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PRI ML#C:23 AND THEY FORGOT TO GIVE GOD THE CREDIT. They failed to give Him the glory & God came down & smote them, & scattered them & made them a total wreck....The danger only came when they thought they themselves were doing it, & that it was their strength that was saving them, their arm was saving them.

PRI ML#6:10 BEHOLD, HOW THE MIGHTY HATH FALLEN, & God hath exalted him of low degree!

PRI ML#49:6 HE THAT IS HUMBLE KNOWETH NOT THAT HE IS HUMBLE, believe it or not! If you think you are, you probably aren't! "Let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall!" (1 Cor.10:12) Just about the time you think you've got it made, God will stick a pin in your little balloon, all the hot air will vanish, & you'll fall flatter than ever before, because you'll be exposed for the nothing you really are to the multitude around you, to your mate, to God, & sometimes, worst of all, to yourself!

PRI ML#75:25 IF WE ONLY KNEW HOW NOTHING WE ARE. He that thinketh he is something, is nothing at all. If any man thinketh he standeth, let him take heed lest he fall. He that is exalted shall be abased--for the first shall be last, & the last shall be first!

PRI ML#86:13 YOU'RE NEVER SO NEAR THE ABYSS AS WHEN YOU'RE ON THE BRINK! You're never so near the pit as when you're on the pinnacle!--You're never so near the bottom as when you're on the top! Pride cometh before a fall! Success often precedes failure, & sometimes exultation comes before humiliation! "Let him that thinketh he standeth, take heed lest he fall!" "To him that hath shall be given, but from him which hath not shall be taken away even that which he thinketh he hath."


PRI ML#123:22 THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH YOUR HUSBAND FUCKING YOU, GIRLS! It won't hurt your saintliness! But it will shoot holes in your ego & in your pride!

PRI ML#203:17 THERE IS NO REST IN PRIDE. THE PROUD ARE ALWAYS AFRAID. But there's perfect rest in humility, because humility has love & faith without fear. Pride causes fear of failure, & therefore actually causes failure. Pride causes fear of failure & then the fear makes you weak, or impotent, so that you do fail.--You don't have enough power. The very fact that you're afraid you'll fail ensures your failure, because only faith succeeds.

PRI ML#203:20 HE'S WEAK BECAUSE, IN HIS PRIDE, HE'S TRYING TO DO THINGS IN THE ENERGY OF HIS OWN FLESH INSTEAD OF TRUSTING GOD for God's grace for God to do it. And the reason he hasn't got the faith & can't believe God for sufficient strength is because he knows he's not yielded yet--most of all his pride. His property is nothing compared to his pride. But when the day comes that he's ready to yield his pride to the Lord, then the Lord can give him what he needs in every area. But he still has a lot of pride, & he's not fully obeying the Lord, & you can't have faith for God to bless you when you know you're not obeying Him. How can God bless disobedience?


PRI ML#258:91 [SEE 186 REFS, MLS 258:91,92; 818:12--DEVIL'S LIE: SEX IS SINFUL.]

PRI ML#302B:17 EVERY NOW & THEN THERE IS A RAM LIKE SAUL WHO WANTS HIS OWN WAY & THINKS HE CAN DO ENTIRELY WITHOUT THE SHEPHERD & HE WON'T LISTEN. He wants all the glory & so he leads the sheep astray & the whole nation gets in trouble! Reminds me of some stubborn leaders right now: They're wrecking their countries 'cause they're too proud to submit to the words of God through His prophets!


PRI ML#319:4 THAT'S EXACTLY THE WAY KINGS THINK: They always feel in the long run, "The Prophet is more dependent on me than I am on him, & I deserve a lot more credit for making his work possible!

PRI ML#319:9 THESE KINGS ALWAYS, WHETHER CONSCIOUSLY OR UNCONSCIOUSLY, when they get in that bad spirit of pride & jealousy, they become proud just like the Devil did before his fall!

PRI ML#319:10 "AFTER ALL, I'M THE ONE WHO MAKES GOD POSSIBLE! I'M HIS RIGHT HAND MAN, LUCIFER, HIS LIGHT BEARER! There wouldn't be any light without me, & after all, I'm a very beautiful candlestick & very useful & I can keep my place even without the Flame! I'm still here & still beautiful & big & strong & we don't always need the Flame."

PRI ML#373:65 IT SEEMS TO ME RATHER SIGNIFICANT, isn't it, that the most destructive disaster that there is, is an earthquake. But what does it destroy? Why does man consider it the most destructive form of disaster or catasrophe? Because it destroys his buildings, his proud cities! It destroys man's pride, his vain creations!


PRI ML#606:12 SUCH PRIDE COMES BEFORE A FALL, Lord, help us Lord. Help us Jesus to keep our eyes on You so that we don't stumble or fall, in Jesus' name, thank You Lord! Help us not to have pride in any way, Lord. Deliver us from that horrible, horrible spirit of pride that the Enemy tries to give to some, Lord, in so many little ways.

PRI ML#684:38 BUT IF YOU'RE TOO PROUD TO DO A LITTLE BEGGING, then you're too damn proud & your needs aren't going to be met.

PRI ML#684:40 IF YOU ARE TOO PROUD & ASHAMED TO DO THINGS LIKE THAT, then you ought to get out of this business & go someplace where pride pays! I never found any branch of the Lord's work where pride pays at all! Pride does not pay, & it doesn't pay the bills. We've got every reason in the world to ask for help for His work.

PRI ML#763:8 THIS, IT SEEMS TO US, IS A VERY POOR EXAMPLE OF HUMILITY TO THE FAMILY, A LACK OF THE ABILITY to be willing to take chastening & correction for past mistakes, & we are very sorry that you seem to be offended by all these new changes.

PRI ML#772:58 OH, PRIDE IS A KILLER!--It can kill you if you let it! People die for pride every day! Every day people commit suicide for pride! Every day!--That's why Judas committed suicide! He couldn't stand to face the High Priest, the Scribes, the Pharisees, the System enemies or the former friends.

PRI ML#813:9 FORGIVE THOSE WHO THINK THEY HAVE MORE & COULD PERHAPS EVEN DO WITHOUT US OR THEE, & who think they are something, against which Thy Word warms: That we should never think too highly of ourselves, & to beware lest he that thinketh that he standeth should fall, & that pride comes definitely before a fall (Rom.12:3; Lk.8:18).

PRI ML#813:10 IN JESUS' NAME, HELP US NEVER TO BE LIFTED UP OR TO BE NOVICES IN PRIDE & FALL UNDER THE CONDEMNATION OF THE ENEMY. Help none of us to be guilty, Lord, to think that we are anything. As Thy Word warns us, those who think they are anything or something, they're really nothing, even worse than nothing. (1 Cor.8:2, Luke 8:18)

PRI ML#869:8 SOONER OR LATER THEY USE THEM, ALWAYS! Sooner or later somebody's pride gets hurt and/or somebody's property gets damaged, so they dive in for the glory of war & Fatherland!

PRI ML#911:25 PRIDE IS WHAT HAS CAUSED MOST WARS, fomented them, started them & fought them & ended them!--Pride, just plain damn pride! They're some people who would rather die than surrender!

PRI ML#952-01:46 THAT WAS SAUL'S PROBLEM, HE WAS TOO SMART! He got so smart he became a smart-alec, he knew better than God, he knew better than the prophet! He knew better what to do than God's voice & God's commandments, he became rebellious & disobedient & went his own way & wrecked everything--including smashing his own career & destroying his own family--at least his followers, that part of his family. So God had to raise up somebody entirely new & completely different to take over.

PRI ML#954- 4:192 GOD BLESS YOU & KEEP YOU FROM FALLING INTO THE SAME TEMPTATION WHICH LED SATAN HIMSELF ASTRAY--pride, jealousy, covetousness, possessiveness--all of the bad Cancerian side. May God save you from it & deliver you from it & help you never to fall into such temptation & such a pit as Jus has done, like Satan himself did!

PRI ML#1032:72 (8/3/78:) SHY CHILDREN EVEN WHEN THEY'RE JUST LITTLE TODDLERS, the minute somebody strange comes in the room they go over & bury their face in mama's skirt. It's something that you don't learn, it's just sort of inborn, & that's the way I was. (Maria: So that's pride that's inborn?) All sin is inborn, Honey. (Ps.51:5; Ro.3:23; 5:21.) It's two things, it's fearfulness for one thing, & fear is not really good for you. And worry, you're worried about what people think about you.


PRI ML#1267:84 GOD DOESN'T USE ANYBODY WHO THINKS THEY'RE SOMETHING. He just uses nobodies & nothings that He makes something out of.

PRI ML#1371:72 THE LORD GAVE ME THE SCRIPTURE THAT BITTERNESS HAD CAUSED IT, BUT I STILL HADN'T QUITE PINNED IT DOWN. So, I finally grasped his hand & was looking close & deep into his eyes, & I said to him, "Well, I still see a little love there." While I was saying these words, I was praying like a house on fire, asking God: "What is it, Lord? What is this spirit, Lord?" And the Lord commanded the spirit to confess its name! Is this Scriptural? Yes! "What is thy name?"--Mk.5:9; Lk.8:30.


PRI ML#1371:76 "IT'S PRIDE!" WHAT'S HIS PROBLEM?--THAT'S THE ANSWER! That's what has caused him all his trouble, that's why he's the way he is, that's why he became bitter instead of yielding & becoming broken & soft through the trial.--Pride!

PRI ML#1371:78 "THIS IS A PROBLEM WE ALL HAVE REALLY, IS PRIDE. This is one of our temptations, all of us!"--Right! What's the 3-fold appeal of the World? "Lust of the flesh, lust of the eye, & the pride of life!" I John 2:16, what caused the fall of Satan? Pride! Since pride caused the fall of Satan, therefore apparently it's the root of all evil!

PRI ML#1371:79 IT WAS THE BEGINNING OF ALL EVIL!--PRIDE! How many times pride gets in your way! How many times pride influences you! Don't just blame it on him.--How much pride have you got?

PRI ML#1371:80 HOW MUCH DOES PRIDE CAUSE US TROUBLE? When we're asked to do a duty or when we're asked to switch teams, or when we're asked to scrub the floor or do the dishes, how much pride have you got? Huh?

PRI ML#1371:81 PRIDE IS A HORRIBLE THING, IT CAN DAMN YOU TO HELL!--A terrible thing! That's one big thing that causes Christians trouble! Pride! GHU!

PRI ML#1371:85 YOU NEED LOVE, & NOT PRIDE! Love is humble! Love is humility!--And humility is the absolute opposite of pride! You cannot be proud & have real love!--And you can't have real love & be proud!--Which have you? Pride is the spirit of the Devil!--Love is the Spirit of God! Which spirit do you have?--You can't have both!--You're either God's or the Devil's!--Which are you?

PRI ML#1372:1 PERHAPS THE TENDENCY OF SOME OF US IS TO SO GREATLY DESIRE TO BE GREAT SPIRITUAL LEADERS that this not only becomes our desire, it becomes our temptation. (See "So You Want To Be A Leader?", No.31.) But "he that would be greatest among you, let him be servant of all!" (Mt.20:27.) A leader must always be willing to do whatever needs to be done. If there is nobody else to do it or nobody else wants to do it or is willing to do it or can do it, he must always be willing to do anything he is asked to do or that he sees needs to be done that nobody else is doing! To me, that is the greatest sign of really great leadership.

PRI ML#1373:64 SOME PEOPLE HAVE GOT THEIR SIGHTS SET TOO HIGH & THEY'RE REALLY SHOOTING FOR, YOU MIGHT SAY, THE IMPOSSIBLE. It's not within the realm of reality & reason. In some cases it might be faith, in others it might be hope, & a lot of times it's just plain presumption! Shoot for the stars, but don't try to go higher than you're able!

PRI ML#1436:96 PRIDE IS ONE OF THE WORST OF SINS & IT OPENS THE DOOR FOR OTHERS LIKE JEALOUSY & A GREAT NUMBER OF OTHERS! And if you don't look out, you're going to be back to square one again! If you're full of all these sins, God only knows what else you may get in the bargain, because when you let sin in the door, you let the Devil in!

PRI ML#1436:105 THE DEVILS DON'T LIKE THE HOLY SPIRIT, they don't like the power of Jesus! Demons love people who are out of the victory & who are full of sinful vices like pride, worst of all, & jealousy & things like that! That's their happy home, the kind of people they like!

PRI ML#1514:4 MANY SUICIDES ARE A RESULT OF PRIDE--people just can't face it!


PRI ML#1704:3 My Mother used to discuss this, about how some people insisted on trusting the Lord because they knew they should, & therefore in spiritual pride they refused help even when they really didn't have the faith to trust the Lord. They refused the natural help which might have helped them, but they didn't have the faith to trust the Lord really, so they insisted on going the faith way without the faith, out of spiritual pride because they thought they should have the faith or wanted to be proud of the fact that they had the faith & they tried to do it by faith but they just didn't have it.

PRI ML#1704:5 YOU'VE EITHER GOT IT OR YOU HAVEN'T GOT IT, THAT'S ALL, & IF YOU HAVEN'T GOT IT, YOU'D BETTER GO TO THE HOSPITAL & THE DOCTOR! (Maria: Maybe the Lord uses that sometimes & even makes it necessary for you to be under the Doctor's care to humble you.) To humble your spiritual pride, yes. To give you a little more sympathy for other people who haven't got the faith & have a hard time having faith, who might have a hard time trusting the Lord.

PRI ML#1704:18 JOSEPH WAS A VERY GOOD BOY, APPARENTLY, HE WAS PRETTY RIGHTEOUS. (See whole ML for details of Joseph's successes, pride & humbling!)


PRI ML#1739:17 THE SPIRIT OF PRIDE...There's nothing worse than that, especially spiritual pride.

PRI ML#1740:1 THAT KIND OF PRIDE IS SOMETHING THAT SOME PEOPLE GET INTO that it seems like they'd almost rather die than give it up, & they'd do almost anything to defend it!

PRI ML#1747:10 PRIDE IS SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS, THAT YOU ARE MORE RIGHTEOUS THAN GOD. (Maria: If you're proud of something...) You're proud of your own righteousness. (Maria: You glory in it, in other words.) Yes. (Maria: So, if it's your own righteousness, then you're rebelling against God's righteousness, in other words, because you're saying you're more righteous than God & so you're rebelling against God.) Exactly, & that is pride.

PRI ML#1747:11 PRIDE IS SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS & it manifests itself in rebellion.

PRI ML#1796:10 IT'S SO EASY TO MISUNDERSTAND THINGS, so you really have to ask the Lord to help you not to be too proud to ask & to help you to be honest with each other, because there are so many things which people say that you don't understand or you might misinterpret.

PRI ML#1907:24 IN THE WORLD, PRIDE IS NORMALLY QUITE A VIRTUE, so people are brainwashed & brought up to believe that, but in the Lord's service & in the spiritual, it's very bad & something you have to really try to fight against & overcome.

PRI ML#1928:7 PRIDE HAS BEEN A MAJOR PROBLEM. It's a major problem with a lot of us, but the Lord knows our hearts & He knows we don't want it to be a problem & He knows we're praying to change, so the Lord answers our prayers. Of course, He doesn't always answer them the way we would like & not as easily as we would like, but He knows the best way & He'll do it, if we ask Him, but He'll do it in the way that He knows is best!

PRI ML#1929:6 I guess we can trace quite a few of our failures to submit to the Lord or to obey the Lord & to take correction--back to pride!

PRI ML#1929:7 DAD SAID, "AT THE ROOT OF EVERY SIN THERE IS PRIDE"! It helps to really think about it & apply the Word to your personal situation, to ask, "How is that true & how is that so?"--Not with a questioning doubtful attitude but one full of faith, believing that we can learn even more lessons if we search further. It really helps you understand things better when you do try to trace things back & look for specific examples to confirm the basic principles. It looks like we can definitely trace things back to pride, in which case an awful lot of us are really full of pride! "At the root of every sin is pride"! To say that all of our sin is due in some way to pride is a pretty big statement, but if you really analyse it you see it's true! It's pretty obvious that arguments & contentions are due to pride.

PRI ML#1929:9 YOU'LL PROBABLY NEVER GET A COMPLETE PERMANENT VICTORY OVER PRIDE, BECAUSE PRIDE IS SOMETHING WHICH WE ALL HAVE TO CONSTANTLY FIGHT AGAINST, but you can get a victory to where it doesn't have such a hold or grip on you! If you really feel that your pride is a big constant hindering problem in your life, then having united prayer against it probably will help!--It certainly can't hurt! The Lord is able!--He saved us & now He can deliver us from anything!

PRI ML#1945:61 IT'S OF HELL! IT'S OF THE DEVIL! Pride is of the Devil! Pride is the condemnation of the Devil! That's what he's going to be judged for, his pride. That's what led him into all those problems.

PRI ML#2123:61 I AM PROUD OF OUR FAMILY! We're not supposed to be proud, but the Lord is not ashamed to be called your God, so therefore He must be proud of you in that sense. (Heb.11:16) That's not an evil sense of pride, but that's a justifiable pride in you, that you're as wonderful as you are, bless your hearts! And I'm proud of you! I'm proud of these fine, intelligent, strong-looking men that we have, you here & those I've just been watching on video, & these beautiful, capable, queenly women leaders! Marvellous! Wonderful!

PRI ML#2306:234 The Devil's own downfall was pride.

PRI ML#2343:29 SAYING YOU CAN'T DO IT IS JUST AN EXCUSE, USUALLY DUE TO PRIDE, BECAUSE YOU CAN ALWAYS DO WHAT THE LORD ASKS YOU TO! Even if you can't exactly do every detail of what you think you're asked to do, you can always do something! Within what you're asked to do, there's always some way you can obey!

PRI ML#2343:32 YOU CAN OVERCOME YOUR PRIDE WITH PRAYER! In all aspects of our life, if we will just pray & ask the Lord to help us, He will! The problem is, when we don't want to do something, we don't want God's help that badly! So we usually don't ask for it & we just resort to excusing ourselves.

PRI ML#2371:20 "Keep back thy servant also from presumptuous sins." (David: That's pride!) What's a presumptuous sin? That's something that you do on purpose! (Maria: That sounds like pride too, presuming.)--Yes, presuming that it's all right to do it, you do it deliberately. "Let them not have dominion over me." Let what not have dominion over me?--What he just said!

PRI ML#2714:78 The problem is, Tony, you've got a "form of godliness," your own form, the way you think things should be, the way you think is best, but "without the Power thereof!"--2Tim.3:5. You won't let go & let God have His way & let the Lord rule your life. Therefore, He can't show you His power. It's your sins that have separated you from Him--your sins of rebellion & defiance & murmuring, unyieldedness, criticism, self-righteousness, pride & unbelief. That's why you can hear the Word but not experience it, not have it come alive in your life.

PRI ML#2716:13 (Maria: Or else they're so proud & self-righteous they never get to the point where they can bring themselves to come back no matter how bad off they've gotten.)

PRI ML#2716:17 (Maria: He wants to have a Teen Revolution & have the Teens run things, because he doesn't like how the adults supposedly squelch the Teens & how they supervise them too closely.) What he means is he wants to run things! He's lifted up in pride.

PRI MOM#32:2 FOR GOODNESS' SAKES, WHY DON'T WE WANT TO BE LOVED JUST BECAUSE THE LORD WANTS TO LOVE US? (Peter: Well, you don't want to be loved that way because of pride.) Yes, that's right!

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