Ref Category __STRA: It's Only Jesus!
         It's not in us, it's only in Him!
         See also GODE: Glory to God--Giving
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STRA ML#I:3 GOD'S NEW ORDER MUST RISE UPON A CLEAN, NEW FOUNDATION--THE ONLY FOUNDATION WHICH CAN LAST--THE PERSONALITY, POWER & TRUTH OF JESUS CHRIST, upon which can only be built a brand new building of "new & living stones." (1Pet.2:5)


STRA ML#3:6 THE THINNER YOU ARE, THE MORE THE LIGHT GETS THROUGH! The less there is of you, the more the light shines through!

STRA ML#3:8 EVEN A GRAIN OF DUST, AS SMALL AS IT IS, CAN SPARKLE LIKE A DIAMOND, if it will get in the sunshine. The greater the darkness, the brighter the light! A little diamond of dust or a little ray of sunshine shows up best when the room is very dark, 'cause "where iniquity doth abound, grace doth much more abound"!

STRA ML#4:40 THE QUICKER YOU LEARN THAT YOU DON'T KNOW, the better off you're going to be, because only God has the answers!

STRA ML#4:63 IT'S WONDERFUL, IT'S THRILLING WHEN YOU REALISE THAT YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO IT! It's God's business, & it's His problem, so it's got to be His provision & His protection & it has come to that: you have just got to trust the Lord!

STRA ML#9:8 ...that vital touch with Him--His Divine Life, Beauty, Power & Wisdom, which makes all of His Prophets what they are.

STRA ML#20:3 WHEN PETER STARTED LOOKING AT HIMSELF--HE STARTED TO SINK! It was no use! If you start looking at yourself, you're going to Sink Sink Sink, when you Think Think Think, 'cause you Stink Stink Stink!!!! You have to keep your eyes on Jesus!

STRA ML#20:3 You have to keep your eyes on Jesus! You've got to be so full of Jesus--like being full of wine--that you're so high, so drunk, so freaked out on Jesus, you don't care what the Hell happens! All you know is you love Jesus--Jesus loves you!--and that's all that matters!

STRA ML#20:9 Let's keep our eyes on the Lord! I can't stand the sight of you--or me either!

STRA ML#20:10 It helps make you forget what a damn fool you are, & how the Hell you feel, & you just think life is wonderful--because you're so full of gin--I mean Jesus!

STRA ML#20:11 I can't stand the reality of self & the stench of sin! It makes me want to puke! I'd rather drink myself stupid in Jesus--where I can't see anything or anybody but Him!

STRA ML#20:12 I want to hear about the Holy Spirit--the only One that can help us both! I wanna hear about Jesus--the One who didn't make any mistakes, & the One that loves us in spite of ours!--And that can help us not to make any more!

STRA ML#20:16 LET'S FORGET ABOUT YOU & ME! Let's just think about Jesus--that's the only way you can stand to live!



STRA ML#20:19 YOU DON'T EVEN COUNT! JESUS IS ALL THAT MATTERS! IF YOU'RE STILL TALKING ABOUT YOUR SHITTY SELF, YOU'RE NOT DRUNK ENOUGH ON JESUS! You're not high enough on the Holy Ghost--or you wouldn't even know you existed! Not I, but Christ! But it is not I that live, but Christ! If you keep talking about your damn stupid self--you're not dead yet!

STRA ML#20:20 Who the Hell cares how bad you score or how bad I score, or who wins or loses? Let's just get stoned on Jesus!--so we don't care who wins or loses, as long as we have Jesus!

STRA ML#20:20 To Hell with your stupid self & all your damn sins! Let's send 'em to Hell where they came from! Let's just lift up Jesus! Let's talk about Jesus!

STRA ML#20:21 Let's just hear what Jesus has done--in you & through you & by you & about you & to you & with you & for you--& all about Jesus!

STRA ML#20:22 I wanna get loved up with Jesus! I wanna be a bride--not a whore! Let's fall in love with Jesus!

STRA ML#20:23 Let's talk about Jesus! If He's lifted up, He'll draw us all to Him! Let's just look at Jesus, huh? I don't care to see what you look like!--I look bad enough myself! Let's take a look at Jesus! Look & live! Life for a look! Looking at you & me kills me! I wanna look at Jesus! That's my only Hope of Living! You kill me! Only Jesus makes me wanna live!

STRA ML#20:25 GET YOUR HELL OUTTA HERE! You're a damn stinking whoremonger! I don't want anybody but Jesus to fuck me! I'm the Bride of Christ! Whose bride are you? I don't want anybody but Jesus! Amen? To Hell with all the rest! Just give me Jesus!


STRA ML#25:7 I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE "HOLINESS" DOCTRINE OF ERADICATION--neither in the Baptist doctrine of mere Suppression, but rather in the good old Bible doctrine of Habitation, "Christ in you, the Hope of Glory." "Without Me ye can do nothing." Even Jesus said of Himself, "I can do nothing, but what the Father showeth Me."

STRA ML#25:8 YOU CAN'T GET THE VICTORY! IT'S IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU TO GET THE VICTORY! ONLY CHRIST CAN! "LET GO & LET GOD!" YOU CAN'T DO IT YOURSELF. "Not of works, lest any man should boast!" "For by grace are ye saved, through faith, & that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God."--Only God can give it! You can't earn it, work for it, work it up, pray it down, pray it through, & become so wholly sanctified, that you're some kind of a sinless saint!

STRA ML#25:9 YOU HAVEN'T GOT ANYBODY'S RIGHTEOUSNESS EXCEPT CHRIST, & HE'S THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN GIVE IT TO YOU! Your own righteousness stinks! It's "filthy menstrous rags!" So quit trying! Let God do it! Let the Light in!--And the darkness will flee of itself!

STRA ML#25:10 GET SO FULL OF THE SPIRIT & THE WORD, YOU DON'T HAVE TIME TO WORRY ABOUT YOUR OWN DAMN, STINKING SELF!--Or how bad you are! Of course, you're bad! So are all the rest of us! Only Jesus is good! So "Let's talk about Jesus", huh? I gave up on myself a long time ago--like Paul did in Romans 7:17-25, "O wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from the body of this death? I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord." Hallelujah! He's the only One who can do it! All the filthy confession sessions in the World aren't going to do it!

STRA ML#33:11 THE FUTURE IS AS BRIGHT AS THE PROMISES OF GOD! You gotta keep your eyes on Jesus because there's no other way to look but down--& that's the Pit--the dismal abyss of horrible nothingness.

STRA ML#33:19 EVERYONE OF US IS A HELL OF A MESS & if we don't keep our eyes on the Lord & our mind on His Word we're doomed to defeat, doubt, & disillusionment, & final failure!

STRA ML#33:31 LET'S GET GOING WITH GOD! HE'S THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN MAKE IT! And He'll pull you through if you just give Him a chance & hang on to His Word & let Him hang on to you! Let go--& let God!

STRA ML#33:32 AFTER THIS SESSION THIS MORNING, THE OLD HYMN BEGAN TO COME TO ME: "HE'LL HOLD ME FAST!" I can't hold myself! I can't help myself! Only God can help me! He's my only hope!

STRA ML#33:33 Hallelujah! Only He can do it! Just give Him a chance! Let go & let God! Keep your eyes on Jesus! Let's talk about Jesus! Let's talk about love--His Love!

STRA ML#33:38
         Every burden becomes a blessing when I know my Lord is nigh!"

STRA ML#45:10 SAUL & DAVID & SOLOMON ALL FOUND THAT THEY ONLY MADE FOOLS OF THEMSELVES WHENEVER THEY TRIED TO GO IT ON THEIR OWN, whenever they failed to recognise that only God could save them, that it was all God & nothing else.

STRA ML#45:13 Only Jesus can do it! He not only saves you, but He also does the works through you--& it's all Jesus--none of your damn self or your own stinking self-righteousness--just Jesus!

STRA ML#58:32 Every day with Jesus should be better than the day before! Every day with Jesus you should love Him more & more! He will save & keep you, & He's the One you're waiting for! Every day with Jesus will be better than the day before! Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus! He's wonderful! PTL!

STRA ML#60:52 ALL GLORY & PRAISE TO THE LAMB THAT WAS SLAIN, Who hath borne all our sins, & hath cleansed every stain--Jesus! Hallelujah! Amen! Don't forget He's the One that started you!

STRA ML#68:34 We're only His little vessels, fit for the Master's use, His tiny children, with nothing to cling to but Him. Praise the Lord!

STRA ML#69A:41 JESUS HIMSELF SAID WHEN HE ADVISED US, "AND IF I BE LIFTED UP, I WILL DRAW ALL MEN UNTO ME." In other words, Jesus said, "If you show people what I'm really like, it'll turn'm on to Me."

STRA ML#75:23 WE'RE NOTHING, LORD! IF THERE'S ANYTHING GOOD ABOUT US, IT'S ONLY YOU!--Nothing of ourselves. Our only hope--You in us, Lord!

STRA ML#75:23 "Nothing in our hands we bring!--Simply to the Cross we cling!" We are absolutely nothing!

STRA ML#75:25 IF WE ONLY KNEW HOW NOTHING WE ARE. He that thinketh he is something, is nothing at all. If any man thinketh he standeth, let him take heed lest he fall. He that is exalted shall be abased--for the first shall be last, & the last first!


STRA ML#76:34 And anyone who tries to get them to climb into the fold of the true discipleship of Jesus through any other door than following Jesus all the way, is a thief & a robber, as Jesus Himself said, & is trying to steal the little lambs from His Kingdom!

STRA ML#82:2 WE DON'T HAVE TO HONOUR ANYONE BUT YOU! I see no man among you save Jesus Christ & Him crucified!


STRA ML#86:23 I'm determined to see no man among you save Jesus only! It's only Jesus! That's the only difference God sees! You either belong to Jesus or you don't! To Hell with all the rest of the differences, discriminations & prejudices!

STRA ML#88:41 JESUS SAID, "AND I, IF I BE LIFTED UP, I WILL DRAW ALL MEN UNTO ME." (Jn.12:32) Preach Christ! Preach the Word! Don't be ashamed of either.

STRA ML#111:25 Jesus shall empower thee, & shall make thee as another one, more than thyself.

STRA ML#117A:29 Get thee behind me, Satan, for My ways are not your ways, for that which seemeth wrong unto Man, that which seemeth against the laws of Man, I will take the weak things to confound the mighty & the foolish things...And I will take the things which are not as though they are, that all may glory in Me, but know it is not thee, but I, the Lord that have done it.

STRA ML#123:16 SOME OF YOU DON'T KNOW WHO I AM! I DON'T CARE! It doesn't make too much difference as long as you know Who Jesus is! If anyone wants to know who started this group, or they ask you to take them to your leader: Take them to Jesus! Tell them to get down on their knees!

STRA ML#143:6 LET'S QUIT LOOKING AT THE WAVES, & look up to Jesus, or we'll all sink!

STRA ML#143A:125 JESUS HAD SO MUCH TO SAY ABOUT NOT BEING ASHAMED OF HIM OR HIS NAME! He even said that if you were ashamed of Him & His Name before this wicked & adulterous generation, He'd be ashamed of you before the Father in Heaven. His Name stood for something, & neither is there Salvation in any other Name! We're to pray in His Name, heal in His Name, cast out Devils in His Name, baptise in His Name, preach in His Name! There's Power in His Name! Why? Because of Who He is & what He stands for, no matter how many people hate Him & curse His Name!

STRA ML#143A:126 JESUS EVEN MADE LOYALTY TO HIS NAME A REQUIREMENT OF DISCIPLESHIP & HE INSISTED THAT IT BE PROCLAIMED, & LITERALLY MILLIONS HAVE DIED FOR HIS NAME & REFUSING TO DENY HIS NAME, or even to deny their own name--that they were Christians! Why didn't they just change names? Couldn't they just have said: "It doesn't matter what we call Jesus, or what we ourselves are called, just as long as we know Who He is & Who we love & worship & Who we are? We can call Him or ourselves anything we want, & we'll still know who we're talking about, so that if our attackers or persecutors ask us if we believe in Jesus, we can say, no. No, we believe in Krishna! That'll be our new name for Jesus! We'll know who we're talking about! We'll still know we're really talking about Jesus, but it'll throw our enemies off the track, & we'll call ourselves Hari Krishna, so that, though we'll know we're still Christians, our enemies won't know it! So all hail to Krishna by all us Hari Krishnas! Don't be alarmed!--We're still Christians talking about Jesus, but we don't want the World to know it!"

STRA ML#154:41 Accentuate the positive, stay off the negative, lift up Jesus, Who said, "If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me!" Preach Christ! Know no man among you save Jesus only! If they don't want Him, forget it! (Acts 4:13,14; Jn.12:32; 1Cor.2:2.)

STRA ML#159:13 FOR GOD'S SAKE & HIS WORK'S SAKE & YOUR OWN SAKE & ESPECIALLY FOR THE SAKE OF THOSE AROUND YOU, DON'T TRY SO HARD & TAKE YOURSELF SO SERIOUSLY! It's gotta be God or we'll never make it! That's why He picked us!--And that's why they marvel, beholding the man, & that it's only because we've been with Jesus that we can do these things!

STRA ML#186:5 HELP HIM TO QUIT THINKING ABOUT HIMSELF, BUT TO GET HIS EYES ON YOU. None of us can stand the sight of ourselves. We're a mess & nothing without You, & only You can do it, if we yield to You.

STRA ML#203:12 Just like the Lord is the sun & we're His vineyard, & He's able to shine on us & chase away all the shadows & doubts & fears & the cold, & warm the bosom of our earth so we bring forth fruit--Our bosom, our fruit, His sun.

STRA ML#203:13 God is able to warm his heart & cause him to be like the white heat of the sun, clear & enlightening & warm & bright, pure, hiding nothing; which, when he does, will apparently warm your heart. But that the Lord has to do, & we have to let Him, & only God can do it. "I can indeed give him a new heart & I can make him a new man such as thou hast not seen, because of the love of David."

STRA ML#215:62 FOR I AM THE LORD OF THE VINEYARD, & I AM THE VINE, ye are My branches, & I am He which causeth to grow, & I am He which filleth the grapeskins!

STRA ML#306:75 HE'S YOUR ELECTRICITY! HE'S WHAT TURNS YOU ON! He's what gives you such a charge!

STRA ML#312:12 The greatest men in the Bible were guys that made terrible mistakes & realised they were sinners, that they needed God.

STRA ML#313C:25 YOU CERTAINLY NEED THE BAPTISM OF GOD'S LOVE & POWER TO BE FILLED TO OVERFLOWING with His precious Holy Spirit in order to have the strength to pull through!

STRA ML#325:11-12: SO WE MUST ASK HIM IN ALL HUMILITY TO HELP US HAVE MERCY ON OTHERS, knowing that we ourselves must also be forgiven for many sins. Remembering continually what sinners we are & how many mistakes we've made helps greatly to keep us humble & to avoid that spirit of self-righteous pride which causes us to criticise & condemn others. It helps to always remember we're all sinners & that we all make mistakes & that we must "forgive one another even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven us." "For it is no longer you that live but Christ that lives in you, for you are now dead & your life is hid with Christ in God."

STRA ML#326B:1 Of course, it's not perfect, which nothing here ever will be, including you or me or any of our stuff! Only the Lord is perfect, & it's a constant amazement to me that He can use us at all! God bless Him!

STRA ML#328:8 THE GREATEST MEN ARE THE ONES WHO DIDN'T KNOW THEY WERE GREAT, AT LEAST THEY DIDN'T FEEL GREAT. What makes you really great is the greatness God gives you--the Spirit, the inspiration.

STRA ML#328:12 YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE HOLY SPIRIT WHICH PEOPLE RECOGNISE AS SOMETHING GREAT. You kind of swing with the drama of it & sort of fit in with it & ride the crest, but you have to remember it is not you--it's something divine, the Holy Spirit, so people recognise they're not seeing you--they're seeing the Lord.

STRA ML#328:13 If in seeing you, they don't see you, they see the Lord, that's the difference.

STRA ML#328:26 GOD HAD WRITTEN YOU A SCRIPT & MADE YOU A PLAY OF WHICH HE MADE YOU THE STARS & you were playing your roles well! Our kids are just kids, no different from any others, except for one thing--God--& He's everything!

STRA ML#328:27 HE MAKES THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LIFELESS CLAY & THE ALIVE, PULSATING ENERGETIC BODY OF A HUMAN BEING! It's the breath of God, the anointing & power of God, that makes the difference--& don't you forget it!

STRA ML#328:28 Without Him you're nothing! You'll fall flat as a flounder! What did the Lord show me in the "Bahai Prophecy" about the pitiful prophets who tried to keep on going after the anointing was gone? They're the most sad, pitiful cases in all history after God removed the anointing because they went astray or began to exalt themselves instead of giving God the glory.

STRA ML#328:30 It's God's anointing. If He withdraws it, you're just as flat as ever.

STRA ML#328:50 PEOPLE HAVE TO SEE YOU, but they've got to see Jesus coming through you.

STRA ML#341:57 THANK YOU, LORD, THAT ALL THINGS COME OF THEE, all things work together for good to them that love Thee. We can do all things through You, Lord, that strengthen us.--All things are ours. Thank You for what You've given us, Jesus! Help us to claim these things, receive them & be thankful for them.

STRA ML#399:17 Jesus has to lead you, you see, He has to encourage you no matter how dark the night! Keep Thou my feet. I do not ask to see the distant scene; one step enough for me.


STRA ML#399:102 We've got the soundest base in the World & that's Jesus, praise the Lord. Hallelujah!

STRA ML#503:58 Just keep your eyes on Jesus, Honey. He'll show you what to do.

STRA ML#539:4 THE WEAKER YOU GET IN THE FLESH, THE STRONGER YOU ARE IN THE SPIRIT. When you're so weak you don't feel capable or sufficient, then God has a chance to take over & do things to suit Himself.

STRA ML#548:132 THAT'S WHAT YOU NEED TO PRAY FOR, a tender heart, a real tender heart. So if you're just preaching a system, just preaching a certain way of life, then you're preaching without the heart in it, & that's Jesus! That's the whole reason we have it all--it's all the Lord!


STRA ML#606:95 God knows you're anything but perfect & can't be perfect & never will be perfect, & usually you're pretty much of a mess, like me, but the only question, the only standard is: Do you depend on the Lord totally, trust Him & His grace & His Love & His mercy & give Him all the glory & all the credit? If there's anything good you ever do, do you give Him the glory? Do you say, "Thank Jesus, don't thank me! Thank the Lord, it's all the Lord!"

STRA ML#606:96 That's what the Lord looks to as saintliness, the person who knows he's a sinner & therefore gives God all the glory if anything good comes of what he's done. As Paul said, "I know that in my flesh there dwelleth no good thing." (Rom.7:18) There's nothing good about me or my flesh, it's only the Lord!--That's sainthood.

STRA ML#606:97 The greatest saints were the greatest sinners who knew it & therefore depended totally on God. Maybe that's why the Lord could finally use me, because as Mom knew for so many years, & even Maria knows to this day, I always feel like such a horrible sinner & such a mess. I feel like I've done so many things wrong & make so many mistakes & have such a hard time making up my mind or making a decision or anything else, that I am a hopeless case.

STRA ML#639:51 SOMETIMES IT'S BEEN BLIND OBEDIENCE, BUT YOU'VE NEVER FAILED to bring something that has opened our eyes & shown us that there have been good results in some way, some fruit, some effect, thank You Lord! We cannot deny, Lord, it's Thy Work around the World, Thou art the one that's built the house & kept the city, not us.

STRA ML#639:56 Thank You, Lord, for pulling us through. We've learned a lot of lessons, Lord, & we believe & hope we won't have to repeat them. You've helped us again to realise how totally dependent we are on Thee, that You're the One who really does it all & we're nothing, we just have to depend on You, Jesus.--And we do, Lord, we do.

STRA ML#639:57 "EXCEPT THE LORD BUILD THE HOUSE, THEY LABOUR IN VAIN THAT BUILD IT." (Ps.127:1) So, Lord, we're labouring with You, but not in vain because we believe You're building the house & it's Your house, we're building it the way You want it built, thank You Lord!

STRA ML#641:35 It's good to reap, it's good to win souls, it's good to see folks saved, but that's the Holy Spirit's job. Winning them, saving them, is God's job.

STRA ML#643:33 GOD'S WORD ALWAYS PORTRAYS ITS HEROES AS THEY REALLY WERE! It doesn't depict them as men who were perfect & never made a mistake & supernatural & all that sort of thing, but they were just ordinary men like you & me. They made their big boners just like you & I do, & if it weren't for God, why, they really would have been a mess--just like you & I are without God!

STRA ML#675:8 I KNOW WITH GOD'S HELP YOU CAN DO IT, because I know God can do it through you as long as you depend on Him, His Holy Spirit & His Letters. I know with God's help you can do it, because I know the Lord & I know He can do it. He can take anything to do it with if He wants to, even you. He loves to take the weak things to confound the mighty. He loves to take the foolish things to bring to nought the wisdom of the wise. (1Cor.1:27,28)

STRA ML#698:68 HELP THEM TO KEEP THEIR EYES ON YOU, JESUS, & NOT ON ME. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! We used to have an old song,

         "Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
         Look full in His wonderful face,
         And the things of Earth shall grow strangely dim,
         In the light of His glory & grace."

Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!

STRA ML#706:2 JESUS WILL STILL LEAD YOU AFTER I'M GONE. Don't worry about it. The same One that's all the head of us right now is still going to be the Head of you, & that's Jesus. If you've got your eyes on me as being the only head, may God help you, you are in a Hell of a mess, because when I die you're going to fluke out like some of the disciples did!

STRA ML#706:7 BEFORE HE (PETER) WAS FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT, ALMOST EVERYTHING HE DID WAS A MISTAKE--just to show that whatever got accomplished was not of him, but Christ that lived first with him & then in him.

STRA ML#706:45 "God hath chosen the weak things to confound the mighty, the foolish things to confound the wise, & things which are not to bring to naught things that are!" (1Cor.1:27,28) The very fact that she doesn't feel like she can do it & she feels so humble about it & she doesn't feel capable of it is the best thing possible.

STRA ML#706:46 Because then she will seek the Lord, & God will manifest Himself!


STRA ML#717:24 "WHEN YOU'RE WEAK, THEN YOU'RE STRONG, BECAUSE HIS STRENGTH IS MADE PERFECT IN WEAKNESS. (2COR.12:9,10) I've known many times when I was weakest in the flesh that I was strongest in the Spirit because I just had to completely throw myself on the Lord. You don't know how you're going to make it, but He can make it for you.--Amen!

STRA ML#720:56 AMEN! GOD BLESS & KEEP YOU STRONG IN THE LORD!--Not yourself!--Amen? Praise the Lord!

STRA ML#748:1 THIS IS ONE SECT OR CULT OR MOVEMENT, or whatever you want to call it, that is not dependent on a man!--I hope! We're dependent on the Lord! Don't you ever forget that! Because when I'm gone, it shouldn't really make any difference--you'll just keep right on following the Lord like the Early Disciples did.--PTL!--Amen!

STRA ML#752:13 If we'll just recognise that we're just little children & we don't know anything, & the Lord's the One that knows it all, & He's the only One Who is really wise & knows what He's doing, & we just follow Him, that's really being smart!

STRA ML#752:17 WHEN YOU ARE BORN AGAIN, YOU'RE JUST A BABE IN CHRIST, & YOU REALLY DO NEED SPIRITUAL PARENTS TO HELP YOU & protect you & feed you & to help you grow. The Lord has many pictures in the natural of the spiritual. There is either a spiritual analogy for nearly everything natural, or there is a natural example for nearly everything spiritual.

STRA ML#765:56 We need You so much, Lord! We can make foolish mistakes & ridiculous decisions if we're out of the Spirit & dwelling in the flesh & natural reasoning.

STRA ML#775:1 SOMEBODY ONCE SAID, "YOU ARE WHAT YOU READ." It's like the old saying about health, "You are what you eat," physically. Well, you are what you read, mentally & spiritually. I can just about tell you where you're at spiritually by what you're reading the most.

STRA ML#813:1 AMEN, LORD, WE JUST ASK THEE TO HAVE THY WAY. THY WILL BE DONE. You know what's best, Lord, in Jesus' name. We know we're nothing, Lord, we don't have anything & without Thee we are nothing only nothing. As You said, "Without Me ye are nothing." And we certainly are nothing, Lord, all of us, everyone of us, without You.

STRA ML#813:12 O GOD, KEEP US FILLED WITH YOU, JESUS, SO THAT WE SHALL NOT GO ASTRAY, Lord, & we shall not be a pit that others shall stumble into, as the case which we have to deal with today. In Jesus' name.

STRA ML#813:36 JUST TEACH US, LORD, TO BE LIKE YOU, JESUS--humble & sweet & loving & patient, longsuffering. Praise You Lord! Thank You Jesus! We are nothing, Lord, but Thou art everything.

STRA ML#863:65 He undoubtedly wants us to remember that without Him we can do nothing. Our only hope as His children lies in our faith in Him & our dependence upon Him.


STRA ML#877:88 And you'll do it because He'll do it!--Because without Him we're nothing! I'm nothing, you're nothing--nobody's anything! (John 15:5)

STRA ML#877:104 THAT'S OUR MAIN JOB!--NOT JUST WINNING SOULS, although we'll get some, Lord, but You're the one that has to win them by Thy Spirit. We can't really win anybody. We just preach the Word, Lord, & Thy Spirit does the winning, & only if they are willing. So nobody can make them, Lord. Only You, Your Love, Your Spirit & Your Word can influence them, along with us as Thy instruments & the literature, but they have to make the final decision, Lord.

STRA ML#877:107 THERE ARE MANY HARVESTS YET TO COME, LORD, IN WHICH SOME HAVE SOWN.--Some have plowed, some sowed, some watered & others will reap that upon which they themselves bestowed no labour. We did the work ahead of time. But the time is coming when others will reap for Thy glory. But Lord, only Thou dost give the increase. You're the One responsible for it all. You're the One Who makes it grow & bear fruit. We thank You for it, in Jesus' name!

STRA ML#885:11   "My hope is built on nothing less,
         Than Jesus' blood & righteousness!
         I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
         But only lean on Jesus' name!

         On Christ the solid Rock I stand,
         All other ground is sinking sand,
         All other ground is sinking sand!"

STRA ML#885:12 So you'd better put most of your investment in the Rock, Christ Jesus & God's work, & that will never fail you! You'll have eternal dividends from investment in His work that you will never lose but reap forever! That's the safest investment of all! Praise God!--And God will bless you for it & see that you don't suffer for it & see that you get good returns on it--the best!--Souls!

STRA ML#947:62 YOU MUST PRAY TO JESUS OR TO GOD IN THE NAME OF JESUS, & you must pray in the Name of Jesus & constantly use the name of Jesus. The Devil hates the Name of Jesus. He's not even afraid of the name "Lord Father God" because you could say Lord Father God & be praying to the Devil, did you know that?

STRA ML#952-14:1 GBY all!--And help you pull through & make it!--And He will if you let Him!

STRA ML#972:100 I'M ALWAYS PRETTY MUCH ASHAMED OF MYSELF BECAUSE I'M A PRETTY BIG MESS. I sometimes wonder how the Lord ever could use me, but I know He does, so I know He loves me & I know He uses me to help you for your sake, & therefore I know He loves you. And He lets you know what a mess I am, that I'm no good either, so you'll have hopes for yourselves, that if He can forgive me, He can certainly forgive you!

STRA ML#1015:1 LORD JESUS FORGIVE ME FOR BEING SUCH A MESS & SO INADEQUATE, I'm so unworthy, I'm so nothing. (Maria: Well, that doesn't matter, because the Lord uses you so much.) I hope I don't fail any of these people or disappoint them. (Maria: The thing that matters is that the Lord uses you. It doesn't matter what you are.)

STRA ML#1064:133 THEY'LL GET A LITTLE OF THE OVERFLOW OFF OF YOU. You can overflow on them a little bit. PTL? Amen. "They took note that they had been with Jesus."--Act.4:13. Even His enemies had to confess that though they (Peter & John) were ignorant & unlearned men, they noticed that they had been with Jesus. And people can tell you've been with Jesus.

STRA ML#1089:18 JESUS IS THE WORD, HE IS THE SPIRIT & THE LIFE, & YOU HAVE TO HAVE A DOSE OF HIM EVERY DAY, really, & have a good feeding & feasting & drinking. Just like you have to eat in order to have physical strength, you have to eat of the Word, drink of the Word to have spiritual strength.

STRA ML#1089:21 THE WORD IS ALL OF THESE THINGS: THE WORD IS JESUS, THE WORD IS GOD, THE WORD IS SPIRIT, THE WORD IS LIFE! And without Jesus you're without God, you're without Spirit, you're without Life, you're dead!

STRA ML#1089:31 YOU CAN'T HAVE THAT WAY OF LIFE & LIVING WITHOUT THE LIFE THAT MAKES IT LIVE! You've got to have the Life, or the way of life will die! You've got to have the Life to live or there's no such way of living.

STRA ML#1140:34 THANK THEE, LORD, WE CANNOT LOSE BECAUSE YOU ARE THE VICTOR, & YOU HAVE ALREADY CONQUERED! TYL! TYJ! You're just waiting to show the World they cannot do without You, & that even the most clever Devil-inspired man the World has ever known will still not be able to solve all their problems--You will have to come to save what's left! TYL! Hallelujah! PYL!--When we shall rule & reign with Thee throughout the Earth, Lord, & they can no longer touch us or harm us or cause us any more trouble!

STRA ML#1141:323 IT'S ALL YOU, JESUS, ALL THY WORK! For without You we are nothing. Except we abide in the Vine, we're nothing. But through Thee we can be fruitful & a blessing & bear much fruit & please Thee! TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah! In Jesus' name, amen. TYL!


STRA ML#1157:24 HE WHO TRIES TO DO THE MASTER'S WORK WITHOUT THE MASTER'S POWER IS TACKLING AN IMPOSSIBLE JOB--because you can't possibly lick the Devil!--He's more powerful than you are, without God! But God & you are a majority!

STRA ML#1157:27 YOUR BEST IS TO WHAT?--JUST TO DO YOUR BEST, IS THAT YOUR BEST? YOUR BEST ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH! It takes God to really do the job! No matter how hard we work, our best is not good enough! It takes God to really do the job right! That's not only true about Salvation, that's true about working for the Lord too! Your best, your own human strength is not sufficient. Your own strength is not good enough. It takes more than your strength to do the job!


STRA ML#1209:118 (TOASTS:) TO THE LORD & HIS LOVE & MAY WE ALL WORK TOGETHER FOR HIS GLORY IN JESUS' NAME! PTL! It's the Lord, the Lord! "And I, if I be lifted up I will draw all men unto Me." (John 12:32.) So see, we lift up our glasses like the Lord! Bless it & make it a blessing like the Lord is when He's lifted up.


STRA ML#1224:0 page 342 LORD, ONLY YOU COULD'VE BROUGHT SUCH JOY TO OUR LIVES & such happiness through such Love, the Love of Jesus! Amen? Only You! God bless you who love Him!

STRA ML#1286:27 DREAMS ARE IMPORTANT! THE REVELATIONS OF GOD ARE DEFINITELY VERY IMPORTANT & GOD'S WORD IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! He says He has exalted His Word above His Name! (Ps.138:2) We think a lot of the Name of God--the Name of Jesus in particular, His Son--& the Lord has told us how important it is all through the New Testament & how important it is to pray in the Name of Jesus, to ask things in the Name of Jesus, to use the Name of Jesus & its power in prayer for healing. The Disciples did many mighty works in Jesus' name: They baptised in Jesus' name, they did everything in Jesus' name, it was all through Jesus!

STRA ML#1286:28 SO HE CERTAINLY HAS EXALTED THE NAME OF JESUS, HIS SON, & IT WAS CONSIDERED EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, & STILL IS, & WE STILL DO! Because without Jesus, we're nothing! Jesus Himself said so: "Without Me ye are nothing!" (Jn.15:5) Without His Name in which to pray, we have no right to ask for anything. So never underestimate the power of the Name of Jesus!

STRA ML#1309:177 I THINK, NOW LORD, IT HAD TO BE YOU, BECAUSE I NEVER COULD HAVE DONE ALL THAT! I never wrote anything before, believe it or not, except school things & theses & all that kind of stuff, & they weren't very good or very long & I didn't always get very good grades on them. So I'm just trying to prove to you that it had to be the Lord, it's got to be God, it had to be God!

STRA ML#1336:53 LORD, WE THANK THEE FOR THYSELF, we thank Thee that Thou art a powerful Jesus, the Son of God that can do miracles, change hearts of anybody here tonight that really meant what they did & said, that they really want You, Jesus, to change their hearts, to come in & make them clean & forgive their sins & make them a new clean creature in You, a son of God, a daughter of God. You love them Lord, & You want to change them. Make them what You want them to be.

STRA ML#1367:29 JUST LEAVE IT WITH THE LORD, KNOWING THAT ONLY HE CAN SOLVE THE PROBLEMS & ONLY HE CAN DO THE WORK. We cannot solve the problems. He has to do it. Let go & let God!

STRA ML#1367:31 SEE, SELF-EFFORT IS SIN! IT'S A MISTAKE! Even abusing your body! You need to let go & let God! All you have to do is just let the Lord through! Just let the oil flow! Let the water flow! Let the Lord flow! Let Him do it! Let the Lord do it!

STRA ML#1367:33 PARTICULARLY WITH PEOPLE IN THE NATURAL WHO HAVE A LOT OF DRIVE & DYNAMISM, it's hard for them not to just really boom boom boom, push things through in their own strength! But that has its limits, the natural force. Men of force are men of faults, & the biggest fault is to keep on going in their own force instead of letting the Lord do it!

STRA ML#1374:27 THE ONLY WAY THEY CAN DO THIS IS BY DOING WHAT? "Looking unto Jesus!" That's the only way you can have the patience to stand there & do dishes & cook, sit behind that typewriter all day, do all that hard work around the house & take care of the kids, "Keep your eyes on Jesus."


STRA ML#1420:1 It came as clear as anything, the Lord said, "Well, it's not your strength, it's gonna be My strength! Of course you don't have any strength, but I have strength!" It's just like when you're weak then you're strong. No matter how weak I felt, the Lord would be strong. (2Cor.12:9,10) It wasn't my strength, but His.

STRA ML#1420:17 I guess I was too confident in my own strength so I didn't really pray desperately. That was what I think the Lord was rebuking me for, to show me we've really gotta live in the Lord's strength. We cannot live in our own strength.

STRA ML#1420:55 YOU THINK, WELL, I'VE GOT TO FEEL IT OR SOMETHING, but it just came to me, "It's not your strength but My strength that's going to do it!"

STRA ML#1427:22 IT MUST BE THE OIL THAT BURNS & NOT THE WICK, FOR THE WICK WITHOUT OIL SHALL DESTROY ITSELF! She must let Him burn to light the way, & not try to burn of herself, or she'll soon burn out & have no light left for her Master! It's so beautiful, so plain.--Can you see it? The flame burns so beautifully & brightly & clearly, so strong with oil! But it gets so smoky & confused & stinky when it just burns the wick!

STRA ML#1427:23 THE WICK MUST BE DEEPLY IMMERSED IN THE OIL! Most of the wick is in the oil, but only a tiny tiny little tip of it is exposed to the air & to the flame & to the house, & it's mostly oil that burns & very little of the wick, almost none, but the oil flows freely through a wick that is yielded & deeply soaked in the oil! Then it is the oil that burns & not the wick, & gives bright pure clear light to all the house in the beauty of His perfection, in the holiness of His light! For it is not I that burn that Christ that burneth in me! For the life that I now live, I live by the strength of the Lord that liveth in me! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!

STRA ML#1427:24 SHE MUST LEARN THAT!: IT IS NOT I THAT LIVE BUT CHRIST THAT LIVETH IN ME! (Gal.2:20) It is not I that burn, but Christ must burn within me, to give pure light, smokeless light, clear light, beautiful light! She's a beautiful wick but she's burning black with so little oil! She must soak herself in more oil, that she burn not but let Him burn through her to give light to all the house! Praise the Lord! Praise You Lord!

STRA ML#1427:25 WHEN I WAS A BOY THEY HAD THESE BEAUTIFUL KEROSENE LAMPS IN EVERY HOME ON EVERY TABLE, & they had a lovely glass bowl fill of oil so you could see the wick & the oil & you could see the level of the oil in the lamp so you knew when to replenish it. You could tell when the oil was getting low & when too much of the wick was out of the oil, for the lamp would get smoky when there wasn't enough oil to really soak the wick.

STRA ML#1427:26 FOR THE LAMP BURNED BEST WHEN FULL OF OIL! IN OTHER WORDS, IT WAS THE OIL THAT BURNED & NOT THE WICK! Not I that burn, but Christ that burneth in me! She needs to learn that verse.


         "Jesus, only Jesus, only He can satisfy!
burden becomes a blessing
         When I know my
Lord is nigh!"

She'll only find
true satisfaction in the Lord!

         "I have found no satisfaction in the fleeting joys of Earth!
         I have built me broken cisterns that have mocked me by their dearth.
         Every spring my soul has tested failed to meet my deepest need.
Christ alone has filled my longing, He has satisfied indeed!

         Christ is
not a disappointment!
         Every longing in my breast
         Finds in
Him complete fulfilment!
He has brought me into rest!

         I have tested Him & proved Him
         More than all I'd dreamed He'd be!
         Christ is
not a disappointment,
         He is
all in all to me!"


         Open your heart to Heaven & the glory will come in!
Jesus have possession! He'll cleanse you from all sin!
         Open your heart to
Heaven & the glory will come in!"


STRA ML#1427:33 JESUS SAID, "I CAN OF MINE OWN SELF DO NOTHING, BUT WHAT THE HEAVENLY FATHER SHOWETH ME!" (John 8:28) And I can of my own self give nothing, of my own self see nothing, but what the Father giveth through me & what He showeth me.

STRA ML#1429:49 CAN YOU SAY AMEN TO JESUS? He can solve every problem. The victory in Jesus my Saviour forever! Amen, I believe that. Jesus can solve every problem!--Amen?

STRA ML#1493:7 THAT'S WHY YOU NEED THE WORD SO MUCH! You really need to get close to the Lord, to get to know Him & really depend on Him. That's why the Lord may have to knock you for a loop--to get you flat on your back where you have to look up!

STRA ML#1493:8 THIS FIGHTING BUSINESS, THIS IS THE MISTAKE MY MOTHER MADE ABOUT HEALING WHEN SHE FIRST GOT PRAYED FOR & TOLD SHE SHOULD HAVE FAITH. She worked so hard at trying to have faith, it nearly killed her!--She was trying to work it up instead of pray it down! People just don't realise it's not anything you do at all, it's just something you accept from the Lord, like Salvation. Your works must not be self-works & self-effort, it's gotta be the Lord!--Otherwise it's self-righteousness, self-works & self-energy, what the Lord calls "a voluntary humility", sort of a self-made spirituality. (Col.2:18)

STRA ML#1493:9 IT TAKES STRENGTH TO TRY TO BE GOOD, ACT GOOD, LOOK GOOD & ALL THAT, whereas this kind of strength is strictly from the Lord & you get it mostly when you're just down & out & almost dead!--Then you realise it's just the Lord. You just have to accept it from the Lord, & it's only from the Lord.

STRA ML#1493:13 SEE, THAT'S WHAT THE LORD WANTS YOU TO DO, TO THROW YOURSELF AT THE COMPLETE MERCY OF THE LORD!--Just to give up on yourself & just depend on the Lord to where you have nothing left but God. I mean, that's the story of so many men & women of God in the Bible, & others too, like my Mother.

STRA ML#1493:18 SO IT'S ALL THE LORD--I ALMOST HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! He did it! He just made me what I am, & that's what I am! He does it all! I'm just nothing but a tool in His hand, that's all, & He does with me whatever He wants to.--And this is what you need to learn the most: Let go & let God!--Amen?--GBY! ILY! Lie back in His arms & let Him do it--let Him solve it. Rest in the Lord! ILY!--GBAKY, in Jesus' name, amen!

STRA ML#1493:29 THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO LEARN THE MOST: Let go & let God!--Amen?--GBY! ILY! Lie back in His arms & let Him do it--let Him solve it. Rest in the Lord! ILY!

STRA ML#1704:35 WE HAVE TO KEEP REMINDING OURSELVES & THEM--& if we don't, God will!--that it was all the Lord & He's the One that did it & without Him we're nothing, we can't do anything. And once in awhile He has to kind of rub our noses in it & humble our pride & show everybody how weak & fleshly we are.

STRA ML#1704:39 THAT'S THE CRUX OF THE MATTER: EVERYBODY IS BAD! Everybody deserves spankings & punishments. That isn't what God blames you for. He blames you for not calling on Him to help you & for not repenting, not letting Him change you, not letting Him do it. You can't do it yourself. You just have to turn your life, your mind, your heart & everything over to the Lord & let Him do it. When people finally get to that point where they just give up & let go & let God, then God has a chance to step in & do it, because He wants to do it, He wants to show you that you can't do it & He wants the glory.

STRA ML#1798:1 THANK YOU, JESUS, FOR THESE BATTLES WHICH ARE MAKING US STRONG. Thank You for the opportunities You have given us to get real close to You, Lord, to get desperate with You & to lean on You when we see that we can't do it. We're nothing without You, Lord! Even if we go along thinking we can do something, the battles show us that we can't, that they're more difficult than we have the strength for, that we can't overcome & that You just have to do it, Lord. We just can't do it & we can't win these battles ourselves, Lord, it has to be You! It has to be a supernatural miraculous overcoming & victory, because the battles are greater than we are, Lord, but You are greater than they are!

STRA ML#1798:2 WE THANK YOU THAT YOU DO BRING US THESE TESTS & TRIALS & BATTLES TO SHOW US THAT WE HAVE TO GET CLOSE TO YOU and have to lean on You & depend on You & that we can't do it without You, Lord! Help us, Jesus! Help us all to realise that the thing You're trying to show us most of all is that we are weak & we are nothing without You & Your help, that it's good to be weak, Lord, & that You want us to be weak! It's one of the hardest things You have to teach us, to be happy to be weak & to be satisfied & content with being weak because then You can be seen, Lord. (2Cor.12:10)

STRA ML#1798:3 THE WHOLE IDEA OF LIVING FOR YOU IS TO SHOW YOU TO OTHERS & HAVE THEM SEE YOUR POWER, LORD, NOT OUR OWN.--And we can't do that when we're strong & we're sufficient in ourselves & we're stronger than others & we feel that we can do anything on our own, Lord. Thank You for showing us this, thank You for helping us to realise that we need to be nothing & we need to be happy to be nothing!

STRA ML#1798:4 JESUS, PLEASE HELP US TO REALISE THIS! It takes so much to get it through to us because we fight being weak & we fight being nothing & not having strength or talent or skill, Lord, but if we do have it, then it gets in our way so terribly! We know that You're trying to break those down who have so much in the natural & so much strength, until they're nothing, so people can just see You! And those of us who don't have much in the natural, You're trying to make us happy & make us praise You for it, Lord, so we'll realise that it's a wonderful thing to be nothing, because then You can be seen through us, Jesus.

STRA ML#1806:19 LORD BLESS THEM NOW & STRENGTHEN THEM IN THE POWER OF THY MIGHT, LORD, NOT THEIR OWN FLESH.--Not in their own wisdom but Thy wisdom, not their own self-confidence, Lord, but confidence in Thee. Bless them, Lord, & keep them humble, close to You, Jesus, totally dependent on Thee & Thy Spirit.

STRA ML#1847:8 Thank You Jesus for Maria, she's all glorious within! That's what the Lord said: "She that is all glorious within!" See how the Lord looks at you in the Spirit, Honey? You're all glorious within! You think you're stinky but the Lord says you're all glorious within. See, that's how the Lord looks at you in the Spirit. He doesn't look at our vile bodies & our corruption but He looks at our spirits. Your spirit is all glorious within. You shine, you radiate, you enlighten the World, Honey!

STRA ML#1855:11 INSTEAD OF PREACHING AGAINST THINGS, PREACH FOR JESUS & UPHOLD CHRIST & HE WILL DRAW ALL MEN UNTO HIM! although we have to be prepared on occasion to fight the Enemy & fight the Devil & his lies & to know his devilish devices & not be unaware of them & be able to answer all questions of anybody that asks us, just like Jesus did, most of the time we preach positively & show Love & compassion! Jesus fed & healed & helped & gave the multitudes what they needed most, which was Love! Sometimes the best way to fight them is to ignore them & lift up Christ!


STRA ML#1882:96 YOU'VE GOT TO HAVE A GLORY IN WHATEVER THING YOU DO! Praise God?--Even if it's the most humble task. The greatest men I ever knew were the humblest. They were willing to do anything for the Lord. Great men were usually really humble men, because they knew they were nothing without the Lord. So God manifested His greatness through them. It wasn't them, it's not me, it's the Lord!

STRA ML#1887:3 Maybe they can't get the victory, but the Lord can, for "Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the World!" (1Jn.4:4)

STRA ML#1888:32 IT'S ALL THE LORD, IT'S ALL JESUS! Right? Without Him we can do nothing, & having based our foundation on the only Foundation there can be, & that's Jesus Christ, there is no way in the World that they're ever going to destroy us. Because we are the Church of Christ!

STRA ML#1888:74 REALLY IT'S THE MIND OF CHRIST IN US THAT HE PROMISED, to give you direction & leadership & guidance & organisation & all that you need.

STRA ML#1903:2 WE ALWAYS PRAY IN JESUS' NAME. He said, "Whatsoever ye ask the Father in My Name, I will give it you." (John 15:16) So we pray to the Father or we can pray straight to Jesus. It doesn't matter whatever way you like to pray, but just be sure you pray in Jesus' name or it won't do you a bit of good!

STRA ML#1907:16 If people have too many natural strengths or talents or abilities, they're a bit handicapped. In a way, it's like one of their weak spots, it's actually one of their weaknesses. We all have different weaknesses, some people are subject to discouragement, some people are subject to jealousy or selfishness, it's one of their weak spots that the Enemy can really take advantage of & where they have to fight all the harder against it!

STRA ML#1907:17 YOU MIGHT SAY THAT PEOPLE WHO HAVE SO MANY NATURAL ABILITIES TEND TO BE PROUD, & I think it's more of a fight for them not to be. Look at how other people view them--it's harder for people to see the Lord coming through them since they have a lot of natural ability. In other words, it's a handicap, especially for the Lord & His service!

STRA ML#1907:18 I THINK THAT'S WHY HE USES SO MANY OF US NOTHINGS! I think that's why we don't have more people in the Family that are real big-shots & are really skilled in all kinds of things. Most of our people aren't! Obviously the Lord planned it that way & that's probably why they had to leave before they finished high school or college. Most of us are a bunch of dummies & we didn't learn any highly technical skills & we don't really know too much! But the more education you have & the more intelligence & the more natural ability, the more difficult it is for people to make that definition & that distinction between what is the Lord & what's just you!

STRA ML#1907:19 OF COURSE, THE LORD GIVES THESE TALENTS & NATURAL ABILITIES, SO OF COURSE IT IS THE LORD, IN A WAY, but He gives them to the World too, so that's not a very valid argument. He gives to the just & the unjust! It's a lot more difficult to see what really is the Lord's Spirit coming through & what are our natural abilities. If the natural is more out of the way, then the Lord can really come through in a much greater way.

STRA ML#1907:21 WITH NATURALLY GOOD PEOPLE, IT'S HARDER TO SEE THE LORD COMING THROUGH, BECAUSE THEY'RE NATURALLY GOOD. That's why people sit up & take notice when some drunk or drug addict off the street comes in & gets saved & their life is changed, because that's a miracle they can see. They can easily see that there is a complete change & it's easy for them to give God the glory, because they know the drunk or drug addict couldn't change on their own!

STRA ML#1907:24 THE WORSE YOU ARE & THE LESS YOU HAVE, THE MORE OTHERS CAN SEE WHAT THE LORD HAS! But if He's made you with natural talents & abilities, then you have to fight to conquer it all the more because it's almost like a handicap, in a way it's one of your weak points. It can be a strong point in the natural but a weak point in the spiritual.

STRA ML#1907:25 BEING BEAUTIFUL, FOR EXAMPLE, IS ANOTHER STRONG POINT IN THE NATURAL WHICH CAN BE A WEAK POINT IN THE SPIRITUAL. Obviously the Lord has made some people that way, so we can't say it's a mistake or it shouldn't have been, but in a way it's a weak point. It can be used for the Lord's glory, but it's one of those things that you constantly have to show people, that it's not your beauty that's getting you here or there. Like our girls in FFing, we don't have very many plain or homely girls, but even with some of our girls that are less pretty, the men look at them & call them beautiful because they see the Spirit, not just the flesh, & that way it's an even greater testimony of the Lord & His power! If they're beautiful, then how do people really know it's the Lord, or if it's only the girl's own beautiful body? It's a little hard not only for yourself, but also for the men to distinguish what's you naturally & what's the Lord.

STRA ML#1908:10 But I think the Lord has made me without such a vivid memory & without much worldly experience & He let me be of mediocre intelligence, because it proves all the more that it's Him! If anything gets done or if anything good comes out of my mouth, it shows it's just the Lord!

STRA ML#1908:18 The Spirit comes through & the Spirit transforms you & can make even your physical look pretty to someone who sees the Spirit in you. The Spirit is so strong that it takes over, the Spirit comes through loud & clear & strong & is really beautiful. The fact is that it's the Spirit regardless of whether people confuse the physical & the Spirit.

STRA ML#1928:6 It's only the Lord, it's not you! Sometimes He has to let you fail to show you that He's the only One that can succeed! He has to let you see that He's even in control of that & sometimes He has to let you fail to keep you feeling humble & keep you with that humble spirit!

STRA ML#1937:51 He's the answer to everything, right? No matter what your handicap is, no matter how wicked a sinner you are how bad you've been or how many mistakes you make or think you make!

STRA ML#1937:65 AREN'T YOU GLAD YOU WERE ALL SINNERS? Let's face it, aren't you glad you're still all sinners so you can sympathise with other sinners & tell them how to be saved, the only way to be saved!--Not by trying not to be a sinner, not by trying to be good, not by going to Church, not by looking self-righteous & holier-than-thou & so prim & good & clean, & you don't do this & you don't do that & you don't do something else, a religion consisting of don'ts!--But by telling them what to do & how to do it: Just take Jesus, that's all you have to do, & He'll do it all through you!--With your cooperation, of course. You just do what He tells you to do & He'll help you do it. PTL?--Even if you have a handicap!

STRA ML#1945:125 I WANT TO TELL YOU RIGHT NOW, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GOOD SELF AT ALL! THERE IS ONLY BAD SELF! Your self is only bad, it cannot be good, not any part of it!--Not half of you good & half bad. There's no good thing in you! Even the Apostle Paul said that: "No good thing dwelleth in me!" (Rom.7:18) The true victory is not yourself, but His Self, Him Self, so that "it is not I that live, but Christ that liveth in me!" (Gal.2:20)--The theological doctrine of habitation, cohabiting with the Lord. God tosses out the bad self & He also tosses out the good self, because it's bad too, it's even worse!--It's self-righteous, hypocritical, holier-than-thou & critical! We've had a few people around like that too & that's been their problem, they're critical of others, they're holier than other people, they're better, they don't make those kind of mistakes. They think they're good.

STRA ML#1945:126 NO SELF IS GOOD! NONE OF YOU ARE GOOD! "There is none righteous, no, not one! All have sinned & come short of the glory of God!" (Rom.3:10,23) You're no better than me & I'm no better than you! There's nobody any better than us except Jesus! He's the only One Who can be good, & without Him you're nothing!--You're empty, zero, nothing, absolutely nothing! You can't be good without Jesus, so why keep trying? Why keep trying to be good? You can't be good, you can't be righteous, you can't get the victory, you can't overcome it! Don't try to chase out the darkness, let the Light in! Let Jesus in & He'll take care of the whole problem! Get your mind off of your God-damned self, & even your good self, & let Jesus come in & let the life of Christ shine in you!

STRA ML#1945:128 WE SAY, "THEY'D BETTER GET THE VICTORY" & we even use that expression, but they can't!--She can't, he can't!--Jesus has to get it & you have to let Him or you'll never have it! It's let go & let God! Quit trying to be something you aren't & can never be, & that's righteous. Only Jesus can make you righteous. Just let Jesus in! What's that old song?

         "Lift your heart to Heaven & the Glory will come in!
         Lift your heart to Heaven & the Glory will come in!
         Let Jesus have possession, He'll save you from your sin!
         Lift your heart to Heaven & the Glory will come in!"


         "Let go & let God have His wonderful way,
         Let go & let God have His way!
         He'll fill with His Spirit & turn night to day,
         Let go & let God have His way!"


STRA ML#1945:133 IN OUR SCHOOL WE USED TO HAVE PEOPLE COMPLAINING ABOUT EVIL SPIRITS & DEMONS & DEVILS & "Oh, the Devil did this & the Devil did that & he caused me this trouble & he was the one that delayed me & I have so much trouble with the Devil!" I'd say, "Shut up! Your problem isn't the Devil! It's your own God-damned spirit that you have the most trouble with, not evil spirits. Your own evil spirit is the one that gives you the most trouble--you!

STRA ML#1945:134 YOU'RE YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY! Don't blame it on everybody else & evil spirits & even the Devil, he couldn't touch you if it wasn't for your spirit that lets him in & lets him cause you trouble!--Or even lets God let him touch you because of your evil spirit & your problems with your own heart & your own evil self. You're your own worst enemy!

STRA ML#1945:135 YOU'RE YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY! You may have conquered all the rest, but your own spirit is the most difficult to conquer, & the only way you're ever going to conquer it is not to conquer it, but let Jesus conquer it! He's your own best Friend!--Not you, not your good self, not your doctrine or Church or job or home or "If I just had some other mate, or if I just had some other place, or I could do something else I'd be happy!"--No, you wouldn't! You'd take that same old heavy heart, that same old evil spirit with you wherever you go & you'd still be blaming it on everything else except yourself.

STRA ML#1945:136 YOU ARE YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY!--BUT JESUS IS YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND & HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN HELP YOU GET THE VICTORY!--Not over your job & others & blah blah blah, but over yourself where the big problem is. You are the big problem! If you can let Jesus conquer your evil spirit, He can easily take care of all the rest! PTL? Hallelujah?

STRA ML#1945:137 (DAD PRAISES IN TONGUES:) "BEHOLD, I'M THE WORST SINNER OF ALL OF YOU! I have sinned more than any, & yet if God could save me, He can save you! If the Lord can give David victory, I am the God of you as well as thy Father!" Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! I'm the worst one in the bunch, the Lord just said it!

STRA ML#1945:138 QUIT TRYING TO SUCCEED YOURSELF, quit trying to have the victory, just let Jesus come in & let Him win it!--PTL? Get your mind on the Lord! Get your mind on your job! Get your mind on helping others! Seek their happiness before your own! Have real, genuine, sacrificial, unselfish love!--That's love, not this hog-wallowing trying to get satisfaction for yourself, trying to make yourself happy, trying to make others make you happy. Get your mind on Jesus! Ask Him to help you love Him so much you'll love others so much you'll forget your God-damned evil self, your worst enemy, & live for the Lord, live for Jesus, live for others! Praise God?

STRA ML#1945:139 FORGET YOUR GOD-DAMNED, EVIL WORST ENEMY, YOURSELF, & get your mind on the Lord & His Work & others! You'll get so busy & so filled with His Spirit & so filled with His joy & His happiness that He gives you as a result of trying to make other people happy, that you'll forget that God-damned evil self of yours & your own worst enemy & you'll find your best Friend, Jesus, that He can do it all if you'll just let Him.

STRA ML#1945:141 DO BLESS & KEEP US NOW, LORD! Keep us not only from the Evil One, not only from the evil ones, but most of all keep us from our evil selves & let You in, Lord, the Light in, to chase away the shadows & the darkness, to get rid of our evil self, "Christ in me, the hope of glory! So that the life which we now live in the flesh, we live by the grace of God! It is no longer I that live, but Christ that liveth in me!" TYJ!--In Jesus' name! Amen, PTL! ILY! TYL!

STRA ML#1946:51 IF YOU HAVE JESUS & HIS HOLY SPIRIT, you have Love in your heart--it's not you, it's no effort, the Lord does it all!--PTL? Amen? TYJ!

STRA ML#1951:16 THE WHOLE IDEA OF THIS GREAT DEMONSTRATION OF HIS POWER is to show that He can save you in spite of everything!--That He can make you useful & do something with you in spite of all your faults & all your shortcomings! He can use you! Even the fact that you're as bad as you are & you still accomplish something for God is to God's glory, because it gives all the glory to Jesus!

STRA ML#1951:18 WHEN THE DEVIL KEEPS REMINDING YOU OF YOUR FAULTS & your mistakes & your shortcomings & when you've got it twisted, you've got it wrong or you've pulled some boners, it helps remind you that you can't make it, you're no good, you're a sinner, you're wicked & evil at heart.--If it weren't for God & His grace & His goodness in you & His Salvation in you, you'd never make it! "All have sinned & come short of the glory of God! There's none righteous, no, not one!"

STRA ML#1951:22 IT'S ALL GOTTA BE A MIRACLE OF THE GRACE OF GOD! It's all gotta be a miracle! Your work for the Lord, your daily tasks for the Lord, your thoughts & your love for Him & for others & unselfishness & sacrifice & a life of service, all of it is a miracle of God! What is the Verse?--"Faith which worketh by Love!" (Gal.5:6) It's God's work! You have the faith that God is going to do it through you. I know, Lord, that I can't do it!

STRA ML#1951:27 "OF COURSE, DEVIL, YOU DAMNED SATAN, OF COURSE I'M NO GOOD, of course I can't do anything right, of course I make a Hell of a lot of mistakes & I'm wicked & sinful & sexy & all the rest, & I'd be a lot worse if it weren't for God!" But praise God, how am I going to make it?--I'm not, I'll never make it, but God will make it in me! "It is Christ that liveth in me! It is God that liveth in me! It is not I that live, but Christ that liveth in me! Ye shall have that mind in you which is also in Christ Jesus!" (Gal.2:20; Phil.2:5)--Amen? Do you understand? That's what it's all about! "For where sin doth abound, grace doth much more abound!" (Rom.5:20)

STRA ML#1951:39 THIS IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT, THAT IT'S ALL FOR THE GLORY OF GOD! Of course you can't do it, you can't save yourself you can't live a Christian life, you can't be good, you can't do anything without Jesus! He Himself said, "Without Me ye are nothing!" (John 15:5)--Nothing!

STRA ML#1951:40 I WANT TO TELL YOU RIGHT NOW, GOD DOES IT ALL, for without Him you're nothing, you couldn't do a thing!

STRA ML#1951:45 ISN'T IT WONDERFUL YOU CAN JUST TRUST THE LORD & NOT WORRY? You worrywarts, quit worrying! Trust the Lord, He's going to do it! Of course you can't do it, but the Lord will do it! Don't worry about it! I've had to tell almost everybody I work with that at some time or other, "Stop it, quit worrying about it! Of course you can't do it, the Lord is going to do it!" Sometimes they've had to tell me that!

STRA ML#1951:93 SO OF COURSE YOU CAN'T--BUT YOU CAN! "Dad, what do you mean? That's a contradiction!" Of course you can't do it, but you can with His help!--You can't, but He can! Praise God? So therefore, although you can't, you can with His help!

STRA ML#1951:96 YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO IT--BUT YOU CAN WITH HIS HELP! Praise the Lord? Hallelujah! You don't have to make the decision, you just have to be yielded! Just decide to obey, that's all! Amen?

STRA ML#2060:11 ANYBODY WHO DOESN'T KNOW JESUS, ANYBODY WHO DOESN'T KNOW THE LORD, ANYBODY WHOSE LIFE IS NOT CENTERED ON CHRIST AS ITS CENTER, AS ITS FOCAL POINT, IS AN ECCENTRIC!--In other words, they're a little bit queer & crazy! Did you get that? If your life is not Christ-centered, then you are eccentric, that means off-center!

STRA ML#2064:3 OUR TEENAGERS KNOW THE LORD, THEY KNOW WHAT'S RIGHT, THEY KNOW WHAT'S WRONG, they know us, they're reared in love & righteousness & the right way & I don't think we should have to apply physical violence to our children. I would say in some cases it might go even lower than the teenagers, even down to Techi's age! She has the understanding of a teenager & the insight & the sensitivity.

STRA ML#2074:6 SO I'D SAY WE'RE DOING EVEN GREATER WORKS THAN THE LORD WAS ABLE TO DO WHEN HE WAS MERELY PHYSICALLY PRESENT! Of course, He's doing it all, He's doing it through you. But we're doing all these things. He never preached the Gospel to so many people as we preach it to. He never won as many souls. Of course, He's winning them all!

STRA ML#2074:61 A LOT OF PEOPLE THINK THEY GOT SAVED because "I believed & I received Jesus & I did it, I got saved!"

STRA ML#2097:12 THAT'S YOUR JOB TOO, TO GO OUT & DO WHAT YOU CAN FOR THEM & TO CONVINCE THEM THAT THEY CAN DO SOMETHING! They can just do what they can! They shouldn't try to do what they can't. Of course, a lot of times they think they can't when they can! You just need to try to give them faith & inspiration that, well, of course they can't do it! You can't do it, but the Lord can through you. You just need to obey & give Him a chance.

STRA ML#2097:39 YOU SAY, "OH BOY, GRANDPA'S SURE DUMPING A BIG LOAD ON US! How are we ever going to live up to all that?" It'll be the Lord! Just let go & let God, He'll do it. Just obey the Lord. Just do what He tells you to do.

STRA ML#2097:58 (SINGS:)
         "And we'll give all the glory to Jesus, & tell of His love, His wonderful love!
         We'll give all the glory to Jesus &
show them His wonderful Love!"

STRA ML#2102:31 I THINK WE'RE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE ON EARTH! I don't think the movie actors & actresses & the World's beauties--I don't think any of them have the beauty that we have, unless they, too, are Christians, God's Heavenly children! For it takes His inner beauty in your heart & your life & even in your body to make you shine & radiate the happiness & the peace & the joy & the love & the beauty of Spirit that only He alone can give!--And that's why so many remark about how beautiful we are! It's just His beauty shining through us & shining upon you, hoping you might be attracted to His light & His love & His liberty & His life & His Salvation! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! (Rom.8:16; Mt.13:43; Jn.8:36)

STRA ML#2110:14 WE REFLECT HIS LIGHT, HIS LOVE, HIS WORD, HIS BEAUTY & ALL THAT HE IS LIKE. We are a reflection of it all, a reflection of the Lord. People look at us & see us shining & the brightness of our faces & our joy & our happiness, & they cannot understand it! We just tell them it's the Lord, it's Jesus! We're merely reflecting His glory like the moon reflects the Sun!

STRA ML#2111:22 ALTHOUGH THE COLOR OF THE MOON'S SURFACE IS A LIGHT BROWN, it actually looks very bright white & silvery to you on Earth because of the Sun's reflection, although the scientists say that only seven percent of the actual sunlight reaching the face of the Moon is reflected.

STRA ML#2111:23 THIS SORT OF REMINDS ME OF HOW WE ARE: We may be to ourselves & look to ourselves as an ugly brown & not very beautiful, but we look to others a brilliant bright white silver, even though we are only reflecting a very small part of the Lord's light & beauty! So never underestimate how much of His Lovelight you yourself can reflect on others who have little or no light at all! (Mat.5:16)

STRA ML#2123:32 IT'S NOT ME THEY SHOULD BE THANKING, THEY SHOULD KNOW IT WAS THE LORD, JUST THE LORD, THAT'S ALL! (Maria: We know it's the Lord, but He's using you.) I'm just a big mouth, that's all, that He can use. I just give what He gives me & that's all the Lord & all from Him. As far as I'm concerned I'm a mess, as most of you already know. If it weren't for the Lord we'd all be sunk, because it's all the Lord, it's all Jesus! He's the One Who gives it, so I don't really get any credit. All this credit you're giving me should be given to the Lord!


STRA ML#2123:37 "All glory & praise be unto the Father Above!" Hallelujah! TYJ! "For His Love & His Power, that has been given unto thee, in the Name of His Son Jesus!"--All of these things, revelations! TYL! Amen! TYL!

STRA ML#2123:66 THANKS FOR YOUR LOVE & EVEN THANKS FOR YOUR THANKS, but just please remember to thank the Lord. It's not me! "It's not I that live, but Christ that liveth in me. For the life that I now live"--what?? (Fam: "I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, & gave Himself for me.") (Gal.2:20) PTL! Amen!

STRA ML#2131:100 ALWAYS BRING OUT THAT THE LORD HAS SENT THEM & THE LORD'S IN IT, behind it all, & that they can also have more actual direct communication with Him. They don't always have to go through these agents. I liked that where you brought out a little conversation straight from Him. I don't want this series to make us start feeling more distant from the Lord, like we have to go through too many other people & that sort of thing or too great a distance. But He's just as close & just as real & just as available as ever! So bring Him in all you can personally with direct messages.



STRA ML#2236:38 USE THE NAME OF JESUS! Not even Lord is sufficient, say Jesus! Even Satan-worshippers call the Devil "Lord"! You've got to make sure what Lord you're talking to! "At the Name of Jesus every knee shall bow!" (Phil.2:10) Keep saying Jesus, Son! (David: Jesus! Jesus!) PTL! Say, "Jesus help me!" (David: Jesus help me!) Finish the work, Jesus! (David: Finish the work, Jesus.) Help me to rest now, Jesus. Thank You Jesus!

STRA ML#2336:10 YOU ARE THE VICTORY, LORD, IN THE NAME OF JESUS! Oh, thank You, Lord! Hallelujah!--In Jesus' name, amen! Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord for the victory, the mighty victory Jesus won!--Over sin & Satan & the Devil & self-righteousness!

STRA ML#2343:15 THAT'S ONE NICE THING ABOUT FEELING WEAK & INCAPABLE & like you don't know what to do, then the Lord has to do it!

STRA ML#2343:24 WE ALL SOMETIMES LEAN ON THE ARM OF FLESH TO SOME EXTENT, & it's a big part of our Christian life to learn to draw closer to the Lord & to not do things in our own strength or depending on others' strength.

STRA ML#2343:33 MOST OF US KNOW THAT WHEN WE DECIDE WE DON'T WANT TO DO SOMETHING & WE SAY WE CAN'T DO IT, WE'RE USUALLY JUST MAKING EXCUSES, because we know the Lord well enough to know that all things are possible with Him, & that we can do anything that He wants us to do! "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me!"--Phil.4:13. Sometimes we may need some extra prayer, united prayer or others praying with or for us, but that's always available too. So there's really no excuse for us not doing what the Lord wants us to do!


STRA ML#2344:28 AS COONEY SAID, "EVERY DAY IN EVERY WAY I'M GETTING BETTER & BETTER!" That was his philosophy. He taught you to stand in front of the mirror every morning while you're shaving & say to yourself, "Every day in every way I'm getting better & better!" And he used to say, "And pretty soon you will!" It's this mental philosophy thing, metaphysics & blah blah, but it's true, thank the Lord, of me!--Not because I stand in front of the mirror & tell myself that, but because the Lord has done it!

STRA ML#2386:8 But God's strength is made perfect & manifested in our weakness!--2Cor.12:9.-- And this is something you must learn before He can ever fully use you: That you're never going to be able to do what the Lord wants you to do by yourself or by your own will & self-control & making up your mind that you're going to do thus & so.--It's going to take prayer and utter dependence on the Lord!

STRA ML#2386:22 Often I haven't had the faintest idea what the Lord was going to say! I didn't really know what I was going to talk to you all about today. But if you just do your part, obey & do what God sent you to do, the Lord will give you the grace! You may be tempted to worry about it sometimes, to wonder in the night, "How can I do it? What am I going to do? What am I going to say?"--Forget it! You just do your part, what you've got to do, & the Lord will do the rest! PTL!

STRA ML#2386:33 So you've just got to trust the Lord! If you just can't do something, don't insist on doing it!--Because if the Lord doesn't do it, certainly you can't do it! He says, "Without Me ye can do nothing!"--Jn.15:5. If He can't do it or won't do it, don't you insist on it! You've just got to learn to let go & let God & trust the Lord to do it! I don't know how many times we've read in reports, "This or that wasn't working out, there was all kinds of opposition, but we prayed, we had special prayer with the Family, & the next day the Lord completely reversed the situation in our favour!"--Put things in God's hands & trust Him!

STRA ML#2388:18 Thank You for reminding us, Lord, as we go through trial after trial & testing & in spite of everything & all the years of service & all the good things we've done, & all the fruits, all of which we're thankful for, but still, all we need, Lord, is You! We just need You, Jesus, You're the only One that can pull us through! You're all we need!

STRA ML#2388:19 Thank You for all You have revealed to us & given us & so many blessings & so many accomplishments & so many souls & so much Family, so much, Lord! But it's all because we just took You, Jesus, because we needed You, Jesus. We acknowledged that fact, that's all we really needed to know & to accept, that we need You!

STRA ML#2411:44 You've got the goods! Don't be afraid to show'm off! Don't be afraid to deliver the goods, give'm a sample! We've got nothing to be ashamed of! We're not ashamed of Jesus, He's what it's all about! Who made our kids like this?--Not our Hosts, not us, not the School, but Jesus!

STRA ML#2414:6 We can't do anything, Lord. Without You we can do nothing & we can only follow You, Lord, & grow in Thy Vine, we're just the branches. Unless You do it, we can't do it, Lord. You've got to do it. It's your job. We're just Your tools & instruments, servants, just obeying Thy Will.

STRA ML#2544:46 I just ignited you & you went out & exploded, & the whole World heard the boom! Think of it! It's amazing! I sometimes lie in bed at night thinking & praying & saying, "Lord, it sure had to be You! We couldn't have done it ourselves!" I'm just absolutely astounded at what so few of us have accomplished!

STRA ML#2553:5 When you always look so strong & so good & never admit any weaknesses, others have a hard time seeing beyond you.--"Oh, I could never be nearly as saintly or strong as he is! He's going to make it, & maybe he'll even somehow help us to make it too." But if you show them that you have weaknesses too, it puts you in a class with them, & then you're able to direct them more to the Lord, the only One Who is really strong & Who is going to help them to make it!

STRA ML#2553:6 In other words, they'll know that in spite of your weaknesses, you have a strong link with the Lord, & then they can see & relate to what they need to do too--look to the Lord! They can then feel, "Together we're going to look to the Lord & He's going to lead us!"--Instead of, "He's such a strong leader, maybe he'll be able to pull us through." If they think you're so strong they will end up looking more to you than the Lord!

STRA ML#2553:7 When Peter honestly shared his battles & weaknesses with everyone at the Heavenly City School, it helped them to look to the Lord & not just to him. They probably figured, "Oh my!--He's in the same boat with us! We'd better all really look to the Lord, not to him!" His being so honest & open with them about his personal weaknesses & battles didn't lessen his authority in their eyes, they still listened with respect. Then when his counsel inspired them or proved to be right on, they knew that what he was getting & giving them was from the Lord, they knew it wasn't merely him. They knew that anything inspiring he shared with them must have come from the Lord, because it couldn't possibly have come merely from him--as weak & incapable as he told them he was!

STRA ML#2553:8 When you are weak & you admit it, then it's much easier for people to see the Lord working through you. If, instead of putting on a false show of supposed strength, you take that off & let others see that you have weaknesses too, then they're automatically going to look more to the Lord & it's going to be much easier for them to clearly see that whatever good you accomplish is just the Lord.

STRA ML#2553:10 And if, as a result, they won't think anything of us, it'll then all be up to the Lord to inspire their respect. It's really His reputation that's at stake, & it will be up to Him to punch through & show them that He is with us & is working in us.--Despite our admitted weaknesses & frailties. He's the One Who can then put His stamp of approval, so to speak, on our leadership.

STRA ML#2553:11 I've often wondered what I would do if I had to go around visiting Homes! If I'd been in Peter's position when he visited the School, I think I would have done the same thing he did. I would have told everyone, "Look, I don't know anything!--I'm really weak. And I don't know what you thought of me before, but whatever it was, I don't really know anything! We'll all just have to seek the Lord together & counsel together & desperately ask the Lord to help us & give us the answers, because I honestly don't know what to do!"--I really wouldn't!

STRA ML#2553:13 I'd have to say, "Well, who knows how to do this particular job? Whoever knows what to do, let's pray & counsel together, then you can do it! I'll just pray for you that you'll do it right!" I think that's what I'd have to do because I wouldn't know what else to do. Anything I'd be able to accomplish would certainly be a miracle of the Lord!

STRA ML#2553:14 That's how I'd start out, "Look, you can all see how weak I am. I don't know what to do, so it's gotta be the Lord. Don't look to me for the answers, we've gotta get together & look to the Lord for the answers & see what He has to say! Whatever kind of visions you've had of me or whatever kind of image you've gotten into your heads about me, you may as well forget it, because it's probably different than the way I really am!" I'd probably tell them, "You're responsible too & you've got to help, & we all have to ask the Lord what to do!" I really wouldn't know what else to do.

STRA ML#2553:34 We all have our share of weaknesses & frailties--our besetting sins, "the weights & sins that do so easily beset us."--Heb.12:1. Some of them may be minor & some of them fairly major, but taken together they usually serve to help keep us quite weak in ourselves & dependent on Jesus for His help & strength.

STRA ML#2553:40 But sometimes it's easier to share testimonies of our past deliverances from major spiritual problems, than it is to talk about our present weaknesses. We usually don't feel so ashamed of serious problems of the past since they're no longer there if we've actually been delivered from them, so it's easier to talk about them. But if we only testify of past deliverances, it's not going to have the desired effect of helping others to realise that we're still weak & are as utterly dependent on the Lord now as we ever were!

STRA ML#2553:42 Although testimonies of past deliverances can be helpful as you comfort others with the comfort wherewith ye were comforted, they are not enough in themselves. We also need to admit our constant & ever-present weaknesses & failings, our "thorns in the flesh" that we'll probably keep battling as long as we're alive in this World. These are the things that keep us & others around us always conscious of just how weak & incapable we are, & how much we need the Lord!

STRA ML#2553:43 There are many little things which, when combined together, keep me very weak so that I know that anything that I say or do that is good is only Jesus! But see, others who are looking at the good may not know how much it's only Jesus unless I keep telling them & reminding them how incapable I am without the Lord!

STRA ML#2553:45 All of these are just plain old human weaknesses, frailties & lacks.--"The weights & sins that do so easily beset us" (Heb.12:1), against which we must daily battle.--They're what keep us in shape spiritually, fighting & relying on the Lord! We all have our share of'm, amen? So why should it be so shocking to the Family that their leadership is human?! PTL!

STRA ML#2555:2 But to be weak just for the sake of being weak is not the point or purpose that I was trying to bring out in those Letters on weaknesses & natural abilities! Just to be weak is certainly not the goal or the end! Through being weak in ourselves we're supposed to show the Lord's strength! That's the purpose of honestly confessing & admitting our weaknesses: To show that the Lord is strong, that even though we are weak, the Lord can be strong in us! Through our weaknesses He can be shown to be strong.

STRA ML#2555:4 We have to use our weaknesses to show the Lord's strength. "His strength is made perfect in our weakness!"--2Cor.12:9. It's not that we shouldn't be strong. The Word says, "Be strong in the Lord & the power of His might!"--Eph.6:10. We're supposed to be strong, but strong in the Lord, not in ourselves.

STRA ML#2555:5 To help others to understand that our strength is in the Lord, we do need to be willing & open about admitting our own weaknesses. But at the same time we'd better accept the Lord's strength & be showing His strength by fighting for victories over our weaknesses & testifying to others about how the Lord is pulling us through!--And not just saying, "Oh, look how weak I am, I'm so weak I can't do anything!"

STRA ML#2555:6 But since we published those Letters like "The Handicap of Natural Ability" & "What Is Weak?", apparently some people have misinterpreted them & taken them in the wrong way & are using what I said as a justification for all their weaknesses & problems!--"If I just tell everybody how weak I am, then I won't have to fight any more & I won't have to get the victory! I have an excuse now to just lie around on the floor & let the Enemy walk all over me! I don't have to get up or fight or do anything about it to show the Lord's strength!--Just tell everybody I'm weak!"

STRA ML#2555:7 Well, people who have that idea got the wrong idea! So now I've got to balance it out & show the other side of the coin by preaching, "Be glad if you're strong!" And get up & fight & show the Lord's strength! (Peter: That was the whole point of your Letters, to show the Lord's strength, to give Him the glory!) Yes, that was supposed to be the point! (Peter: The reason you've shared your weaknesses wasn't so you could stay weak & do nothing, but so the Lord would get the credit & the glory when He used you.--So people would know it was really the Lord.) Amen.

STRA ML#2555:8 (Peter: Like when I visited the HC School: There were a lot of times I felt like the job was too big & I couldn't possibly go on. I'd be lonesome, discouraged & felt like utterly giving up on myself, & I would admit it & ask for prayer from the leadership there. But regardless of how weak & incapable I felt, I still had to go & give those meetings. Sometimes I couldn't even get started. I didn't know what to say. I had to ask the whole body to pray for me. Then when I went ahead & gave the meeting, it was obvious to everyone that either the Lord had gotten the victory, or that He was helping me do what I was supposed to be doing in spite of how I felt. Either way, He got all the credit.)

STRA ML#2555:10 So now we've almost got to go the opposite direction. We've got to at least reiterate & clarify & remind everybody that the purpose for admitting your weaknesses to others is to show the Lord's strength! When you admit your weaknesses, you've then got to fight & let the Lord show His strength so He gets the credit for whatever gets accomplished. (2Cor.12:9-10)

STRA ML#2555:11 But if you're not even going to fight & people aren't going to be able to see the Lord & His strength through you, then in the final analysis it would probably be better for you to just shut up & not even say anything about your weaknesses! If you're just going to talk about & confess all of your weaknesses but aren't going to let the Lord do anything about them or help you to be strong in Him despite them, then it would be better for you to just shut up!

STRA ML#2555:21 You can't expect people who are naturally pretty strong to be talking about their weaknesses all the time.--They don't have that many! Besides, the point of those Letters I wrote wasn't just to get people talking continually about their weaknesses.--It's to inspire them to show forth the Lord's strength!

STRA ML#2555:24 With people who are naturally strong like that, we need to remember that it's the Lord Who made them that way & gave them those strengths to begin with. But it usually takes more effort for others to realise that such people's strength is from the Lord. A lot of their strength may be natural in the sense that they've had it since birth. They haven't had to be supernaturally endowed with it like many of us have.

STRA ML#2555:25 As I've said before, in some ways that can be a handicap.--Not only for them, but also for others. It's not so clear to others that it's the Lord Who is working through them. Whereas when they can see that you have a real weakness in some area, a real battle or a real failure, yet the Lord manifests Himself & supernaturally helps you to overcome & really accomplish something anyway, then He's the One Who gets the glory. When they can clearly see where you failed but the Lord succeeded, it's easy for them to give Him the credit.

STRA ML#2555:26 So if you have "natural" strength like that in certain areas, it's even more important to remind people, "The Lord did it!--Thank the Lord!" It's usually even harder for you to see it in such cases, which is why you have to keep reminding yourself that it's the Lord as well. It's not only hard for others to see it, but it's often hard for you to see it, especially if you've always had such strengths or talents.

STRA ML#2555:27 We just have to keep reminding ourselves & others that it's the Lord Who has done it all. Because without the Lord we wouldn't be anything & we wouldn't have anything! We wouldn't even be here or have been born or had anything at all! So even if you were strong from the time you were born, born with very strong characteristics, good characteristics, it's still the Lord! Of course, you can have strong characteristics that are negative characteristics, but I'm talking now about good strong, positive characteristics.

STRA ML#2555:29 Take me, for example.--If I suddenly started spouting out fluent Letters that didn't even have to be edited, you'd know it was really a miracle! It shows the Lord's power much more spectacularly when He can miraculously use someone who is naturally very incapable.--Or when someone who is weak in a certain area suddenly shows real strength in that same area, people know it must be the Lord.

STRA ML#2555:34 If our Shepherds & overseers are supposed to be going into situations to try to correct & improve things, they can't be continually falling apart, they need to be together! Of course, it should be the Lord's strength & the Lord's togetherness, but that comment was almost made in a rather negative way. I thought, "Now wait a minute, who said we shouldn't be together?!"

STRA ML#2555:37 I can see how someone who wishes they were more organised might sort of be a little jealous of somebody else who is very "together." But it's not good or helpful or right to criticise others for their strengths. My goodness, we're supposed to be strong! For our work & mission & battles, we have to be strong!--And one way or the other it's all the Lord's strength! Whether all of a sudden we fail & then supernaturally succeed by a miracle of the Lord's strength, or if the Lord has simply helped us to be strong all along, it's all still the Lord!

STRA ML#2555:39 "His strength is made perfect in our weakness."--2Cor.12:9. It's made perfect in our weakness. In other words, out of our weakness His strength can be manifested. You've got to have strength to do the job. He says, "Be strong in the power of His might!"--Eph.6:10. He admonishes us to be strong! Yes, we have to confess & admit our weaknesses, but at the same time we have to even much more manifest & testify to His strength!

STRA ML#2555:40 We need to do both things at the same time. That's the balance, & that shows that we're weak in ourselves but we're strong in the Lord! You don't want to go around just confessing all your weaknesses & not have any of the Lord's strengths to show at the same time.

STRA ML#2555:41 The whole point is we're supposed to be strong in the Lord! That's what we're striving for! We should be striving more to be strong in the Lord than to be weak in the flesh. My goodness, we're not trying to be weak in the flesh, most of us already are! So it's just a matter of admitting the areas that we're weak in & then letting Him make us strong in His strength.

STRA ML#2555:42 We should get our minds off of our weaknesses so much & more on His strength! We can admit & confess our weaknesses, but we shouldn't dwell on them or revel in them with an attitude of, "Oh, look how weak I am, I can't do anything!" Once we admit or confess our weaknesses, we need to realise & be thankful that the Lord is going to make us strong so we can do something for Him! "The people that do know their God shall be strong & do exploits!"--Dan.11:32. That's the goal! PTL! So "be strong in the Lord & in the power of His might!"--Eph.6:10. Amen? GBY! ILY!

STRA ML#2556:1 If you're strong in certain areas, you certainly don't have to feel bad or sorry about it! The Lord gave you those strengths & He uses them.--Even many of those so-called "natural" strengths. If you're in a bind & you don't naturally have certain strengths or abilities & you really need such strengths or abilities, the Lord can give them to you supernaturally. But if you already have them naturally, He'll use what you've got.

STRA ML#2556:2 After all, what you have naturally is what God's already given you, maybe a long time ago, perhaps even before you were saved & joined the Family. There are some traits you learn & gain just through living life, through growing up with your parents in whatever environment you were raised in. There are other natural strengths & traits that He gave you at birth. His Word says, "A man can receive nothing, except it be given him from Heaven. What hast thou that thou didst not receive?--Every good gift is from Above!"--Jn.3:27; 1Cor.4:7; Jam.1:17.

STRA ML#2556:3 Of course, when it's a God-given natural talent or strength, it's a little harder for others to see that it's the Lord, so you have to keep reminding them & continually give the Lord the credit. It might even be a little difficult for you to realise that it's the Lord Who's doing it if you know that even when you were unsaved you still had some of those same abilities or characteristics.

STRA ML#2556:4 But whether or not it's hard for you to see that it's the Lord, & whether or not it's hard for others to see that, the fact still remains that it was the Lord Who gave them to you in the first place! So whether He gives certain talents or gifts or strengths to you in the beginning, or later on through years of training & experience, or whether He has to just give them to you on the spot, supernaturally when you desperately need them, one way or the other the Lord is still the One Who gives it to you!

STRA ML#2556:7 Even very "naturally" strong people can easily succumb to human tests & temptations unless they're relying on the Lord's strength & are desperate for His help. After all, we're all nothing without Him, & totally without strength or even breath without His help & strength! There's no strength without God's strength. All things are possible with God, but without Him, nothing--at least nothing good--is possible!

STRA ML#2556:16 I was majoring on weaknesses in those talks, & I hadn't really thought too much about the other side of the coin. But I definitely think it's time for the Family to realise that we don't want everyone to be so weak they all just collapse on the floor in a pile of jello or mush or something! If you have weaknesses, yes, you should confess them. But at the same time you should try to overcome them with the Lord's help! You can't just say, "Look, I've got all these weaknesses, now He has to do a miracle!" Well, He probably does, & He can if necessary, but we also need to do our part.

STRA ML#2556:17 To be a good witness or a good leader, to be successful for the Lord, we've got to be strong one way or the other. Whether it's our own so-called "natural" strength which the Lord has given, or the Lord's supernatural strength, we need to be "strong in the Lord" for His work's sake.--Eph.6:10. To do the Lord's work requires strength, some kind of strength.--And it's all the Lord's strength because "every good gift & every perfect gift is from Above!"--Jam.1:17.

STRA ML#2558:1 I've said before that some people are just naturally strong. It's not like a supernatural miraculous thing, they just have it. Of course, the Lord's the One Who made them that way in the first place, so their strength is from the Lord nonetheless!

STRA ML#2558:4 When you as a leader are really strong in certain areas, it's very important that you realise that not everybody is as strong as you are. Your standard may be very high. Of course, you're human, & you still have battles & lessons you're learning, but your battles probably don't keep you from maintaining your standard. They probably help to keep you feeling weaker & more dependent on the Lord.--And that feeling of being somewhat weak is the very thing that helps you to understand & sympathise with others.

STRA ML#2558:10 Whenever there's a discrepancy between our feelings of sympathy for people & what the Lord is requiring of them, we just have to say, "Well, this is what the Lord requires!--And if you yield to Him, He'll give you the victory!" Not, "Oh, you poor thing, I understand you & I know it's hard, so that's all right, you don't have to do such-&-such, it's too difficult!" It's true that it may be too difficult in the natural, which is why we have to have the Lord's help!--"The things that are impossible with man are possible with God!"--Luk.18:27.

STRA ML#2558:11 A lot of things are too difficult for us to overcome & conquer in our own strength, but we know the Lord has the power & we know the Lord can do it. That's why we can require of others what we know the Lord wants, because we know the Lord doesn't require any more of us than we can handle!--He always makes a "way of escape," & promises that His grace is sufficient!--1Cor.10:13; 2Cor.12:9.

STRA ML#2572:24 Even if there's hardly anything we can do in some of these cases, there's one thing we can always do, & that we have to do.--And that's to have faith & trust the Lord! Even if there's nothing else we can do, that's one thing we've got to do! That's usually when the Lord tests our faith to see if we're going to worry or fear: When there isn't anything we can do. But that's the time when He can really manifest Himself & show His power & protection most greatly.

STRA ML#2618:65 That's what they see, they see the power in us!

STRA ML#2621:30 The Lord has to get us to the place where we're solely dependent upon His mercy & His Love & know how much we need it & can't do without it, & that usually makes us more loving & compassionate with others, when we see how much He has given us & how much He has put up with & forgiven us.

STRA ML#2628:8 The goal is to try to continually be getting closer to the Lord, more dependent on Him, more dependent on His Word & more prayerful constantly.

STRA ML#2630:27 But as far as spiritual strength, I'd say that quote, "When you're weakest in the flesh you can be strongest in the (Lord's) Spirit," has come to life in her case. She may be weakened from the battle & from her physical ailments, but she's certainly much stronger in the Spirit.--Yielded to the Lord & fighting to get the victory & letting the Lord come through, & truly depending on Him.

STRA ML#2630:28 Even though she's weaker in her own strength, she is now much stronger in the Lord's strength than she was before. But we must support her in prayer, in real desperate prayer, that the Lord will continue to give her the strength. None of us can fight battles like these on our own & in our own strength. When we talk about strength to win spiritual victories, we're talking about the Lord's strength.

STRA ML#2630:29 It's only the Lord's strength that has enabled her to make such phenomenal progress in such a short time, in just the few weeks that she's fought against this multitude of problems.

STRA ML#2700:2 It's just a fact that we're all dirty & icky, all of us are. But God doesn't look on our sin. He's perfect, & He can't accept sin, but when He looks at us He sees Jesus. "Our lives are hid with Christ in God. We're crucified with Christ, nevertheless we live, yet not us but Christ liveth within us."--Col.3:3; Gal.2:20. Jesus is our mediator. Jesus is the One Who gets us through to God. We're too imperfect, we're too bad, we're too sinful, that's for sure, but we're not too sinful for Jesus! As Dad has said, "You can never be too bad for Jesus, only too good!" (ML #312:10)

STRA ML#2700:57 Help her, Lord, to just see You & You only.--To look to You & not to fret about what she's going through or even what other people think about her or even what she thinks about herself. Help her just to cast all her fears & worries aside & just see You & what You want for her, & to strive for that goal, Lord. Bless her & strengthen her & encourage her tonight & give her a good sleep. Keep her safe in Thy care, in Jesus' name. TYL!

STRA ML#2700:60 At first it can seem like a discouraging prospect in some ways, because of all the work & all the time & effort it usually takes to break such habits. But on the other hand, it's very encouraging to see that if we put our will on the Lord's side & we'll work on it, then He'll give us the strength & He will help us to win the victory in the end. We just have to be willing. So Lord help us to always have the will to win, the will to fight, no matter how long it takes to change our bad habits!--And sometimes we'll be surprised at how miraculously quick our change may be!

STRA ML#2700:61 I'm also reminded of that verse, "Christ in you, the hope of glory"--Col.1:27.--"Which Hope we have as an anchor, steadfast & sure." It's not in us, we can't do anything, we don't have anything of ourselves. It's Jesus that God sees, Jesus is the Mediator, He's the One Who gets us to God. We're all dirty, icky, filthy, terrible, awful sinners! We're stained, polluted, besmirched, corrupt, defiled, contaminated. It doesn't really matter if somebody thinks they're a little more dirty, icky, filthy, terrible, awful, stained, polluted, besmirched, corrupt, defiled or contaminated than somebody else! God can't stand any of it, all He can stand is perfection & holiness & purity, & that's what the blood of Jesus gives us in His sight, PTL! "Not having our own righteousness, which is of the Law (& filthy in God's sight!), but that which is through the faith of Christ, the righteousness which is of God by faith!"--Phil.3:9. PTL!

STRA ML#2703:16 You did it, Lord, it was Your fire, Your Spirit! You caught the kids on fire! Everywhere it went You caught them on fire, Lord. Jesus did it, He set them on fire. We were just His voice, just His Word. We just gave them the Word, Lord, Your Word, & it set them on fire! Hallelujah! TYL! TYJ! How wonderful! How marvellous! It was the Lord's doing, it was His Spirit. I just stand back in amazement & watch what the Lord does! It's amazing! It's all the Lord & His Spirit, His fire! TYL! Hallelujah!

STRA ML#2714:41 But how can you say that Jesus isn't enough?--You've got to have more than Jesus? How can you have more than Jesus?! What do you want? You not only have the gall to murmur & complain because the Lord doesn't give you a constant stream of signs & wonders & miracles & voices & revelations, but you have the audacity to suggest that you should have more than Jesus! What you're saying is that Jesus is not enough & that there's something wrong with the plan & purpose that God has laid out for His people! You don't agree that they should live & walk simply by faith, in the quiet assurance of just knowing by faith that He's with them & is touching them daily, without having to walk by sight or hearing or feeling. You're saying you know better than God, & you have a better way! (Does he have any faith?! He sounds like Judas!--The Devil!)

STRA MOM#32:4 WE DON'T LOVE YOU BECAUSE YOU'RE THIS WAY OR THAT WAY YOURSELF. Even if we were going to love somebody for certain things, we'll still give the Lord all the credit for those things, right? In other words, if you're going to love me for what I do, what I am, what I say or the way I act then remember I'm that way because the Lord causes me to be that way & it's no credit to me!

STRA MOM#76:8 WE KNOW THAT ONLY JESUS CAN TRULY PERMANENTLY & EFFECTIVELY CHANGE US & IMPROVE US AS WE YIELD TO HIM & ASK HIM TO MAKE US IN HIS IMAGE. We are striving to "put on the Lord Jesus Christ" & to let Him make us into the kind of loving Christ-like person He wants us to be. "Forbearing each other & forgiving each other, & above all these things, putting on Love which is the bond of perfectness." (Col.3:12-14) Our hope is that when people look at us they will see Jesus, that we "may decrease so that He may increase." (John 3:30)--That people will see us as they did Jesus' early disciples, "Who, when they saw the boldness of Peter & John, and perceived they were unlearned & ignorant men, marvelled & took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus." (Acts 4:13) We want to show Jesus, not ourselves, to others so that they will see His greatness & His Love manifested in us. "We have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God & not of us." (2Cor.4:7)

STRA MOM#76:16 AS LONG AS WE DEPEND ON THE LORD & ARE LED BY HIS SPIRIT WE KNOW WE CAN'T GO WRONG & we know that even though we do make mistakes, He is in control & He is going to win the victory in spite of our being imperfect instruments & tools in His hands. "For when we are weak then He is strong" (2Cor.12:9) & our weakness shows more His power & His Love & shows that if any good thing is accomplished it is only Him.

STRA PTR#35:3 WHAT REALLY PULLED ME THROUGH WAS TOTAL DESPERATION & TOTAL FIGHT!--Which the Lord gave me the strength for, I didn't have it myself. I just cried out to the Lord & then had to really take the stand!

STRA PTR#35:21 IT'S NOT AN EASY ROAD TO TAKE, IT'S EVEN LIKE DEATH. But then there's the resurrection, the new man that you become when you become totally dependent on the Lord. God only uses broken men & women, that's who He can truly use, those who are totally dependent on Him & not on themselves or somebody else!

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