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         Very general quotes on vision for walking close to the Lord.
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SPI ML#J:39 Our fellowship with God is most important. Hearing from the Lord!...And that's why we're where we are today--because we stopped & sat down & listened to God & then followed His directions & won every battle, because we did it God's way.

SPI ML#4:65 WE'RE LOOKING AT CONDITIONS INSTEAD OF GOD.--That's what's the matter. You've got to keep your eyes on God. You've got to look at God. You've got to see God. You've got to see God!

SPI ML#6:11 Are you becoming stationary with those seeking to preserve the status quo, to freeze the world into a block of ice: or are you moving with the white-hot fires of the Spirit of God--burning, melting, moving, moulding, flowing, pouring, sharing, in this Age of Aquarius--the Age of the Water of Life--the Age of Water Givers--the Age of Life Sharers?

SPI ML#6:12 Are you attempting to freeze, preserve, solidify into immovable ice that means death?--Or are you warm, loving & sharing & wooing & sowing & conceiving with the Seed that brings Life--new birth, new creatures & a new world--where "old things are passed away & all things are become new"!

SPI ML#6:13 You'd better move now--with the life of God, or you'll be left behind in the death of this world!

SPI ML#20:22 I wanna get loved up with Jesus! I wanna be a bride--not a whore! Let's fall in love with Jesus!

SPI ML#20:25 GET YOUR HELL OUTTA HERE! You're a damn stinking whoremonger! I don't want anybody but Jesus to fuck me! I'm the Bride of Christ! Whose Bride are you? I don't want anybody but Jesus! Amen? To hell with all the rest! Just give me Jesus!

SPI ML#73:14 THERE IS THAT LINK BETWEEN THE SPIRITUAL & THE PHYSICAL THAT WE DON'T QUITE UNDERSTAND. I told you that in Breakdown. They are inseparable except by death, unless the Lord separates them sometimes in the spirit & takes you on a spiritual trip. The physical affects the spiritual & the spiritual affects the physical.

SPI ML#98:4 THE MAIN JOB OF A SHEPHERD IS TO KEEP IN TOUCH WITH THE LORD--to begin the day with sweet music, praise & fellowship. We have to learn how to first of all rest at the Lord's feet. The secret of that calm & peace & rest & patience & faith & love is that resting in the Lord!--Getting calm before the Lord & praising the Lord & seeking the Lord first. And then you just impart this to the sheep--it's a spirit--you impart that very atmosphere.

SPI ML#154:78 While there's life, there's hope! Amen? PTL!

SPI ML#172:7 It's still just that simple: If we love God, we can love each other, & even respect ourselves as His Creation! We can then follow His rules of life, liberty & the possession of happiness, & all will be well & happy in Him!

SPI ML#214:42 "ABIDE UNDER THE SHADOW OF THE ALMIGHTY IN THE SECRET PLACE! Abide under the brilliance, under the Light underneath. " God is over-shadowing, but with Light! "Abide in the shadow of the Almighty!--He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty!" No Darkness in that shadow! It's like an aura of Light, an area of diffusion of the Light.--This shadow is Light. In other words, like under this canopy it's all Light.--God's shadow of Light!

SPI ML#214:45 AS LONG AS THE CRYSTALS FACE THE LIGHT & THE PILLAR, THEY SEEM TO ABSORB THE LIGHT, & they have strength, & they glow brightly & are drawn toward it, & the Darkness has no power over them!

SPI ML#214:46 IF IT TURNS TOWARD THE DARKNESS RATHER THAN THE LIGHT, THE CRYSTAL LOSES ITS BRILLIANCE, & it's as though the Darkness closes in & has greater power! As the light diminishes in the Crystal, the Darkness has more power to slow it down from being drawn into the Pillar--even to be drawn away! The darker the Crystal is the more it is drawn by the Darkness, as it faces the Darkness! The moment it turns its face toward the Light, it immediately begins to glow with the great brilliance of the Light & Power, & is immediately drawn toward the Pillar, & the Darkness has no power over it!

SPI ML#214:47 THE CRYSTAL HAS TO FACE THE LIGHT IN ORDER TO GLOW ITSELF, & to shine with such beauty, & especially the Power in that Light that drives off the Darkness!

SPI ML#214:48 BUT IF THE CRYSTAL TURNS AWAY FROM THE LIGHT, as though it were trying to turn itself & fight the Darkness in its own strength, it loses the Light, & it has no Power unless it focuses itself on the Pillar & receives that beam of Light! Every time it turns away it grows darker, & its strength fades & wanes, as the Light is diminished in trying to face the Darkness instead of facing the Light!

SPI ML#214:49 AS LONG AS IT FACES THE LIGHT, IT DOESN'T SEEM TO HAVE TO EXERT ANY POWER ITSELF AT ALL, BUT THE LIGHT GIVES IT THE POWER .--And as long as it faces the pillar with purpose & receives the Light, it just glides right out of the Darkness into the Pillar! So your only hope is facing & absorbing His Light, & glowing with His Power, & this causes you to glow. It causes you to generate terrific power, which drives back the Darkness & leaves you free to glide with such ease toward the Light, until all are joined in one!

SPI ML#231:9 GOD'S YARD IS FULL OF FOOD, IF THEY'D JUST GET OUT & DIG IT OUT! They can dig it out just like I do, you know?--Right out of the Bible! Otherwise they get lazy, you know?--And pretty soon they won't even know how to feed themselves. They need to get out there & dig for it & ask God to help them find it, because what are they going to do when there aren't any more crumbs, & their father David's gone? What are they going to do then? Are they just going to keep eating old, stale scraps, hmmm?--When there's lots better stuff out there in God's garden. They can't forever be eating old stale crumbs! Crumbs are okay when they can't find anything else, & they don't know how to take care of themselves, but they need to grow up.

SPI ML#242:25 WHEN YOU QUIT MOVING, YOU DIE!--TRY IT! Go to bed & never get up again, & how long do you think you'll live if you just lie there stiff as a board & never eat or drink or move or get rid of waste matter anymore? --You might last a few days, some people have lasted a couple of weeks, but without any liquid or elimination whatsoever the usual limit is about four days! For if you quit eating, drinking, cleansing & moving, you're soon dead!--And that's exactly what's wrong with some of our disciples! They've quit drinking the water of life--the new water that's always fresh, poured out constantly--& they quit eating the spiritual food, & quit eliminating their daily besetting sins, & therefore they've quit moving & they've died on the vine! Then they wonder why they feel like going back into the system!

SPI ML#242:37 YOU KNOW WHAT MY GRANDFATHER SAID TO ME ONCE? "David, son, do you know how you know when you're getting old?--When you start living in the past!"

SPI ML#242:45 BUT IF YOU'RE AN OLD BOTTLE STRETCHED AS FAR AS YOU CAN GO, & you can't bulge one more bulge, the next time I come along & drop one more drop of new wine into you, it'll break your bottle, & even what you've got will be lost, & you'll lose even what you thought you had! "To him that hath it shall be given."--To him that hath what?--Him that hath a new bottle with lots more room! But him that hath not a new bottle, it will be taken from him even that which he thinketh he hath! (Mt.25:29)

SPI ML#250:42 But if you put these desires of the flesh first above God & others & the needs of your spirit, then you'll find that nothing ever satisfies, not even the most total indulgence in the flesh! You will become as the world-famous poet, Lord Byron, when he despaired at the height of his fame with these words: "I've drunk of every fount of pleasure & quaffed every cup of fame, yet, alas, I die of thirst!" For the things of this earth can only satisfy your body, but only God & His true love can ever fill that aching spiritual void of your heart which He created for Himself alone! For true happiness comes not in your personal pursuit for selfish pleasure & satisfaction, but in finding God & giving His life to others & bringing them happiness! Then happiness pursues & overtakes & overwhelms you, personally, without even seeking it for yourself!

SPI ML#254:9 FROM THE DEEP DARK PLACES OF THE EARTH COME THE MOST PRECIOUS THINGS OF THE WORLD! We get most of these things in the deep dark night, & some of the most precious lessons you learn from the Lord come out of deep dark experiences. We get our gold & our jewels from Heaven. Our mines are in Heaven!--So be heavenly minded. If you're heavenly minded, you'll get precious things out of those heavenly mines! The Lord puts them there, but we have to dig them out. He leaves some of the work up to you. You must dig them from your heart & your bosom, the deep places where He has buried them!

SPI ML#254:14 THEY ARE BUT BABES AT THE BOSOM & THEY ARE BUT LITTLE CHILDREN IN THE ARMS OF THEIR FATHER! Jesus, help them to understand & receive the milk of the Words that Thou dost give! Jesus loves thee with an everlasting love to give thee the words of His heart!

SPI ML#254:18 IF YOU WANT MORE, YOU CAN HAVE MORE OF THE WORDS OF DAVID THYSELF: Thou dost need but open thy heart to receive unto Me, & let David rest. You understand?

SPI ML#254:23 FOR BEHOLD HOW HE NEEDETH THY FLESH TO FEED HIS BODY, for he hungereth after thee, even as My soul hungereth after thee! (Think of it!--God needs us!)

SPI ML#319:29 WITHOUT THE SAP THERE IS NO LIFE, WITHOUT THE FLOW OF THE SPIRIT THERE IS NO LIFE. But the king always looks on the outward appearance & forgets what is at the heart, & he forgets that thin little growing layer just beneath the surface which gives the whole tree life & causes it to grow year by year, layer by layer.

SPI ML#399:108 "WHEN WE WALK WITH THE LORD IN THE LIGHT OF HIS WORD What a glory He sheds on our way! While we do His good will, He abides with us still, and with all who will trust & obey. Trust & obey, for there's no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust & obey!"

SPI ML#510:16 As the newborn babe, who knows & understands very little about the whole new world around him, except that he is loved & needs those who love him & is comforted & cared for by them, so it is with the newborn Child of God when entering for the first time into the whole new world of a whole new life in the nearly incredible Kingdom of God!

SPI ML#539:5 The Christian spiritual life is divided primarily into three spheres: Praise, Prayer & Performance!

SPI ML#584:21 LIKE ALL NEW BABIES YOU HAVE A LOT TO LEARN & A LOT OF GROWING TO DO! (1Pet.2:2) So don't expect to understand everything all at once about your new life & the whole new world in which you live & your great new Family.

SPI ML#622:29 THE MORE SPIRITUAL YOU GET, LIKE A PROPHET OR A PSYCHIC OR SEER, THE MORE YOU COME INTO THAT REALM OF THE SPIRIT & the more you are under its rules, where you too operate under more direct orders & are more directly led & controlled. Your will is more under total submission to the authority of the spirit. It's like the way it will be & the way it should be.

SPI ML#639:61 KEEP US CLOSE TO YOU & HELP US TO STAY CLOSE TO YOU IN THY WILL, LORD, & OBEDIENT, FOLLOWING MOMENT BY MOMENT. Every moment keep our hearts right with You, Jesus, our motives right, our will right, & everything right with You.

SPI ML#701:26 If you're too Heavenly-minded, then you're not going to be an earthly bit of good. If you've got your head in the clouds but your feet never touch the ground, then you're not going to last very long in this world.

SPI ML#701:27 You need to have your feet firmly planted on the surface of this earth.

SPI ML#752:17 WHEN YOU ARE BORN AGAIN, YOU'RE JUST A BABE IN CHRIST, & YOU REALLY DO NEED SPIRITUAL PARENTS TO HELP YOU & protect you & feed you & to help you grow. The Lord has many pictures in the natural of the spiritual. There is either a spiritual analogy for nearly everything natural, or there is a natural example for nearly everything spiritual.

SPI ML#775:1 SOMEBODY ONCE SAID, "YOU ARE WHAT YOU READ." It's like the old saying about health, "You are what you eat", physically. Well, you are what you read, mentally & spiritually. I can just about tell you where you're at spiritually by what you're reading the most.

SPI ML#775:2 How can you say you're seeking first the Kingdom of God if you spend most of your time reading other books instead of the Word of God? Think it over. You are what you read & what you're hungry for, so be sure you're getting your right spiritual food.


SPI ML#813:12 O GOD, KEEP US FILLED WITH YOU, JESUS, so that we shall not go astray, Lord, & we shall not be a pit that others shall stumble into.

SPI ML#813:36 JUST TEACH US, LORD, TO BE LIKE YOU, JESUS--humble & sweet & loving & patient, longsuffering. Praise You Lord! Thank You Jesus! We are nothing, Lord, but Thou art everything.

SPI ML#831-1:2 BEYOND THE BLUE HORIZON WAITS A BEAUTIFUL DAY! Goodbye to things that bore me, joy is waiting for me! I've found a new horizon, my life has only begun! Beyond the blue horizon waits a rising sun!" Praise God?

SPI ML#831-1:3 FOR ALL OF YOU WHO'VE FOUND THE LORD, THAT CERTAINLY IS TRUE! Amen? Your life is constantly new horizons, behind which the rising Son of Jesus is always rising, & always brightening each new day, giving you new experiences & new excitement, new thrills, a new wonderful life in Jesus.

SPI ML#856:77 MAY GOD HELP US THAT IT NEVER HAPPEN TO US IN ANY WAY!--That we never massacre our spiritual effectiveness & the effectiveness & efficiency of our individual Homes!--That we never massacre our effective work for the Lord or be a bad influence on our fellow Christians & our children & our mates & our helpers in any way.

SPI ML#958:112 "Every day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before! Every day with Jesus, I love Him more & more! Jesus saves & keeps me, & He's the one we're waiting for! Every day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before!

SPI ML#960:46 I AM A GREAT ONE FOR HEREDITY. If you were born in a Christian family & have lived in it all your life with the knowledge of God & His Word & spiritual things & life in the Spirit & spiritual experiences, experience in God's work, you've got a head start on everybody else!

SPI ML#972:117 IF YOU HAVE BEEN SANCTIFIED BY THE LORD & HIS BLOOD & SALVATION, THE NOUN FOR A PERSON SO SANCTIFIED IS A SAINT! As you put the sanctified dish, washed, cleaned & dried, back on the shelf, it's only temporarily on the shelf, right? It has become a what? It was sanctified, so now it's become a saint!

SPI ML#972:118 A CLEAN DISH IS A SAINT! But it's not gonna stay a saint very long, is it? In this case it gets dirty again. But actually underneath it's always clean, right? It just has to be washed off a little bit. It was originally cleansed & purified how? Most dishes?--By fire? In a furnace. A fire of nearly 4000 degrees usually, if it's ceramic or that glazed surface. Nearly all of our dishes are ceramics, only they're usually white. They put a white glaze on the outside.

SPI ML#972:299 ACTUALLY YOU'RE LIVING IN TWO OF THE HEAVENS. Not only the atmospheric heavens but also right here you're surrounded with the realm of the spirit & cloud of witnesses. (Heb.12:1) This room is full of them, isn't that wonderful?--Observing what we do & enjoying our fellowship. Although there's a gulf, in a sense, fixed between, & we can't rend that veil except in the spirit. Then the Lord can show us things & we can take a little peek in once in awhile.

SPI ML#996:43 DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO STAY CLOSE TO JESUS? Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus! Don't you understand? The most important thing is Jesus--to stay close to Him, let Him lead & guide you. We must not lean to our natural carnal mind & wisdom & understanding. Just throw open your mind & put it in neutral gear & let Him lead.

SPI ML#1025:22 "SEX IS THE NEXT MOST WONDERFUL THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD!--I've forgotten what the first one was!" But we haven't forgotten, we know what it is: It's the love of Jesus & our Family affection for each other. PTL? Hallelujah! It's Salvation & the baptism of the Holy Spirit that give you the greatest thrill & spiritual orgasm you'll ever have! That's gonna really take you right out of this World into the Heavenlies, & can do it already in the Spirit! Hallelujah!

SPI ML#1089:3 SO REALLY IT IS THE WORD & IT HAS TO DO WITH THE WORD, WHETHER YOU LIVE IN THE WORD OR NOT! This is what's wrong with Christians, most Christians & the church Christians that you & I know. They never really read their Bibles daily or anything.

SPI ML#1089:27 FOOD FOR THE SOUL IS IMPORTANT TOO & YOU'VE GOT TO FEED IT OR YOUR SOUL IS GOING TO DIE! Your spirit, even your physical life will die without it. You have got to keep feeding yourself spiritually, or be fed spiritually like a baby. A lot of people never grow up spiritually, they stay babes because they weren't really fed.

SPI ML#1148:32 HE GAVE THEM THE DESIRES OF THEIR HEARTS, BUT HE SENT LEANNESS TO THEIR SOULS! (Psa.106:15) Did you get that? Sometimes if we demand it, we insist on it--"God, I want a certain thing, I gotta have it, You give it to me!"--He'll give it to you! Sometimes, just to teach you a lesson! Then you'll find that your heart is very hungry! Your stomach may be full, but your heart is hungry! Your soul is lean & you have lost fellowship with God! BIBLE STUDY ON LEAN OR FAT SOUL: Psalm 106:15: "And he gave them their request; but sent leanness into their soul." James 4:3: "Ye ask & receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts." Isaiah 55:2: "Wherefore do ye spend money for that which is not bread? And your labour for that which satisfieth not? Hearken diligently unto me, & eat that which is good, & let your soul delight itself in fatness." Psalm 37:4: "Delight thyself also in the Lord; & He shall give thee the desires of thine heart." (See also Psalm 107:9.)

SPI ML#1149:20 AFTER THIS SECOND LONG TERM UP THERE WITH GOD, HE HAD CONTRACTED SOME OF THE RADIANCE OF GOD, until his face literally glowed--a little bit of God rubbed off on Moses, & his face actually shined! If you live enough with God, like Moses did, a little of God will rub off on you too & your face will shine! It may not shine like Moses' did, but you'll be happy & your face will shine with joy & the Spirit of the Lord!

SPI ML#1152:8 NOW WHAT MAKES THE DEAD SEA DEAD? NOT SALT, BUT NO OUTLET! You want to know how to get dead real quick?--Just have no outlet spiritually! Live selfishly, just for yourself, take everything & give nothing--have no outlet, & you'll kill your spirit & eventually even your body!

SPI ML#1157:18 IF YOU INSIST ON HAVING SOMETHING THAT ISN'T GOD'S WILL, WILL GOD LET YOU HAVE IT? Sometimes, He'll let you have it! God's Word says, "He gave them the desires of their hearts, but He sent leanness to their souls!" (Psa.106:15) In other words, they didn't feel the sweet presence of God quite so close, they got away from God.

SPI ML#1219:71 IT'S NOT EVIL SPIRITS THAT CAUSE AS MUCH TROUBLE AS OUR OWN SPIRIT, our own spirit is the one that is not under control, that we have to control, that we have to make a decision. The evil spirits are subject to us.

SPI ML#1220:50 YOU'RE BURNING ALL THE TIME & THE LORD ALSO WANTED TO MAKE THAT AN ILLUSTRATION SPIRITUALLY, that if you want to keep burning for the Lord & you want to keep that little light of yours burning, "this little light of mine", it has to have constant fresh air of the Spirit all the time! You've got to be breathing God's oxygen of the Holy Spirit all the time!

SPI ML#1220:51 YOU'VE GOTTA BE THINKING ABOUT THE LORD & BREATHING HIS SPIRIT OR YOU'LL DIE SPIRITUALLY, you'll go out spiritually, you'll suffocate spiritually. You have to have the constant Spirit of God to stay alive spiritually as well as physically. That's what happened to Adam when the Lord created him & made him out of the mud. There he was, he was all made, but he was still dead until what happened? (David: God breathed into him air.) Do you know that verse exactly? God breathed into him, what? The breath of life!

SPI ML#1220:65 YOUR MUSCLES USE UP ENERGY & YOUR BODY USES ENERGY WHEN YOU'RE WORKING OR EXERCISING, & to have that energy you've got to burn fuel. The fuel is the food & it stores in your body, & the oxygen is the air you breathe to combine with it so you can burn. Burn free! OK? The same is true spiritually, you've got to have spiritual food of the Word & then you've got to have the Spirit to make it burn so you can have spiritual energy, power! PTL! Hallelujah? You've gotta have both, one or the other is not enough.

SPI ML#1224:349 "MAKE THE WORLD GO AWAY"...Maybe sometimes you feel like that too when the World is too much with you. Even the Lord felt like that once in awhile & He had to get away from it all & He climbed up on the mountain peak away from the mob below or He sailed out on a boat on the open sea away from the mob on the shore & He just had to get away from the World for a little while & a little rest. So if the World won't go away, why don't you go away? Why don't you take a little time out, a little temple time in the quiet of some quiet room or quiet place or mountain top or seaside & let the World go its own way for a little while, while you rest up & recuperate & refresh & get re-inspired with the Word by the Lord & His Spirit. Amen? GBY!

SPI ML#1238:45 THE LORD IN SOME WAYS SETS US FREE, BUT IN OTHER WAYS HE BINDS US & TIES US TO HIMSELF. He's pictured as a safe harbour, a haven, & the sea is pictured as being wild, without rest, like the wicked.--Rebellious, independent, supposedly free, but in some ways the sea is really bound. It's bound within certain limitations the Lord has set, beyond which He says it cannot go. Whereas we are in the haven of the Lord, the harbour of His safety & salvation. (1238:45.)

SPI ML#1252:40 MAY GOD HELP YOU TO GET HALFWAY TO HEAVEN & RECEIVE HIS WORD YOURSELVES! Now that you're growing maturing Christians you don't have to always just receive it from me, you can get it directly from the Lord Himself by His spirits & angels, & grow to be a strong pastor or shepherd yourself to feed His sheep with the sincere milk & even the strong meat of the Word that He's now giving us & giving you & will give you in the future in the dark days ahead, in these last hours of the World's history when they will need it so much. May God bless & keep you drinking this Word from Heaven!

SPI ML#1258:85 Personalities are shown a lot by the face & expression, & what you are pretty much shows in your face.

SPI ML#1303:36 THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT THE EYES THAT REALLY HAS TO DO WITH THE SPIRIT! I know now what the Prophet meant by saying Jesus' eyes looked like coals of fire! (Rev.1:14)

SPI ML#1310:82 IT'S LIKE THE WEAVING OF THE PATTERN OF YOUR LIFE. Someone once compared it to the weaving of the tapestry on the wall. These tapestries are woven from one end to the other. If you miss a stitch or you miss the pattern clear back at the beginning of the rug, it may not show up right at once but it shows up very much as you get towards the end. But you notice it can't get clear off the rug!

SPI ML#1316:21 ALMOST A LITTLE CHILD CAN UNDERSTAND THAT ABOUT A SHEPHERD & SHEEP! That's why the Lord used such a simple, simple illustration of His relationship with us, as His sheep.

SPI ML#1316:62 YOU NEED TO KEEP BOOKS--FINANCIALLY & WITH YOURSELF & WITH GOD--& keep stats on the produce & the results & the fruit to see if you're ahead or behind or where you're at! With nary a stat, you don't know where you're at!


SPI ML#1376:25 The Lord is wonderful to give you some of the simplest little answers sometimes.


SPI ML#1425:6 NOT EVERYTHING ABOUT OUR LIFE IS NECESSARILY ALL GOING TO BE PLEASANT! We have battles, we're at war, & there are some pretty ugly aspects to a war, especially your enemy, the worst enemy of all, evil spirits that try to plague us!

SPI ML#1427:18 "AND SHE SHALL FIND REST TO HER SOUL!" SO YOU KNOW THIS MEANS BODY?--Not many people understand that the soul is a body with a spirit. If she doesn't rest in the Spirit she is going to wear out her body, & she needs to learn to rest in the Spirit to save her body, so she'll have strength to minister.

SPI ML#1493:7 THAT'S WHY YOU NEED THE WORD SO MUCH! You really need to get close to the Lord, to get to know Him & really depend on Him. That's why the Lord may have to knock you for a loop--to get you flat on your back where you have to look up!

SPI ML#1525:5 I HAVE TO BE FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT in order to be able to inspire. It's not just one time, but you have to keep coming back to be filled with the Spirit again & again.

SPI ML#1737:23 IF I NEED TO BREAK YOU OUT OF A MOULD TO CRACK YOUR BOTTLE in order to bring out something new & a little more self-reliance & a little more dependence on the Lord instead of me, & do a little more of your own praying & your own singing & your own feeding from what's already been given, for God's sake, you'd better get with it & get out of that God-damned old churchy habit of having to be spoon-fed by the preacher!

SPI ML#1768:110 I'D LIKE TO KIND OF REVIVE A LITTLE OF THAT GOOD OLD REVIVAL SPIRIT! Of course, you're supposed to stay alive all the time, but every now & then you need a little revival.

SPI ML#1780:37 BUT LIVING THE LIFE, THAT'S WHAT'S TOUGH! GETTIN' SAVED, THAT'S EASY! But then being a Christian & staying a good Christian & witnessing & helping others & managing to survive & all the rest, that's pretty rough, for some at least. God has been pretty easy on us, but we do have trials & tribulations & we have battles with the Devil & Satan's demons of Hell & Devil- possessed people & all the rest!

SPI ML#1909:20 WE'RE AN ARMY & WHEN BABES JOIN THEY NEED TO GO THROUGH THEIR INITIAL TRAINING & BOOT CAMP WITHOUT THE COMPLICATIONS OF PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS. They need time to fall in love with Jesus & the Word first, then later when they are stronger they can be trusted with the added blessing of sexual fellowship. (AMEN! GBY!--Our original requirement was six months of living & working together before loving together! I think it's still a good idea! Amen.--In Jesus' name, amen!--Love, D.)

SPI ML#2054:65 IF YOU DIDN'T HAVE THAT HUMAN FRAILTY, THAT HUMAN WEAKNESS TO MAKE WRONG DECISIONS & TO FAIL, THEN THERE WOULD NOT BE THE FREEDOM OF CHOICE, the majesty of free will that God implanted in every heart, including, apparently, in the hearts of the Angels, to make a choice to voluntarily love & serve Him. He does call us Love Slaves, Love Servants etc.--He didn't, the Apostles did--but Jesus said, "I have not called you servants, but friends. For the Master doesn't tell everything to His servants, His slaves." (Jn.15:15) He wanted you as friends, He wanted you as His Beloved, not only friends, but His Bride!

SPI ML#2054:84 LIFE IS A LEARNING PROCESS!--And you don't learn it by snapping your fingers or suddenly getting an injection!--Or like you've seen in some of these sci-fis where they put a skull cap on one guy & drain his brain & put all of his knowledge in your head, blah blah. Wouldn't that be nice? It would be so easy! But look what you would miss!--This trial-&-error process, this trying-&-learning process!

SPI ML#2054:93 THE LEARNING PROCESS IS A MARVELLOUS THING! Do you realise that's what you're here for? Do you realise that's what Adam & Eve in the Garden was all about? Why didn't God just create them with the knowledge of good & evil & how to be good & not be bad & all that sort of thing? What was the surest way to learn, to really know for sure & never forget?--At least if they would try to learn & not forget. Of course some people never seem to learn & they never seem to even try, they always forget! But we who are really trying to learn, trying to remember to be good, trying to do good, I'd say at least we're good most of the time, right?


SPI ML#2094:58 BUT EVEN GOD WANTS SOMETHING TO LIVE IN, NOT A TEMPLE, NOT A BIG BEAUTIFUL BUILDING, NOT A CATHEDRAL, NOT A SYNAGOGUE, BUT YOU! That's where God wants to live. Amen? He wants to live in you, & if you want to worship God you must worship Him in spirit, in your heart, & in Truth, in the Word! PTL?

SPI ML#2096:13 If we do get a little run down spiritually, we can always get a recharge or a new battery from the Lord.

SPI ML#2128:43 ONE OF THE BEST WAYS IN THE WORLD TO KEEP YOUR MIND STAYED ON THE LORD IS TO TALK TO HIM. Talk to Him! Praise Him! Pray! Sing! Talk in tongues! Quote His Word! Keep busy! Keep your mind on the Lord & the best way to do it is out loud. Say it! Speak it! Mouth it! Confess it!

SPI ML#2219:51 SO NOW DO YOU THINK YOU'VE GOT SPIRIT, SOUL & BODY STRAIGHTENED OUT? Paul one time really got some people mixed up by using the expression "spirit, soul & body". (1Thes.5:23) But see, he was pretty smart, smarter than they give him credit for sometimes! What did he put first? He said, "the Lord keep your spirit, soul & body", etc. He put "spirit" first as the most important. And on the other side of the middle word he put "body", & in between he had the word "soul". So spirit plus body makes soul! Get it? That's what it means!

SPI ML#2219:52 IT DOESN'T MEAN THAT THERE ARE THREE DIFFERENT THINGS, A SPIRIT & A SOUL & A BODY. You cannot have a soul without both body & spirit.--Get it? And that's why, oftentimes in the Bible, it speaks about "so many souls were saved, so many souls were lost, so many souls drowned, so many souls did this & did that". It means they were bodies with spirits.--In other words, normal human beings. Because there's a difference between body, soul & spirit! But they're not three different things really, are they? Well, in a sense you might say they are. You've got a body here & a spirit here, put together they make a soul, which is only one thing, it's not a third thing. It's a soul!

SPI ML#2341:16 I think maybe the Lord wants us to spend more time alone preparing to leave this Earth & go to Heaven!--More time & communion with Him thinking about our lives & taking account of what we accomplished, thinking & praying a good deal about if we are doing our best for the Lord, & praying about what we could do more.

SPI ML#2341:28 I guess that's one reason the Lord lets old folks wake up so early in the morning, so they can be alone with Him & think & pray, face Him alone without all the distractions of the day, without anybody else to lean on. You just have to face God's inquiry alone, take account of yourself & things & listen to the Lord, only the Lord. Of course, the Devil tries to get his two cents in too, but thank the Lord, it seems like the Lord speaks louder when you're alone, particularly in the early morning.

SPI ML#2442:5 So Man is always searching for the Lord, & the Lord is searching for Man. But Man has to find Him God's way or he's not going to find Him! And the way that we find the Lord is through His Spirit, which is in a sense His Communicator. God is available to Man, & God wants Man to find Him & know Him, but he has to be willing to turn on his receiver, & desire God & be hungry for God & be willing to listen to God's communications, most of all God's Word. What is a word? It's a communication, right? So God's Word is Whom? (Maria: Jesus!) Jesus & His Spirit is God's way of communicating with Man through His Word. And His principal Word or His principal Communication to show Man what He's like is Jesus!

SPI ML#2504:33 If you lead them to the Lord first & really get them hooked on the Lord & grounded in His Word, then you can show them, "Okay, this is the Word on it! Here are the spiritual principles & here are the things you should do!"

SPI ML#2534:8 For us in the Family, independence is a far less valuable commodity than it is in the System. It ranks way down the line in importance, compared with how the System ranks it. Our whole life is based on being dependent on each other & dependent on Dad & most of all, dependent on the Lord. The Devil's System is almost the exact opposite from the Lord's!

SPI ML#2535:8 "If any man be in Christ he is a new creature, old things are passed away, behold, all things are become new."--2Cor.5:17. Now there are quite a few Christians that I know of, in fact, the majority of the Christians, for whom old things have not passed away & all things are not become new! So is the Bible wrong, or what is the problem? Well, we know the Lord's Word isn't wrong, so it must be our interpretation of this verse. When we're trying to lead people to the Lord, or after they have prayed with us, we use this verse & tell them, "Look what it says here, that if you receive Jesus your life will be completely changed." But how many of them do completely change?

SPI ML#2535:9 It says, "If any man be in Christ." Now we usually say about Salvation that Christ is in you, that when we pray, "Jesus come into my heart," Jesus comes into us. But I think it takes considerably longer for us to get into Jesus, "in Christ!" It's like we talk about getting in the Word, not just getting the Word in us.--In other words, not just having Jesus come into our hearts, but us getting into Him, getting immersed in Him, rooted & grounded in Him & into His Word & becoming completely enveloped in it. Then the more we do that, the more it's true that old things pass away, & behold, all things become new!

SPI ML#2535:19 People can go to something like a Billy Graham crusade & get saved & go home & maybe for years not know what it all really meant. If they don't have spiritual guidance & don't even realise they're supposed to read the Word, or even if they try, but don't really understand it, & they don't have any fellowship with believers, then their lives go on pretty much the same as ever, until at some point the Lord intervenes & does something. He has kept on their case & He knows that they belong to Him, so He finally makes some of them particularly desperate at a certain point, where they really do then search for a closer walk with Him. Then things start to change in their lives.

SPI ML#2535:21 In some cases, if they were pretty good people already & there wasn't necessarily anything that they were doing that was so bad that their conscience hurt them, they just go on, business as usual. In some ways they really don't have any ripples until the Lord intervenes & something major happens in their life & they're sort of spiritually activated & brought to life & things do start changing in their lives.

SPI ML#2535:23 (DAD'S CONFIRMATION!:) Amen!--I've often said most churchy Christians are like retarded children!--They're still on the floor playing with toys, & haven't learned much & are even undernourished because they haven't been fed much!--They don't even know they're supposed to grow up & have a job to do!

SPI ML#2535:25 So the churches have raised a pitiful houseful of weak, undernourished, retarded, spoiled brats who aren't even sure they're saved!--No wonder they have so much trouble with'm!--They don't spank'm or tell'm the Truth, & they let'm get away with everything except not coming to church!--I guess they'll have to learn all the rest in the Millennium!!

SPI ML#2553:6 In other words, they'll know that in spite of your weaknesses, you have a strong link with the Lord, & then they can see & relate to what they need to do too--look to the Lord! They can then feel, "Together we're going to look to the Lord & He's going to lead us!"--Instead of, "He's such a strong leader, maybe he'll be able to pull us through." If they think you're so strong they will end up looking more to you than the Lord!

SPI ML#2553:35 We also occasionally have serious spiritual problems which become of sufficient magnitude to seriously hinder our relationship with the Lord or with others.--In which case, we need to actually be delivered from them, & thank the Lord, we can be delivered! Such serious spiritual problems & hindrances are often the result of our human weaknesses & temptations that we don't work on or "bring into subjection"--1Cor.9:27.

SPI ML#2553:36 We can--and should--make progress & show some improvement even in the weak areas of our lives as we walk with the Lord & continue to grow spiritually. In fact, if we don't try to make progress & grow & continually strive to overcome such weaknesses, but we just resign ourselves to them & sort of give up in our struggle against them, we may find that they move from the category of being mere human frailties to the category of being serious spiritual problems!

SPI ML#2553:37 For example, we may have a weakness or tendency towards jealousy, or we may be prone to discouragement. If we don't constantly fight it & constantly strive to keep on top of it, it may overwhelm & overcome us. If we just yield to our weaknesses, instead of them merely remaining our thorns in the flesh that help keep us close to the Lord, they can become very big problems that can suddenly dominate & claim control of our lives!--In which case we must take definite steps to actually be delivered from them!

SPI ML#2593:3 When you get to the place where you can pray like Dad does, with the same fight, the same fervour, the same constancy, the same results, the same answers & with the same close, intimate relationship with Jesus that he has, then you might be permitted the same occasional questioning of the Lord when in the depths of despair.

SPI ML#2618:28 (Maria: When you think of it, the prayer that Jesus gave His disciples to pray [Mat.6:9-13] doesn't mention Jesus' Name at all, which just proves that we can't get so letter-of-the-law & bound by certain words. It's the attitude of our heart & our spirit that counts, if we're right in spirit.)

SPI ML#2620:27 As with Salvation, the initial change is quick, it's immediate, it's instantaneous. What takes time is for our lives to become more & more like Jesus', learning to grow in Him & learning to get His Word within us & letting it change us & melt us & mould us together to learn more of Him & His ways. That takes a long time.--In fact, it takes a whole lifetime!

SPI ML#2625:6 (Maria: It's not merely a formality depending on certain words, but it's the personal relationship with Him that counts!)

SPI ML#2625:10 Getting to know someone is a matter of degree. You hear about them, you are told what they're like & what they are, & finally who they are, then you become acquainted when you're introduced & they receive you & you receive them. Next, if you continue the relationship, you may become personal intimate friends, or even lovers. (Maria: At that stage, you don't use qualities or titles for their name, but you use their first name that their friends call them.) Yes, you then have an intimate personal relationship with them & they've become your personal close friend.

SPI ML#2625:11 Getting to know someone, in a sense, grows by degrees, by stages. You may begin by being told about them, what they're like & who they are, & that knowledge can grow & grow until you've been introduced to them. Then once you've met them there is a period where you learn to know them personally, & later you can grow into a really intimate relationship that is not dependent on what you've heard or learned about them from others.--It's that way with getting to know Jesus: We hear about Him, then we meet Him personally, but as time goes on we grow to really know & love Him intimately.

SPI ML#2625:14 As you said, many people pray, "Dear Father God" etc., without seeming to really have a personal knowledge or acquaintance with Jesus Himself. Well, I think those who have a personal knowledge of Jesus Himself & fully comprehend the power of His Name have an advantage, & should use it. Whereas those who have a distant, almost superficial knowledge of the Lord, who are always praying "Dear Father God" etc., seem to lack that personal & intimate friendship with Jesus Himself.

SPI ML#2625:17 Those who really know the Lord, who know Jesus in an intimate way, will pray in His Name, or certainly in His authority & what His Name represents. The "Our Father" was not the only time He taught them how to pray, but He taught them to pray in His Name many times, to cast out devils in His Name & to heal in His Name.--That means with His authority.

SPI ML#2626:1 Jesus Himself compared our spiritual birth & Salvation to the birth of a baby, so there are many likenesses & comparisons found in this parallel. (See Jn.3:3-8, 1Pet.2:2 etc.) First of all, there's the sowing of the Seed of the Truth in their hearts, & when it's received, there's conception, & then there is growth, little by little, very slowly, as more & more knowledge of the Truth is received. Till finally the time comes when the baby has reached the stage that he is ready to be born, truly born into the Kingdom, or, as Jesus put it, "born again of the Spirit," & he comes forth into the full light of day.

SPI ML#2626:10 You may have even heard about the Lord all your life, having frequently attended church & Sunday School. Your Christian parents may have taught you about Jesus, read you Bible stories & given you a clear general conception of Who He is. But it's not until you actually go through the crisis experience of spiritual rebirth, that you are truly born again of the Spirit.--That's when you find out that He really is all that you've heard about Him, when you personally receive Him into your heart.

SPI ML#2626:11 Having received the Seed of the Truth, you have been conceived in the Spirit, & grown until you're ready to really be truly born into the Kingdom. That's the real crisis time. That's a definite occurrence at some point in time. Then once you're born again, you continue to grow.

SPI ML#2626:13 Apparently the Lord considers that even after our spiritual birth, it is a gradual growth into the full knowledge of Him, & full acquaintance with Him, complete love for Him. I can almost say it's normally a rather slow development into full knowledge & acquaintance with Him & all of His characteristics, & all the things that He is. It may have been very early when you believed in Jesus & received & acknowledged Him as your Saviour, but it's been a lifetime of growth & development to know Him better all the time & become a mature Christian.

SPI ML#2626:14 You're in the Kingdom now, you're not just on your way, & now it's a matter of growth & development into a continually greater knowledge & experience & a greater knowledge of the Lord & an intimacy with Jesus where you can talk to Him personally by name as your closest Friend, your Saviour. You begin to fully understand & you begin to comprehend not just what He is, but Who He is personally.

SPI ML#2626:21 With many people who are born again, it's a complex & complicated process, although with some, it may be almost instantaneous! They may receive it instantly & instantly conceive & be born. Through response to that Seed of Truth, they instantly believe it & receive it & are born again, a very quick, almost instantaneous conception & birth all at the same time. Having heard it for the first time, they have believed & received the Lord, & are immediately born again & begin their spiritual growth.

SPI ML#2626:22 Of course, those who have been reared in a Christian home & in a Christian family, such as ours, even before they're born they hear all the sounds of Christian faith--singing & praising--& are literally conceived & grown inside the mother's body in a Christian atmosphere. They usually have a much stronger base for development & are much surer to develop into really strong full-grown Christians more rapidly because they have that background, & in a sense are almost born twice at the same time physically & spiritually, as I said happened to me.

SPI ML#2626:23 They have a background & a base of a Christian life which is almost unmatched, & which the instant believers who receive the Lord after they're full grown don't always have. Such previously non-Christian instant believers have got a lot to learn & a lot to develop, which the child born in a Christian family has already developed. The child born in a Christian family & reared as a Christian has quite a head-start.

SPI ML#2626:24 It's like Fred once said to me: "Dave, you & I have grown up with two or three generations of strong Christian preachers of the Gospel & workers for the Lord. It'll be surprising if these new instant-believers ever catch up with us!" In other words, we have so much more Christian background & years of generation after generation behind us, & have been reared with that kind of background, that kind of atmosphere, that kind of parents & grandparents etc., we're so far ahead of these late-believers that we're generations ahead of them! I wouldn't say it's impossible, but it would almost be as difficult for them to catch up with us, as it would be to have a grandchild catch up with his grandfather!

SPI ML#2626:25 (Maria: I think in our Family we're a little bit of an exception, because the Lord's doing a new thing in the Endtime because of the shortness of time.) Yes, I'm getting to that! There are such cases where people have believed, received & have been born again, & in a Family like ours, they develop very rapidly. Developing & growing in our greater extended Family, they grow much more rapidly than they would in individual Christian families.

SPI ML#2626:26 And surely in our Family we grow much more rapidly than in the individual Christian families where churchianity is the main drag. They don't emphasise reading the Word & full-time service & witnessing & soul-winning & living by faith & "going into all the World to preach the Gospel to every creature." In our kind of Family you get a huge head-start & you develop much more rapidly--if you follow & obey, of course.

SPI ML#2626:29 So in the wonder-world of the Spirit, the sowing of the Seed & the reception of it, belief in it, the conception of the baby can be almost instantaneous, & almost immediately followed by the birth into the World of the Spirit, & there can then be very rapid growth after that.--Even more miraculous than the rather slow growth & development of a physical baby. A spiritual baby can be conceived & born very quickly, almost at the same time, or at least within a few moments, instantaneous with the conception, the reception of the Truth. With that voluntary reception, the spiritual baby is immediately born, which cuts down the time a great deal from the physical nine months. But who knows? God may have been preparing that egg for a long time before it finally really broke out into the open.

SPI ML#2626:30 Those who have been reared in our Family environment usually grow much faster than those who haven't.

SPI ML#2626:41 I would say our spiritual babies also don't have to necessarily personally worry too much about whether they're going to grow spiritually or not. God has brought them into His Kingdom & into His Family, & He's going to see to it that they grow. He's going to teach them & He's going to grow them. And just as surely as a physical baby in the care of loving parents continues to grow into a happy, well-adjusted adult, so will you, providing you stay within the bounds of your family & normal growth & activity & obey God's spiritual laws & rules as much as a baby obeys the physical laws & rules.

SPI ML#2626:42 You will continue to grow if you get proper spiritual nourishment in the Word & learning from the Lord & proper rest in Him, faith in Him, & proper exercise spiritually in serving Him & witnessing & winning souls. And if you stay within the proper environment in the Spirit, with a close relationship with the Lord & the Family, you will grow into a strong soldier for the Lord.

SPI ML#2628:5 We commended you very highly for being hard-working, diligent, dedicated & efficient, but we had to point out that these things need to be balanced with more prayer & more Word & more communion with the Lord. It's true that some people don't work hard enough, & they need to press in a lot more, show more dedication & sacrifice, & labour more diligently for the Lord. It's just that we must be careful that our working hard does not crowd out our time with the Lord.

SPI ML#2628:7 Certainly we all operate in the arm of the flesh sometimes & it's really a matter of degree, & we're all learning to operate more in the Spirit & be more dependent on God & His Word.

SPI ML#2628:8 We're all learning it, it's a matter of degree, & the goal is to try to continually be getting closer to the Lord, more dependent on Him, more dependent on His Word & more prayerful constantly.

SPI ML#2628:9 I love you so much. I love you for your love for the Lord. Someone reminded me of that verse the other day that says, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in Truth." (3Jn.4)--And that really is the thing that makes me the happiest--to know that you're sticking real close to the Lord & that you're right in the centre of His Will, yielded to Him, doing what He wants you to do.

SPI ML#2632:21 Another good thing resulting from all of this is that she has learned to cling desperately to the Lord, & as a result she has found that He never fails & that He faithfully answers her prayers. She also sees how she too can get things from the Lord. Her personal communion & communication with the Lord has been greatly strengthened. She's now found that she can have her own very real personal direct connection with Jesus, & she has therefore become much deeper spiritually. She's learned to let go of the shoreline & her previous shallowness, & to launch out into new depths with the Lord, where there are wonderful "waters to swim in!"--Eze.47:5.

SPI ML#2639:30 Jesus said He learned obedience through the things which He suffered.--Heb.5:8. The things that you're suffering now will keep you humble & close to the Lord. Amen? "Yet learned He obedience through the things which He suffered." We all learn that way, Honey, we all do.

SPI ML#2700:2 It's just a fact that we're all dirty & icky, all of us are. But God doesn't look on our sin. He's perfect, & He can't accept sin, but when He looks at us He sees Jesus. "Our lives are hid with Christ in God. We're crucified with Christ, nevertheless we live, yet, not us but Christ liveth within us."--Col.3:3; Gal.2:20. Jesus is our mediator. Jesus is the One Who gets us through to God. We're too imperfect, we're too bad, we're too sinful, that's for sure, but we're not too sinful for Jesus! As Dad has said, "You can never be too bad for Jesus, only too good!" (ML #312:10)

SPI ML#2700:8 If you're worried about not being close to Jesus, do you know what kind of person He says He's really close to? (Family: To those with a contrite & broken heart.) Yes, it says, "The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart."--Psa.34:18. So the more desperate you get, the more broken you get, the closer He becomes to you. If you want reassurance that the Lord is close to you, then have a broken heart. Then you know by the Word that He'll be close to you. It doesn't really matter if you feel it or you don't feel it. But often when we're in the most broken condition & in our most desperate situation, we feel it more too. We feel the Lord then because we're hanging on to Him for dear life!

SPI ML#2700:9 When we're only looking to Him we can then see Him a little better & even feel Him a little better. So that's a good verse for you to claim, "The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart." When you're in that state & you know you've made a mess of things & you're sorry, that's when the Lord is nearest to you. In other words, when you are bad & filthy & covered with mud, that's when He's closest to you--not furthest away. Even if you don't feel it, you know it by faith because He said it, & if you know by faith that He's close to you when you're bad & broken & sorry, then you know that it doesn't come as a result of your somehow earning it.

SPI ML#2700:12 You say, "Why would He ever want to be close to me?" I don't know why He'd want to be close to any of us! But He does, & He's said so over & over in His Word. You just have to believe the Word, "Faith cometh by hearing & hearing by the Word of God!"--Rom.10:17. You've read the Word & it's all there & it's been saying that to you for years & years now, but there must be something that's preventing you from getting the faith you need. Even though you've read the Word, you still feel, "Why would He want to be close to me?"

SPI ML#2700:50 I think everybody feels like it's the end of the road for them when they're going through their big breakings. Everybody feels like there's no more hope & everybody feels like giving up & everybody feels like they're going to die & all the worst things that you can feel; everybody feels that during their big breakings. But the Lord's got to put you through all that to get you to where you'll just look to Him & nothing else will matter.

SPI ML#2700:55 (Prays:) Just help her to hold on to that & the goal that You Yourself have said to her so directly in that beautiful prophecy, to be married to You & to be close to You, Lord, & in close communion with You. Help her to keep that in sight, Lord, to set that as the goal so that nothing else matters.

SPI ML#2700:56 Help her, Lord, to keep in mind the goal of being one with You, being in communion with You, & to eliminate all the negative things that interfere with her relationship with You & clog up that channel to You.

SPI ML#2746:32 There's really no way you can gauge a person's spirituality by how much they "feel" spiritual, how much they shout or cry or sing or sigh or prophesy or loudly pray or look ecstatic or jump up & down for joy! Feelings are nice if you have them, but you can't judge your spirituality by them. Whether you feel close to Jesus or not is beside the point. What we want to do is to be close to Jesus!--Whether we feel close to Him or not!

SPI MOM#53:3 IT DOESN'T REALLY MATTER AT ALL WHAT HAPPENED IN THE PAST, & EVEN NOW IN THE PRESENT, WE STILL HAVE LOTS OF PROBLEMS BUT WE'RE FIGHTING FOR THE LORD! Our problems don't really even mean so much as long as we're fighting to get the victory over them. Our being here is dependent upon our faithfulness & our desire to live for Jesus, not how "perfect" or "good" we are!


SPI PTR#36:53 WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE LORD, & in the long run, in the day that we come to stand before the Lord it's going to be you & the Lord.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family