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JESG ML#1061:96 "HE HATH VISITED & REDEEMED HIS PEOPLE, & hath raised up an horn of salvation for us in the house of His servant David; as He spake by the mouth of His holy prophets, which have been since the World began." How long had this event been predicted?--Since God talked with Eve in the Garden of Eden! "Her seed shall crush thy head." (Gen.3:15.)

JESG ML#1062:30 JESUS IS NO MORE ONE OF THE ANCIENT PHILOSOPHERS OR TEACHERS OR RABBIS OR GURUS, He's not one of them, He's not just one of the prophets, He is the Son of God! The only begotten Son of God! The one & only Jesus Christ! Hallelujah!

JESG ML#1250:63 "BEHOLD, THY KING COMETH UNTO THEE, MEEK, & SITTING UPON AN ASS, & a colt the foal of an ass." Our dear sweet Jesus came riding into Jerusalem not in a fancy carriage, not in a powerful chariot & not on the back of a proud horse, but on the back of a simple, meek, humble, ridiculous little donkey!

JESG ML#1328:7,10,20,24,25,30,31,41, etc. [Jewish leaders knew Jesus was the Messiah when they killed Him!--"We'll kill the Heir!" (Mat.21:33-39)]

JESG ML#1768:54 ...TO REALLY THEN KNOW THAT JESUS WAS THE MESSIAH, THE SON OF GOD, & RECEIVE HIM AS THEIR SAVIOUR, REALLY SAVED.--Not just following a Personality, a Human Being, His Words, His miracles, His free meals, but finally understanding the deep spiritual meaning of it all, that He was the actual Saviour, the Messiah Who had been expected to come for millenniums, thousands of years!

JESG ML#2100:4 THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF PROPHECIES IN THE BIBLE WHICH HAVE ALREADY BEEN FULFILLED BY PAST HISTORY, including prophecies about the history of nations, the rise & fall of empires, even the names of great kings & the amazing fulfilments of prophecies in the little land of Israel, particularly those concerning Jesus Christ, the Messiah, about Whom hundreds of prophecies in the ancient writings of the Prophets have all been fulfilled in His birth, life & death for you & me! (Isa.44:28; Dan.8:20-21; Isa.9:6, 11:1-5, 53:2-4)

JESG ML#2618:3 (Maria: There's a verse about Jesus in Isaiah that says, "And His Name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace!"--Isa.9:6.) Yes, it's a prophecy verse about the Coming of Christ that is often read at Christmas. If the Jews would even read their own Bible they would know that that's about Jesus! (Maria: If they were to read that chapter & that verse & they'd pray, "Everlasting Father, please save me!", wouldn't they be saved?) "Whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved!"--Rom.10:13. (Maria: Or if they said, "Oh Mighty God, please save me!") They can even say, "Jehovah save me!" Jehovah is the main Name of Jesus used in the Old Testament. There are a number of names that they could use.

JESG ML#2618:43 And once you convince a Jew that Jesus is the Messiah, he's all gung-ho for Jesus!

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