPERIMENT. Lazy louts did nothing & caused it to fail.]

TAK ML#2342:5 OUR OUTFIT JUST WON'T TAKE LAZY PEOPLE, THEY'LL NEVER LAST IN OUR FAMILY, because if they don't do their share of the work, "He that shall not work shall not eat!"--2Th.3:10. We just tell'm they'd better go someplace else!

TAK ML#2342:24-31,35-40 [OUR FAMILY WORKS BECAUSE we work & obey God.]

TAK ML#2343:75 LIKE DAMARIS IN HER SITUATION: WHEN SHE HAS QUESTIONS, SHE WRITES US, BUT SHE GOES AHEAD HEARING FROM & OBEYING THE LORD, & THEN TELLING US ABOUT WHAT SHE'S DONE, & by the time she hears back from us it's an encouragement to her, because usually she's been getting the same answers!

TAK ML#2385:40 I think some workers are so lazy they're happy for an excuse to stop!

TAK ML#2385:77 But it might be helpful to have a list of all the high performers who are really fruitful workers, just like they do in any factory or country.--What's their efficiency? What's their productivity record, their support record? Have they already gone through all their supply of literature without buying any more & gone through all their emergency funds too & are now on the brink of starvation?--Or are they fruitful servants? Or are they in such bad shape that either they or their talents are going to have to be buried?

TAK ML#2397:45 The Bible says, "Be instant in season & out of season!"--2Tim.4:2. Whatever you do, do it!--Amen? God bless you! Fight team, fight!

TAK ML#2413:4 We just have to keep patiently plugging & trusting You to work out all the problems & differences & solve all of the hindrances & all the things that the Enemy tries to put in the way, Lord, & You have solved every one of them, thank You Jesus, & are still solving them!

TAK ML#2425:32 (MARIA: AMEN, THANK YOU JESUS FOR THESE GOOD LESSONS THAT GRANDPA SACRIFICED HIS STRENGTH & TIME TO GIVE TO US! So help us to take them seriously & soberly to heart & to do what they say, not just hear with our ears, but also put them into practice, Lord, & do them in our actions too & show that we learned the lesson & we learned some wisdom too about how to apply it, Lord.)

TAK ML#2489:1 If a Jew is a good Jew, then he's just the best! So we can take, maybe we shouldn't say pride in that, but be thankful! After all, "Tis odd that God should choose the Jews, but God chose, which shows, God knew His Jew!" He certainly must have known'm, He must have known the drive they've got & the stubbornness they've got, & the determination to do what they're supposed to do, or what they're not supposed to do, whatever, & that they would get there!

TAK ML#2495:14 There are lots of people who are not very good Christians, but I'd hate to think that all of those church people & Baptists & whatnot who really believe in Eternal Security are all going to Hell just because they don't seem to have the fruits of Salvation. Maybe they won't bear the fruits until the Millennium! Maybe they won't wake up until then when they see it & realise what it means & how much it counts to serve the Lord & witness & win souls etc.

TAK ML#2495:20 And this other lazy lout, this younger son, was going to be like nothing, almost like a hired servant. He would have to work on the farm & never see anything that was actually going to be his. He had to work just like the rest of the servants. He'd lost it all, he'd lost his inheritance, lost his birthright, lost everything!--Well, maybe not his birthright, maybe you can't say that, because his birthright was to be a son, & he was still a son & acknowledged as a son & received by the Father as a son & allowed to live in the Father's house! What better example of salvation can you have than that? But he'd lost all his rewards! He had lost everything but a place in the Father's House & at his table. He'd lost everything but his salvation. That's one of the best examples.

TAK ML#2495:34 (Maria: A similar question of our teens might be, "Well, I don't remember when I actually asked Jesus into my heart. So since I'm a bad teen, maybe I didn't.") Well then, just do it right now! (Maria: Yes, but in spite of the fact that they don't remember, if they've grown up in the Family, it's almost 100% sure they've been saved.) If their Mother & Father remember when they did it, they don't necessarily have to remember it. (Maria: I don't remember when I did it.) I don't remember when I did it either, but I'm sure I'm saved! (Maria: So that shouldn't be a problem for them, because they couldn't have possibly gotten this far in the Family without being saved! But I agree that if they have any doubts they should immediately ask Jesus to enter their life.)

TAK ML#2498:6 So the largest part of the U.S. annual budget is spent on welfare. They call it Social Security & blah blah, all kinds of nice fancy names, but it's the dole! It's welfare, teaching people not to work!--That they can live off of the government.

TAK ML#2498:14 Let's face it, most Americans have become lazy, drunken, careless, drug addicts! What the Hell kind of cars are they going to make? Their cars are just fancy names that used to be famous for their excellent workmanship & good materials.--But no more! The materials are getting worse all the time!

TAK ML#2504:27 But we really try to put the Lord first, not just in words but in deed too.

TAK ML#2511:14 You just have to take charge, that's all! You just can't let the Devil take over. You've got to rebuke him & resist him & shoo him away & have Jesus take charge & pray against him with groanings that cannot be uttered!--Rom.8:26. It doesn't really mean they can't be uttered. It means they can't be expressed. They can't be expressed in our own language, they have to just be uttered in the language of Heaven by the power of the Spirit. Hallelujah! TYJ!

TAK ML#2522:34 But I'm just jerking you up today to remind you that you are still in an Army & you are to report to duty at certain times that you have been given. And you're not just to think, "Well, it's not really important whether I get there on time or not." Because whether I've kept tabs on you & found out whether you're doing that or not, I will find out sooner or later! If you're slovenly & sloppy about getting to work on time & doing your job & keeping in touch & reporting, do you think that's being a
good, faithful servant of the Lord? Do you think that's being a good member of this Family?

TAK ML#2524:99 Amidst all of your foolishness, if there's one little bit of sense left in your head, for God's sake, use it and decide for God and against those devils and tell them to leave! You have to make that decision! We can't do it for you and God won't do it for you. In this case you have to work out your own salvation.--Phil.2:12. You have to do it! You're the one! Amen? (Family: Amen, that's right!)

TAK ML#2526:64 That applies to the System & to us as well. If you don't have a reason for doing something that's hard work, you won't do it unless you're forced to. You would much sooner just goof off or daydream & not do anything. So because they don't have any motivation or any goals, they end up selfish & lazy. What are their goals? They're not taught any goals at all. They could at least be taught that they have to learn all they can in order to have children & have a husband, but they're not even taught that as a goal. They're not taught the need for preparation. They think, "We can learn what we need when the time comes."

TAK ML#2526:79 I learned from reports it was going on, but I didn't realise how far advanced things were until almost too late.

TAK ML#2526:80 After reading the report from David's overseers, Dad just said, "Forget it, get David out of that situation & get that problem teen out & separate them! Do something about it now!" I was waiting until we had enough "evidence" so David could be confronted with it, which in some cases is good. If it's not that serious a thing, it's good to wait until you have enough facts so you can present an airtight case. But if it's a matter of life & death, you don't have to sit the teen down & present all the evidence & get him to agree. You just say, "Look, this is what we're going to do!--Your life's in danger whether you understand it or not, & we're going to change this situation fast!"

TAK ML#2526:81 That's what Dad did, & it's a good thing he had us move on it so quickly, because it would've been too late if he hadn't. In other words, if it's a serious matter, you can't just let it go on till they find out for themselves.

TAK ML#2526:82 That's why we, as parents & Shepherds, have to keep a very close eye on what our kids are doing, so they don't get involved with the wrong people or in the wrong situations, because if they do, before you realise it, you're going to have real trouble & real problems on your hands trying to get them back out of whatever trouble they've gotten into! It's going to be much harder on you & much harder on them. That's why we believe in attacking the problem in its earliest stage, not after it's gone on for awhile, while we are waiting & hoping it'll go away, hoping they'll see the light, hoping that the little things we can say will help convict them.

TAK ML#2526:83 The Enemy's playing for keeps, especially with our children! We have to take the initiative & go on the attack & nip the problem in the bud & give the kids the Word on it & pray that they can learn the lesson without having to go through the experience! Some things they just have to take your word for.--If they will. Of course, if they are that defiant & they insist on going ahead anyway, they'll still ultimately learn their lessons very well, but they'll be hard lessons. "The way of the transgressor is hard!"--Pro.13:15.

TAK ML#2527:2 You know I can be a pretty hard man (Mat.25:24), & I've frequently laid down the law--chop, chop--& let the chips fall where they may. And I have no patience with people who are doing nothing! I haven't any more patience with them than I had with the churches! People sitting around doing nothing make me sick and fed-up, and I'm sure they make God sick at His stomach as well! They're perfect qualifiers for the lukewarm state! (Rev.3:15,16)

TAK ML#2527:3 I think if they're hot, they should be good hot on-fire missionaries!--Either that, or be cold, unsaved. The Lord would rather have them that way, at least there's some hope for the unsaved. But those who have had as much as those people have, yet they're still sitting there doing nothing, forget'm! Forget'm! Well, some of them may be lost or strayed sheep, but when people have received as much Truth as they've had, for them to still be just sitting around doing nothing, they make me sick at my stomach like they make God sick at His stomach!--And as far as I'm concerned, I'd just as soon cut them off!

TAK ML#2527:18 What does a good sales manager do? He looks around at his distributors, & who does he choose to keep with his company?--And what does he do with distributors who just can't make it & are not really producing? (Maria: He fires them.) Yes, & he gives that distributor's territory to somebody else who can produce!

TAK ML#2527:19 If you just look at it in practical terms, economic terms, it's just ridiculous to give distributorships to people who are not producing!--And are not even making enough to pay for the materials, for the samples they're getting!

TAK ML#2527:34 It's best we dump'm. I'm sick of these backsliders & traitors & sickening betrayers & lazy sitters instead of soldiers. I just can't stomach'm! I can't stand'm! I'd rather ditch'm even if it hurts our income, so what! I don't want income from people like that. They're just a drag, sponges, leeches, parasites!

TAK ML#2527:35 We still want quality, not mere quantity! (See ML# 23)--A determined Gideon's Band of dedicated disciples & workers for the Lord!--Not a bunch of do-nothing sitters!--Which are you?

TAK ML#2535:3 So in that sense of Salvation, they are "believers" in Salvation. But as far as being true believers in the way we mean, & in the way the Bible talks about it, it's a whole different thing. The Bible is talking about both, of course. But the true sense of the word, & the application for us is, that "believers" means believers & receivers of everything the Bible has to say, & practicers of it as well.--Believers in the Bible who then act on it & do it!

TAK ML#2535:4 Believing it is doing it!--That's the kind of real believers who believe in the whole way of life for Jesus, & all aspects of doing what the Lord wants us to do.--Not just believing that you have Salvation, that's not going to go very far. It'll get you to Heaven, but that's about it.

TAK ML#2542:8 We can't stop doing what we're supposed to do just because somebody is going to take something the wrong way!

TAK ML#2558:20 Or someone may feel like, "I know I need to break out of this unfruitful relationship that isn't doing me any good," but they just don't have the strength or courage to initiate such a change on their own. In their hearts they're actually waiting for their leader to come along & put their foot down & say, "Okay, no more! You two need to separate!"

TAK ML#2613:1 Not only are the Devil & the Antichrist testing the waters to see if it's time for them to take over, but God is testing you & me to see how much we will take & how much we will let them get away with, & how much the church will let them get away with without protest, without doing something about it!

TAK ML#2618:66 What if you see a good man doing good & helping the poor & all kinds of good things? A lot of people watched Jesus doing those things & maybe they didn't even know His Name. But they saw He was good & doing good, the Man Who went about everywhere doing good. (Maria: You're inspired when you see someone like that, & you say, "Well, I wish I could be like that, I want to do things like that too!") And you believe in that.

TAK ML#2619:26 The Northern and extreme Southern countries have become the most vigorous, energetic and industrialised in the World, while the people of the Tropics have generally grown lazy, indolent, lethargic, poverty-stricken, slow and weak. It is all of the Northern, and the Southern-most climates where it's also cold, like Argentina, Chile, Australia, New Zealand and all, which are the most vigorous and the most developed, the healthiest and the richest.

TAK ML#2620:2 Most of all, I've been praying to just be able to start, since that's usually the hardest part. Once I've gotten over that hurdle, I do pretty well, thank the Lord! But the Enemy really fights me in starting to dictate these Letters. I guess he fights you in getting the time to do your reports as well. But when we just push through those "iron bars & brazen gates" with prayer & determination, then we win the victory & are able to have the satisfaction of knowing that we've done God's Will, PTL! (Amen!--D.)

TAK ML#2620:22 There never seems to be a more expedient time than now! That's why the Lord says, "Now is the day of Salvation. Today if you will hear His voice, harden not your heart!"--Heb.3:7,8. So sometimes, no matter how difficult & how many obstacles seem to be in the way, you just have to get in there & you just have to do it & just let the chips fall where they may, praying desperately for the Holy Spirit to do the work in their hearts & to show them & give them the vision that you are trying to impart to them!

TAK ML#2620:25 Their attitude is, "The old ruts are too comfortable. Even though there may be a better way, the good ol' way is working fine, so please don't disturb me! It would take too much change, too much effort, too much sacrifice to change after all these years!"--That's the kind of attitude people often develop when they're so familiar with each other after being together for years & years.

TAK ML#2620:39 The Lord was trying to point out to Jo that a fast, "efficient" spirit of getting so much done & always being on top of everything & always having everybody working feverishly & everything moving swiftly, & being able to accomplish so much more than anyone else, was not necessarily of the Lord. The Lord is trying to get Jo to slow down, to take more time for prayer & to let the Lord move, to let the Lord work, & to see what the Lord wants to do. He's learning that he needs to take time for rest, take time to think & to pray & to hear from the Lord.--And to let others do the same.

TAK ML#2622:5 Sure, the old habits crop up frequently to try to discourage us & make us feel like we haven't changed & we haven't gotten the victory, but they're just lying vanities. So just rebuke the Enemy & try again! "Whom the Lord hath made free shall be free indeed!"--Jn.8:36. He's done the work but it may take you awhile to indeed see the evidence of it. Right now you have to believe by faith. But as you put your faith into action, you will begin to see the results!

TAK ML#2623:21 Prayer really needs to become a habit!--And to make anything a habit it takes a lot of conscious effort over a period of time. It also usually involves a lot of forgetting & some remembering. Then finally we start remembering more than we forget! Prayer is just like anything else that you make a habit, it takes a lot of conscious effort, & you'll forget a lot of times.

TAK ML#2628:5 We commended you very highly for being hard-working, diligent, dedicated & efficient, but we had to point out that these things need to be balanced with more prayer & more Word & more communion with the Lord. It's true that some people don't work hard enough, & they need to press in a lot more, show more dedication & sacrifice, & labour more diligently for the Lord. It's just that we must be careful that our working hard does not crowd out our time with the Lord.

TAK ML#2630:21 It's amazing how somebody can change! Her general attitude previously was so passive, & it was very difficult to get her to fight to make needed changes in her life. But it seems like there was almost an immediate transformation when all of these trials came upon her. She's really been fighting!

TAK ML#2632:10 One of the first things the Lord showed Dad about why all this was happening to Techi was that the Lord was trying to make her into a fighter.--To change her from being a rather passive, indecisive, sluggish & somewhat stagnant little girl, into an aggressor & militant fighter in spirit.--To stimulate & stir her up, to make her so desperate that she had to fight, to truly go on the offensive & attack!

TAK ML#2633:17 Another major reason that she was unable to get a lasting victory over those outside attacks of evil thoughts & pictures was because she was unwilling to work on & go on the attack against her very serious personal problems.

TAK ML#2636:17 Those are the kind of things that you can do now! Don't wait until it's too late, do it now! I'm just telling you. If you don't, I'm going to say, "I told you so!"

TAK ML#2639:5 Every day is important! Every day that you don't get the victory & that you keep arguing, contradicting & speaking out your doubts or your displeasure at people, every day that you keep doing it, you're just continuing to build that habit, & that's really sad. So the sooner you get the victory, the easier it's going to be for you, & the happier you're going to be, & the happier everybody else is going to be as well!

TAK MOM#75:2 I'VE GOT TO HAND IT TO ONE OF YOU WHO REALLY GOES ON THE ATTACK! You said to one important man, "I'd like to see you again." And he said, "Yes, that would be nice." So you said, "Well, when?" And he said, "Maybe sometime next month." You said, "Oh, such a long time, couldn't we meet next week?" She really goes on the attack! She's aggressive, in a nice way though. She apparently sometimes has a little problem with being too pushy in certain things, but our weaknesses used in the right way can even be our strengths. And from what I've seen of her reports & what I've been noticing is that at least she pins people down & she gets'm to make a decision! She doesn't let'm just go off into space, she gets'm! If she wants'm, she really goes after'm! And that's the way you have to be regarding donations & raising support, but without being offensive.

TAK PTR#32:5 YOU CAN DECIDE NOT TO BE A CERTAIN WAY. A lot of it has to do with your own will, your own desire, your want to change, but then you have to decide that you want to change, because if you don't, you won't! It's real simple!

TAK SRA#97:35 You can even shine in several ministries instead of just one. Why not do your best while you're at it? Why be specialised in only one area when you have many opportunities to learn & grow in?

TAK SRA#97:41 There is a difference, there are David's Mighty Men, leaders, real fighters for Jesus & there are even leadership "little people" in the Family, real dedicated labourers for the Lord, really on-fire & challenged & cheerful & turned on about whatever they do, no matter what it is! And there are plodders & day-to-day, ho-hum, "Okay, what do I do next? Is there anything more I have to do?" People who just kind of drag along & do only what's expected of them to do & do only what they're told to do & don't really press-in & enjoy serving the Lord! There are that kind of people in all walks of life even in the World, in school, in the business World & in a group of friends.

TAK SRA#97:43 This is the vision we have for these children, that's why I'm constantly every day prodding them, teaching them & reminding them & encouraging them & trying to bring them out every single day to learn.--It's that vision put into action, to have faithfulness & diligence & initiative, those three things, in everything they do!

TAK SRA#97:54 You can really excel in some fields & still really shine in other fields. You can choose to be that way, or you can choose to do the least for the Lord & follow the schedule & only do what's required of you day by day by day. Jesus will come & you'll go Heaven & everything's going to work out all right. But what have you done with your life?

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